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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5266

Chapter 5266 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Battista J.R.; Honn K.V., 1980:
Effect of prostaglandins on 11 beta hydroxylase activity in bovine adreno cortical mitochondria

Pradhan, T.K.; Criss, W.E., 1976:
Effect of prostaglandins on adenylate cyclase activities in membranes from liver and transplantable hepatomas

Murota, S.I.; Kawamura, M., 1977:
Effect of prostaglandins on alpha amino iso butyric acid uptake in cultured fibroblasts

Ismail S.A.; Rabie M.M.A.; Samad A.A., 1984:
Effect of prostaglandins on catecholamine induced changes in the free fatty acids of plasma in the rabbit

Luczak, M.; Gumulka, W.; Szmigielski, S.; Korbecki, M.; Lasota, W., 1976:
Effect of prostaglandins on cell function and multiplication of parainfluenza 3 viruses in human amnion wish cells

Martinez J.R.; Barker S., 1987:
Effect of prostaglandins on chlorine and potassium transport in rat submandibular salivary acini

Rediske, J.J.; Pickering, R.J., 1985:
Effect of prostaglandins on complement production by tissue macrophages

Boroyan R.G.; Akopov S.E., 1981:
Effect of prostaglandins on erythrocyte structural functional state

Yamasaki K.; Shibata Y.; Fukuhara T., 1982:
Effect of prostaglandins on experimental tooth movement in monkeys macaca fuscata

Misefari A.; Teti D.V.; Sofo V., 1983:
Effect of prostaglandins on fc immuno globulin g receptors of human circulating t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes

Acharya, S.B.; Debnath, P.K.; Dey, C.; Sanyal, A.K., 1977:
Effect of prostaglandins on gastro intestinal smooth muscle

Aikawa M.; Taniguchi M., 1980:
Effect of prostaglandins on hemolysis of erythrocytes from human and various animal species

Bilińska, B.; Wojtusiak, A., 1988:
Effect of prostaglandins on hormonal function of cultured rat Leydig cells

Gottlieb C.; Svanborg K.; Eneroth P.; Bygdeman M., 1988:
Effect of prostaglandins on human sperm function in vitro and seminal atp content

Lavelle, K.J.; Golichowski, A.M.; Neff, L.C.; Yum, M.N., 1985:
Effect of prostaglandins on immune complex interaction with glomerular cells in vitro

Rao B., 1979:
Effect of prostaglandins on in vitro synthesis of progesterone and estradiol 17 beta in placenta from early human pregnancy

Shinomura Y.; Himeno S.; Kuroshima T.; Okuno M.; Kanayama S.; Tsuji K.; Kurokawa M.; Tarui S., 1986:
Effect of prostaglandins on intestinal vasoactive intestinal peptide release and motility in the dog

Muzya G.I.; Korobkova E.N.; Bergel'son L.D., 1988:
Effect of prostaglandins on lipid transfer between human high and low density lipoproteins

Joh K.; Riede U.N.; Zahradnik H.P., 1983:
Effect of prostaglandins on lysosomal function in the cervix uteri

Vorherr, H., 1979:
Effect of prostaglandins on milk ejection

Gabrielyan E.S.; Badzhinyan S.A., 1981:
Effect of prostaglandins on model membrane permeability

Razin, E.; Bauminger, S.; Globerson, A., 1978:
Effect of prostaglandins on phagocytosis of sheep erythrocytes by mouse peritoneal macrophages

Kalmár, L.; Gergely, P., 1983:
Effect of prostaglandins on polymorphonuclear leukocyte motility

Peleg S.; Lindner H.R., 1982:
Effect of prostaglandins on progestin receptor translocation and on decidual cell reaction in vivo and in vitro

Helali, E.A.; Mohamed, A.A.; Abdel-Hakim, N.F.; El-Allawy, R.M.M.; Zohni, M.S., 1981:
Effect of prostaglandins on protein metabolism 1. effect of prostaglandin e 1 on total protein albumin fibrinogen and nucleic acids in blood and liver

Karmazyn M.; Tuana B.S.; Dhalla N.S., 1981:
Effect of prostaglandins on rat heart sarcolemmal atpase

Goryachev V.S.; Prokof'ev M.I.; Plishkina K.I.; Stolyarov A.E., 1981:
Effect of prostaglandins on reproductive function of nonestrous cows

Wada H.; Higaki K.; Ishibashi Y.; Eno T., 1987 :
Effect of prostaglandins on synchronization of estrus in beef cattle on pasture

Markov K.M.; Smirnov I.E.; Mentts P.R., 1980:
Effect of prostaglandins on the activity of an isolated heart of rats with normal arterial pressure and spontaneous hypertension

Mirzoyan, S.A.; Boroyan, R.G., 1978:
Effect of prostaglandins on the embryonic myo cardium

Gromov A.I., 1983:
Effect of prostaglandins on the sensitivity of rabbit cortical neurons to the acetyl choline receptor agonists

Hynieova, H.; Hynie, S., 1976:
Effect of prostaglandins on thrombocytes

Harper, R.A., 1976:
Effect of prostaglandins on tritiated thymidine uptake into human epidermal cells in vitro

Cicchini T.; Belli M.; Bianchini C.; Bacca M.; Antonioni P.; Anfuso C.; Maddalena L., 1980:
Effect of prostaglandins prostaglandin e 1 on experimental infection with entamoeba histolytica

Cicchini T.; Bacca M.; Belli M.; Cicchini P.; Tubili C., 1980:
Effect of prostaglandins prostaglandin e 1 on schistosoma mansoni

Sharon P.; Karmeli F.; Rachmilewitz D., 1984:
Effect of prostanoids on human intestinal sodium potassium atpase activity

Chvapil, M.; Stankova, L.; Bernhard, D.S.; Zukoski, C.F.; Drach, G.W., 1977:
Effect of prostatic fluid and its fraction on some functions of peritoneal macrophages

Garwood S.G.; Levine D.W.; Ewing L., 1980:
Effect of protagonists sex on assessing gender differences in moral reasoning

E.H.malawi A R.A.; Shihabi H.R., 1985:
Effect of protamine on bacterial transformation

Franz, H.; Haustein, B.; Geske, K.; Kuropka, U.; Pfueller, U., 1976:
Effect of protamine sulfate on erythrocyte agglutination by anti rh anti sera cause of time dependence

Yamamoto K.; Takegawa K.; Kumagai H.; Tochikura T., 1987:
Effect of protease digestion on the activity of sugar depleted enzymes prepared with endo beta n acetylglucosaminidase from flavobacterium sp

Wilkens, H.J.; Steger, R.; Back, N., 1975:
Effect of protease inhibition on biochemical changes cardio vascular dynamics and survival in experimental coronary artery occlusion

Arai, M.; Tsuchiya, E.; Murao, S., 1978:
Effect of protease inhibitor s pi on the growth of various yeasts

Arai, H.; Shirai, T.; Hananouchi, M.; Hirose, M.; Ito, N.; Murasaki, G., 1978:
Effect of protease inhibitors in mice treated with the hepato carcinogen bhc alpha isomer and the bladder carcinogen n butyl n 4 hydroxybutyl nitrosamine

Protsenko V.A.; Opryshko V.V.; Shpak S.I.; Nesterov E.N.; Safronova L.G.; Kobozov G.V.; Krivoshein T.S., 1984:
Effect of protease inhibitors on antienzymic and surface activity of bronchoalveolar contents in infective toxic shock

