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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5290

Chapter 5290 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hervonen, A.; Vaalasti, A.; Partanen, M.; Kanerva, L.; Hervonen, H., 1978:
Effects of aging on the histochemically demonstrable catecholamines and acetyl cholin esterase of human sympathetic ganglia

Rifkin J.M.; Suda T.; Wang J.T.; Heim J.; Roth G.S., 1985:
Effects of aging on the lipid order and composition of rat adipocyte ghosts

Mcleod K.; Hull C.J.; Watson M.J., 1979:
Effects of aging on the pharmaco kinetics of pancuronium

Miyata S., 1986:
Effects of aging on the phospholipid metabolism in the organelles of rat salivary glands

Surber, J.R.; Kowalski, A.H.; Peña-Páez, A., 1984:
Effects of aging on the recall of extended expository prose

Verrillo R.T., 1982:
Effects of aging on the suprathreshold responses to vibration

Adachi Usami E.; Hosoda L.; Toyonaga N., 1988:
Effects of aging on the temporal frequency characteristics determined by pattern visually evoked cortical potentials

Peterson, D.D.; Pack, A.I.; Silage, D.A.; Fishman, A.P., 1981:
Effects of aging on ventilatory and occlusion pressure responses to hypoxia and hypercapnia

Celesia, G.G.; Daly, R.F., 1977:
Effects of aging on visual evoked responses

Boucher J L.; Denis S.; Landriault J A., 1985:
Effects of aging on visuo motor coordination

Fabia, F.; Gattegno, L.; Gluckman, J.C.; Cornillot, P., 1978:
Effects of aging surface sialic acid and glyco peptides of erythrocytes on auto rosettes in man

Mukataka S.; Tada M.; Takahashi J., 1983:
Effects of agitation on enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose in a stirred tank reactor

Sakata M.; Ooshima H.; Harano Y., 1985:
Effects of agitation on enzymatic saccharification of cellulose

Cowlen M.S.; Toews M.L., 1987:
Effects of agonist and phorbol ester on adrenergic receptors of ddt 1 mr 2 cells

Barbeau H.; Filion M.; Bedard P., 1981:
Effects of agonists and antagonists of serotonin on spontaneous hind limb electro myographic activity in chronic spinal rats

Koh, S.W.M.; Yue, B.Y.J.T., 1988:
Effects of agonists on the intracellular cyclic amp concentration in monkey trabecular meshwork cells

Krivolutskii, D.A.; Kazadaev, A.A.; Ponomarenko, A.V., 1977:
Effects of agricultural activities of humans on complexes of beetle mites

Tatsuyama K.; Yamamoto H.; Egawa H.; Sakamoto T., 1979:
Effects of agricultural chemicals on nontarget microorganisms

Chandi, K.S.; Takkar, P.N., 1982:
Effects of agricultural cropping systems on micro nutrients 1. transformation

Marsh P.C.; Waters T.F., 1980:
Effects of agricultural drainage development on benthic invertebrates in undisturbed downstream reaches

Newson M.D.; Robinson M., 1983:
Effects of agricultural drainage on upland stream flow case studies in mid wales uk

Van-Vliet, L.J.P.; Wall, G.J.; Dickinson, W.T., 1976:
Effects of agricultural land use on potential sheet erosion losses in southern ontario

Racke K.D.; Lichtenstein E.P., 1987:
Effects of agricultural practices on the binding and fate of carbon 14 parathion in soil

Galbraith H., 1988:
Effects of agriculture on the breeding ecology of lapwings vanellus vanellus

Halvankar G.B.; Patil V.P., 1984:
Effects of agro chemicals on mitotic chromosome behavior in tetraploid and hexaploid wheats

Gritsenko, V.V.; Subbota, T.V., 1978:
Effects of agro technical conditions on field seed germination of winter cultures in the rostov oblast ussr

Yang S.; Yan Y.; Y.Y., 1987:
Effects of agvps on myocardial infarct size in coronary artery occluded rabbits

Kobayashi S.; Okamoto S.; Matsuo T., 1981:
Effects of ahemeral light and dark cycles on egg production and oviposition rhythm in the quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Siegal M.S.; Gliklich J.I.; Mary Rabine L.; Hoffman B.F., 1979:
Effects of ahr 2666 3 m chlorophenoxy 1 methylcarbamoyl pyrrolidine on electrical activity of canine cardiac tissues possible inhibition of slow inward current

Nothmann, J.; Rylski, I.; Spigelman, M., 1978:
Effects of air and soil temperatures on color of eggplant fruits solanum melongena

S.A.davut P.; Shepherd K.R.; Awe J.O., 1984:
Effects of air and soil temperatures on growth of provenances of eucalyptus camaldulensis seedlings

Jantawat P.; Dawson L.E., 1980:
Effects of air at various tension levels on storage stability of mechanically de boned poultry meats

Kornegay, E.T.; Thomas, H.R., 1983:
Effects of air conditioned vs. naturally ventilated housing during hot weather on the reproductive efficiency of gilts or sows

Tamaki Y.; Nakayama T., 1987:
Effects of air constituents on thermosensitivities of preoptic neurons hypoxia versus hypercapnia

Pashley D.H.; Stewart F.P.; Galloway S.E., 1984:
Effects of air drying in vitro on human dentin permeability

Feret P.P.; Kreh R.E.; Mulligan C., 1985:
Effects of air drying on survival height and root growth potential of loblolly pine pinus taeda seedlings

Haynes R.J.; Swift R.S., 1985:
Effects of air drying on the adsorption and desorption of phosphate and levels of extractable phosphate in a group of acid soils new zealand

Ohkuda K.; Nitta S.; Nakada T., 1981:
Effects of air emboli induced reversible pulmonary hypertension on lung lymph in unanesthetized sheep

Simonson J.L.; Hochberg R.J., 1986:
Effects of air exposure and claw breaks on survival of stone crabs menippe mercenaria

Vermeer G.K., 1987:
Effects of air exposure on desiccation rate hemolymph chemistry and escape behavior of the spiny lobster

Ishihara K.; Kuroda E., 1986:
Effects of air humidity on the photosynthetic rate in the leaf of the rice plant

Hanyu, H.; Sekiyama, T., 1984:
Effects of air ions on crop growth 2. effects of growth of radish and uptake of ions from nutrient solutions by several plants

Barthakur N.N.; Elkiey T.M., 1987:
Effects of air ions on germination of helminthosporium teres

Christian R.S.; Davis R.E.; Tubis A.; Anderson C.A.; Mills R.I.; Rossing T.D., 1984:
Effects of air loading on tympani membrane vibrations

