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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5285

Chapter 5285 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hashimoto, K.; Komori, S.; Ishii, M.; Kamiya, J., 1984:
Effective plasma concentrations of aprindine in canine ventricular arrhythmias

Lieberman, F.L.; Ito, S.; Reynolds, T.B., 1969:
Effective plasma volume in cirrhosis with ascites evidence that a decreased value does not account for renal sodium retention a spontaneous reduction in glomerular filtration rate and a fall in gfr during drug induced diuresis human

Malpica J.M.; Briscoe D.A., 1981:
Effective population number estimates of laboratory populations of drosophila melanogaster

Gill, D.E., 1978:
Effective population size and interdemic migration rates in a meta population of the red spotted newt notophthalmus viridescens

Chakraborty R.; Roychoudhury A.K., 1980:
Effective population size estimates in man some indian data

S.Martin S.K., 1982:
Effective population size for the soybean glycine max improvement program in maturity groups 00 to iv

Ryman N.; Baccus R.; Reuterwall C.; Smith M.H., 1981:
Effective population size generation interval and potential loss of genetic variability in game species under different hunting regimes

Baker M.C., 1981:
Effective population size in a song bird some possible implications

Wade M.J., 1980:
Effective population size the effects of sex genotype and density on the mean and variance of offspring numbers in the flour beetle tribolium castaneum

Weissman, B.A.; Zisman, F., 1981:
Effective powers of flexible contact lenses

Veith, F.J.; Crane, R.; Torres, M.; Colon, I.; Hagstrom, J.W.; Pinsker, K.; Koerner, S.K., 1976:
Effective preservation and transportation of lung transplants

Neels S.; Becher H.; Reussel G., 1985:
Effective prevention of anomalies conditioned exogenously in the age of day nursery

Sherwood P., 1984:
Effective prevention of coronary heart attacks

Spinapolice R.X.; Feld S.; Harrigan J.T., 1983:
Effective prevention of gestational hypertension in nulliparous women at risk as identified by the rollover test

Fleischhacker, M.; Rudolph, M.; Krüger, L.; Randt, A., 1987:
Effective propagation of various type D retroviruses in human lymphoblastoid Raji cells

Neff, D.L.; Callaghan, B.P., 1988:
Effective properties of multicomponent simultaneous maskers under conditions of uncertainty

Hutchison, A.A.; Russell, G., 1976:
Effective pulmonary capillary blood flow in infants with birth asphyxia

Ono K.; Shigeta S.; Oka S., 1988:
Effective purification of glucoamylase in koji a solid culture of aspergillus oryzae on steamed rice by affinity chromatography using an immobilized acarbose bay g 5421

Oyama, M.; Wakamura, S., 1977:
Effective range for mating suppression of spodoptera litura by evaporating z e 9 12 tetra deca dienyl acetate

Mascagni H.J.Jr; Cox F.R., 1985:
Effective rates of fertilization for correcting manganese deficiency in soybeans glycine max

Look A.T.; Dahl G.V.; Kalwinsky D.; Senzer N.; Mason C.; Rivera G., 1981:
Effective remission induction of refractory childhood acute nonlymphocytic leukemia by vp 16 213 vepeside plus aza cytidine

Maher E.F.; Rudnick S.N.; Moeller D.W., 1987:
Effective removal of airborne radon 222 decay products inside buildings

Janssen A.J.; Asman W.A.H., 1988:
Effective removal parameters in long range air pollution transport models

Haybron, D.M.; Townsend, M.C.; Hampton, W.W.; Schirmer, J.M.; Fry, D.E., 1986:
Effective renal blood flow and renal energy charge in murine peritonitis

Kuhlemeier, K.V.; Huang, C.T.; Lloyd, L.K.; Fine, P.R.; Stover, S.L., 1985:
Effective renal plasma flow: clinical significance after spinal cord injury

Llamas Elvira J.M.; Martinez Paredes M.; Sopena Monforte R.; Cruz Fombellida Cortaraz J.; Marti Vidal J.F.; Esteban Velasco J., 1987:
Effective renal plasma flow measurement by blood sample counting comparison of result obtained by the classical sapirstein method and by a simplified method using two samples

Akihisa R.; Omori Y.; Azuma K.; Kohama T.; Kameyama K.; Fukuda M.; Hirata Y., 1982:
Effective retinal photo coagulation in a patient with progressive diabetic retinopathy during pregnancy

Mozharov A.D., 1985:
Effective separation of bacterial phospholipids and neutral lipids in 1 dimensional thin layer chromatography

Yuki, Y.; Nishimura, R.; Mochizuki, M., 1986:
Effective separation of human chorionic gonadotropin subunits by high performance gel permeation chromatography

Preston, C.J.; Yates, A.J.; Beneton, M.N.; Russell, R.G.; Gray, R.E.; Smith, R.; Kanis, J.A., 1986:
Effective short term treatment of Paget's disease with oral etidronate

O'brien M.E., 1980:
Effective social environment and hemo dialysis adaptation a panel analysis

Vinograd-Finkel', F.R.; Fedorova, L.I.; Semenova, N.V., 1978:
Effective solutions for suspending de frosted erythrocytes

Jadeja K.B.; Vaishnav M.U., 1984:
Effective spray schedule for control of anthracnose and leaf blight of mango

Gupta J.H., 1985:
Effective spray schedule for control of powdery mildew on mango

Broun G.R.; Mamadaliev A.; Chirkov V.V., 1981:
Effective stimulus for electro receptors in turkestan catfish clyptosternum reticulatum

Kerman B.R., 1983:
Effective stratification for plume rise and boundary layer growth computations

Catellani P.L.; Ronchini F.; Caramella C.; Colombo P.; Conte U.; Gazzaniga A.; Ferrari F., 1985:
Effective surface area and activity on antacid preparations

Mal'tsev S.D.; Danilov L.L.; Shibaev V.N., 1988:
Effective synthesis of moraprenyl monophosphate sugars

Nishi, Y.; Gagge, A.P., 1977:
Effective temperature scale useful for hypobaric and hyperbaric environments

Kirkland, K.; Hollandsworth, J.G.J., 1980:
Effective test taking skills acquisition vs. anxiety reduction techniques

Kong J Y., 1982:
Effective thermal diffusivity of water protein fat food system

Fuller C.A.; Sulzman F.M.; Moore Ede M.C., 1979:
Effective thermo regulation in primates depends upon internal circadian synchronization

Sakata K.; Hoshino T.; Yokoyama S.; Takayama S.; Mori N.; Kida M.; Yoshida H.; Kato I.; Kaburagi T., 1986:
Effective thrombolytic therapy with transluminal coronary angioplasty to prevent the evolution of acute myocardial infarction at the very early stage

Jordanoglou, J.; Koursouba, E.; Lalenis, C.; Gotsis, T.; Kontos, J.; Gardikas, C., 1979:
Effective time of the forced expiratory spirogram in health and airways obstruction

Brem J., 1981:
Effective topical method of therapy for onycho mycosis

Ogo, K.; Kanamori, S.; Ikeda, K.; Kawasaki, J., 1981:
Effective training of swimming 3. relationship between physiological load and renal function at the time of crawl training

Parker, D.; Holford, C.P.; Begent, R.H.; Newlands, E.S.; Rustin, G.J.; Makey, A.R.; Bagshawe, K.D., 1983:
Effective treatment for malignant mediastinal teratoma

Ahmed S.M.; Islam M.R.; Butler T., 1986:
Effective treatment of diarrheal dehydration with an oral rehydration solution containing citrate

Sarnat, H.B.; McGarry, J.D.; Lewis, J.E., 1977:
Effective treatment of infantile myasthenia gravis by combined prednisone and thymectomy

Pees H.W.; Riehm H.J.; Schwamborn J., 1985:
Effective treatment of lymphomas of burkitts type and b cell acute lymphocytic leukemia in adults

Gerlag P.G.G., 1983:
Effective treatment of refractory hypertension by combination of direct vaso dilators

Isambaev A.I.; Kuz'min E.V.; Kukenov M.K.; Saurambaev B.N., 1986:
Effective use and protection of natural licorice thickets in the kazakh ssr ussr

Subramani V.; Siddiq E.A.; Palanichamy K., 1983:
Effective use of base specific chemical mutagens in rice

Berzuini C.; Maranzana Figini M.; Bernardinelli L., 1982:
Effective use of electro myogram parameters in the assessment of neuro muscular diseases

Painuli D.K.; Woodhead T.; Pagliai M., 1988:
Effective use of energy and water in rice soil puddling

Livingston W.H.; Blanchette R.A.; Brenner M.L.; Zuzek K.J., 1985:
Effective use of ethylene releasing agents to prevent spread of eastern dwarf mistletoe arceuthobium pusillum on black spruce picea mariana

De-Serres, F.J., 1978:
Effective use of quick tests for the evaluation of mutagenic characteristics of chemical substances in the environment

Storchous V.N., 1986:
Effective use of sprinkler irrigation on peach plantings

Strey A.; Baldauf S.; Laue W.; Trolldenier H., 1986:
Effective use of veterinary medicaments with particular consideration of non residualization in foodstuffs of animal origin

Kakkar, V.K.; Sharma, P.B., 1978:
Effective utilization of cattle dung for producing gobar gas economically in winter months

Hatano, M.; Ando, S.; Zama, K., 1985:
Effective utilization of fall chum salmon ii. nutritional quality of muscle protein during spawning migration of chum salmon

Chernikov, M.P.; Smirnova, L.I.; Bulycheva, E.M.; Sorokina, N.V.; Usacheva, N.T., 1977:
Effective utilization of milk proteins by rats in the neo natal period/

Dolgov S.I.; Zhitkova A.A.; Vinogradova G.B., 1979:
Effective utilization of soil moisture by plants under varying conditions of soil moisture content

Morimoto K.; Takeeda T.; Nakamoto Y.; Morisaka K., 1982:
Effective vaginal absorption of insulin in diabetic rats and rabbits using poly acrylic acid aqueous gel bases

Kobayashi M.; Satake T., 1979:
Effective water depth for protecting rice panicles from sterility caused by cool temperature during the booting stage

Zwicker R.D.; Shahabi S.; W.A.; Sternick E.S., 1985:
Effective wedge angles for 6 megavolt wedges

Nishizawa Y., 1988:
Effectiveness against allergic rhinitis of my 1250 metabolite of my 5116 investigation of inhibition by my 1250 of degranulation of metachromatic cells in nasal fluids of patients with allergic rhinitis

Loginov, G.I., 1977:
Effectiveness and adaptation to food quality of starch glucose transport after bile and pancreatic duct ligation in rats

Kielstein P.; Schimmel D.; Desens H J.; Fischer K.; Kludas K H.; Schoell W.; Sondermann R.; Stahl U.; Tyrpe P.; Bugnowski H.; Uhlemann J., 1987:
Effectiveness and application of ep vac bordetella and ep vac pasteurella dessau

Korkushko, O.V.; Butenko, A.G.; Kaukenas, I.K., 1986:
Effectiveness and characteristics of the action of ethmozine in treatment of elderly and aged extrasystole patients

Dietz P.; Boehm R.; Strauch D., 1980:
Effectiveness and compatibility of formaldehyde gas and aerosols of per acetic acid and hydrogen per oxide

Turco R.F.; Moorman T.B.; Bezdicek D.F., 1986:
Effectiveness and competitiveness of spontaneous antibiotic resistant mutants of rhizobium leguminosarum and rhizobium japonicum

Sjogren R.D.; Frank A.M., 1979:
Effectiveness and cost of nonthermal resmethrin aerosols for control of aedes mosquitoes in wooded areas

Bovey R.W.; Mayeux H.S.Jr, 1980:
Effectiveness and distribution of 2 4 5 t triclopyr picloram and 3 6 di chloro picolinic acid in honey mesquite prosopis juliflora var glandulosa

Arosio, G.; Ciampalini, G.; D.G.rolamo, A.; Ettori, F.; Fappani, A.; Oneglia, C., 1980:
Effectiveness and duration of action of nifedipine in effort angina

Singh M.; Chaturvedi S.N., 1987:
Effectiveness and efficiency of mutagens alone or in combination with dmso in lathyrus sativus linn

Emel J.L.; Maddock T.IIi, 1986:
Effectiveness and equity of groundwater management methods in the western usa

Kartamyshev N.I.; Bardunova I.T.; Posokhov A.V., 1986:
Effectiveness and further improvement of subsurface treatment

Hirota, Y.; Khaja, F.; Abelmann, W.H., 1976:
Effectiveness and hazard of endo myo cardial biopsy in dogs comparison of 2 methods

Lyusov V.A.; Konyaev B.V.; Belousov Y.B.; Yakovlev V.B.; Keler Kh; Vegner Kh; Sheel' Kh, 1980:
Effectiveness and method of application of strepto kinase in patients with myo cardial infarction and pre infarction angina pectoris

Jaques, R.P.; Laing, J.E.; Laing, D.R.; Yu, D.S.K., 1987:
Effectiveness and persistence of the granulosis virus of the codling moth cydia pomonella l. lepidoptera olethreutidae on apple

Hartmann H.; Guertler H.; Liebaug E.; Meyer H.; Stahl U.; Steinbach G.; Wujanz G., 1986:
Effectiveness and possible applications of ursolyte g oral a new drinking diet in treatment of diarrhea of calves and piglets

Saradzhishvili P.M.; Chkhenkeli S.A., 1981:
Effectiveness and present day principles of pharmacological diagnosis of an epileptic focus with the use of short acting and ultra short acting analeptics and barbiturates

Zoppi S.; Vergani C.; Giorgietti P.; Rapelli S.; Berra B., 1985:
Effectiveness and reliability of medium term treatment with a diet rich in olive of patients with vascular diseases

Krishnaiah, K.; Lal, R., 1975:
Effectiveness and residual toxicity of dimethoate in the control of insect pests of sarson brassica campestris

Guthery, F.S.; Beasom, S.L., 1978:
Effectiveness and selectivity of neck snares in predator control

Komajda M.; Farges D.; Michat L.; Frank R.; Fontaine G.; Grosgogeat Y., 1985:
Effectiveness and side effects of long term treatment with amiodarone a prospective study 460 cases

Chevallard, M.; Mele, G.; Borsa, M.; Malandrino, S.; Tonon, G.C.; Carrabba, M., 1987:
Effectiveness and tolerability of ketoprofen lysine, once a day, in patients with rheumatic disorders

