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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5286

Chapter 5286 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mickle, A.M.; Wetzel, R.G., 1978:
Effectiveness of submersed angiosperm epiphyte complexes on exchange of nutrients and organic carbon in littoral systems part 2 dissolved organic carbon

Mironchenko F.A.; Zelenskii N.A., 1983:
Effectiveness of subsurface soil cultivation on slopes

Korchagin V.A.; Novikov V.G.; Frolova N.M., 1986:
Effectiveness of subsurface treatment of common chernozems in the central transvolga area ussr as a function of the weather conditions

Kovrigo S.I.; Gruzdev G.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of successive application of herbicides in sugar beet stands

Oviasu V.O.; Obasohan A.O., 1987:
Effectiveness of sulbactam ampicillin in the treatment of lobar pneumonia

Aswathaiah B.; Delouche J.C., 1987:
Effectiveness of sulfuric acid scarification in reducing hardseed content of vetch seeds

Luminari M.; Ronchetti P.G.; Tesi A.; Storniello G.; Cenedese A.; Cornelli U., 1988:
Effectiveness of sulglycotide treatment for active chronic superficial gastritis

Ker K.W.; Sears M.K., 1986:
Effectiveness of superior oil applied to apple for control of the san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus and the european fruit scale quadraspidiotus ostreaeformis homoptera diaspididae

Bolland M.D.A.; Baker M.J.; Lunt R.J., 1987:
Effectiveness of superphosphate and crandallite millisite rock phosphates on a deep very sandy soil as assessed by plant growth and soil extractable phosphate

Tabita, P.V.; Bissada, N.F.; Maybury, J.E., 1981:
Effectiveness of supragingival plaque control on the development of subgingival plaque and gingival inflammation in patients with moderate pocket depth

Knyshov, G.V.; Ursulenko, V.I.; Krotova, L.I.; Panichkin, I.V.; Shumiliak, L.S., 1980:
Effectiveness of surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease

Merbach, W.; Schilling, G., 1980:
Effectiveness of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in leguminous plants as affected by inoculation with rhizobia by substrate nitrogen fertilization and carbon 14 labeled sucrose application

Pavlasek J.; Pilyavskii A.I.; Strauss P.; Duda P., 1979:
Effectiveness of synaptic influences from ascending pathways of different spinal funiculi on reticulo spinal neurons in the cat

Kaden V.; Heller P.; Dubberke W., 1985:
Effectiveness of synchronous aerogenic immunization of swine in a livestock immunization lock against swine fever and erysipelas analysis of techno scientific standards

El-Domeiri, A.A.; Nika, B.; Hsia, W.C.; Crispen, R.; Sabet, T.Y.; Gupta, T.K., 1977:
Effectiveness of systemic BCG therapy in advanced melanoma

Salem F.M.; Osman G.Y., 1988:
Effectiveness of tagetes natural exudates on meloidogyne javanica chitwood nematode

Podlesny, J.A.; Raskin, D.C., 1978:
Effectiveness of techniques and physiological measures in detection of deception

Bixler, E.O.; Kales, A.; Soldatos, C.R.; Scharf, M.B.; Kales, J.D., 1978:
Effectiveness of temazepam with short term intermediate term and long term use sleep laboratory evaluation

D.D.onigi L.; Calzolari M.; Vergallo G., 1986:
Effectiveness of terfenadine in allergic rhinitis clinic and rhinomanometric evaluation after specific nasal provocation test

Rudoi A.B.; Chkanikova R.A.; Vezitskii A.Yu, 1987:
Effectiveness of terminal stages of the biosynthesis of chlorophyll pigment in greening etiolated leaves

Lal, O.P.; Schmutterer, H., 1976:
Effectiveness of terramycin with some other antibiotics and surfactants against aphis fabae

Lowgren M.; Karlsson G., 1987:
Effectiveness of tertiary wastewater treatment in river basin scale

Songin W.; Piramowicz W., 1980:
Effectiveness of the afalon and gramonol herbicides in cultivation of early potatoes

Young, D.B.; Mccaa, R.E.; Pan, Y.J.; Guyton, A.C., 1976:
Effectiveness of the aldo sterone sodium and aldo sterone potassium feedback control system

Gavrilova, T.N.; Ladnova, G.G.; Merkulov, M.F., 1978:
Effectiveness of the anti tumor activity of sarcolysine depending on the latent period of tumor growth after transplantation

Bondarenko, A.S.; Petrenko, G.T.; Aizenman, B.E.; Borzunov, E.E.; Perepelitsa, N.P.; Volosovets, P.S.; Kunitskaya, L.S., 1978:
Effectiveness of the antibiotic preparation k in vivo

Asarov K.K.; Demin V.A.; Abramov A.E., 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of nitrogen fertilizers under annual legume grass mixtures on soddy podzolic soil

Sedlarska B.; Andonov D., 1985:
Effectiveness of the application of the n serve nitrogen stabilizer on irrigated maize grown for grain

Karadzhov S., 1980:
Effectiveness of the bacterial preparations dipel and enterobacterin in control of the meadow butterfly loxostege stricticalis

Timofeev, L.V.; Shamsutdinov, F.S., 1975:
Effectiveness of the combination of lines of large white swine in commercial breeding

Zvereva G.V.; Chukhrii B.N.; Cheletskii M.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of the combination of prostaglandin f 2 alpha with estrogens in cows with persisting corpus luteum

Rudenko O.B.; Tsoi R.M., 1979:
Effectiveness of the combined action of 2 chemical mutagens on the sperm of cyprinus carpio

Akunts K.B.; Akopyan S.S.; Mirimanova R.P., 1987:
Effectiveness of the combined treatment of patients with syndrome of sclerocystic ovaries

Lozitskii V.P.; Puzis L.E.; Razorenov G.I.; Polyak R.Ya, 1985:
Effectiveness of the combined use of inactivated vaccine and the inhibitor of proteolysis in prevention of experimental influenza

Ektov V.A.; Akmambetov A.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of the commercial crossing of simmental cows with bulls of beef breeds in the astrakhan oblast russian sfsr ussr

Lim A.A., 1988:
Effectiveness of the conjunctival immunization of cattle against brucellosis

Dzhavakhishvili A.A.; Dolidze E.I.; Esadze N.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of the cryo reflexogenic treatment of patients with spontaneous enuresis

Tsankova G., 1981:
Effectiveness of the dates of nitrogen fertilizer application in some inbred maize lines

Garcia-De-Siles, J.L.; Galvez, J.F., 1977:
Effectiveness of the forppa standard in judging the quality of the carcasses of calves and yearlings

Waldroup P.W.; Mabray C.J.; Blackman J.R.; Slagter P.J.; Short R.J.; Johnson Z.B., 1981:
Effectiveness of the free acid of methionine hydroxy analog as a methionine supplement in broiler diets

Mickovski J.; Dimeska V.; Stojkov S., 1985:
Effectiveness of the fungicides ridomil z 58 ridomil z 72 ridomil mz 58 and ridomil mz 72 in the control of peronospora tabacina on planted tobacco

Velcheva, N., 1986:
Effectiveness of the growth regulators alcictin and dimilin for the control of the leaf blister moth leucoptera scitella zell. and some other major lepidoptera pests of apple orchards

Sokhin A.A.; Slyusar' L.I.; Ignatov S.A.; Mekhova L.S., 1986:
Effectiveness of the immunoprophylaxis of measles and the criteria for evaluating the possibilities of eliminating the disease

Cheredeev A.N.; Gorlina N.K.; Mamatkulov S.M.; Aleinikova N.V.; Snisar' N.A., 1985:
Effectiveness of the immunostimulant diuciphon in patients with acute cholecystitis in elderly and senile age

Zorikhina, V.I., 1978:
Effectiveness of the indirect hem agglutination test with dry blood in echinococcosis and alveococcosis

Nelson, L.H.; Nichols, S.B., 1986:
Effectiveness of the Isaacs cell sampler for endometrial cultures

Pivanova G.P.; Karavanova A.S.; Bannova G.G.; Neklyudova V.M.; Beloborodova N.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of the method of determining early specific immunoglobulins by hemagglutination inhibition test for the diagnosis of tick borne encephalitis

Navarro A.; Tang R.; Montada D.; Diaz C.; Garcia F.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of the nd 354 reference product as mosquito repellent

