Effects of 4 3 indolylalkyl piperidine derivatives on brain 5 hydroxy tryptamine turnover and on cardiac and brain norepinephrine or 5 hydroxy tryptamine depletion induced by 6 hydroxy dopamine h 75 12 4 methyl alpha ethyl m tyramine and 4 chloro amphetamine

Le-Fur, G.; Mitrani, N.; Uzan, A.

Biochemical Pharmacology 26(6): 505-510


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-2952
Accession: 005286150

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4-(3-Indolyl-alkyl)piperidine derivatives (LM 5005, LM 5008 and LM 5015), like clomipramine, had no or little effects on brain 5-HT [5-hydroxytryptamine] but reduced brain 5-HIAA [5 hydroxy indoleacetic acid] levels and 5-HT turnover, after single or chronic treatment. Brain tryptophan levels remained unaffected by clomipramine, were slightly decreased by LM 5008 and increased by LM 5005 and LM 5015. The piperidine derivatives counteracted brain 5-HT depletion induced by H 75/12 [4 methyl-.alpha.-ethyl-m-tyramine] and 4-chloroamphetamine more effectively than clomipramine, after i.p. or oral administration. On the contrary clomipramine was more effective in inhibiting cardiac NA [noradrenaline(norepinephrine)] depletion induced by 6-OH-dopamine than LM 5015; LM 5008 and LM 5005 were ineffective. The potential therapeutic effects of such compounds in mental diseases are discussed.