Cucinotta D.; Dall'asta D.; Benaglia F.; Ciotti G.; Nicora M.; Passeri M., 1987:
Effectiveness and tolerability of long term treatment with naftidrofuryl in sdat affected patients control study versus placebo

Mitchell M.S.; Kempf R.A.; Harel W.; Shau H.; Boswell W.D.; Lind S.; Bradley E.C., 1988:
Effectiveness and tolerability of low dose cyclophosphamide and low dose intravenous interleukin 2 in disseminated melanoma

Ferretti, G.; Maini, C.; Ronchini, P.; Cucinotta, D., 1980:
Effectiveness and tolerability of triazolam vs. placebo in the treatment of geriatric patients with insomnia

Apoil E.; Arstila M.; Dettmer A.; Graf N.; Keyrilainen O.; Marcadet D.M.; Neuhaus R.; Oversohl K.; Rudroff W.; E.A., 1986:
Effectiveness and tolerance of a heavy dose of bepridil multicenter double blind study

Chernyshenko A.I.; Frolova A.A.; Chilikin M.M.; Bezuglov D.A.; Voevodina A.I.; Gordeichik N.G., 1980:
Effectiveness and tolerance of combantrin in mass treatment of patients with enterobiasis ascariasis and trichocephaliasis

Guillen Llera F.; Reuss J.M.; Tobares N.; Torres M.; Viguera S., 1986:
Effectiveness and tolerance of nifedipine retard in the treatment of moderate hypertension in the elderly a comparative multicentric study

Klietmann, W.; Klietmann, B.; Cox, J.; Charbonnier, C., 1988:
Effectiveness and tolerance of preexposure and postexposure treatment with purified inactivated rabies vaccine prepared on vero cell line

Sato T.; Yamashita T.; Tai H.; Horiguchi M., 1985:
Effectiveness and toxicity of cis dichlorodiammineplatinum containing combination chemotherapy for non small cell carcinoma of the lung

Schwartz F.W., 1981:
Effectiveness and utilization of screening cytology for cervical cancer in west germany

Kuenzel W.; Padron F.S., 1985:
Effectiveness comparison between collective topical applications of fluoride solutions and water fluoridation

Golovlev, E.L.; Golovleva, L.A.; Finkel'shtein, Z.I.; Strekozov, B.P.; Petrov, N.P.; Vasil'eva, G.K.; Kolomenskaya, T.I.; Sokolov, M.S.; Prilezhaeva, E.N.; Et-Al, 1976:
Effectiveness dynamics and effect on soil micro flora of the herbicide alvison 8

K.P.J.; Cervantes E.; Robles Martinez C., 1983:
Effectiveness evaluation for a nonabsorbable anti oxidant anoxomer using a high poly unsaturated fatty acid lipid system

Baba S.; Kinoshita H.; Mori Y.; Suzuki K.; Furuuchi I.; Baba K.; Tanigaito Y.; Nagae D.; Kawai T.; E.A., 1986:
Effectiveness evaluation of aztreonam on paranasal sinusitis

Fujie K.; Takaine M.; Kubota H., 1979:
Effectiveness factor of biofloc with solid core

Fujie K.; Furuya T.; Kubota H., 1979:
Effectiveness factor of microbial film in aerobic reaction

Kattamis C.; Efremov G.; Pootrakul S., 1981:
Effectiveness of 1 tube osmotic fragility screening in detecting beta thalassemia trait

Frankenberg, D.; Goodhead, D.T.; Frankenberg-Schwager, M.; Harbich, R.; Bance, D.A.; Wilkinson, R.E., 1986:
Effectiveness of 1.5 kev aluminum k and 0.3 kev carbon k characteristic x rays at inducing dna double strand breaks in yeast cells

Parups, E.V., 1977:
Effectiveness of 2 3 di hydro 5 6 di phenyl 1 4 oxathiin for dis budding of chrysanthemums grown under different environmental conditions

Ohyama Y.; Hara S I., 1979:
Effectiveness of 2 additives in preventing aerobic deterioration of maize silages after opening silos

Arango, J.L.; Trujillo, H.; Worren, D.; Uribe, A.; Agudelo, N.H.; De-Vidal, E.L., 1976:
Effectiveness of 2 new cephalosporins cephazolin and cephapirin administered intermittently in acute and chronic osteo myelitis in children

Uozumi J.; Sagiyama K.; Aoki K.; Iwamoto Y.; Baba T., 1983:
Effectiveness of 2 route chemo therapy using cisplatin and its antidote sodium thio sulfate on life span of rats bearing metastatic liver tumors

Snigurowicz J.; Kraj M.; Rostkowska J.; Maj S.; Marianska B.; Mendek E.; Roszowski S.; Kilian Z.; Kolakowski L., 1981:
Effectiveness of 2 stage treatment of multiple myeloma with melphalan and with melphalan in combination with cyclo phosphamide carmustine vincristine and prednisone

Marsh G.G.; Hirsch S.H., 1982:
Effectiveness of 2 tests of visual retention

Bhanot, J.P.; Verma, A.N., 1978:
Effectiveness of 3 granular systemic insecticides applied by different methods and malathion sprays on aphid control and seed yield of radish

Kabir, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of 3 insecticides against internal infestations of sitophilus oryzae in wheat

Pecori Giraldi J.; Appiotti A.; T.; Anania A., 1987:
Effectiveness of 3 percent pilocarpine in hydroxypropylmethylcellulose clinico statistical investigation

Veneman P.L.M.; Bodine S.M.; Murray J.R.; Baker J.H., 1982:
Effectiveness of 3 rapid digestion methods to estimate total lead in orchard soils

Boag D.A.; Lewin V., 1980:
Effectiveness of 3 waterfowl deterrents on natural and polluted ponds

Fonseca, G.F., 1976:
Effectiveness of 4 water cooled under garments and a water cooled cap in reducing heat stress

Catalan, J.G.; Alonso, M.C.; Barneo, L.; Marcuello, E.; Viladiu, P., 1975:
Effectiveness of 5 fluoro uracil in liver metastases from breast cancer

Hamze M.; Nimah M.; Zaabout M., 1984:
Effectiveness of 6 digestion procedures to evaluate the status of major elements calcium potassium magnesium and sodium in citrus citrus aurantium leaves

Ballard J.B.; Gold R.E.; Rauscher J.D., 1984:
Effectiveness of 6 insecticide treatment strategies in the reduction of german cockroach blattella germanica orthoptera blattellidae populations in infected apartments

Roberts R.H.; Baldwin K.F.; Pinson J.L., 1980:
Effectiveness of 9 pyrethroids against anopheles quadrimaculatus and psorophora columbiae in arkansas usa

Camitta B.M.; Lauer S.J.; Casper J.T.; Kirchner P.A.; Kun L.E.; Oechler H.W.; Adair S.E., 1985:
Effectiveness of a 6 drug regimen without local irradiation for treatment of mediastinal lymphoblastic lymphoma in children

Edwards S.J.; Hutchison J.B.Jr, 1980:
Effectiveness of a barrier net in reducing white perch morone americana and striped bass morone saxatilis impingement

Vareltzis, K.; Buck, E.M.; Labbe, R.G., 1984:
Effectiveness of a betalains potassium sorbate system vs. sodium nitrite for color development and control of total aerobes clostridium perfringens and clostridium sporogenes in chicken frankfurters

Van Liew, H.D.; Sponholtz, D.K., 1981:
Effectiveness of a breath during exercise in a hyperbaric environment

Gravel R.; Lemieux G.; Ladouceur R., 1980:
Effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral treatment package for cross country ski racers

Chobanov R.E.; Alieva S.I.; Mamedova K.M.; Pashaeva M.I., 1983:
Effectiveness of a combination of single doses of combantrin and vermox in the treatment of intestinal nematodiasis

Bragina G.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of a combined use of beta adrenergic blockers and long acting nitrates in chronic ischemic heart disease

Bozeman W.C.; Olsen C., 1987:
Effectiveness of a decision aid for selection of statistical procedures

Badenoch, P.R.; Alfrich, S.J.; Wedding, T.R.; Coster, D.J., 1988:
Effectiveness of a decontamination method for donor corneas

McFall, W.T.; Morgan, W.C., 1985:
Effectiveness of a dentifrice containing formalin and sodium monofluorophosphate on dental hypersensitivity

Bezdrobnaya L.K.; Gul'ko G.M.; Chernichenko V.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of a fast neutron beam in relation to dna lesions in ehrlich ascites tumor cells irradiated in water phantom

Gravelyn T.R.; Capper M.; Eschenbacher W.L., 1987:
Effectiveness of a heat and moisture exchanger in preventing hyperpnea induced bronchoconstriction in subjects with asthma

Jasmin J.; Fontaine M., 1987:
Effectiveness of a hemostatic collagen dressing compared with regenerated oxidized cellulose in oral surgery

Gel'perin N.I.; Pebalk V.L.; Zamyshlyaev V.G.; Rusin V.N.; Zhukovskaya S.A.; Lavrovskii V.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of a hydrocyclone extractor in penicillin extraction from aqueous solutions

Callegari V.; Del Bufalo C.; R.M.C.; D.B.nedictis E.; Dalpozzo M.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of a live attenuated influenza a virus vaccine administered intra nasally in patients suffering from chronic broncho pulmonary diseases

Kirichenko A.A.; Aslibekyan I.S.; Ivanova L.N.; Zurabyan K.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of a long acting beta blocker nadolol in the treatment of ischemic heart disease

Frochot H.; Levy G., 1986:
Effectiveness of a mulching with newspapers on juvenile growth of wild cherry tree prunus avium

Ortuno Aznar F.; Martin Jadraqu L., 1985:
Effectiveness of a new beta blocker penbutolol in the treatment of ischemic cardiopathy

Cerasola G.A.; Botta R.M.; Riolo A.; Amico L.M., 1979:
Effectiveness of a new beta receptor blocking drug atenolol ici 66082 in treatment of arterial hypertension

Gupta A.P.; Parrish M.D., 1984:
Effectiveness of a new boric acid bait roach killer cream on german cockroach blattella germanica populations in urban dwellings

Burris, J.F.; Santangelo, R.P.; Mroczek, W.J., 1986:
Effectiveness of a new calcium antagonist in severe hypertension

Chmela J.; Rupes V., 1980:
Effectiveness of a new raticide vacor against brown rats rattus norvegicus and house mice mus musculus

Ellis J.F.; Peek J.W.; Boehle J.Jr; Mueller G., 1980:
Effectiveness of a new safener for protecting sorghum sorghum bicolor from metolachlor injury

Okolelova T.M.; Spirina S.I.; Kureneva V.P., 1987:
Effectiveness of a new vitamin k form used in broiler feed

Loewenstein, J.I.; Palmberg, P.F.; Connett, J.E.; Wentworth, D.N., 1985:
Effectiveness of a pinhole method for visual acuity screening

Grauvogel, L.W., 1986:
Effectiveness of a positive pressure respirator for controlling lead exposure in acid storage battery manufacturing

Leitsmann H.; Prager W., 1981:
Effectiveness of a program for early detection of recurrence of cervical carcinoma

Prager W.; Leitsmann H., 1982:
Effectiveness of a program for early detection of recurrence of endometrial carcinoma

Shafran S.A.; Lupina A.A.; Motuzok P.F., 1981:
Effectiveness of a radical method of application of complex fertilizers for winter wheat

McCullough, J.; Scott, E.P.; Halagan, N.; Strand, R.A.; McGlave, P., 1988:
Effectiveness of a regional bone marrow donor program

Chafee-Bahamon, C.; Lovejoy, F.H., 1983:
Effectiveness of a regional poison center in reducing excess emergency room visits for children's poisonings

Lory, P., 1987:
Effectiveness of a salt transport cascade in the renal medulla: computer simulations

Kakusaka I., 1984:
Effectiveness of a sequential combination of bleomycin and mitomycin c on advanced bronchogenic carcinoma with special reference to influence of additional irradiation

Burts E.C., 1983:
Effectiveness of a soft pesticide program on pear pests

Shurygin D.Ya; Chireikin L.V.; Ermolaev V.I.; Keiver A.R.; Frenkel' V.L.; Pupko I.D.; Korneev N.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of a specialized device for mass cardiological screening of the population

Berger C.D., 1981:
Effectiveness of a whole body counter during and after an accident situation at nuclear facilities

Buchanan D.R.; Collier A.; Rodrigues E.; Millar A.M.; Gray R.S.; Clarke B.F., 1988:
Effectiveness of acarbose and alpha glucosidase inhibitor in uncontrolled non obese non insulin dependent diabetes

Levine E.; Felsot A., 1985:
Effectiveness of acephate and carbofuran seed treatments of control the black cutworm agrotis ipsilon lepidoptera noctuidae on field corn

Forsythe W.I.; Owens J.R.; Toothill C., 1981:
Effectiveness of acetazolamide in the treatment of carbamazepine resistant epilepsy in children

Hedberg, M.; Miller, J.K., 1969:
Effectiveness of acetic acid, betadine, amphyll, polymyxin B, colistin, and gentamicin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kulyukin A.N.; Samsonova N.E., 1980:
Effectiveness of activated phosphorite and its effect on phosphate state of soddy podzolic soil

Ahonen, E.; Hakumaki, M.; Mahlamaki, S.; Partanen, J.; Riekkinen, P.; Sivenius, J., 1984:
Effectiveness of acupuncture and physiotherapy on myogenic headache: a comparative study

Chen G.S., 1981:
Effectiveness of acupuncture therapy in color blindness

Chen G.S., 1979:
Effectiveness of acupuncture therapy on female frigidity

Cassileth, P.A.; Bennett, J.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia induction chemotherapy in acute lymphocytic leukemia

Lewis, R.P.; Stang, J.M.; Fulkerson, P.K.; Sampson, K.L.; Scoles, A.; Warren, J.V., 1979:
Effectiveness of advanced paramedics in a mobile coronary care system

Prasad R., 1988:
Effectiveness of aerial seeding in reclamation of chambal ravines in madhya pradesh india

Ward P.R., 1981:
Effectiveness of aftercare for older people prescribed a hearing aid for the 1st time

Papisov, R.I., 1976:
Effectiveness of agricultural improvements for the cultivation of tea shrubs in the kolkhida lowland

