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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5274

Chapter 5274 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martin G.B.; Oldham C.M.; Lindsay D.R., 1981:
Effect of stress due to laparoscopy on plasma cortisol levels the pre ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone and ovulation in the ewe

Maltau, J.M.; Eielsen, O.V.; Stokke, K.T., 1979:
Effect of stress during labor on the concentration of cortisol and estriol in maternal plasma

Kiselev L.Yu; Klopov M.I., 1981:
Effect of stress factors on hens and turkeys for prolonging their productive use

Chernomordik L.V.; Abidor I.G.; Arakelyan V.B.; Baskakov V.A.; Tarasevich M.R., 1978:
Effect of stress factors on the electrical properties of bi layer lipid membranes

Waldhäusl, W.K.; Gasic, S.; Bratusch-Marrain, P.; Komjati, M.; Korn, A., 1987:
Effect of stress hormones on splanchnic substrate and insulin disposal after glucose ingestion in healthy humans

Chebotar', N.A.; Grebenik, L.A.; Kirilenko, A.I., 1978:
Effect of stress immobilization on embryo toxic and teratogenic action of 2 4 5 t and its derivatives

Markel' A.L.; Kazin E.M.; Lur'e S.B.; Naumenko E.V., 1981:
Effect of stress in early ontogenesis on circadian rhythm of cortico steroid function in rats

Petrescu-Raianu, A.; Babes, L.; Hamar, M.; Tuta, A., 1978:
Effect of stress induced by population density increase upon reproduction ability in microtus arvalis females

Butovskaya, M.L.; Deryagina, M.A.; Chirkov, A.M.; Startsev, V.G., 1986:
Effect of stress inducing factors on the behavior of monkeys 2. hormonal characteristics and their relation to behavior in the simulation of emotional stress in sacred baboons

Meerson F.Z.; Dmitriev A.D.; Zayatsk V.I.; Rozhitskaya I.I.; Kizim E.A., 1985:
Effect of stress infarction and adaptation to short term stress conditions on the content of opioid peptides in the brain

Yaginuma, T.; Kobayashi, T., 1977:
Effect of stress metyrapone and adrenalectomy on compensatory ovarian hypertrophy

Marek, M., 1970:
Effect of stress of cooling on the synthesis of immuno globulins in hemolymph of galleria mellonella

Casillas, E.; Smith, L.S., 1977:
Effect of stress on blood coagulation and hematology in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Mazurkiewicz-Kwilecki, H.T., 1978:
Effect of stress on brain histamine

Balabanova, S.; Hartmann, J.; Töllner, U.; Nowak, R.; Kirkpatrick, U.C., 1986:
Effect of stress on calcium homeostasis in sheep

Sarris, V.; Heineken, E.; Peters, H., 1976:
Effect of stress on field dependence

Kadziolka A.; Zarow W., 1979:
Effect of stress on hyper lipidemia in swine

Morata P.; Faus M.J.; Perez Palomo M.; Sanchez Medina F., 1982:
Effect of stress on liver and muscle glycogen phosphorylase in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Pshennikova M.G.; Vorontsova E.Ya; Meerson F.Z., 1982:
Effect of stress on myo cardial extensibility and contractility

Meerson F.Z.; Vorontsova E.Ya; Pshennikova M.G., 1983:
Effect of stress on myo cardial resistance to hypoxia

Mest K.D.; Shigoleit V.; Ferster V., 1982:
Effect of stress on prostaglandin concentration in the blood plasma of medical students during examinations

Palkovits, M.; Brownstein, M.; Kizer, J.S.; Saavedra, J.M.; Kopin, I.J., 1976:
Effect of stress on serotonin concentration and tryptophan hydroxylase activity of brain nuclei

Weiss S.B.; Weiss O.; Palti Z., 1980:
Effect of stress on testicular development in mice

Gabriel, N.N.; Soliman, K.F.A., 1983:
Effect of stress on the acetyl cholin esterase ec activity of the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis in the rat

Popek W.; Sokolowska M.; Bieniarz K., 1981:
Effect of stress on the circadian rhythmicity of hypothalamic catecholamine content in the eel anguilla anguilla

Garyaev P.P.; Minina A.V.; Zakharkina G.A.; Aleksandrova L.G.; Vikhert A.M., 1980:
Effect of stress on the content of enderpines in the rat myo cardium

Bosc M.J.; Nicolle A., 1979:
Effect of stress on the course of labor and parturition time in normal or adrenalectomized rats

Sen, M.R.; Acharya, D.P.; Sen, P.C., 1984:
Effect of stress on the pathogenicity of Entamoeba histolytica

Goncharov, N.P.; Taranov, A.G.; Antonichev, A.V.; Gorlushkin, V.M.; Aso, T.; Cekan, S.Z.; Diczfalusy, E., 1979:
Effect of stress on the profile of plasma steroids in baboons (Papio hamadryas)

Terelyak Ya; Matseichik Ya, 1985:
Effect of stress on the psychomotor stability of pilots with various anxiety levels

Changdra S.V.; Shukla G.S.; Murthy R.C., 1979:
Effect of stress on the response of rat brain to manganese

Bassett, J.R.; Cairncross, K.D., 1976:
Effect of stress on the uptake of tritiated norepinephrine into rat myo cardium

Hulse G.K.; Coleman G.J., 1984:
Effect of stress on tissue and plasma levels of immuno reactive beta endorphin in ovariectomized rats primed with estrogen and progesterone

Goloborod'ko, A.V., 1978:
Effect of stress situations on formation of adrenal cortex androgenic function in female rats/

Gorski, J.; Stankiewicz-Choroszucha, B., 1978:
Effect of stress stimuli on glycogen level in the rat uterus

Serova L.V.; Denisova L.A., 1983:
Effect of stress suffered before pregnancy on the reproductive capacity of rats and on the status of the progeny

Lampo P.; Nauwynck W.; Bouquet Y.; Van Zeveren A., 1985:
Effect of stress susceptibility on some reproductive traits in belgian landrace pigs

Weinman M.L.; Semchuk K.M.; Gaebe G.; Mathew R.J., 1983:
Effect of stressful life events on electro myographic bio feedback and relaxation training in the treatment of anxiety

Beuving, G.; Vonder, G.M.A., 1978:
Effect of stressing factors on cortico sterone levels in the plasma of laying hens

Butovskaya, M.L.; Deryagina, M.A.; Startsev, V.G., 1986:
Effect of stressogenic factors on monkey behavior 3. rhesus monkey behavior during immobilization stress

Natelson B.H.; Ottenweller J.E.; Cook J.A.; Pitman D.; Mccarty R.; Tapp W.N., 1988:
Effect of stressor intensity on habituation of the adrenocortical stress response

Timoshin S.S., 1980:
Effect of stressors on the mitotic regimen and cell cycle in the corneal epithelium of adrenalectomized rats

Williams P.; Watt P.; Bicik V.; Goldspink G., 1986:
Effect of stretch combined with electrical stimulation on the type of sarcomeres produced at the ends of muscle fibers

Magee, D.A.; Robinson, R.J., 1987:
Effect of stretch exercises on suxamethonium induced fasciculations and myalgia

Dominguez, G.; Fozzard, H.A., 1979:
Effect of stretch on conduction velocity and cable properties of cardiac Purkinje fibers

Markhasin V.S.; Shklyar T.F., 1982:
Effect of stretch on electrical activity of human myo cardial cells

Lief, P.D.; Mutz, B.F.; Bank, N., 1976:
Effect of stretch on passive transport in toad urinary bladder

Lorrain L.; Frakowiak D.; Romanowski M.; Leblanc R.M., 1987:
Effect of stretching chloroplasts and thylakoids embedded in polymer films

Ishimori Y., 1986:
Effect of stretching on contractile properties of skeletal muscle

Orlov, R.S.; Popov, S.V., 1977:
Effect of stretching on contractile responses of smooth muscles of isolated portal veins

Squier C.A., 1981:
Effect of stretching on formation of myo fibroblasts in mouse skin

Cavagna, G.A.; Citterio, G., 1974:
Effect of stretching on the elastic characteristics and the contractile component of frog striated muscle

Hamann, W.C.; Morris, J.G.L., 1977:
Effect of stretching the patella tendon on voluntary and reflex contractions of the calf muscles in man

Kaufman, S.; Mackay, B.; Kappagoda, C.T., 1981:
Effect of stretching the superior vena cava on heart rate in rats

D.P.rzio U.; Daguet M C.; Glowinski J.; Prochiantz A., 1980:
Effect of striatal cells on in vitro maturation of mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons grown in serum free conditions

Fernando J.C.R.; Hoskins B.; H.I.K., 1984:
Effect of striatal dopamine metabolism and differential motor behavioral tolerance following chronic cholin esterase inhibition with dfp

Albe Fessard D.; Cesaro P.; Hamon B., 1983:
Effect of striatal stimulation on cellular activities of medial thalamic neurons studied in rats

Fukui J.; Yoneyama T.; Tomita Y.; Fujimoto H.; Harada K.; Mamiya N.; Hashizume C.; Nishimura N., 1981:
Effect of striated muscle relaxant afloqualone on neurogenic bladder dys function evaluated by urodynamic studies

Goriya Y.; Katsura M.; Kawamori R.; Shichiri M.; Kamada T., 1986:
Effect of strict glycemic control on diabetic neuropathy with special emphasis on autonomic neuropathy and glucagon secretion

Kuwano, M.; Imamoto, F., 1976:
Effect of stringent and relaxed control on transcription of the tryptophan operon from the ptrp promoter and the pl promoter in lambda trp phage

Chaudhary J.P.; Yadav S.R.; Madan Y.P., 1984:
Effect of strip spraying of malathion on the population of pyrilla perpusilla and its parasitoid epipyrops melanoleuca

