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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5293

Chapter 5293 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Waldrop, T.G.; Mitchell, J.H., 1985:
Effects of barodenervation on cardiovascular responses to static muscular contraction

Marks, J.; Church, C.K.; Benrubi, G., 1983:
Effects of barometric pressure and lunar phases on premature rupture of the membranes

Knuepfer M.M.; Gebhart G.F.; Brody M.J., 1985:
Effects of baroreceptor activation on single unit activity of the anteroventral 3 ventricle region of the rat

Manning, R.D.; Cowley, A.W.; Coleman, T.G., 1985:
Effects of baroreceptor denervation on volume loading hypertension in anephric dogs

Skovsted, P.; Price, M.L.; Price, H.L., 1970:
Effects of basal anesthesia on the response of sympathetic nervous activity and barostatic reflexes to a subsequent administration of halothane

Garrett, H.E.; Cox, G.S.; Roberts, J.E., 1977:
Effects of basal area and leaf senescence on spectral distribution in missouri usa forest stands

Conway, H.D., 1982:
Effects of base curvature on squeeze pressures in contact lenses

Hattori H.; Kanfer J.N., 1983:
Effects of base exchange reaction on the sodium potassium atpase in rat brain microsomes

Hirata, K.; Usui, T.; Koshiba, H.; Maruyama, Y.; Oikawa, I.; Freeman, A.E.; Shiramatsu, K.; Hayasaka, H., 1983:
Effects of basement membrane matrix on the culture of fetal mouse hepatocytes

Murav'ev I.A.; Krokhmaleva N.A., 1982:
Effects of bases and manufacture technology on the intensity of heparin release from rectal suppositories

Negreev, V.N.; Tarasov, V.M., 1978:
Effects of basic fertilizers and zinc on apple tree rosetting in the crimean steppe ussr

Canalis, E.; Centrella, M.; McCarthy, T., 1988:
Effects of basic fibroblast growth factor on bone formation in vitro

Ichimura T.; Miyairi S.; Matsui I.; Honda K., 1988:
Effects of basic polyamino acids on a photosynthetic membrane system of a cyanobacterium

Murakami, O.; Yamane, I., 1976:
Effects of basic polymers of growth of tumor cells in suspension cultures with serum free medium

Benedetto, J.P.; Got, R., 1980:
Effects of basic proteins of low molecular weight on the phospho hydrolase and phospho transferase activities of microsomal glucose 6 phosphatase ec in adult monkey erythrocebus patas hepatocytes

Hokland, P.; Heron, I.; Larsen, B., 1981:
Effects of basic proteins on spontaneous rosette formation between human lymphocytes and xenogeneic erythrocytes

Poole S.; West S.I.; Fry J.C., 1987:
Effects of basic proteins on the denaturation and heat gelation of acidic proteins

Cunningham A.B.; Milton S.J., 1987 :
Effects of basket weaving industry on mokola palm and dye plants in northwestern botswana

Loullis C.C.; Wayner M.J., 1979:
Effects of basolateral amygdaloid lesions on schedule dependent behavior

Nakajyo S.; Kometani A.; Shimizu K.; Urakawa N., 1981:
Effects of bassianolide on drug induced contractions of isolated guinea pig aorta

Nakajyo S.; Shimizu K.; Kometani A.; Yuyama A.; Kobayashi H.; Suzuki A.; Urakawa N., 1982:
Effects of bassianolide on muscarinic and nicotinic responses to acetyl choline in various tissue preparations

Nakajyo S.; Shimizu K.; Shimizu K.; Urakawa N., 1984:
Effects of bassianolide on the muscle contraction induced by electrical stimulation in the guinea pig hypogastric nerve vas deferens preparation

Blond G.; Haury E.; Lorient D., 1988:
Effects of batch and extrusion cooking on lipids proteins interactions of processed cheese

Bagust J.; Nagi I.; Kerkut G.A., 1985:
Effects of bath applied gamma aminobutyric acid on the firing pattern of cells in an in vitro preparation of mammalian cerebral cortex

Endo T.; Onozawa M., 1987:
Effects of bath salinity and number of fish on the uptake of oxolinic acid by ayu

Suzuki K.; Ozawa M.; Matsuzaki A.; Hasegawa M.; Iwasaki S.; Suzuki Y.; Niitani H., 1988:
Effects of bathing on hemodynamics in patients with myocardial infarction evaluation with sublingual administration of isosorbide dinitrate

Gilmore D.S.; Aeilts G.D.; Alldis B.A.; Bruce S.K.; Jimenez E.M.; Schick D.G.; Morrow J.W.; Montgomerie J.Z., 1981:
Effects of bathing on pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae colonization in patients with spinal cord injuries

Bartell, D.P.; Pass, B.C., 1978:
Effects of bathyplectes curculionis and bathyplectes anurus hymenoptera ichneumonidae on the growth and development of hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae

Pandita T.K.; Khoshoo V.; Agarwal S.S., 1983:
Effects of bavistin on sister chromatid exchanges of human lymphocytes

Sinha A.P.; Agnihotri V.P.; Singh K., 1980:
Effects of bavistin on soil micro flora their related physiological activity and growth of sugar beet seedlings

Lejeune P.; Gunselmann W.; Heinnies L.; Hess K.; Rittgerodt K.; Winn K.; Gfrerer G.; Schreiber U., 1985:
Effects of bay 15240 a fixed combination of low dose nifedipine and acebutolol on hypertension comparison with standard dose nifedipine

