Effect of stimulation of septal region on pain related neurons of lateral habenular nucleus of rats

Wang S.

Acta Physiologica Sinica 34(4): 392-399


ISSN/ISBN: 0371-0874
Accession: 005272616

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The lateral habenular nucleus is an efferent relay station in the pathways from the forebrain limbic system to the brainstem. Some neurons in this nucleus were responsive to noxious stimulus (LHPE). Stimulating the septal region of conscious immobilized rat could strongly inhibit spontaneous as well as pain-evoked discharges of LHPE. The mean duration of inhibition to single shocks was 2.91 s; when repetitive shocks were given the duration was much prolonged. Electrolytic lesion in the septal region resulted in a transient increase of the spontaneous discharges of LHPE. In addition of LHPE, another kind of neurons (LHPI) which showed inhibitory response to pain stimulation could also be identified in the lateral habenular nucleus. The spontaneous discharges of LHPI increased when the septal region was stimulated. Still a 3rd group of neurons in this nucleus which was indifferent to noxious stimulation were not affected by septal region stimulation. A hypothetical efferent pathway for the modulation of pain sensation was suggested.