Smith R.C.G.; Heritage A.D.; Stapper M.; Barrs H.D., 1986:
Effect of stripe rust puccinia striiformis and irrigation on the yield and foliage temperature of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar avocet

Martin, T.P.; Bernfield, J.S., 1980:
Effect of stroke rate on velocity of a rowing shell

Kulagina, N.N.; Sidorenko, A.V., 1978:
Effect of stromal fibroblasts on antibody formation in cultures deficient in nonadherent cells

Kulagina, N.N.; Sidorenko, A.V.; Fridenshtein, A.Y., 1978:
Effect of stromal mechanocytes of hemopoietic organs on production of antibody forming cells in vitro

Shust, I.V.; Kostinik, I.M., 1975:
Effect of strong and weak constant magnetic fields on histochemical parameters of albino rat livers

Strzhizhovskii A.D.; Galaktionova G.V.; Cheremnykh P.A., 1979:
Effect of strong magnetic fields of infralow frequency on bone marrow cell division

Trivedi, B.S.; Kher, U., 1976:
Effect of strong magnets on the ultrastructure of plastids of lygodium flexuosum gametophytes

Zuev N.D.; Ponomareva R.P., 1983:
Effect of strontium 89 on bean plants

Seaman W.E.; Blackman M.A.; Greenspan J.S.; Talal N., 1980:
Effect of strontium 89 on immunity and auto immunity in nzb nzw f 1 mice

Zuev, N.D.; Korneeva, N.V.; Ponomareva, R.P.; Teplyakov, I.G.; Savina, V.I., 1977:
Effect of strontium 89 on wheat

Vornanen M., 1985:
Effect of strontium on the contractile properties of postnatally developing rat heart ventricles

Pandakova V.N.; Pyatak O.A.; Zaslavskaya A.G., 1981:
Effect of strontium salts on the acetyl choline cholin esterase system of blood

Lee C.O.; Dagostino M., 1982:
Effect of strophanthidin on intra cellular sodium ion activity and twitch tension of constantly driven canine cardiac purkinje fibers

Chan Canh Thac; Gaevyi M.D., 1982:
Effect of strophanthin and celanide on cerebral blood circulation and metabolism

Chan Kan Thak; Gaevyi M.D., 1983:
Effect of strophanthin and celanide on the auto regulation of cerebral circulation

Tkhak C.K.; Gaevyi M.D., 1981:
Effect of strophanthin and celanide on the developmental dynamics of post ischemic cerebro vascular phenomena

Vol'pert E.I.; Mogilev A.M., 1979:
Effect of strophanthin and cytochrome c on myo cardial contractile function frequency of shock and fibrillation of the ventricles in experimental myo cardial infarction

Khadzhai Y.I.; Navol'nev S.O.; Chaika L.A., 1980:
Effect of strophanthin mefenamic acid and dexamethasone on the inflammatory and reparative processes in the heart with experimental myo carditis

Turmanauli, G.S., 1976:
Effect of strophanthin on intra cellular and extracellular electrolyte levels in the myo cardium of healthy animals of different ages

Popov, V.G.; Lazutin, V.K.; Beskrovnova, N.N.; Zhelnov, V.V.; Belyakov, K.F.; Gerasimova, O.B.; Shertstyuk, N.A., 1976:
Effect of strophanthin on metabolism electrolyte level myo cardial ultrastructure and cardiac contractility in para infarction zones in experimental infarction

Memetov K.A.; Ipatov A.I.; Shilov A.M.; Ivanov K.M.; Kompaneitseva L.A., 1981:
Effect of strophanthin on the hemodynamics of pulmonary circulation during asphyxia attacks in bronchial asthma patients

D.M.ura R.S.; Santos D.A.R.; Caiaffa J.R.S., 1979:
Effect of strophanthin on the isolated guinea pig ileum

Pines L.N.; Trakhtenberg S.B.; Trebler L.Ya, 1986:
Effect of strophanthin on the state of general and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with ischemic stroke

Andersson, P.; Lihné, M.; Thalén, A.; Ryrfeldt, A., 1987:
Effect of structural alterations on the biotransformation rate of glucocorticosteroids in rat and human liver

Keraly C.L.; Coeffier E.; Tence M.; Borrel M.C.; Benveniste J., 1983:
Effect of structural analogs of 1 o alkyl 2 o acetyl sn glyceryl 3 phosphoryl choline on platelet de sensitization

Pugsley, T.A.; Merker, J.; Lippmann, W., 1976:
Effect of structural analogs of butaclamol a new anti psychotic drug on striatal homo vanillic acid and adenylate cyclase ec of olfactory tubercle in rats

Khuchua, T.O.; Sukhareva, V.S., 1976:
Effect of structural analogs of pyridoxal phosphate on the quaternary structure of escherichia coli glutamate decarboxylase

Powers L.J.; Fogt S.W.; Ariyan Z.S.; Rippin D.J.; Heilman R.D.; Matthews R.J., 1981:
Effect of structural changes on acute toxicity and anti inflammatory activity in a series of imidazo thiazoles and thiazolobenzimidazoles

Blohm P.J., 1986:
Effect of structural cueing and decision type for improving retention of technical text

Komissarov I.V.; Filippov I.T.; Prokop'eva T.M.; Dadali V.A.; Litvinenko L.M.; Simanenko Y.S., 1982:
Effect of structural factors on the spasmolytic activity in a series of derivatives of imidazole and benzimidazole

Cortes S.; Liao Z K.; Watson D.; Kohn H., 1985:
Effect of structural modification of the hydantoin ring on anticonvulsant activity

Shchukina L.G.; Zaslavskii B.Yu; Rogozhin S.V.; Florent'ev V.L., 1984:
Effect of structure and conformation on the relative hydrophobicity of dinucleoside phosphates and their analogs

Bollinger J C.; Yvernault G.; Yvernault T., 1985:
Effect of structure on ir and proton nmr spectra of some aliphatic phosphoramides

Halford, G., 1975:
Effect of structure on learning and transfer a possible link between learning and thinking

Sackett P.H.; Mccreery R.L., 1979:
Effect of structure on phenothiazine cation radical reactions in aqueous buffers

Goulet C.; Talbot S.; Drouin D.; Trudel P., 1988:
Effect of structured ice hockey training on scores on field dependence independence

Bhargava, V.K.; Bhargava, P.; Tripathi, K.D., 1977:
Effect of strychnine on cardiac vagal inhibition

Kokaya M.G.; Labakhua T.Sh; Okudzhava V.M., 1982:
Effect of strychnine on postsynaptic reactions of pyramidal neurons of cat sensori motor cortex

Hata F.; Noguchi Y.; Koda N.; Kihira Y.; Kondo E.; Ishikawa Y.; Ishida H., 1984:
Effect of strychnine on the contractile response of rat vas deferens

Ezrokhi, V.L., 1976:
Effect of strychnine on the distal part of the axon in the abdominal nerve chain of the crayfish

Pong, S.F.; Graham, L.T.Jr, 1978:
Effect of strychnine on the rat electro retinogram

Freund H.; Hesse G.; Oettel M., 1980:
Effect of sts 557 on semen composition fertility and sexual behavior of male rabbits

Bateman R.J.; Walker S.R., 1985:
Effect of stubble cover on the efficacy of some soil incorporated herbicides

White P.J.; Saffigna P.G.; Vallis I., 1985:
Effect of stubble management during different fallow periods on nitrogen nutrition of wheat triticum aestivum on an irrigated black earth

Bacon P.E.; Hoult E.H.; Mcgarity J.W.; Alter D., 1988:
Effect of stubble management technique on soil and fertilizer nitrogen recovery by wheat sown after rice

Shulyndina, L.V.; Matveeva, N.A.; Zhukova, N.P.; Usanova, E.P.; Kornilova, P.M., 1976:
Effect of study loads on first graders with different developmental levels

Haider M.G.; Nath R.P.; Sen A., 1987:
Effect of stunt nematode tylenchorhynchus nudus on the growth of sugarcane and micronutrient content in leaves

White, S.J.; Jacobs, R.S., 1983:
Effect of stypoldione on cell cycle progression, DNA and protein synthesis, and cell division in cultured sea urchin embryos

Das M.; Srivastava S.P.; Seth P.K., 1983:
Effect of styrene on glutathione content and some xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes of rat kidney

Husain, R.; Srivastava, S.P.; Mushtaq, M.; Seth, P.K., 1980:
Effect of styrene on levels of serotonin noradrenaline dopamine and activity of acetyl cholin esterase ec and mono amine oxidase ec in rat brain

E.A.lawy R.M.M.; Kandil A.; Abdel Rahim K.A.; Abdel Aziz S.F.; E.H.usseiny M., 1987:
Effect of stz induced hyperglycemia on plasma tsh t 3 and t 4 levels

Husain K.; Ansari R.A.; Gupta P.K., 1987:
Effect of sub chronic exposure of malathion on blood and tissue enzyme activities in female rats

Esaki, K.; Ohshio, K.; Yoshikawa, K., 1978:
Effect of sub cutaneous administration of sisomicin on reproduction in mice part 3 experiments on drug administration during the pre partum and nursing periods

Arthur R.J.; Lawrence A.; O'rourke P.K., 1982:
Effect of sub cutaneous fat thickness variations near the p 2 position on pork carcass classification

Cummings J.; Wilmott N.; Calman K.C., 1984:
Effect of sub cutaneous growing walker 256 carcino sarcoma of host tissue mitochondrial function and magnesium content

Obertop, H.; Bijnen, A.B.; Vriesendorp, H.M.; Westbroek, D.L., 1978:
Effect of sub cutaneous injections of kidney donor blood on renal allo graft survival in dla dog histo compatibility antigen system typed dogs