Fink, E.B.; Longabaugh, R.; Mccrady, B.M.; Stout, R.L.; Beattie, M.; Ruggieri-Authelet, A.; Mcneil, D., 1985:
Effectiveness of alcoholism treatment in partial vs. inpatient settings twenty four month outcomes

Dorosinskii, L.M.; Afanas'eva, L.M., 1978:
Effectiveness of alfalfa inoculation depending on the plant cultivar and strain of rhizobium meliloti

Es'kov E.K.; Markova V.E., 1987:
Effectiveness of alfalfa pollination by melliferous and other types of bees

Dubois B.; Garabedian N.; Sounthavong J.P.; Tournier G., 1987:
Effectiveness of alpha amylase syrup in glue ear with mucus spinability test

Vacher S.; Peytral C.; Narcy P., 1985:
Effectiveness of alpha leukocyte interferon in juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis

Kuleshov V.I.; Kolbasov S.E.; Nechiporenko S.P.; Buchko V.M.; Stroikova G.S., 1987:
Effectiveness of alupent in pulmonary surfactant system disturbances caused by chlorophos poisoning

Plaut, G.S., 1987:
Effectiveness of amantadine in reducing relapses in multiple sclerosis

Hollman, A.; Holt, P.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of amiodarone in resistant arrhythmias

Chefranova Y.A.; Oshevskaya Z.A.; Gushchin P.P., 1984:
Effectiveness of ammonia in disinfection of biological wastes in ascariasis foci

Petelenz, T.; Knosała, P., 1985:
Effectiveness of amoxicillin in infectious endocarditis

Kish, G.B.; Ellsworth, R.B.; Woody, M.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of an 84 day and a 60 day alcoholism treatment program

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Effectiveness of an artificial substrate for sampling macro invertebrates in small streams

Meyer, F.P.; Grecksch, G.; Walther, H., 1978:
Effectiveness of analgesics evaluated with the tourniquet technique

Symons R.G.; Walichnowski C.M.; Murphy L.J., 1982:
Effectiveness of analysis of free thyroxine concentration in serum for diagnosis of covert thyroid disease

Pavlova R.P., 1988:
Effectiveness of and prospects for the use of attracting agents to control tabanid flies in pastures

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Effectiveness of and tolerance for combantrin during intestinal nematodoses

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Effectiveness of and tolerance to praziquantel in schistosomiasis

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Effectiveness of anhydrous ammonia as a preservative for high moisture alfalfa hay in large round bales

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Effectiveness of anhydrous ammonia as a preservative for high moisture hay

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Effectiveness of animal rotation in achieving uniform dust exposures and lung dust deposition in horizontal flow chambers

Green M.; Guideri G.; Lehr D., 1983:
Effectiveness of anti arrhythmic agents in preventing death in ventricular fibrillation induced by isoprenaline in deoxy cortico sterone pre treated rats

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Effectiveness of anti erosion measures in the drainage basin of iskur reservoir bulgaria

Crutcher J.E.; Kantner T.R., 1981:
Effectiveness of anti histamines in the common cold

Augustin M.A.; Berry S.K., 1983:
Effectiveness of anti oxidants in refined bleached and de odorized palm elaeis guineensis olein

Noor N.; Augustin M.A., 1984:
Effectiveness of anti oxidants on the stability of banana musa paradisiaca cultivar pisang nangka chips

Burton, S.; Trachtenberg, J., 1986:
Effectiveness of antiandrogens in the rat

Singh D.R.; Hori K., 1979:
Effectiveness of antibiotics against pests of stored corn

Dhanvantari, B.N.; Dirks, V.A.; Brown, R.J., 1978:
Effectiveness of antibiotics for control of bacterial spot of peach in southwestern ontario canada

Fibak, J., 1986:
Effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of biliary tract infections

Lockshin, A.; Giovanella, B.C.; Vardeman, D.M.; Mendoza, J.T.; Quian, C.; Kozielski, T.; Stehlin, J.S.Jr, 1985:
Effectiveness of anticancer drugs determined in nude mice inoculated with iodine 125 5 iodo 2' deoxyuridine prelabeled human melanoma cells

Gesinski, R.M., 1976:
Effectiveness of antimycin a oligomycin and sodium cyanide as inhibitors of rat bone marrow oxygen utilization

Banyavichene Z.I.; Zhevite Kul'vetene Z.I., 1985:
Effectiveness of application of mixtures of tur fundazol and mecoprop on winter wheat sowings

Pomerantseva M.D.; Ramaiya L.K.; Zherebchenko P.G.; Kalistratov G.V., 1981:
Effectiveness of application of various radioprotective agents against genetic effects of ionizing radiation on mouse male germ cells the yield of dominant lethal mutations in post spermatogonial cells

Leshchenko N.A.; Gutnikova A.R.; Bakhtiyarov O.R.; Abidova S.S., 1985:
Effectiveness of arteriovenous perfusion during acute cardiac failure

Yamaguchi Y.; Nonoda T.; Kobayashi H.; Izawa K.; Jinno T.; Ishikura I.; Uchida M.; Tonogai M., 1983:
Effectiveness of artificial bait for obtaining higher hooking rate on bottom set long line fishing

Mcmanus M.L.; Smith H.R., 1984:
Effectiveness of artificial bark flaps in mediating migration of late instar gypsy moth lymantria dispar larvae

Nigmatullaeva M.Kh; Gummel'farb G.N.; Kleinerman V.E.; Sluchenkova L.I., 1980:
Effectiveness of artificial pulmonary ventilation with constant positive pressure in respiratory ducts during anesthesia for closed mitral commissurotomy in patients with pulmonary hypertension

Tanner, V.L.; Holliman, W.B., 1988:
Effectiveness of assertiveness training in modifying aggressive behaviors of young children

Hirsch, S.M.; von Rosenberg, R.; Phelan, C.; Dudley, H.K., 1978:
Effectiveness of assertiveness training with alcoholics

Seki Y., 1987:
Effectiveness of assisted closed chest cardiac massage in dogs with hypoxic shock

Alfano G.; Salera P.; Rossi P.L.; Mancini S.; Menichella G.; Lentini P.; Candido A.; Mango G.; Breda R., 1986:
Effectiveness of association of plasma exchange and cholestyramine in treatment of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

Dobina A.I.; Savchenko V.K.; Subbot S.T., 1987:
Effectiveness of associative selection in a model drosophila population

Tikhomirova, M.V.; Rogozkin, V.D., 1977:
Effectiveness of atp antibiotics and vitamins during prolonged irradiation of monkeys

Schoenfeld, W.N.; Kadden, R.M.; McMillan, J.C., 1977:
Effectiveness of atrial pacing in Macaca mulatta as a function of pacing pulse intensity: modification by atropine and propranolol

Nissen, M.J.; Corkin, S., 1985:
Effectiveness of attentional cueing in older and younger adults

Sbitneva, M.F.; Gvozdeva, N.I.; Ignasheva, L.P.; Rogozkin, V.D.; Fedotenkov, A.G.; Ulanova, A.M., 1977:
Effectiveness of auto myelo therapy of irradiated dogs depending on the number of transplanted cells

Guidoni G.; L.M.lfa G.P.; Strik W.K.; Hautman G.; Pastorino A.; Cabras P.L., 1987:
Effectiveness of autogenic training applied to a group of baseball and softball players

Kavtaradze G.V.; Mamamtavrishvili M.O., 1985:
Effectiveness of autogenic training in relation to some indices of the psychosocial status in patients with ischemic heart disease and essential hypertension

Narita N.; Ishioka A.; Saitoh Y.; Sasaki D.; Kawakami K., 1981:
Effectiveness of autogenic training on patients with psycho somatic disease

Levin G.S.; Baidullaev S.T., 1987:
Effectiveness of autohemotransfusions and blood substitute infusion in experimental hemorrhagic shock

Shapiro M., 1985:
Effectiveness of b vitamins as uv screens for the gypsy moth lepidoptera lymantriidae nucleopolyhedrosis virus

Goldberg, L.J.; Ford, I.; Tanabe, A.M.; Watkins, H.M.S., 1977:
Effectiveness of bacillus sphaericus var fusiformis ssii 1 as a potential mosquito larval control agent the role of variations in natural microbial flora in the larval environment

Mclaughlin R.E.; Fukuda T.; Willis O.R.; Billodeaux J., 1982:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis serotype h 14 against anopheles crucians

Mclaughlin R.E.; Fukuda T., 1982:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis serotype h 14 against culex quinquefasciatus in small ditches

Mclaughlin R.E.; Billodeaux J., 1983:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against psorophora columbiae breeding in rice fields

Montero Lago G.; Epino Llerena R.; Garcia Avila I.; Diaz Perez M., 1986:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis h 14 in different mosquito breeding places of havana city and santiago de cuba provinces cuba

Cantwell G.E.; Cantelo W.W., 1984:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis in controlling a sciarid fly lycoriella mali in mushroom compost

Montero Lago G.; Espino Llerena R.; Garcia Avila I.; Diaz Perez M., 1986:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis sh 14 in breeding places of anopheles albimanus wiedeman under natural conditions of cuba

Roditakis, N.E., 1986:
Effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki on the grape berry moth lobesia botrana den. and shiff. lepidoptera tortricidae under field and laboratory conditions in crete

Gemrich E.G.II.V.ndestreek E., 1980:
Effectiveness of bacillus uniflagellatus in controlling plant diseases

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Effectiveness of baclofen in schizophrenia

Stroeva I.A.; Vainovska E.Ya; Sniedze Z.Ya; Yarkulov F.M.; Chilingaryan V.A.; Galetenko S.M.; Kholchenkov V.A.; Pastukh G.I., 1980:
Effectiveness of bacterial insecticide preparation for lepidoptera control

Dapsis L.J.; Ferro D.N., 1983:
Effectiveness of baited cone traps and colored sticky traps for monitoring adult cabbage maggots hylemya brassicae with notes on female ovarian development

Mukhopadhyay S.K.; Bera P.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of basalin tribunil isoproturon and cultural method in controlling weeds in wheat crop

Miceli I.; D.K.ntor I.N.; Colaiacovo D.; Peluffo G.; Cutillo I.; Gorra R.; Botta R.; Hom S.; Ten Dam H.G., 1988:
Effectiveness of bcg vaccination evaluated by means of the case control method in buenos aires argentina

Sutherland I.; Springett V.H., 1987:
Effectiveness of bcg vaccination in england and wales uk in 1983

Angel J.H.; Springett V.H.; Pickering C.A.C.; Sutherland I., 1980:
Effectiveness of bcg vaccination in great britain uk in 1978 a report from the research committee of the british thoracic association

Hawthorne B.T., 1979:
Effectiveness of benomyl for control of sclerotinia minor on lettuce

Lai C.; Pirisi R.; Onnis E.; Tallu B.; Delogu G.; Cherchi A.Jr; Arca M.; Cherchi A., 1985:
Effectiveness of bepridil in patients with exercise induced angina

Korabel'shchikova N.I.; Kashshai A.A.; Pichkar' I.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of beta adreno blockers in patients with myo cardial infarction

Kutsenogii K.P.; Chankina O.V.; Kirov E.I.; Makarov V.I.; Sakharov V.M., 1984:
Effectiveness of bhc accumulation by gypsy moth caterpillars of iii iv instars after aerosol application of the insecticide

Khan, A.U., 1977:
Effectiveness of bio feedback and counter conditioning in the treatment of bronchial asthma

Mancini S.; Pastori A., 1986:
Effectiveness of biological immunomodulants in infantile infections

Hoeflich G.; Wolf H J.; Schiefer C.; Kuehn G.; Hickisch B.; Eich D., 1987:
Effectiveness of biological preparations of selected rhizobium strains as inoculations for alfalfa on different east german sites

Zubtsovskii N.E., 1981:
Effectiveness of bird reproduction in the ilmen reserve russian sfsr ussr

Reed D.K.; Eichlin T.D.; Reed G.L., 1981:
Effectiveness of blends of synthetic sex attractants and comparison with virgin female lesser peachtree borers synanthedon pictipes as bait for capture of sesiidae

Starovoitova V.P., 1983:
Effectiveness of boron in flax production under conditions of nitrogen fertilization

Hilsenhoff W.L., 1987:
Effectiveness of bottle traps for collecting dytiscidae coleoptera

Mironov N.P.; Nel'zina E.N.; Protopopyan M.G.; Turchinov G.A.; Mironov A.N., 1981:
Effectiveness of boverin against fleas of great gerbil and little suslik

Rogash A.R.; Krylova T.V.; Filoretova G.A., 1981:
Effectiveness of breeding common flax for immunity to rust

Mitranov L., 1984:
Effectiveness of breeding for certain characters in hybrid populations of kidney beans phaseolus vulgaris

Bisen M.S.; Singh S.P.; Sharma S.M.; Rao S.K., 1984:
Effectiveness of breeding methods under different fertility levels and spacings in 2 crosses of chick pea cicer arietinum

Jalamkar M.R.; Sarode S.V., 1985:
Effectiveness of bromadiolone against rats in gram crop

Cates R.L.Jr; Haby V.A.; Skogley E.O.; Ferguson H., 1982:
Effectiveness of byproduct sulfuric acid for reclaiming calcareous saline sodic soils

Paulovova, J., 1977:
Effectiveness of calcium ions in reducing the toxicity of sodium fluoride in mosquitoes culex pipiens molestus

Zhukov Y.P.; Komkov V.P., 1981:
Effectiveness of calculated fertilizer standards in crop rotation on slightly cultivated soddy podzolic soil

Kal H.B., 1982:
Effectiveness of californium 252 neutrons at low dose rates

Aumaitre, A.; Raynaud, J.P., 1978:
Effectiveness of carbadox at 50 parts per million on the performance of the young pig methodology and influence of the initial weight

Hall R.W.; Shea P.J.; Haverty M.I., 1982:
Effectiveness of carbaryl and chlorpyrifos for protecting ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa trees from attack by the western pine beetle dendroctonus brevicomis coleoptera scolytidae

Maatman, T.J.; Gupta, M.K.; Montie, J.E., 1985:
Effectiveness of castration vs. intravenous estrogen therapy in producing rapid endocrine control of metastatic cancer of the prostate

Guimaraes W., 1986:
Effectiveness of cefadroxil in the treatment of pneumonia in children

