Effects of annual rate and timing of nitrogen fertilization on production of timothy phleum pratense brome grass bromus inermis and reed canary grass phalaris arundinacea

Narasimhalu, P.; Black, W.N.; Mcrae, K.B.; Winter, K.A.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 61(3): 619-624


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
Accession: 005290571

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The effects of rate and time of N fertilization in the presence of sufficient P and K on seasonal and annual forage yields were studied on timothy, bromegrass and reed canarygrass for 4 yr. N treatments consisted of control (receiving no N) and 2-4 split applications of N at the annual rates of 169,225 and 280 kg N/ha. The annual rates of N application increased spring production of timothy but did not affect the seasonal and annual yields of the other crops. A split application of a protion of 225 or 280 kg N/ha in early summer instead of mid-summer increased timothy production during that season. Bromegrass production in spring was increased with an early spring application of a portion of the annula N rate of 280 kg/ha. Reed canarygrass production was not affected by split treatments of N. N fertilization reduced white clover populations in the fields of timothy and reed canarygrass and of broad-leafed weed populations in all the forage crops.