Landau, I.T., 1976:
Effect of sub cutaneous vs intra peritoneal administration of an anti estrogen ci 628 1 p alpha p methoxyphenyl beta nitrosyrylphenoxyethyl pyrrolidine mono citrate on estradiol and estradiol benzoate stimulated lordosis in the ovariectomized rat

Sparks, D.; Payne, J.A.; Horton, B.D., 1976:
Effect of sub freezing temperatures on bud break of pecan

Taylor P.W.; Kroll H P.; Tomlinson S., 1982:
Effect of sub inhibitory concentrations of mecillinam on expression of escherichia coli surface components associated with serum resistance

Ahuja L.R.; Ross J.D., 1983:
Effect of sub soil conductivity and thickness on inter flow pathways rates and source areas for chemicals in a sloping layered soil with seepage face

Danilov G.G.; Kargin I.F., 1979:
Effect of sub soiling on a leached chernozem

Istok J.D.; Kling G.F., 1983:
Effect of sub surface drainage on runoff and sediment yield from an agricultural watershed in western oregon usa

Mackerer, C.R., 1977:
Effect of subacute administration of clofibrate on the oxidation of fatty acids by liver mitochondria

Fujimaki H.; Shimizu F.; Kubota K., 1982:
Effect of subacute exposure to nitrogen di oxide on lymphocytes required for antibody responses

Jonderko G.; Kita K.; Kobes S.; Krzewinski W., 1984:
Effect of subacute poisoning with propotox m on acid phosphatase or rat lymphocytes

Saario, I.; Linnoila, M., 1976:
Effect of subacute treatment with hypnotics alone or in combination with alcohol on psycho motor skills related to driving

Diasio R.B.; Wilburn M.E., 1979:
Effect of subambient column temperature on resolution of fluoro uracil metabolites in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Royston D.; Jordan C.; Jones J.G., 1983:
Effect of subanesthetic concentrations of nitrous oxide on the regulation of ventilation in man

Lobato, R.D.; Marín, J.; Salaices, M.; Rico, M.L.; Sanchez, C.F., 1981:
Effect of subarachnoid hemorrhage on contractile responses and noradrenaline release evoked in cat cerebral arteries by histamine

Kays, S.J.; Wilson, D.M., 1977:
Effect of subatmospheric pressure and oxygen partial pressure on the color stability of stored pecan kernels

Cui, D.J.; Dubaybo, B.A.; Durr, R.A.; Thet, L.A., 1987:
Effect of subcellular matrix on glycosaminoglycan synthesis by human lung fibroblasts

Gupta R.C.; Thronburg J.E.; Stedman D.B.; Welsch F., 1984:
Effect of subchronic administration of methyl parathion on in vivo protein synthesis in pregnant rats and their conceptuses

Vojtisek M.; Fryckova Bittnerova D.; Havrdova J.; Lepsi P.; Krivucova M.; Cikrt M., 1985:
Effect of subchronic cadmium exposure in laboratory rat

Aranyi C.; Vana S.C.; Thomas P.T.; Bradof J.N.; Fenters J.D.; Graham J.A.; Miller F.J., 1983:
Effect of subchronic exposure to a mixture of ozone sulfur di oxide and ammonium sulfate on host defenses of mice

Arora, R.C.; Meltzer, H.Y., 1986:
Effect of subchronic treatment with imipramine chlorpromazine and the combination on tritiated imipramine binding in rat blood platelets and frontal cortex

Pattison H.D.; Smith W.C.; Thomas R.J., 1979:
Effect of subclinical nematode parasitism on reproductive performance in the sow

Fujinaga Y.; Matsuura H.; Matsudo T.; Tominaga K.; Yamana T., 1985:
Effect of subconjunctival injection of 1 hydroxy 5 oxo 5h pyrido 3 2 a phenoxazine 3 carboxylic acid on experimental cataract

Lee I.W.; H.Y.S., 1986:
Effect of subcutaneous clot lysis with high dose urokinase an alternative experimental model of intracerebral hematoma

Itoh S.; Tanaka K.; Kumagae M.; Takeda F.; Morio K.; Kogure M.; Hasegawa M.; Horiuchi T.; Watabe T.; E.A., 1988:
Effect of subcutaneous injection of a long acting analogue of somatostatin sms 201 995 on plasma tsh in normal human subjects

Adelhoj B.; Petring O.U.; Larsen J.C.; Bigler D.R.; Andersen J.B., 1985:
Effect of subcutaneous salbutamol on postoperative pulmonary function in patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy

Barcellini, W.; Meroni, P.L.; Frasca, D.; Sguotti, C.; Borghi, M.O.; Uberti-Foppa, C.; Buzzetti, P.; Lazzarin, A.; Doria, G.; Moroni, M., 1987:
Effect of subcutaneous thymopentin treatment in drug addicts with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy

Wilkin, J.K., 1983:
Effect of subdepressor clonidine on flushing reactions in rosacea. Change in malar thermal circulation index during provoked flushing reactions

Ralston S.H.; Fogelman I.; Leggate J.; Hart D.M.; Farrish E.; Fletcher C.D.; Mcintosh W.; Barlow D., 1984:
Effect of subdermal estrogen and estrogen testosterone implants on calcium and phosphorus homeostasis after oophorectomy

Ganguly, A.K.; Sathiamoorthy, S.S.; Bhatnagar, O.P., 1978:
Effect of sub-diaphragmatic vagotomy on gastric mucosal mast cell population in pylorus ligated rats

Ganguly A.K.; Sathiamoorthy S.S.; Bhatnagar O.P.; Sreepathi Rao K.S., 1980:
Effect of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on gastric mucosal poly saccharide content in pylorus ligated albino rats

Kuznetsov B.G.; Shvarts V.Ya; Frolkov V.K., 1985:
Effect of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on gastrin and insulin secretion in rats

Eletskiĭ, I.K.; Tsibulevskiĭ, A.Iu.; Bol'shakova, G.A., 1975:
Effect of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on iron metabolism in rats

Frolkov, V.K.; Shvarts, V.Ia.; Kartazaeva, V.A.; Kuznetsov, B.G., 1987 :
Effect of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on the enteroinsular axis

Ebersole, J.L.; Taubman, M.A.; Smith, D.J.; Haffajee, A.D., 1985:
Effect of subgingival scaling on systemic antibody responses to oral microorganisms

Sairam R.K.; Tomer P.S.; Harika A.S., 1986:
Effect of subherbicidal levels of 2 4 d isoproturon and atrazine on the nitrogen metabolism and growth of oats avena sativa linn

Padilla Espinosa C.; Brevis P.; Zemelman R.; Vivaldi E., 1988:
Effect of subinhibitory concentration of antibacterial drugs on the adherence of fimbriated escherichia coli on uroepithelial cells

Palomares J.C.; Prados R.; Perea E.J., 1987:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations ampicillin on the r plasmid transfer in escherichia coli

Tylewska, S.; Hjertén, S.; Wadström, T., 1981:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics on the adhesion of Streptococcus pyogenes to pharyngeal epithelial cells

Grassi, G.G.; Ferrara, A.; Navone, A.; Sala, P., 1980:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics on the emergence of drug resistant bacteria in vitro

Yourassowsky E.; Schoonjans J.; Gaeng F.; Van Der Linden M.P.; Glupczynski Y.; Crokaert F., 1986:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of ketoconazole on candida albicans measured by radiometric method

Taylor, P.W.; Gaunt, H.; Unger, F.M., 1981:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of mecillinam on the serum susceptibility of Escherichia coli strains

de Castro, A.C.; Benchetrit, L.C.; de Oliveira, C.M., 1986:
Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of penicillin on antigens of group G streptococci

Zaleznik, D.F.; Zhang, Z.L.; Onderdonk, A.B.; Kasper, D.L., 1986:
Effect of subinhibitory doses of clindamycin on the virulence of Bacteroides fragilis: role of lipopolysaccharide

Harm D.L.; Marion R.J.; Kotses H.; Creer T.L., 1984:
Effect of subject effort on pulmonary function measures a preliminary investigation

Oblinger J.L.; Kennedy J.E.Jr; West R.L., 1984:
Effect of subjective condition of beef quarters on the microbiology and storage stability of vacuum packaged clods and ground beef patties

Holbrook, M.B., 1978:
Effect of subjective inter letter similarity perceived word similarity and contextual variables on the recognition of letter substitutions in a proofreading task

Holbrook, M.B., 1978:
Effect of subjective verbal uncertainty on perception of typographical errors in a proofreading task

Spies A.G.; Spence K.D., 1985:
Effect of sublethal bacillus thuringiensis crystal endotoxin treatment on the larval midgut of a moth manduca scanning electron microscopic study

De-Filippis, L.F., 1979:
Effect of sublethal concentration of mercury and zinc on chlorella 5. counteraction of metal toxicity by selenium and sulfhydryl compounds

Joshi U.M.; Desai A.K., 1981:
Effect of sublethal concentration of monocrotophos on acid and alkaline phosphatase activities in the tissue of fresh water fish tilapia mossambica

Rao M.V.R.; Ramamurthi R., 1980:
Effect of sublethal concentration of sumithion on some biochemical constituents of the fresh water snail pila globosa

Salama A.M.; Kobbia I.A.; Shabana E.F., 1984:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of 2 4 d on the growth carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism of two phytoplankton from the nile drains egypt

Zaccone G.; Fasulo S.; L.C.scio P.; Licata A., 1986:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of a zwitterionic detergent on oxidative enzymes in the gills of the fresh catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Lydy M.J.; Wissing T.E., 1988:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of copper on the critical thermal maxima ctmax of the fantail etheostoma flabellare and johnny etheostoma nigrum darters