Lograno M.; A.; Persichella M.; Conte Camerino D., 1986:
Effects of bay k 8644 a new 1 4 dihydropyridine on guinea pig isolated smooth muscles

Asano, M.; Aoki, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Matsuda, T., 1987:
Effects of Bay k 8644 and nifedipine on isolated dog cerebral, coronary and mesenteric arteries

Dong Y.J.; Wadsworth R.M., 1986:
Effects of bay k 8644 on calcium 45 uptake and efflux and on contraction in the rabbit aorta

Motomura S.; Hashimoto K.; Hashimoto K., 1987:
Effects of bay k 8644 on the coronary vascular selectivity of the dihydropyridine calcium antagonists in the canine isolated blood perfused papillary muscle preparation

Takata Y.; Kato H., 1987:
Effects of bay k 8644 on the electrically evoked and potassium chloride evoked norepinephrine release and the corresponding contraction in isolated canine saphenous veins

Pan, M.; Scriabine, A.; Steinsland, O.S., 1988:
Effects of BAY K 8644 on the responses of rabbit ear artery to electrical stimulation

Gordon, M.Y.; Aguado, M.; Blackett, N.M., 1977:
Effects of bcg and corynebacterium parvum on the hemopoietic precursor cells in continuously irradiated mice possible mechanisms of action in immuno therapy

Seo S.; Yasuhara J.; Saeki K., 1979:
Effects of bcg levamisole and poly saccharide kureha on the rejection of male skin grafts by female mice

Tribouley J.; Tribouley Duret J.; Appriou M., 1980:
Effects of bcg on larvae migration of schistosoma mansoni in mice

Zatz, M.M., 1976:
Effects of BCG on lymphocyte trapping

Lieberman R.; Fudenberg H.H., 1979:
Effects of bcg on lysozyme and active thymus derived cells in patients with malignant melanoma a preliminary study

Brooks R.J.; Jones S.E.; Gaines J.A., 1979:
Effects of bcg on peripheral blood counts and drug tolerance of patients with non hodgkins lymphoma receiving combination chemo therapy

Kitamura, Y.; Nomoto, K.; Torisu, M.; Takeya, K., 1976:
Effects of bcg vaccines on immune responses in mice part 1 possible effect of bcg on helper thymus derived cells

Glatz, P.C., 1987:
Effects of beak trimming and restraint on heart rate, food intake, body weight and egg production in hens

Oguntona, T.; Musa, R.; Zubair, A.K., 1988:
Effects of beak trimming at different ages on the body weight and feed conversion of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)

Liu B.; W.Z.; Liu W.; Zhang R., 1981:
Effects of bean meal on serum cholesterol and tri glycerides

Shil'nikova, V.K.; Nzitabakuze-Zh, B.; Moskalenko, L.N., 1978:
Effects of bean nodule bacteria phages on legume rhizobial symbiosis

Rydzynski, Z.; Kocur, J.; Czarnecka, E., 1977:
Effects of beclamide on the behavior of experimental animals

Takeuchi H.; Takaoka M.; Suzuki T., 1984:
Effects of beclomethasone dipropionate nasal spray aldecin nasal on plasma cortisol

Bradrick T.D.; Dasseux J L.; Abdalla M.; Aminzadeh A.; Georghiou S., 1987:
Effects of bee venom melittin on the order of dynamics of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine unilamellar and multilamellar vesicles

Claus J.R.; Kropf D.H.; Hunt M.C.; Kastner C.L.; Dikeman M.E., 1984:
Effects of beef carcass electrical stimulation and hot boning on muscle display color of polyvinyl chloride packaged steaks

Bowles J.E.; Kastner C.L.; Dikeman M.E.; Hunt M.C.; Kropf D.H.; Milliken G.A., 1983:
Effects of beef carcass electrical stimulation hot boning and aging on unfrozen and frozen longissimus dorsi and semi membranosus steaks

Mazurak, A.P.; Chesnin, L.; Thijeel, A.A., 1977:
Effects of beef cattle manure on water stability of soil aggregates

Diersen-Schade, D.A.; Richard, M.J.; Beitz, D.C.; Jacobson, N.L., 1985:
Effects of beef, soy and conventional diets on body composition and plasma lipids of young pigs fed restricted or liberal amounts of diet

Dikeman, M.E.; Merkel, R.A.; Magee, W.T., 1977:
Effects of beef type on bone fat trim and retail cut yield and distribution

Khalidi A.A.; Jawad F.H.; Tawfig N.H., 1980:
Effects of bees honey zahdi date and its syrup on blood glucose and serum insulin of diabetics

Huffman F.R.; Mueller A.J., 1983:
Effects of beet armyworm spodoptera exigua lepidoptera noctuidae infestation levels on soybean

Richards R.A.; Cobb J.S.; Fogarty M.J., 1983:
Effects of behavioral interactions on the catchability of american lobster homarus americanus and 2 species of cancer crab

Ryan, A.F.; Miller, J.M., 1977:
Effects of behavioral performance on single unit firing patterns in inferior colliculus of the rhesus monkey

Yamada K.; Demarest K.T.; Moore K.E., 1984:
Effects of behaviorally active doses of trh and its analog mk 771 pyro 2 aminoadipylhistidyl thiazolidine 4 carboxamide on dopaminergic neuronal systems in the brain of the rat

Smeets, P.M.; Kauffman, J.M., 1983:
Effects of being imitated and being not imitated in children predictability vs. topography of the observers responses

Penko J.M.; Pratt D.C., 1986:
Effects of bellura obliqua on typha latifolia productivity

