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Chapter 5,268

Effect of root exudates and extracts of solanum nigrum and argemone mexicana seedlings on rhizosphere myco flora

Singh, P.N.

Acta Botanica Indica 5(2): 123-127


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-508X
Accession: 005267325

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Root exudates and extracts of S. nigrum and A. mexicana showed varying effects on the growth of fungi in culture. Root extracts of S. nigrum checked the growth of Trichoderma lignorum; root exudate had no marked effect. An alkaloid (Solanine) extracted from the roots of the plants was found to be responsible for reduction in the growth of the fungus. Mucor luteus, Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium solani and F. chlamydosporum showed better growth in root extracts and exudates of S. nigrum compared with the control. Root exudates and extracts of A. mexicana had no significant effect on fungi studied, except for Cladosporium herbarum and Curvularia lunata which grew better in the presence of root extracts.

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