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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5268

Chapter 5268 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Findley, H.W.; Steuber, C.P.; Ruymann, F.B.; Culbert, S.; Ragab, A.H., 1984:
Effect of retinoic acid on the clonal growth of childhood myeloid and lymphoid leukemias: a pediatric oncology group study

Thivolet C.H.; Hintner H.H.; Stanley J.R., 1984:
Effect of retinoic acid on the expression of pemphigus and pemphigoid antigens in cultured human keratinocytes

Erdman, J.W.Jr ; Elliott, J.G.; Lachance, P.A., 1977:
Effect of retinoic acid upon mevalonic acid 2 carbon 14 incorporation into lipids in an isolated rat liver fraction

Sirianni S.R.; Chen H.H.; Huang C.C., 1981:
Effect of retinoids on plating efficiency sister chromatid exchange and mitomycin c induced sister chromatid exchange in cultured chinese hamster cells

Ng, K.W.; Livesey, S.A.; Collier, F.; Gummer, P.R.; Martin, T.J., 1985:
Effect of retinoids on the growth, ultrastructure, and cytoskeletal structures of malignant rat osteoblasts

Silverman J.; Katayama S.; Zelenakas K.; Lauber J.; Musser T.K.; Reddy M.; Levenstein M.J.; Weisburger J.H., 1981:
Effect of retinoids on the induction of colon cancer in f 344 rats by n methyl n nitroso urea or 1 2 di methyl hydrazine

Lyubarev A.E.; Kurganov B.I.; Polyachenko L.N.; Davydova L.P.; Samokhvalov G.I., 1987:
Effect of retinoids on the osmotic stability of erythrocytes

Halter, S.A.; Fraker, L.D.; Adcock, D.; Vick, S., 1988 :
Effect of retinoids on xenotransplanted human mammary carcinoma cells in athymic mice

Pokrovskii A.A.; Levachev M.M.; Zhirnov V.V., 1979:
Effect of retinol and alpha tocopherol on the stability of bi layer phosphatidyl choline membranes

Sato K.; Suzuki Y.; Endo M., 1987:
Effect of retinol and taurine on capacitation and the acrosome reaction of guinea pig spermatozoa

Bogdanov N.G.; Pentyuk A.; Gutsol V.I.; Lutsyuk N.B., 1986:
Effect of retinol deficiency on the activity and solubilization of rat liver endoplasmic reticulum membranous enzyme

Stahlman, M.T.; Gray, M.E.; Chytil, F.; Sundell, H., 1988:
Effect of retinol on fetal lamb tracheal epithelium, with and without epidermal growth factor. A model for the effect of retinol on the healing lung of human premature infants

Deev, A.I.; Eremina, T.V.; Spirichev, V.B., 1978:
Effect of retinol on per oxidation in phospho lipid membranes

Figurin K.M., 1981:
Effect of retroperitoneal lymph adenectomy on the end results of treatment of testicular tumors

Morrison J.K.; Piper R.G., 1986:
Effect of reused water on brown trout salmo trutta

Duquesnoy A.J.; Plomp R., 1980:
Effect of reverberation and noise on the intelligibility of sentences in cases of presbycusis

Evardsson B., 1980:
Effect of reversal of response scales in a questionnaire

Okumura S.; Iwai M.; Tsujisaka Y., 1981:
Effect of reverse action of tri glyceride hydrolysis by lipase

Yoder J.M.; Moore R.P., 1980:
Effect of reverse incubation sequence on sensitivity of some solid phase sandwich radio immunoassays for hepatitis

Estrada M.; Alcaraz M.; Marrase C., 1987:
Effect of reversed light gradients on the phytoplankton composition in marine microcosms

Slater, M.L., 1973:
Effect of reversible inhibition of dna synthesis on the yeast cell cycle

Tonkopii, V.D.; Ardab'eva, T.V., 1978:
Effect of reversible inhibitors on reactive ability of functional areas of the active cholin esterase center

Tonsgard, J.H.; Getz, G.S., 1985:
Effect of Reye's syndrome serum on isolated chinchilla liver mitochondria

Saxena Y.; Sharma P.P., 1983:
Effect of rh 787 on the hematology of the male house rat rattus rattus rufescens

Nagasawa, T.; Oura, H.; Nonaka, G.; Nishioka, I., 1986:
Effect of rhatannin on glutamine metabolism in rat liver

Nagasawa T.; Oura H.; Nonaka G I.; Nishioka I., 1985:
Effect of rhatannin on the incorporation of precursors into proteins and rna species of rat liver

Sviridkina, L.P., 1978:
Effect of rheo poly glucin on hemo coagulation in hypodynamia

Shkrobot S.I., 1980:
Effect of rheo poly glucin on hemodynamics of patients with chronic cerebro vascular insufficiency

Molchanova, L.V.; Novoderzhkina, I.S., 1978:
Effect of rheo poly glucin on some biochemical indices of the blood coagulation system and fibrinolysis in the early resuscitation period following clinical death

Ishchenko M.M.; Shkrobot S.I., 1980:
Effect of rheo poly glucin on systemic and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with chronic circulatory insufficiency

Ovnatanova M.S.; Agranenko V.A.; Polyakova L.P., 1979:
Effect of rheo polyglucin on the aggregation function of red blood cells with varying dates of storage

Sidorenko, N.P.; Deshcherevskii, V.I., 1976:
Effect of rheological anomalies of muscle protein solutions on the last stage of atp hydrolysis

Kazantzis D.; Lee C.M., 1983:
Effect of rheological interrelationships between starch gel and fat on fat dispersion in farinaceous gel matrix

Takano H.; Toyoshima H.; Watanabe A.; Koyanagi Y.; Tanaka Y., 1986:
Effect of rheological properties and bread making properties of composite rice wheat flour in relation to the difference in particle size of the rice flour bread making properties of rice flour part 3

Waner, J.L.; Budnick, J.E.; Albrecht, T.B., 1978:
Effect of rhesus cytomegalovirus or vervet cytomegalovirus infection on dna synthesis in untreated and 5 iodo 2 deoxy uridine arrested cells

Isturiz M.A.; Giordano M.; Serebrinsky G.P., 1983:
Effect of rheumatoid factors and normal human sera on immune complex fc gamma receptor interaction

Labro Bryskier M.T.; Bryskier A.; Lopez M.; Veinberg F.; Homberg J.C., 1981:
Effect of rheumatoid factors on results for determination of anti toxoplasmas immuno globulin m antibodies by immuno fluorescence and agglutination techniques

Brozik, H.; Kazmierczak-Kosicka, B.; Labuz-Laciak, A.; Weremczuk, A., 1986:
Effect of rheumatoid process on urinary secretion of hydroxyproline i. 24 hour urinary excretion of hydroxyproline in rheumatoid arthritis in children

Lifshitz R.; Simonson C.; Scher F.M.; Kloepper J.W.; Rodrick Semple C.; Zaleska I., 1986:
Effect of rhizobacteria on the severity of phytophthora root rot of soybean

Samtsevich S.A.; Revinskaya L.S.; Khodortsov I.R., 1980:
Effect of rhizobia and nitrogen fertilization on nitrogen uptake in beans and on their development

Herridge D.F.; Roughley R.J.; Brockwell J., 1984:
Effect of rhizobia and soil nitrate on the establishment and functioning of the soybean glycine max cultivar bragg symbiosis in the field

Singh, S.D., 1977:
Effect of rhizobia inoculation of nodulation and yield of moong vigna radiata

T.J.C.; Mcdonnell M.M., 1984:
Effect of rhizobial inoculation and nodulation on yield and winter survival of some alfalfa medicago sativa cultivars

Greenwood, R.M.; Bathurst, N.O., 1978:
Effect of rhizobial strain and host on the amino acid patterns in legume root nodules

