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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5292

Chapter 5292 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wiechmann H.W., 1987:
Effects of antihypertensive drugs on resting and exercise hemodynamics of patients with essential hypertension

Damaceanu G., 1984:
Effects of antihypertensive treatment on hypertensive cardiopathy

Yamada, T.; Kubota, T.; Endo, T.; Komatus, H.; Oba, M.; Nagata, H.; Izumiyama, T., 1979:
Effects of antihypertensive treatment on left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with essential hypertension

Harper, S.L., 1987:
Effects of antihypertensive treatment on the cerebral microvasculature of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Hayakawa T.; Oshizawa T., 1984:
Effects of antiinflammatory drug on oxygen metabolism associated with phagocytosis by guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Takano, S.; Aikawa, T.; Oishi, T.; Goto, M.; Tamura, O.; Suzuki, T., 1979:
Effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on platelet aggregation in rabbits

Shimoyama, R.; Savage, C.R.; Boden, G., 1985:
Effects of antiinsulin receptor antibodies on amino acid uptake by cultured rat hepatocytes

Rusquet, R.; Maniey, D.; Bassez, T.; David, J.C., 1985:
Effects of antileukemia agents on the activity of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase ec from human normal thymic and leukemic cells in vitro

Elwood W.K.; Smith S.D., 1986:
Effects of antimetabolites and physical modification on endosteal and endothelial zeta potentials

Paul, J.H., 1984:
Effects of antimetabolites on the adhesion of an estuarine Vibrio sp. to polystyrene

Sava, G.; Giraldi, T.; Zupi, G.; Sacchi, A., 1984:
Effects of antimetastatic dimethyltriazenes in mice bearing Lewis lung carcinoma lines with different metastatic potential

Sargoni A.E.; Franco M.A.; D.T.rres R.A., 1986:
Effects of antimicrobial agents of potential utilization in selective media on viability and growth rate of listeria monocytogenes

Sugarman, B.; Mummaw, N., 1988:
Effects of antimicrobial agents on growth and chemotaxis of Trichomonas vaginalis

Schaad, U.B.; Guenin, K.; Steffen, C.; Herschkowtiz, N., 1988:
Effects of antimicrobial agents used for therapy of CNS infections on dissociated brain cell cultures

Sikorowski P.P.; Burkett G.R.; Thompson A.C.; Kent A.D., 1984:
Effects of antimicrobials on development of heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae

Saltarelli D.; D.L.L.osa Hermier M.P.; Tertrin Clary C.; Hermier C., 1984:
Effects of antimicrotubular agents in cyclic amp production and in steroidogenic response of isolated rat leydig cells

Levy M.; Raphael M., 1987:
Effects of antimitotic treatment on hematopoietic tissues in mice

Sasaki Y.F.; Imanishi H.; Ohta T.; Shirasu Y., 1987 :
Effects of antimutagenic flavorings of sces induced by chemical mutagens in cultured chinese hamster cells

Nakagawa, H.; Karaki, H.; Murakami, K.; Urakawa, N., 1985:
Effects of antimycin A on vascular and intestinal smooth muscle contraction and calcium movements

Holmsen, H.; Setkowsky, C.A.; Day, H.J., 1974:
Effects of antimycin and 2 deoxy glucose on adenine nucleotides in human platelets role of metabolic atp in primary aggregation secondary aggregation and shape change of platelets

Osieka R.; Bamberg M.; Pfeiffer R.; Glatte P.; Scherer E.; Schmidt C.G., 1985:
Effects of antineoplastic agents and ionizing irradiation on a human testicular cancer xenograft

Ghannoum, M.A., 1986:
Effects of antineoplastic agents on growth, morphology and metabolism of Torulopsis glabrata

Upton, P.G.; Yamaguchi, K.T.; Myers, S.; Kidwell, T.P.; Anderson, R.J., 1986:
Effects of antioxidants and hyperbaric oxygen in ameliorating experimental doxorubicin skin toxicity in the rat