Ogawa, N.; Tsukamoto, S.; Ohara, S.; Hirose, Y.; Kishimoto, T.; Mori, A., 1985:
Effects of bencyclane on concussion following head injury in mice

Bown D.N.; Frederickson E.C.; Del Angel Cabanas G.; Mendez J.F., 1987:
Effects of bendiocarb and deltamethrin on anopheles albimanus in a mexican village

Ljunghall, S.; Backman, U.; Danielson, B.G.; Fellström, B.; Johansson, G.; Odlind, B.; Wikström, B., 1982:
Effects of bendroflumethiazide on urate metabolism during treatment of patients with renal stones

Yamasue Y.; Worsham A.D., 1980:
Effects of benefin vaporizing from soils on tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar speight g 28 foliage

Sommariva, D.; Blasi, F.; Cosentini, R.; Berruto, M., 1986:
Effects of benfluorex on sterol biosynthesis in incubated human blood mononuclear cells

Castro A.L.D.; Castro A.L.D.; Matheus G., 1985:
Effects of benign and malignant renovascular hypertension on the submandibular gland in rats a histological study

Schedlbauer, M.D., 1978:
Effects of benlate on fern gametophyte development

De-Bertoldi, M.; Rambelli, A.; Giovannetti, M.; Griselli, M., 1978:
Effects of benomyl and captan on rhizosphere fungi and the growth of allium cepa

Sjut, V.; Buchloh, G.; Grossmann, F., 1975:
Effects of benomyl on alkanes and fatty alcohols of the surface wax of lettuce seedlings

Oros G., 1981:
Effects of benomyl on venturia inaequalis isolates resistant to benomyl

Matson D.T., 1981 :
Effects of benomyl on yield components of red raspberry rubus idaeus glen clova in relation to the incidence of spur blight didymella applanata and cane botrytis botrytis cinerea

Meacock S.C.R.; Kitchen E.A.; Dawson W., 1979:
Effects of benoxaprofen and some other nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs on leukocyte migration

Turner, R.A.; Semble, E.L.; Johnson, J.A.; McCrickard, E.L.; Treadway, W.J.; Kaufmann, J.S., 1984:
Effects of benoxaprofen on human neutrophil function

Anderson R.; Lukey P.T.; Van Rensburg C.E.J., 1985:
Effects of benoxaprofen on the binding to and inactivation of leukoattractants by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes in vitro

Bender D.A., 1980:
Effects of benserazide carbidopa and isoniazid administration on tryptophan nicotinamide nucleotide metabolism in the rat

Deuber R., 1981:
Effects of bentazon on yield and nitrogen and oil content in soybean glycine max

Hirata H.; Yamasaki S.; Kohirata E., 1984:
Effects of benthiocarb herbicide on growth of planktonic organisms chlorella saccharophila and brachionus plicatilis

Matsumoto E., 1986:
Effects of benthos on coastal sediments

Sobsey, M.D.; Cromeans, T., 1985:
Effects of bentonite clay solids on poliovirus concentration from water by microporous filter methods

Economides S.; Georghiades E.; Hadjipanayiotou M., 1987:
Effects of bentonite feeding on the pre weaning and post weaning performance of chios ewes and lambs

Budunova, I.V.; Vainberg, R.M., 1977:
Effects of benz a pyrene on mono layer cultures of normal and malignant mouse liver cells

Momma, J.; Takada, K.; Aida, Y.; Takagi, A.; Yoshimoto, H.; Suzuki, Y.; Nakaji, Y.; Kurokawa, Y.; Tobe, M., 1987:
Effects of benzalkonium chloride on pregnant mice

Shah V.C.; Adhvaryu S.G., 1979:
Effects of benzamide on cell division in cultured hela cells

Nastruzzi C.; Feriotto G.; Spandidos D.; Anzanel D.; Ferroni R.; Guarneri M.; Barbieri R.; Gambari R., 1988:
Effects of benzamidine derivatives on ha ras 1 messenger rna accumulation in a chinese hamster cell line transformed with the activated human t24 ha ras 1 oncogene

Struhsaker, J.W., 1977:
Effects of benzene a toxic component of petroleum on spawning pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi

Cronkite, E.P.; Inoue, T.; Carsten, A.L.; Miller, M.E.; Bullis, J.E.; Drew, R.T., 1982:
Effects of benzene inhalation on murine pluripotent stem cells

Korn, S.; Struhsaker, J.W.; Benville, P.J., 1976:
Effects of benzene on growth fat content and caloric content of striped bass morone saxatilis

Kochhar R.; Sharma R.; Dani H.M.; Ojha S., 1985:
Effects of benzidine on some phosphohydrolases of rat tissues

Abdel Hameed A.A., 1984:
Effects of benzimidazole anti helminthics on the survival and migratory behavior of toxocara canis larvae in the mouse

Andrews M.W.; Blanchette R.A.; French D.W., 1982 :
Effects of benzimidazole compounds for dutch elm disease control on wood surrounding elm ulmus americana injection sites

Takada N.; Tatefuji N.; Yamaguchi T.; Yamashita S.; Inaba T.; Takahashi A., 1986:
Effects of benzimidazoles especially mebendazole on experimentally infected mice with japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain

Pemadasa M.A., 1983:
Effects of benzo 18 crown 6 on abaxial and adaxial stomatal opening and its antagonism with abscisic acid

Yamaura, I.; Marquardt, H.; Cavalieri, L.F., 1978:
Effects of benzo a pyrene adducts on dna synthesis in vitro