Raverkar K.P.; Konde B.K., 1988:
Effect of rhizobium and azospirillum lipoferum inoculation on the nodulation yield and nitrogen uptake of peanut cultivars

More B.B.; Patil S.L.; Konde B.K., 1981:
Effect of rhizobium inoculants under various levels of nitrogen on nodulation and yield of peanut arachis hypogaea

Singh K.; Srivastava V.K.; Singh K.P., 1987:
Effect of rhizobium inoculation and nitrogen on growth yield and nutrient uptake of summer mung

Idris M.; Khan H.; Fazal E Mahmood, 1988:
Effect of rhizobium inoculation and the application of phosphate on the growth yield and nitrogen fixation of soybeans

Sekhon H.S.; Kaul J.N.; Dhingra K.K., 1984:
Effect of rhizobium inoculation mulch and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on soybean glycine max

Smith R.S.; Ellis M.A.; Smith R.E., 1981:
Effect of rhizobium japonicum inoculant rates on soybean glycine max nodulation in a tropical soil

Thomas R.J.; Jokinen K.; Schrader L.E., 1983:
Effect of rhizobium japonicum mutants with enhanced nitrogen fixation activity on nitrogen transport and photosynthesis of soybeans during vegetative growth glycine max cultivar wells

Beagle Ristaino J.E.; Rissler J.F., 1983:
Effect of rhizobium japonicum nodulation on severity of phytophthora root rot of soybean glycine max

Buonassisi A.J.; Copeman R.J.; Pepin H.S.; Eaton G.W., 1986:
Effect of rhizobium spp on fusarium solani f sp phaseoli

Zaki M.J.; Ghaffar A., 1987:
Effect of rhizobium spp on macrophomina phaseolina

Leuck, E.E.Ii ; Rice, E.L., 1976 :
Effect of rhizosphere bacteria of aristida oligantha on rhizobium and azotobacter

Gupta, V.K., 1974:
Effect of rhizosphere fungi on nodule number and shoot and root length of trigonella foenum graecum

Criswell, J.G.; Havelka, U.D.; Quebedeaux, B.; Hardy, R.W.F., 1977:
Effect of rhizosphere oxygen partial pressure on nitrogen fixation by excised and intact nodulated soybean roots

Sarkar A.N.; Jones R.G.W., 1982:
Effect of rhizosphere ph on the availability and uptake of iron manganese and zinc

Hijazi L.A.; Tekete A.; Kahnt G., 1984:
Effect of rhizosphere temperature and water management on soybean production

Komar V.V.; Kit S.M., 1980:
Effect of rhodiola rosea from the carpathian mountains ussr on nonspecific factors of resistance of rabbits

Ellenberger, M.A.; Kaeberle, M.L.; Roth, J.A., 1984:
Effect of Rhodococcus equi on equine polymorphonuclear leukocyte function

Harper, A.M.; Atkinson, T.G.; Smith, A.D., 1976:
Effect of rhopalosiphum padi and barley yellow dwarf virus on forage yield and quality of barley and oats

Pop, M.I.; Pora, E.A., 1977:
Effect of rhopic modification on the rate of contraction of the gastrocnemius muscle of the frog in relation to reduced weight

Pop, M.I.; Pora, E.A., 1976:
Effect of rhopic modifications on rate of gastrocnemius muscle contractions in the frog

Shibutani S.; Nagasawa T.; Yokozawa T.; Oura H., 1980:
Effect of rhubarb rhei rhizoma extract on urea nitrogen and amino acid metabolism after its administration

Zhang W.; Liu G X.; Huang X N., 1987:
Effect of rhynchophylline on contraction of rabbit aorta

Maksimov G.V.; Fedorov G.E.; Kol's O.R., 1980:
Effect of rhythmic excitation frequency on the ouabain binding by squid axons

Petrenko E.T.; Ermukhametova L.A., 1986:
Effect of rhythmic light flashes on performance electroencephalography and motor activity

van Noord, J.A.; Demedts, M.; Clément, J.; Cauberghs, M.; Van de Woestijne, K.P., 1986:
Effect of rib cage and abdominal restriction on total respiratory resistance and reactance

Linitskaya, G.L.; Yatsyna, A.A.; Pushkarskaya, N.L.; Galegov, G.A., 1978:
Effect of ribavirin 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 2 4 triazole 3 carboximide on induction of rna dependent rna polymerase and formation of virus specific polysomes in a culture of cells infected with influenza a virus

Kenyon, R.H.; Canonico, P.G.; Green, D.E.; Peters, C.J., 1986:
Effect of ribavirin and tributylribavirin on argentine hemorrhagic fever (Junin virus) in guinea pigs

Hansen A.J., 1984:
Effect of ribavirin on green ring mottle causal agent and necrotic ringspot virus in prunus species

Jenkins, F.J.; Chen, Y.C., 1981:
Effect of ribavirin on Rous sarcoma virus transformation

Xiao S.; Zhu B.; Zhang M.; Zheng Z.; Xiang J.; Meegan J.M.; Leduc J.W.; Huggins J.W.; Cosgriff T.; Smith J.I., 1987:
Effect of ribavirin on the specific humoral immune responses of patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Xiao S Y.; Zhu B L.; Zheng Z M.; Hsiang C M.; Meegan J.; Leduc J.W.; Huggins J.W.; Cosgriff T.; Smith J.I., 1987:
Effect of ribavirin on the specific humoral immunity responses of ehf patients

Puskas R.S.; Manley N.R.; Wallace D.M.; Berger S.L., 1982:
Effect of ribo nucleoside vanadyl complexes on enzyme catalyzed reactions central to recombinant dna technology

Zbarsky, S.H.; Chevalier, S., 1977:
Effect of ribo nucleotides on substrate availability for dna polymerase ec assays in cytoplasmic fractions of rat intestinal mucosa

Takashio M.; Okami Y., 1983:
Effect of ribocitrin on glucan synthesizing enzymes of streptococcus mutans e 49

Obrenovic S., 1985:
Effect of riboflavin and cyanide on blue light induction of betacyanin formation in amaranthus caudatus seedlings

Agabeili R.A., 1983:
Effect of riboflavin and nicotinamide on the genetic apparatus of plant cells

Lin P.; E.A., 1985:
Effect of riboflavin deficiency and massive dose of vitamin c on the carcinogenesis in esophagus and liver in rats

Park I.K., 1988:
Effect of riboflavin deficiency on d amino acid oxidase activity and tryptophan metabolism in rat tissues

Park R S.; Park H K., 1986:
Effect of riboflavin on lipid metabolism

Bonnefil, V.; Castiglione, C.M.; Cawthon, R.M.; Breakefield, X.O., 1981:
Effect of riboflavin on mono amine oxidase ec activity in cultured neuro blastoma cells

Gvamichav N.E.; Kezeli T.A.; Tarasashvili K.M.; Piranishvili N.S., 1982:
Effect of riboflavin on the growth and content of riboflavin forms in bean seedlings

Raheja, K.L.; Turkki, P.R.; Linscheer, W.G.; Cho, C., 1983:
Effect of riboflavin status on acetaminophen toxicity in the rat

Hassan, F.M.; Thurnham, D.I., 1977:
Effect of riboflavine deficiency on the metabolism of the red blood cell

Ono, S.; Hirano, H.; Ono, M.; Nagato, K.; Obara, K., 1977:
Effect of riboflavine deficiency on the phosphorus 32 turnover in the macro molecular phosphate compounds of the rat lens

Boisvert J.M.; Auclair J.L., 1981:
Effect of riboflavine on the total water soluble vitamin requirements in the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum

Smirnova, M.G.; Ekimovskii, A.P., 1975:
Effect of riboflavine on xanthuria developing as a result of protein and choline deficiency

Lee H.W.; Kim W.J.; Hong S.S.; Kwack C.Y.; Hong S.U., 1980:
Effect of riboflavine tetra butylate on the activity of drug metabolizing enzyme and lipid per oxidation in liver microsomes of rats