Makinodan Y.; Toyohara H.; Ikeda S., 1983:
Effect of protease inhibitors on autolysis of carp muscle homogenate

Kantorovich-Prokudina, E.N.; Semenova, N.P.; Berezina, O.N.; Mosolov, V.V., 1982:
Effect of protease inhibitors on influenza virus reproduction

Shpak S.I.; Protsenko V.A.; Ovcharenko N.I., 1979:
Effect of protease inhibitors on phagocytic activity and activity of cytoplasmic enzymes of white mouse leukocytes

Soszyński, M.; Gaczyńska, M.; Bartosz, G.; Rosin, J., 1987:
Effect of protease inhibitors on the survival of in vitro aged erythrocytes

Tsuboyama, A.; Mutoh, Y.; Takaku, F., 1982:
Effect of protease on blood group Bm erythrocytes

Hesketh, L.M.; Wyatt, J.E.; Handley, P.S., 1987:
Effect of protease on cell surface structure, hydrophobicity and adhesion of tufted strains of Streptococcus sanguis biotypes I and II

Rohn R.; Biber J.; Haase W.; Murer H., 1983:
Effect of protease treatment on enzyme content protein content and transport function of brush border membranes isolated from rat small intestine and kidney cortex

Boyle, M.D.P.; Ohanian, S.H.; Boros, T., 1978:
Effect of protease treatment on the sensitivity of tumor cells to antibody guinea pig complement killing

Kuz'mina M.V.; Morunova G.M.; Davletova S.K.; Khaidarova Z.S.; Darkanbaev T.B., 1987:
Effect of proteases and amylases on the baking quality of flour from germinated wheat grain

Periyasamy S.; Somani P., 1986:
Effect of proteases and phospholipases on tritiated yohimbine binding to human platelet membranes

Partington, C.R.; Daly, J.W., 1979:
Effect of proteases and protease inhibitors on adenylate cyclase ec activity in rat cerebral cortical membranes

Bruck R.I.; Fry W.E.; Apple A.E.; Mundt C.C., 1981:
Effect of protectant fungicides on the developmental stages of phytophthora infestans in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar norchip foliage

Rogers G.L.; Porter R.H.D.; Clarke T.; Stewart J.A., 1980:
Effect of protected casein supplements on pasture intake milk yield and milk composition of cows in early lactation

Mccartor, M.M.; Smith, G.C., 1978:
Effect of protected lipids on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of short fed steers

Ndama P.H.; Entwistle K.W.; Lindsay J.A., 1983:
Effect of protected protein supplements on some testicular traits in brahman cross bulls

Palmquist, D.L.; Mcclure, K.E.; Parker, C.F., 1977:
Effect of protected saturated or poly unsaturated fat fed to pregnant and lactating ewes on milk composition lamb plasma fatty acids and growth

Todorov N.A.; Tashev T.K.; Peichevski I., 1986:
Effect of protection of oilseed meals by formaldehyde and of additional feeding concentrate on milk production and composition of milk of cows fed corn silage based diet

Law P.; Lepock J.R.; Kruuv J., 1979:
Effect of protective agents on amount and repair of sublethal freeze thaw damage in mammalian cells

Rose A.E.; Pellett N.E.; Aleong J., 1982:
Effect of protective covers on cold acclimation and survival of hybrid tea roses rosa hybrida

Asanbaeva R.D.; Kuzhantaeva K.S., 1984:
Effect of protective somatic staphylococcal antigen on lipid metabolism

Dima S.; Medesan C.; Mota G.; Moraru I.; Sjoquist J.; Ghetie V., 1983:
Effect of protein a and its fragment b on the catabolic and fc receptor sites of immuno globulin g

Sulica A.; Medesan C.; Laky M.; Onica D.; Sjoquist J.; Ghetie V., 1979:
Effect of protein a of staphylococcus aureus on the binding of monomeric and polymeric immuno globulin g to fc receptor bearing cells

Singh, K.P.; Saxena, A.K.; Prasad, A.K.; Dwivedi, P.D.; Zaidi, S.I.; Ray, P.K., 1987:
Effect of protein A on mast cell numbers and macrophage phagocytic activity

Peterson, P.K.; Verhoef, J.; Sabath, L.D.; Quie, P.G., 1977:
Effect of protein A on staphylococcal opsonization

Hsieh, S.; Goldstein, E.; Lippert, W.; Margulies, L., 1978:
Effect of protein a on the anti staphylococcal defense mechanisms of the murine lung

Hurtrel, B.; Lagrange, P.H.; Michel, J.C., 1978:
Effect of protein additives in mouse food on immune response to sheep red blood cells in mice

Anderson, S.J.; Phillips, D.A., 1976:
Effect of protein additives on acetylene reduction (nitrogen fixation) by Rhizobium in the presence and absence of soybean cells

Panajotov P.; Benkov B.; Stephanova S.; Vasilev M., 1985:
Effect of protein and amino acid level of compound feeds on fattening and meat productivity of pigs of different hybrid combinations

Spratt, R.S.; Leeson, S., 1987:
Effect of protein and energy intake of broiler breeder hens on performance of broiler chicken offspring

Dimov Y.; Panaiotov P.; Stoikov A.; Angelova L.; Stoyanov K., 1985:
Effect of protein and lysin level on fattening performance and carcass characteristic of hybrid pigs

Kanagawa Y.; Kuramitsu N.; Matsui T.; Nakanishi M.; Yano H.; Kawashima R., 1986:
Effect of protein and or calorie malnutrition on growth and metabolism of bone in calves

Lutz W., 1979:
Effect of protein and peptide fractions from the peritoneal dialysate of patients with chronic renal failure on lipo protein lipase activity

Magarlamov A.G., 1981:
Effect of protein and protein free diet on adaptability of trans amination reactions in the rat liver

Sharmanov, T.S. ; Tazhibaev-Sh, S.; Mamyrbaev, A.A.; Ergalieva, A.A., 1976:
Effect of protein and vitamin d deficiency on some calcium metabolism indices

Bilai V.I.; Kurbatskaya Z.A.; Vyazovkina I.V.; Levchenko P.I.; Bilai T.I.; Zakordonets L.A., 1987:
Effect of protein and vitamin preparations from micromycetes on fur bearing animals

Shyu, W.C.; Quintiliani, R.; Nightingale, C.H.; Dudley, M.N., 1988:
Effect of protein binding on drug penetration into blister fluid

Lam, Y.W.; Duroux, M.H.; Gambertoglio, J.G.; Barriere, S.L.; Guglielmo, B.J., 1988:
Effect of protein binding on serum bactericidal activities of ceftazidime and cefoperazone in healthy volunteers

Glew, R.H.; Moellering, R.C., 1979:
Effect of protein binding on the activity of penicillins in combination with gentamicin against enterococci

Dancis, J.; Jansen, V.; Levitz, M.; Rosner, W., 1978:
Effect of protein binding on transfer and metabolism of cortisol in perfused human placenta

Fujii, T.; Akabane, Y.; Odori, S.; Fujii, M.; Kondo, Y.; Ohki, K., 1984:
Effect of protein bound polysaccharide on microtubule proteins 3. some properties of protein bound polysaccharide inhibition of microtubule polymerization and the site of its action

Torigoe K., 1985:
Effect of protein bound polysaccharide ps k against teratogenicity of cyclophosphamide in ddy mice

Tien M K.; Donchev N.; Kr"stev L.; Vasilev T., 1984:
Effect of protein caloric deficiency and diethylnitrosamine on lethality of albino rats