Winkler D.L.; Duncan K.L.; Hose J.E.; Puffer H.W., 1983:
Effects of benzo a pyrene on the early development of california grunion leuresthes tenuis pisces atherinidae

Koppenhöfer, E.; Sommer, R.G.; Froese, U., 1987:
Effects of benzocaine and its isomers on sodium permeability and steady state sodium inactivation in the myelinated nerve, obtained by an improved dissection technique

Schneider M.F.; Dubois J M., 1986:
Effects of benzocaine on the kinetics of normal and batrachotoxin modified sodium channels in frog node of ranvier

Novikov V.E.; Kozlov S.N.; Yasnetsov V.S., 1984:
Effects of benzodiazepine and gamma aminobutyric acid derivatives on some indicators of energy metabolism under brain edema

Matsuda H.; Yamada H.; Chang K H.; Hsieh M T.; Matsunaga H.; Hayashi H.; Shibuya T., 1982:
Effects of benzodiazepine derivative triazolam on morphology of sperm

Javors M.; Erwin V.G., 1980:
Effects of benzodiazepines and valproic acid on brain aldehyde reductase and a proposed mechanism of anti convulsant action

Anezaki, K.; Sakurada, S.; Ando, R.; Kisara, K.; Nakahama, H., 1976:
Effects of benzodiazepines ms 4101 10 chloro 11b 2 fluorophenyl 2 3 5 6 7 11b hexahydro 7 2 hydroxyethyl benzo 6 7 1 4 diazepino 5 6 oxazol 6 one on emotional behavior in untamed cats

Nagai T.; Murasaki M.; Takahashi A.; Inami M.; Watanabe S., 1986:
Effects of benzodiazepines on amygdaloid kindled phenomena comparison of efficacy among diazepam clonazepam fludiazepam

Pawlikowski M.; Pawlikowska A.; Stepien H., 1987:
Effects of benzodiazepines on anterior pituitary cell proliferation

Kryzhanovskii G.N.; Grafova V.N.; Danilova E.N., 1984:
Effects of benzodiazepines on neuro pathological syndromes of spinal origin

Tsuchiya, T.; Fukushima, H., 1977:
Effects of benzodiazepines on ponto geniculo occipital firings and multiple unit activity in the mid brain reticular formation in cats

Soubrie, P.; Thiebot, M.H.; Simon, P.; Boissier, J.R., 1977:
Effects of benzodiazepines on the inhibitory factors controlling the exploratory behavior and the acquisition of information in the rat

Bihler, I.; Sawh, P.C., 1978:
Effects of benzodiazepines on the transport of sugars and ions in rat skeletal muscle in vitro

Murai M., 1981:
Effects of benzoyl choline on cholin esterase activity in rabbit and rat brain and erythrocytes

Puschmann M., 1982:
Effects of benzoyl per oxide clinical and experimental studies

Marshall, D.B.; Pree, D.J.; Mcgarvey, B.D., 1988:
Effects of benzoylphenylurea insect growth regulators on eggs and larvae of the spotted tentiform leafminer phyllonorycter blancardella fabr. lepidoptera gracillariidae

Thaler, J.S., 1982:
Effects of benztropine mesylate (Cogentin) on accommodation in normal volunteers

Wurl, M.; Fritsch, H.; Müller-Peddinghaus, R., 1987:
Effects of benzydamine on leukocyte aggregation

Loeffler B M.; Bohn E.; Hesse B.; Kunze H., 1987:
Effects of benzydamine on phospholipase activities

Mueller Peddinghaus R.; Wurl M.; Lenoir G.; Houben A.; Remacle J., 1987:
Effects of benzydamine on the generation and interaction of reactive oxygen species and the cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase

Goppelt Struebe M.; Roebbecke K.; Golombek M.; Resch K., 1987:
Effects of benzydamine on the prostaglandin synthesis of macrophages

Vaughan D.; P.C.; Ord B.G., 1983:
Effects of benzyl adenine and abscisic acid on super oxide dis mutase in fronds of the duckweed lemna gibba

Jackson M.B.; Campbell D.J., 1979:
Effects of benzyl adenine and gibberellic acid on the responses of tomato plants to anaerobic root environments and to ethylene

Kinoshita I.; Katagiri K.; Tsuji H., 1979:
Effects of benzyl adenine and light on changes in various rna species in etiolated cucumber cotyledons

Yokoyama M.; Naito K.; Suzuki H., 1980 :
Effects of benzyl adenine on chlorophyll dna rna and protein content of attached young bean phaseolus vulgaris leaves

Martin K.J.; Mcconkey C.L.Jr; Stokes T.J.Jr, 1985:
Effects of benzyl alcohol on parathyroid hormone receptor adenylate cyclase system of canine kidney

Nelson F.R.S.; Hoosseintehrani B., 1982:
Effects of benzyl phenol and benzyl 1 3 benzodioxole derivatives on fertility and longevity of the yellow fever mosquito aedes aegypti diptera culicidae

Passera C.; Spettoli P., 1981:
Effects of benzylamino purine on mango fruit ripening

Balwierczak J.L.; Grupp I.L.; Grupp G.; Schwartz A., 1986:
Effects of bepridil and diltiazem on tritiated nitrendipine binding to canine cardiac sarcolemma potentiation of pharmacological effects of nitrendipine by bepridil

Beaughard M.; Lamar J C.; Piris P.; Tisne Versailles J., 1986:
Effects of bepridil and nifedipine on regional myocardial contractility during ischemia in anesthetized dogs