Hameed P.S.; Vadamalai P., 1986:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of dimethoate ec 30 on feeding growth oxygen consumption and activity in macrones keletius dumeril

Verma S.R.; Tonk I.P., 1983:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of mercury on the composition of liver muscles and ovary of notopterus notopterus

Ghosh J.; Haggblom P., 1985:
Effect of sublethal concentrations of propionic acid or butyric acid on growth and aflatoxin production by aspergillus flavus

D.C.sta H.; Ruby S.M., 1984:
Effect of sublethal cyanide on vitellogenic parameters in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Effect of sublethal dose of benomyl on extracellular enzyme production by cladosporium cucumerinum

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Effect of sublethal dose of fenvalerate on the biotic potential of females of the oribatid mite oppia sticta

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Effect of sublethal dose of insecticides on consumption and utilization of dry matter and dietary constituents of castor ricinus communis by the castor semilooper achaea janata

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Effect of sublethal doses of 3 insecticides on the reproductive rate of the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens on rice

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Effect of sublethal doses of 3 organo phosphorus insecticides on the hematology of channa punctatus

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Effect of sublethal doses of dichlorvos and carbaryl on the nervous system of pericallia ricini fabr. lepidoptera arctidae

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Effect of sublethal doses of ionizing irradiation on the susceptibility of chicks and turkey poults to virus strain mc 29

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Effect of sublethal doses of ionizing radiation on the immune response and histo structure of the central and peripheral lymphoid organs of chickens

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Effect of sublethal doses of radiation and cystamine on the dynamics of rana temporaria tadpole development

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Effect of sublethal doses of triazine derivatives on carbon di oxide exchange and growth of spruce saplings

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Effect of sublethal ethyl parathion on the metabolism and activity of colisa fasciata

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Effect of sublethal gamma irradiation and exercise on succinate oxidase and metabolites of lipid per oxides 1. rat liver

Wilhelm, J.; Sonka, J., 1980:
Effect of sublethal gamma irradiation and exercise on succinate oxidase and metabolites of lipid per oxides 2. rat skeletal muscle

Kelly, D.J.; Rees, J.C., 1986:
Effect of sublethal gamma radiation on host defenses in experimental scrub typhus

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Effect of sublethal heat injury on tumor induction and rna synthesis in agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Effect of sublethal heat on the metabolic activity of Staphylococcus aureus

Radivoz M.I.; Timoshin S.S., 1980:
Effect of sublethal hyper thermia on the corneal epithelium proliferation in white rats

Sweeney J.D.; Mclean J.A., 1987:
Effect of sublethal infection levels of nosema sp on the pheromone mediated behavior of the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis freeman lepidoptera tortricidae

Chertkova A.I., 1981:
Effect of sublethal pre irradiation of recipients on the growth of syngeneic tumors in new born mice

Kumari K.; Banerjee V., 1986:
Effect of sublethal toxicity of zinc mercury and cadmium on peripheral hemogram in anabas testudineus bloch

Rawash, I.A.; Gaaboub, I.A.; Mostafa, S.M., 1977:
Effect of sublethal treatments with the insect growth regulator altozar zr 512 ethyl 2e 4e 11 methoxy 3 7 11 trimethyl 2 4 dodeca dienoate on blood constituents of bombyx mori in relation to silk yield

O'grady, M., 1977:
Effect of subliminal pictorial stimulation on skin resistance

Moroney, E.; Bross, M., 1984:
Effect of subliminal visual material on an auditory signal detection task

Moragrega J.L.; Nava M., 1986:
Effect of sublingual and transdermic nitroglycerin on effort test

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Effect of sublingual isosorbide dinitrate on sputum volume and viscoelasticity in chronic obstructive lung disease

Paterna S.; Campisi D.; Bivona A.; Valenza M.; N.; Alaimo V., 1984:
Effect of sublingual isosorbide dinitrate on systolic interval in normal subjects and subjects with coronary artery disease

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Effect of sublingual nitro glycerin on plasma concentration of norepinephrine in coronary artery disease

Siegler R.L.; Brewer E.D., 1988:
Effect of sublingual or oral nifedipine in the treatment of hypertension

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Effect of sublingual pentrinitrol on exercise tolerance in angina pectoris

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Effect of submaximal exercise following supramaximal exercise on blood lactate

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Effect of submaximal exercise on vulnerability to fibrillation in the canine ventricle

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Effect of submaximal isometric exercise on catecholamine cyclic amp and lactate concentrations in the coronary circulation of man following atropine and oxprenolol

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Effect of submaximum muscular exercise of short duration on the urinary excretion of catecholamines dopa and their metabolites

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Effect of submaximum temperatures on thermo tolerant yeasts

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Effect of submergence on changes in soil properties and yield and nutrient uptake by rice with varying nutrio environment in lowland soil

Sarkar S.K.; Basu S.N.; Dhua S.P., 1986:
Effect of submergence on phosphate and hydroxide potentials of aluminum and iron in some ultisols of bihar

Rose John S.; Kende H., 1984:
Effect of submergence on the cell wall composition of deep water rice oryza sativa cultivar habiganj aman ii internodes

Mohanty, S.K.; Patnaik, S., 1976:
Effect of submergence on the chemical changes in different rice soils part 2 kinetics of phosphorus iron and manganese

Mohanty, S.K.; Patnaik, S., 1977:
Effect of submergence on the chemical changes in different rice soils part 3 kinetics of potassium calcium and magnesium/

More S.D.; Kadrekar S.B.; Dongale J.H., 1982:
Effect of submergence on the electrochemical and chemical properties of rice soils of konkan india

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Effect of submergence on translocation starch content and amylolytic activity in deep water rice oryza sativa cultivar habiganj aman 11

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Effect of submicronic sulfuric acid aerosol on human pulmonary function

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Effect of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics on adherence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in an experimental model

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Effect of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of penicillin on hyaluronidase production by group A streptococci

Boltovskaya, M.N., 1977:
Effect of suboptimal temperature on the mitotic regimen

Tsibulevskii A.Yu; Ettinger A.P., 1982:
Effect of subphrenic vagotomy on the parietal ph profile of the alimentary canal of rats with chronic experimental duodenal ulcer

Kulikova O.V., 1982:
Effect of subphrenic vagotomy on zinc excretion by paneth cells of the rat small intestine under functional load

Guzman J.; Figueroa J.; Millan A.; Sanchez G.; Serrano P.A.; Posadas C.; Boyer J.L., 1981:
Effect of subpressor dosages of dopamine on renin secretion in the anesthetized dog

Miller M.F.; Davis G.W.; Ramsey C.B., 1985 :
Effect of subprimal fabrication and packaging methods on palatability and retail caselife of loin steaks from lean beef

Pereira, M.A.; Knutsen, G.L.; Herren-Freund, S.L., 1985:
Effect of subsequent treatment of chloroform or phenobarbital on the incidence of liver and lung tumors initiated by ethylnitrosourea in 15 day old mice

Gruener A.; Maass G., 1986:
Effect of subsoil loosening and mixing up of layers of a gleyic luvisol on crop yield nutrient extraction and soil chemical properties in an outdoor model experiment

Oussible M.; Crookston R.K., 1987:
Effect of subsoiling a compacted clay loam soil on growth yield and yield components of wheat

Miller D.E., 1987:
Effect of subsoiling and irrigation regime on dry bean production in the pacific northwest usa

Chang C.; Sommerfeldt T.G.; Schaalje G.B.; Palmer C.J., 1986:
Effect of subsoiling on wheat yield and salt distribution of a solonetzic soil

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Effect of substance p and eledosin on potassium ion efflux amylase release and cyclic nucleotide levels in slices of rat parotid gland

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Effect of substance p and its carboxyl terminal hexa peptide on gastric and pancreatic secretion in the dog

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Effect of substance p and substance p partial sequences on neurite extension in tissue culture

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Effect of substance p carboxyl terminal hepta peptide on amylase release in rat parotid gland

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Effect of substance P on cardiovascular and respiratory function in subjects

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Effect of substance p on cholecystokinin induced or vasoactive intestinal poly peptide induced choleresis in anesthetized dogs

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Effect of substance P on contractions of the gallbladder

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Effect of substance P on exocrine secretion by rat submandibular gland cells

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Effect of substance P on intestinal muscle

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Effect of substance p on mechanical and myo electrical activities of stomach and small intestine in conscious dog

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Effect of substance p on monoamine containing cells of the taste buds

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Effect of substance P on mucus secretion of isolated submucosal gland from feline trachea

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Effect of substance P on neurally mediated contraction of rabbit airway smooth muscle

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Effect of substance p on pulmonary resistance and dynamic pulmonary compliance in the anesthetized cat and guinea pig

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Effect of substance P on rat gastrointestinal transit

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Effect of substance P on the lower esophageal sphincter of the opossum

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Effect of substance P on the membrane potential of rat adrenal chromaffin cells

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Effect of substance p on the nerve tissue in a culture

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Effect of substance p on the rat micro circulatory mesenteric system

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Effect of substance P on the retention of a brightness discrimination task in rats

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Effect of substance p sp and the amino terminal sp analogue sp 1 4 on the presynaptic and postsynaptic transmitter release in rat adrenal gland slices

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Effect of substances analogous to dimaprit on in vitro gastric secretion

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Effect of substances associated with leaf surfaces on appressorium formation by colletotrichum acutatum

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Effect of substances disturbing cell substrate adhesion on the glyco protein spectrum of normal fibroblasts in culture

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Effect of substances increasing the activity of the anti coagulation system on growth of metastases and ultrastructure of metastatic cells in tumor bearing animals

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Effect of substances influencing brain serotonergic transmission on plasma vasopressin levels in the rat