Leskova, A.Y. ; Bulbulshoev, T., 1975:
Effectiveness of the new microbial preparation bitoxibacillin in controlling ermine moth and brown tail moth caterpillars

Poltavskaya I.A.; Sulima D.N.; Kovalenko V.D., 1985:
Effectiveness of the new phosphorus fertilizer superphos on carbonate chernozem

Ervandyan S.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of the nitrosodimethyl urea effect on seeds of emilia flammea plants

Kedmi S.; Fattal B., 1981:
Effectiveness of the organic flocculation method in concentrating echovirus 7 and coxsackievirus a 9 from water

Borisov V.P.; Seletskaya L.I.; Skomorokhova T.N.; Popov V.A., 1984:
Effectiveness of the preparation ferrocin according to the decrease in radioactive thallium

Gorbunov M.A.; Sumarokov A.A.; Zak M.R.; Yurkuvenas V.B.; Lelikov V.L.; Yaroshevskaya I.Yu; Omel'chenko E.I.; Rinkauskene A.I.; Usmanov S.U.; E.A., 1981:
Effectiveness of the preseasonal prevention of hepatitis a with 10 percent commercial immuno globulin used in different doses

Samsonova N.E.; Astakhova L.V., 1982:
Effectiveness of the products of incomplete decomposition of amorphous phosphorites

Smirnov V.E.; Varakin Y.Y.; Gornostaeva G.V.; Manvelov L.S.; Amoashii M.S.; Nikitin Y.M.; Larskii E.G., 1988:
Effectiveness of the program of preventing cerebral stroke in high risk groups

Onoue Y.; Kurata S.; Lim J H.; Kamiji T.; Maeda M.; Matsumoto K., 1988:
Effectiveness of the punch out and suture methods

Hashimoto Y.; Hasegawa Y.; Fukuhara M.; Sugimoto G.; Takahashi R.; Sagara T.; Ozawa K., 1981:
Effectiveness of the puretron in dental treatment

Everson I.; Bone D.G., 1986:
Effectiveness of the rmt 8 system for sampling krill euphausia superba swarms

Lanner R.M., 1985:
Effectiveness of the seed of pinus flexilis in wind dispersal

Fel'dman, E.V.; Kapustik, L.A.; Belous, T.I.; Bir'iak, V.N.; Kuznetsova, N.K., 1985:
Effectiveness of the selective revaccination of schoolchildren against measles

Khlebutina L.A.; Minaeva V.M.; Luzin P.M.; Kipriyanova N.V.; Shamarina A.G., 1987:
Effectiveness of the seroprophylaxis of tick borne encephalitis as a function of the antihemagglutinin titer of homologous gamma globulin

Parodi C.I.; Tassinari T.; Bacigalupo F.; Farinini D.; Leandri M., 1986:
Effectiveness of the slow release preparation of dihydroergotamine

Rice F.J.; Lanctot C.A.; Garcia Devesa C., 1981 :
Effectiveness of the sympto thermal method of natural family planning an international study

Gospodinova E., 1981:
Effectiveness of the systemic fungicide bayleton in the control of brown leaf rust on wheat

Skvortsov, I.A.; Rudenskaya, G.E.; Karaseva, A.N.; Vel'tishchev-Yu, E., 1987:
Effectiveness of the therapeutic use of complexones in children with some diseases of the extrapyramidal system

Livergant-Yu, E.; Chebotareva, E.D.; Polishchuk, L.N., 1977:
Effectiveness of the therapeutic use of iodine 125 in diffuse toxic goiter

Lindenbraten V.D., 1981:
Effectiveness of the traditional system of teaching and results of introducing an optimized system of training in the department of patho physiology

Egiyan M.G., 1981:
Effectiveness of the treatment of neurotic nocturnal enuresis in children by amitriptyline

Vein A.M.; Tabeeva G.R.; Yakhno N.N., 1986:
Effectiveness of the treatment of patients with vegetovascular crises of neurotic nature comparative electrophysiological study

Ledovskii S.Ya; Prusakova L.D.; Shcherbachenko V.P.; Baganov A.P., 1986:
Effectiveness of the treatment of tomato seedlings with ethylene producing compounds and auxins

Golik N.A.; Leman V.M.; Malyshev V.V., 1985:
Effectiveness of the use of an irradiator with metal halide lamps during cultivation of lamps in chambers with an artificial climate

Mokhun' I.K.; Vladkovskii I.K.; Luk'yanchuk D.G.; Shubravskii A.A.; Gaidukov V.A.; Sobolev N.S., 1982:
Effectiveness of the use of decamethoxin in patients with chronic gastritis and gastro duodenitis in combination with diseases of the bile ducts

Faingol'd Z.L.; Karpukhin V.F.; Zav'yalova E.V., 1982:
Effectiveness of the use of hydrogen per oxide in the process of purifying waste waters

Fedorko, A.; Bajan, C.; Kmitowa, K.; Wojciechowska, M., 1977:
Effectiveness of the use of selected microorganisms to control the colorado beetle during hibernation

Ballad N.E.; Gavrilova E.M.; Zorikhina V.I., 1979:
Effectiveness of the use of the immuno enzyme method in the diagnosis of echinococcosis and alveococcosis in relation to the degree of antigen purification

Shcheglov V.V.; Fitsev A.I.; Alimbekov S.S., 1986:
Effectiveness of the utilization of dietary protein by young cattle as a function of solubility and degradability in the rumen

Chernikov M.P.; Volkova L.D., 1986:
Effectiveness of the utilization of protein mixtures in young rats

Kunovski Z.; Stoimenova E.; Sukhov K.; Andreeva E.; Vostrova N.; Stamenov B., 1985:
Effectiveness of the v 69 vaccine strain on tomatoes grown under field conditions and susceptible to tobacco mosaic virus

Becker R.A.; Cerqueira D.O.iveira R., 1985:
Effectiveness of the vaccine and other aspects of the measles outbreak at planaltina federal district brazil

Easwaramoorthy, S.; Jayaraj, S., 1978:
Effectiveness of the white halo fungus cephalosporium lecanii against field populations of coffee green bug coccus viridis

Pshenitsyna V.N., 1986:
Effectiveness of the woodiwiss scale in the bioindication of water quality

Bonomi L.; Perfetti S.; Noya E.; Bellucci R.; Massa F., 1979:
Effectiveness of therapy with timolol in open glaucoma

Giesbrecht, G.G.; Bristow, G.K.; Uin, A.; Ready, A.E.; Jones, R.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of three field treatments for induced mild 33.0 c hypothermia

Mauriello, S.M.; Bader, J.D.; George, M.C.; Klute, P.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of three interproximal cleaning devices

Kononko I.V., 1987:
Effectiveness of thymus preparations under bcg vaccination and treatment of experimental tuberculosis

Chiba, R.; Ishii, N.; Suzuki, T.; Toyota, K.; Oyama, C., 1985:
Effectiveness of tiaprofenic acid on clinical symptoms of acute simple cystitis in women

Labios M.; Carbonell C.; Palau F.; Gabriel F.; Belles J.A.; Alberola V., 1985:
Effectiveness of ticlopidine in the treatment of intermittent claudication comparison with vasodilators

Dzagurova T.K.; Tkachenko E.A.; Petrov V.A., 1988:
Effectiveness of tissue culture antigens for serodiagnosis of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome hfrs by immunofluorescence technique

Vasileva T., 1986:
Effectiveness of tobacco stem mulching of newly grass sloping and eroded lands for soil quality improvement and erosion control

di Munno, O.; Sarchi, C., 1982:
Effectiveness of tolmetin in rheumatoid arthritis: evaluation by means of a new method

Dubravec K., 1981 :
Effectiveness of tomatin on fruit and seed development in tomatoes solanum lycopersicum

Bolland M.D.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of topdressed and incorporated superphosphate and duchess rock phosphate for subterranean clover on sandy soils near esperance western australia

Anon, 1984:
Effectiveness of topical 0.1 percent dexamethasone 17 21 dipropionate ths 101 on prurigo groups and erythroderma a comparison between tsh 101 and 0.12 percent betamethasone 17 valerate under double blind study and well controlled study

Glees, J.P.; Mameghan-Zadeh, H.; Sparkes, C.G., 1979:
Effectiveness of topical steroids in the control of radiation dermatitis a randomized trial using 1 percent hydrocortisone cream and 0.05 percent clobetasone butyrate eumovate