Flaim, S.F.; Stranieri, M.T.; Mathiasen, J.R., 1988:
Effects of bepridil hydrochloride on cardiocirculatory dynamics, coronary vascular resistance, and cardiac output distribution in normal, conscious rats

Younes A.; Schneider J M., 1984:
Effects of bepridil on calcium uptake by cardiac mitochondria

Lathrop D.A.; Murphy A.M.; Humphreys T.; Schwartz A., 1985:
Effects of bepridil on force development and transmembrane electrical activity of adult canine purkinje strands comparison with nisolidipine and lidocaine

Fuchs, J.; Mainka, L.; Reifart, N.; Zimmer, G., 1986:
Effects of bepridil on heart mitochondrial membrane and the isolated rat heart preparation

Montluc H.; Jaillon P.; Biour M.; Cheymol G., 1984:
Effects of bepridil on heart rate and blood pressure at rest and during exercise test in healthy subjects plasma concentration effect relationship

Younes, A.; Fontanarava, C.; Schneider, J.M., 1981:
Effects of bepridil on the calcium dependent atpase ec activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Osaka T.; Nezasa Y.; Kodama I.; Toyama J., 1987:
Effects of bepridil on the depolarization and repolarization of the ventricle in isolated rabbit hearts

Dangman K.H., 1985:
Effects of bepridil on transmembrane action potentials recorded from isolated canine cardiac tissues studies on normal and infarct zone purkinje fibers and ventricular muscle cells

Bailliart O.; Tessera M.; Martineaud J.P.; Castan D., 1986:
Effects of bepridil on venous compliance in a double blind controlled randomized cross over study

L.N.Y.; L.W.H.; L.Y.X., 1986:
Effects of berbamine on isolated myocardium in guinea pigs and humans

Chen, Q.M.; Xie, M.Z., 1987:
Effects of berberine on blood glucose regulation of normal mice

Wang Y X.; Yao X J.; Tan Y H., 1987:
Effects of berberine on physiologic properties of isolated guinea pig myocardium

Gallagher, D.E.; Breckenridge, J.N.; Thompson, L.W.; Peterson, J.A., 1983:
Effects of bereavement on indicators of mental health in elderly widows and widowers

Abe K.; Sakai K.; Uchida M., 1980:
Effects of bergenin on experimental ulcers prevention of stress induced ulcers in rats

Sakaguchi, T.; Sakaguchi, S.; Nakamura, I.; Kagami, M., 1984:
Effects of beryllium chloride on cultured cells

Witschi, H.P., 1970:
Effects of beryllium on dna synthesizing enzymes in regenerating rat liver

Sonaka I.; Takahashi S I.; Kadowaki M.; Noguchi T.; Naito H., 1984:
Effects of bestatin and leupeptin on protein degradation in perfused rat hindquarters accumulation of acid soluble peptides in muscle during bestatin perfusion

J.L.L.; Stratman F.W.; Lardy H.A., 1987:
Effects of beta 1 antagonists and beta 1 plus beta 2 antagonists on training induced myocardial hypertrophy and enzyme adaptation

Thomas, D.P.; Jenkins, R.R., 1986:
Effects of beta 1 blockage vs. beta 1 beta 2 blockade on training adaptations in rat skeletal muscle

Vecsei L.; Telegdy G.; Schally A.V.; Coy D.H., 1981:
Effects of beta 9 tyrosine melanotropin 9 18 deca peptide on passive and active avoidance behavior and on open field activity of rats

Akiyoshi R., 1985:
Effects of beta acetylphenylhydrazine and p aminophenol on intracorpuscular hemoglobin of erythrocytes

Beckman B.; Mirand E.; Fisher J.W., 1980:
Effects of beta adrenergic agents and prostaglandin e 1 on erythroid colony growth and cyclic amp formation in friend erythro leukemic cells

Johansson S.R.M.; Andersson R.G.G., 1980 :
Effects of beta adrenergic agonists on rat uterine motility and cyclic amp level in vivo

Farmer, J.M.; Carrasquer, G.; Holloman, T.L.; Schwartz, M., 1978:
Effects of beta adrenergic amines on frog gastric mucosa

Boehm M.; Roewer N.; Schmitz W.; Scholz H.; Schulte J., 1988:
Effects of beta adrenergic and alpha adrenergic agonists adenosine and carbachol in heart muscle isolated from malignant hyperthermia susceptible swine

Mal'tsev, V.G.; Gaevyi, M.D., 1977:
Effects of beta adrenergic blockade on cerebral circulation and tone of extracranial vessels

Ader, J.L.; Serres, P.; Moatti, J.P.; Haas, S.; Mousteou, F.; Tran Van, T., 1977:
Effects of beta adrenergic blockade on functional properties of isolated and perfused kidneys

Tesch P.A.; Kaiser P., 1983:
Effects of beta adrenergic blockade on oxygen uptake during submaximal and maximal exercise

Dwyer, E.M.Jr ; Pepe, A.J.; Pinkernell, B.H., 1982:
Effects of beta adrenergic blockade with pindolol vs. placebo in coronary patients with stable angina pectoris

Fink, G.D.; Paulo, L.G.; Fisher, J.W., 1975:
Effects of beta adrenergic blocking agents on erythropoietin production in rabbits exposed to hypoxia

Fraile M.; Aznar Lopez J.; Martinez D.C.rvajal V.; Carvajal Cobano J., 1979:
Effects of beta adrenergic blocking agents on gastric secretion in rats

