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Effect of seed inoculation and pre infecting cowpea vigna unguiculata with glomus mosseae on growth and seed yield of the plants under field conditions

Islam, R.; Ayanaba, A.

Plant and Soil 61(3): 341-350


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-079X
Accession: 005268252

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The effects of inoculation with G. mosseae and method of planting on the performance of 2 cowpea cultivars were studied in field experiments on a sandy loam soil. Inoculation increased the percentage of infected roots, shoot dry matter and nodule yield of both cv. TVx 1836-44G and VITA-4. Whether seedlings were transplanted or seeds were directly sown, dry matter production and nodule yield of both cultivars were not significantly affected; transplanted 'VITA-4' had greater percent root infection than plants from directly sown seed. Seed yield was not affected by method of planting. The initial advantage of transplanted plants was not important in determining yield.

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