Choubert G., 1985:
Effects of antioxidants ethoxyquin and butylhydroxytoluene on the stability of canthaxanthin during the pelleting process consequences on the rainbow trout pigmentation

Iverson F.; Campbell J.; Clayson D.; Hierlihy S.; Labossiere E.; Hayward S., 1987:
Effects of antioxidants on aflatoxin inducd hepatic tumors in rats

Jana S.; Choudhuri M.A., 1985:
Effects of antioxidants on dark induced decline in chlorophyll and protein contents and hill activity in detached spinacia oleracea leaves

Jeremiah, Le, 1985:
Effects of antioxidants on rancidity development and palatability of frozen bacon

Kirso U.E.; Pashin Y.V.; Bakhitova L.M.; Kyung A.I., 1985:
Effects of antioxidants on the carcinogenic and mutagenic activity of benzo a pyrene

Jeremiah L.E., 1988:
Effects of antioxidants on the retail appearance and display life of frozen bacon

Gorecki R.J.; Harman G.E., 1987:
Effects of antioxidants on viability and vigor of ageing pea seeds

Schmidt S.P.; Hunter T.J.; Falkow L.J.; Evancho M.M.; Sharp W.V., 1985:
Effects of antiplatelet agent in combination with endothelial cell seeding on small diameter dacron vascular graft performance in the canine carotid artery model

Hamada K.; Maeda H.; Shikai H.; Matsumoto K.; Takigawa M., 1985:
Effects of antipsychotics on intracranial self stimulation following chronic administration of methamphetamine

Kurosawa, S.; Kobune, F.; Okuyama, K.; Sugiura, A., 1987:
Effects of antipyretics in rinderpest virus infection in rabbits

Takeshita K.; Otomo S.; Aihara H., 1987:
Effects of antirheumatic and anti inflammatory agents on type ii collagen induced arthritis in rats

Martí-Cabrera, M.; Esplugues, J.V.; Martí-Bonmati, L.; Sarria, B.; Vento, A.; Martí-Bonmati, E.; Gil, L.; Esplugues, J., 1988:
Effects of antisecretory drugs on mucosal erosions induced by intragastric distension in rats: a comparative study

Lange S.; Lonnroth I.; Skadhauge E., 1987:
Effects of antisecretory factor in pigs

Sadykova K.A.; Zvezdina N.D.; Prokazova N.V.; Martynova L.E., 1987:
Effects of antiserum to gangliosides on embryogenesis of sea urchins

Horn A.M.; Fraser H.M.; Fink G., 1985:
Effects of antiserum to trh on the concentrations of plasma prolactin thyrotropin and luteinizing hormone in the proestrus rat

Mungse H.B.; Bhapkar D.G., 1984:
Effects of antitranspirants and soil moisture regimes on transpiration and dry matter production of sunflower helianthus annuus plants

Shah G.F.; Raval J.D.; Gandhi T.P.; Patel P.R.; Patel M.R., 1985:
Effects of antitubercular drugs on hexobarbitone sleeping time in mice

Moon C.K.; Lee B.G.; Lee S.H.; Kang T.L., 1985:
Effects of antitumor polysaccharides from albizzia julibrissin on immune function

Moon C K.; Park K S.; Lee S H.; H.B.J.; Gon Lee B., 1985:
Effects of antitumor polysaccharides from forsythia koreana on the immune function 1

Hosokawa, T.; Kamei, J.; Misawa, M.; Yanaura, S.; Hukuhara, T., 1982:
Effects of antitussive drugs on the central respiratory mechanisms during the cough reflex

Furukawa, N.; Okada, H., 1987:
Effects of antral distension on pancreatic exocrine secretion in dogs: evidence for a short reflex

Bo-Linn, G.W.; Shanbour, L.L., 1977:
Effects of antral ethanol on gastric acid secretion, potential difference, and serum gastrin

Horvitz C.C.; Schemske D.W., 1984 :
Effects of ants and an ant tended herbivore eurybia elvina on seed production of a neotropical herb calathea ovandensis