Brooks, R.I.; Csallany, A.S., 1978:
Effects of air ozone and nitrogen di oxide exposure on the oxidation of corn and soybean lipids

Hughes P.R.; Potter J.E.; Weinstein L.H., 1981:
Effects of air pollutants on plant insect interactions reactions of the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis to sulfur di oxide fumigated pinto beans phaseolus vulgaris

Rabe R., 1981:
Effects of air pollutants on plant metabolic processes and their consequences for the stability of ecosystems

Kitabatake M.; Imai M.; Kasama K.; Kobayashi I.; Tomita Y.; Yoshida K., 1979:
Effects of air pollutants on the experimental induction of asthma attacks in guinea pigs sulfuric acid mist and mixture of the mist and sulfur di oxide

Romert, L.; Bernson, V.; Pettersson, B., 1983:
Effects of air pollutants on the oxidative metabolism and phagocytic capacity of pulmonary alveolar macrophages

Huttunen S.; Havas P.; Laine K., 1981:
Effects of air pollutants on the winter time water economy of the scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Vaisanen S., 1986:
Effects of air pollution by metal chemical and fertilizer plants on forest vegetation of kokkola west finland

Crittenden, P.D.; Read, D.J., 1979:
Effects of air pollution in plant growth with special reference to sulfur di oxide 3. growth studies with lolium multiflorum cultivar s 22 and dactylis glomerata cultivar s 143

Hughes P.R.; Potter J.E.; Weinstein L.H., 1982:
Effects of air pollution on plant insect interactions increased susceptibility of greenhouse grown soybeans to the mexican bean beetle after plant exposure to sulfur di oxide

Nebeker, A.V.; Stevens, D.G.; Stroud, R.K., 1976:
Effects of air super saturated water on adult sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka

Nebeker, A.V.; Brett, J.R., 1976:
Effects of air super saturated water on survival of pacific salmon and steelhead smolts

Dunleavy J.M., 1982:
Effects of air temperature on disease severity and peroxidase activity of soybean glycine max cultivar wayne leaves infected by peronospora manshurica

Roberts, E.H.; Summerfield, R.J.; Minchin, F.R.; Stewart, K.A.; Ndunguru, B.J., 1978:
Effects of air temperature on seed growth and maturation in cowpea vigna unguiculata

Imaki T.; Yamada I., 1982:
Effects of air temperature on the growth of mitsumata edgeworthia papyrifera

Brits G.J.; Van Niekerk M.N., 1986:
Effects of air temperature oxygenating treatments and low storage temperature on seasonal germination response of leucospermum cordifolium proteaceae seeds

Mitchell M.A., 1985:
Effects of air velocity on convective and radiant heat transfer from domestic fowls at environmental temperatures of 20 and 30 celsius

Perkins, D.F.; Millar, R.O., 1987:
Effects of airborne fluoride emissions near an aluminum works in wales uk part 2. saxicolous lichens growing on rocks and walls

Applin K.R.; Jersak J.M., 1986:
Effects of airborne particulate matter on the acidity of precipitation in central missouri usa

Huttunen S.; Laine K., 1983:
Effects of airborne pollutants on the surface wax structure of pinus sylvestris needles

Rinalducci, E.J., 1980:
Effects of aircraft motion on passengers' comfort ratings and response times

Macher, J.M.; First, M.W., 1984:
Effects of airflow rates and operator activity on containment of bacterial aerosols in a class II safety cabinet

Murciano, D.; Aubier, M.; Viau, F.; Bussi, S.; Milic-Emili, J.; Pariente, R.; Derenne, J.P., 1982:
Effects of airway anesthesia on pattern of breathing and blood gases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease during acute respiratory failure

Chaudhary, B.A.; Burki, N.K., 1978:
Effects of airway anesthesia on the ability to detect added inspiratory resistive loads

Shindoh C.; Hida W.; Kikuchi Y.; Chonan T.; Inoue H.; Takishima T., 1988:
Effects of airway anesthesia on ventilatory responses to graded dead spaces and carbon dioxide

Sant'ambrogio F.B.; Sant'ambrogio G.; Mathew O.P., 1986:
Effects of airway cooling on tracheal stretch receptors

Wagner, E.M.; Mitzner, W.A.; Bleecker, E.R., 1987:
Effects of airway pressure on bronchial blood flow

Pichurko, B.M.; Ingram, R.H., 1987:
Effects of airway tone and volume history on maximal expiratory flow in asthma

Heeg, E.; Reuter, N., 1972:
Effects of ajmaline n propyl ajmaline and quinidine on the cardio vascular system of anesthetized cats

Reichelt W.; Piepenbrock S.; Hempelmann G.; Oelert H., 1980:
Effects of akrinor on the extrathoracic capacitance vessels during extracorporeal circulation and on cardiac hemodynamics of anesthetized man

Sloan M.E.; Camper N.D., 1986:
Effects of alachlor and metolachlor on cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar marketeer seedlings

Molin W.T.; Anderson E.J.; Porter C.A., 1986 :
Effects of alachlor on anthocyanin and lignin synthesis in etiolated sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar dekalb e 59 plus mesocotyls

Herman, C.A.; Zenser, T.V.; Davis, B.B., 1980:
Effects of alamethicin on hormonal activation of renal adenylate cyclase

Laue, M.C.; Yip, B.P.; Rudolph, F.B., 1977:
Effects of alanosine and hadacidin on enzymes using aspartic acid as a metabolite

Chung I.S.; Kwon Y.M., 1982:
Effects of alanto lactone on the respiration of potato solanum tuberosum tuber slices

Kwon Y.M.; Yoo S.K., 1984:
Effects of alantolactone on the activities of electron transports and photophosphorylation in isolated chloroplasts from barley hordeum vulgare leaves

Godfrey-Sam-Aggrey, W.; Ndoleh, A.S., 1978:
Effects of alar on growth flowering and yield of okra

Kim D S.; Kim Y D.; Lee Y C.; Kim Y M., 1987:
Effects of alaska pollack meat paste on the quality of instant noodles

Dewsbury D.A.; Ward S.E., 1985:
Effects of albinism on copulatory behavior and sperm competition in prairie voles microtus ochrogaster

Bloxam D.L.; Tricklebank M.D.; Patel A.J.; Curzon G., 1980:
Effects of albumin amino acids and clofibrate on the uptake by tryptophan by the rat brain

