Effect of spacing and nitrogen on herbs yield of cymbopogon citratus and cymbopogon flexuosus

Prasad, L.K.; Rao, M.S.S.

Indian Perfumer 30(4): 457-460


Accession: 005271876

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Field trials on lemon grass C. citratus and C. flexuosus were conducted from 1979 to 1983 to test the effect of plant to plant spacing of 15 cm and 22.5 cm with four levels of nitrogen viz., 0,20,40,60 Kg N/ha. There was no significant effect of spacings on C. citratus. Increasing levels of nitrogen increased by yield upto 60 kg N/ha. In C. flexuosus closer spacing of 15 cm significantly gave higher yield. Increasing levels of nitrogen up to 60 kg N/ha significantly increased the herbage yield.