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Chapter 5,268

Effect of root exudates of agricultural crops on germination of micro sclerotia of verticillium dahliae

Khaidarov, D.

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 11(4): 351-353


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3648
Accession: 005267326

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Root exudates suppress or activate phytopathogenic microflora. The effect or root exudates of cotton plants resistant and susceptible to wilt in V. dahliae microsclerotia germination was studied. Other plant studied included alfalfa, wheat, rye, barlye, corn and joughara [Sorghum vulgare] V. dahliae microsclerotia are incapable of germinating in soil without the stimulating activity of root exudates. Of the crops resistant to Verticillium wilt, joughara, corn and cereals apparently had the most stimulating effect on germination of laboratory microsclerotia. In the rhizosphere of resistant cotton cultivars, microsclerotia germinated less than in the rhizosphere of susceptible cultivars.

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