Blume, K.G.; Arnold, H.; Hasslinger, K.; Loehr, G.W., 1976:
Effect of riboflavine treatment on human red cell pyruvate kinase deficiency

Mccarron, R.J.; Mcallister, W.T., 1978 :
Effect of ribosomal loading on the structural stability of bacterio phage t 7 early messenger rna

Cameron, H.J.; Rogers, S.J.; Julian, G.R., 1972:
Effect of ribosomal wash factors on inhibition by chloramphenicol

Petkevich A.S.; Sabynin V.M.; Lukashevich I.S.; Galegov G.A.; Votyakov V.I., 1981:
Effect of ribovirin virazole on the reproduction of some arenaviruses in a cell culture

Grigor'eva M.B., 1983:
Effect of riboxin on atpase activity and the content of adenylic nucleotides in the heart muscle in experimental myo cardial infarction

Eliseev V.V.; Slobodskaya V.V.; Il'in G.I.; Kostin E.D., 1985:
Effect of riboxin uridine ump and guanosine on experimental myocardial dystrophy

Premakumari K.; Kurup P.A., 1980:
Effect of rice and tapioca manihot esculenta on lipid concentration in tissues in rats under different conditions of dietary intake of protein and fat

Smith C.M.; Robinson J.F., 1983:
Effect of rice cultivar height on infestation by the least skipper ancyloxypha numitor lepidoptera hesperiidae

Boteva K.; Rajkova B.; Furdzhev I., 1986:
Effect of rice fields on the level and chemical composition of underground water and water soluble salt content in soil

Mod R.R.; Ory R.L.; Morris N.M.; Normand F.L.; Saunders R.M.; Gumbmann M.R., 1985:
Effect of rice hemicellulose and microcrystalline alpha cellulose on selected minerals in the blood and feces of rats

Velichko E.B.; Kharchenko S.V., 1980:
Effect of rice irrigation map designs on the properties of rice paddy soils

Manandhar D.N.; Grigarick A.A., 1983:
Effect of rice leaf miner hydrellia griseola diptera ephydridae feeding on early growth of the rice plant

Charchar M.J.D.A.; Bolkan H.A., 1980:
Effect of rice residue amendment on fungal flora of bean rhizosphere

Kosuge N.; Zulkaraini I., 1981:
Effect of rice straw application to the paddy field in indonesia

Mamutov Z.U.; Nelidov S.N.; Pevzner L.V., 1981:
Effect of rice straw on cellulose decomposing microorganisms in flooded takyr like soils of the akdala massif kazakh ssr ussr

Araragi M.; Tangcham B., 1979:
Effect of rice straw on the composition of volatile soil gas and micro flora in the tropical paddy field

Bacon P.E.; Cooper J.L., 1985:
Effect of rice stubble and nitrogen fertilizer management on wheat triticum aestivum growth after rice oryza sativa

Bacon P.E.; Cooper J.L., 1985:
Effect of rice stubble and nitrogen fertilizer management techniques on yield of wheat triticum aestivum sown after rice oryza sativa

Ghosh A.; John V.T.; Subba Rao B.L., 1979:
Effect of rice tungro virus on chlorophyll and antho cyanin pigments in 2 rice cultivars

Beubler, E.; Juan, H., 1979:
Effect of ricinoleic acid and other laxatives on net water flux and prostaglandin E release by the rat colon

Nomoto, A.; Satoh, H.; Ukita, T., 1975 :
Effect of ricinus communis toxin on cyclic amp metabolism in yoshida ascites sarcoma cells

Shetty A.; Shetty H.; Safeeulla K.M., 1982:
Effect of ridge gourd lufta acutangula pollen on zoo spore germination of pseudoperonospora cubensis and its significance in epidemiology

Sweeney D.W.; Sisson J.B., 1988:
Effect of ridge planting and nitrogen application methods on wheat grown in somewhat poorly drained soils

True R.H.; Worker T.M.; Manzer F.E., 1982:
Effect of ridomil on the flavor of riced baked potatoes

Perumal, V.K.; Gangadharam, P.R.; Iseman, M.D., 1987:
Effect of rifabutin on the phagocytosis and intracellular growth of Mycobacterium intracellulare in mouse resident and activated peritoneal and alveolar macrophages

Powell-Jackson, P.R.; Jamieson, A.P.; Gray, B.J.; Moxham, J.; Williams, R., 1985:
Effect of rifampicin administration on theophylline pharmacokinetics in humans

Calvin, M.; Joss, U.R.; Hackett, A.J.; Owens, R.B., 1971:
Effect of rifampicin and 2 of its derivatives on cells infected with moloney sarcoma virus

Higashi, A.; Komano, T., 1977:
Effect of rifampicin and chloramphenicol on progeny single stranded dna synthesis of bacterio phage phi x 174

Brodie, M.J.; Boobis, A.R.; Hillyard, C.J.; Abeyasekera, G.; Stevenson, J.C.; MacIntyre, I.; Park, B.K., 1982:
Effect of rifampicin and isoniazid on vitamin D metabolism

Wachi, T.; Inouye, B., 1974:
Effect of rifampicin and its derivatives on energy transfer reactions in mitochondria

Gorlenko AhM.A.anas'ev, V.M.; Iarulin, V.R., 1979:
Effect of rifampicin and RNA polymerase changing mutation on the spectrum of proteins synthesized in Escherichia coli cells

Higashi, A.; Morita, J.; Sakai, H.; Komano, T., 1977:
Effect of rifampicin and uracil depletion on bacterio phage phi x 174 dna synthesis in an escherichia coli dnah ts mutant

Nikitin A.V.; Ivanitskaya L.P.; Bodunkova L.E.; Kovalenko L.P.; Fishman V.M.; Sheptovitskaya M.G.; Ogorelkova K.B.; Ostanina L.N., 1985:
Effect of rifampicin combination with a natural low molecular weight immunomodulator on primary immune response to antigens of a tularemia vaccine strain

Inouye, B.; Uchinomi, Y.; Wachi, T.; Utsumi, K., 1977:
Effect of rifampicin derivatives on the ion compartmentation of biological membranes

Lukach I.G.; Parkhomenko L.V.; Barshtein Y.A., 1980:
Effect of rifampicin in combination with acridines on the course of experimental bacterial infection

Mccoll K.E.L.; Thompson G.G.; E.; Moore M.R.; Park B.K.; Brodie M.J., 1987:
Effect of rifampicin on heme and bilirubin metabolism in man

Chaudhuri J.; Banerjee M., 1980:
Effect of rifampicin on lipid synthesis by sub cellular fractions from human malignant and normal cervical tissues

Majtan V.; Drobnica L.; Miko M., 1982:
Effect of rifampicin on mycobacterium smegmatis

Tan, K.B.; McAuslan, B.R., 1970:
Effect of rifampicin on poxvirus protein synthesis

Lee C S.; Jeong H S., 1986:
Effect of rifampicin on the biosynthesis of nucleic acid in chloroplast isolated from chlorella ellipsoidea

Nocke-Finck, L.; Breuer, H., 1981:
Effect of rifampicin on the biosynthesis of testosterone in rat testis

Tredger J.M.; Smith H.M.; Powell Jackson P.R.; Davis M.; Williams R., 1981:
Effect of rifampicin on the mouse hepatic mixed function oxidase system

Bass I.A.; Danilevskaya O.N.; Mekhedov S.L.; Gorlenko Z.M.; Fedoseeva V.B.; Dolganov G.M., 1979:
Effect of rifampicin on the rate of synthesis of messenger rna for bacterial rna polymerase by hybrid plasmids

Zhukov, V.G.; Navashin, S.M.; Zaslavskaya, P.L., 1977:
Effect of rifampicin on the ultrastructure of staphylococcal cells