Fekete M.I.K.; Szentendrei T.; Kanyicska B.; Palkovits M., 1981:
Effects of anxiolytic drugs on the catecholamine and 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid levels in brain cortical areas and on cortico sterone and prolactin secretion in rats subjected to stress

McNaughton, N., 1984:
Effects of anxiolytic drugs on the partial reinforcement extinction effect in runway and Skinner box

Crouse J.R.; Grundy S.M.; Johnson J.H., 1982:
Effects of aoma co polymer of maleic acid and an 18 carbon alpha olefin on cholesterol metabolism in man

Numao Y.; Gilbey M.P., 1987:
Effects of aortic nerve stimulation on cervical sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the rat

Kaplan, B.J.; Friedman, W.A.; Gravenstein, N.; Richards, R.; Davis, R.F., 1987:
Effects of aortic occlusion on regional spinal cord blood flow and somatosensory evoked potentials in sheep

Fujiwara T.; Doko S.; Motohiro K.; Inada H.; Sato M.; Kinugasa Y.; Kiso A.; Masaki H.; Katsumura T.; Ito Y., 1982:
Effects of aorto coronary bypass surgery on myo cardial blood flow

Gentry, L.O.; Wood, B.A.; Natelson, E.A., 1985:
Effects of apalcillin on platelet function in normal volunteers

Benner B.L., 1988:
Effects of apex removal and nutrient supplementation on branching and seed production in thlaspi arvense brassicaceae

Gibson R.W.; Pickett J.A.; Dawson G.W.; Rice A.D.; Stribley M.F., 1984:
Effects of aphid alarm pheromone derivatives and related compounds on nonpersistent and semi persistent plant virus transmission by myzus persicae

Yamada, K.; Hanaoka, F.; Yamada, M.A., 1985:
Effects of aphidicolin and or 2 3' dideoxythmidine on dna repair induced in hela cells by 4 types of dna damaging agents

Iliakis G.; Nuesse M.; Bryant P., 1982:
Effects of aphidicolin on cell proliferation repair of potentially lethal damage and repair of dna strand breaks in ehrlich ascites tumor cells exposed to x rays

Hirai S.; Yamada H.; Nagano H., 1984:
Effects of aphidicolin on cleavage of sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus embryos

Nocentini S., 1982:
Effects of aphidicolin on the recovery of ribosomal rna synthesis and on the repair of potentially lethal damage in uv irradiated simian human cells

Iliakis G.; Ngo F.Q.H., 1985:
Effects of aphidicolin on the repair and fixation of potentially lethal damage sensitive to beta cytosine arabinoside

Llyod, D.L.; Turner, J.W.; Hilder, T.B., 1980:
Effects of aphids on seedling growth of lucerne lines 1. blue green aphid in field conditions acyrthosiphon kondoi

Lloyd, D.L.; Turner, J.W.; Hilder, T.B., 1980:
Effects of aphids on seedling growth of lucerne medicago sativa lines 2. spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis trifolii f maculata in field conditions

Turner, J.W.; Lloyd, D.L.; Hilder, T.B., 1981:
Effects of aphids on seedling growth of lucerne medicago sativa lines 3. blue green aphid acyrthosiphon kondoi and spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis trifolii f maculata a glasshouse study

Nath, V.; Mittal, P.K.; Sheikher, C., 1978:
Effects of apholate on the gonads of locusta migratoria

Pandey P.; Banerjee S., 1985:
Effects of apholate on the spermatocytic chromosomes of poekilocerus pictus orthoptera acrididae

Antolini R.; Menestrina G., 1981:
Effects of aplysia hemo cyanin on the conductance of oxidized cholesterol black lipid membranes

Matsuoka N.; Shirai K.; Johnson J.D.; Srivastava L.S.; Yamamura T.; Yamamoto A.; Saito Y.; Kumagai A.; Jackson R.L., 1981:
Effects of apo lipo protein c ii on the lipolysis of very low density lipo proteins from apo lipo protein c ii deficient patients