Openlender, I.V., 1977:
Effectiveness of trace element application to eroded soils

Andreev, A.A., 1976:
Effectiveness of transplantation of conserved bone marrow in experimental radiation sickness

Arkhangel'skii N.S.; Kostrikin V.M.; Luzik L.V.; Durnev F.P.; Arkhangel'skii V.N., 1987:
Effectiveness of treating beets of the 1st year of vegetation with physiologically active substance solutions

Terlets'ka-Ya, T.; Byelik-Ya, V.; Kozulina, O.P.; Syrovats'ka, L.P.; Hershkovych, O.A.; Kibiryev, V.K.; Serebryanyi, S.B., 1976:
Effectiveness of treating experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in guinea pigs with myelin basic protein and encephalitogenic nona peptide

Sarkisyan Y.K.; Antonova A.M.; Kallistova L.P.; Pavlova T.G., 1980:
Effectiveness of treatment and radiation complications in patients with inoperable esophageal carcinoma in rotation gamma therapy with an open field and through a raster

Bernatowska, E.; Weremowicz, R.; Janowicz, W.; MadaliƄski, K., 1986:
Effectiveness of treatment of children with hypogammaglobulinemia: comparison of fresh plasma and intravenous immunoglobulin preparation

Mannanova F.F.; Dubivko S.A.; Demner L.M., 1981:
Effectiveness of treatment of mal occlusion by means of function regulators

Ivanyuta O.M.; Panasyuk A.V.; Kovalenko N.N.; Zaika Y.I.; Shelest L.Yu; Zamdborg Y.L., 1981:
Effectiveness of treatment of patients with tuberculous meningo encephalitis

Chapra S.C.; Wicke H.D.; Heidtke T.M., 1983:
Effectiveness of treatment to meet phosphorus objectives in the great lakes usa

Caraceni M.P.; Montesano A.; Gandolini G.G.; Soldati L.; Ortolani S., 1987:
Effectiveness of treatment with 25 hydroxycholecalciferol and calcitonin in spasmophilia

Tuomilehto, J.; Nissinen, A.; Wolf, E.; Geboers, J.; Piha, T.; Puska, P., 1985:
Effectiveness of treatment with antihypertensive drugs and trends in mortality from stroke in the community

Khurana C.M.; Deddish P.A., 1983:
Effectiveness of treatment with mezlocillin ampicillin and latamoxef moxalactam of experimental group b beta hemolytic streptococcal meningitis in rabbits

Dimov A., 1987:
Effectiveness of triadimefon and triadimenol in controlling powdery mildew erysiphe graminis tritici and brown rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici infections in spring and raising wheat yields

Rebenko, V.P.; Machuzhenko, V.I., 1977:
Effectiveness of trichoderma lignorum for control of winter barley diseases

Manojlovic B., 1984:
Effectiveness of trichogramma evanescens hymenoptera trichogrammatidae in parasitizing the eggs of the european corn borer on different host plants

Van Rooijen N.; Hofland L.; Dijkstra C.D., 1983:
Effectiveness of tritium labeled uridine and tritium labeled leucine for labeling of t cells and b cells of rats and mice

Prince G.A.; Hemming V.G.; Horswood R.L.; Baron P.A.; Chanock R.M., 1987:
Effectiveness of tropically administered neutralizing antibodies in experimental immunotherapy of respiratory syncytial virus infection in cotton rats

Pertsovskii A.I.; Emel'kin V.I.; Marchuk L.M.; Zadorin Y.G.; Chibireva E.M.; Koval'chuk S.I., 1980:
Effectiveness of trypsin electrophoresis in the treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis

Kuzin M.I.; Sologub V.K.; Tarasov A.V.; Mordkovich M.R.; Zaets T.L., 1986:
Effectiveness of tube feeding in patients with burn injuries

Askham L.R., 1985:
Effectiveness of two anticoagulant rodenticides chlorophacinone and bromadiolone for columbian ground squirrel spermophilus columbianus control in eastern washington usa

Padilla Perez M.; Velazquez D.; Cutino L., 1986:
Effectiveness of two herbicides in the sugarcane crop

Lindner J.P.; Huber A., 1982:
Effectiveness of tylosin in pig fattening

Petrenko V.M.; Zinevich A.K., 1980:
Effectiveness of ulcer treatment in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Roberts R.H., 1981 :
Effectiveness of ultra low volume ground aerosols of phenothrin against mosquitoes house flies and stable flies

Nersesyan P.M.; Saakyan Z.G.; Manukyan L.S., 1983:
Effectiveness of use of tobacco hybrids with cytoplasmic male sterility

Smirnov B.A.; Mazokhina N.Yu; Mazokhin A.S., 1986:
Effectiveness of using 2 4 d and a mixture of it with dicamba over many years in barley monoculture under various nutrient levels

Aliev D.A.; Kazibekova Z.G.; Safarov S.A.; Akhmedov G.A.; Dzhangirov A.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of using a nitrogen fertilizer programmed to release nutrients from an encapsulated granule

Ivannikov, A.T., 1975:
Effectiveness of using amino alkyl phosphonic acids for eliminating uranium from the body

Burtsev E.M.; Shprakh V.V.; Savkov V.S., 1988:
Effectiveness of using cavinton in patients of different ages with chronic forms of cerebrovascular diseases a clinicorheographic study

Tanskii V.I.; Bulgak V.D., 1981:
Effectiveness of using economic damage thresholds for the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae and tetranychid mites acarina in the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Krokhina V.A.; Kalinin A.; Ptak E.I., 1988:
Effectiveness of using eprin in compound feed starters for suckling calves and early weaned piglets

Privezentsev Y.A.; Vlasov V.A., 1979:
Effectiveness of using feed and growth of tilapia and carp fingerlings depending on water temperature

Stirbis P.P.; Bredikis Y.Y.; Skuchas I.Yu; Putelis E.R.; Marinskii G.A., 1986:
Effectiveness of using glucocorticoid saturated endocardial electrodes

Kalinin V.A.; Cherkashin V.I., 1986:
Effectiveness of using herbicide systems in growing maize for silage

Shlyapnikova A.S., 1985:
Effectiveness of using herbicides in the continued growth of rooted green cuttings of currants and sea buckthorn

Ibragimov, S.I.; Tyaminov, A.R., 1969:
Effectiveness of using ionizing radiation in work with remote cotton d hybrids

Bisultanov R.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of using metabolic energy in raising bulls with the use of rations with various energy protein ratios

Kuz'ko N.V., 1981:
Effectiveness of using nitrates of prolonged action in ischemic heart disease

Peterburgskii A.V., 1983:
Effectiveness of using simple and complex fertilizers with various contents of water soluble phosphorus

Mkrtchyan G.A.; Avetisyan K.V.; Simonyan L.Kh, 1981:
Effectiveness of using some fungicides against wheat rust fungi and their effect on grain quality

Merkis, A.I.; Deeva, V.P.; Novitskene, L.L.; Stepanova, E.I.; Mel'nikova, L.N., 1982:
Effectiveness of using the calcium salt of 1 2 chlorethoxycarbonylmethyl naphthalenesulfonic acid as a regulator to tuber formation in potatoes 1. potato tuber growth and yield

Vlasov V.A.; Smolin V.V., 1980:
Effectiveness of using the weis and sadov kokhanskayas apparatuses for incubating carp roe

Andreev N.G.; Voronin A.D.; Lazarez N.N., 1987:
Effectiveness of using various methods of soil cultivation and application of utal in accelerated regrassing of floodplain meadows

Kamlyuk, L.V.; Lyakhnovich, V.P.; Kopylova, T.V., 1978:
Effectiveness of utilization of zoo plankton in carp rearing ponds

Murali N.S.; Teramura A.H., 1986:
Effectiveness of uv b radiation on the growth and physiology of field grown soybean glycine max modified by water stress

Bsat, F.A.; Masabni, R., 1988:
Effectiveness of varicocelectomy in varicoceles diagnosed by physical examination versus Doppler studies

Paerl, H.W., 1978:
Effectiveness of various counting methods in detecting viable phyto plankton

Marvat G.S.K., 1983:
Effectiveness of various indicators for organic matter determination in different soil types

Klochko N.A.; Ankeeva N.F.; Krivtsov I.I., 1987:
Effectiveness of various methods for the scarification of hard lupine seeds