Kondratenko G.P.; Taradaiko I.V.; Zhadinskii N.V.; Mishin V.V.; Tkach V.K., 1979:
Effect of rifampicin prodigiosan pyrogenal and their combinations on the interaction of peritoneal macrophages with salmonella typhimurium

Singh N.B.; Srivastava A.; Mathur I.S.; Gupta H.P.; Gupta S.K., 1981:
Effect of rifampicin treatment on mycobacterium avium infection in carbon tetra chloride treated rabbits

McAnally, T.P.; Lewis, M.R.; Brown, D.R., 1984:
Effect of rifampin and bacitracin on nasal carriers of Staphylococcus aureus

Smith, S.M.; Eng, R.H.; Landesman, S., 1982:
Effect of rifampin on ampicillin killing of group B streptococci

Wheat L.J.; Kohler R.B.; White A.L.; White A. , 1981:
Effect of rifampin on nasal carriers of coagulase positive staphylococci

Passent, J.; Kaesberg, P., 1971:
Effect of rifampin on the development of rna bacterio phage q beta

Bellahsène, A.; Forsgren, A., 1980:
Effect of rifampin on the immune response in mice

Dworsky, P.; Schaechter, M., 1973:
Effect of rifampin on the structure and membrane attachment of the nucleoid of Escherichia coli

Straughn, A.B.; Henderson, R.P.; Lieberman, P.L.; Self, T.H., 1984:
Effect of rifampin on theophylline disposition

Thomas, B.H.; Zeitz, W.; Whitehouse, L.W., 1987:
Effect of rifampin, phenobarbital pretreatment, and acetylator phenotype on acetylisoniazid metabolism in the rabbit

Lewis D.M.; Bromfield E.S.P.; Barran L.R., 1987:
Effect of rifampin resistance on nodulating competitiveness of rhizobium meliloti

Dzhokhadze D.I.; Balashvili M.I., 1980:
Effect of rifamycin and exogenous dna on the transcription of cell nuclei and chloroplasts of pisum sativum

Szilagyi, J.F.; Pennington, T.H., 1971:
Effect of rifamycins and related antibiotics on the dna dependent rna polymerase of vaccinia virus particles

Mei, G.H.; Cheng, D.E.; Deng, H.F.; Wang, X.L.; Zhang, T.M., 1985:
Effect of rifandin on ultrastructure of tubercle bacilli

Aliev M.G.; Rzaeva L.V., 1983:
Effect of rifathyroin on blood prolactin level and milk secretion

Gueth K.; Potter J.D., 1987:
Effect of rigor and cycling cross bridges on the structure of troponin c and on the calcium affinity of the calcium specific regulatory sites in skinned rabbit psoas fibers

Bassila-Kardouche, M.; Stadelman, W.J., 1978:
Effect of rigor state phosphate addition and aging on quality of turkey rolls

Koff, W.C.; Knight, V., 1979:
Effect of rimantadine on influenza virus replication

Zastavnyi, I.V.; Shablovskaya, E.A.; Lozyuk, L.V.; Volos, O.P.; Shloma, B.V., 1978:
Effect of rimantadine on the course of mixed viral bacterial infection in white mice

Lazymova Z.A.; Linitskaya G.L.; Leont'eva N.A.; Galegov G.A., 1980:
Effect of rimantadine on the synthesis of virus specific poly peptides in cell cultures infected with sindbis virus

Dikii, V.V.; Petkevich, A.S.; Leont'eva, N.A.; Galegov, G.A., 1976:
Effect of rimantadine on the synthesis of virus specific rna in cell cultures infected with the sindbis virus

English H.; Lownsbery B.F.; Schick F.J.; Burlando T., 1982:
Effect of ring nematodes macroposthonia xenoplax and pin nematodes paratylenchus neoamblycephalus on the development of bacterial canker pseudomonas syringae and cytospora canker cytospora leucostoma in young french prune trees prunus cerasifera

Banks H.; Ziffer H., 1982:
Effect of ring size and methyl substituents on lithium bromide catalyzed rearrangements of aryl oxiranes

Barrett, A.M.; Wale, J.L., 1970:
Effect of ring substitution in 1 iso propylamino 3 phenoxy propan 2 ol on beta adrenoceptor inhibition

Gomes, B.C.; Shakun, M.L.; Ripa, L.W., 1984:
Effect of rinsing with a 1.5 percent hydrogen per oxide solution peroxyl on gingivitis and plaque in handicapped and nonhandicapped subjects

Mourelle M.; Amezcua J.L.; Hong E., 1987:
Effect of rioprostil and colchicine on carbon tetrachloride acute liver damage in rats relationship with plasma membrane lipids

Yadav J.S.; Srinivasan R.A., 1985:
Effect of ripening cream with streptococcus lactis ssp diacetilactis on the flavor of ghee clarified butterfat

Abo W.M.; Abdel Baky A.A.; Aly M.E.; Fox P.F., 1988:
Effect of ripening temperatures on proteolysis and lipolysis in the outer and inner regions of ras type cheese made by various salting methods

Smith L.B.; Busta F.F.; Allen C.E., 1980:
Effect of rising temperatures on growth and survival of clostridium perfringens indigenous to raw beef

Taktuk E.E., 1981:
Effect of risk factors on the tolerance to physical load in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Hildebrand J.; Delecluse F., 1987:
Effect of ritanserin a selective serotonin s 2 antagonist on parkinsonian rest tremor

Spätling, L.; Staisch, K.J.; Huch, R.; Huch, A., 1986:
Effect of ritodrine and betamethasone on metabolism, respiration, and circulation

Ehrenkranz, R.A.; Walker, A.M.; Oakes, G.K.; McLaughlin, M.K.; Chez, R.A., 1976:
Effect of ritodrine infusion on uterine and umbilical blood flow in pregnant sheep

Christensen, K.K.; Ingemarsson, I.; Leideman, T.; Solum, T.; Svenningsen, N., 1980:
Effect of ritodrine on labor after premature rupture of the membranes

Larsen, J.J.; Mortensen, S., 1978:
Effect of ritodrine on the bladder capacity in unanesthetized pigs

Aerts, L.; Van Assche, F.A., 1985:
Effect of ritodrine on the maternal and fetal endocrine pancreas of the rat

Siimes, A.S.; Creasy, R.K., 1976:
Effect of ritodrine on uterine activity, heart rate, and blood pressure in the pregnant sheep: combined use of alpha or beta blockade

Kikuchi E.; Kurihara Y., 1981:
Effect of river discharge on the distribution pattern of dissolved constituents in the gamo estuary miyagi prefecture japan

Minoranskii, V.A.; Dzhumailo, N.B., 1975:
Effect of river pollution on aquatic beetles

Eskew, D.L.; Schrader, L.E., 1977:
Effect of rj 1 rj 1 nonnodulating soybeans on nodulation of near isogenic rj 1 rj 1 nodulating plants in nutrient culture

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Effect of rna secondary structure on the action of a nucleolar endo rnase

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Effect of rnase iii on efficiency of translation of bacterio phage t 7 lysozyme messenger rna

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Effect of rnase iii on the size of bacterio phage t 7 lysozyme messenger rna

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Effect of rnase on the association of dna with the membrane in escherichia coli

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Effect of rnase on the physicochemical properties of estrogen receptor

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Effect of rnase on zein synthesis in endosperms of brittle 2 opaque 2 maize zea mays double mutant

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Effect of ro 15 1788 on diazepam gamma aminobutyric acid and pentobarbitone induced electrocardiogram changes in rabbits

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Effect of roasting breast up or breast down and dietary canola meal on the sensory quality of turkeys

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Effect of roasting germination and fermentation on the digestibility of starch and protein present in soybean

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Effect of roasting on ochratoxin A level in green coffee beans inoculated with Aspergillus ochraceus

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Effect of roasting on the chemical composition and protein quality of lupine seeds lupinus albus cultivar multolupa

