Effect of reduction and carboxamidomethylation on immunogenicity of mitochondrial adenylate kinase (AK2)

Watanabe, K.; Sekine, T.; Katagi, M.; Shinbo, A.; Yamamoto, S.

Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 50(3): 791-796


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5295
PMID: 2850389
Accession: 005266411

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There were two types of antibodies in anti-mitochondrial adenylate kinase (AK2) and anti-reduced and carboxyamidomethylated AK2 (CAM-AK2) sera. One type of antibody reacted with AK2 and also with CAM-AK2 (anti-AK2 antibody), and the other type of antibody reacted with CAM-AK2 but not with AK2 (anti-CAM-AK2 antibody). The ratio of the anti-AK2 antibodies to the anti-CAM-AK2 antibodies was 7.3:1 in the anti-AK2 sera, while that was 1:4.8 in the anti-CAM-AK2 sera. The anti-CAM-AK2 sera reacted with cytosolic adenylate kinase (AK1) or CAM-AK1 while the anti-AK2 sera did not. These results indicate that the immunogenicity of AK2 was greatly altered by reduction and alkylation.