Weber, M.A.; Thornell, I.R.; Stokes, G.S., 1974:
Effects of beta adrenergic blocking agents on plasma renin activity in the conscious rabbit

Beumer, H.M.; Hardonk, H.J., 1972:
Effects of beta adrenergic blocking drugs on ventilatory function in asthmatics

Bhayana V.; Alto L.E.; Dhalla N.S., 1980:
Effects of beta adrenergic receptor blockers on heart mitochondrial metabolism

Lipski, S., 1976:
Effects of beta adrenergic stimulation on bone marrow function in normal and sublethally irradiated mice part 1 the effect of isoproterenol on cyclic amp content in bone marrow cells in vivo and in vitro

Postma D.S.; Keyzer J.J.; Meurs H.; Koeter G.H.; D.V.ies K.; Sluiter H.J., 1985:
Effects of beta adrenergic stimulation on the circulatory lymphocyte count studies in normals and in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

Simon W.; Schaz K.; Ganten U.; Johnson A.K.; Unger T.; Rascher W.; Ganten D.; Mann J.F.E., 1981:
Effects of beta adreno receptor blockers on blood pressure responses to central angiotensin ii

Dahloef C.; Engberg G.; Svensson T.H., 1981:
Effects of beta adrenoceptor antagonists on the firing rate of noradrenergic neurons in the locus coeruleus of the rat

Tagashira E.; Hiramori T.; Urano T.; Yanaura S., 1982:
Effects of beta adrenoceptor blockers on barbital withdrawal convulsions and on anti convulsive action with diazepam

Kurihara S.; Konishi M., 1987:
Effects of beta adrenoceptor stimulation on intracellular calcium transients and tension in rat ventricular muscle

Kovacsova B.; Inczinger F., 1981:
Effects of beta adrenolytics on metabolism of glycides in experimental myo cardial infarction

Fitzharris T.P.; Markwald R.R.; Dunn B.E., 1980:
Effects of beta amino propionitrile fumarate on early heart development

Sandhu H.S.; Jande S.S., 1982:
Effects of beta amino propionitrile on formation and mineralization of rat bone matrix

Kida K.; Thurlbeck W.M., 1980:
Effects of beta amino propionitrile on the growing rat lung

Sandhu H.S.; Hing A.K., 1988:
Effects of beta aminopropionitrile on mineralization during endochondral ossification in chick tibia

Uekama K.; Masaki K.; Arimori K.; Irie T.; Hirayama F., 1987:
Effects of beta and dimethyl beta cyclodextrins on release and percutaneous absorption behaviors of prednisolone from some ointment bases

Iliakis G., 1980:
Effects of beta arabinofuranosyl adenine on the growth and repair of potentially lethal damage in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Davies, C.T.M.; Brotherhood, J.R.; Few, J.D.; Zeidifard, E., 1976:
Effects of beta blockade and atropinization on plasma catecholamine concentration during exercise

Jennings G.; Pitt A.; Stirling G.; Korner P., 1980:
Effects of beta blockade on work st segment depression curves during exercise and relation to subsequent results of coronary artery bypass surgery

Dreslinski, G.R.; Aristimuno, G.G.; Messerli, F.H.; Suarez, D.H.; Frohlich, E.D., 1979:
Effects of beta blockade with acebutolol on hypertension, hemodynamics, and fluid volume

Okayasu M.; Nagao K.; Horie T., 1980 :
Effects of beta blocker acebutolol on cardio pulmonary function of asthmatics

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Effects of bhc isomers on concanavalin a capping in bovine lymphocytes

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Effects of bin ocular fusion and bin ocular rivalry on cortically evoked potentials

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Effects of bin ocular interaction on the neurons of the rat visual cortex

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Effects of binary and proportional feedback on bi directional control of heart rate

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Effects of binary taste stimuli on the neural activity of the hamster chorda tympani

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Effects of biogenic amines on the synaptic membrane magnesium calcium atpase

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Effects of biogenic amines phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenyl alanine amide and acetyl choline on the radula protractor muscle of a whelk busycon contrarium

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Effects of biotelemetry triangulation error on detecting habitat selection

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Effects of biotin deficiency on growth morphology and sporulation in bacillus megaterium ncib 7581

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Effects of biotin deficiency on the composition of cell walls of hypomyces chlorinus

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Effects of biotin on blood lipids of rats fed 2 levels of pork fat

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Effects of biotin upon the intra cellular level of cyclic gmp and the activity of gluco kinase ec in cultured rat hepatocytes/

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Effects of bird penetration into inhabited areas on anthropophobia and anthropophilia of some species of the families turdidae and corvidae

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Effects of birth order and spacing on mother infant interactions

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Effects of birth weight, gestational age, and maternal obstetric history on birth prevalence of cerebral palsy

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Effects of bis chloronitroso urea on pulmonary and serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity in rats

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Effects of bisacodyl on cyclic amp and prostaglandin e 2 contents sodium potassium atpase adenylate cyclase and phospho di esterase activities of rat intestine

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Effects of bis(guanylhydrazones) on the activity and expression of ornithine decarboxylase

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Effects of black widow spider venom and calcium on quantal secretion at the frog neuromuscular junction

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Effects of blackpoint on grain composition and baking quality of new zealand wheat

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Effects of blade removal on the proximate composition of the rhizome of the seagrass thalassia testudinum

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Effects of blast chilling carcasses of different weight and fatness on the appearance of fresh pork

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Effects of blastolysin and the glycopeptide muramyldipeptide n acetylglucosaminylmuramyl dipeptide and carbohydrate fragments of peptidoglycans on human complement