Marley, W.M.; Hester, M.G.; Lober, C.W.; Marlowe, S.L.; Buntin, D.M.; Eaglstein, N.F.; Crutcher, N.; Rosenberg, E.W., 1982:
Effectiveness of cefoperazone in treating cutaneous infections

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Effectiveness of cefotaxime in pediatric infectious diseases

Eidson, C.S.; Page, R.K.; Kleven, S.H., 1978:
Effectiveness of cell free or cell associated turkey herpesvirus vaccine against mareks disease in chickens as influenced by maternal antibody vaccine dose and time of exposure to mareks disease virus

Chrapkowska K.J.; Gembicka D.; Janicki J., 1979:
Effectiveness of cellulases of armillariella mellea in releasing proteins from the aleuronic layer in barley and oats bran

Rickard, K.A.; Foland, B.B.; Detamore, C.M.; Coates, T.D.; Grosfeld, J.L.; White, N.M.; Weetman, R.M.; Provisor, A.J.; Loghmani, E.S.; Et-Al, 1983:
Effectiveness of central parenteral nutrition vs. peripheral parenteral nutrition plus enteral nutrition in reversing protein energy mal nutrition in children with advanced neuro blastoma and wilms tumor a prospective randomized study

Falkner, B.; Onesti, G.; Lowenthal, D.T.; Affrime, M.B., 1982:
Effectiveness of centrally acting drugs and diuretics in adolescent hypertension

D.G.uttola G.; Liberatore G.; Romano V.; D.G.rttola M., 1985:
Effectiveness of cephamandole naftate in the treatment of neonatal sepsis a clinical contribution

Babu T.H., 1988:
Effectiveness of certain chemicals and fungicides on the feeding behavior of house sparrows

E.R.zik A.A.A.; E.S.abrawy A.M.; Sellam M.A.; E.R.him M.H.A., 1985:
Effectiveness of certain fungi and bacteria associated with sclerotia of sclerotium cepivorum in upper egypt soil on controlling white rot of onion

Blahutiak, A.; Evans, A.N., 1974:
Effectiveness of certain insecticides on the larval stages of spodoptera frugiperda and lepidoptera noctuidae in laboratory conditions

Zehr E.I.; Lewis S E.A.; Gambrell C.E.Jr, 1982:
Effectiveness of certain nematicides for control of macroposthonia xenoplax and short life of peach prunus persica trees

Swailem, S.M.; Abul-Ela, S., 1975:
Effectiveness of certain organic insecticides against thrips tabaci under field conditions thysanoptera thripidae

Sichkar, V.I.; Shkvarnikov, P.K.; Mar'yushkin, V.F., 1976:
Effectiveness of certain physical and chemical mutagens for the induction of visible mutations in new cultivars of winter wheat

Mcquade, H.A.; Atchison, A.A.; Parisi, J.T., 1969:
Effectiveness of certain sterilizing agents for seedling incubation in radio thymidine pea d sunflower d onion m inst thin layer chromatography captan fungic

Vishnevskaya E.E., 1982:
Effectiveness of cervical carcinoma treatment involving pre operative irradiation with standard and large fractionated doses

Yamahara J.; Fukuda Y.; Sawada T.; Fujimura H., 1981:
Effectiveness of chinese prescription pharmaco kinetic study on the blood concentration after the administration of capillaris flos and 6 7 di methyl esculetin

Fateeva, L.I.; Polyak, M.S., 1976:
Effectiveness of chlolincocin inhalation in experimental staphylococcal pneumonia

Kline, D.L.; Roberts, R.H., 1981:
Effectiveness of chlorpyrifos, fenthion, malathion, and propoxur as screen treatments for control of Culicoides mississippiensis

Yonce C.E., 1980:
Effectiveness of chlorpyrifos for control of synanthedon pictipes and synanthedon exitiosa in peach orchard tests of young trees with emphasis on timing applications

Quinlan J.K.; White G.D.; Wilson J.L.; Davidson L.I.; Hendricks L.H., 1979:
Effectiveness of chlorpyrifos methyl and malathion as protectants for high moisture stored wheat

Miller S.A.; Brown W.D., 1984:
Effectiveness of chlortetracycline in combination with potassium sorbate or tetra sodium edta for preservation of vacuum packed rockfish sebastes sp fillets

Thomas, C.G.Jr ; Nicholson, C.P.; Owen, J., 1971:
Effectiveness of choledocho duodenostomy and trans duodenal sphincterotomy in the treatment of benign obstruction of the common duct

F.Coop Group Chronic Lymphocytic Leuk, 1986:
Effectiveness of chop regimen in advanced untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Tamaru C.S.; Lee C.S.; Kelley C.D.; Banno J.E., 1988:
Effectiveness of chronic lhrh analogue and 17 alpha methyltestosterone therapy administered at different times prior to the spawning season on the maturation of milkfish chanos chanos

Hubbard, V.S.; Dunn, G.D.; Lester, L.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of cimetidine as an adjunct to supplemental pancreatic enzymes in patients with cystic fibrosis

Dorofeev G.I.; Litovskii I.A.; Gavrovskaya L.K.; Ivashkin V.T., 1980:
Effectiveness of cimetidine in the prevention of ulcer formation in the stomach under stress

Schröder, M.; Niedner, W.; Peterseim, H.; Jäger, K.H.; Grauel, B.M., 1981:
Effectiveness of clinical action in treatment of premature birth problems

Merker, P.C.; Wodinsky, I.; Cantor, M.L.; Venditti, J.M., 1978:
Effectiveness of clinically active anti neoplastic drugs in a surgical adjuvant chemo therapy treatment regimen using the lewis lung carcinoma

Lichkov A., 1986:
Effectiveness of clonal selection in the control of potato virus x infection of planting material

Gimenez Roldan S.; Martin M., 1979:
Effectiveness of clonazepam in startle induced seizures

Zaleska, T.; Ceremuzyński, L.; Zalewski, A.; Czarniak, S., 1982:
Effectiveness of clonidine in patients with angina pectoris in relation to the initial level of catecholamines in urine

Lapinskas E.B., 1980:
Effectiveness of clover nodule bacteria as influenced by different ways of passage through the host plant

Lapinskas, E.B., 1978:
Effectiveness of clover nodule bacterial strains adapted to an acidic reaction of soil

Lepekhina L.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of colony formation in agar cultures of the bone marrow and spleen cells of intact mice implanted into the abdominal cavity of mice with lewis lung carcinoma in diffusion chambers

Crowe E.J.; Sharp P.F.; Undrill P.E.; Ross P.G.B., 1988:
Effectiveness of color in displaying radionuclide images

Guseinov G.A.; Akhmedov G.A., 1981 :
Effectiveness of combantrin in treatment of necatoriasis in out patient wards and in mass de helminthization of the population

Azaryan G.Kh; Alaverdyan S.P.; Babayan A.S.; Mkrtumyan K.L.; Tsaturyan A.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of combined application of pheromones and chemo sterilants against the codling moth and european grape moth

Bachmann W.; Lotz N.; Mehnert H.; Rosak C.; Schoeffling K., 1988:
Effectiveness of combined glibenclamide and insulin treatment of patients with secondary sulfonylurea failure a controlled multicenter double blind test

Kalinina T.S., 1987:
Effectiveness of combined use of soil herbicides and nitrapyrin in cultivating corn for silage

Ektov V.A.; Orlov A.V.; Bakashev V.I., 1985:
Effectiveness of commercial crossbreeding of cows of the simmental breed with bulls of meat breeds in astrakhan oblast russian sfsr ussr

Orlov A.V.; Shvartskopf A.Ya, 1987:
Effectiveness of commercial crossing of simmental cows with kazakh whiteheaded bulls

ter Horst, G.; Leeds, J.G.; Hoogstraten, J., 1984:
Effectiveness of communication skills training for dental students

Tsutsaeva A.A.; Popov N.N., 1980:
Effectiveness of compensation of lymphoid deficiency in lethally irradiated animals through transplantation of cryo preserved lymphoid cells

Ellis, W.J.; Isaacs, J.T., 1985:
Effectiveness of complete vs. partial androgen withdrawal therapy for the treatment of prostatic cancer as studies in the dunning r 3327 system of rat prostatic adenocarcinomas

Darozhkin M.A.; Panasyevich S.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of complex measures against phytophthorosis with applications of increased doses of mineral fertilizer in potato plantations

Myeyarowski A.S.; Barannikava Y.V.; Tsishkovich A.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of complex peat based granulated organic and mineral fertilizers

Chudinov, P.I., 1977:
Effectiveness of complex prophylactic measures to control tick borne encephalitis in the novosibirsk oblast

Man'kovskii N.B.; Ezhova V.A.; Mints A.Ya; Kunitsina L.A.; Cherfus I.S.; Kornienko E.G.; Karaban' I.N., 1982:
Effectiveness of complex treatment of early cerebral athero sclerosis with transient disorders of cerebral circulation

Sones P.J.Jr; Torres W.E.; Colvin R.S.; Meier W.L.; Sprawls P.; Rogers J.V.Jr, 1982:
Effectiveness of computed tomography in evaluating intra thoracic masses

Takeuchi H.; Yamauchi A., 1981:
Effectiveness of concurrent administration of allyl estrenol and 5 fluoro uracil on prostatic carcinoma phase ii study

Alekseenko A.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of conservative treatment of patients with disseminated forms of chronic inflammatory suppurative lung diseases

Grishchenko, R.I., 1975:
Effectiveness of continuous chlorination of well water by dosage cartridges in transcarpathia ussr

Neshev M.; Slavov S.I., 1985:
Effectiveness of continuous growing of mentha for oil at various levels of dressing

Cliquet, R.L.; Schoenmaeckers, R.; Klinkenborg, L., 1977:
Effectiveness of contraception in belgium results of the 2nd national fertility survey 1971

Furniss, M.M.; Young, J.W.; Mcgregor, M.D.; Livingston, R.L.; Hamel, D.R., 1977:
Effectiveness of controlled release formulations of 3 methyl 2 cyclo hexen 1 one for preventing douglas fir beetle coleoptera scolytidae infestation in felled trees

Tregubov, P.S.; Vasil'ev, G.I.; Makarova, G.P., 1978:
Effectiveness of cooperation of member countries of the council for mutual economic assistance on the problem of erosion

Stross, J.K.; Willis, P.W.; Reynolds, E.W.; Lewis, R.E.; Schatz, I.J.; Bellfy, L.C.; Copp, J., 1976:
Effectiveness of coronary care units in small community hospitals

Cellini M.; Barbaresi E.; Profazio V.; Scarpellini I., 1985:
Effectiveness of corticosteroid therapy in tuberculous posterior uveitis

Pal'gov, V.I.; Tereshchenko, V.M., 1973:
Effectiveness of critical zone as an index of acoustic system disorder

Wang H L.; Yeh S D.; Chiu R J.; Gonsalves D., 1987:
Effectiveness of cross protection by mild mutants of papaya ringspot virus for control of ringspot disease of papaya in taiwan

Ertuev M.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of crossing holstein friesian bulls with black pied cows depending on their milk productivity

Ruban S.Yu, 1985:
Effectiveness of crossing when creating a new dairy type in the simmental breed

Klimashevskii E.L., 1985:
Effectiveness of cultivation of plant forms varying in agrochemical promise

Podvoiskii M.F., 1979 :
Effectiveness of cultivation of soddy podzolic clayey loam soils in northwestern ussr

Nussenblatt R.B.; Palestine A.G.; Chan C C.; Mochizuki M.; Yancey K., 1985:
Effectiveness of cyclosporin therapy for behcets disease

Krieger, D.T.; Luria, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of cyproheptadine in decreasing plasma ACTH concentrations in Nelson's syndrome

Kovaleva L.G.; Pak I.K.o, 1986:
Effectiveness of cytostatic therapy in patients with polycythemia vera

Samoilovich, L.N.; Trubnikov, V.Z.; Matsieva, E.M.; Nemzer, V.G., 1975:
Effectiveness of de contaminating waste waters containing 3 4 benz pyrene on biological treatment plants

Il'in L.A.; Ivannikov A.T.; Popov B.A.; Altukhova G.A.; Parfenova I.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of de contamination of skin from americium 241 in concentrated acid

Orzheshkovskii V.V.; Chopchik D.I.; Fastykovskii A.D.; Kovalenko V.P., 1982:
Effectiveness of decimetric wave and magnetophore therapy of patients with hypertensive disease

Katkuvene-Yu, I.; Malakhovskis, A.I., 1976:
Effectiveness of decreasing the side effects of cytostatics on the biochemical indices in rats with the radioprotector cystaphos part 1 sarcolysine

Korunic Z.; Hamel Koren D., 1985:
Effectiveness of deltamethrin and pirimiphos methyl against stored product insects

Simon C.; Schlienger J.L.; Cherfan J.; Roul G.; Vignon F.; Chabrier G.; Imler M., 1985:
Effectiveness of dexamethasone in amiodarone induced hyperthyroidism

Ukai, S.; Nagai, K.; Kiho, T.; Tsuchiya, T.; Nochida, Y., 1987:
Effectiveness of dextran sulfate on acute toxicity of paraquat in mice and rats

Ail A.M.M.; Abdel Wahab S.M.; Ahmed K.A.; Hamoda M.H., 1980:
Effectiveness of di ethylamine and nitrous acid induced mutants in rhizobium trifolii

Shinkawa A.; Nakayama M.; Horiuchi M.; Miyanaga M.; Furuya E.; Miyake H., 1986:
Effectiveness of diagnostic a mode ultrasonography as a means of monitoring patients with maxillary sinus diseases

Mangklasriri R.; Pichaipat V.; Varavithya W., 1986:
Effectiveness of diarrheal diseases surveillance by village health volunteer

Sullivan M.F.; Ruemmler P.S., 1986:
Effectiveness of diethylenetriaminepentaacetate therapy when administered intragastrically or intraperitoneally to remove plutonium from adult or neonatal rats

Kotlyar E.R., 1984:
Effectiveness of diets without animal feed for young and adult egg chickens

Nadzhafov, I.G., 1977:
Effectiveness of different diagnostic methods for taeniarhynchosis in mass examinations of the human population in the azerbaijan ssr

Anshelevich Y.V.; Sorokina T.A.; Orlova V.P., 1981:
Effectiveness of different doses of strophanthin in the emergency therapy of atrial flutter and fibrillation paroxysms

Ghosh D.C.; Bera P.S., 1986:
Effectiveness of different herbicides to control weeds in rapeseed field