Lin T H.; Sawada Y.; Sugiyama Y.; Iga T.; Hanano M., 1987:
Effects of albumin and alpha 1 acid glycoprotein on the transport of imipramine and desipramine through the blood brain barrier in rats

Kulkarni A.B., 1980:
Effects of albumin and digestive gland homogenates on the carbohydrate levels in the land slug laevicaulis alte

Hao, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Sato, S.; Sugimura, T., 1977:
Effects of albumin and other proteins during assay of amylase activity

Shasby, D.M.; Peterson, M.W., 1987:
Effects of albumin concentration on endothelial albumin transport in vitro

Jenkins, D.K.; Mitchell, J.C.; Manku, M.S.; Horrobin, D.F., 1988:
Effects of albumin on fatty acid, protein, and eicosanoid levels in rat mesenteric arterial bed perfusions

Bouwman, D.L.; Weaver, D.W.; Vega, J.; Ledgerwood, A.M.; Higgins, R.; Lucas, C.E., 1978:
Effects of albumin on serum protein homeostasis after hypo volemic shock

Gerges S.E.; Abdel Rahman M.S.; Skowronski G.A.; Von Hagen S., 1985:
Effects of alcide gel on fetal development in rats and mice 2

Marshall T.; Vesterberg O.; Williams K.M., 1984:
Effects of alcohol abuse on human serum proteins revealed by 2 dimensional electrophoresis

Song M.K.; Borowsky S., 1984:
Effects of alcohol and carbon tetra chloride on metallo thionein metabolism in rat small intestine

Linnoila, M.; Erwin, C.W.; Brendle, A.; Logue, P., 1981:
Effects of alcohol and flunitrazepam on mood and performance in healthy young men

Zeichner, A.; Pihl, R.O., 1980:
Effects of alcohol and instigator intent on human aggression

Jubis, R.M., 1986:
Effects of alcohol and nicotine on free recall of relevant cues

Maylor E.A.; Rabbit P.M.A., 1987:
Effects of alcohol and practice on choice reaction time

Zunder, P.M., 1977:
Effects of alcohol and prediction outcome on extrafoveal signal detection

Petkov V.D.; Yonkov D.; Mosharoff A.; Kambourova T.; Alova L.; Petkov V.V.; Todorov I., 1986:
Effects of alcohol aqueous extract from rhodiola rosea roots on learning and memory

Putz-Anderson, V.; Setzer, J.V.; Croxton, J.S., 1981:
Effects of alcohol, caffeine and methyl chloride on man

Ettema, J.H.; Zielhuis, R.L., 1975:
Effects of alcohol carbon mon oxide and tri chloro ethylene exposure on mental capacity

Peeke H.V.S.; Cutler L.; Ellman G.; Figler M.; Gordon D.; Peeke S.C., 1981:
Effects of alcohol congeners and acetaldehyde on aggressive behavior of the convict cichlid

Hill L.G.J.; Means L.W., 1982:
Effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on subsequent maternal behavioral in rats

Yanai, T., 1986:
Effects of alcohol consumption on blood pressure levels in the hisayama japan residents part 1. relation of alcohol amounts to blood pressure based on data from cross sectional survey

Yanai, T., 1986 :
Effects of alcohol consumption on blood pressure levels in the hisayama japan residents part 2. relationship between time related changes in blood pressure and those in the level of alpha glutamyl transpeptidase

Jenkins W.J.; Cakebread K.; Palmer K.R., 1984:
Effects of alcohol consumption on hepatic aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in alcoholic patients

Bartley H.L.; Coyle I.R.; Singer G., 1983:
Effects of alcohol induced mal nutrition in pregnancy on offspring brain and behavioral development

Ludena M.C.; Mena M.A.; Salinas M.; Herrera E., 1983:
Effects of alcohol ingestion in the pregnant rat on daily food intake offspring growth and metabolic parameters

Kentala, E.; Luurila, O.; Salaspuro, M.P., 1976:
Effects of alcohol ingestion on cardiac rhythm in patients with ischemic heart disease

Kasarskis E.J.; Manton W.I.; Devenport L.D.; Kirkpatrick J.B.; Howell G.A.; Klitenick M.A.; Frederickson C.J., 1985:
Effects of alcohol ingestion on zinc content of human and rat central nervous systems

Connors G.J.; Maisto S.A., 1979:
Effects of alcohol instructions and consumption rate on affect and physiological sensations

Connors G.J.; Maisto S.A., 1980:
Effects of alcohol instructions and consumption rate on motor performance

Furube M., 1986:
Effects of alcohol intake on prognoses of chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis a clinicopathological study

Winslow J.T.; Ellingboe J.; Miczek K.A., 1988:
Effects of alcohol on aggressive behavior in squirrel monkeys influence of testosterone and social context

Miczek, K.A.; Barry, H.I.i, 1977:
Effects of alcohol on attack and defensive submissive reactions in rats

Rubin L.S.; Gottheil E.; Roberts A.; Alterman A.; Holstine J., 1980:
Effects of alcohol on autonomic reactivity in alcoholics pupillometric studies 3

Seppälä, T.; Aranko, K.; Mattila, M.J.; Shrotriya, R.C., 1982:
Effects of alcohol on buspirone and lorazepam actions

Kraemer G.W.; Lake C.R.; Ebert M.H.; Mckinney W.T., 1985:
Effects of alcohol on cerebrospinal fluid norepinephrine in rhesus monkeys

Nguyen, T.N.; Friedman, H.S.; Mokraoui, A.M., 1987:
Effects of alcohol on experimental atrial fibrillation

Jenkins S.A.; Baxter J.N.; Devitt P.; Taylor I.; Shields R., 1986:
Effects of alcohol on hepatic hemodynamics in the rat

Cherek, D.R.; Steinberg, J.L.; Manno, B.R., 1985:
Effects of alcohol on human aggressive behavior

Baldwin, L.S.; Schumacher, S.; Neuschatz, J.S.; Trimbach, C., 1983:
Effects of alcohol on involvement in a structured social situation

Freeman, F.G., 1978:
Effects of alcohol on kindled seizure thresholds in rats

Pathak C.L.; Jog N.V.; Goyal S., 1980:
Effects of alcohol on left ventricular pressure heart rate and electro cardiogram of isolated rabbit hearts

Rubin, H.B.; Henson, D.E., 1976:
Effects of alcohol on male sexual responding

Fincham, F.; Barling, J., 1979:
Effects of alcohol on moral functioning in male social drinkers

Coppola L.; Misso L.; Verrazzo G.; Ricci P.; Grandillo F.; Tirelli A., 1984:
Effects of alcohol on platelet aggregation in vivo and in vitro in arteriosclerotic subjects and in normals