Paliwal V.K.; Kambadur R.; Prasad R.; Nath R., 1985:
Effect of protein calorie malnutrition and calcium deficiency on hepatic iso metallothioneins in cadmium exposed monkeys

Narang A.P.S., 1987:
Effect of protein calorie malnutrition on drug metabolizing enzymes in rat liver

Costa J.; Oliveira J.E.D.D.; Sanches O., 1985:
Effect of protein calorie supplementation on the nutritional status of the preschool child

Tavss E.A.; Eigen E.; Temnikow V.; Kligman A.M., 1986:
Effect of protein cationicity on inhibition of in vitro epidermis curling by alkylbenzenesulfonate

Grigorashvili G.Z.; Kapanadze R.V.; Grigorashvili Z.G.; Gugeshashvili A.I., 1981:
Effect of protein concentrate from grape seeds on rats

Faye, L.; Lambert, C., 1980:
Effect of protein concentration on the activity of beta fructosidase ec from radish seedlings

Boobis S.W.; Chignell C.F., 1979:
Effect of protein concentration on the binding of drugs to human serum albumin part 1 sulfadiazine salicylate and phenyl butazone

Voinova R.; Mircheva D.; Ivanov N., 1981:
Effect of protein contained in rations on the rate of growth of chicks accumulation of proteins in carcass and activity of leucine amino peptidase

Butaki R.C.; Dronzek B., 1979:
Effect of protein content and wheat variety on relative viscosity solubility and electrophoretic properties of gluten proteins

Gordon F.J., 1979:
Effect of protein content of the supplement for dairy cows with access ad libitum to high digestibility wilted grass silage

Vardanashvili N.I., 1981:
Effect of protein deficiency on albino rat blood composition in experimental rachitis

Schlienger, J.L.; Imler, M., 1978:
Effect of protein deficiency on ammonia metabolism in the rat

Kato, S.; Tomonaga, S.; Ihara, K.; Awaya, K., 1978:
Effect of protein deficiency on lymphoid organs in mice

Ostolovskii, E.M., 1978:
Effect of protein deficiency on nucleotide content and atpase activity in some rat tissues

Khorshidi, M.; Mohagheghpour, N., 1979:
Effect of protein deficiency on suppressor cells

Saxena, U.C.; Roy, S.K.; Chowdhary, S.R., 1974:
Effect of protein deficiency on the biochemical constituents of the uterus and uterine fluid in ovariectomized rats under estrogen influence

Adekunle, A.A.; Hayes, J.R.; Campbell, T.C., 1978:
Effect of protein deficiency on the hepatic microsomal mixed function oxidase part 3 influence on afla toxin b metabolism and epoxide hydrase activity

Balasubramanian, D.; Ramachandran, C., 1978:
Effect of protein denaturants on the structure of water esr spin probe study

Severina I.S., 1983:
Effect of protein denaturating agents on inhibition by clorgyline and deprenyl of the activity of rat liver mitochondrial mono amine oxidase

Blanchard, J.; Steiger, E.; O'Neil, M.; Naito, H.; Sebeck, B.; Shamberger, R.J., 1979:
Effect of protein depletion and repletion on liver structures, nitrogen content and serum proteins

Macdonald M.L.; Swick R.W., 1981:
Effect of protein depletion and repletion on muscle protein turnover in the chick

Anagnostou, A.; Schade, S.; Ashkinaz, M.; Barone, J.; Fried, W., 1977:
Effect of protein deprivation on erythropoiesis

Koster, F.; Pierce, N.F., 1985:
Effect of protein deprivation on immunoregulatory cells in the rat mucosal immune response

Valtonen M.H.; Uusi Rauva A.; Eriksson L., 1982 :
Effect of protein deprivation on the validity of creatinine and urea in evaluation of renal function an experimental study in the goat

Vijayaraghavan S.; Ramana Rao J.V.; Reddy P.U.M., 1983:
Effect of protein diets on aminotransferases and glutamate dehydrogenase in anabas scandens

Medvedev D.I.; Babichenko I.I., 1988:
Effect of protein energy deficiency on neocortical synaptic junctions

Katiyar, G.P.; Agarwal, K.N.; Shanker, R.; Nagchaudhuri, J., 1976:
Effect of protein energy deprivation on the brain enzymes of glutamic acid in pre weanling rats

Medvedev D.I.; Savrova O.B.; Yakovleva T.V., 1987:
Effect of protein energy insufficiency on the composition of the glial population of the mouse neocortex

Habib Y.A.; Seddik Y.; Ghazal A.M.; Mohamed H.F.; E.S.yad H.S.A., 1979:
Effect of protein energy mal nutrition on the electrolyte level and total proteins in rat tissues

Reddy D.V.; Prasad D.A., 1985:
Effect of protein energy relationship on the performance and body composition of growing and finishing large white yorkshire pigs

Pallaro A.N.; Slobodianik N.H.; Roux M.E.; Rio M.E., 1987:
Effect of protein feeding on thymus recovery of marginal protein depleted rats at weaning

Knoll Koehler E.; Klaen R.; Wehner R.; Handke A., 1982:
Effect of protein free diet and sex hormone replacement therapy on the maternal organism and the growth kinetics of the placental fetal unit of the rat during gestation

Alippi R.M.; Barcelo A.C.; Bardi M.; Friedman S.M.; Rio M.E.; Bozzini C.E., 1984:
Effect of protein free diet on growth of the skeletal units of the rat mandible

Toth, J.; Lajtha, A., 1980:
Effect of protein free diet on the uptake of amino acids by the brain in vivo

Widenski, K.; Wojcik, S., 1982:
Effect of protein in feeding upon some anatomical and chemical traits of fattening pigs 2. chemical composition of liver and muscle tissues

Ben-Ghedalia, D.; Miron, J.; Hasdai, A., 1982:
Effect of protein infused into sheep duodenum on activities of pancreatic proteases in intestinal digesta and on the absorption site of amino acids

Williams M.; Young J.B.; Rosa R.M.; Gunn S.; Epstein F.H.; Landsberg L., 1986:
Effect of protein ingestion on urinary dopamine excretion evidence for the functional importance of renal decarboxylation of circulating 3 4 dopa in man

Sadykova R.E.; Gmoshinskii I.V.; Mazo V.K.; Shaternikov V.A., 1984:
Effect of protein inhibitors of pancreatic proteinases on the degradation and absorption of immunoreactive chick ovalbumin in the intestine of adult rats

Davidson, M.B.; Fisher, M.B.; Dabir-Vaziri, N.; Schaffer, M., 1976:
Effect of protein intake and dialysis on the abnormal growth hormone, glucose, and insulin homeostasis in uremia

Silva, S.V.; Mercer, J.R., 1985:
Effect of protein intake on amino acid catabolism and gluconeogenesis by isolated hepatocytes from the cat (Felis domestica)

Askanazi, J.; Weissman, C.; LaSala, P.A.; Milic-Emili, J.; Kinney, J.M., 1984:
Effect of protein intake on ventilatory drive

Grigorashvili G.Z., 1982:
Effect of protein isolate from poultry products on animals

Martinchik, A.N.; Panova, R.V.; Feoktistova, A.I.; Bondarev, G.I., 1987:
Effect of protein isolate from the soybean on xenobiotic biotransformation in the rat liver

Kitagawa K.; Nishino H.; Iwashima A., 1986:
Effect of protein kinase c activation and calcium mobilization on hexose transport in swiss 3t3 cells

