Effects of aluminum on growth of populus koreana x populus nigra var italica through cell and callus culture in vitro

Choi, W.Y.; Lee, S.K.; Lee, B.S.

Research Report of the Forest Genetics Research Institute 23: 132-136


Accession: 005289682

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Aluminum tolerance of Populus koreana .times. P. nigra var. italica was tested with calli cultured on MS + 2,4-D 1.0 ppm + BAP 0.01 ppm and cells cultured in 1/2MS + NAA 0.5 ppm + BAP 0.01 ppm. Two levels of pH (4.5, 5.8) and 6 levels of Al(AlCl3.6H2O) concentration from 0 to 1200 ppm were used as treatments. Tolerance indices were based on the fresh weight in callus culture and dry weight in cell culture. Growth of calli and cells in pH 4.5 were significantly inhibited by increasing AlCl36H2o concentration, but the growth of calli and cells in pH 5.8 showed a tendency of retarded growth as the aluminium concentration increased. The total RTI(relative tolerance index) in callus culture were 347 in pH 4.5 and 376 in pH 5.8 after 4 weeks of culture. Growth of calli was greatly inhibited from the AlCl3.6H2O concentration of 800 ppm. The RTI were 35 at 800 ppm and 34 at 1200 ppm in pH 4.5 after 4 weeks of culture, while the RTI was 100 with no AlCl3.6H2O. Growth of cells was a little more sensitive than that of calli to the AlCl3.6H2O concentration. The RTI were 18 at 800 ppm and 11 at 1200 ppm in pH 4.5 after 3 weeks of culture.