Effect of treated plant growth regulators on the seedling characters lodging reduction growth and yield in paddy rice

Oh N.K.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 29(1 PLANT ENVIRON MYCOL AND FARM UTIL): 196-205


Accession: 005279536

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This experiment was conducted to know the effect of plant growth regulators on seedling characters, lodging reduction, growth and yield in paddy rice. By soil mixing chemicals for growing nursery box, plant height of seedlings was too short to transplant from Paclobutrazol, but adapted from CGR-811. Number of rooting, and dry weight ratio of seedlings were increased from paclobutrazol, and CGF-811 treatments. It showed the results to be a good nursery seedlings reduced senescence at late transplanting seedlings. By treating CGR-811 at 40 days, and paclobutrazol at 15 days before heading date, stem length, and length of thirth-fourth internode caused lodging were clearly inhibited than control at Suweon and Buan. Therefore, we showed results that weight of breaking down was increased, and lodging index was decreased by Chemical treatments at Suweon, and Buan areas [Korea]. By lodging of control as Buan expeirmental area, percentage of ripeness, and the grain yield were increased by CGR-811 treatment.