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Effect of roasting on the chemical composition of the seeds of treculia africana

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Effect of roasting on the functional properties of sunflower meal

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Effect of roasting on the physico chemical properties of sunflower proteins

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Effect of roasting process on lipid constituents of peanut and sesame seeds 1. lipids and phospho lipid fractions

El-Rify, M.N.; Abou-El-Hawa, S.H., 1982:
Effect of roasting process on lipid constituents of peanut and sesame seeds 2. fatty acid composition

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Effect of robaveron on neurogenic bladder

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Effect of rock composition and steepness and exposure of slopes on surface and underground runoff

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Effect of rock phosphate and basic slag on available phosphorus in acid soils in relation to soil characteristics seasons and moisture regimes

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Effect of rodenticide rh 787 on pancreatic islets report of an autopsy case and experimental appraisal

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Effect of roentgenological irradiation on morpho physiological reactions of epidermal melanophore cells of rana temporaria larvae

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Effect of rolipram, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor and potential antidepressant, on the firing rate of central monoaminergic neurons in the rat

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Effect of roll temperature on flour yield with the brabender quadrumat experimental mills

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Effect of room size initial approach distance and sex on personal space

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Effect of root aeration and form of nitrogen on photosynthetic productivity of scotch pine pinus sylvestris

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Effect of root age on seed production of radish raphanus sativus

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Effect of root anaerobiosis on the water relations of several pyrus species

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Effect of root and bulb extracts of allium spp on fungal growth

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Effect of root and stubble residues of fallow crops on the nutrient regime of a soddy podzolic soil

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Effect of root applications of kinetin and gibberellic acid on transplanting shock in tomato plants lycopersicon esculentum

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Effect of root competition and nitrogen on growth and mineral content of abies fraseri

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Effect of root competition and shading on growth of suppressed western hemlock tsuga heterophylla

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Effect of root contact with short chain aliphatic acids on later wheat triticum aestivum growth

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Effect of root container size and location of production on growth and yield of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar pik red transplants

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Effect of root dip treatment of eggplant seedlings with plant extracts nematicides oil cake extracts and anthelmintic drugs on plant growth and root knot development

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Effect of root dipping of chili capsicum annuum on insects and nematodes

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Effect of root dipping treatment with growth regulators on growth and yield of solanum melongena cultivar manjrigota

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Effect of root diseases and nematodes on yield of corn zea mays in an irrigated multiple cropping system with pest management

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Effect of root extract from boerhaavia diffusa containing an antiviral principle upon plaque formation of rna bacteriophages

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Effect of root extracts of abelmoschus esculentus and lagenaria vulgaris on the growth of some rhizosphere fungi

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Effect of root exudates and extracts of solanum nigrum and argemone mexicana seedlings on rhizosphere myco flora

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Effect of root exudates of agricultural crops on germination of micro sclerotia of verticillium dahliae

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Effect of root exudates of pine and spruce seedlings on formation of micro flora in the rhizospheres of these conifers

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Effect of root exudates of salix caprea on the transpiration of bean plants and stomatal aperture of commelina communis

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Effect of root exudation on vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal infection at early stages of plant growth

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Effect of root feeding by striped cucumber beetle acalymma vittatum larvae on the incidence and severity of fusarium wilt of muskmelon

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Effect of root feeding of heavy metals on the leaf concentration of phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium in coconut cocos nucifera l

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Effect of root formation on carbon 14 glycine uptake and incorporation into protein by attached and excised cotyledons of helianthus annuus

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Effect of root hair length on white clover trifolium repens cultivar tamar growth over a range of soil phosphorus levels

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Effect of root infection by phytophthora cinnamomi on nutrient uptake and translocation by avocado seedlings

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Effect of root injury and auxin treatments on adventitious root development in second growth douglas fir

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Effect of root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita on the total protein carbohydrate and lipid in roots at different growth stages of hibiscus esculentus

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Effect of root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica on development of wilt of gram caused by fusarium oxysporum f ciceri and root rot by rhizoctonia sp

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Effect of root leaf and pod on the ratio of seed weight to pod weight on soybean cultivars

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Effect of root medium and watering on transpiration growth and development of glasshouse crops part 2 the relationship between evaporation pan measurements and transpiration in glasshouse crops

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Effect of root removal and bulblet size on leaf emergence from scale bulblets of easter lily lilium longiflorum

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Effect of root rot and rhizoglyphus robini on greenhouse forced easter lily lilium longiflorum cultivar ace development

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Effect of root shoot and rhizobium strain on nitrogen fixation in 4 asiatic vigna species

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Effect of root surface alterations on periodontal healing 1. surgical denudation

Polson, A.M.; Proye, M.P., 1982:
Effect of root surface alterations on periodontal healing 2. citric acid treatment of the denuded root

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Effect of root system genotype and nitrogen fertility on physiological differences between burley and flue cured tobacco i. single leaf measurements

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Effect of root system genotype on nitrogen accumulation by burley and flue cured tobacco

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Effect of root systems and soil density on anti erosion stability

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Effect of root temperature and photoperiod on growth and crop productivity efficiency of petunia petunia hybrida cultivar snow cloud

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Effect of root temperature and varying cation ratios on growth and leaf cation concentration of apple malus domestica seedlings grown in nutrient solution

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Effect of root temperature on budbreak shoot growth and development of flower clusters of fruiting muscat of alexandria vines under forced conditions

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Effect of root temperature on dry matter distribution carbohydrate accumulation and acetylene reduction activity in alfalfa and birdsfoot trefoil

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Effect of root temperature on floral morphology in cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar k 2809

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Effect of root temperature on growth and seed yield in cowpea vigna unguiculata

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Effect of root temperature on lipid and its fatty acid composition in cucumber cucumis sativus and figleaf gourd cucurbita ficifolia roots

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Effect of root temperature on the amino nitrogen composition of leaves in successive segments of apple malus pumila cultivar coxs orange pippin shoots

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Effect of root temperature on the development of phytophthora cinnamomi root rot in eucalyptus seedlings

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Effect of root temperature on the growth of young plants of eggplant solanum melongena and sweet pepper capsicum annuum

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Effect of root temperature on the infection processes and nodulation in lotus and stylosanthes

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Effect of root temperature rootstock and fertilization on bud break shoot growth and composition of cabernet sauvignon grapevines

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Effect of root temperature under forced conditions on root growth and root activity of muscat of alexandria vines

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Effect of root temperatures on growth and cation composition of festuca arundinacea

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Effect of root temperatures under forced conditions on budbreak shoot growth and development of flower cluster of cultivar muscat of alexandria vines

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Effect of root top cutting on the yield and technological characters of sugar beets

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Effect of root volume and nitrate solution concentration on growth fruit yield and temporal nitrogen and water uptake rates by apple trees

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Effect of root zone carbon di oxide enrichment on ethylene inhibition of carbon assimilation in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank plants

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Effect of root zone heating on growth flowering and keeping quality of saintpaulia

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Effect of root zone heating on growth of poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima

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Effect of root zone salinity on the performance of dhaincha

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Effect of root zone temperature on early growth nodulation and nitrogen fixation in soybeans glycine max

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Effect of rootstock and plant density on the yield quality and economic effectiveness of cut glasshouse rose flowers

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Effect of rootstock on apple malus domestica cultivar empire tree water relations

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Effect of rootstock on growth flowering and disease resistance of hybrid tea roses

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Effect of rootstock on mineral composition of apple leaves malus domestica

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Effect of rootstocks and interstems on composition of apple malus domestica cultivar delicious leaves

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Effect of rootstocks on berry weight and ph mineral content and organic acid concentrations of grape juice of some wine varieties

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Effect of rootstocks on components of yield in tea camellia sinensis 2. stem circumference and number of branches

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Effect of rootstocks on growth and leaf mineral content of kinnow mandarin at the nursery stage