Herman, Z.S.; Zielinski, M.; Kmieciak-Kolada, K.; Kozok, J.; Bien, E.; Plech, A.; Sokola, A.; Drybanski, A., 1977:
Effects of apo morphine and clonidine on the cerebral cholinergic system

Ahlenius, S.; Engel, J.; Zoller, M., 1977:
Effects of apo morphine and haloperidol on exploratory behavior and latent learning in mice

Imbs, J.L.; Schmidt, M.; Velly, J.; Schwartz, J., 1976:
Effects of apo morphine and of pimozide on renin secretion in the anesthetized dog

Cazala P.; Garrigues A.M., 1983:
Effects of apo morphine clonidine or 5 methoxy n n dimethyl tryptamine on approach and escape components of lateral hypothalamic and mesencephalic central gray stimulation in 2 inbred strains of mice

Rastogi R.B.; Singhal R.L.; Lapierre Y.D., 1981:
Effects of apo morphine on behavioral activity and brain catecholamine synthesis in normal and l tri iodo thyronine treated rats

Farber J.P.; Maltby M.A., 1980:
Effects of apo morphine on control of breathing in rats

Lipton S.V.; Mcgough J.P.; Shaywitz B.A., 1980:
Effects of apo morphine on escape performance and activity in developing rat pups treated with 6 hydroxy dopamine

Cazala, P.; Cardo, B., 1977:
Effects of apo morphine on self stimulation behavior in dorsal and ventral area of lateral hypothalamus in mice

Mogilnicka E.; Boissard C.G.; Delini Stula A., 1984:
Effects of apo morphine tl 99 6 7 di hydroxy 2 piperidine and n n propyl 3 3 hydroxyphenyl piperidine on yawning in rats

Grome J.J.; Mcculloch J., 1983:
Effects of apo morphine upon local cerebral glucose utilization in conscious rats and in rats anesthetized with chloral hydrate

Bamford, O.S.; Dawes, G.S.; Ward, R.A., 1986:
Effects of apomorphine and haloperidol in fetal lambs

McDougall, S.A.; Zolman, J.F.; Mattingly, B.A., 1987:
Effects of apomorphine and haloperidol on response suppression learning of young chicks

Korsgaard S.; Povlsen U.J.; Randrup A., 1985:
Effects of apomorphine and haloperidol on spontaneous stereotyped licking behavior in the cebus monkey

Hashimoto S.; Okuyama S.; Aihara H., 1987:
Effects of apomorphine and racemic 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propylpiperidine injected into the striatum on the caudate spindle in the rat

Braeutigam M.; Kittner B.; Laschinski G., 1985:
Effects of apomorphine enantiomers and of lisuride on dopa production in striatal synaptosomes

Scheinin, M.; Syvälahti, E.K.; Hietala, J.; Huupponen, R.; Pihlajamäki, K.; Seppälä, O.P.; Säkö, E., 1985:
Effects of apomorphine on blood levels of homovanillic acid, growth hormone and prolactin in medicated schizophrenics and healthy control subjects

Kamata, K.; Ogawa, K.; Noma, S.; Kameyama, T., 1986:
Effects of apomorphine on morphine analgesia during the state of dopaminergic supersensitivity after chronic treatment with haloperidol

Clark J.T.; Smith E.R., 1987:
Effects of apomorphine on sexual behavior in young and middle age rats

Robertson, F.W.; Cumming, A.M., 1985:
Effects of apoprotein E polymorphism on serum lipoprotein concentration

Tsuda A., 1979:
Effects of appetitive pre training of a relevant operant response on the subsequent acquisition of a discriminated avoidance response in the rat

Byers R.E.; Lyons C.G.Jr; Yoder K.S.; Horsburgh R.L.; Barden J.A.; Donohue S.J., 1984:
Effects of apple malus domestica tree size and canopy density on spray chemical deposit