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Effects of bleached kraft mill effluent on reproduction of brown trout salmo trutta on a restricted diet

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Effects of bleaching and backgrounds on the flash response of the cone system

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Effects of bleaching and defatting on barley distillers grain used in muffins

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Effects of blending gynoecious and monoecious cucumber seeds on yield patterns

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Effects of bleomycin a 6 on macromolecular synthesis in mouse ascites hepatoma cells

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Effects of bleomycin on body temperature and thermo regulating apparatus in rabbits

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Effects of bleomycin on Burkitt lymphoma cells grown in vitro and in vivo

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Effects of bleomycin on carbon 14 proline uptake incorporation into proteins and hydroxylation in collagenous proteins of hamster lung slices

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Effects of bleomycin on human tongue carcinoma cells revealed by electron microscopy

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Effects of bleomycins on synchronized cells by centrifugal elutriation

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Effects of blepharipa pratensis diptera tachinidae on the pathogenicity of nucleopolyhedrosis virus in stage v of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae

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Effects of blinding by bilateral orbital enucleation on the ultrastructure of the pineal gland in the female garden dormouse eliomys quercinus correlations with the hypothalamo pituitary ovarian axis

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Effects of blinding, pinealectomy and superior cervical ganglionectomy on free thyroxine index of male golden hamsters

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Effects of block and soil water content on the establishment of transplanted cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis seedlings

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Effects of blockade and stimulation of adreno receptors on resistance and capacitance of the intestine vessels

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Effects of blockades of alpha adrenoceptors and beta adrenoceptors and dopamine receptors on renal nerve stimulation induced prostaglandin e 2 and renin release in anesthetized dogs

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Effects of blocking amino group couples on the mechanism of magnesium atpase and calcium magnesium atpase associated with erythrocyte membrane fragments

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Effects of blocking ovulation with pentobarbitone on histochemical features of Graafian follicles in rats

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Effects of blocking the histamine h 2 receptors on human pulmonary circulation

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Effects of blood and urine on lead analyzed by flameless atomic absorption

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Effects of blood, bile and starch in the peritoneal cavity of the rat

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Effects of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis on coronary thrombolysis in experimental myocardial infarction comparison studies between thrombolysed and non thrombolyzed groups

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Effects of blood cooling and rewarming under cardiopulmonary bypass on the auditory evoked brainstem potentials and somatosensory evoked cerebral potentials

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Effects of blood free and protein free perfusion on capillary filtration coefficient in the isolated cat hind limb

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Effects of blood glucose and plasma osmolality on trans mucosal fluid movement and intestinal drug absorption

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Effects of blood pressure reduction on the ultrastructure of the adrenal cortex of the spontaneously hypertensive rat

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Effects of blood sampling on the hematocrit value in the carp cyprinus carpio and trials of blood transfusion for prevention of anemia

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Effects of blood stirring and the material of syringe on plasma constituent levels in carp cyprinus carpio

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Effects of blood storage on red cell antioxidative systems

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Effects of blue and red light on the configurational state of the vicia faba protoplasts

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Effects of blue and red light on unrolling of rice oryza sativa cultivar nihonbare leaves

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Effects of BMY 14802, a potential antipsychotic drug, on rat brain dopaminergic function

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Effects of bmy 25282 a mitomycin c analog in mitomycin c resistant human colon cancer cells

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Effects of body condition and environmental stress on ovulation rate embryo survival and associated plasma fsh luteinizing hormone prolactin and progesterone profiles in scottish blackface ewes/

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Effects of body condition food intake and temporary calf separation on the duration of the post partum anestrous period and associated lh fsh and prolactin concentrations in beef cows

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Effects of body condition on molting in mallards

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Effects of body positions during the neonatal period on later postural and functional lateralities of pre term infants

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Effects of body size and resource value on fighting behavior in a jumping spider

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Effects of body size and slope on sprint speed of a lizard stellio stellio

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Effects of body size starvation and temperature acclimation on oxygen consumption of the crayfish orconectes nais

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Effects of body temperature mass and activity on aerobic and anaerobic metabolism in juvenile crocodylus porosus

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Effects of body temperature on respiration blood gases and acid base status in the turtle chrysemys picta bellii

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Effects of body temperature on ventilatory response to hypoxia and breathing pattern in man

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Effects of body weight, adrenal status, and estrogen priming on hypothalamic progestin receptors in male and female rats

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Effects of body weight, frame size and rate of gain on the composition of gain of beef steers

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Effects of body weight groupings on productivity, feather loss, and nervousness of caged hens

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Effects of boll pilosity on some traits on cultivar pima cotton gossypium barbadense

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Effects of bombesin on growth of human small cell lung carcinoma in vivo

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Effects of bombesin on neurotransmission in cat duodenal smooth muscle

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Effects of bombesin on thermoregulatory responses and hypothalamic neuronal activities in the rat

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Effects of bone wax on bacterial clearance

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Effects of boning time mechanical tenderization and partial replacement of sodium chloride on the quality and microflora of boneless dry cured ham

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Effects of borate on isomerization and yeast fermentation of high xylulose solution and acid hydrolysate of hemi cellulose

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Effects of Bordetella avium infection on the pulmonary clearance of Escherichia coli in turkeys

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Effects of Bordetella pertussis on the sensitivity of inbred mice to vasoactive amines

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Effects of boron and limestone on cereal yields and on boron and nitrogen concentration of plant tissue

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Effects of boron application on the outbreak of granville wilt in flue cured tobacco