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Effect of rootstocks propagation method and transplanting on growth and flowering of young apple trees

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Effect of rosemary spice extractive on growth of microorganisms in meats

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Effect of rotary drum drier exit temperature and length of pre drying storage time on digestibility of dried grass cobs

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Effect of rotating forrest and bedford soybean on yield and soybean cyst nematode population dynamics

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Effect of rotating magnetic field in treatment of central serous choroidoretinopathy

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Effect of rotation and conservation tillage on earthworms in a red brown earth under wheat

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Effect of rotation and vibration on the orientation relative to the gravitational vertical

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Effect of rotation on radiographic dimensions of the humerus and femur

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Effect of rotation speed on reaction rate on a rotating biological contactor

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Effect of rotational acceleration and adeturon on the nucleic acid content and other parameters of peripheral blood in mice

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Effect of rotenone on the oxidation of nad dependent substrates by mitochondria of sugar beet roots

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Effect of roto tilling on agrophysical properties of sierozem meadow soil and winter wheat yield

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Effect of rotopositioning on the growth and maturation of mandibular bone in immobilized rhesus monkeys

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Effect of rotylenchulus reniformis on snap bean phaseolus vulgaris and methods for control by oxamyl

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Effect of rotylenchulus reniformis on the yield and oil quality of sunflowers

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Effect of rough detasselling on some agronomic traits of maize zea mays l. progenies

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Effect of rough handling on carbon di oxide evolution from cranberries vaccinium macrocarpon cultivar howes

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Effect of roughage feeding on feed consumption of growing lambs and on utilization of nutrients

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Effect of roughage type on feed intake digestibility and live weight gain on growing cattle offered a known amount of cottonseed cake

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Effect of Rous associated virus number 7 on lymphoid cells and tissues of the chicken

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Effect of rous sarcoma virus transformation of rat 1 fibroblasts on their growth factor and anchorage requirements in serum free medium

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Effect of route administration and liposome entrapment on the metabolism and disposition of adriamycin in the rat

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Effect of route of administration of a babesia divergens inactivated vaccine on protection against homologous challenge

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Effect of route of administration of dioxane on hepatic mixed function oxidase enzymes in mice

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Effect of route of infection with Treponema pallidum. In vitro cellular response to treponemal antigens

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Effect of route of inoculation on host resistance to nocardia

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Effect of route of Mycobacterium bovis BCG administration on induction of suppression of sporozoite immunity in rodent malaria

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Effect of rovaveron tablet kn 7 in the long term therapy for urinary disturbance

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Effect of row arrangement on light interception and yield in sorghum sorghum bicolor and pigeon pea cajanus cajan intercropping

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Effect of row covering transplant size and partial defoliation in the production of early chinese cabbage brassica campestris ssp pekinensis

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Effect of row direction in the field on cotton development and yield

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Effect of row distance and environment on seed yield of lucerne from the 2nd cutting

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Effect of row orientation on growth yield and yield attributes of wheat sown on three dates

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Effect of row spacing and fertilizer levels on the yield and growth of sorghum sorghum bicolor

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Effect of row spacing and nitrogen level on growth and yield of fennel foeniculum vulgare

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Effect of row spacing and nitrogen levels on the seed yield of celery apium graveolens

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Effect of row spacing and planting date on the yield and agronomic characteristics of soybean glycine max at dourados mato grosso brazil

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Effect of row spacing and time of sowing on the yield of blackcumin nigella sativa

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Effect of row spacing and time of weeding on the growth and yield of mungbean vigna radiata

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Effect of row spacing on seed and hay production of eleven grass species under a peace river region management system

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Effect of row spacing on the incidence of blight caused by rhizoctonia solani kuhn in different mentha species

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Effect of row spacing on the yield of mustard brassica juncea under rainfed conditions

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Effect of row spacing rates of seeding and nitrogen fertilizer on yield yield components and protein percentage in wheat triticum aestivum ssp vulgare cultivar giza 157

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Effect of row spacings and nitrogen application on biomass yield essential oil concentration and essential oil yield of bergamot mint mentha citrata

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Effect of row spacings on processing carrot daucus carota cultivar red cored chantenay root yields

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Effect of row to row and plant to plant spacing on the yield of sunflower cultivar ec 68414

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Effect of row width and population on soybean glycine max yield in southwestern ontario canada

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Effect of rp 30356 hydroxy 2 isopropylamino 3 propoxy 3 phenyl 2 iso indolinone 1 rs sr fumarate on the fast inward sodium current in frog atrial fibers

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Effect of rp 4 on growth and pigmentation in serratia marcescens

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Effect of RU 486 on luteal function in the early pregnant rat

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Effect of rubber closures on the stability of pyridoxine hydro chloride

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Effect of rubber closures on the stability of thiamin hydro chloride

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Effect of rubber seed oil on the development and regression of experimental athero sclerosis of the aorta in rabbits

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Effect of rubella vaccination program in schools on rubella immunity in a general practice population

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Effect of rubella vaccination program on serological status of young adults in uk

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Effect of rubidium chloride on the circadian rhythm of loco motor activity in the cockroach leucophaea maderae

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Effect of rubidium ion substituted for potassium ion on hela cells cellular content and membrane transport of monovalent cations and cell growth

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Effect of rubidium, lithium and cesium on brain ATPase and protein kinases

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Effect of rubomycin and carminomicin on antibody production in mice immunized with various antigens

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Effect of rubomycin and carminomycin on delayed type hyper sensitivity in mice immunized with sheep red blood cells

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Effect of rubomycin and carminomycin on suppressor cells participating in immune response regulation

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Effect of rubomycin and its paramagnetic analog on DNA synthesis

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Effect of rubomycin carminomycin and adriamycin on the respiration of liver mitochondria in various metabolic states and on respiratory control and the adp oxygen ratio

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Effect of rubra toxin b on atpase activities in the mouse

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Effect of rubra toxin b on growth metabolism and morphology of aspergillus niger

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Effect of ruby laser irradiation on the ultrastructure of pea chloroplast membranes

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Effect of rumen bypass methionine on milk production

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Effect of rumen ciliates on the digestion of different carbohydrates in sheep 2. utilization of cell wall carbohydrates cellulose and hemi celluloses and starch

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Effect of rumen ciliates on the digestive utilization of various carbohydrate rich diets and on the end products formed in the rumen 2. utilization of inulin saccharose and lactose

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Effect of rumensin monensin sodium on growth and sexual maturity of heifers

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Effect of rumensin on mineral metabolism and on conversion of nutrients in fattened cattle

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Effect of rumex nepalensis extracts on histamine acetylcholine carbachol bradykinin and prostaglandin evoked skin reactions in rabbits

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Effect of rumex nepalensis on histamine brady kinin and carbachol evoked skin reaction in rabbits a preliminary investigation

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Effect of ruminal carbon dioxide on gas exchange and ventilation in the hereford calf

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Effect of ruminal degradability of protein supplements on voluntary intake of grass or corn silage by sheep

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Effect of ruminal infusion of glucose, volatile fatty acids and hydrochloric acid on mineral metabolism in sheep

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Effect of running on perception of self and others

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Effect of running water on predatory behavior of the dragonfly nymph pantala flavescens odonata

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Effect of rural highway runoff on stream benthic macro invertebrates

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Effect of rye and levels of raw and autoclaved beans phaseolus vulgaris on adhesion of micro flora to the intestinal mucosa

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Effect of safe concentration of some pesticides on ovarian recrudescence in the freshwater murrel channa punctatus a quantitative study

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Effect of salination on photosynthetic intensity of cultivated plants

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Effect of saline on the releasability of alkaline phosphatase ec from cells of serratia marcescens

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Effect of saline water on phosphate movement and availability in the presence of calcium carbonate

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Effect of salinity alkalinity and iron sources on availability of iron