Glowa, J.R.; Barrett, J.E., 1976:
Effects of alcohol on punished and unpunished responding of squirrel monkeys

Gibson W.E., 1985:
Effects of alcohol on radial maze performance in rats

Tucker J.A.; Vuchinich R.E.; Schonhaut S.J., 1987:
Effects of alcohol on recall of social interactions

Cox W.M., 1988:
Effects of alcohol on simultaneous incentive contrast

Higgins S.T.; Stitzer M.L., 1988:
Effects of alcohol on speaking in isolated humans

Cox W.M., 1988:
Effects of alcohol on successive incentive contrast

Koskinen P.; Kupari M.; Nieminen M.S.; Suokas A.; Totterman K.; Pajari R.; Heikkila J., 1986:
Effects of alcohol on systemic and pulmonary hemodynamics in normal humans

Miller M.W., 1986:
Effects of alcohol on the generation and migration of cerebral cortical neurons

Kouvaras, G.; Cokkinos, D., 1986:
Effects of alcohol on the heart: current views

Itoh S.; Shimoji K., 1986:
Effects of alcohol on the liver in hepatitis b surface antigen carriers

Ikeda, K.; Hachisuga, M.; Goto, M., 1984:
Effects of alcohol on the myo cardium 1. an analysis of the effect of ethanol on the bull frog myo cardium

Bierley R.A.; Cannon D.S.; Wehl C.K.; Dustman R.E., 1980:
Effects of alcohol on visually evoked responses in rats during addiction and withdrawal

Maylor, E.A.; Rabbitt, P.M.; Kingstone, A., 1987:
Effects of alcohol on word categorization and recognition memory

Wiederholm, T.; Eriksson, L., 1977:
Effects of alcohol preservation on the weight of some benthic invertebrates

Hillers, V.N.; Massey, L.K.; Alldredge, J.R., 1986:
Effects of alcohol use and other health practices on blood chemistries and blood pressure

Koch, O.R.; Roatta-De-De-Conti, L.L.; Monserrat, A.J., 1977:
Effects of alcohol vs sucrose and or fat derived calories on the lipotropic requirements

Ilan, Y.; Shafferman, A., 1978:
Effects of alcohol water mixtures on the structure and reactivity of cytochrome c

Rao, M.V., 1988:
Effects of alcoholic extract of Solanum xanthocarpum seeds in adult male rats

Asp, D.R., 1977:
Effects of alcoholics' expectation of a drink

Perez Santos M.J.; Murillo Taravillo M.L.; Rubio Rubio J.M., 1987:
Effects of alcoholism and protein malnutrition on jejunal morphology in rats

Aerts, G.M.; De-Bruyne, C.K., 1981:
Effects of alcohols on hydrolysis catalyzed by beta d glucosidase ec from stachybotrys atra

Uhlemann E.R.; Robberecht P.; Gardner J.D., 1979:
Effects of alcohols on the actions of vasoactive intestinal peptide and secretin on acinar cells from guinea pig pancreas

Byers D.M.; Verpoorte J.A., 1979:
Effects of alcohols on the structure of human glycophorin

Silver, L.H.; Treistman, S.N., 1982:
Effects of alcohols upon pacemaker activity in neurons of Aplysia californica

Wong, R.; Jones, W., 1978:
Effects of aldactazide and 21 acetyloxy pregn 4 ene 3 20 dione injections on saline preference in gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Hitz, J.; Steinmetz, J.; Henny, J.; Siest, G., 1984:
Effects of Aldatense on laboratory tests. Comparison with a reference population

Hellstrom E.; Tottmar O., 1982:
Effects of aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors on enzymes involved in the metabolism of biogenic aldehydes in rat liver and brain

Nilsson G.E.; Tottmar O.; Wahlstrom G., 1987:
Effects of aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors on hexobarbital sensitivity and neuroamine metabolism in rat brain

Al-Azzawi, M.J.; Hall, J.L., 1977:
Effects of aldehyde fixation on atpase and peroxidase activities in maize root tips

Williams T.D.; Beane J., 1984:
Effects of aldicarb and benomyl on nematodes vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas and the growth and yield of forage maize zea mays cultivar fronica

Huang, S.P.; Van Gundy, S.D., 1978:
Effects of aldicarb and its sulfoxide and sulfone on the biology of Tylenchulus semipenetrans

Whitehead A.G.; Tite D.J.; Fraser J.E.; French E.M.; Short L., 1980:
Effects of aldicarb and oxamyl in peaty loam soil on potato cyst nematode globodera rostochiensis and on resistant and susceptible potatoes

Kimpinski J., 1986:
Effects of aldicarb and oxamyl on pratylenchus penetrans and potato yields

Batterby S.; L.P.tourel G.N.J.; Wright D.J., 1980:
Effects of aldicarb persistence on field populations of heterodera schachtii

Spooner, P.M.; Edelman, I.S., 1976:
Effects of aldo sterone on sodium transport in the toad bladder part 1 glycolysis and lactate production under aerobic conditions

Spooner, P.M.; Edelman, I.S., 1976:
Effects of aldo sterone on sodium transport in the toad bladder part 2 the anaerobic response

Asano T.; Mochio S.; Ikeda Y.; Isogai Y., 1986:
Effects of aldose reductase inhibitor ono 2235 on diabetic neuropathy in animal research and clinical trials

Clauss W.; Duerr J.; Skadhauge E.; Hoernicke H., 1985:
Effects of aldosterone and dexamethasone on apical membrane properties and sodium transport of rabbit distal colon in vitro

Kinoshita Y.; Fukase M.; Miyauchi A.; Nakada M.; Takenaka M.; Fujita T., 1986:
Effects of aldosterone on dome formation by mdck mono layer

Wehling, M.; Kuhls, S.; Witzgall, H.; Kuhnle, U.; Armanini, D.; Theisen, K., 1987:
Effects of aldosterone on intralymphocytic sodium and potassium in patients with primary aldosteronism

Higashihara, E.; Kokko, J.P., 1985:
Effects of aldosterone on potassium recycling in the kidney of adrenalectomized rats

Mujais S.K., 1987:
Effects of aldosterone on rat collecting tubule n ethylmaleimide sensitive atpase

Robillard, J.E.; Nakamura, K.T.; Lawton, W.J., 1985:
Effects of aldosterone on urinary kallikrein and sodium excretion during fetal life

Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava A.K., 1988:
Effects of aldrin and malathion on blood chloride in the indian catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Flickinger E.L., 1979:
Effects of aldrin exposure on snow geese in texas rice fields

