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Effect of short periods of light and darkness on the histological structure of bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar cheroque mustard sinapis alba and pea pisum sativum cultivar kelvedons wonder

Mihalik E.

Acta Universitatis Szegediensis Acta Biologica 27(1-4): 117-126


Accession: 005269174

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Dry matter production and histological structure of bean, mustard and pea grown under a short-period (30-15 min) and under a 16-8 h period alterations of light and darkness were compared. The short-period treatment caused a considerable diminution of dry matter of the bean, a slight diminution of that of the mustard, while in the pea hardly any change occurred. The leaves of bean and mustard grown under the short-period treatment became thinner and larger than those in 16-8 h period; in 1st line the reduction of mesophyll can be attributed to the decrease of spongy parenchyma. The stems of the bean were thinner, the ratio of phloem and xylem was lower, that of the pith higher. In the stems of the mustard the opposite tendency was observed.

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