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Effect of root temperature on growth and seed yield in cowpea vigna unguiculata

Minchin, F.R.; Huxley, P.A.; Summerfield, R.J.

Experimental Agriculture 12(3): 279-288


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4797
Accession: 005267357

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The effects of different soil temperature regimes on vegetative growth, symbiotic N fixation and seed yield of 2 cowpea cultivars ('K 2809' and 'Prima') were investigated in experiments carried out in plastic houses during the summer. Mean maximum soil temperatures above 32.degree. C significantly reduced vegetative growth of both cultivars, through their effects on branch, peduncle and root dry weight per plant and, to a lesser extent, leaf production. The warmest temperature regime (35.4.degree. C) also reduced nodule activity, especially in 'Prima'. Seed yields were adversely affected, due largely to changes in the number of peduncles per plant, as mean maximum soil temperature increased from 25.8-35.4.degree. C.

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