Jhala R.C.; Shah A.H.; Patel C.B.; Patel R.L., 1985 :
Effectiveness of different insecticides against bud boring insects anarsia achrasella and nephopteryx eugraphella on chiku

Jay M.; Ramos M.; Puente D., 1983:
Effectiveness of different levels of formaldehyde and potassium per manganate for pre incubation disinfection of eggs in production conditions

Kuz'min Y.A.; Karal'nik B.V., 1981:
Effectiveness of different methods for preparing echinococcal erythrocytic diagnostic antigen

Ballad, N.E.; Leikina, E.S.; Egorov, A.M.; Gavrilov, E.M.; Zorikhina, V.I., 1982:
Effectiveness of different modifications of the immune enzyme test with purified alveococcus antigens in diagnosing alveococcosis 2. micro method of dye plates

Hundal H.S.; Sekhon G.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of different proportions of water and citrate soluble fractions of fertilizer phosphorus for wheat triticum aestivum

Regnander J.; Solbreck C., 1981:
Effectiveness of different types of pheromone traps used against ips typographus coleoptera scolytidae in sweden

Chappell L.; Leibowitz J.M., 1982:
Effectiveness of differential reinforcement as a function of past reinforcement and present schedule

Cole C.L., 1980:
Effectiveness of diflubenzuron in the upper gulf coast of texas usa

Ables J.R.; House V.S.; Jones S.L.; Bull D.L., 1980:
Effectiveness of diflubenzuron on boll weevils anthonomus grandis in central texas usa river bottoms area

Rummel D.R., 1980:
Effectiveness of diflubenzuron on boll weevils anthonomus grandis in the texas usa rolling plains

Hess, T.; Scholtysik, G.; Riesfn, W., 1980:
Effectiveness of digoxin specific fab' 2 antibody fragments in the treatment of digitoxin poisoning experimental investigations in the cat

Novo S.; Adamo L.; Bruno Gallo V.; Longo B.; Strano A., 1984:
Effectiveness of diltiazem in treatment of effort angina a double blind crossover study

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Effectiveness of dipyridamole in reducing the size of experimental myo cardial infarction

Hanada, H.; Yamada, Y., 1978:
Effectiveness of direct and indirect selection for 8 week body weight in mice under 2 different diets

Kossakowski S.; Lojek W., 1981:
Effectiveness of disinfectants in de contaminating animals exposed to radioactivity

Porfir'ev I.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of dispenserization in determining metabolic disorders in highly productive cows

Ross, M.W.; Carson, J.A., 1988:
Effectiveness of distribution of information on AIDS. A national study of six media in Australia

Bertin R.I.; Willson M.F., 1980:
Effectiveness of diurnal and nocturnal pollination of 2 milkweeds

Petibskaya V.S.; Molokov L.G., 1983:
Effectiveness of divided nitrogen fertilization of rice

Postovit N.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of early health resort treatment in acute viral hepatitis

Marcano C.; Feo M., 1983:
Effectiveness of econazole in pregnancies with vulvo vaginal candidiasis

Mckeen W.D.; Loomis E.C.; Dunning L.L., 1983:
Effectiveness of ectiban egg oil rabon or sevin for control of northern fowl mites ornithonyssus sylviarum on laying hens

Surendran P.K.; Iyer K.M.; Gopakumar K., 1985:
Effectiveness of edta dips on the shelf life of oil sardine sardinella longiceps mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta and prawn metapenaeus dobsoni in iced storage

Mielke D.; Chapman D., 1987:
Effectiveness of education majors in assessing children on the test of gross motor development

V.Q.ang Con; Nguyen Van San, 1987:
Effectiveness of egg parasites hymenoptera as a function of the parasites abdominal structure and on the type of egg mass in lepidopteran rice pests

Amemiya T., 1984:
Effectiveness of elastase with hydrochloric acid method for cell surface visualization

Byars, E.F.; Hopkins, G.R.; Tarnay, T.J., 1977:
Effectiveness of elastic stocking decompression

Petelenz T.; Jastrzebska E., 1985:
Effectiveness of electric cardioversion after pretreatment with amiodarone

Nigl A.J.; Macsheain B.; Murphy G., 1981:
Effectiveness of electro myograph bio feedback training with an acute schizophrenic population

Nielsen D.H.; Holmes D.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of electro myographic bio feedback training for controlling arousal in subsequent stressful situations

Gins V.K.; Pukhal'skii V.A.; Mukhin E.N., 1981:
Effectiveness of electron transport chain in wheat chloroplasts at various temperatures in connection with manifestation of hybrid necrosis

Banks W.A.; Harlan D.P.; Stringer C.E., 1982:
Effectiveness of emulsions and controlled released granules of chlorpyrifos and isofenphos on red imported fire ants solenopsis invicta in cultivated fields

Bakalov V., 1985:
Effectiveness of endoscopy in the diagnosis of neoplasms of colon and rectum

Rickard, K.A.; Kirksey, A.; Baehner, R.L.; Grosfeld, J.L.; Provisor, A.; Weetman, R.M.; Boxer, L.A.; Ballantine, T.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of enteral and parenteral nutrition in the nutritional management of children with Wilms' tumors

Krouse, J.S., 1978:
Effectiveness of escape vent shape in traps for catching legal sized lobster homarus americanus and harvestable sized crabs cancer borealis and cancer irroratus

Fomichenko K.V.; Ermakov V.F., 1986:
Effectiveness of essentiale and vitohepat as stabilizers of liver tissue lysosomal membranes

Pi, W.P., 1986:
Effectiveness of estradiol and progesterone in inducing LH release in different stages in rat estrous cycles

Mueller K.; Hsiao S., 1981:
Effectiveness of estradiol in preventing and reversing obesity induced by ovariectomy and high caloric diet in female rats

Okada K.; Yamauchi T.; Konami T.; Yoshida O., 1981:
Effectiveness of estramustine phosphate di sodium estracyt for carcinoma of the prostate

Kovacs, L.; Annus, J., 1978:
Effectiveness of ethamsylate in intra uterine device menorrhagia

Suarez C., 1987:
Effectiveness of ethyl oleate dipping steam blanching and other pretreatments on drying of corn kernels

Kitagawa, H.; Kawada, K.; Tarutani, T., 1978:
Effectiveness of ethylene de greening of certain citrus cultivars

Hastings M.W., 1982:
Effectiveness of face name learning strategies

Krishna G.G.; Rao R.N.; Reddy K.V., 1987:
Effectiveness of farmers training program in relation to adoption of farm technology

Arakelova E.S.; Umnova L.P., 1984:
Effectiveness of feeding in detritivorous valvata sibirica gastropoda valvatidae

Men'kin V.K.; Boev V.A., 1982:
Effectiveness of feeding silage made with carbon di oxide to cattle

Shea P.J.; Haverty M.I.; Hall R.C., 1984:
Effectiveness of fenitrothion and permethrin for protecting ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa trees from attack by the western pine beetle dendroctonus brevicomis

Gupta J.N.; Verma A.N., 1982:
Effectiveness of fenitrothion bait sprays against melon fruit fly dacus cucurbitae in bitter gourd

Antipov B.V.; Bazdyrev G.I.; Ontaev A.Kh, 1987:
Effectiveness of fertilization of soddy podzolic soil with various degrees of erosion

Neshev M.; Slavov S.I., 1985:
Effectiveness of fertilizer application on peppermint for oil production grown as annual crop

Koeva R.; Angelova S.; Kostov K., 1986:
Effectiveness of fertilizer application to a promising awnless bromegrass cultivar

Moskov, G., 1970:
Effectiveness of fertilizer application to intensive wheat cultivars

Vitanova I., 1985:
Effectiveness of fertilizer application to plum trees

Zhukov Y.P.; Bagaev V.B.; Reutov A.V., 1982:
Effectiveness of fertilizer rates calculated by balanced coefficients in crop rotation on arable soddy podzolic soil

Sikan, L.Z.; Volzhina, S.Y., 1976:
Effectiveness of field selection in the breeding of tobacco resistant to peronosporosis

Grammatikati O.; Il'yashenko S.S., 1981:
Effectiveness of fine dispersion overhead irrigation of sugar beet under conditions of the piedmont zone of the chiusk valley kirgiz ssr ussr

Zeitoun I.H.; Gulvas J.A.; Roarabaugh D.B., 1981:
Effectiveness of fine mesh cylindrical wedge wire screens in reducing entrainment of lake michigan usa canada ichthyo plankton

Emino E.R., 1981:
Effectiveness of fish soluble nutrients as fertilizers on container grown plants

Makhotin-Yu, M., 1977 :
Effectiveness of fish spawning in the kuibyshev reservoir and factors determining it

Conger, B.V., 1976:
Effectiveness of fission neutrons vs gamma radiation for inducing somatic mutations in pre soaked seeds of maize

Korcak R.F., 1982:
Effectiveness of fluidized bed material as a calcium source for apples malus domestica cultivar york imperial

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Effectiveness of flunarizine in altering electronystagmographic patterns in migraine patients: a preliminary report

Canepari C.; Riva M.; Erminio F., 1985:
Effectiveness of flunarizine in chronic headache a double blind comparison with placebo and amitriptyline

Abreu J.M.D.; Williams R.N., 1981:
Effectiveness of fluorescent lamps and synthetic sex pheromone on suction trap catches of ephestia cautella

Lichinitser, M.R.; Perevodchikova, N.I.; Garin, A.M.; Assekritova, I.V.; Vaarik, G.K. ; Voznyi, E.K.; Gol'dman, B.G.; Grant, E.A.; Dymarskii, L.Y. ; Et-Al, 1978:
Effectiveness of fluorofur and hexa methyl melamine in neglected breast cancer

Ueno Y., 1986:
Effectiveness of fluosol da in improving hemodynamic condition in severe hemorrhagic shock

Faber, A.; Skrzypek, Z., 1985:
Effectiveness of foliar application of multicomponent fertilizers i. response of spring barley under field conditions

Rakov, A.Yu, 1975:
Effectiveness of forest belts in connection with pulverization of the soil

Poche R.M.; Mian Y., 1986:
Effectiveness of four rodenticides in deepwater rice

Bera, B.E., 1973:
Effectiveness of fungicide application at different spraying volumes in orchard protection

Sutton J.C., 1985:
Effectiveness of fungicides for managing foliar diseases and promoting yields of ontario canada winter wheat triticum aestivum

Yanishevskii F.V.; Ostanin A.I.; Grushevaya T.N.; Serazetdinov P.Z., 1982:
Effectiveness of fused calcium poly phosphates from phosphorites of the kara tau mountains kazakh ssr ussr

Lagioia R.; Scrutinio D.; Mangini S.G.; Caiati C.; Mastropasqua F.; Chiddo A.; Rizzon P., 1986:
Effectiveness of gallopamil in the treatment of stable effort angina comparison with propranolol and diltiazem

Sichinava S.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of gambusia against pre imaginal phases of blood sucking mosquitoes diptera culicidae in georgian ssr ussr

Tumidajowicz, D., 1977:
Effectiveness of generative reproduction of some forest plants from chosen communities of southern poland

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Effectiveness of generic acetazolamide

Smith, R.T.; Kilpatrick, R.A., 1978:
Effectiveness of genes for leaf rust resistance in international wheat rust nurseries 1970 1975

Kapras J.; Zidovska J., 1986:
Effectiveness of genetic consultation and genetic prevention

Khakoo R.A.; Kluge R.M., 1979:
Effectiveness of gentamicin and carbenicillin in a rat model against infections with pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant of gentamicin or gentamicin and carbenicillin

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Effectiveness of gentamicin sulfate in treatment of pyo inflammatory processes of differing localization

Besnard Wibaut C., 1981:
Effectiveness of gibberellins and 6 benzyl adenine on flowering of arabidopsis thaliana

Pashaev C.A., 1981:
Effectiveness of gingivitis and periodontitis treatment with istisu mineral water azerbaijan ssr ussr

Nasonova V.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of gluco corticoid hormones in the treatment of collagenoses

Ryazantsev V.V.; Gulevskii A.K., 1987:
Effectiveness of glycerol and polyethylene glycol cryoprotective action on plasma membranes

Modan M.; Halkin H.; Karasik A.; Lusky A., 1984:
Effectiveness of glycosylated hemo globin fasting plasma glucose and a single post load plasma glucose level in population screening for glucose intolerance the israel study of glucose intolerance obesity and hypertension

Jacobsohn R.; Kelman Y., 1980:
Effectiveness of glyphosate in broomrape orobanche spp control in 4 crops

Sriharan, S.; Garg, A.K., 1974:
Effectiveness of granular placement of carbofuran phorate and sevidol on the absorption by rice plant and the control of green leafhopper

Broglia A.; Miori E.; Borrello D., 1985:
Effectiveness of guanethidine epinephrine pilocarpine in the treatment of chronic simple glaucoma

Maisonneuve H.; Joly F.; John M.; Carles G.; Rossignol J.F., 1988:
Effectiveness of halofantrine in plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax malaria in a resistance area french guiana

Ojajärvi, J., 1980:
Effectiveness of hand washing and disinfection methods in removing transient bacteria after patient nursing

Gorlov V.D.; Lozanovskaya I.N., 1984:
Effectiveness of hauling in of earth for the low productive soils of mining areas

Vinogradova, V.K.; Kalyaganov, P.I.; Mel'nikova, L.V.; Elizarov, G.P.; Golova, I.A., 1976:
Effectiveness of health improvement measures in industries processing bhc isomers

Lanovenko I.I., 1986:
Effectiveness of hemodynamic mechanisms of adaptation to acute hemic hypoxia

Velev B.; Kostov D., 1985:
Effectiveness of herbicide application and soil cultivation during the growth period of directly seeded tomatoes

Bingham S.W.; Shaver R.L., 1979:
Effectiveness of herbicide programs for annual blue grass poa annua control in bermuda grass cynodon dactylon

Tkachenko A.L.; Bobrova V.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of herbicides in soybean plantings

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Effectiveness of highly selective vagotomy in duodenal ulcer a review of 284 cases

Dix M.E.; Solomon J.D.; Doolittle R.E., 1984:
Effectiveness of hollow fibers as dispensers of synthetic sex attractant for male carpenterworms prionoxystus robiniae lepidoptera cossidae

