Section 6
Chapter 5,271

Effect of sodium phytate on stability of mono ferric phytate complex and the bio availability of the iron to rats

Ellis, R.; Morris, E.R.

Nutrition Reports International 20(5): 739-747


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-6635
Accession: 005270291

Effect of sodium phytate (NaPhytate) on the stability of monoferric phytate (FePhytate) and bioavailability of Fe to rats were studied. FePhytate was readily soluble in water and dilute salt solutions. When FePhytate was added to NaCl solutions at .gtoreq. 0.5 M, 50-70% of the Fe precipitated as diferric phytate (Fe2Phytate). When sufficient NaPhytate was added to the salt solutions to provide a NaPhytate/FePhytate molar ratio .gtoreq. 1.3, Fe did not precipitate. NaPhytate had similar effects on the solubility of FePhytate in 0.1 M HCl and gastric secretions of swine. Excess NaPhytate had no effect on the bioavailability of the Fe of FePhytate to rats. FePhytate was a good source of Fe for rats; FePhytate and tetraferric phytate were very poor sources.

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