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Effect of salinity and humidity on delta carbon 13 value of halophytes evidence for diffusional isotope fractionation determined by the ratio of inter cellular atmospheric partial pressure of carbon di oxide under different environmental conditions

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Effect of salinity and low ph on the activity of the thyroid gland in an air breathing fish heteropneustes fossilis

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Effect of salinity on food intake growth and feed efficiency of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta and ayu plecoglossus altivelis

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Effect of salinity on nitrogen 15 ammonia and nitrogen 15 nitrate assimilation of bellerochea yucatanensis and thalassiosira rotula

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Effect of salinity on nodule formation by soybean glycine max cultivar davis

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Effect of salinity on oxygen consumption in post larvae of the penaeid shrimps penaeus monodon and penaeus stylirostris without and with acclimation

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Effect of salinity on phosphate accumulation and injury in soybean i. influence of calcium chloride sodium chloride ratios

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Effect of salinity on phosphate accumulation in injury in soybean ii. role of substrate chloride and sodium

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Effect of salinity on photosynthesis and photo respiration of 2 wheat species triticum durum cultivar pepe 2122 and triticum aestivum cultivar marzotto

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Effect of salinity on photosynthetic carbon 14 dioxide fixation and amino acid pools of bellerochea yucatanensis and thalassiosira rotula

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Effect of salinity on rhizobium root hair interaction nodulation and growth of soybean glycine max cultivar amsoy

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Effect of salinity on rnase activity of vigna unguiculata cotyledons during germination

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Effect of salinity on seed germination seedling establishment and growth behavior of phaseolus lunatus

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Effect of salinity on spore germination in marine and non marine fungi

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Effect of salinity on stomatal number size and opening in barley hordeum vulgare genotypes

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Effect of salinity on survival and development of larvae and post larvae of macrobrachium americanum decapoda palaemonidae

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Effect of salinity on the activities of rnase dnase and protease during germination and early seedling growth of mung bean

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Effect of salinity on the body composition of free amino acids in the eggs and first larvae of dicentrarchus labrax pisces teleostei serranidae

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Effect of salinity on the development of larvae and juvenile instars of neoepisesarma mederi h. milne edwards

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Effect of salinity on the free amino acids pool of the red alga porphyridium purpureum porphyridium cruentum

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Effect of salinity on the functional components of the soybean glycine max rhizobium japonicum symbiosis

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Effect of salinity on the germination and growth of radicle and plumule of bajra pennisetum typhoides varieties

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Effect of salinity on the germination of salicornia brachiata

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Effect of salinity on the growth of 4 fungi in vitro

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Effect of salinity on the interfacial tension and surface tension of oil water emulsion stabilized by indian gums

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Effect of salinity on the larval development of eriphia gonagra and sesarma rectum crustacea decapoda reared in laboratory

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Effect of salinity on the larval development of the estuarine hermit crab clibanarius longitarsus

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Effect of salinity on the molting frequency of parhyale hawaiensis

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Effect of salinity on the osmo regulatory cells in the tracheal gills of the stone fly nymph paragnetina media plecoptera perlidae

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Effect of salinity on the osmotic chloride total protein and calcium concentrations in the hemolymph of the prawn penaeus monodon

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Effect of salinity on the osmotic sodium and chloride concentrations in the hemolymph of eury haline shrimp of the genus penaeus

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Effect of salinity on the photosynthesis of the halophyte salicornia rubra and distichlis stricta

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Effect of salinity on the survival and growth of chanda gymnocephalus fry pisces centropomidae

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Effect of salinity on tomato lycopersicon esculentum fruit ripening

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Effect of salinity sodium adsorption ratio calcium magnesium ratio in irrigation water and soil texture on the predictability of exchangeable sodium percentage

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Effect of salinity stress on organic and mineral constituents in the leaves of pigeon pea cajanus cajan cultivar c 11

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Effect of salinity stress on the development of phytophthora root rot of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar paragon

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Effect of salinity temperature and oxygen partial pressure on the respiratory metabolism of panulirus polyphagus herbst

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Effect of salinity zinc and phosphorus on growth zinc and phosphorus nutrition of pigeonpea cajanus cajan

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Effect of salinization and desalination on growth and development of pea pisum sativum

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Effect of salinization of the environment on rnase and dnase activities in plants differing in salt resistance

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Effect of salinization on soil moisture potential and structural and functional soil properties

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Effect of salinization on the dynamics of crop pigments

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Effect of salinization phosphorus fertilization and their interaction on the symbiosis between rhizobium trifolii and berseem trifolium alexandrinum

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Effect of salinization with sodium chloride on the content and formation of nucleic acids in pea leaves

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Effect of salinomycin, flavomycin and avoparcin on some physiological traits of growing lambs, with particular respect to rumen fermentation

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Effect of salinomycin on body weight gain feed efficiency and reproduction of growing heifers of japanese brown breed

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Effect of salinomycin on feed digestibility of growing heifers of japanese brown breed

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Effect of salinomycin on feed efficiency ruminal and blood characteristics of steers

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Effect of salinomycin on lambs for fattening

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Effect of salinomycin on nutrient absorption and retention by growing pigs fed corn soybean meal diets with or without oat hulls or wheat bran

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Effect of salinomycin on the constituents of ruminal fluid and the blood characteristics of growing heifers of japanese brown breed

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Effect of saliva and serum on the adherence of candida spp to chlorhexidine treated denture acrylic

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Effect of saliva from cystic fibrosis patients and from normal subjects on red blood cell sodium transport

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Effect of saliva kallikreins on lymph flow from the thoracic duct

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Effect of saliva on candidal adherence to polymethyl methacrylate resin

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Effect of saliva on sperm motility and activity

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Effect of salmonella typhimurium on the avidity of the anti human serum albumin antibody in the rabbit

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Effect of salt adaptation and amiloride on the in vivo acid base status of the eury haline toad bufo viridis

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Effect of salt alkali and zinc on iron equilibrium in submerged soils

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Effect of salt concentration on the electrophysical properties of a moist disperse system

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Effect of salt concentration on the water absorption and hardening of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri eggs

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Effect of salt content and ph of disperse medium on the escherichia coli b phage t 2 sorption by natural cherkassy montmorillonite

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Effect of salt depletion on hydro mineral balance in larval ambystoma gracile part 1 ionic composition

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Effect of salt depletion on hydro mineral balance in larval ambystoma gracile part 2 kinetics of ion exchange

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Effect of salt intake on blood pressure

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Effect of salt loading diet on the intra ocular pressure

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Effect of salt on a thermo sensitive mutant of bacillus subtilis deficient in uracil and cell division

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Effect of salt on bread flavor

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Effect of salt on hypertension

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Effect of salt on the functional state of the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in healthy subjects and in patients with essential hypertension

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Effect of salt on the kinetics of butyryl cholin esterase ec

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Effect of salt on the stability of the ph 4.2 octa adenylic acid double helix in a series of organic aqueous mixed solvents a test of oligo electrolyte theory

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Effect of salt pre treatment of quality and storage stability of air dried carrots

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Effect of salt reduction on the yield breaking force and sensory characteristics of emulsion coated chunked and formed ham

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Effect of salt removal on the baking quality and hedonic ratings of white yellow spice and devil's food cakes

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Effect of salt sodium tri poly phosphate and storage on restructured pork

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Effect of salt solution tonicity on resistance of some mollusk cells to distilled water

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Effect of salt solutions on radio sensitivity of mammalian cells part 1 specific ion effects

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Effect of salt solutions on radio sensitivity of mammalian cells part 2 treatment with hypotonic solutions

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Effect of salt solutions on radio sensitivity of mammalian cells part 3 treatment with hypertonic solutions

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Effect of salt stress on chlorophyll contents of some grasses

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Effect of salt stress on growth characters of perlette grapevines

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Effect of salt stress on proline content of perlette grapevines

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Effect of salt stress on some enzymes of nitrogen metabolism in horsegram dolichos biflorus l