Schneider, G.W.; Chaplin, C.E.; Martin, D.C., 1978:
Effects of apple rootstock tree spacing and cultivar on fruit and tree size yield and foliar mineral composition

Costante J.F.; Mai W.F.; Aleong J.; Klein R.M., 1987:
Effects of apple rootstocks and nematicides on pratylenchus penetrans populations and apple tree growth

Knapp F.W.; Herald F., 1984:
Effects of application date and selective tagging of cows and calves with fenvalerate ear tags for the control of the horn fly haematobia irritans and face fly musca autumnalis

Blessington T.M.; Garvey E.J.; Howell L.M., 1981 :
Effects of application methods of controlled release fertilizers on growth and quality of rhododendron obtusum cultivar hinodegiri grown in various media

Oliveira C.A.L.D.; Rigotto E.L.; Silva J.R.T.D., 1985:
Effects of application of chemical products in the control of rust mite phyllocoptruta oleivora in citrus

Pawar H.K.; Patil B.R., 1987:
Effects of application of nitrogen phosphorus potassium through fym and fertilizers and time of harvesting on yield of ginger

Abboud A.C.D.S.; Duque F.F., 1986:
Effects of application of organic matter and vermiculite in bean maize bean rotation

Kwon T.O.; Eun M.Y.; Lee K.Y.; Jeon C.H.; Rho S.P.; Bae S.H.; S.J.D.; Shin Y.H., 1984:
Effects of application of water logged soil on rice

Haeberer, A.F.; Nichols, B.C.; Chortyk, O.T., 1978:
Effects of application rates on maleic hydrazide residues in burley tobacco

Minton N.A.; Bell D.K.; Csinos A.S., 1982:
Effects of application time of ethylene di bromide and phenamiphos on nematodes southern stem rot sclerotium rolfsii thrips frankliniella spp and yield of peanuts arachis hypogaea

Koide R.T.; Huenneke L.F.; Hamburg S.P.; Mooney H.A., 1988:
Effects of applications of fungicide phosphorus and nitrogen on the structure and productivity of an annual serpentine plant community

Gupta U.C.; Cutcliffe J.A., 1984:
Effects of applied and residual boron on the nutrition of cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata and field beans phaseolus vulgaris

Ewers F.W.; Aloni R., 1985:
Effects of applied auxin and gibberellin on phloem and xylem production in needle leaves of pinus

Eun M.Y.; Sedberry J.E.Jr, 1986:
Effects of applied copper on growth and micronutrient concentrations of rice plants on organic soils

Chanussot F.; Martigne M.; L.C.ene D.L.P.rte P.; Lafont H.; Hauton J., 1988:
Effects of applied electric fields on bile salt secretion by in situ rat liver

Daryono, H., 1986:
Effects of applied growth regulators on growth and leaf number of kayu kuku pericopsis mooniana thw. and sawokecik manilkara kauki dubard

Wilson J.W.; Wilson P.M.W.; Walker E.S., 1988:
Effects of applied iaa on the position of abscission sites induced in wounded explants from impatiens sultani internodes

Esezobo, S.; Pilpel, N., 1987:
Effects of applied load and particle size on the plastoelasticity and tablet strength of some directly compressible powders

Pearse P.J.; Wilman D., 1984:
Effects of applied nitrogen on grass leaf initiation development and death in field swards

Wilman D.; Pearse P.J., 1984:
Effects of applied nitrogen on grass yield nitrogen content tillers and leaves in field swards

Forde, S.C.M., 1976:
Effects of applied nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on the chemical composition of the ear leaf of maize zea mays in field trials in the eastern caribbean

Hallock D.L.; Porter D.M., 1981:
Effects of applied plant nutrients on sclerotinia minor blight incidence in peanuts arachis hypogaea

Korcak R.F., 1980:
Effects of applied sewage sludge compost and fluidized bed material on apple malus domestica seedling growth

Silverman F.P.; Young D.R.; Nobel P.S., 1988:
Effects of applied sodium chloride on opuntia humifusa

