Effect of temperature on stomatal conductance and ozone injury of pinto bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar pinto iii leaves

Miller, C.A.; Davis, D.D.

Plant Disease 65(9): 750-751


ISSN/ISBN: 0191-2917
Accession: 005275194

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P. vulgaris 'Pinto III' unifoliolate leaves exposed to 0.10 ppm (196 .mu.g/m3) of ozone for 3 h at 15, 24 and 32.degree. C developed 25, 3 and 24% foliar injury, respectively. Stomatal conductance of both exposed and unexposed leaves was lowest at 15.degree. C, intermediate at 24.degree. C, and greatest at 32.degree. C. Exposure to ozone significantly reduced stomatal diffusion at 32.degree. C but not at 24 or 15.degree. C.