Bano Y., 1982:
Effects of aldrin on serum and liver constituents of fresh water catfish clarias batrachus

Suzuki M.; Thompson L.S., 1981:
Effects of alfalfa blotch leaf miner agromyza frontella on chemical components of alfalfa medicago sativa

Manzano A.; Novaes N.J.; Manzano M.F.F.L.; Haddad C.M., 1979:
Effects of alfalfa hay medicago sativa by rhodes hay chloris gayana replacement in horses performance

Egamov I., 1979:
Effects of alfalfa in crop rotation on the viability of verticillium dahliae micro sclerotia

Ohki S.T.; Leps W.T.; Hiruki C., 1986:
Effects of alfalfa mosaic virus infection on factors associated with symbiotic nitrogen fixation in alfalfa

Ta, T.C.; Faris, M.A., 1987:
Effects of alfalfa proportions and clipping frequencies on timothy alfalfa mixtures i. competition and yield advantages

Ta, T.C.; Faris, M.A., 1987:
Effects of alfalfa proportions and clippings frequencies on timothy alfalfa mixtures ii. nitrogen fixation and transfer

Tolleson, D.R.; Randel, R.D., 1988:
Effects of Alfaprostol and uterine palpation on postpartum interval and pregnancy rate to embryo transfer in Brahman influenced beef cows

Hachet, J.L.; Laxenaire, M.C.; Piens, C., 1975:
Effects of alfatesine anesthesia on the pressure of the cerebro spinal fluid in man

Hynynen, M.J.; Turunen, M.T.; Korttila, K.T., 1986:
Effects of alfentanil and fentanyl on common bile duct pressure

Fierro G.; Posteraro C.M.; Favaro R.; Romano R.; Menichetti A., 1987 :
Effects of alfentanil on cardiovascular responses to tracheal intubation

McPherson, R.W.; Krempasanka, E.; Eimerl, D.; Traystman, R.J., 1985:
Effects of alfentanil on cerebral vascular reactivity in dogs

Crawford, D.C.; Fell, D.; Achola, K.J.; Smith, G., 1987:
Effects of alfentanil on the pressor and catecholamine responses to tracheal intubation

Vivekanandan, E.; Pandian, T.J.; Visalam, C.N., 1977:
Effects of algal and animal food combinations on surfacing activity and food utilization in the climbing perch anabas scandens

Harris R.P.; Samain J F.; Moal J.; Martin Jezequel V.; Poulet S.A., 1986:
Effects of algal diet on digestive enzyme activity in calanus helgolandicus

Teshima S I.; Kanazawa A.; Shimamoto R., 1987:
Effects of algal diets on the sterol and fatty acid compositions of the pearl oyster pinctada fucata

Yufera M.; Pascual E., 1985:
Effects of algal food concentration on feeding and ingestion rates of brachionus plicatilis in mass culture

Vine, P.J., 1974:
Effects of algal grazing and aggressive behavior of the fishes pomacentrus lividus and acanthurus sohal on coral reef ecology

Busch, R.H.; Maan, S.S., 1978:
Effects of alien cytoplasms on agronomic and bread making traits of 2 spring wheat cultivars

Sessa, A.; Scalabrino, G.; Arnaboldi, A.; Perin, A., 1977:
Effects of aliphatic aldehyde metabolism on protein synthesis and thiol compounds in rat liver and hepatoma induced by 4 di methylamino azo benzene

Ratanabanangkoon, K.; Archariyasucha, R., 1977:
Effects of aliphatic di carboxylic acids on neuro muscular inhibition produced by naja naja siamensis toxin 3 and dextro tubocurarine

Pegg, A.E.; Conover, C.; Wrona, A., 1978:
Effects of aliphatic diamines on rat liver ornithine decarboxylase activity

Kragh-Hansen, U., 1981:
Effects of aliphatic fatty acids on the binding of Phenol Red to human serum albumin

Bouissou P.; Guezennec C Y.; Serrurier B.; Estrade P Y.; Defer G., 1986:
Effects of alkalai intake on lacticemia and sympathetic response during supramaximal exercise

Monoi, H., 1976:
Effects of alkali cations on the nmr intensity of sodium 23 in rat liver homogenate

Rinnan T.; Johnson A., 1986:
Effects of alkali ions on the circadian leaf movements of oxalis regnellii

Farstad, L.; Naess, B., 1977:
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Effects of amino glycosides on enzymuria and beta 2 micro globulinuria

Avasthi P.S., 1979:
Effects of amino nucleoside on rat blood peritoneal barrier permeability

Yamamoto T.; Ishikawa K.; Saito S., 1979:
Effects of amino oxy acetic acid and picro toxin on discrimination learning in rats

Takahashi A.; Kubota J.; Kawauchi H.; Hirano T., 1985:
Effects of amino terminal peptide of salmon proopiocortin on interrenal function of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Jedicke U.; Haller R.; Koppenhoefer E., 1988:
Effects of aminobenzoic acid derivatives on the ionic currents in myelinated nerve 1st communication dose response curves

Jedicke U.; Haller R.; Koppenhoefer E., 1988:
Effects of aminobenzoic acid derivatives on the ionic currents in myelinated nerve 2nd communication sodium inactivation

Yoshida M.; Koeda T., 1984:
Effects of aminobenzyl penicillin methylchlorophenylisoxazolyl penicillin and 6 aminopenicillanic acid on the contractile response of guinea pig urinary bladder

Eidt D.C.; Weaver C.A.A., 1986:
Effects of aminocarb and fenitrothion formulations on decomposition rate of balsam fir abies balsamea foliage in litterbags on the forest floor

Weinberger P.; Rea M.S., 1982:
Effects of aminocarb and its formulation adjuncts on the growth of chlorella pyrenoidosa chick

Ness P.J.; Romani R.J., 1980:
Effects of aminoethoxyvinyl glycine and counter effects of ethylene or ripening of pear fruits pyrus communis cultivar bartlett

Dekazos E.D., 1979:
Effects of aminoethoxyvinyl glycine on bloom delay fruit maturity and quality of tifblue and woodard rabbiteye blueberries vaccinium ashei

Autio W.R.; Bramlage W.J., 1982:
Effects of aminoethoxyvinyl glycine on maturation ripening and storage of apples malus domestica

Halder Doll H.; Bangerth F., 1985:
Effects of aminoethoxyvinylglycine on preharvest drop ripening and various side effects of four different apple cultivars