Sagare B.N.; Bhalkar D.C., 1986:
Effects of applied sulfur and phosphorus in groundnut nutrition and their residual effects on wheat

Mcgrath, D.; Mccormack, R.F.; Fleming, G.A.; Poole, D.B.R., 1982:
Effects of applying copper rich pig slurry to grassland 1. pot experiments

Mcgrath, D.; Fleming, G.A.; Mccormack, R.F.; Poole, D.B.R., 1982:
Effects of applying copper rich pig slurry to grassland 2. land spreading trial

Poole, D.B.R.; Mcgrath, D.; Fleming, G.A.; Sinnott, J., 1983:
Effects of applying copper rich pig slurry to grassland 3. grazing trials stocking rate and slurry treatment

Jackson M.B.; Drew M.C.; Giffard S.C., 1981:
Effects of applying ethylene to the root system of zea mays cultivar limogren 11 on growth and nutrient concentration in relation to flooding tolerance

Blanco-Brana, A.; Jackson, J.E., 1982:
Effects of applying growth regulating hormones following fruit tree pruning 1. effects of different types and concentrations of auxin and of gibberellin a 4 plus gibberellin a 7 and 6 benzylamino purine on shoot emergence and wound healing of apple trees

Holt N.W.; Zentner R.P., 1985:
Effects of applying inorganic fertilizer and farmyard manure on forage production and economic returns in east central saskatchewan canada

Vozov, N.A., 1977:
Effects of applying mineral fertilizers to winter wheat on numbers of and damage by the bug eurygaster integriceps heteroptera scutelleridae

Mertens, H.W.; Lewis, M.F., 1983:
Effects of approach lighting and variation in visible runway length on perception of approach angle in simulated night landings

Elharrar, V.; Foster, P.R.; Zipes, D.P., 1975:
Effects of apridine hydro chloride on cardiac tissues

Cargnelli G.; Finotti P.; Gobbato S.; Padrini R., 1980:
Effects of aprindine on excitation contraction coupling of myo cardium and of smooth muscle

Kubota K.; Ikeda T.; Takata S.; Murakami T.; Nakamura S.; Fujiki A.; Higashino A.; Hattori N., 1985:
Effects of aprindine on induction and termination of supraventricular tachycardia in the patients with accessory pathway syndrome

Van Oeveren W.; Jansen N.J.G.; Bidstrup B.P.; Royston D.; Westaby S.; Neuhof H.; Wildevuur C.R.H., 1987:
Effects of aprotinin of hemostatic mechanisms during cardiopulmonary bypass

Modugno P., 1981:
Effects of aprotinin on enchondral ossification of growing rabbits

Davis, H.; Gascho, C.; Kiernan, J.A., 1976:
Effects of aprotinin on organ cultures of the rat's kidney

Kramer, H.J.; Moch, T.; von Sicherer, L.; Düsing, R., 1979:
Effects of aprotinin on renal function and urinary prostaglandin excretion in conscious rats after acute salt loading

Sys S.U.; D.C.erck N.M.; Brutsaert D.L., 1984:
Effects of aqa 39 5 6 dimethoxy 2 3 alpha 3 4 dimethoxyphenylethylmethylaminopropylphthalimidine on contractile performance of isolated mammalian ventricular myocardium

Zepp R.G.; Skurlatov Y.I.; Ritmiller L.F., 1988:
Effects of aquatic humic substances on analysis for hydrogen peroxide using peroxidase catalyzed oxidations of triarylmethanes or p hydroxyphenylacetic acid

Parshad R.K.; Grewal G.; Guraya S.S., 1982:
Effects of aqueous and lipoidal extracts of the wall of pre ovulatory follicles on the ovary of growing chicks gallus domesticus

Murthy, M.S.; Shihora, S.V., 1977:
Effects of aqueous extracts and leachates of aristida adscensionis on indigofera cordifolia

