Section 6
Chapter 5,272

Effect of sowing dates and seed rates on the seed production and seed quality of berseem trifolium alexandrinum cultivar pusa giant

Rai, S.D.; Joshi, Y.P.; Malik, H.S.

Seed Research (New Delhi) 5(1): 11-16


Accession: 005271763

Seed rates did not affect the seed yield. Among the sowing dates, crop sown on Oct. 11 gave 86.6, 100 and 41.05% higher seed yield in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd yr, respectively, when compared with the crop sown on Nov. 10. Storage of seed at ambient temperature up to Sept. increased the germination percentage by 26-30% over the freshly harvested seed. Seed rate did not affect the germination percentage.

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