Lingorski V.; Tankov K., 1986:
Effectiveness of various methods of bracken control in the mountain meadows and pastures of the central balkan mountains bulgaria

Akhanov Z.U.; Bakenov K.Z.; Bondarenko N.F.; Gak E.Z., 1980:
Effectiveness of various methods of meliorating takyr like salinized soils of the akdalinsk irrigation region kazakh ssr ussr

Kajak Z., 1981:
Effectiveness of various methods of re cultivation of lakes for purity of their waters

Karnaukhov V.K.; Nekrasova E.I.; Anan'ina N.O.; Laskovenko A.I.; Tamarkina E.M.; Shnaider A.Z., 1979:
Effectiveness of various methods of treating trichocephalosis with diphesyl

Ballad N.E.; Leikina E.S.; Egorov A.M.; Gavrilova E.M.; Zorikhina V.I., 1982:
Effectiveness of various modifications of the immuno enzyme method with purified alveococcus antigens in the diagnosis of human alveococcosis a test tube micro method

Brockman M.P.; Leibowitz J.M., 1982:
Effectiveness of various omission training procedures as a function of reinforcement history

Stiefel, D.J.; Rolla, R.R.; Truelove, E.L., 1984:
Effectiveness of various preventive methodologies for use with disabled persons

Pomerantseva, M.D.; Ramaiya, L.K.; Vilkina, G.A.; Zherebchenko, P.G.; Kalistratov, G.V., 1981:
Effectiveness of various radioprotective agents in protecting against the genetic effects of radiation on germ cells of male mice 2. the incidence of reciprocal translocations in irradiated spermatogonia

Weissenberg W., 1987:
Effectiveness of various techniques of sympathetic blockade

Walenga, R.W.; Lands, W.E., 1975:
Effectiveness of various unsaturated fatty acids in supporting growth and respiration in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hill H.; Schoonhoven A.V., 1981:
Effectiveness of vegetable oil fractions in controlling the mexican bean weevil zabrotes subfasciatus on stored beans phaseolus vulgaris

Hendriks F.F.A.; Bogers A.J.J.C.; D.L.R.viere A.B.; Huysmans H.A.; Brom G.A., 1983:
Effectiveness of veno arterial perfusion in treatment of arterial air embolism during cardio pulmonary bypass

Shahar E.; Barzilay Z.; Frand M., 1981:
Effectiveness of verapamil in infants with paroxysmal supraventricular tachy cardia

Dubovsky, S.L.; Franks, R.D.; Lifschitz, M.; Coen, P., 1982:
Effectiveness of verapamil in the treatment of a manic patient

Khalil S.K.; Bartos J.; Landa Z., 1985:
Effectiveness of verticillium lecanii to reduce populations of aphids under glasshouse and field conditions

Obisesan, I.O., 1987:
Effectiveness of visual selection during successive generations of inbreeding on grain yield of cowpea vigna unguiculata ssp unguiculata l. walp

Mount, J., 1987:
Effectiveness of visual vs kinesthetic instruction for learning a gross motor skill

Kovalenko V.N.; Donchenko G.V.; Baranitskaya I.S.; Paenok S.M.; Makovetskii V.P.; Svishchuk A.A.; Lukashevich M.A.; Lozhkina L.A., 1980:
Effectiveness of vitamin e and its derivatives in animal feeding

Sweet J.J.; Kolden G.G., 1986:
Effectiveness of wechsler memory scale scoring guidelines for improving scorer reliability a follow up study

Cheremisov B.M.; Red'kina T.V., 1984:
Effectiveness of wheat inoculation with azospirillum in nonchernozem region ussr

Rugg D., 1982:
Effectiveness of williams traps in reducing the numbers of stable flies stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae

Chand M.; Randhawa N.S.; Bhumbla D.R., 1981:
Effectiveness of zinc chelates in zinc nutrition of greenhouse rice crop in a saline sodic soil

Singh S.P.; Sinha M.K.; Randhawa N.S., 1981:
Effectiveness of zinc edta edta zinc fulvate and fulvic acid in maintaining zinc and other cations in alkaline soil solution

Tailakov N.; Sultanova S.A.; Gurtmuradov D., 1979:
Effectiveness of zinc fertilizers on cotton fields of the middle reach of the amu darya river turkmen ssr ussr

Chaudhry, F.M.; Latif, A.; Sharif, M.; Rashid, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of zinc soil tests for flooded rice

Bondi A.; Ciofalo G., 1988:
Effectiveness tolerance and long term compliance with nifedipine slow release in hypertensive patients with concomitant and severe pathologies

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Effectivity judgment of the gamma distance therapy by a technique of fractionating the daily dose of inoperable malignant tumors

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Effectivity of bacterial repair systems in near uv radiation induced damage

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Effectivity of imido nitrogen in some biologically active hetero cyclic compounds

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Effectivity of laser ridge intraocular lenses

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Effectivity of leifson agar modified by addition of sucrose a comparison with the unmodified substrate

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Effectivity of living and nonliving bcg vaccine on experimental metastatic spread in mice and the stimulation of the reticulo histiocytic system

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Effectivity of Rev 1 vaccine in rams against brucella ovis infection

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Effectivity of selected methods inducing estrus in sheep to improve the organization of reproduction

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Effectivity of the insect growth regulator methoprene on the pupal metamorphosis in the sweet potato weevil cylas formicarius coleoptera curculionidae

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Effectivity of tumor follow up in gynecology

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Effectivity of wilting and addition of formic acid on ensiling alfalfa

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Effector activity of okt 4 positive and okt 8 positive t cell subsets in lectin dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity against adherent hep 2 cells

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Effector and precursor function of mannose 6 phosphate mannose 1 phosphate udp n acetylglucosamine and dolichylphosphate in the proteophosphomannan biosynthesis of the single cell protein yeast candida maltosa h

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Effector and regulatory activity of mononuclear phagocytes and natural killers in traumatic bone fractures

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Effector and suppressor lymphoid cells in tumor bearing guinea pigs

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Effector cell potential of 2 human t cell sub populations with different affinities to sheep erythrocytes

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Effector cells for antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity part 1 increased cyto toxicity after priming with bcg aqueous extract

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Effector cells which mediate antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity part 2 ontogeny of effector activity in murine spleen

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Effector cellular immunologic responses in patients with acute leukemia during remission

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Effector functions of a monoclonal glycosylated mouse immunoglobulin g 2a binding and activation of complement c 1 and interaction with human monocyte fc receptor

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Effector functions of cattle peripheral blood thymus derived cells in lymphoid cell cultures in vitro

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Effector innervation of the arterial melanophores in the brain stem

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Effector links of the regulation of visceral functions

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Effector lymphocyte response to homologous tumor antigens in various states of malignant disease as monitored by leukocyte adherence inhibition cell mediated immunity lai cmi

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Effector mechanism in concomitant immunity potentiated by intratumoral injection of Nocardia rubra cell wall skeleton

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Effector mechanism of host resistance in murine giardiasis specific immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin a cell mediated toxicity

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Effector mechanism of tumor immunity in murine plasmacytoma

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Effector mechanisms against Rous sarcomas in quail

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Effector mechanisms for alpha beta methylene atp and atp derivatives in guinea pig tenia ceci

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Effector mechanisms in allo graft rejection part 1 assembly of sponge matrix allo grafts

Roberts, P.J.; Hayry, P., 1977:
Effector mechanisms in allo graft rejection part 2 density electrophoresis and size fractionation of allo graft infiltrating cells demonstrating several classes of killer cells

Roberts, P.J., 1977:
Effector mechanisms in allo graft rejection part 3 kinetics of killer cell activity inside the graft and in the immune system during primary and secondary allo graft immune responses

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Effector mechanisms in allo graft rejection part 4 in contrast to late cyto toxic cells the early killer cells infiltrating mouse sponge matrix allo grafts are predominantly thymus derived lymphocytes

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Effector mechanisms in myasthenia gravis end plate function after passive transfer of immunoglobulin g fab and fab' 2 hybrid molecules

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Effector mechanisms in the spontaneous auto immune thyroiditis of obese strain chickens analysis of cyto toxic cells

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Effector mechanisms of cytolytically activated macrophages 1. secretion of neutral proteases and effect of protease inhibitors