Conner A.H., 1980:
Effects of aqueous sulfur di oxide on cellulose

Malhotra, S.S., 1977:
Effects of aqueous sulfur di oxide on chlorophyll destruction in pinus contorta var latifolia

Chen T.S., 1982:
Effects of arabinosyl cytosine and 5 aza cytidine on the intestinal absorption of nutrients

Townsley, M.I.; Korthuis, R.J.; Taylor, A.E., 1985:
Effects of arachidonate on permeability and resistance distribution in canine lungs

Terashita Z I.; Fukui H.; Nishikawa K.; Hirata M.; Kikuchi S., 1982:
Effects of arachidonic acid and brady kinin on the coronary flow release of prostaglandin i 2 and cardiac functions in the perfused guinea pig heart

Quirion, R.; Rioux, F.; Regoli, D., 1978:
Effects of arachidonic acid and indomethacin on the in vitro release of prostaglandins by aortic strips of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Marone G.; Kagey Sobotka A.; Lichtenstein L.M., 1979:
Effects of arachidonic acid and its metabolites on antigen induced histamine release from human basophils in vitro

Andersen B.R.; Amirault H.J.; Lebreton G.C., 1981:
Effects of arachidonic acid and other fatty acids on canine neutrophil metabolism

Kelly, J.P.; Parker, C.W., 1979:
Effects of arachidonic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids on mitogenesis in human lymphocytes

Spannhake, E.W.; Lemen, R.J.; Wegmann, M.J.; Hyman, A.L.; Kadowitz, P.J., 1978:
Effects of arachidonic acid and prostaglandins on lung function in the intact dog

Mest, H.J.; Blass, K.E.; Forster, W., 1977:
Effects of arachidonic acid linoleic acid linolenic acid and oleic acid on experimental arrhythmias in cats rabbits and guinea pigs

Quan S.F.; Moon M.A.; Lemen R.J., 1982:
Effects of arachidonic acid prostaglandin f 2 alpha and a prostaglandin h 2 analog on airway diameters in dogs

Marques V.M., 1984:
Effects of arbacia lixula echinoidea on the algal communities of sao miguel and graciosa islands azores archipelago portugal

Perring M.A., 1984:
Effects of area of herbicide and grass sward treatments and amount of nitrogen fertilizer on the mineral composition of cultivar coxs orange pippin apple fruit

MacDonald, D.G., 1986:
Effects of arecaidine application to hamster cheek pouch

Dinnendahl, V.; Stock, K., 1975:
Effects of arecoline and cholin esterase inhibitors on cyclic gmp and cyclic amp in mouse brain

Thorpe K.W.; Dively G.P., 1985:
Effects of arena size on laboratory evaluations of the egg parasitoids trichogramma minutum trichogramma pretiosum and trichogramma exiguum hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Spencer A.N., 1988:
Effects of arg phe amide peptides on identified motor neurons in the hydromedusa polyorchis penicillatus

Elsair J.; Khelfat K.; Ghouini A.; Ikhlef F., 1985:
Effects of arginine administered on the endogenous secretion of growth hormone orally somatomedins in starving man

Samsel, J.F.; Ledig, M., 1976:
Effects of arginine and alanine on pancreatic and gut glucagon secretion

Secchi, A.; Pontiroli, A.E.; Bosi, E.; Piatti, P.M.; Touraine, J.L.; Monti, L.D.; Gelet, A.; Traeger, J.; Dubernard, J.M.; Pozza, G., 1987:
Effects of arginine and arginine plus somatostatin infusion on insulin release in diabetic patients submitted to pancreas allotransplantation

Takahashi H., 1984:
Effects of arginine and cold exposure on secretory responses of insulin glucagon and 11 hydroxy cortico steroids in piglets

Poey, J.; Elsair, J.; Reggabi, M.; Rahal, M.; Benouniche, N.; Bakiri, F., 1976:
Effects of arginine and growth hormone administered in vivo and in vitro on rat hepatic homogenate oxygen consumption