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Effect of salt stress on viability germination and endogenous levels of some metabolites and ions in maize zea mays pollen

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Effect of salt stresses on the hormonal regulation of growth photosynthesis and distribution of carbon 14 assimilates in bean plants

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Effect of salt supplements on growth and lipid synthesis in yeast cultivated on peat oxidates

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Effect of salt tripolyphosphate and tertiary butylhydroquinone on myoglobin lipid oxidation indicators in freeze dried meats

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Effect of salt upon hot water dispersion in well mixed estuaries

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Effect of salting and subsequent pickling on the quality of masu salmon oncorhynchus masou fillets

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Effect of salting on some rheological properties of fresh camembert cheese as measured by uniaxial compression

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Effect of salting on the activity of nad specific and nadp specific glutamate dehydrogenases of pea seedling roots

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Effect of salting time dehydration temperatures and dehydration time on quality of intermediate moisture mullet mugil cephalus roe

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Effect of salts and metal oxide sols on radiochemical carbohydrate transformations and abiogenic amino acid synthesis

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Effect of salts on mitochondrial mono amine oxidase ec from bovine liver

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Effect of salts on spectral characteristics of immobilized cytochrome c

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Effect of salts on the availability of soil phosphorus fertilized with super phosphate and di ammonium phosphate

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Effect of salts on the kinetics of iron release from amino terminal and carboxyl terminal mono ferric transferrins

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Effect of salts on the line shape of the epr ii signal of bean chloroplasts

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Effect of salts on the restoration of freeze dried beef

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Effect of salts on the surface potential of soil colloids

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Effect of saluretics on bio electrical processes in the cat vascular wall

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Effect of Salviae miltiorrhizae compound on pulmonary artery hypertension caused by chronic pulmonary thromboembolism

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Effect of samgori oil on the fatty acid composition of cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis lipids

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Effect of sample composition on the atomic absorption determination of lead and cadmium in environmental objects

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Effect of sample concentration and column support material on the gas chromatography analysis of phorate disyston and malathion

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Effect of sample dilution on measurements of free (unbound) hormones

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Effect of sample grinding size on forage quality estimates of smooth bromegrass bromus inermis clones

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Effect of sample instability on glyco hemo globin hemo globin 1 measured by cation exchange chromatography

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Effect of sample preparation of cerebro spinal fluid protein patterns in poly acrylamide gels

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Effect of sample presentation time on long delay matching in the pigeon

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Effect of sample size on precision of the estimates of genetic variance in maize part 1 yield

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Effect of sample size on precision of the estimates of genetic variance in maize part 2 ear characters

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Effect of sample size on the micro malting of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar clipper

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Effect of sample size on the precision of the estimate of allozyme frequencies in a natural stand of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

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Effect of sampling and the type of tester on the estimate of genetic variation in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum

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Effect of sampling direction on wood density and tracheid length in stems of pinus patula

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Effect of sampling duration on the concentration of particulate organics collected on glass fiber filters

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Effect of sampling errors on efficiency of selection indices part 1 use of information from relatives for single trait improvement

Sales, J.; Hill, W.G., 1976:
Effect of sampling errors on efficiency of selection indices part 2 use of information on associated traits for improvement of a single important trait

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Effect of sampling interval on the resolution of oxygen isotopic paleo temperature trends an example from the new zealand early miocene

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Effect of sampling period on nutrient diagnostic indices for burley tobacco

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Effect of sampling quality on the reliability of quantitative assays of air pollutants

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Effect of sampling site and collection method on variations in baseline clinical pathology parameters in fischer 344 rats

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Effect of sampling site on plasma amino acid concentrations of infants: effect of skin amino acids

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Effect of sampling variation on redox potential ph and available phosphorus iron and manganese in submerged rice soil

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Effect of sanding and claying of a peat bog on the epigeal and underground parts of a cultivated meadow

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Effect of sangivamycin and xylosyl adenine on the synthesis and methylation of polysomal rna in ehrlich ascites cells in vitro

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Effect of sap on the nitrogen and nucleic acid exchange of isolated leaves

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Effect of saparal on some biochemical and immunological characteristics in animals with experimental hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis

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Effect of sapindus trifoliatus extract on hair development

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Effect of saponin from zygophyllum fabago on the initial growth and mitotic activity of wheat sprouts

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Effect of saponin on the pigment system of photosynthetic apparatus in spirulina platensis

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Effect of saponins from Anagallis arvensis on experimental herpes simplex keratitis in rabbits

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Effect of saponins on the growth of microorganisms

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Effect of sapropel on the biological activity of soddy podzolic soil

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Effect of saprophytic fungi on the germination of corn seeds

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Effect of saprophytic phylloplane fungi on germination and development of melampsora larici populina

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Effect of saralasin and indomethacin on renal function in developing piglets

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Effect of saralasin and serum in myo hemo globinuric acute renal failure of rats

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Effect of saralasin infusion on glomerular filtration rate and sodium excretion in hypertensive patients

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Effect of saralasin on circulatory reactions caused by angiotensin in rats

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Effect of saralasin on plasma aldo sterone in hypertensive man

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Effect of sarcoplasm from porcine skeletal muscle on the formation of cooked cured meat color

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Effect of sarcoplasmic protein and urea on the freeze denaturation of the shark muscle myosin b in vitro

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Effect of sarcoplasmic protein on rheological properties of fish meat gel formed by retort heating

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Effect of sarcosine 1 alanine 8 angiotensin ii and hypophysectomy on the intestinal resistance vessels and blood pressure following furosemide induced volume depletion

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Effect of sas 650 furofenac on malondialdehyde production by platelets

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Effect of saturable serum protein binding on the pharmacokinetics of unbound cefonicid in humans

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Effect of saturated and poly unsaturated fat diets on the composition and structure of human low density lipo proteins

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Effect of saturated and unsaturated fat diets on lipid profiles of plasma lipo proteins

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Effect of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids on the growth and fructification of some species of the genus ceratocystis

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Effect of saturated phosphatidylcholines on the functional properties of reconstituted cytochrome oxidase

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Effect of saturation deficit on eggs of boophilus annulatus and boophilus microplus acari ixodidae

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Effect of sawdust extracts on shoot and root growth and nutrient uptake by wheat grown in sand culture

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Effect of sc 19.220 on vascular permeability induced by bradykinin in rats

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Effect of SC 38249, a novel substituted imidazole, on platelet aggregation in vitro and in vivo

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Effect of scald rhynchosporium secalis oud. j. davis infection on yield response of stirling barley to various sowing rates

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Effect of scalding on tryptophan contents in rat plasma, urine and tissues

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Effect of scale planting depth and fertilizer application on growth responses of parent scale and newly formed plantlet during scale propagation in the easter lily

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Effect of scale planting depth on leaf and shoot emergence in scale propagated easter lily lilium longiflorum cultivar hinomoto

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Effect of scale position on bulb yield of scale propagated lilium longiflorum

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Effect of scale up on serpentine formation by catharanthus roseus suspension cultures

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Effect of scanning electron microscopy preparation methods on the ultrastructure of white bread

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Effect of scarlet fever toxin on the phagocytic activity of the res

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Effect of scattering on the ir absorption spectra of dispersed biological objects in the 10.6 micron region

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Effect of sch 1000 ipratropium bromide and fenoterol inhalation on bronchial hyperreactivity

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Effect of sch 15280 5 4 n methylpiperidylidene 5h 1 benzopyrano 2 3 b pyridine maleate a new broncho dilator on cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase activity and cyclic amp levels in guinea pig lung

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Effect of sch 29482 5r 6s 8r 6 1 hydroxyethyl 2 ethyl thio penem 3 carboxylic acid sodium salt on gram negative bacteria in broth serum and in combination with human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Effect of schedule on activity and toxicity of 5 aza cytidine in acute leukemia a southwest usa oncology group study