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Effector mechanisms of cytolytically activated macrophages 2. secretion of a cytolytic factor by activated macrophages and its relationship to secreted neutral proteases

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Effector mechanisms of human monocyte mediated tumor cytotoxicity in vitro biochemical functional and serological characterization of cytotoxins produced by peripheral blood monocytes isolated by counterflow elutriation

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Effector mechanisms of syngeneic anti tumor responses in mice i. establishment and characterization of an exogenous interleukin 2 independent cytotoxic t lymphocyte line specific for radiation induced leukemia rl male 1

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Effector mechanisms of syngeneic anti tumor responses in mice ii. cytotoxic t lymphocytes mediate neutralization and rejection of radiation induced leukemia rl male 1 in the nude mouse system

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Effector receptor interaction functional model of a receptor with 3 active centers and some of its applications

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Effector t cell differentiation in experimental interstitial nephritis i. the development and modulation effector lymphocyte maturation by i j positive regulatory t cells

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Effectors at cryo preservation of spermatozoa 1. effects of caffeine on the motility and the respiration of human spermatozoa after freezing and thawing

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Effectors at storage of spermatozoa 2. effects of vitamin e on the fertilizing capacity and the vitality of spermatozoa after liquid and cryo preservation

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Effectors differently modulating the dextransucrase activity of leuconostoc mesenteroides

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Effectors of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec and 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase ec of rat liver

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Effectors of lipo protein lipase ec secretion from isolated cardiac muscle cells incubated in vitro

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Effectors of the activation of human 1 glutamate plasminogen by human tissue plasminogen activator

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Effects a catch and release regulation on a wild trout population in colorado usa and its acceptance by anglers

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Effects and duration of action of isosorbide 5 mononitrate in patients with chronic exercise induced angina pectoris comparison with sustained release isosorbide dinitrate

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Effects and implications of the experimental double bind

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Effects and interaction of mineral fertilizers and the herbicide dicuran in soft winter wheat production weed infestation and yields

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Effects and interactions of breed group sex and protein level on performance of swine

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Effects and interactions of furosemide and acetazolamide on tubular function in rat kidney

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Effects and interactions of gibberellic acid and cyto kinins on the retention of chlorophyll and phosphate in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar mozoncillo leaf segments

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Effects and interactions of natural cannabinoids on the isolated heart

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Effects and mechanism of action of trimazosin on coronary and left ventricular dynamics in conscious dogs

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Effects and mechanisms of action of motilin on the cat sphincter of Oddi

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Effects and post effects of 2 hour exhausting exercise on composition and gas transport functions of blood

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Effects and preincubation on fertilization capability and preimplantation development of preovulatory oocytes in mice

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Effects and problems in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy using argon laser pan retinal photo coagulation

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Effects and reciprocal interactions of the depth of dental retention anatomical location and epithelial cellularity in the pericoronal sac of impacted teeth

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Effects and relative toxicity of heavy metals on cuscuta reflexa

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Effects and side effects in the treatment of children with stimulants

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Effects and side effects of a brief over correction procedure in reducing multiple self stimulatory behavior a single case analysis

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Effects and use of some slow channel calcium inhibitors after myocardial infarction

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Effects and usefulness of roof gardens as a contribution of horticulture to housing ecology

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Effects associated with the na naked neck gene on body weight and egg weight in normal sized and dwarf hens

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Effects associated with the pea comb gene on chick weight and body weight and food efficiency of adult hens

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Effects at the periphery of the laser lesion in human brain and its tumors after carbon dioxide neodymium yag and carbon dioxide high peak pulsed radiation

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Effects attributed to maleic hydrazide when used for chemical sucker control on bright tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar nc 2326

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Effects cilastatin sodium an inhibitor of dehydropeptidase i on human urinary peptides excretion patients with renal insufficiency

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Effects combined nitroprusside dobutamine therapy in acute congestive heart failure

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Effects delayed vs. immediate attention to oral reading errors on the reading proficiency of mentally retarded children

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Effects duration of fattening on fattening performance and carcass characteristics in barred korean native cow

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Effects exerted by prostaglandins and indomethacin on the immune response during aging

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Effects for conditioned medium upon proliferation deoxynucleotide metabolism and antimetabolite sensitivity of promyelocytic leukemic cells in vitro

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Effects from simulated rainfall on shoot zone uptake of herbicides

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Effects if reduced tillage practices on continuous wheat triticum aestivum production and on soil properties

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Effects in conscious dogs of ajmaline propranolol amiodarone and verapamil on right ventricular anodal strength interval curves

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Effects in culture of 2 crude oils and 1 oil dispersant on zygotes and germlings of fucus serratus fucales phaeophyceae

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Effects in intra accumbens dopaminergic grafts on behavioral deficits induced by 6 ohda lesions of the nucleus accumbens or a10 dopaminergic neurons a comparison

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Effects in mice of rat bromelain treated red blood cells and lipo poly saccharide on auto antibody production against bromelain treated isologous red blood cells

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Effects in premature infants of normalizing breath h 2 concentrations with carbon dioxide increased hydrogen concentration and reduced interaliquot variation

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Effects in rats and guinea pigs of 6 month exposures to sulfuric acid mist ozone and their combination

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Effects in rats of dietary protein inadequacy on lactose production, milk volume and components of the lactose synthetase complex (EC

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Effects in southeastern queensland australia during 1967 1972 of insects introduced to control lantana camara

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Effects in the liver of methylene chloride inhaled alone and with ethyl alcohol

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Effects in the rat of environmental temperature diet dilution and treadmill running on liver and adipose enzymes and metabolism of carbon 14 glucose a multiple regression analysis

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Effects in the rat of environmental temperature, diet dilution and treadmill running on voluntary food intake, body composition and endocrine organ mass: a multiple regression analysis

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Effects in the rat of inhaling poly vinyl chloride dust at the nuisance dust level

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Effects in vitro and in vivo of thio ureas on acetyl choline esterase activity of rat tissues

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Effects in vivo of beta 1 3 glucans from fungal cell walls on the circulating hemocytes of the desert locust schistocerca gregaria

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Effects in vivo of hormones in xanthine dehydrogenase activity in tissues of albino rat

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Effects in vivo of nitric oxide carbon mon oxide and their association on blood of rabbit

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Effects induced by 2 different estrogens on serum individual phospho lipids and serum lecithin fatty acid composition

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Effects induced by rotenone during aerobic growth of Paracoccus denitrificans in continuous culture. Changes in energy conservation and electron transport associated with NADH dehydrogenase

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Effects induced by tachinid parasites in their hosts the case of the couple galleria mellonella and gonia cinerascens

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Effects induced by vincamine teprosilate on chronic cerebrovascular disease: preliminary results

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Effects observed during subchronic administration of 1 alpha acetyl methadol to guinea pigs

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Effects of 1 2 chloro 4 hydroxyphenyl tert butylamino ethanol hoku 81 a new broncho dilator on isolated trachea and atria of guinea pig

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Effects of 1 2 tetra hydro furyl 5 fluoro uracil administered pre operatively in cases of gastric cancer

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Effects of 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol and 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol on parathyroid hormone release from human parathyroid cells in vitro

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Effects of 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol and 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol on the thyroidal calcitonin content of 13 day old and 30 day old rats

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Effects of 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol parathormone and calcium ion on the pancreatic beta cell sensitivity to alloxan

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Effects of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and calcium channel blockers on cecal calcium transport in the rat

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Effects of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 on bone tissue in the rabbit studies on fracture healing disuse osteoporosis and prednisone osteoporosis

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Effects of 1 3 bis tetra hydro 2 furanyl 5 fluoro 2 4 pyrimidinedione on the central nervous system 1. effects on mono amines in the brain

Toide, K.; Kitazato, K.; Unemi, N., 1981:
Effects of 1 3 bis tetra hydro 2 furanyl 5 fluoro 2 4 pyrimidinedione on the central nervous system 2. effects on nigro striatal dopaminergic neurons

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Effects of 1 3 butanediol and 1 2 propanediol on growth blood metabolites and liver glycogen in broiler chickens

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Effects of 1 3 di amino propan 2 ol an inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase on the metabolic response of liver to insulin

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Effects of 1 3 diols and their esters on the rheological properties of dough and the storage stability of bread