Anosike, E.O.; Watts, D.C., 1976:
Effects of arginine and some analogs on the partial atp adp exchange reaction catalyzed by arginine kinase ec evolutionary divergence in the mechanism of action of a monomer and a dimer arginine kinase

Franchimont P.; Luyckx A.; Campistron G.; Cros J., 1979:
Effects of arginine aspartate on somatotropin insulin and glucagon secretion in the rat

Frigeri, L.; Galante, Y.M.; Hanstein, W.G.; Hatefi, Y., 1977:
Effects of arginine binding reagents on atpase and atp inorganic phosphorus exchange activities of mitochondrial atp synthetase complex complex v

Raymond, J.; Chany, C., 1986:
Effects of arginine butyrate on bacterial growth

Macrae W.D.; Mackinnon E.E.; Stich H.F., 1979:
Effects of arginine deprivation upon chromosome aberrations sister chromatid exchanges and survival of chinese hamster ovary cells treated with mutagenic agents

Rudolf K.; Kunkel S.; Buettner H.H.; Pelz L.; Meissner J., 1982:
Effects of arginine gonadotropin releasing hormone and trh stimulation on the hypothalamic pituitary axis in a patient with asymmetric mixed gonadal dysgenesis karyotype 45 xo 46 xy

Schwegler, F.; Stock, W., 1975:
Effects of arginine homologues and other guanidino compounds on the atp level and glucose oxidation in isolated fat cells

Kraus, H.; Stubbe, P.; von Berg, W., 1976:
Effects of arginine infusion in infants: increased urea synthesis associated with unchanged ammonia blood levels

Sato M.; Nakaya M.; Itoh H., 1982:
Effects of arginine lysine alpha amino iso butyric acid and urea on blood nitrogen compounds and arginase activity in cockerels

Stevens C.; Cody R.M.; Gudauskas R.T., 1983:
Effects of arginine on growth and in prolonging longevity of corn stunt spiroplasma in vitro

Storey K.B., 1981:
Effects of arginine phosphate and octopine on glycolytic enzyme activities from sepia officinalis mantle muscle

Vita F.; Spignoli G.; Isidori A., 1987:
Effects of arginine pyroglutamate adjuvant on growth hormone in children

Kartin D.; D'alessandro G.; Giorgi A.A.; Sermusklis B.; Alonso S.B., 1987:
Effects of arginine thiazolidinecarboxylate on blood viscosity

Johnson M.D.; Kinter L.B.; Beeuwkes R.IIi, 1979:
Effects of arginine vasopressin and 1 deamino 8 d arginine vasopressin on plasma renin activity and electrolyte excretion in conscious dogs

Laszlo F.A.; Janaky T.; Julesz J.; Karteszi M.; Makara G.B.; Stark E., 1983:
Effects of arginine vasopressin and 1 desamino 8 d arginine vasopressin on acth secretion in rats

Nussey S.S.; Bevean D.H.; Ang V.T.Y.; Jenkins J.S., 1986:
Effects of arginine vasopressin infusions on circulating concentrations of platelet arginine vasopressin factor viii c and von willebrand factor

Quillen, E.W.; Granger, D.N.; Taylor, A.E., 1977:
Effects of arginine vasopressin on capillary filtration in the cat ileum

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Effects of azathioprine on the human mixed lymphocyte reaction

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Effects of b chromosomes on interchange trisomics of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

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Effects of b group vitamins on endogenous gibberellin like substances of cluster bean cyamopsis tetragonoloba cultivar pnb

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Effects of b group vitamins on the variations in endogenous phenolic acid pattern of young and mature fruits of cluster bean cyamopsis tetragonoloba cultivar pnb

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Effects of b ht 920 2 amino 6 allyl 5 6 7 8 tetra hydro 4h thiazolo 4 5 d azepine di hydro chloride and b ht 933 azepexole on dopamine and noradrenaline auto receptors in the rat brain

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Effects of b ht 920 in the eye and on regional blood flows in anesthetized and conscious rabbits

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Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis and insect pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, on mammalian gastrointestinal tract

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