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Effect of root exudates of pine and spruce seedlings on formation of micro flora in the rhizospheres of these conifers

Karimbaeva, L.Y. ; Sizova, T.P.

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 11(3): 191-199


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3648
Accession: 005267327

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The effect of exudates from pine and spruce seedlings grown in sterile conditions on the growth of microscopic fungi extracted from pine and spruce rhizospheres was studied, including 12 spp. of fungi (21 strains) from spruce rhizospheres and 10 spp. (28 strains) from pine rhizospheres [not listed]. Pine and spruce seedlings had a positive effect on vegetative growth and spore formation in the majority of strains (61-67%) extracted from rhizospheres of their own species, while having little or no effect on fungi extracted from the other species. No definite relationship was determined between the quantitative representation of a given species of fungi in the rhizosphere of either tree and the effect of the seedling exudates on its growth. The growth and development of fungi in the rhizosphere depend on the concentration of nutritive exudates from the plant.

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