Steinetz, B.G.; O'Byrne, E.M.; Sawyer, W.K.; Butler, M.C.; Munigle, J.; Steele, R.E., 1985:
Effects of aminoglutethimide on cervical dilatability and serum immunoreactive relaxin in pregnant rats

Salih, E.T.; Pillay, A.G., 1985:
Effects of aminoglutethimide on ovarian histology in the rat

Budel, V.M.; Paridaens, R.J.; Spetschinsky, A.; Heuson, J.C.; Gompel, C., 1986:
Effects of aminoglutethimide plus hydrocortisone on the genital tract of postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer. A clinical and cytologic survey

Arce M.D.; Baamonde A.; Hidalgo A.; Andres Trelles F., 1985:
Effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on longitudinal fiber preparations from the myenteric plexus of the guinea pig

Venezio, F.R.; DiVincenzo, C.A., 1985:
Effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on polymorphonuclear leukocyte function in vivo

Yamada, S.; Kuno, Y.; Iwanaga, H., 1986:
Effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on the neuromuscular junction: Part I

Mozer J.L.; Gibey R.; Dupond J.L.; Henry J.C., 1988:
Effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on urinary n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase nag activity and its isoenzymes

Kusser, W.C.; Ishiguro, E.E., 1988:
Effects of aminoglycosides and spectinomycin on the synthesis and release of lipopolysaccharide by Escherichia coli

Maita, K.; Cojocel, C.; Dociu, N.; Sleight, S.D.; Hook, J.B., 1984:
Effects of aminoglycosides on glomerular ultrastructure

Kaariainen, I., 1976:
Effects of aminooxy acetic acid and baclofen on the catalepsy and on the increase of meso limbic and striatal dopamine turnover induced by haloperidol in rats

Walters, J.R.; Eng, N.; Pericic, D.; Miller, L.P., 1978:
Effects of aminooxy acetic acid and l glutamic acid gamma hydrazide on gamma amino butyric acid metabolism in specific brain regions

Dewey A.L.; Wright J.W.; Hanesworth J.M.; Harding J.W., 1988:
Effects of aminopeptidase inhibition on the half lives of iodine 125 angiotensins in the cerebroventricles of the rat

Matsuda, N.; Katsuragi, Y.; Saiga, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Nakamura, M., 1988:
Effects of aminopeptidase inhibitors actinonin and amastatin on chemotactic and phagocytic responses of human neutrophils

Howell, S.; Fitzgerald, R.S.; Roussos, C., 1986:
Effects of aminophylline and salbutamol on diaphragmatic force during compensated metabolic acidosis

Howell, S.; Fitzgerald, R.S.; Roussos, C., 1985:
Effects of aminophylline, isoproterenol, and neostigmine on hypercapnic depression of diaphragmatic contractility

Gerkens J.F.; Heidemann H.T.; Jackson E.K.; Branch R.A., 1983:
Effects of aminophylline on amphotericin b nephro toxicity in the dog

Billman, G.E., 1987:
Effects of aminophylline on behaviorally induced coronary blood flow increases

Dureuil, B.; Desmonts, J.M.; Mankikian, B.; Prokocimer, P., 1985:
Effects of aminophylline on diaphragmatic dysfunction after upper abdominal surgery

Gerhardt, T.; McCarthy, J.; Bancalari, E., 1983:
Effects of aminophylline on respiratory center and reflex activity in premature infants with apnea

Gigliotti F.; Spinelli A.; L.C.nte C.; Duranti R.; Gorini M.; Scano G., 1987:
Effects of aminophylline on respiratory drive and neuromuscular coupling in normal man and in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

Ayromlooi J.; Desiderio D.; Tobias M.; Steinberg H.; Das D.K., 1980:
Effects of aminophylline on the synthesis of di palmitoylphosphatidyl choline in fetal rabbit lung

Matthay, R.A.; Berger, H.J.; Loke, J.; Gottschalk, A.; Zaret, B.L., 1978:
Effects of aminophylline upon right and left ventricular performance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease noninvasive assessment by radio nuclide angio cardiography

Nietrzeba, R.M.; Elliott, C.G.; Adams, T.D.; Yeh, M.P.; Yanowitz, F.G., 1984:
Effects of aminophylline upon the exercise performance of patients with stable chronic airflow obstruction

Burke J.A.; Chang F.W.; Potter D.E., 1984:
Effects of aminotetralins on intraocular pressure and pupillary function in rabbits

Venkatesh N.; Padbury J.F.; Singh B.N., 1986:
Effects of amiodarone and deethylamiodarone on rabbit myocardial beta adrenoceptors and serum thyroid hormone absence of relationship to serum and myocardial drug concentrations

Yabek S.M.; Kato R.; Singh B.N., 1986:
Effects of amiodarone and its metabolite deethylamiodarone on the electrophysiologic properties of isolated cardiac muscle

Gammage M.D.; Franklyn J.A.; Logan S.D., 1987:
Effects of amiodarone and thyroid dysfunction on myocardial calcium serum calcium and thyroid hormones in the rat

Santostasi, G.; Fantin, M.; Maragno, I.; Gaion, R.M.; Basadonna, O.; Dalla-Volta, S., 1987:
Effects of amiodarone on oral and intravenous digoxin kinetics in healthy subjects

Sogol, P.B.; Hershman, J.M.; Reed, A.W.; Dillmann, W.H., 1983:
Effects of amiodarone on serum thyroid hormones and hepatic thyroxine 5' mono deiodination in rats

Gluzman, B.E.; Coleoni, A.H.; Targovnik, H.M.; Niepomniszcze, H., 1977:
Effects of amiodarone on thyroid iodine metabolism in vitro

Waleffe, A.; Bruninx, P.; Kulbertus, H.E., 1978:
Effects of amiodarone studied by programmed electrical stimulation of the heart in patients with paroxysmal re entrant supraventricular tachy cardia

Kuribara H., 1986:
Effects of amiridin on ambulatory activity and discrete shuttle avoidance response in mice

Roberts, M.C.; Argenzio, A., 1986:
Effects of amitraz, several opiate derivatives and anticholinergic agents on intestinal transit in ponies

Nielsen Kudsk F.; Quist S., 1980:
Effects of amitriptyline and clomipramine in the isolated perfused rabbit heart

Nakamura, M.; Fukushima, H.; Kitagawa, S., 1976:
Effects of amitriptyline and isocarboxazide on 5 hydroxy tryptophan induced head twitches in mice

Scott D.B.; Fagan D.; Tiplady B., 1982:
Effects of amitriptyline and zimelidine in combination with ethanol