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Effect of substances inhibiting ion transport on magnesium calcium atpase activity of synaptic plasma membranes

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Effect of substantia nigra stimulation on identified neurons in the ventralis lateralis ventralis anterior thalamic complex comparison between intact and chronically decorticated cats

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Effect of substituent groups on the glucosyl conjugation of xenobiotic phenols by cultured cells of gardenia jasminoides

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Effect of substituents at position 2 on the proton nmr chemical shift of protons of 2 methylbenzimidazole derivatives

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Effect of substituents in the formation of di acetanilides/

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Effect of substituents on arene oxide mediated liver toxicity among substituted bromo benzenes

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Effect of substituents on in vitro metabolism and covalent binding of substituted bromo benzenes

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Effect of substituents on the fluorescence and absorption spectra of coumarins

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Effect of substituents on the hydrolysis of substituted phenyl beta acetyl glucosaminides by bovine liver beta acetyl glucosaminidase

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Effect of substituted benzamides on the cyclic amp system in the hypothalamus and striatum of the rat

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Effect of substituted benzimidazoles on acid secretion in isolated and enriched guinea pig parietal cells

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Effect of substituted cyclo pentenones and cyclo pentanones on lettuce seed germination and radicle growth

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Effect of substituted groups of sesqui terpenic alcohols on chemical shifts of the c methyl groups

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Effect of substituted pyridazinones on chloroplast structure and lipid metabolism in greening barley hordeum vulgare cultivar maris otter leaves

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Effect of substituted urea herbicides on the nitrification process an in vitro study

Bauchart D.; Aurousseau B., 1980 :
Effect of substituting coconut oil for a part of the tallow in the milk replacer on post prandial development of plasma lipid in young pre ruminant calves

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Effect of substituting glucose for sucrose in baked wheat flour based diets on growth and liver composition of rats

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Effect of substituting soybean proteins for milk proteins in the diet of young lambs

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Effect of substitution of a soy beverage for 2 percent cow's milk on the iron zinc and copper status of hypercholesterolemic men

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Effect of substitution of cereals with sugarcane molasses in the fattening rations of sahiwal calves

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Effect of substitution of glycine by d alanine or l alanine on the activity of the carboxyl terminal hexa peptide analog of substance p on isolated guinea pig ileum

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Effect of substitution of monovalent anions in external medium on the swimming pattern of Salmonella typhimurium

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Effect of substitution of sucrose with liquid glucose on the quality of mango squash

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Effect of substitution of the absolutely invariant glutamine 4 and phenyl alanine 5 in bovine pancreatic phospho lipase a 2 ec on enzymatic activity and substrate binding properties

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Effect of substitution of troponin c in cardiac myofibrils with skeletal troponin c or calmodulin on the calcium and strontium sensitive atpase activity

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Effect of substitution on pyrimidine the crystal structures of pyrimidine and its 5 methyl 2 chloro and 2 amino derivatives

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Effect of substitution on the stability of 3 deoxy antho cyanidins in aqueous solutions

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Effect of substrata and fibroblast growth factor on the proliferation in vitro of bovine aortic endothelial cells

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Effect of substrate aeration on the growth and development of ragweed ambrosia artemisiifolia

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Effect of substrate analogues on the kinetics of the reaction catalyzed by atp arginine phospho transferase

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Effect of substrate and amp on the reversal of zinc inhibition of turkey liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec by chelators

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Effect of substrate composition and concentration on aortic cholesterol ester hydrolase activity

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Effect of substrate composition on bone resorption by rabbit osteoclasts

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Effect of substrate concentration inorganic nitrogen oxygen concentration temperature and ph on dehydrogenase activity in soil

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Effect of substrate concentration on the transformation of organic compounds into biogas

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Effect of substrate concentrations on cholesterol ester synthetase activity in rat and rabbit aorta

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Effect of substrate concentrations on the growth and respiration of microorganisms realizing different ecological strategies

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Effect of substrate cycling on the atp yield of sperm glycolysis

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Effect of substrate humidity on growth and metabolism of basic nutrients of lucerne sown medicago sativa part 2 growth and development under controlled conditions of the milieu

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Effect of substrate levels and poly phenol oxidase activity on darkening in sweet potato cultivars

Iloba C., 1980:
Effect of substrate moisture and anti bacterial antibiotics on the incidence and sporulation in drechslera oryzae in routine seed testing

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Effect of substrate moisture content on the conversion of organic substances into biogas dry methane generation

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Effect of substrate moisture on the pigment protein complex in pear tree leaves and chloroplasts

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Effect of substrate nitrogen on lignin degradation by pleurotus ostreatus

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Effect of substrate nitrogen on the performance of in vitro propagated alnus glutinosa clones inoculated with sp positive and sp negative frankia strains

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Effect of substrate on hypoxic response of pulmonary artery

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Effect of substrate on metabolite production by alternaria alternata

Regnault, M., 1976:
Effect of substrate on mortality and growth of the shrimp crangon crangon in breeding tanks

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Effect of substrate on the activity assay of partly inactivated papain

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Effect of substrate on the electrophoretic mobility of alpha amylase

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Effect of substrate organization and charge on the activity of phosphatidyl inositol specific phospho lipase c

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Effect of substrate ph and calcium concentration on growth root development and competitive ability of poa trivialis and holcus lanatus

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Effect of substrate polarity on the activity of soybean lip oxygenase ec iso enzymes

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Effect of substrate pretreatment on microbial protein production

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Effect of substrate salinity on seed swelling and water state in tomato plants in the early stages of ontogenesis

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Effect of substrate size on tonin activity

Gordienko P.V., 1979:
Effect of substrate state on the dissemination of wood attacking fungi in mixed coniferous broad leaved forests in the sikhote alin asiatic ussr

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Effect of substrate supply on post asphyctic restoration of adenine nucleotides in rabbit hearts in vivo

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Effect of substrate temperature and nitrogen fertilization on growth development nitrogen content and nitrate content and nitrate reductase activity in the tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar vendor

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Effect of substrate zinc level on distribution of photo assimilated carbon 14 in maize m and bean d plants

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Effect of substrates and effectors on the reversible inactivation of pig spleen phospho fructo kinase by atp

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Effect of substrates on the activity of ribulose di phosphate carboxylase ec from 3 carbon and 4 carbon pathway plants

Sam, C.T., 1981:
Effect of substrates on the malonate inhibitory pattern and brefeldin A formation in Curvularia lunata

Snow T.R., 1980:
Effect of substrates on the mechanical performance of rhesus monkey papillary muscle

Gupta, R.S.; Srivastava, R.K., 1984:
Effect of substrates on the oxygen uptake of bovine semen preserved in egg yolk citrate

Bogushyavichyute A.R., 1980:
Effect of substrates on the rooting of green cuttings of climbing roses and their further growth

Sbikin Y.N.; Khomenkov A.S., 1980:
Effect of substratum character and current on the behavior of acipenserid fry

Rechcigl J.E.; Reneau R.B.Jr, 1984:
Effect of subsurface acidity on alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar wl 311 in a tatum clay loam

Rechcigle J.E.; Reneau R.B.Jr; Starner D.E., 1985:
Effect of subsurface amendments and irrigation on alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar arc growth

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Effect of subsurface drainage on ratoon cane growth and yield in medium textured soils

D.K.mpe C.R.; Laverdiere M.R., 1980:
Effect of subterranean drainage on some properties of clay soils of quebec canada

Matsui H., 1987:
Effect of subthalamic stimulation on adrenal epinephrine and norepinephrine secretion in the rat

Fedurov V.V., 1980:
Effect of subtotal hepatectomy and mono nephrectomy on ubi quinone turnover rate in the rat liver and kidneys

Luo D.; Wang C.; Deng S., 1987:
Effect of subtotal hepatectomy in rats on induction of cirrhosis of liver and hepatocellular carcinoma by diethylnitrosamine

Martin B.; Martin C., 1980:
Effect of subtotal inhibition of liver development on plasma transcortin in chick embryo

Ball, J.H.; Butkus, D.E.; Madison, D.S., 1977:
Effect of subtotal parathyroidectomy on dialysis dementia

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Effect of subtotal small intestine resection on glucose stimulated insulin and glucagon secretion by the isolated perfused rat pancreas

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Effect of subtoxic applications of atrazine and simazine on the nitrogenous components of the developing kernels of 2 wheat varieties

Giurgea, R.; Toma, V.; Borsa, M., 1977:
Effect of subtoxic doses of 6 mercapto purine on the thymus and bursa of fabricius

Buktenica, S.; Frankfater, A., 1987:
Effect of subunit size and conformation on the rate of lysosomal degradation of extracellular proteins in cultured mouse peritoneal macrophages

Ioannidou-Dumont, K., 1987:
Effect of successful and unsuccessful performance on children's sharing behavior

Schuler G.; Hofmann M.; Schwarz F.; Mehmel H.; Manthey J.; Tillmanns H.; Hartmann S.; Kuebler W., 1984:
Effect of successful thrombolytic therapy on right ventricular function in acute inferior wall myocardial infarction

Barbosa F.R.; Moreira W.A.; Santos G., 1985:
Effect of successive transplantation in rice on the virulence of metarrhizium anisopliae against deois flavopicta

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Effect of succinate on mitochondrial lipid peroxidation 1. comparative studies on ferrous ion and adp iron nadph induced peroxidation

Malyuk V.I.; Kireeva L.M., 1981:
Effect of succinate sodium on the stomach acid forming and motor functions in patients with tuberculosis

Jindal, K.K.; Dalbro, S., 1977:
Effect of succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydrazide on endogenous auxin level in apple shoots