Palacios, C.; Pintado, E., 1987:
Effect of protein kinase C activation on mast cell histamine release

Crickenberger R.G.; Bergen W.G.; Fox D.G.; Gideon L.A., 1979:
Effect of protein level in corn corn silage diets on abomasal nitrogen passage and utilization by steers

Degani G.; Horowitz A.; Levanon D., 1985:
Effect of protein level in purified diet and of density ammonia and oxygen level on growth of juvenile european eels anguilla anguilla

Kwast M., 1980:
Effect of protein level in the food on metallo thionein in rat liver

Rajagopal S.; Murty V.N., 1983:
Effect of protein level on nutrient utilization for milk production

Haught, D.G.; Tanksley, T.D.J. ; Hesby, J.H.; Gregg, E.J., 1977:
Effect of protein level protein restriction and cottonseed meal in sorghum based diets on swine reproductive performance and progeny development

Shibayama H.; Ebashi H., 1981:
Effect of protein loading on the changes in the intra gastric ph due to physical exercise

Forbes, W.B.; Tracy, C.A.; Resnick, O.; Morgane, P.J. , 1977:
Effect of protein mal nutrition during development on sleep behavior of rats

Hammell, D.L.; Kratzer, D.D.; Cromwell, G.L.; Hays, V.W., 1976:
Effect of protein mal nutrition of the sow on reproductive performance and on post natal learning and performance of the offspring

Aziz-Ullah ; Goldspink, G., 1978:
Effect of protein mal nutrition on the ultrastructure and proteolytic activity of skeletal muscle

Singh R.K.; Roy S.K., 1982:
Effect of protein mal nutrition on uterine enzymes of glycolysis tri chloro acetic acid cycle and pentose phosphate pathway in rat

Dixit, P.K.; Sorenson, R.L., 1987:
Effect of protein malnutrition on insulin secretion

Ukai K.; Sakakura Y.; Itoh H.; Miyoshi Y., 1984:
Effect of protein malnutrition on the susceptibility of the chicken nose to newcastle disease virus

Kychanov V.M., 1980:
Effect of protein metabolism on the fertilizing capacity of eggs in the caspian inconnu stenodus leucichthys

Sasaki, A.; Nakagawa, I.; Kajimoto, M., 1982:
Effect of protein nutrition throughout gestation and lactation on growth, morbidity and life span of rat progeny

Sineok L.L., 1985:
Effect of protein on acid base balance in animals of varying age

Bagg, J.G.; Grieve, D.G.; Burton, J.H.; Stone, J.B., 1985:
Effect of protein on growth of Holstein heifer calves from 2 to 10 months

Gapparov M.M.; Zaboikina T.N.; Nikol'skaya G.V.; Mal'tsev G.Yu, 1982:
Effect of protein on induction and renewal of rat liver cytochrome p 450 complex

Ha, J.K.; Kennelly, J.J., 1984:
Effect of protein on nutrient digestion and milk production by Holstein cows

Rosen, A.; Macheras, P., 1985:
Effect of protein on the absorption of phenytoin through everted gut preparations

Muronets V.I.; Ashmarina L.I.; Nagradova N.K., 1986:
Effect of protein protein interactions on catalytic properties of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Todorov D.; Radaeva M.; Markovska V., 1982:
Effect of protein quality in a diet on the activity of some liver and serum enzymes

Baikova D.; Malinova E., 1981:
Effect of protein quality in food on the activity of some liver enzymes of rats

Dinham D.; Knight E.M.; Adkins J., 1984:
Effect of protein quality on fetal development and sulfur 35 labeled methionine incorporation into protein of rat fetuses

Naik S.; Sehgal S.; Aikat B.K., 1981:
Effect of protein restricted diet on 3 methyl cholanthrene induced fibro sarcoma in c 57 mice

Lezcano P.; Elias A., 1979:
Effect of protein restriction on growing finishing pigs fed final molasses ad libitum

Del Angel A.R.; Feria Velasco A., 1982:
Effect of protein restriction on growth of adult and developing rats 1st and 2nd generations

Poismans R.; Wittouck P.J., 1986:
Effect of protein rich low fiber diet on growth performance organ development and carcass composition of the termonde white rabbit

Tyulenev V.I.; Kapralov A.A.; Smerchinskaya L.S.; Belik Y.V., 1983:
Effect of protein s 100 on phosphorylation of rat brain and liver nuclear proteins

Shields R.G.Jr; Mahan D.C., 1980:
Effect of protein sequences on performance and carcass characteristics of growing finishing swine

Michelena J.; Elias A.; Pereiro M.; Hernandez Y.; Blanca S., 1984:
Effect of protein solubility on rumen fermentation and nitrogen retention in calves fed high molasses urea diets

Balazs, G.H.; Ross, E., 1976:
Effect of protein source and level on growth and performance of the captive fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii

Omole T.A.; Sonaiya E.B., 1981:
Effect of protein source and methionine supplementation on cassava peel meal utilization by growing rabbits

Murphy J.J.; Gleeson P.A.; Morgan D.J., 1985:
Effect of protein source in the concentrate on the performance of cows offered grass silage ad libitum

Mehta, R.S.; Bassette, R.; Bartley, E.E., 1978:
Effect of protein supplements containing urea or natural protein on concentration of tri methylamine in cows milk

Volkov E.M.; Nasledov G.A.; Poletaev G.I., 1982:
Effect of protein synthesis blockers on de nervation like changes in the frog muscle fiber membrane caused by axoplasmic transport blockade with colchicine

Singleton, C.K.; Manning, S.S.; Feng, Y., 1988:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibition on gene expression during early development of Dictyostelium discoideum

Gentner, N.E.; Werner, M.M., 1976:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibition on recovery of uv and gamma irradiated schizosaccharomyces pombe from repair inhibition by caffeine

Bersinger, N.A.; Malek, A.; Benz, B.; Keller, P.J.; Schneider, H., 1988:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors and metabolic blockers on the production of placental proteins by the in vitro perfused human placenta

Hsu A F., 1981:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on cell growth and alkaloid production in cell cultures of papaver somniferum

Diment, A.V.; Blinova, M.I., 1975:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on dna replication part 1 the short term effect of cyclo heximide on cell permeability for thymidine in vitro

Brydak, L.; Semkow, R., 1977:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on influenza virus neuraminidase and hem agglutinin

Chirkova, T.V.; Nastinova, G.E.; Zhukova, T.M., 1978:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on protein content and alcohol dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase activity in wheat and rice roots under various aeration conditions

Voinikov V.K., 1979:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the activity of mitochondria from winter triticale seedlings after cooling

Krallish I.L.; Damberg B.E., 1987:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the activity of mitochondrial enzymes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae upon their dehydration

Lukanin V.V.; Khlebovich V.V., 1979:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the metamorphosis and adaptive ability of aurelia aurita scyphomedusae planulae under the effect of fresher water

Byshevskii A.Sh; Galyan S.L., 1980:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on vicasol induced changes in the content of thermostable anti factor x a in serum

Eggerding, F.; Raskas, H.J., 1978:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on viral messenger rna synthesized early in adenovirus type 2 infection

Y.K.T.; Gould M.K., 1979:
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on xylose uptake and iodine 125 insulin binding by rat soleus muscle

Ivannik B.P.; Proskuryakov S.Ya; Ryabchenko N.I., 1980:
Effect of protein synthesis on dna repair in irradiated animal tissues