Bradley L.; Doggrell S.A., 1983:
Effects of amitriptyline desipramine and mianserin on noradrenergic transmission in the rat isolated right ventricle

Padrón, R.S.; Nodarse, M., 1980:
Effects of amitriptyline on semen of infertile men

Kim J.S.; Schmid Burgk W.; Claus D.; Kornhuber H.H., 1982:
Effects of amitriptyline on serum glutamate and free tryptophan in rats

Kin H B.; Liu S F., 1986:
Effects of amitriptyline on ventricular fibrillation threshold effective refractory period diastolic threshold and sinus node function in dogs

Kumar D., 1986:
Effects of amitrol on cyanobacterium nostoc linckia

Suzuki A.; Motoyoshi N.; Sagara N., 1982:
Effects of ammonia ammonium salts urea and potassium salts on basidio spore germination in coprinus cinereus and coprinus phlyctidosporus

Paller M.H.; Lewis W.M.; Heidinger R.C.; Wawronowicz L.J., 1983:
Effects of ammonia and chlorine on fish in streams receiving secondary discharges

Smith, F.A.; Walker, N.A., 1980:
Effects of ammonia and methylamine on chloride transport and on the ph changes and circulating electric currents associated with bi carbonate assimilation in chara corallina

Genciova A., 1988:
Effects of ammonia and nitrogen limitation on glutamine synthetase activity in the blue alga microcystis firma

Keith M.O.; Bell J.M., 1983:
Effects of ammonia and steam treatments on the composition and nutritional value of canola low glucosinolate rapeseed screenings in diets for growing pigs

Weiming S.; Zhiyu L., 1987:
Effects of ammonia and urea on potassium distribution in root and rhizosphere of maize

van Steenbergen, T.J.; van der Mispel, L.M.; de Graaff, J., 1986:
Effects of ammonia and volatile fatty acids produced by oral bacteria on tissue culture cells

Richard, D.; Bouley, G.; Boudène, C., 1978:
Effects of ammonia gas continuously inhaled by rats and mice

Verberk, M.M., 1977:
Effects of ammonia in volunteers

Strombeck, D.R.; Rogers, Q.R.; Stern, J.S., 1981:
Effects of ammonia infusion on plasma glucagon, insulin, and amino acids in intact, pancreatectomized, and adrenalectomized dogs

Matsumoto, S., 1987:
Effects of ammonia on lung stretch receptor activity in the rabbit

Sadasivudu, B.; Radha-Krishna-Murthy, C., 1978:
Effects of ammonia on mono amine oxidase and enzymes of gamma amino butyric acid metabolism in mouse brain

Brown J.A.; Novak E.K.; Swank R.T., 1985:
Effects of ammonia on processing and secretion of precursor and mature lysosomal enzyme from macrophages of normal and pale ear mice evidence for 2 distinct pathways

Ohmori M.; Miyachi S.; Okabe K I.; Miyachi S., 1984:
Effects of ammonia on respiration adenylate levels amino acid synthesis and carbon di oxide fixation in cells of chlorella vulgaris 11 hours in darkness

O'connor J.E.; Guerri C.; Grisolia S., 1984:
Effects of ammonia on synaptosomal membranes

Tohrai N.; Terashima Y.; Itoh H., 1979:
Effects of ammonia treatment on cellulase digestion and sugar production of low quality roughage

Reddy G.V.N.; Reddy M.R., 1986:
Effects of ammoniation and processing of cotton straw gossypium sp as the sole source of roughage in complete feeds on rumen characteristics with murrah buffaloes

Keith M.O.; Bell J.M., 1984 :
Effects of ammoniation of canola low glucosinolate rapeseed brassica campestris cultivar candle meal on its nutritional value for the rat

Bell J.M.; Keith M.O.; Darroch C.S.; Mcgregor D.I., 1987:
Effects of ammoniation of canola seed contaminated with wild mustard seed on growth feed utilization and carcass characteristics of pigs

Chestnut, A.B.; Berger, L.L.; Fahey, G.C., 1987:
Effects of ammoniation of tall fescue on phenolic composition, feed intake, site and extent of nutrient digestion and ruminal dilution rates of steers

Keith M.O.; Bell J.M., 1982:
Effects of ammoniation on the composition and nutritional quality of low glucosinolate rapeseed canola brassica campestris meal

Russell, J.M., 1978:
Effects of ammonium and bi carbonate carbon di oxide on intra cellular chloride levels in aplysia neurons

Chambers C.A.; Smith S.E.; Smith F.A., 1980:
Effects of ammonium and nitrate ions on mycorrhizal infection nodulation and growth of trifolium subterraneum

Prange R.K.; Ormrod D.P., 1982:
Effects of ammonium and nitrate nutrition on the ostrich fern matteuccia struthiopteris

Pill, W.G.; Lambeth, V.N., 1977:
Effects of ammonium and nitrate nutrition with and without ph adjustment on tomato growth ion composition and water relations

Stutts M.J.; Boucher R.C.; Bromberg P.A.; Gatzy J.T., 1981:
Effects of ammonium and nitrate salts on ion transport across the excised canine trachea

Ogata H.; Murai T., 1987:
Effects of ammonium chloride administration on ammonia and free amino acid levels in erythrocytes and plasma of carp

Johannesson, A.J.; Raisz, L.G., 1984:
Effects of ammonium chloride on resorption of fetal rat bones in organ culture

Theoret Y.; Davies M.F.; Esplin B.; Capek R., 1985:
Effects of ammonium chloride on synaptic transmission in the rat hippocampal slice

Tamminen, T., 1982:
Effects of ammonium effluents on planktonic primary production and decomposition in a coastal brackish water environment 2. interrelations between abiotic and biotic components of the plankton ecosystem

Truskey G.A.; Davies P.F., 1985:
Effects of ammonium ion derived from bovine endothelial cells upon low density lipoprotein degradation in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells

Berg T.; Tolleshaug H., 1980:
Effects of ammonium ions and chloroquine on uptake and degradation of iodine 125 labeled asialo fetuin in isolated rat hepatocytes

Takeda, K.; Barry, P.H.; Gage, P.W., 1980:
Effects of ammonium ions on bufo marinus end plate channels

Benjamin, A.M.; Okamoto, K.; Quastel, J.H., 1978:
Effects of ammonium ions on spontaneous action potentials and on contents of sodium potassium ammonium and chloride ions in brain in vitro

Yoshida, F.; Kohno, H.; Matsuoka, K.; Shirai, A., 1982:
Effects of ammonium media on cultured cells of rice oryza sativa cultivar nohrin no. 16