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Effects of 1 3 mercaptopropanoic acid vasopressin and 1 3 mercaptopropanoic acid vasotocin on the pro estrous progesterone surge and ovulation in immature female rats

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Effects of 1 4 aminomethylpyrimidine 5 ylmethyl 3 2 chloroethyl 3 nitrosourea hydrochloride a water soluble nitrosourea derivative on survival and cell kinetics of cultured hela s 3 cells

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Effects of 1 4 benzodiazepines with a long side chain in position 1 on the evoked potentials recorded in the limbic system and hypothalamus

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Effects of 1 4 benzoquinone guanylhydrazone thiosemicarbazone on cyclic amp phosphodiesterase and adenylate cyclase activities

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Effects of 1 4 nitrophenyl 2 isopropylamino ethanol and propranolol and their dextro isomers on hemodynamic and metabolic responses to isoproterenol in dogs

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Effects of 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 on dentin mineralization and serum calcium in parathyroidectomized rats

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Effects of 1 alpha 25 hydroxylated 24r 25 hydroxylated and 1 alpha 24r 25 hydroxylated metabolites of vitamin d 3 on calcium and phosphate absorption by duodenum from intact and nephrectomized rats

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Effects of 1 alpha hydroxy vitamin d 3 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 1 24 25 tri hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 1 25 26 tri hydroxy vitamin d 3 on mineral metabolism and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d concentrations in dairy cows

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Effects of 1 alpha hydroxy vitamin d 3 on experimental uremic renal osteo dystrophy in rats induced by sodium sulfacetyl thiazole

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Effects of 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 2 on bone tissue studies of 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 2 and 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 3 in normal rats and in rats treated with prednisolone

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Effects of 1 amino d proline on the production of carnitine from exogenous protein bound tri methyl lysine by the perfused rat liver

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Effects of 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid and aminoethoxyvinylglycine on ethylene formation and latex flow in hevea brasiliensis

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Effects of 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid production on the changes in the polyamine levels in hiproly barley callus after auxin withdrawal

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Effects of 1 and 2 applications of nematicides on nematode populations and soybean glycine max yields

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Effects of 2 aminoethylisothiuronium and cysteamine treatment prior to x irradiation of mice on the 1st day of pregnancy

Mazur L., 1985:
Effects of 2 aminoethylisothiuronium bromide and cysteamine hydrochloride treatment of mice on the 1st day of pregnancy

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Effects of 2 aminomethyl 4 tert butyl 6 iodo phenol mk 447 on granulomatous inflammation lack of correlation with changes in levels of prostaglandin like material

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Effects of 2 analgesic opiates methadone and pentazocine on the serum prolactin levels in breast cancer

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Effects of 2 analogs of rhizobitoxine and sodium benzoate on senescence of snapdragons

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Effects of 2 angiotensin ii analogs on blood pressure in normal subjects with various sodium balances

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Effects of 2 angiotensin ii analogs on blood pressure plasma aldo sterone concentration plasma renin activity and creatinine clearance in normal subjects on different sodium intakes

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Effects of 2 angiotensin ii antagonists on aldo sterone secretion by isolated perfused rat zona glomerulosa cells

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Effects of 2 ante mortem treatments on the quality of the carcass and the meat of the sheep

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Effects of 2 antecedent conditions on vocalization frequency of severely retarded children

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Effects of 2 antidepressants on memory of performance in depressed outpatients a double blind study

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Effects of 2 antihistamine drugs on actual driving performance

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Effects of 2 anxiolytics on distraction habituation and dis habituation

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Effects of 2 aryl 1 3 indandiones on the reduction of 2 6 di chloro phenol indophenol by met hemo globin reductase

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Effects of 2 bacterial products muramyl di peptide and endo toxin on bone resorption in organ culture

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Effects of 2 benzodiazepines pheno barbitone and baclofen on synaptic transmission in the cat cuneate nucleus

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Effects of 2 benzyloxycarbonylphenyl trans 4 guanidinomethylcyclohexanecarboxylate hydrochloride monohydrate and its clathrate compound with beta cyclodextrin ta 903

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Effects of 2 blood culture anti coagulants on growth of neisseria meningitidis

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Effects of 2 body weight reduction regimens on schedule dependent and schedule induced behavior

Blatt C.R., 1982:
Effects of 2 boron sources each applied at 3 rates to the strawberry cultivar midway on soil and leaf boron levels and fruit yields

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Effects of 2 bromo alpha ergocryptine on the secretion of pituitary hormones in normal male subjects

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Effects of 2 cannabinoids upon abstinence signs in ethanol dependent mice

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Effects of 2 chloro 4 aceto toluidine toxicity on biochemical and morphological alterations in quail coturnix coturnix

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Effects of 2 chloro adenosine on electrical potentials in brain synaptic membrane vesicles

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Effects of 2 chloroadenosine on hippocampal alpha aminobutyric acid content and turnover

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Effects of 2 chloroethyl phosphonic acid ethrel on abscission growth and ethylene evolution of apple fruitlets

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Effects of 2 chloroethyl tri methyl ammonium chloride and 2 chloroethyl phosphonic acid on dry matter distribution in the cowpea vigna unguiculata

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride and choline upon shoot growth and total carbohydrate and crude protein content in 2 year old wild pear seedlings

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride on chlorophyll content and ultrastructure of the plastids of pisum sativum

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride on the formation and abortion of flowers in the 1st inflorescence of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride and hormones on growth and yield of irrigated rabi sorghum sorghum bicolor

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride and sodium dikegulac on longevity and viability of seeds of two jute cultivars

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride ccc on structure and ultrastructure of lactuca sativa cotyledons

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride on growth and yield of wheat

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Effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride on the occurrence of tomato puffy fruits and the endogenous cytokinin activities

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Effects of 2 cholecystokinin variants cck 39 and cck 8 on basal and stimulated insulin secretion

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Effects of 2 components from the avocado leaves persea americana and the related compounds on the growth of silkworm larvae bombyx mori

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Effects of 2 consecutive experimental haemonchus contortus infections on abomasal pepsin and electrolytes and serum pepsinogen and electrolytes of sheep

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Effects of 2 convulsant beta carboline derivatives methyl 6 7 dimethoxy 4 ethyl beta carboline 3 carboxylate and beta ccm methyl beta carboline 3 carboxylate on regional neurotransmitter amino acid levels and on in vitro tritiated d aspartate release in rodents

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Effects of 2 curing methods on residues on monocrotophos acephate methomyl and mh 1 2 di hydro 3 6 pyridazinedione on flue cured tobacco

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Effects of 2 d methionine 5 proline enkephalinamide and naloxone on pial vessels in cats

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Effects of 2 d methionine 5 proline enkephalinamide on pain tolerance and some cognitive functions in man

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Effects of 2 de mineralization methods on the glyco protein and proteo glycan preservation in horse inter tubular and peri tubular dentin

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Effects of 2 deoxy coformycin and erythro 9 2 hydroxy 3 nonyl adenine on plasma levels and urinary excretion of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine in the mouse

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Effects of 2 deoxy d glucose amiloride vasopressin and ouabain on active conductance and sodium electromotive force in the toad bladder

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Effects of 2 deoxy d glucose and other sugar analogs on acid production from sugars by human dental plaque bacteria

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Effects of 2 deoxy d glucose and quinidine on the fruiting body formation in coprinus macrorhizus

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Effects of 2 di phenyl ether herbicides on common purslane portulaca oleracea

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Effects of 2 di phosphonates ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and di chloro methylene di phosphonate on serum uric acid in pagetic patients

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Effects of 2 different experimental situations of hypothyroidism on serum aldosterone concentration and plasma renin in rats

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Effects of 2 different feeding regimes on the chela closer muscles of the shore crab carcinus maenas

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Effects of 2 different medium chain tri glycerides glycerol tri octanoate and glycerol tri dodecanoate on liver lipids in the growing rat

Brown M.R.; Ough C.S., 1982:
Effects of 2 different pectic enzyme preparations at several activity levels on 3 pectin fractions of a white must

Sehgal R.; Pandey A., 1984:
Effects of 2 different pollutants on the testis of viviparous teleost lebistes reticulatus

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Effects of 2 different technologies on growth yield and nutrient uptake by upland rice oryza sativa

Bieger E., 1983:
Effects of 2 different training programs on visual discrimination of nonreaders

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Effects of 2 different wine making systems on yeasts