Murphey-Corb, M.; Murray, M.L., 1979:
Effect of protein synthesis on plasmid maintenance in Streptococcus faecalis

Lage, A.; Díaz, J.W.; González, I., 1978:
Effect of proteinase inhibitor in experimental tumors

Lyapina L.A., 1980:
Effect of proteinase inhibitors and heparin blocking agents on fibrinolytic activity of heparin complexes

Burrows G.E., 1981:
Effect of proteinase inhibitors on experimentally induced equine escherichia coli endo toxemia

Lescoat, D., 1985:
Effect of proteinase inhibitors on rabbit uterine ultrastructure

Seu J H.; Sawai Y., 1981:
Effect of proteinase inhibitory substance on edema hemorrhage and necrosis of habu trimeresurus flavoviridis venom

Loginov A.V.; Fateeva L.I., 1988:
Effect of proteinase isolated from a fungus on the kallikrein kinin system

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Effect of proteins bound to single stranded dna on the synthesis of rna and poly adenylic acid part 1 antibodies to dna

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Effect of proteins on potassium efflux from pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Effect of proteins on the immunogenicity of enterobacterial common antigen

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Effect of proteins protein hydrolyzates and amino acids on o dihydroxyphenolase activity of polyphenol oxidase of mushroom avocado and banana

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Effect of proteo glycans of cartilage and over sulfated poly saccharides on the development of calcium hydroxy apatite crystal formation in vitro

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Effect of proteo glycans on in vitro hydroxyl apatite formation

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Effect of proteolysis enzymes and their inhibitors on oxygen uptake by the rat brain tissue and its anti tryptic activity

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Effect of proteolysis inhibitors on the activity of phagocytes and leukocyte cytoplasmic enzymes in white mice in streptococcal peritonitis

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Effect of proteolysis inhibitors on the activity of the blood serum proteinases and on the serum anti tryptic activity in post ischemic toxemia

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Effect of proteolysis inhibitors on the incorporation of labeled amino acids into proteins

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Effect of proteolysis on quantitation of plasma fibronectin concentration by 2 immunoassays electroimmunoassay and immunoturbidimetric technique

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Effect of proteolysis on the activity of the sodium channel in isolated lobster panulirus argus nerve membrane

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Effect of proteolysis on the esr spectra of maleimide spin labeled erythrocyte membrane

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Effect of proteolysis on the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial dnase

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Effect of proteolytic activation on intra ocular hydrodynamics the pressure of oxygen carbon di oxide and ph in the aqueous humor

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Effect of proteolytic activity of streptococcus cremoris on cottage cheese yields

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Effect of proteolytic bacteria in the natural fermentation of corn zea mays to increase its nutritive value

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Effect of proteolytic cleavage on functional properties of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in rat pancreatic and parotid acinar cells

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Effect of proteolytic digestion on the calcium atpase activity and subunits of latent and thiol activated chloroplast coupling factor 1

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Effect of proteolytic digestion on the structure and function of human properdin

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Effect of proteolytic enzyme inhibitors on mastocyte de granulation in vivo

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Effect of proteolytic enzyme inhibitors on the state of cell populations in normal mouse lung and during the development of tourniquet shock

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Effect of proteolytic enzyme on the anti bacterial property of egg albumin

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes of various origin on the nitrogen composition of barley wort

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on 1 methyl adenine production in starfish asterina pectinifera follicle cells

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on anti tryptic activity of the blood serum in surgical patients

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on bacterial flagella

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on blood coagulation

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on kanamycin pharmaco kinetics with experimental purulent infection

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on Pneumocystis carinii in rat lung tissue

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the gluten proteins of ripening wheat grain

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the level of cyclic nucleotides and dna synthesis in lymphocytes

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the level of hydrocortisone binding proteins and dexamethasone binding proteins in donors blood plasma

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on transepithelial solute transport

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Effect of Proteolytic Enzymes on Transfection and Transformation of Streptococcus lactis Protoplasts

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Effect of proteolytic human plasma inhibitors on activity of natural and immobilized terrilytin

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Effect of proteolytic raw milk psychrotrophs on cheddar cheese making with stored milk

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Effect of proteose peptone on the heat gelation of whey protein isolates

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Effect of Proteus mirabilis on liver and spleen weight and the hemagglutinin response to SRBC in rats

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Effect of prothoracic glands upon the heart beat in solitary phase of locusta migratoria

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Effect of prothrombin complex concentrates on factor viii inhibitor levels

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Effect of prothrombin plasmin proteolysis products on blood coagulation system

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Effect of proto porphyrin on human erythrocyte membrane

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Effect of protochlorophyll photodisaggregation under laser irradiation

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Effect of proton excretion on the surface ph of corn root cells evaluated by using weak acid influx as a ph probe

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Effect of proton transport inhibitor from maize chloroplasts on photo phosphorylating and atpase activities

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Effect of protonation on the ground state properties of retinal analogs an ab initio study

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Effect of protozoa on effluent qualities in the treatment of swine feces by activated sludge process of batch style

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Effect of protracted administration of anti inflammatory and analgesic drugs on gastric mucosa

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Effect of protracted administration of cortico steroids on exocrine pancreatic secretion in man

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Effect of protracted fasting on the activity of cathepsins and some lipolytic enzymes in the rat liver

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Effect of protracted intermittent fasting on the activities of enzymes involved in energy metabolism, and on the concentrations of glycogen, protein and DNA in skeletal muscle of obese women

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Effect of protracted treatment on cutaneous reactions in the irradiation therapy of the thoracic wall following mastectomy

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Effect of providing recreational activities on the engagement level of long stay geriatric patients

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Effect of proxanols on electromechanical integration in the myocardium and their contribution to protection against ischemia by using fluorocarbon emulsions

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Effect of proxazole on tissue perfusion of rat cecal mesentery

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Effect of proximal and distal coronary pressure change on the resistance of stenotic coronary segment

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Effect of proximal gastric vagotomy on basal and vagally stimulated gastric bicarbonate secretion in duodenal ulcer patients

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Effect of proximal gastric vagotomy on calculated gastric carbonate and nonparietal volume secretion in man studies during basal conditions and gastrin 17 infusion

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Effect of proximal gastric vagotomy on feeding stimulated Heidenhain pouch acid secretion and gastrin release

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Effect of proximal gastric vagotomy on insulin induced gastric hydrogen ion and pepsin secretion and serum group i pepsinogens

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Effect of pruning and fertilization on vegetative growth and fruit quality of satsuma mandarin

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Effect of pruning and planting system on the yield and quality of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar chonto

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Effect of pruning and tree shape on the growth and fruiting potential of young peach trees

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Effect of pruning intensities on the fruit drop retention yield and quality of apple cultivar royal delicious

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Effect of pruning method and number of fruit buds per plant on yield and quality of grapes of the variety smederevka

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Effect of pruning of date palm phoenix dactylifera cultivar zahdi on some qualitative and quantitative characteristics of fruit

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Effect of pruning on rate of fruit growth extent of fruit drop and maturity in ber ziziphus mauritiana cultivar pewandi

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Effect of pruning on the behavior of 2 varieties of soy glycine max

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Effect of pruning on yield fruit quality and maturity in ber zizyphus mauritiana cultivar umran

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Effect of pruning severity on bud behavior and fruiting of the red romi grapevine vitis vinifera

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Effect of pruning severity on bud behavior and fruiting of the red rumi grapevine vitis vinifera

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Effect of pruning system on yield components of two summer bearing raspberry cultivars