Cohen, M.D.; Wei, C.I., 1988:
Effects of ammonium metavanadate treatment upon macrophage glutathione redox cycle activity, superoxide production, and intracellular glutathione status

Busch R.H.; Buschbom R.L.; Cannon W.C.; Lauhala K.E.; Miller F.J.; Graham J.A.; Smith L.G., 1986:
Effects of ammonium nitrate aerosol exposure on lung structure on normal and elastase impaired rats and guinea pigs

Glenn B.P.; Ely D.G.; Glenn S.; Boling J.A.; Bush L.P., 1985:
Effects of ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate fertilization on amino acid composition of tall fescue festuca arundinacea and orchardgrass dactylis glomerata

Glenn B.P.; Ely D.G.; Glenn S.; Douglass L.W.; Bush L.P.; Hemken R.W., 1985:
Effects of ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate fertilization on nitrogen and sulfur composition of tall fescue festuca arundinacea and orchardgrass dactylis glomerata

Glenn, B.P.; Ely, D.G.; Glenn, S.; Douglass, L.W.; Bull, L.S.; Bush, L.P., 1985:
Effects of ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate fertilization on rates of ruminal in situ disappearance of tall fescue and orchardgrass nitrogen and sulfur

Chang T H.; Chung B K., 1988:
Effects of ammonium nitrite and calcium compounds affecting to germination and mycelial growth of phytophthora capsici causing red pepper fruit rot

Rudolph H.; Voigt J.U., 1986:
Effects of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen on growth and metabolism of sphagnum magellanicum

Gmur, N.F.; Evans, L.S.; Lewin, K.F., 1983:
Effects of ammonium sulfate aerosols on vegetation 1. chamber design for long duration exposures

Gmur, N.F.; Evans, L.S.; Cunningham, E.A., 1983:
Effects of ammonium sulfate aerosols on vegetation 2. mode of entry and responses of vegetation

Barrett M.R.; Koch A.R., 1982:
Effects of ammonium sulfate and urea on the growth of chlorophycean algae from rice oryza sativa fields

Costa J.; Appleby A.P., 1986:
Effects of ammonium sulfate on leaf growth inhibition by glyphosate in cyperus esculentus var esculentus

Goto, Y.; Ichimura, N.; Hamaguchi, K., 1988:
Effects of ammonium sulfate on the unfolding and refolding of the variable and constant fragments of an immunoglobulin light chain

Slobodchikoff, C.N.; Doyen, J.T., 1977:
Effects of ammophila arenaria on sand dune arthropod communities

Palfai T.; Wichlinski L.; Brown H.A.; Brown O.M., 1986:
Effects of amnesic doses of reserpine or syrosingopine on mouse brain acetylcholine levels

Davison, E.V.; McIntosh, A.S.; Roberts, D.F., 1987:
Effects of amniocentesis for genetic purposes on the pregnancy and its outcome

Aasly J.; Blom S.; Silfvenius H.; Zetterlund B., 1984:
Effects of amobarbital and methohexital on epileptic activity in mesial temporal structures in epileptic patients an electroencephalographic study with depth electrodes

Labro, M.T.; Babin-Chevaye, C., 1988:
Effects of amodiaquine, chloroquine, and mefloquine on human polymorphonuclear neutrophil function in vitro

Pichaipat V.; Thanomsingh P.; Assadamongkul K.; Varavithya W., 1986:
Effects of amount and concentration of a lactose containing formula on outcome of infantile diarrhea

Cross, H.R., 1977:
Effects of amount distribution and texture of marbling on cooking properties of beef longissimus

Carlsson, S.G.; Fagerberg, H.; Horneman, G.; Hwang, C.P.; Larsson, K.; Rödholm, M.; Schaller, J.; Danielsson, B.; Gundewall, C., 1978:
Effects of amount of contact between mother and child on the mother's nursing behavior

D.V.eeschauwer D.; Lal R.; Malafa R., 1980:
Effects of amounts of surface mulch on physical and chemical properties of an alfisol from nigeria

Kotake, H.; Kinugawa, T.; Hirai, S.; Igawa, O.; Yamasaki, J.; Hasegawa, J.; Mashiba, H., 1988:
Effects of amoxapine on electrophysiological properties of rabbit sinoatrial node

Arora R.C.; Meltzer H.Y., 1983:
Effects of amoxapine on serotonin uptake in human blood platelets of depressed patients and normal controls

Salter, M.W.; Henry, J.L., 1985:
Effects of amp and atp on functionally identified units in the cat spinal dorsal horn evidence for a differential effect of atp on nociceptive vs. non nociceptive units

Blue W.T.; Winland R.D.; Stobbs D.G.; Kirksey D.F.; Savage R.E., 1981:
Effects of amp on the reactivation of latent herpes simplex virus type 1 infections of mice

Widelitz, M.; Coryell, M.R.; Widelitz, H.; Avadhani, N.G., 1976:
Effects of amphetamine administration in vivo on in vitro protein synthesizing system from rat brain

Merchant K.M.; Letter A.A.; Johnson M.; Stone D.M.; Gibb J.W.; Hanson G.R., 1987:
Effects of amphetamine analogs on neurotensin concentrations in rat brain

Miller H.H.; Shore P.A., 1982:
Effects of amphetamine and amfonelic acid on the disposition of striatal newly synthesized dopamine

Kelly P.H.; Roberts D.C.S., 1983:
Effects of amphetamine and apo morphine on loco motor activity after 6 hydroxy dopamine and electrolytic lesions of the nucleus accumbens septi

Kafetzopoulos E., 1986:
Effects of amphetamine and apomorphine on locomotor activity after kainic acid lesion of the nucleus accumbens septi in the rat

Shen, Z.; Lin, S.Z., 1987:
Effects of amphetamine and caffeine on jumping behavior and brain NADH in rats

Deluca, D.C.; Angel, C.; Murphree, O.D., 1977:
Effects of amphetamine and chlordiazepoxide on probenecid induced accumulation of acidic metabolites in the cerebro spinal fluid of the dog

Pirch, J.H., 1977:
Effects of amphetamine and chlorpromazine on brain slow potentials in the rat

Kovacs, G.L.; De-Wied, D., 1978:
Effects of amphetamine and haloperidol on avoidance behavior and exploratory activity

Kallman, M.D.; Isaac, W., 1976:
Effects of amphetamine and illumination on activity following frontal ablation

Taylor, W.A.; Sulser, F., 1973:
Effects of amphetamine and its hydroxylated metabolites on central noradrenergic mechanisms

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