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Effectiveness of hospital treatment of patients with a 1st time diagnosis of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Maiorova L.P.; Smorodintsev A.A., 1982:
Effectiveness of humoral and cellular defense factors in experimental influenza infection

Littlejohn, M.J.; Watson, G.F., 1976:
Effectiveness of hybrid mating call in eliciting phono taxis by females of geocrinia laevis complex anura leptodactylidae

Sidorenko G.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of hygienic standards and ways of improving it

Akimov G.A.; Lobzin V.S.; Sapov I.A.; Ter Karapetyan V.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy in initial forms of cerebro vascular diseases

Bykov N.P., 1979:
Effectiveness of hypoxic hypoxia as a method of body protection from ionizing radiation in the presence of sodium hydroxy butyrate and mexamine

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Effectiveness of immunization with single and multi component vaccines prepared from the common antigen protease and elastase toxoids of pseudomonas aeruginosa on protection against hemorrhagic pneumonia in mink due to pseudomonas aeruginosa

Malyukh L.S.; Kriklivets Y.I.; Yatskiv M.V., 1986 :
Effectiveness of imodium in the treatment of peptic ulcer and chronic gastroduodenitis associated with functional intestinal disorders

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Effectiveness of inactivation of escherichia coli cells by fast and intermediate neutrons

Mishra B.; Kumar P.; Dwivedi G.K., 1985:
Effectiveness of indian rock phosphates in acid soils

Socha S., 1987:
Effectiveness of individual and family selection for the body weight in drosophila melanogaster

Konovalov Y.B.; Tukan K.F., 1985:
Effectiveness of individual selection from f 5 of soft spring wheat

Petkova M.; Dorosiev L.; Abdu R., 1980:
Effectiveness of induced androgenesis in tobacco anther culture depending on nutrient medium composition

Vorob'ev V.A., 1982:
Effectiveness of inoculation of legumes during light frosts

Hull L.A.; Starner V.R., 1983:
Effectiveness of insecticide applications timed to correspond with the development of rosy apple aphid dysaphis plantaginea homoptera aphididae on apple malus domestica

Hall R.W., 1984:
Effectiveness of insecticides for protecting ponderosa pines pinus ponderosa from attack by red turpentine beetle dendroctonus valens coleoptera scolytidae

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Effectiveness of insulin therapy on altered renal calcium transport in diabetic rats

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Effectiveness of insulin treatment of severe diabetic keto acidosis continuous perfusion vs. intermittent intra muscular administration

Nishimura H.; Kuzuya H.; Yoshimasa Y.; Yamada K.; Ida T.; Kakehi T.; Kikuchi K.; Koide M.; Akazawa Y.; Imura H., 1987:
Effectiveness of intensified conventional insulin therapy using human ultralente insulin and the pen system

Bates P., 1980:
Effectiveness of inter personal skills training on the social skill acquisition of moderately and mildly retarded adults

Hofmann V.; Scheel A.; Schwarzmeier J.; Talstad I.; Varini M.; Kaplan S.; Sauter C.; Fehr J., 1985:
Effectiveness of interferon alpha 2 escherichia coli in hairy cell leukemia

Tisman G.; W.S.J.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of intermediate dose methotrexate and high dose 5 fluoro uracil as sequential combination chemo therapy in refractory breast cancer and as primary therapy in metastatic adeno carcinoma of the colon

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Effectiveness of intermittent pulsatile elastic stockings for the prevention of calf and thigh vein thrombosis in patients undergoing elective knee surgery

Valodzina L.A.; Bormataw U.Ya, 1984:
Effectiveness of interpopulational hybridization in triticale

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Effectiveness of intra aortic balloon counter pulsation in the experimental low output state

Gylybov S.; Vakyvchiev D.; Rainova L., 1981:
Effectiveness of intra varietal indirect selection by specific seed weight in raising soybean protein content

Stroev V.S.; Novikov N.N.; Tolubaeva V.A., 1979:
Effectiveness of intra varietal selection of spring wheat for protein

Reis, P.J., 1978:
Effectiveness of intra venous and abomasal doses of mimosine for de fleecing sheep and effects on subsequent wool growth

Saga, T.; Yamaguchi, K.; Iwaoka, K., 1988:
Effectiveness of intraaortic balloon pumping for fulminant myocarditis

Puglionisi A.; Asole F.; Clemente G.; Villani A., 1984:
Effectiveness of intraoperative lower esophageal sphincter pressure measurement during nissen rossetti fundoplication

Sangiorgio P.; Pasini M.; Bongiovanni M.; Cantelli I.; Brunelli D.; Bracchetti D., 1986:
Effectiveness of intravenous diltiazem in the management of paroxysmal supraventricular tachyarrhythmias

Chouty F.; Funck Brentano C.; Landau J.M.; Lardoux H., 1987:
Effectiveness of intravenous high dose molar lactate in flecainide poisoning

Espinosa Garcia M.; Roca Massa M.; Codina Jane C.; Ribas Sala J.; Nogue S.; Marques J., 1987:
Effectiveness of ipecac syrup as an emetic

Andreev, N.G.; Maksimov, V.M.; Kobozev, I.V., 1978:
Effectiveness of irrigation and fertilization of alfalfa and alfalfa grass stands

Kutra G.I.; Lapinskene N.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of irrigation of cenoses of a cultivated hay meadow with sapropelic pulp of lake lenas lithuanian ssr ussr

Yazwinski, T.A.; Hamm, D.; Williams, M.; Greenway, T.; Tilley, W., 1982:
Effectiveness of ivermectin in the treatment of equine Parascaris equorum and Oxyuris equi infections

Wing R.E.; Maiti S.; Doane W.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of jet cooked pearl cornstarch as a controlled release matrix

Akasai T.; Kawamura T., 1982:
Effectiveness of juvenile selection of sugi seedlings

Bodo D.; Kotovskaya A.R.; Galle R.R.; Gavrilova L.N.; Gusakova G.A.; Smirnov V.A., 1982:
Effectiveness of kavinton in prevention of motion sickness

Flach, A.J.; Dolan, B.J.; Irvine, A.R., 1987:
Effectiveness of ketorolac tromethamine 0.5 percent ophthalmic solution for chronic aphakic and pseudophakic cystoid macular edema

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Effectiveness of kev protons in the irradiation of tyrosine

Iskandar I.K.; Syers J.K., 1980:
Effectiveness of land application for phosphorus removal from municipal waste water at manteca california usa

Garcia Pagan J.C.; Bordas J.M.; Saperas E.; Mondelo F.; Calvet X.; Rodes J., 1988:
Effectiveness of laparoscopy for the diagnosis of ascites of unknown origin

Taylor, J.D.; Dudley, C.L., 1977:
Effectiveness of late copper oxy chloride and streptomycin sulfate sprays for the control of halo blight of beans pseudomonas phaseolicola

Nikolov G., 1987 :
Effectiveness of late irrigations of cotton

Richman, A.H.; Chan, B.; Katz, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of lead lenses in reducing radiation exposure

Hiyama, N.; Sakata, H.; Yoshida, H.; Kondo, H.; Hirakawa, Y., 1983:
Effectiveness of levamisole on herpetic ganglionic latency

Sakata, H.; Yoshida, H.; Hiyama, N.; Kondo, H.; Hirakawa, Y., 1983:
Effectiveness of levamisole on stromal herpetic keratitis

Neimeyer H., 1982:
Effectiveness of licensed preservatives against ripping on spruce by game

Christensen, C.L.; Archibald, P.A., 1976:
Effectiveness of lime neutralization in stream recovery from acid mine pollution as indicated by species of diatoms

Singh R.; Singh D.V., 1984:
Effectiveness of liming materials their doses and fineness on yield and nutrient uptake by french bean phaseolus vulgaris in acidic soils of the kumaon hills india

Mazurkiewicz M.; Gruszczynski M.; Pietrzkiewicz T.; Wieliczko A., 1986:
Effectiveness of linco spectin in the prophylaxis of bacterial diseases of water poultry appearing in the peri hatching period

Posokhova E.A., 1979:
Effectiveness of lipamide in experimental dystrophy of the liver

Balakhonaw S.I.; Putsila V.I.; Chapurava N.A.; Rusan I.D., 1982:
Effectiveness of liquid manure application on dry valley meadows

Davidkov E., 1987:
Effectiveness of liquid nitrogen fertilizer kac for maize grown on carbonate chernozem soil

Sheaffer S.E.; Drobney R.D., 1986:
Effectiveness of lithium chloride induced taste aversions in reducing waterfowl nest predation

Maj M., 1984:
Effectiveness of lithium prophylaxis in schizoaffective psychosis application of a polydiagnostic approach

Vasil'ev V.A.; Krysanova G.I., 1982:
Effectiveness of litter free manure

Zhilova G.P.; Orlov V.A.; Malikova E.V.; Kozhukhov V.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of live influenza vaccines prepared by strain recombinations and passages

Ertuev, M.M.; Mogilevtsev, V.I., 1986:
Effectiveness of long term exploitation of cows on the put' k kommunizmu kolkhoz

Michiels, J.J.; Stibbe, J.; Bertina, R.; Broekmans, A., 1987:
Effectiveness of long term oral anticoagulation treatment in preventing venous thrombosis in hereditary protein S deficiency

Pankhurst, C.E.; Craig, A.S.; Jones, W.T., 1979:
Effectiveness of lotus root nodules 1. morphology and flavolan content of nodules formed on lotus pedunculatus by fast growing lotus rhizobia

Pankhurst, C.E.; Jones, W.T., 1979:
Effectiveness of lotus root nodules 2. relationship between root nodule effectiveness and in vitro sensitivity of fast growing lotus rhizobia to flavolans

Pankhurst, C.E.; Jones, W.T., 1979:
Effectiveness of lotus root nodules 3. effect of combined nitrogen on nodule effectiveness and flavolan synthesis in plant roots

Marley W.M.; Hernandez A.D.; Josephs J.A.; Dawkins L., 1982:
Effectiveness of low strength anthralin in psoriasis a paired comparison study

Varela M., 1986:
Effectiveness of ludox tm for the separation of benthic microalgae from sediments

White N.D.G., 1982:
Effectiveness of malathion and pirimiphos methyl applied to plywood and concrete to control prostephanus truncatus coleoptera bostrichidae

Dimitrov S., 1981:
Effectiveness of market egg production under different systems of raising hens of laying type

Moses, R.G.; Colagiuri, S.; Shannon, A.G., 1985:
Effectiveness of mass screening for diabetes mellitus using random capillary blood glucose measurements

Timofeev L.V.; Grikshas S.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of mass selection of large white pigs by fattening and pork fat qualities when the intensity of this selection varies

Yachida, S.; Sugimori, G.; Aoyama, S.; Takahashi, N.; Iritani, Y.; Katagiri, K., 1981:
Effectiveness of maternal antibody against challenge with infectious bronchitis viruses

Gitsu, G.A.; Krotov, A.I., 1978:
Effectiveness of mebendazole in experimental opisthorchiasis in golden hamsters preliminary report

Havukkala I.; Markkula M.; Pirila M., 1984:
Effectiveness of mechanical oviposition barriers against the cabbage root fly delia radicum in the laboratory

Brougher, L.I.; Blackwelder, A.K.; Grossman, G.D.; Staton, G.W., 1986:
Effectiveness of medical necessity guidelines in reducing cost of oxygen therapy

Ashbel, S.I.; Stroikova, G.D.; Khil, R.G., 1976:
Effectiveness of mercury poisoning treatment with d penicillamine

Timmer L.W.; Castle W.S., 1985:
Effectiveness of metalaxyl and fosetyl al against phytophthora parasitica on sweet orange

Schutte J.B.; Van Weerden E.J., 1987:
Effectiveness of methionine hydroxy analogue as affected by the dietary level of l methionine in chicks

Przybylska, K., 1977:
Effectiveness of methods of stand volume and increment control

Cebolla V.; Estaun M.V.; Calvet M.C., 1984:
Effectiveness of methyl bromide against fusarium oxysporum f sp dianthi in various substrates

Warrell R.R.Jr; Lee B.J.; Kempin S.J.; Lacher M.J.; Straus D.J.; Young C.W., 1981:
Effectiveness of methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone in patients with advanced malignant lymphoma

Gil'fer I.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of methyl uracil treatment of peptic ulcer patients

Chaudron, J.M.; Luwaert, R.J., 1985:
Effectiveness of mexiletine in ventricular arrhythmias

Tompkins G.J.; Linduska J.J.; Young J.M.; Dougherty E.M., 1986:
Effectiveness of microbial and chemical insecticides for controlling cabbage looper trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae and imported cabbageworm pieris rapae lepidoptera pieridae on collards in maryland usa

Chinet, T.; Collignon, M.A.; Dusser, D.; Barritault, L.; Huchon, G.J., 1986:
Effectiveness of micronic aerosol generators and their aerosol characteristics

Arcangeli G.; Barni E.; Cividalli A.; Mauro F.; Morelli D.; Nervi C.; Spano M.; Tabocchini A., 1980:
Effectiveness of microwave hyper thermia combined with ionizing radiation clinical results on neck node metastases

Shnyrykaw V.R.; Yushkevich I.A.; Rak M.V.; Urublewskaya V.Ya, 1980:
Effectiveness of minimum soil treatment for winter rye

Gruzdev L.G., 1986:
Effectiveness of mixed growth regulators in winter wheat and spring barley treatment with them

Wright, P.L.; Brereton, P.J.; Snell, D.E.M., 1970:
Effectiveness of modified giovannetti diet compared with mixed low protein diet

Klioner L.I.; Rusin V.I.; Shamuradov K.S., 1983:
Effectiveness of modified lintons operation for the post thrombo phlebitic syndrome in the light of long term results as well as medical social and occupational rehabilitation

Kr"steva V., 1980:
Effectiveness of mole draining of light gray forest soils irrigated by gravity

Forero, S.A.; Unhanand, K., 1978:
Effectiveness of mole drains in leaching heavy soils

Stoimenov S.I.; Stoyanova I.S., 1985:
Effectiveness of molybdenum and glucose in removing the consequences of high rate ammonium nitrate application on nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism

Khasanova D.T.; Kotova D.G., 1984:
Effectiveness of monochemotherapy and polychemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer

Getz L.L.; Cole F.R.; Verner L., 1986:
Effectiveness of multiple capture live traps for field behavioral studies of microtine rodents