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Effect of pruning time on productivity and physicochemical characters of ber zizyphus mauritiana cultivar umran

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Effect of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, isolated from cervices of females with sterility complaints, on sperm motility

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Effect of Pseudomonas aeruginosa melanin on antibiotic activity

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Effect of pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine on prednisolone treated mice

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Effect of pseudomonas aureofaciens on some processes of microbial self purification of the soil

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Effect of pseudomonas fragi and proteus vulgaris on deep block bovine lean meat

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Effect of pseudomonas phaseolicola toxin on the composition of lipids in leaves of the swiss chard beta vulgaris part 2 changes in the fatty acid spectrum of phospho lipids and glyco lipids

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Effect of pseudomonas putida and a synthetic iron chelator on induction of soil suppressiveness to fusarium wilt pathogens

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Effect of pseudopterosin A on cell division, cell cycle progression, DNA, and protein synthesis in cultured sea urchin embryos

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Effect of psycho physiological self control on flight training

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Effect of psycho physiological self regulation on emotional stability of the pilot cadet in flight and effectiveness of his mastering the flight training program

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Effect of psychogenic factors on the neuro endocrine system

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Effect of pteridines on normal and neoplastic cell lines of Xiphophorus

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Effect of publicity on the reporting of toxic shock syndrome in wisconsin usa

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Effect of puccinia cardui pycnocephali on slender thistles carduus pycnocephalus and carduus tenuiflorus

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Effect of puccinia coronata on straw yield and harvest index of oats avena sativa

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Effect of puccinia dispersa on protein metabolism in rye leaves

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Effect of puccinia graminis f sp tritici infection induced artificially on wheat yield

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Effect of puddling implements on percolation losses and water use efficiency in rice field

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Effect of puerarin and analogs of daidzein on adrenoceptors

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Effect of puff size instructions on puff volume

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Effect of pulmonary arterial pressure on gas exchange in functionally heterogenous lungs

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Effect of pulmonary stretch receptor activity on the respiratory response to ammonia inhalation

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Effect of pulmonary tuberculosis on blood concentrations of copper and zinc

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Effect of pulmonary vascular engorgement on respiratory mechanics in the dog

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Effect of pulmonary vascular pressure on lung lymph flow following seizures

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Effect of pulmonary venous pressure on steady state collateral resistance

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Effect of pulmonectomy in pregnant rats on the state of gas exchange in their progeny

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Effect of pulp and paper mill effluents on a fishery in the gulf of finland

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Effect of pulp and paper mill wastewater on soil properties

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Effect of pulp paper effluents on the water quality of muvattupuzha river emptying into cochin backwaters india

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Effect of pulpal inflammation on bacterial penetration of acid etched and non etched dentin

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Effect of pulping liquor on drainage aid performance with recycled fiber

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Effect of pulsatile cardio pulmonary bypass on renal function

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Effect of pulsatile gonadotropin releasing hormone on the release of luteinizing hormone and fsh in vitro by anterior pituitaries from lactating and cycling rats

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Effect of pulsatile infusion of gonadotropin releasing hormone on plasma estradiol 17 beta concentrations and follicular development during naturally and artificially maintained high levels of plasma progesterone in heifers

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Effect of pulsatile infusion of progesterone on the in vivo activity of the lhrh neural apparatus of awake unrestrained female and male rabbits

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Effect of pulsatilla 30 and 200 potencies a homeopathic drug on the ovaries the uteri and the thyroids of female albino rats/

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Effect of pulse exposure to methoxychlor on brain serotonin levels in american flagfish jordanella floridae as modified by time after exposure concentration and gender

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Effect of pulse laser uv radiation on proliferating and resting hela cells

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Effect of pulse sensory training on some electrophysiological parameters of the human body

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Effect of pulse stimulation of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus on the formation of evoked activity of the superior colliculi of lamina tecti mesencephali

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Effect of pulsed dose in simultaneous and sequential irradiation of v 79 cells by 14.8 mev neutrons and cobalt 60 photons

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Effect of pulsed laser radiation on ehrlich ascites tumor cell lysosomes

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Effect of pulsed low energy ir laser irradiation on artificial caries like lesion formation

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Effect of pulsed low power ultrasound on growing tissues part 1 developing mammalian and insect tissue

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Effect of pulsed low power ultrasound on growing tissues part 2 malignant tissues

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Effect of pulsed magnetic field on electrical activity of crayfish neurons

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Effect of pumped well irrigation and drainage on the melioration of salt affected soils

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Effect of punishment on lever pressing maintained by food reward or brain stimulation

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Effect of pupal refrigeration in silkworm uji fly exorista sorbillans diptera tachinidae on fly emergence and longevity

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Effect of pupil size on dark focus accommodation

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Effect of pure and crossed dextrality on marksmanship skill

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Effect of pure venom phospholipase a 2 ec from the central asian cobra naja naja oxiana on oxidative functions of rat liver mitochondria

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Effect of purgatives on antidotal efficacy of oral activated charcoal

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Effect of purification and inactivation of brain and tissue culture preparations of tick borne encephalitis virus on its antigenic components and immunogenicity

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Effect of purification method and moisture content of wool fat on hydrolin properties

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Effect of purification of bovine serum albumin on the interaction of human semen with mouse ova in vitro

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Effect of purification of commercial bovine serum albumin on the performance of isolated rat livers perfused at 5 celsius

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Effect of purification on the accumulation of radioactive gallium labeled leukocytes in abscesses

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Effect of purification procedures on the self association of myosin at high ionic strength

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Effect of purification steps on the immunogenicity of Mycobacterium leprae

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Effect of purified beta glucuronidase infusion in normal dogs and dogs with acidosis

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Effect of purified cigua toxin on mitogen responses of mouse spleen lymphoid cells

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Effect of purified epoxide hydrolase ec on metabolic activation and binding of benzo a pyrene to exogenous dna shift of the activation pathway

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Effect of purified growth factors on rabbit articular chondrocytes in mono layer culture 1. dna synthesis

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Effect of purified growth factors on rabbit articular chondrocytes in mono layer culture 2. sulfated proteo glycan synthesis

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Effect of purified polygalacturonases from fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum on gossypium arboreum var indicum seedlings

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Effect of purified protein derivative and sonicates of Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium bovis BCG on thromboplastin response in human monocytes in vitro

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Effect of purified protein serum amyloid a on immune response in vitro mechanisms of suppression

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Effect of purified relaxin on uterine glycogen and protein in the rat

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Effect of purified rna glyco peptide and a complex on cells of primary culture of mammary tumor in c 3h mice

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Effect of purified spleen extract on the survival rate of irradiated mice

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Effect of purine analogs and their interactions with benzyl adenine on bud burst and shoot growth in apple malus domestica cultivar northern spy bud explants

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Effect of purine and pyrimidine bases on the growth of streptococcus lactis and biosynthesis of nisin

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Effect of purine and pyrimidine limitations on RNA synthesis in Bacillus subtilis

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Effect of purine compounds on the vascular responsiveness of bovine coronary and lingual arteries

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Effect of purine derivatives on regeneration and immunological reactivity in animals

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Effect of purine nucleoside phosphorylase substrates on the mitogen induced stimulation of murine t spleen cells and b spleen cells

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Effect of purine nucleosides on the normal and leukemic human leukocytes

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Effect of purines on the formation of the perfect state of Cryptococcus neoformans, Filobasidiella neoformans

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Effect of puromycin administration on presynaptic bouton regeneration after hemi section of rat spinal cord