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Effects of 2 diverse environments on seed production characteristics of the parent clones of vantage reed canary grass

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Effects of 2 dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors on hypothalamic catecholamine levels and rectal temperature in rabbits

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Effects of 2 dosages of chlorodemethyl diazepam on mnestic information processes in normal subjects

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Effects of 2 doses of methylphenidate on cross situational and borderline hyperactive childrens evoked potentials

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Effects of 2 endo amino norbornane 2 carboxylic acid upon insulin secretion and fluorescence of reduced pyridine nucleotides of isolated perfused pancreatic islets

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Effects of 2 estradiol norgestrel combinations on the ovulatory pattern and sex hormone binding globulin capacity in women around 40 years of age

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Effects of 2 florida usa soils on the nematocidal efficacy of aldicarb and phenamiphos

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Effects of 2 forms of sexual selection on the velocity of solution of a problem and on the probabilities of social predominance in the mouse mus musculus

H.R.S.; Kelly L.A., 1980:
Effects of 2 glucose absorption inhibitors phenformin and sah 43 522 on hepatic gluconeogenesis

Bernanke D.H.; Markwald R.R., 1984:
Effects of 2 glycosaminoglycans on seeding of cardiac cushion tissue cells into a collagen lattice culture system

Wijdenes J.; Van Elk R.; Joosse J., 1983:
Effects of 2 gonadotropic hormones on poly saccharide synthesis in the albumin gland of lymnaea stagnalis studied with the organ culture technique

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Effects of 2 growth retardants on tissue permeability in pisum sativum and beta vulgaris

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Effects of 2 harvesting methods and grinding on growth intake and digestion of corn stover silage diets by yearling dairy heifers

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Effects of 2 histamine h 2 receptor blocking drugs on basal levels of gonadotropins prolactin testosterone and estradiol 17 beta during treatment of duodenal ulcer in male patients

Moon R.E.; Martin D.F., 1981 :
Effects of 2 hydroxy bi phenyl and 4 hydroxy bi phenyl on cultures of the red tide organism ptychodiscus brevis

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Effects of 2 hydroxy ecdysone juvenile hormone dimilin and captan on in vitro synthesis of peritrophic membranes in calliphora erythrocephala

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Effects of 2 hydroxy estradiol 17 beta on plasma luteinizing hormone fsh and prolactin and nuclear translocation of pituitary estrogen receptors in ovariectomized ewes

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Effects of 2 hydroxy estradiol and 4 hydroxy estradiol on gonadotropin and prolactin secretion in women

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Effects of 2 hydroxyestradiol estradiol and testosterone on fsh induction of catecholamine responsive and gonadotropin responsive progesterone biosynthesis in rat granulosa cell cultures

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Effects of 2 inhibitors of rna synthesis actinomycin d and alpha amanitin on embryonic development of an insect gene activity from the beginning of embryogenesis in leptinotarsa decemlineata

Mkhize J.M.; Gupta A.P., 1982:
Effects of 2 insect growth regulators hydroprene and r 20458 on the follicular epithelium and the oocytes of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

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Effects of 2 insecticides on melittobia acasta and its host megachile pacifica hymenoptera eulophidae megachilidae a method for parasite control

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Effects of 2 insecticides one chemical and the other biological on parasitism observed in larvae of spodoptera frugiperda originating from experimental maize plots

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Effects of 2 instructional strategies on motor skill learning and transfer a developmental study

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Effects of 2 international union against cancer standard reference samples of asbestos on cultured rabbit ovarian surface epithelial cells

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Effects of 2 introgressed disease resistance factors on agronomic characteristics and certain chemical components in burley tobacco nicotiana tabacum

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Effects of 2 iodo benzanilide on potassium uptake hydrogen ion extrusion and potassium stimulated atpase of corn zea mays cultivar dekalb 342 roots

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Effects of 2 ionizing groups on the active site of human carbonic anhydrase b

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Effects of 2 land clearing methods on the physical properties of an oxisol in the brazilian amazon

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Effects of 2 language modalities on hypnotic induction by groups

Johnson G.R., 1983:
Effects of 2 locus linkage dis equilibrium on progress from reciprocal recurrent selection in maize zea mays

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Effects of 2 low dose oral contraceptives on serum lipids and lipo proteins differential changes in high density lipo protein subclasses

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Effects of 2 maize zea mays endosperm mutants on kernel maturity carbohydrates and germination

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Effects of 2 major activating lesions on the structure and conformation of human ras oncogene products

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Effects of 2 mercapto 1 beta 4 pyridethyl benzimidazole on the development and metabolism of the egg of paracentrotus lividus

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Effects of 2 mercapto 1 beta 4 pyridethylbenzimidazole on ehrlich cell nucleoli stereological analysis

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Effects of 2 mercaptoethanol on the solubility of copper and zinc containing proteins in liver samples from normal and chronic copper poisoned sheep

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Effects of 2 mercaptopropionyl glycine and glutathione on serum and liver tri glyceride and lipid per oxide levels and glucose metabolism in prolonged alcohol administered rats

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Effects of 2 mercaptopropionyl glycine and glutathione on the concentration of alcohol in the blood after per oral administration of alcohol and alcohol dehydrogenase activity in the liver of rabbit

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Effects of 2 metabolites of ochra toxin a 4r 4 hydroxy ochra toxin a and ochra toxin alpha on immune response in mice

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Effects of 2 methods for timber harvesting on microbial processes in forest soil

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Effects of 2 methods of selection upon different components of evasive behavior in anopheles atroparvus

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Effects of 2 methylated and or 5 methylated analogs of 6 hydroxy dopamine on norepinephrine and dopamine containing neurons

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Effects of 2 models of hyper calcemia on renal acid base metabolism

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Effects of 2 months break in physical training on work capacity in soldiers

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Effects of 2 mycorrhizal isolates on highbush blueberry vaccinium corymbosum at 2 soil ph levels

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Effects of 2 neepawa wheats triticum aestivum fed at 2 protein concentrations with added dietary lysine on growth of turkey poults

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Effects of 2 nematicides on biological activity in a typic haplaquoll at castlepoint new zealand 2. nematodes

Yeates, G.W.; Leslie, D.M.; Stannard, R.E.; Mclaren, N.A., 1984:
Effects of 2 nematicides on biological activity in a typic haploquoll at castlepoint new zealand 1. site soils treatments and environmental conditions

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Effects of 2 neuroleptic drugs on focal somato parietal rhythms in free awake cats

Mikkelsen E.; Jespersen L.T.; Pedersen O.L., 1984:
Effects of 2 new calcium entry blockers bepridil and nitrendipine on isolated vessels

Vamvakides A., 1985:
Effects of 2 new gamma aminobutyric acid ergics on the apomorphine induced stereotypes

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Effects of 2 nicotinamidoethyl nitrate nicorandil sg 75 and its derivatives on smooth muscle cells of the canine mesenteric artery

Hester R.K., 1985:
Effects of 2 nicotinamidoethyl nitrate on agonist sensitive calcium release and calcium entry in rabbit aorta

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Effects of 2 nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs indomethacin and oxaprozin on the kidney

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Effects of 2 oral contraceptive combinations 0.125 milligrams desogestrel plus 0.050 milligrams ethynyl estradiol and 0.125 milligrams levo norgestrel plus 0.050 milligrams ethynyl estradiol on the adrenal function of healthy female volunteers

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Effects of 2 organo phosphates ronnel and dursban on lipolysis in bovine adipose tissue

Papst M.H.; Boyer M.G., 1980:
Effects of 2 organo phosphorus insecticides on the chlorophyll a and pheo pigment concentrations of standing ponds

Foot, J.Z.; Tulloh, N.M., 1977:
Effects of 2 paths of live weight change on the efficiency of feed use and on body composition of angus steers

Rahilly, P.M., 1980:
Effects of 2 percent carbon di oxide 0.5 percent carbon di oxide and 100 percent oxygen on cranial blood flow of the human neo nate

Moss E.; Dearden N.M.; Mcdowall D.G., 1983:
Effects of 2 percent enflurane on intra cranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure

Arpaia M.L.; Mitchell F.G.; Kader A.A.; Mayer G., 1985:
Effects of 2 percent oxygen and varying concentrations of carbon dioxide with or without ethylene on the storage performance of kiwi fruit actinidia chinensis cultivar hayward