Salinsky, M.; Kanter, R.; Dasheiff, R.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of multiple EEGs in supporting the diagnosis of epilepsy: an operational curve

Shirley M.C.; Burish T.G.; Rowe C., 1982:
Effectiveness of multiple site electro myographic bio feedback in the reduction of arousal

Sullivan, K.M.; Halpin, T.J.; Marks, J.S.; Kim-Farley, R., 1985:
Effectiveness of mumps vaccine in a school outbreak

Sydorenko, M.V., 1977:
Effectiveness of muscle energy utilization during repeated isotonic tetanus

Tkachenko E.Ya; Yakimenko M.A., 1985:
Effectiveness of muscle work in white rats during adaptation to cold

Nishizawa, Y., 1988:
Effectiveness of my 5116 against allergic rhinitis pharmacological mechanism of my 5116 against the release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis srs a from peripheral blood basophils of patients with allergic rhinitis induced by pollen of cryptomeria japonica d. don

Gujral, S.; Puar, M.; Ranka, N., 1978:
Effectiveness of n n bis p chlorophenyl 3 p tolyl glutaric acid di amide src 3605 as a hypo cholesterolemic compound in hyper cholesterolemic female weanling and adult rats

Reynolds A.G., 1988:
Effectiveness of naa and paclobutrazol for control of regrowth of trunk suckers on okanagan riesling grapevines

Chowanetz W.; Schott J.; Jany B., 1987:
Effectiveness of nasal oxygen application during simultaneously breathing through the mouth

Hendrickson R.M.Jr; Barth S.E., 1979:
Effectiveness of native parasites against agromyza frontella diptera agromyzidae an introduced pest of alfalfa

Shaverdashvili, R.S.; Kokosadze, T.R., 1978:
Effectiveness of natural reproduction of the khramulya of the kura river georgia ussr under effects of factors of anthropogenic origin

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Effectiveness of neonatal transport systems

Alley, C.D.; Snodgrass, M.J., 1977:
Effectiveness of neuraminidase in experimental immuno therapy of 2 murine pulmonary carcinomas

Dvoretskii D.P.; Tkachenko B.I., 1982:
Effectiveness of neuro humoral influences on pulmonary circulation

Wang P Y., 1981:
Effectiveness of new anti coagulant rodenticide brodifacoum for control of wild rats in sugarcane fields

Hartmann H.; Haufe E.; Meyer H.; Steinbach G.; Gentsch S., 1981:
Effectiveness of new dietary drinks in treatment of calf diarrhea

Bulukova, V.I.; Likhachev, A.N., 1977:
Effectiveness of new fungicides in the control of tulip fungal diseases

Szell E.; Csala I.; Fodor F.; Hulesch A.; Komives T.; Dutka F., 1986:
Effectiveness of new herbicide antidotes against alachlor phytotoxicity to corn zea mays l

Fuchs T.W.; Shelton M., 1985:
Effectiveness of new methods of biting lice control on angora goats

Rinow M.E.; Saltzman A.R., 1986:
Effectiveness of new oxygen demand valve in chronic hypoxemia

Jung J.; Grossmann K., 1985:
Effectiveness of new terpenoid derivatives abscisic acid and its methyl ester on transpiration and leaf senescence of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar union

Thormann J.; Schlepper M.; Kramer W.; Gottwik M., 1982:
Effectiveness of nicorandil sg 75 a new long acting drug with nitro properties in patients with coronary artery disease improvement in left ventricular function and regional wall motion without pacing induced angina

Sheleg V.A.; Protsenko G.N.; Makarevich O.V., 1985:
Effectiveness of nicotinic acid and acetylsalicylic acid in the complex treatment of acute pneumonia

Hendrickson, L.L.; Walsh, L.M.; Keeney, D.R., 1978:
Effectiveness of nitrapyrin in controlling nitrification of fall and spring applied anhydrous ammonia

Frye W.W.; Blevins R.L.; Murdock L.W.; Wells K.L.; Ellis J.H., 1981:
Effectiveness of nitrapyrin with surface applied fertilizer nitrogen in no tillage corn zea mays

Mammaev G.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers in vineyards in the tersk sands area ussr

Ali A.M.M.; Hamdi Y.A.; Ahmad K.A.; Abdel Wahab S.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in phage resistant and lysogenic rhizobium trifolii strains

Mikaelyan S.G., 1982:
Effectiveness of nitrosomethyl urea and nitrosodimethyl urea in solanum melongena

Krutova, T.V.; Ostrovskaia, L.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of nitrosomethylurea derivatives in the combined chemotherapy of experimental tumors

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Effectiveness of nuclear polyhedrosis virus against field populations of spodoptera litura on banana

Moawed S.M.; Elnabrawy I.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of nuclear polyhedrosis virus and insecticides against the cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis boisd

Kayumi J I.; Kono Y.; Sakashita T.; Sato Y., 1982:
Effectiveness of nursery box treatment with cartap granules against the rice water weevil lissorhoptrus oryzophilus coleoptera curculionidae

Etherington, J.; Noon, A.; Smiley, M., 1987:
Effectiveness of nutritional rehabilitation units

Goodhead, D.T.; Thacker, J.; Cox, R.; Wilkinson, R.E., 1979:
Effectiveness of o.3 kev carbon ultra soft x rays for the inactivation and mutation of cultured mammalian cells

Rüssmann, W., 1981:
Effectiveness of oblique recession with and without resection of horizontal recti in A and V patterns

Crowle A.J.; Elkins N.; May M.H., 1988 :
Effectiveness of ofloxacin against mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium avium and rifampin against mycobacterium tuberculosis in cultured human macrophages

Roekaerts, F.; Deleers, L., 1986:
Effectiveness of ofloxacin in the treatment of wound infections

Messina F.J.; Renwick J.A.A., 1983:
Effectiveness of oils in protecting stored cowpeas vigna unguiculata from the cowpea weevil callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchidae

Godard P.; Kleisbauer J.P.; Muir J.F.; Paramelle B.; Mazoyer F., 1986:
Effectiveness of once a day theophylline in the treatment of nocturnal asthma

Seki S.; Tanizaki M.; Hara K.; Tago M.; Fujita K.; Teramoto S., 1980:
Effectiveness of only left coronary artery perfusion on myo cardial protection in patients with isolated aortic valve replacement

Allen W.R., 1986:
Effectiveness of ontario canada populations of longidorus diadecturus and longiclorus breviannulatus as vectors of peach rosette mosaic and tomato black ring viruses

Duckman R.H., 1984:
Effectiveness of optometric visual training in a population of severely involved cerebral palsied children utilizing professional non optometric therapists

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Effectiveness of oral glucose electrolyte solution in the treatment of acute diarrheas in neonates and young infants

Luzy T.; Creach O.; Fontanges R., 1983:
Effectiveness of oral immunization against salmonella typhimurium in mice previously treated with immuno stimulant

Rizk S.W.; Clydesdale F.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of organic acids to solubilize iron from a wheat soy drink

Murdoch, C.L.; Mitchell, W.C., 1976:
Effectiveness of organo phosphate insecticides in controlling rhodes grass scale in sunturf bermuda grass

Strakhov N.S.; Zozulyak V.I.; Strutinskii M.I.; Gavrilyuk S.K.; Kucher V.A.; Tkachuk B.M., 1981:
Effectiveness of out patient chemo therapy of newly detected destructive pulmonary tuberculosis in rural areas

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Effectiveness of oxygen therapy in hypoxic polycythemic smokers

Croshier Q.R.; Montecinos G.G.; Jimenez R.M.; Gallo D.P., 1984:
Effectiveness of paecilomyces lilacinus in the control of the root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica

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Effectiveness of pain relief in labor survey of 1000 mothers

Owens, D.R.; Rolfe, R.D.; Hentges, D.J., 1976:
Effectiveness of palladium chloride for the isolation of anaerobes

Mayr A.; Brunner R., 1980:
Effectiveness of paramunization to control piglet breeding losses and piglet enzootic pneumonia

Meaker, H.J.; Coetsee, T.P.N., 1978:
Effectiveness of paraquat on the foggage value of eragrostis curvula for beef cattle

Manojlovic B., 1984:
Effectiveness of parasites in the reduction of the population of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae on different host plants

Honbo Y.; Nakamura K., 1985:
Effectiveness of parental care in the bug elasmucha putoni hemiptera acanthosomidae

Moroz B.B.; Fedorovskii L.L.; Grozdov S.P., 1980:
Effectiveness of parenteral feeding of rats after irradiation of abdomen

Holobow N.E.; Genesee F.; Lambert W.E.; Gastright J.; Met M., 1987:
Effectiveness of partial french immersion for children from different social class and ethnic backgrounds

Lindsey, D.; Nava, C.; Marti, M., 1982:
Effectiveness of penicillin irrigation in control of infection in sutured lacerations

Mironova K.A.; Ivanova E.A.; Galetskaya T.M.; Fomina A.A.; Spivak A.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of per oral use of lidocaine

Franks S.; Horrocks P.M.; Lynch S.S.; Butt W.R.; London D.R., 1983:
Effectiveness of pergolide mesylate in long term treatment of hyper prolactinemia

Monnier J.C., 1987:
Effectiveness of peri operative cefuroxime and metronidazole in preventing post cesarean section infection

Brown T.S.; Pardue J., 1985:
Effectiveness of personnel selection inventory in reducing drug store theft

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Effectiveness of phenasal in tablet form and its tolerance in patients with intestinal cestodiasis

Martens D.A.; Bremner J.M., 1984:
Effectiveness of phosphoroamides for retardation of urea hydrolysis in soils/

Beyrouty C.A.; Nelson D.W.; Sommers L.E., 1988:
Effectiveness of phosphoroamides in retarding hydrolysis of urea surface applied to soils with various ph and residue cover

Bushmakina H.A., 1981:
Effectiveness of phosphorus and potash fertilizers on grass stands of different age used for hay

Gol'dfel'd, M.G.; Dmitrovskii, L.G.; Blyumenfel'd, L.A., 1978:
Effectiveness of photo phosphorylation in chloroplasts under constant and flash light exposure

Hackett, A.J.; Wolynetz, M.S., 1982:
Effectiveness of photoperiod stimulation on reproductive performance of sheep housed continuously indoors on an accelerated breeding schedule

Sledzevskaya I.K.; Vysotskaya Z.M.; Chmir V.P.; Bugaenko V.V., 1986:
Effectiveness of physical exercises in postmyocardial infarction patients

Sledzevskaya, I.K.; Il'yash, M.G., 1978:
Effectiveness of physical rehabilitation of patients after myo cardial infarction from long term follow up data

Conger, B.; Nelson, E.C.; Dietrich, A.J.; Blanchard, C.; McHugo, G.J.; Simmons, J.J.; Vernon, P.; Secker-Walker, R.; Wasson, J.H., 1987:
Effectiveness of physician antismoking advice

Liptak, G.S.; Hulka, B.S.; Cassel, J.C., 1977:
Effectiveness of physician mother interactions during infancy

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Effectiveness of picosecond electron transfer in photosynthesis depends on the state of hydrogen bonds in the reaction center

Scaffidi A.; Costa R.; Frontespezi S., 1987:
Effectiveness of pinaverium bromide in the treatment of primitive biliary dyskinesia technetium 99m p ida scintigraphic evaluation

Niss A.I.; Umanskii K.G.; Maksutova E.L.; Rudometov Y.P., 1985:
Effectiveness of piracetam treatment of acute viral neuro infections

Faktorovich, M.L., 1976:
Effectiveness of planning and implementing complex health improvement measures in industrial enterprises

D.C.stro E.D.M.; Gridi Papp I.L.; Paterniani E., 1982:
Effectiveness of plant barriers on the isolation of cotton gossypium hirsutum plots

Ali S.I.; Singh O.P.; Misra U.S., 1983:
Effectiveness of plant oils against pulse beetle callosobruchus chinensis

Voskanyan A.G., 1981:
Effectiveness of pneumonia treatment under moderate mountainous conditions dilizhan resort armenian ssr ussr

Purcell, P.D., 1985:
Effectiveness of posterior crossbite correction during the mixed dentition

Papademetriou, V.; Burris, J.; Kukich, S.; Freis, E.D., 1985:
Effectiveness of potassium chloride or triamterene in thiazide hypokalemia

Prokoshev V.V.; Gosudareva Z.I., 1980:
Effectiveness of potassium fertilizers on sandy loam soils

Zarochentsev, S.G., 1976:
Effectiveness of potassium meta phosphate on soddy podzolic soil in different systems of cultivation

Cutter, H.S.; Boyatzis, R.E.; Clancy, D.D., 1977:
Effectiveness of power motivation training in rehabilitating alcoholics

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Effectiveness of praziquantel and phenasal in white mice with experimental hymenolepidosis

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Effectiveness of pre operative chemo therapy in wilms tumor results of an international society of pediatric oncology clinical trial

Pogosyan G.S.; Avakyan A.G.; Semerdzhyan S.P., 1983:
Effectiveness of pre sowing gamma irradiation of tomato seeds in protected ground under the effect of mineral fertilizers

Popov K.P., 1980:
Effectiveness of precipitation and seasonal migrations of soil moisture in southern soviet central asia ussr

Melchiors M.A.; Leslie C.A., 1985:
Effectiveness of predator fecal odors as black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus repellents

Petereit, L.B.; Meikle, A.W., 1977:
Effectiveness of prednisolone during phenytoin therapy

Alshamkhani E., 1985:
Effectiveness of primary cultivation on soil weed encroachment and fruit bearing of mid early directly seeded tomatoes

Karlinskii, V.M.; Pozdnyakova, V.P., 1975:
Effectiveness of prodigiosan electrophoresis in treating patients with chronic cholecystitis

Groshkov I.; Angelov A., 1986:
Effectiveness of producing glasshouse roses by grafting and by growing on their own roots

Winerman, I.; Segal, S.; Man, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of prophylactic antibiotic treatment in mastoid surgery

Boss, W.K.; Brand, D.A.; Acampora, D.; Barese, S.; Frazier, W.H., 1985:
Effectiveness of prophylactic antibiotics in the outpatient treatment of burns

Pavlov A.S.; Stiop L.D., 1983:
Effectiveness of prophylactic irradiation of neck lymphatics in naso pharyngeal malignancies