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Effect of puromycin and acridine orange dye on candida guilliermondii yeast photoprotection from the lethal action of shortwave uv radiation

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Effect of puromycin and cyclo heximide on glyco sphingo lipid biosynthesis by phyto hem agglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

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Effect of puromycin metab and actinomycin d metab on a persistent mumps virus infection in vitro human conjunctiva cells

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Effect of puromycin on dna synthesis in drosophila hydei polytene chromosomes a probe into the control of replication

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Effect of puromycin on synthesis processing and nucleo cytoplasmic translocation of ribosomal rna in tetrahymena pyriformis

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Effect of putamen activation on alimentary conditioned reflexes in dogs

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Effect of putative dna inhibitors on macro molecular synthesis in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Effect of putative peptide neuro transmitters on cutaneous vascular permeability in the rat

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Effect of putrescine on experimental acute hepatic injury in rats

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Effect of putrescine on the respiration of Trypanosoma brucei brucei

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Effect of PUVA on intestinal calcium absorption

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Effect of puva on plasma and skin immunoreactive alpha msh concentrations

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Effect of pvc greenhouse in increasing the biogas production in temperate cold climatic conditions

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Effect of pycnidial mucus and some ecological factors on the germination of conidia of fungi of the genera ascochyta and phoma

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Effect of pyo cyanin on the intensity of protein chemi luminescence induced by potassium per manganate

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Effect of pyochelin on the virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Effect of pyracetam on mouse resistance to hypoxic hypoxia 3 months after x irradiation

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Effect of pyralid moth infestation on fat acidity seed germination and micro flora of stored wheat triticum aestivum cultivar neepawa

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Effect of pyramem piracetam on protein metabolism in neurons and glial cells of some areas of the rat brain

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Effect of pyran on latency after herpes simplex virus infections

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Effect of pyrantel tartrate on the 3rd stage larvae of ascaridia galli

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Effect of pyrazidol and deprenyl on mono amine oxidase of rat intestine

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Effect of pyrazidol on the central serotonergic system

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Effect of pyrazinamide and ethambutol on the serum uric acid level in man

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Effect of pyrazinamide on the liver of tuberculous patients ultrastructural study

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Effect of pyrazolone derivatives on the critical micelle concentration of ionic surfactants

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Effect of pyrethroid insecticides on electroencephalographic activity in conscious immobilized rats

T.C.M., 1982:
Effect of pyrethroid insecticides on soybean glycine max and its pathogen rhizoctonia solani

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Effect of pyrethroids and ddt analogs on the frequency of spontaneous discharges in crayfish procambarus clarkii central nerve cord

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Effect of pyrethroids on fiber properties of h 4 cotton

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Effect of pyrethroids on knockdown and lack of coordination responses of susceptible and resistant diamondback moth lepidoptera plutellidae

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Effect of pyrethroids on the activity of rogas aligarhensis qadri hymenoptera braconidae a larval parasite of the cotton spotted bollworm earias vittella fabricius

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Effect of pyrethroids on the arthropods of a cotton agro biocenosis

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Effect of pyrethroids on tritium labeled kainic acid binding to mouse fore brain membranes

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Effect of pyrethrum on cns and hemolymph monovalent sodium and potassium cations and also on the level of cns acetylcholine and activities of esterase and choline acetyltransferase in the insect schizodactylus monstrosus drury

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Effect of pyrethrum on the neurosecretory system of adult female schizodactylus monstrosus orthoptera schizodactylidae

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Effect of pyretic hyper thermia on adrenal cortex activity

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Effect of pyridazinone herbicides on lipid metabolism in groundnut arachis hypogaea leaves

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Effect of pyridazinone herbicides on the photosynthetic electron transport chain of chloroplasts and Chlorella

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Effect of pyridine coenzymes and pyridoxal phosphate on nadph dependent glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the muscle tissue

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Effect of pyridine compounds on ammonia oxidation by autotrophic nitrifying bacteria and methylosinus trichosporium ob 3b

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Effect of pyridine homologues on proton flux through the coupling factor complex and photo phosphorylation in chloroplasts

H.Y.K.; Wang J.H., 1981:
Effect of pyridine homologues on respiratory control and proton oxygen ratio in mitochondria

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Effect of pyridine homologues on the basal rate of electron transport and proton electron ratio in chloroplasts

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Effect of pyridine nucleotide precursors on the permeability of toad bladder in the presence of vasopressin 3 5 cyclic amp and theophylline

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Effect of pyridine toluene and carbon di sulfide on the growth of nitrifying bacteria in omelianskys medium

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Effect of pyridines on phenotypic properties of Bordetella pertussis

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Effect of pyriditol on metabolism of some drugs

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Effect of pyridostigmine on physical cynomolgus macaques performance

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Effect of pyridostigmine on tetanic contracture of innervated and denervated rat skeletal muscle

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Effect of pyridoxal 5 phosphate on carbidopa and decarboxylation of l dopa

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Effect of pyridoxal 5 phosphate on epileptic activity in the cat cerebral cortex

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Effect of pyridoxal 5 phosphate on the activity of glutamic oxal acetic acid isozyme in plasma from patients with duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Effect of pyridoxal 5 phosphate on the quaternary structure of escherichia coli glutamate decarboxylase

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Effect of pyridoxal 5' phosphate on calcium stimulated atpase ec activity in microsomes of rat submandibular gland in vitro

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Effect of pyridoxal 5' phosphate on human platelet aggregation dense granule release and thromboxane b 2 generation role of schiff base formation

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Effect of pyridoxal 5' phosphate on the activity of aspartate amino transferase ec iso enzyme in human plasma after physical exercise

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Effect of pyridoxal on pyrazinamide and its metabolite induced hyperuricemia

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Effect of pyridoxal phosphate and derivatives of pantothenate on gamma amino butyrate shunt in mouse brain

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Effect of pyridoxal phosphate deficiency on aromatic l amino acid decarboxylase ec activity with l dopa and l 5 hydroxy tryptophan as substrates in rats

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Effect of pyridoxal phosphate on aspartate aminotransferase activity in the blood serum of rabbits with chronic toxic hepatitis

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Effect of pyridoxal phosphate on narcotic action toxicity and metabolism of hexenal

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Effect of pyridoxalated stabilized stroma free hemoglobin solution on the clearance of intravascular lipid by the res

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Effect of pyridoxine 2 oxo glutarate on carbon tetra chloride intoxication and in streptozotocin induced ketosis in rats

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Effect of pyridoxine 2 oxo glutarate on hepatic failure after diversion of portal blood flow

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Effect of pyridoxine and estradiol on rat uterine rna protein and dna synthesis

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Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on activities and amounts of aspartate amino transferase ec isozymes in rat tissues

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Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on aromatic l amino acid decarboxylase ec in adult rat brain

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Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on serum and liver trans aminases in experimental liver injury in the rat

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Effect of pyridoxine glyoxylic acid and pyridoxylate on oxidative metabolism in vitro and phosphorylated energy rich compounds studied in rat brains during acute hypoxia and ischemia

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Effect of pyridoxine on plasma levels of human growth hormone prolactin and thyrotropin in normal women

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Effect of pyridoxine on prostaglandin synthesis in rabbit kidney medulla slices

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Effect of pyridoxine on sodium glycolate induced hyper oxaluria in rats

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Effect of pyridoxine riboflavin and glutamic acid on the activity of lysosomal hydrolases of rat liver and kidneys in mechanical trauma