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Effects of boron copper and zinc on yield and quality of flue cured tobacco

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Effects of boron deficiency on mitosis and incorporation of tritiated thymidine into nuclei of sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar mammoth root tips

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Effects of boron deficiency on rubidium 86 uptake and photosynthesis in the diatom cylindrotheca fusiformis

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Effects of boron deficiency on the chemical composition of a marine diatom

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Effects of boron molybdenum and lime on yield and leaf tissue nutrient concentration of green peas pisum sativum

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Effects of boron on the formation of local lesions and accumulation of callose in french bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar gintebo and tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun nn leaves inoculated with tobacco mosaic virus

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Effects of boronated superphosphate single superphosphate and borax on yield and quality of groundnut

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Effects of botryodiplodia theobromae attack on abachi wood triplochiton scleroxylon

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Effects of botrytis fabae infection and mechanical defoliation on seed yield of field beans vicia faba

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Effects of bottle volume thallus weight oxygen saturation levels and water movement on apparent photosynthetic rates in marine algae

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Effects of brain catecholamine alterations on the chlorpromazine induced hypo thermia in rats

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Effects of brain electrical stimulations on the ultrastructural histology and on the physiological role of cerebral glands in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda

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Effects of brain extracts on oocyte maturation in Helisoma (Pulmonata: Mollusca)

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Effects of brain lesions and atropine on hippocampal and neo cortical electro encephalograms in the rat

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Effects of brain lesions and handicaps of various kinds on perceptive motor development

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Effects of brain mono amine depletion on chlorpromazine induced hypo thermia in rabbits

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Effects of brain mono amine depletion on thermo regulatory responses of rabbits to different hypothalamic temperatures

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Effects of brain sodium potassium atpase inhibition on the central cardiovascular regulation

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Effects of brain stem stimulation on cortical nadh fluorescence blood flow and oxygen consumption in the cat

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Effects of brain subesophageal ganglion and corpus cardiacum factors on juvenile hormone biosynthesis in vitro in acheta domesticus orthoptera

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Effects of brain ventricular injection of hypertonic hypotonic sodium chloride solutions on plasma renin activity and renal sympathetic nerve activity

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Effects of branched chain alpha keto acids on the metabolism of isolated rat liver cells 1. regulation of branched chain alpha keto acid metabolism

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Effects of branched chain alpha keto acids on the metabolism of isolated rat liver cells 2. interactions with gluconeogenesis and urea synthesis

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Effects of branched chain alpha keto acids on the metabolism of isolated rat liver cells 3. interactions with pyruvate dehydrogenase

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Effects of branched chain amino acids on postprandial 3 hydroxybutyrate and glucagon in the baboon

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Effects of branched chain fatty acids on gamma amino butyric acid degradation and behavior further evidence for a role of gamma amino butyric acid in quasi morphine abstinence behavior

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Effects of branching oxygen and chain length in the side chain of sterols on their metabolism by tetrahymena pyriformis

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Effects of brassin complex on auxin and gibberellin mediated events in the morphogenesis of the etiolated bean hypocotyl

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Effects of Brazelton demonstrations for mothers on the development of preterm infants

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Effects of bream abramis brama on the lower trophic level and on the water quality in lake balaton hungary

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Effects of breast conservation on psychological morbidity associated with diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer

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Effects of breathing an oxygen hydrogen 20 percent 80 percent mixture on the energy metabolism of the eel at 1 ata

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Effects of breathing oxygen or oxygen plus carbon di oxide and the injection of neuro humors on the carbon di oxide tension of cat cerebral cortex

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Effects of breathing pattern and oxygen upon the alveolar arterial oxygen pressure difference in lung disease

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Effects of breathing pattern on inspiratory muscle endurance in humans

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Effects of breathing supplemental oxygen before progressive exercise in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

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Effects of breed and sex on pork carcass quality

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Effects of breed finish period and feeding rate of concentrates on finish of steers raised on range or pasture

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Effects of breed of sire and breed of dam of cow on carcass characteristics of 3 way cross beef cattle reared at 2 locations

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Effects of breed of sire and level of nutrition on the age at 1st calving and production efficiency in cross bred cows

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Effects of breed, season, temperature, and solvents on the permeability of frozen and reconstituted cattle skin to levamisole

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Effects of breed sex age management and nutrition on the incidence of toxoplasma gondii antibodies in dogs and cats

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Effects of breed type and slaughter weight on feedlot performance and carcass composition in bulls

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Effects of breed year season and body weight on wool production in sheep

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Effects of breeding season nutritional environment and lambing management on lamb production of southwest usa rambouillet ewes

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Effects of breeds medium additives and ovarian phases on in vitro maturation fertilization and cleavage of bovine follicular oocytes

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Effects of bremazocine on passive avoidance behavior in mice

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Effects of bremsstrahlung and electron radiation on rat motor performance

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Effects of bretylium tosylate on the atrio ventricular and intra ventricular conduction in man

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Effects of bretylium tosylate on the in vivo fibrillating canine ventricle

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Effects of brewers yeast propagation intensity on quality of beer fermentation byproducts

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Effects of brief exposure of domestic fowl to very intense acceleration fields

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Effects of brief exposure to sulfurous acid on growth of chlorella pyrenoidosa

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Effects of brief hospitalization on psychiatric patients behavior and social functioning

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Effects of brief periods of unilateral eye closure on the kitten's visual system

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Effects of brief stimulus duration on the amplitude of the occipital late positive component associated with verbal and non verbal tasks

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