Gough, R.E.; Shutak, V.G., 1976:
Effect of succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydrazide on leaves of cultivated highbush blueberry

Suzuki S.; Yamada K.; Takano T., 1987:
Effect of succinic acid 2 2 dimethylhydrazide on drought tolerance of bean plant

Thind S.K.; Datta B.N.; Malik A.K.; Verma G., 1980:
Effect of succinic acid administration on uro lithiasis

Tripathi, H.P.; Singh, K.; Singh, T.H., 1976:
Effect of succinic acid and cycocel on gossypium arboreum cotton cultivar g 27

Dil'man, V.M.; Anisimov, V.N.; Kondrashova, M.N., 1976:
Effect of succinic acid and glutamic acid on hypothalamo gonadotropic sensitivity to the inhibitory influence of estrogen in old rats

Alimava L.N., 1980:
Effect of succinic acid and urea on ascorbic acid accumulation in potato tubers

Sohoo M.S.; Beri S.M., 1985:
Effect of succinic acid on seed yield of vigna unguiculata cultivar cowpea 74

Tanifuji Y.; Sugahara Y.; Mashiko K.; Kobayashi K.; Saito T., 1982:
Effect of succinyl choline and pancuronium on intra ocular pressure and aqueous outflow

Dang Q.Q.; Dedieu J.C.; Douste Blazy L., 1980:
Effect of succinyl phosphatidyl choline on phosphatidyl choline vesicles structural studies by gel chromatography electron microscopy and nmr

Sonneveld P.; Holcenberg J.S.; Van Bekkum D.W., 1979:
Effect of succinylated acinetobacter glutaminasificans glutaminase asparaginase treatment on an acute myeloid leukemia in the rat brown norway myeloid leukemia

Choi Y.R.; Lusas E.W.; Rhee K.C., 1981:
Effect of succinylation of cottonseed flour during protein extraction on the yield and some of the properties of protein isolates

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Effect of succinylation of the oligomeric structure of arachin

Mannella C.A.; Frank J., 1986:
Effect of succinylation on images of negatively stained arrays of mitochondrial outer membrane channels

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Effect of succinylation on the oligomeric structure of glycinin

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Effect of succulent and nonsucculent diets on rumen motility and pressure before, during, and after eating

Weeks W.W.; Seltmann H., 1986:
Effect of sucker control on the volatile compounds in flue cured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar mcnair 944

Akers R.M.; Keys J.E., 1985:
Effect of suckling intensity on human growth hormone binding biochemical composition and histological characteristics of ovine mammary glands

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Effect of suckling on reproductive activities of bunaji cows during the postpartum period

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Effect of sucrose esters in combination with selected mold inhibitors on growth and aflatoxin production by aspergillus parasiticus

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Effect of sugarcane molasses and cassava meal manihot esculenta in the utilization of nonprotein nitrogen for ruminants

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Effect of sugars on starch gelatinization

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Effect of sulfate supply on the nitrogen sulfur and amino acid metabolism of angora rabbits ii. amino acid metabolism

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Effect of sulfhydryl group modification on the neuro toxic action of a sea snake pelamis platurus toxin

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on nucleoside transport in cultured mammalian cells

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on photoresponse of octopus octopus vulgaris retina

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on potassium efflux from pseudomonas aeruginosa caused by amines

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on potassium efflux from pseudomonas aeruginosa caused by metal salts

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on potassium efflux from rose rosa damascena cultivar gloire de guilan cells relationship to uv stimulated efflux

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Effect of Sulfhydryl Reagents on the Biophysical Properties of the Plasmalemma of Chara corallina

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on the enzymatic activity of human renin implications for renin assay

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Effect of sulfhydryl reagents on the infectivity of vesicular stomatitis virus

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Effect of sulfinpyrazone and aspirin on platelet adhesion to subendothelium following oral administration to rabbits

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Effect of sulfinpyrazone on oxidative drug metabolism in man inhibition of tolbutamide elimination

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Effect of sulfinpyrazone on platelet survival time in patients with transient cerebral ischemic attacks

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Effect of sulfinpyrazone on the development of experimental endo cardial vegetations

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Effect of sulfinpyrazone on the metabolism of arachidonic acid in isolated hamster lungs

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Effect of sulfite and sulfhydryl reagents on the phloem loading in cotyledons of ricinus communis l

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Effect of sulfite on adenine nucleotides of the green alga trebouxia

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Effect of sulfite on compositional changes of cell constituents in germinating spores of adiantum capillus veneris l

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Effect of sulfite on light activation of chloroplast fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase in 2 soybean glycine max cultivars

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Effect of sulfite on the activity of aminopeptidases in the lichen alga trebouxia sp

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Effect of sulfite on the activity of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase from seedlings of pinus sylvestris

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Effect of sulfite on the energy metabolism of mammalian tissues in correlation to sulfite oxidase ec activity

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Effect of sulfolane on behavioral and autonomic thermoregulation in the rat

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Effect of sulfonamides on the fatty acid composition of enterobacteria lipids

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Effect of sulfonylurea derivatives spc 703 n p toluenesulfonyl 5 methyl 2 pyrazoline 1 carbonamide and tolbutamide on insulin binding by isolated rat adipocytes

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Effect of sulfonylureas on glucagon suppression

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Effect of sulfonylureas on hepatic fatty acid oxidation

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Effect of sulfur analog of lysine on bacterial protein biosynthesis

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Effect of sulfur and farmyard manure application on the efficiency of rock phosphate for wheat

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Effect of sulfur and gypsum on iron 59 translocation in sugarcane plants grown on calcareous soils

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Effect of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide on the chromosomal apparatus of somatic cells

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Effect of sulfur and molybdenum application on yield and protein and sulfur amino acid contents of green gram phaseolus aureus

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Effect of sulfur and nitrogen fertilization on growth leaf area and nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium content in leaves of bean plants phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of sulfur and nitrogen on the symbiotic fixation of nitrogen in alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar saranac plantlets

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Effect of sulfur and phosphorus on 2 stylosanthes spp on a mottled gray earth in northwest queensland australia

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Effect of sulfur and phosphorus on yield and nutrient content of black gram

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Effect of sulfur and selenium on sulfur containing amino acids and quality of oil in raya brassica juncea in normal and sodic soil

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Effect of sulfur and zinc on yield and utilization of nutrients by wheat

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Effect of sulfur application on selenium content of subterranean clover plants trifolium subterraneum grown at different levels of selenium supply

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Effect of sulfur application on sulfur oxidizing bacteria and yield of 2 leguminous crops

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Effect of sulfur coated urea and urea on the productivity and nitrogen utilization of cynodon cultivar ib 8

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Effect of sulfur coated urea on nutrient uptake by maize zea mays

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Effect of sulfur compounds and uranium on the distribution of selenium in mice studied by instrumental neutron activation analysis

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Effect of sulfur containing compounds on the life span of drosophila

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Effect of sulfur content of phosphate rock sulfur granules on the availability of phosphate to plants

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Effect of sulfur deficiency and excess on yield and sulfur accumulation in tomato lycopersicon esculentum plants

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Effect of sulfur deficiency on leaf area ratio and dry matter production in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar morden related with their nitrate reductase activity in leaves

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Effect of sulfur deficiency on protein synthesis and amino acid accumulation in cell suspension cultures of nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun

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Effect of sulfur di oxide and bi sulfite on heterotrophic activity in an acid soil

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Effect of sulfur di oxide and heat stressors on plasma gluco corticoids and thyroxine levels in mice

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Effect of sulfur di oxide and ozone singly or in combination on leaf chlorophyll rna and protein in white bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar sanilac

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Effect of sulfur di oxide hydrogen fluoride and their combination on wheat triticum aestivum cultivar k 68 plants

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on algae

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on carbon di oxide exchange in sulfur di oxide tolerant and sulfur di oxide susceptible scotch pine pinus sylvestris seedlings

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on control of breathing in anesthetized cats

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on germination and early growth of seedlings

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on glutathione in leaves of plants

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on growth and sulfur content of hybrid poplar populus maximowizii x populus trichocarpa

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on pollen germination and pollen tube growth

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on protein sulfhydryl groups in needles of picea abies

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on sexual reproduction in lepidium virginicum originating from regions with different sulfur di oxide concentrations

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on stomatal aperture and sulfur uptake of woody angiosperm seedlings

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on the activity and component composition of free and bound fractions of peroxidase of spring wheat seedlings

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on the pathogenesis of viral upper respiratory infection in mice

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on the ultrastructure of the mesophyll of picea abies and pinus sylvestris under laboratory conditions

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Effect of sulfur di oxide on transpiration chlorophyll content growth and injury in young seedlings of woody angiosperms

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Effect of sulfur di oxide polluted air upon enzyme activity in plants originating from areas with different annual mean atmospheric sulfur di oxide concentrations

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Effect of sulfur dioxide air pollution on the distribution of lichens in the goteborg area southwestern sweden

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Effect of sulfur dioxide and ekalux ec 25 singly and in combination on the photosynthetic pigments of oryza sativa plants

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Effect of sulfur dioxide and ozone on production of antioxidants in conifers

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Effect of sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid on steam explosion of aspen populus tremuloides wood

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on growth and gibberellin like substances in the seedlings of pigeonpea

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on growth and nodulation of pigeonpea cajanus cajan

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on phloem loading

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on the activity of adenosine 5' phosphosulfate sulfotransferase from spruce trees picea abies in fumigation chambers and under field conditions

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on the activity of trypsin

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on the partitioning of assimilates in scotch pine pinus sylvestris seedlings of different susceptibility to this gas

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Effect of sulfur dioxide on the reproduction of pea aphids acyrthosiphon pisum and the impact of sulfur dioxide and aphids on the growth and yield of peas