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Effect of pyridoxine riboflavin and glutamic acid on the activity of rat liver and blood serum lysosomal hydrolases during traumatic stress

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Effect of pyridoxylate on the intensity of changes in viscera and skeletal musculature of rats under considerable physical load

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Effect of pyrimidinone treatment on lethal and immunosuppressive murine cytomegalovirus infection

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Effect of pyriminyl vacor on some hematological and metabolic parameters of rattus rattus

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Effect of pyrites pressmud complex on symbiotic nitrogen fixation grain yield and quality of pea pisum sativum var arvense grown in calcareous soil

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Effect of pyrithiamine on rat sciatic nerve 1. morphological changes during the early stage of thiamine deficiency

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Effect of pyrithiamine on rat sciatic nerve 2. morphological changes during the last stages of thiamine deficiency

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Effect of pyrithiamine treatment on potassium ion fluxes in rat cortical slices

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Effect of pyro phosphate on ortho phosphate reactions in calcareous soils

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Effect of pyro phosphate on phosphate sorption and ammonia volatilization by calcareous soils treated with ammonium phosphates

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Effect of pyrogallol on responses of melanophores to norepinephrine and potassium chloride in isolated caudal fins of goby tridentiger trigonocephalus

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Effect of pyrogen and anti pyretics on prostaglandin activity in cisternal cerebro spinal fluid of unanesthetized cats

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Effect of pyrogenal on lysozyme activity in the blood of rabbits

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Effect of pyrogens on lactate dehydrogenase ec activity and iso enzymic spectrum in guinea pig tissues and blood serum

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Effect of pyrolysis products of poly propylene plastic on the defense mechanisms of the respiratory system

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Effect of pyrophosphate and two diphosphonates on calcium 45 and inorganic phosphorus 32 uptake and mineralization by matrix vesicle enriched fractions and by hydroxyapatite

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Effect of pyroxan and butyroxan on retention and release of noradrenaline in white rat brain

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Effect of pyrroline 5 carboxylic acid on nucleotide metabolism in erythrocytes from normal and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec deficient subjects

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Effect of pyrrolizidine alkaloids on liver microsome mixed function oxidase activity in rats

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Effect of pyrrolizidine alkaloids senecio vulgaris on the liver mixed function oxidase system

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Effect of pyrrolnitrin on electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria isolated from Neurospora crassa

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Effect of pyrrolnitrin on mitochondrial reactions induction of swelling

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Effect of pyrroxan and methyl apo galanthamine on blood circulation and oxygen regimen of the cat brain

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Effect of pyrroxan on the behavioral and neurohormonal manifestations of emotional stress in monkeys

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Effect of pyruvate and recovery of fungi from foods

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Effect of pyruvate decarboxylase ec activity and of pyruvate concentration on the production of 1 hydroxy 1 phenyl propanone in saccharomyces carlsbergensis

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Effect of pyruvate kinase deficiency on l lysine productivities of mutants with feedback resistant aspartokinases

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Effect of pyruvate on growth of thiobacillus acidophilus

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Effect of pyruvate on thyroid hormone induced lipolysis in rat adipose tissue in vitro

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Effect of qinghaosu artemisinine suspension in oil on ultrastructure of myo cardium in rhesus monkeys

Y.Z., 1981:
Effect of qinghaosu on chloroquine induced pigment clumping

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Effect of quadevit and orkomin on the erythropoiesis of animals of various age

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Effect of Quadrat and Core Sizes on Determining the Spatial Pattern of Criconemella sphaerocephalus

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Effect of quadrat size and number of sampling units on the results of registration of some macro zoo benthic species

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Effect of qualitatively different diet on glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase activity and thiol group content in the tissues of albino rats intoxicated with 3 4 dichlorobut 1 ene

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Effect of qualitatively different dietary proteins on some aspects of immunobiological reactivity of the albino rat

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Effect of qualitatively different fats on the structure of the aorta and arteries of the rat heart and kidneys

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Effect of qualitatively different fats on the wall structure of blood vessels of rats kept on cholesterol diet

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Effect of qualitatively different nutrition on the histological structure of the liver in pregnant rats with experimental toxic hepatitis

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Effect of qualitatively differing proteins in the diet of patients with alimentary obesity on the course of the disease

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Effect of quality and quantity of dietary purines on ammonia excretion rates of artemia sp

Hernandorena A.; Kaushik S.J., 1985:
Effect of quality and quantity of dietary pyrimidines on ammonia excretion rates of artemia sp

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Effect of quality of astacus leptodactylus cubanicus females on progeny

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Effect of quality of daycare environment on childrens language development

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Effect of quality of irrigation water leaching levels and farmyard manure on the performance of wheat and pearl millet

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Effect of quality of maternal diet on brain biochemical parameters of the offspring in rats

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Effect of quality of seeding material and the nature of processes during the early stages of organogenesis on kidney bean productivity

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Effect of quality of surimi on cross linking reaction of myosin heavy chain during setting

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Effect of quantity and frequency of application of super phosphate on the seasonal yield of annual pasture

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Effect of quantity and quality of immuno globulin g antibodies on blocking of allergenic histamine release in vitro

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Effect of quantity of concentrate feed on fattening young bulls on corn silage prepared at final stage of wax ripeness

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Effect of quartz dust on peritoneal exudate cells in rat

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Effect of quaterin and s methylmethionine on intensity of chromatin protein methylation

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Effect of quaternary ammonium polymeric salt 2 5 ionene on blood clotting

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Effect of quaternary ammonium salts on the functional state of the cytoplasmic membrane in escherichia coli

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Effect of quaternary ammonium substitution of hydroxyethyl cellulose on binding of dodecyl sulfate

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Effect of quateron on the content of dopamine and dopa in stomach tissues in experimental gastric ulcer

Virabyan T.L., 1979:
Effect of quateron on the content of dopamine and dopa in tissues of the brain and adrenal glands in experimental gastric ulcer

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Effect of quateron on the contractile state of the myo cardium in experimental chronic cardiac insufficiency

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Effect of quateron on the level of urine catecholamine excretion in experimental neurogenic gastric ulcer

D.Jong D., 1981:
Effect of queen cell construction on the rate of invasion of honey bee brood cells by varroa jacobsoni

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Effect of queenlessness on worker survival honey gain and defense behavior in honeybees

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Effect of quercetin and Albizzia saponins on rat mast cell

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Effect of quercetin and rutin on the intensity of alcohol fermentation

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Effect of quercetin on 2 stage carcinogenesis of the rat urinary bladder

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Effect of quercetin on chloroplast adenylate kinase

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Effect of quercetin on germination of seed in tephrosia vogelii with special interest on iaa oxidase activity

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Effect of quercetin rhamnoglucose on nutrient uptake in cucumbers

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Effect of questionnaire design on recall of drug exposure in pregnancy

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Effect of questionnaire layout and size and issue involvement on response rates in mail surveys

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Effect of quiet sleep on resting and carbon di oxide stimulated breathing in humans

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Effect of quil a a saponin derivative on the response of sheep to alum precipitated bacteroides nodosus vaccines

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Effect of quinacrine hydro chloride on testes and accessory reproductive organs of the lizard psammophilus dorsalis

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Effect of quinacrine on nuclear structure and RNA synthesis in cultured rat hepatocytes

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Effect of quinacrine on survival of uv irradiated uvr rec lex and pol mutants of escherichia coli k 12

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Effect of quinalphos and dimethoate on soil micro flora

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