Geisler, L.S.; Thiel, H.; Förster, O.B.; Rohner, H.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of proxyphylline in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Vetkova L.G.; Antsiferova N.G.; Radkevich S.A.; Moroz A.F., 1985:
Effectiveness of pseudomonas aeruginosa polyvalent corpuscular vaccine some antibiotics and their combination in pseudomonas aeruginosa experimental chronic infection

Kiryakova, N.; Kostova, M.; Popov-Ya ; Pelov, R.; Zaimova, Z.; Mitrova-Ts, 1987:
Effectiveness of psoriasis patients who drink alcohol

Barkauskas V.H., 1983:
Effectiveness of public health nurse home visits to primi parous mothers and their infants

King, R.L.; Barry, B.; Brooks, D.N., 1987:
Effectiveness of publicity campaign encouraging earlier referral of hearing loss in adults

Nagaoka H.; Innimi R.; Yano M.; Sakamoto T.; Yamada T., 1985:
Effectiveness of pulsatile cardiopulmonary bypass on carbohydrate and tissue metabolism early after open heart surgery

Sol J.; Prijs H.J.; Counotte G.H.M.; Kommerij R., 1987:
Effectiveness of pvc ear tags impregnated with the insecticide flucythrinate

Paquin R.; Ladouceur G., 1980:
Effectiveness of radar and thermal ir imagery and color ir photography for inventory of cultures

Airapetyan, G.M.; Ivashin, V.A.; Pugacheva, T.N., 1975:
Effectiveness of radiation in uneven irradiation of the organism

Durkovský, J.; Boljesíková, E., 1978:
Effectiveness of radiation therapy and combined radiation and surgical treatment in advanced breast cancer

Vihko, P.; Lukkarinen, O.; Kontturi, M.; Vihko, R., 1981:
Effectiveness of radio immunoassay of human prostate specific acid phosphatase ec in the diagnosis and follow up of therapy in prostatic carcinoma

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Effectiveness of radio therapy on transplanted intestinal carcinoma in the rat

Melian E.; Cuellar L.; Estopinan V.; Riobo P.; Lara J.I.; Sanchez Franco F., 1988:
Effectiveness of radioactive iodine for the therapy of toxic adenoma results of our experience with a group of 17 patients and review of the literature

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Effectiveness of reciprocal recurrent selection for improving pre weaning performance in swine

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Effectiveness of recombinant human erythropoietin in the treatment of transfusion dependent anemia in patients on chronic hemodialysis

Gashtov, A.Kh, 1978:
Effectiveness of reconstructive operations on aortic arch branches

Knyazev M.D.; Gromova G.V.; Lyudinovskova R.A.; Aslibekyan I.S.; Kirichenko A.A.; Kharlova L.V., 1982:
Effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients after aorto coronary bypass

Burish T.G.; Lyles J.N., 1979:
Effectiveness of relaxation training in reducing the aversiveness of chemo therapy in the treatment of cancer

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Effectiveness of remantadine and ribamide combination administered in aerosol on experimental influenza infection in white mice

Yarzhombek A.A.; Bekina E.N., 1987:
Effectiveness of removal by fish of dissolved substances from water

Dremova V.P.; Yaglom D.L.; Markina V.V.; Gleiberman S.E.; Bogdanova E.N.; Virnik A.D.; Smirnova S.N.; Gomozova R.P., 1982:
Effectiveness of repellent action and prospects for the use of clothes with chemically bound carboxide

Chuchulieva Z., 1981:
Effectiveness of rest in resort complexes depending on their architectural planning solutions

Atmadzov, P.; Genkov, D., 1975:
Effectiveness of retaining beta radioactive substances with cigarette filters of the acetate type

Singh, C.S.; Dadarwal, K.R.; Rao, N.S.S., 1976:
Effectiveness of rhizobia from wild species of arachis on the cultivated species arachis hypogaea and their physiological characteristics

Azcon Aguilar C.; Barea J.M.; Azcon R.; Olivares J., 1982:
Effectiveness of rhizobium and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in the introduction of hedysarum coronarium in a new habitat

Berestetskii, O.A.; Dorosinskii, L.M.; Kozhemyakov, A.P., 1987:
Effectiveness of rhizobium bacteria preparations in a geographical network of experiments

van Rensburg, H.J.; Strijdom, B.W., 1985:
Effectiveness of Rhizobium strains used in inoculants after their introduction into soil

Rys G.J.; Bonish P.M., 1981:
Effectiveness of rhizobium trifolii populations associated with trifolium spp in taranaki new zealand

Hagedorn, C., 1978:
Effectiveness of rhizobium trifolii populations associated with trifolium subterraneum in southwest oregon usa soils

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Effectiveness of rimantadine prophylaxis of children within families

Klimashevskii E.L.; Chernysheva N.F., 1981:
Effectiveness of root function in relation to genetic variability the reaction of plants to nutrition level

Fotyma M.; Kesik K., 1984:
Effectiveness of row application of superphosphate using a combined drill constructed in poland

Papas A.M.; Sniffen C.J.; Muscato T.V., 1984:
Effectiveness of rumen protected methionine for delivering methionine post ruminally in dairy cows

Cox, N.A.; Mercuri, A.J.; Tanner, D.A.; Carson, M.O.; Thomson, J.E.; Bailey, J.S. , 1978:
Effectiveness of sampling methods for salmonella detection on processed broilers/

Mora P.; Suarez J.M.; Garza E.; Del Rey R.; Segura J.M.; Martin J.; Merino M.J.; Muro J., 1988:
Effectiveness of sclerosis of the first therapeutic measure for active esophageal varix hemorrhage

Jodkowska, E., 1985:
Effectiveness of sealing measures of the chewing surface of permanent teeth in clinical estimation 2. caries reduction

Kharbanda P.D.; Bernier C.C., 1979:
Effectiveness of seed and foliar application of fungicides to control ascochyta fabae blight of faba beans vicia faba

Mccarter, S.M.; Barksdale, T.H., 1977:
Effectiveness of selected chemicals in controlling rhizoctonia solani fruit rot of tomato in greenhouse and field tests

Conlin K.C.; Mccarter S.M., 1983:
Effectiveness of selected chemicals in inhibiting pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato in vitro and in controlling bacterial speck

Cagas B., 1986:
Effectiveness of selected fungicides against the ergot claviceps purpurea in grasses

Burke M.C.; Hopen H.J., 1983:
Effectiveness of selected herbicides and discing on volunteer horseradish armoracia rusticana control

Durant J.A., 1979:
Effectiveness of selected insecticides and insecticide combinations against the bollworm heliothis zea tobacco budworm heliothis virescens and beet armyworm spodoptera exigua on cotton

Neal J.W.Jr, 1981:
Effectiveness of selected insecticides on late instar bagworm thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis larvae

Mikhkel'man V.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of selecting barley samples in the selection nursery of the 1st year

Nettevich E.D.; Sharakhov A.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of selecting from among spring barley hybrid populations in an artificial climate

Olivereira D.Paiva W., 1983:
Effectiveness of selecting plants of red vine spinach basella alba synonym basella rubra for resistance to nematodes

Von Lengerken G.; Schwalbe M., 1987:
Effectiveness of selection against halothane sensitivity in landrace and schwerfurt meat type pigs studies at pig breeding centres

Teuberg L.R.; Barnes D.K.; Rincker C.M., 1983:
Effectiveness of selection for nectar volume receptacle diameter and seed yield characteristics in alfalfa medicago sativa

Okazaki W.; Fadly A.M.; Crittenden L.B.; Chase W.B., 1982:
Effectiveness of selection for reduced avian leukosis virus shedding in different chicken strains

Quisenberry J.E.; Fryrear D.W.; Kohel R.J.; Roark B., 1980:
Effectiveness of selection in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum in stress environments

G'l'bov, S., 1976:
Effectiveness of selection methods in maintaining soybean cultivars

Randhawa A.S.; Gill K.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of selection under different mating systems in a winter x spring cross of wheat 1

Shigeta H.; Mori H.; Nakai M.; Kitagawa Y.; Kanatsuna T.; Kondo M.; Nakamura N.; Aochi O.; Nakamura Y.; E.A., 1985 :
Effectiveness of self monitoring of blood glucose in diabetes control

Dewar, N.E.; Gravens, D.L., 1973:
Effectiveness of septisol antiseptic foam as a surgical scrub agent

Masuda T.; Endo S.; Kilin D., 1981:
Effectiveness of several insecticides on the tobacco cutworm spodoptera litura on soybean

Jacobson M.; Crystal M.M.; Kleiman R., 1981:
Effectiveness of several poly unsaturated seed oils as boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis feeding deterrents

Nass H.G., 1983:
Effectiveness of several selection methods for grain yield in 2 f 2 populations of spring wheat triticum aestivum

Skoda C.; Bouchal M.; Baudis P.; Boleloucky Z.; Hlavinova J.; Kuliskova O.; Mudra M.; Placherova A.; Skalkova O.; E.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of short and long versions of three therapeutic programs for neurotics results of three controlled studies

Zaccara, G.; Galli, A., 1979:
Effectiveness of simplified dosage schedules on the management of ambulant epileptic patients

Meissner A.P.; Clarke A.L., 1979:
Effectiveness of single and annual applications of potassium fertilizer on mown pasture in southeastern south australia

Koomen I.; Grace C.; Hayman D.S., 1987:
Effectiveness of single and multiple mycorrhizal inocula on growth of clover and strawberry plants at two soil phs

Richet H., 1987:
Effectiveness of single dose antibiotic prophylaxis in relation to infection risk factors

Gazin, P.; Boillot, F.; Ouedraogo, J.B.; Carnevale, P.; Ambroise-Thomas, P., 1987:
Effectiveness of single dose treatment with chloroquine of malaria in West Africa and measurement of chloroquine urinary excretion

Bruch, K.; Haas, J., 1976:
Effectiveness of single doses of fenbendazole hoe 881 against ascaris hookworm and trichuris in man

Wilcox J.R.; Schapaugh W.T.Jr, 1980:
Effectiveness of single plant selection during successive generations of inbreeding in soybeans glycine max

Ram B.; Naidu M.R.; Dahiya B.S., 1985:
Effectiveness of single plant selection methods in f 2 populations of chickpea crosses

Burnside E.B.; Stewart H.M., 1979:
Effectiveness of sire proofs in predicting results of corrective matings for conformation in canadian holstein friesian cattle

Christian P.A.; Rawson M.V.Jr; Shierling T.D., 1987:
Effectiveness of six trap types and other factors for harvesting premolt blue crabs callinectes sapidus in a georgia tidal creek usa

Holmes D.S.; Frost R.O.; Bennett D.H.; Nielsen D.H.; Lutz D.J., 1981:
Effectiveness of skin resistance bio feedback for controlling arousal in nonstressful and stressful situations 2 experiments

Phillips R.E.; Looareesuwan S.; Bloom S.R.; Warrell D.A.; Turner R.C.; Quantrill D.; Moore A.R., 1986:
Effectiveness of sms 201 995 a synthetic long acting somatostatin analogue in treatment of quinine induced hyperinsulinemia

Kawaguchi S., 1981:
Effectiveness of snake elaphe quadrivirgata serum as a source of complement in the plaque forming cells assay of mouse lymphoid cells

Yap, H.H., 1986:
Effectiveness of soap formulations containing deet and permethrin as personal protection against outdoor mosquitoes in Malaysia

Zamotaev, I.P.; Sokolova, V.I.; Konstantinova, L.A.; Pozdnyakova, V.P., 1976:
Effectiveness of sodium dicloxacillin capsules used in treatment of broncho pulmonary diseases

Voss, G.I.; Katona, P.G.; Dauchot, P.J., 1985:
Effectiveness of sodium nitroprusside as a function of total peripheral resistance in the anesthetized dog

Danik, L.M., 1976:
Effectiveness of sodium selenite in experimental dystrophy of the liver

Grundon N.J., 1980:
Effectiveness of soil dressings and foliar sprays of copper sulfate in correcting copper deficiency of wheat triticum aestivum in queensland australia

Lear B.; Goheen A.C.; Raski D.J., 1981:
Effectiveness of soil fumigation for control of fanleaf virus nematode xiphinema index complex in grapevines

Gordienko M.I.; Nagornaya R.V.; Mostepanyuk V.A., 1982:
Effectiveness of soil management in scotch pine pinus sylvestris plantations of ukrainian polesye ussr

Abdel Rahim M.F.; Satour M.M.; Mickail K.Y.; E.E.aki S.A.; Grinstein A.; Chen Y.; Katan J., 1988:
Effectiveness of soil solarization in furrow irrigated egyptian soils

Cieslak S.R.; Hazelwood R.L., 1986:
Effectiveness of somatostatin in regulating pancreatic splenic lobe hormone secretion following 99 percent pancreatectomy in adult chickens

Badegana A.; Heungens A., 1986:
Effectiveness of some acaricides in the control of tetranychus urticae on solanum aethiopicum

Angelov S.; Radkov D., 1983:
Effectiveness of some agricultural and forest crops in eroded mountain areas

Rossi M.L.; Sacchi O., 1982:
Effectiveness of some anions in sustaining the efferent inhibition in the frog rana esculenta labyrinth

Kayashima, N.; Hayama, T., 1976:
Effectiveness of some anti emetics on oral copper sulfate emesis in cats and dogs

Shedivtsova, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of some anti nematode drugs in larval ascariasis in white mice

Vasileva, M.; Mekhandzhiev, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of some chemical mutagens from the group of alkylating agents in inducing mutations in peas

Liska, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of some fungicides against rhynchosporium secalis

Davidkov E.; Stamboliev M.; Angelova V., 1987:
Effectiveness of some fungicides and leaf fertilizers applied to wheat along with various fertilizer rates

Suharti M., 1988:
Effectiveness of some fungicides to control damping off of pinus merkusii seedlings at sempolan jember east java indonesia

Rupasava Z.A.; Murashova N.F.; Rusalyenka V.H.; Tsyalyak M.A.; Yanitskaya L.I., 1981:
Effectiveness of some herbicides from the urea group in narcissus cultivation

Dimitrova T.Z.; Benkov B., 1987:
Effectiveness of some herbicides in controlling bracken pteridium aquilinum kuhn

Dimitrova T.; Benkov B., 1986:
Effectiveness of some herbicides in seed production swards of trefoil

Prodanov I.; Benkov B., 1980:
Effectiveness of some herbicides on alfalfa fields for seed production

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