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Effect of sulfur dioxide pollution on the chlorophyll content of cultivated plants

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Effect of sulfur dioxide sodium hydroxide sodium carbonate pretreatments on the degradability and cellulase digestibility of grape marc

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Effect of sulfur fertilization on 3 annual range species 1. laughlin soil experiment

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Effect of sulfur fertilization on nitrogen sulfur ratio in beans vicia faba plants

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Effect of sulfur fertilization on the nitrogen metabolism in berseem

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Effect of sulfur fertilization on the nitrogen sulfur relationships in alfalfa medicago sativa

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Effect of sulfur fertilization on the yield and quality of potatoes solanum tuberosum

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Effect of sulfur levels on 4 tropical grasses in cerrado soils of mato grosso do sul brazil

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Effect of sulfur mustards on lysosomes from rat liver in vitro

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Effect of sulfur nutrition conditions on the content of certain mineral elements in pea plants

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Effect of sulfur nutrition on the structure and function of maize chloroplasts

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Effect of sulfur on nitrogen sulfur ratio protein content and yield of paddy

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Effect of sulfur on prevention of iron chlorosis and plant composition of groundnut on alkaline calcareous soils

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Effect of sulfur on rice under flooded condition

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Effect of sulfur on the pathogenesis of sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Effect of sulfur on the productivity of a native pasture containing medicago minima on the eastern darling downs queensland australia

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Effect of sulfur on the quality of raya brassica juncea

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Effect of sulfur on the yield and chlorophyll and nutrient contents of rice in alkaline calcareous soils

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Effect of sulfur on winter wheat triticum aestivum grown in the coastal plain of virginia usa

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Effect of sulfur sulfuric acid and gypsum on the yield of rice on the cununurra soils of the ord irrigation area western australia

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Effect of sulfur supplementation on the performance of stall fed nali lambs growth responses nutrients and minerals utilization

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Effect of sulfur supply on sulfate uptake and alkaline sulfatase activity in free living and symbiotic bradyrhizobia

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Effect of sulfur supply on the seed globulin composition of lupinus angustifolius

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Effect of sulfur supply on the seed globulin composition of various species of lupine

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Effect of sulfur zinc and boron nutrition on the yield and quality of rai brassica juncea cultivar varuna

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Effect of sulfuric acid and gibberellic acid on seed germination of zamia furfuracea

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Effect of sulfuric acid hydro chloric acid and aluminum sulfate on the yield chemical composition and calcium uptake from applied calcium 45 carbonate by dhaincha sesbania aculeata in a saline alkali soil

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Effect of sulfuric acid on sodium hazard of irrigation water

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Effect of sulfuric acid on the germination and early growth of glycine wightii

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Effect of sulglycotide on gastric bicarbonate secretion in humans

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Effect of sulindac on prostaglandin excretion and renal function in cirrhotic patients with ascites

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Effect of sulindac piroxicam and placebo on the hypotensive effect of propranolol in patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension

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Effect of sulmazole and pimobendan on contractility of skinned fibers from frog skeletal muscle

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Effect of suloctidil on bleeding time and in vivo platelet aggregation in rats

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Effect of suloctidil on blood viscosity in healthy volunteers after fore arm occlusion

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Effect of suloctidil on cerebral circulation patterns of conscious rabbits

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Effect of suloctidil on cerebral energy metabolism in the mouse

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Effect of suloctidil on cerebral venous outflow in the dog

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Effect of suloctidil on dopaminergic transmission in various rat brain areas possible uses as drug for the elderly

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Effect of suloctidil on platelet function in patients with shortened platelet survival time

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Effect of suloctidil on rat liver

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Effect of suloctidil on the reduced evoked potentials in brain slices in low glucose perfusate

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Effect of sulodexide in diabetics with peripheral vascular disease a double blind long term study

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Effect of sulodexide in hyperlipemic patients with peripheral obstructive atherosclerotic arteriopathy

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Effect of sulodexide on some metabolic risk factors in macroangiopathic diabetics

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Effect of sulpiride an atypical neuroleptic on apo morphine induced growth hormone section

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Effect of sulpiride in patients complaining of foreign body sensation in the throat

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Effect of sulpiride induced hyper prolactinemia on catecholamine turnover and lhrh concentration in the medial basal hypothalamus of rats

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Effect of sulpiride isomers on gastric acid and gastrin secretion in healthy man

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Effect of sulpiride on amphetamine induced behavior in relation to changes in striatal dopamine release in vivo

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Effect of sulpiride on ghrh induced gh secretion

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Effect of sulpiride on mammary tumor growth

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Effect of sulpiride on plasma prolactin levels in women with puerperal or pathological hyper prolactinemia

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Effect of sulpiride on the adenohypophysis of castrated male rats. Immunocytochemistry and ultrastructural cytomorphometry

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Effect of sulpiride on vigilance in healthy subjects

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Effect of sulpride dogmatyl on abnormal sensation in the throat

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Effect of sulprostone on concentrations of progesterone 20 alpha di hydro progesterone estrone and estradiol in human placental tissue in the 1st trimester of pregnancy

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Effect of sultopride on prolactin secretion in rats

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Effect of sumicidin on the nervous tissue of cockroach periplaneta americana

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Effect of sumithion fenitrothion on some selected enzyme systems in the fish tilapia mossambica

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Effect of sumithion on blood cholesterol and histochemical changes in liver or black bengal goats

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Effect of sumithion on molting of the fresh water rice field crab oziotelphusa senex senex

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Effect of sumithion on the dividing root tip cells of nigella sativa

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Effect of summer cold spells on reproductive success of passerine birds in the soviet lapland reserve

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Effect of summer grain and fodder legumes grown pure and mixed with fodder maize zea mays on the fertilizer need of rainy season maize

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Effect of summer heat stress on serum luteinizing hormone and progesterone values in holstein friesian cows in arizona

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Effect of summer pruning on yield fruit size and fruit quality of the fuji apple cultivar malus domestica borkh

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Effect of summer ventilation air exchange on psychrometric results in closed and open type poultry houses

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Effect of sun 1165 a new potent antiarrhythmic agent on the kinetics of rate dependent block of sodium channels and ventricular conduction of extrasystoles

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Effect of sun drying on fenugreek leaves and their supplementary value to wheat gram parantha

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Effect of sun exposure on emergence of 17 year cicadas

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Effect of sun light on azadirachtin anti feeding potency

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Effect of sun light on the development of tropaeolum majus part 1 leaf growth/

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Effect of sun light on the infectivity of purified and nonpurified nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the armyworm mythimna separata

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Effect of sunflower oil on the lipoprotein fractions in patients with idiopathic hyperlipoproteinemia

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Effect of sunshine and self licking on the residual toxicity of ectiban applied to cattle for horn fly haematobia irritans control

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Effect of sunshine and temperature on sorghum grain sorghum bicolor yield

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Effect of super critical carbon di oxide on proteins

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Effect of super high frequency energy field on oxygen tension and temperature in muscular tissue of animals previously adapted to hypoxia

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Effect of super high frequency irradiation on oxidative phosphorylation of brain mitochondria

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Effect of super low temperature on excised anthers and pollen embryos of atropa belladonna nicotiana tabacum and petunia hybrida

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Effect of super mutagens on glyco alkaloid content in potato tubers

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Effect of super oxide dis mutase and chemical radioprotectors cysteine and glutathione on radiation induced changes in the dna molecule 2. studies of dna strand breaks by ultra centrifugation and determination of terminal phosphate groups

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Effect of super oxide dis mutase ec on paraquat mortality in mice and rats

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Effect of super oxide dis mutase on arachidonic acid metabolism

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Effect of super oxide dis mutase on the surface potential disorders of mitochondria treated with uv light exposed methyl linoleate

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Effect of super oxide dis mutase on the survival of x irradiated albino rats

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Effect of super phosphate application on the phosphorus status of breeding cattle grazing townsville stylo based pastures in northern queensland australia

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Effect of super phosphate white clover and stocking rate on the productivity of natural pastures northern tablelands new south wales

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Effect of super saturated aqueous hydrocortisone concentrations on the delta 1 dehydrogenase activity of free and immobilized arthrobacter simplex

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Effect of super saturated water on fish in the river nidelva southern norway

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Effect of superchilled storage on freshness of mackerel scomber japonicus muscle

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Effect of supercooling and freezing on photosynthesis in freezing tolerant leaves of afroalpine giant rosette plants

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Effect of superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery anastomosis on the course of experimental acute middle cerebral artery embolic occlusion

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Effect of superfluous deterrence on the perception of others

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Effect of superfusate albumin on single capillary hydraulic conductivity

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Effect of superhigh frequency electrostatic field on ferricyanide reduction by human erythrocytes in the presence of methylene blue

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Effect of superimposed jet oscillation on lung mechanics while using a Servo HFV unit

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Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on serum calcium and pth levels in hemiparathyroidectomized rats

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Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on the sensitivity of rabbit ear artery and cerebral arteries of rabbit and cat to vasoactive agents

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Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on thyroidectomy induced increase of serum tsh and on survival of rats in a cold environment

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Effect of superior cervical sympathectomy on experimentally induced intra cranial hypertension

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Effect of superior cervical sympathetic ganglion damage in rabbits on micro circulation and catecholamine content in tissues of mucous membranes

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Effect of supernatants from nephrotic peripheral blood mononuclear cells on sulfur 35 labeled sulfate incorporation in rat glomerular basement membrane

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Effect of supernumerary adventitious roots on the phenotypic variability of plant growth

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Effect of superovulation on lactating holsteins

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Effect of superoxide and lipid peroxide on cytosolic free calcium concentration in cultured pig aortic endothelial cells

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Effect of superoxide dismutase and catalase on myocardial energy metabolism during ischemia and reperfusion

