Effects of boron on the formation of local lesions and accumulation of callose in french bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar gintebo and tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun nn leaves inoculated with tobacco mosaic virus

Shimomora, T.

Physiological Plant Pathology 20(3): 257-262


Accession: 005292799

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Bean plant grown in culture solution containing excess B and inoculated on their primary leaves with tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) yielded fewer and smaller local lesions with intense callose fluorescence around the lesions. Fluorescence lasted for 5 days after inoculation in contrast to 2 days for control plants. Similar phenomena occurred in leaf-halves of bean floated on a solution of excess B after inoculation with TMV. Contrary to this, when leaf-halves of 'Samsun NN' tobacco plants were floated on B solution after inoculation with TMV, the treatment had no effect on lesion formation and callose accumulation in the leaves and the ultimate size of lesions formed in the inoculated leaves.