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Chapter 5,275

Effect of temperature on genetic recombination in vibrio cholerae 1. crosses between p positive strain of vibrio cholerae eltor and p negative strain of vibrio cholerae

Sridhar, P.; Polasa, H.

Indian Journal of Microbiology 19(2): 77-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0046-8991
Accession: 005274984

Crosses between P + V. cholerae eltor and P-classical strain of V. cholerae did not give rise to genetic recombinants under normal conditions. Chromosomal mobilization could be induced in P + el tor cells by exposure to 44.degree.-48.degree. C prior to mating. Kinetic study on recombinant formation revealed that efficiency of conjugation induced by heat was a function of temperature and time of incubation. The highest number of recombinants were observed at 46.degree. C, pre-incubated for 20 min.

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