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Effect of superoxide dismutase encapsulated in liposomes or conjugated with polyethylene glycol on neutrophil bactericidal activity in vitro and bacterial clearance in vivo

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Effect of superoxide dismutase on glomerular nephritis

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Effect of superoxide dismutase on the preservation of corneas in cultures at 4c

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Effect of superoxide dismutase sod on an arthrosis model in rabbits

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Effect of superoxide radical on calcium pumps of coronary artery

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Effect of superphosphate fertilization on the phytonematode communities in the soil

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Effect of superphosphate on the yield of wheat and rice on acid soil of nagaland and nutrient content of grain

Pamilo P., 1986:
Effect of supersedure breeding programs on the sex alleles of the honeybee apis mellifera

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Effect of supersensitivity of presynaptic and postsynaptic dopamine receptors on the activity of endogenous inhibitor of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in rat striatum

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Effect of supine and prone positions on arterial oxygen tension in the preterm infant

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Effect of supine posture on peak expiratory flow rates in asthma

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Effect of supplement feeding level and crude protein content of the supplement on the performance of spring calving dairy cows

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Effect of supplemental carbadox an antibiotic combination or clinoptilolite on weight gain and organ weights of growing swine fed maize or rye as the grain sources

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Effect of supplemental choline on performance of starting growing and finishing pigs a cooperative regional study

Ncr-42-Comm-Swine-Nutr, 1976:
Effect of supplemental choline on reproductive performance of sows: a cooperative regional study

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Effect of supplemental feeding of honey bee apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae populations and the economic value of supplemental feeding for production of package bees

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Effect of supplemental feeding of urea on the silkworm bombyx mori

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Effect of supplemental glucose in a high potassium diet on the mineral metabolism of wethers

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Effect of supplemental glycine threonine or serine on utilization of energy and nitrogen in chicks fed a methionine excess diet

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Effect of supplemental irrigation mulching and nitrogen levels on growth yield and nutrients uptake of potatoes in solanum tuberosum in shimla hills india

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Effect of supplemental irrigation on the yield of coastal bermudagrass in the southeastern usa

Arnott J.T.; Macey D.E., 1985:
Effect of supplemental light intensity on white spruce picea glauca engelmann spruce picea engelmanni and mountain hemlock tsuga mertensiana seedlings grown under an extended photoperiod

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Effect of supplemental methionine on lupine diets on hepatic rna polymerases activity and protein efficiency ratio in weanling rats

Garrido F.; Lobos M.; Yanez E.; Perretta M., 1982:
Effect of supplemental methionine on lupine lupinus albus cultivar multolupa diets on hepatic rna polymerase activity and protein efficiency ratio in weanling rats at short periods of feeding

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Effect of supplemental nitrate on plant growth and components of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in soybean glycine max cultivar ransom

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Effect of supplemental nocturnal oxygen on gas exchange in patients with severe obstructive lung disease

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Effect of supplemental vitamin E on the immune system of calves

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Effect of supplementary alpha tocopherol and its deficiency on serum cholesterol level in human and rat

Mommadov I.M.; Grafova V.A.; Tupikova G.A., 1985:
Effect of supplementary ascorbic acid in the daily food ration on the degree of vitamin saturation of the body and thermoresistance of erythrocytes when working under arid zone conditions

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Effect of supplementary concentrates on performance of early weaned lambs at pasture

Skene D.S., 1980:
Effect of supplementary dimethoate sprays on russeting of golden delicious apples

Tashev T.; Todorov N.A., 1981:
Effect of supplementary feeding of cows with cottonseed and cottonseed oil meal at the beginning of lactation

Lin W.C.; French C.J., 1985:
Effect of supplementary lighting and soil warming on flowering of 3 gerbera cultivars gerbera jamesonii

Nieuwhof M., 1986:
Effect of supplementary lighting on growth of radish raphanus sativus var radicula under poor light conditions

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Effect of supplementary lighting on mineral nutrition of greenhouse tomato lycopersicon esculentum

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Effect of supplementary milk feeding on content of chymosin in the abomasal mucosa of concentrate fed calves

Volokhov O.A.; Tashenov K.T.; Shokorov V.A., 1983:
Effect of supplementary poly phosphate feeding and phosphorus level in sheep diet on the digestive and metabolic functions of the gastro intestinal tract/

Panggabean T.; Little D.A., 1987:
Effect of supplementary sodium and selenium and the provision of drinking water on the performance of young javanese thin tail rams fed roadside grass

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Effect of supplementary zinc bacitracin on straw manure bran silage fermentation

Davis G.R.F.; Shah B.G., 1980:
Effect of supplementary zinc on larvae of the yellow mealworm tenebrio molitor fed rapeseed brassica napus protein concentrate

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Effect of supplementation and grazing pressure on weight gain and digestibility in ewes grazing on annual ryegrass lolium multiflorum

Gonzalez M.; Fuentes E., 1987:
Effect of supplementation of basal media peptone yeast extract and triptone yeast extract on toxin production of clostridium haemolyticum

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Effect of supplementation of broiler diet with synthetic amino acids 1. effects of d l methionine and l lysine addition to broiler starter

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Effect of supplementation of broiler diet with synthetic amino acids 2. effects of d l methionine and l lysine addition to broiler finisher

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Effect of supplementation of broiler diet with synthetic amino acids 3. effects of d l methionine and l lysine addition to broiler diet on meat production

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Effect of supplementation of each limiting amino acid to a low soy protein isolate corn gluten or gelatin diet on brain tryptophan and 5 hydroxyindoles in rats

Ahmed F.; Qadri S.S., 1985:
Effect of supplementation of essential amino acids on immune response in protein deficient rats

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Effect of supplementation of leucaena leucocephala on the rumen metabolism in buffaloes

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Effect of supplementation of methionine and methionine hydroxy analog on milk yield milk fat and milk protein

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Effect of supplementation of methionine and threonine to a protein free diet on nitrogen sparing action in adrenalectomized hypophysectomized or diabetic rats

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Effect of supplementation of methionine and threonine to a protein free diet on the urinary excretion of n tau methyl histidine

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Effect of supplementation of methionine and threonine with or without 1 4 diaminobutane putrescine or pentobarbital on hepatic polysome profile in rats meal fed a protein free diet

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Effect of supplementation of urea natural proteins or protected protein of plant or animal origin on the utilization of poor quality roughages ii. lamb performance

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Effect of supplementation on the productive and reproductive performance of woolless sheep of northeast brazil

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Effect of supplementation or iron status of geriatric subjects

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Effect of supplementation with concentrates and lasalocid during late pregnancy and lactation on productivity of Rambouillet ewes and development of wool follicles in their lambs

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Effect of supplementation with exogenous fatty acid on the biological properties of a fatty acid requiring auxotroph of salmonella typhimurium

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Effect of supplementation with exogenous fatty acids on growth pattern and lipid composition of Nocardia polychromogenes

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Effect of supplementation with fish protein concentrate on protein and amino acid content of salt biscuit

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Effect of supplementation with urea natural proteins or protected proteins of plant or animal origin on the utilization of poor quality roughages 1. nutrients digestibility and nitrogen utilization

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Effect of supplemented magnesium to broiler chicken diet

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Effect of supplementing urea urea derivatives on the utilization of nutrients by bullocks fed untreated alkali sprayed wheat straw

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Effect of supply source on oral contraceptive use in Mexico

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Effect of supplying electrolytic alkali waters on blood composition of race horses

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Effect of supplying phosphorus to a portion of the soybean glycine max root system on root growth and phosphorus uptake kinetics

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Effect of supplying silicon on resistance to pyricularia and yield of rice

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Effect of support material on the development of microbial fixed films converting acetic acid to methane

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Effect of suppressing prolactin in the mouse on liveweight, food intake and ovulation rate

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Effect of suppression and felling on infection of oak and scots pine by armillaria

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Effect of suppression and stimulation of erythropoiesis on erythrocyte colony forming units in mouse spleen

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Effect of suppression of macrophage activity on the development of experimental allergic neuritis

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Effect of suppressor cells induced by administration of intra gastric antigen feeding on immuno globulin e antibody formation in mice

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Effect of suppressor cells on the formation of immunological memory in mice of different lines

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Effect of supra ambient oxygen on nitrogenase activity acetylene and root respiration of soybeans glycine max cultivar wilkin and isolated soybean bacteroids

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Effect of suprachiasmatic ablation on the daily temperature rhythm

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Effect of suprachiasmatic lesions on diurnal heart rate rhythm in the rat

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Effect of supranucleosomal chromatin organization on histone dna interrelations

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Effect of supraoptimal temperatures on the function of the subcortical fibrils and an endoplasmic factor in nitella axilliformis internodes

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Effect of supraoptimal temperatures upon tobacco mosaic virus RNA replicase

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Effect of suprofen on corneal wound healing

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Effect of suramin on digestion of carbon 14 labeled albumin in hetero lysosomes of rat liver sub cellular fractions

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Effect of suramin on human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii lymphadenopathy associated virus infection presenting as kaposi's sarcoma or acquired immune deficiency syndrome related complex clinical pharmacology and suppression of virus replication in vivo

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Effect of suramin on pinocytosis by resident rat peritoneal macrophages an analysis using 4 different substrates

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Effect of surface access and oxygen concentration on the toxicity of croton tiglium euphorbiaceae seed extract to brachydanio rerio cyprinidae

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Effect of surface active agent on the active transport of sodium in frog skin

Caslavska V.; Gron P., 1983:
Effect of surface active agents on fluoride enamel interactions 1

Lafont, J.; Lafont, P., 1978:
Effect of surface active agents on mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium bovis obtention of chromogenic mycobacteria

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