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Effects of 2 percent sodium chloride imbibition on various opiate related hyperphagic conditions

Singh H.; Singh T.P., 1980:
Effects of 2 pesticides on testicular phosphorus 32 uptake gonadotropic potency lipid and cholesterol content of testis liver and blood serum during spawning phase in heteropneustes fossilis

Lauge G.; Launois M., 1980:
Effects of 2 photo thermo periodic or aperiodic conditions on the madagascar malagasy republic migratory locust locusta migratoria capito orthoptera acrididae

M.P.C.; Hunt L.A., 1983:
Effects of 2 photoperiod treatments on leaf photosynthesis throughout ontogeny in cultivar fergus barley hordeum vulgare

Lee J.A., 1984:
Effects of 2 pilosity alleles on agronomic and fiber traits in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum

Onim J.F.M., 1981:
Effects of 2 population improvement methods on grain yield of pigeon pea cajanus cajan composite populations in kenya

Verran J.; Drucker D.B., 1982:
Effects of 2 potential sucrose substitute sweetening agents on deposition of an oral streptococcus mutans on glass in the presence of sucrose

Dancer J.E.; Conn M., 1983:
Effects of 2 procedural modifications of the frequency of false alarm responses during puretone threshold determination

Kendall, S.B., 1973:
Effects of 2 procedures for varying information transmission on observing responses

Kuusi T.; Nikkila E.A.; Tikkanen M.J.; Sipinen S., 1985:
Effects of 2 progestins with different androgenic properties on hepatic endothelial lipase and high density lipoprotein 2

Brachet, J., 1976:
Effects of 2 protease inhibitors on sea urchin and amphibian egg development

Crofton K.M.; Reiter L.W., 1984:
Effects of 2 pyrethroid insecticides on motor activity and the acoustic startle response in the rat

Murtha E.F.; Harris L.W., 1980:
Effects of 2 pyridine aldoxime metho chloride on cerebral acetyl cholin esterase activity and respiration in cats poisoned with sarin

Castrale J.S., 1982:
Effects of 2 sagebrush artemisia spp control methods on nongame birds

Wolfe P.B.; Rice M.; Wickner W., 1985:
Effects of 2 sec genes on protein assembly into the plasma membrane of escherichia coli

Oltenacu E.A.B.; Foote R.H.; Bean B., 1980:
Effects of 2 simulated semen culling programs on predicted fertility in an artificially inseminated cow population

Oliveira E.B.; Herzog D.C.; Stimac J.L., 1984:
Effects of 2 soybean genotypes resistant and susceptible on population of anticarsia gemmatalis and the incidence of nomuraea rileyi

Allen M.F.; Boosalis M.G., 1983:
Effects of 2 species of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on drought tolerance of winter wheat

Reyhani F.; Nazarian I.; Shakibi J., 1983:
Effects of 2 strains of influenza virus on cardiac development in the chick embryo

L'hermite, M.; Macleod, R.M.; Robyn, C., 1978:
Effects of 2 substituted benzamides tiapride and sultopride on gonadotropins and prolactin

Velussi C.; Danieli Betto D.; Boschiero R., 1979:
Effects of 2 synaptic activators calcium and ethanol on miniature end plate potential distribution in time

Hoyt, S.C.; Westigard, P.H.; Burts, E.C., 1978:
Effects of 2 synthetic pyrethroids on the codling moth pear psyllid and various mite species in northwest apple and pear orchards

Abiko T.; Sekino H., 1982:
Effects of 2 synthetic serum thymic factor analogs and 4 thymic factor fragments on the low e rosette forming cells in patients with chronic renal failure

Lam L.K.T.; Sparnins V.L.; Hochalter J.B.; Wattenberg L.W., 1981:
Effects of 2 tert butyl 4 hydroxy anisole and 3 tert butyl 4 hydroxy anisole on glutathione s transferase and epoxide hydrolase activities and sulfhydryl levels in liver and fore stomach of mice

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Effects of 2 tetra hydro cannabinols and of pento barbital on cortico cortical evoked responses in the squirrel monkey

Fraser, R.S.S., 1969:
Effects of 2 tobacco mosaic virus strains on the synthesis and stability of chloroplast ribosomal rna in tobacco d leaves

Podbesek R.; Edouard C.; Meunier P.J.; Parsons J.A.; Reeve J.; Stevenson R.W.; Zanelli J.M., 1983:
Effects of 2 treatment regimes with synthetic human parathyroid hormone fragment on bone formation and the tissue balance of trabecular bone in greyhounds

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Effects of 2 tri ethylamines on the carotenogenesis of turkish lemons and oranges

Valadon L.R.G.; Chapman D.J., 1984:
Effects of 2 tri ethylamines on the carotenoids of strelitzia reginae and of hemerocallis flava

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Effects of 2 tri terpenoids from neem on feeding by cucumber beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae

Bruce, M.C.; Adams, M.R., 1978:
Effects of 2 types of motor practice on stuttering adaptation

Maly M.S.; Barrett G.W., 1984:
Effects of 2 types of nutrient enrichment on the structure and function of contrasting old field communities

Jakobsen B.F.; Moore G.A., 1981:
Effects of 2 types of skidders and of a slash cover on soil compaction by logging of mountain ash

Cochlin D.L., 1984:
Effects of 2 ultrasound scanning regimens on the management of pregnancy

Jackson, J.L.; Calhoun, K.S., 1977:
Effects of 2 variable ratio schedules of time out changes in target and nontarget behaviors

Takeuchi H.; Tamura H.; Kumagai A.; Ikeda M., 1979:
Effects of 2 water soluble contrast media meglumine iothalamate conray and meglumine iocarmate dimer x on the electric activity of identifiable giant neurons of african giant snail achatina fulica

Vartiainen E.; Puska P.; Pallonen U.; Poyhia P., 1982:
Effects of 2 years educational intervention on dietary habits serum cholesterol and blood pressure among 13 to 15 year old adolescents the north karelia youth project finland

Hagen C.; Christensen M.S.; Christiansen C.; Stocklund K E.; Transbol I., 1982:
Effects of 2 years estrogen gestagen replacement on climacteric symptoms and gonadotropins in the early post menopausal period

Depuit E.J.; Skilbred C.L.; Coenenberg J.G., 1982:
Effects of 2 years of irrigation on re vegetation of coal surface mined land in southeastern montana usa

Geadelmann, J.L.; Peterson, R.H., 1978:
Effects of 2 yield component selection procedures on maize

Seki, S.; Oda, T., 1980:
Effects of 2' 3' di deoxy ttp on replicative dna synthesis and unscheduled dna synthesis in permeable mouse sarcoma cells

Murai, T.; Kubo, K.; Kuwabara, M.; Itoh, T.; Yoshii, G.; Sato, F., 1985:
Effects of 2' chlorothymidine on chinese hamster cells irradiated with x rays and uv light

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Effects of 2' deoxy 5 fluorouridine on regenerating liver following partial hepatectomy in the rat

Cass, C.E.; Selner, M.; Ferguson, P.J.; Phillips, J.R., 1982:
Effects of 2' deoxy adenosine 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine and related compounds on s adenosyl l homo cysteine hydrolase ec activity in synchronous and asynchronous cultured cells

Horn, L.; Kumamoto, M., 1970:
Effects of 2.4 di nitro phenol on the electrical and mechanical activity of vascular smooth muscle

Nawrot, P.S.; Mcree, D.I.; Staples, R.E., 1981:
Effects of 2.45 gigahertz continuous wave microwave radiation on embryo fetal development in mice

Saunders, R.D.; Kowalczuk, C.I., 1981:
Effects of 2.45 gigahertz microwave radiation and heat on mouse spermatogenic epithelium

Inouye, M.; Galvin, M.J.J. ; Mcree, D.I., 1982:
Effects of 2.45 gigahertz microwave radiation of the development of japanese quail cerebellum

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Effects of 2.45 gigahertz microwaves on primate corneal endothelium

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Effects of 2.6 4.0 gigahertz microwave radiation on escherichia coli b

D'alonzo A.J.; Mcardle J.J., 1982:
Effects of 20 25 di aza cholesterol treatment on the decay of end plate currents

Jang E.B.; Klosterman H.J.; Marks E.P., 1984:
Effects of 20 hydroxyecdysone and tunicamycin on glycoprotein synthesis in an insect cell line

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