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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5297

Chapter 5297 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smout, A.J.; Bogaard, J.W.; van Hattum, J.; Akkermans, L.M., 1985:
Effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on interdigestive and postprandial lower esophageal sphincter pressures and plasma gastrin levels in normal subjects

Kim, K.C.; Tasch, M.D., 1986:
Effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on local anesthetic central nervous system toxicity in mice

Monaci, R.; Meoni, S.; Monaci, E.; Morganti, G.; Giacalone, G.; Bernardini, C., 1987:
Effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on serum high density lipoprotein total cholesterol concentrations. A review of literature and personal opinions

Ohnishi, K.; Nakayama, T.; Saito, M.; Hatano, H.; Nomura, F.; Iida, S.; Okuda, K., 1985:
Effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on splanchnic hemodynamics in patients with chronic liver disease

Wanwimolruk S.; Sunbhanich M.; Pongmarutai M.; Patamasucon P., 1986:
Effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on the pharmacokinetics of quinine

Ekelund M.; Hakanson R.; Vallgren S., 1987:
Effects of cimetidine atropine and pirenzepine on basal and stimulated gastric acid secretion in the rat

Anderson, L.M.; Giner-Sorolla, A.; Haller, I.M.; Budinger, J.M., 1985:
Effects of cimetidine, nitrite, cimetidine plus nitrite, and nitrosocimetidine on tumors in mice following transplacental plus chronic lifetime exposure

Mok, H.Y., 1981 :
Effects of cimetidine on biliary lipids in patients with reflux esophagitis

Macphee G.J.A.; Thompson G.G.; Scobie G.; Agnew E.; Park B.K.; Murray T.; Mccoll K.E.L.; Brodie M.J., 1984:
Effects of cimetidine on carbamazepine autoinduction and heteroinduction in man

Chariot J.; Roze C.; Vaille C., 1979:
Effects of cimetidine on external pancreatic secretion in the rat

Okabe, S.; Takeuchi, K.; Murata, T.; Urushidani, T., 1978:
Effects of cimetidine on healing of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcers in dogs

Giulivi A.; Cilano L.; Roncoroni L.; Petrella A.; Perrone G.; Visca U.; Spina M.P.; Ventura M.; Rossi F.; Massari A.; Santi G., 1986:
Effects of cimetidine on in vitro transformation of peripheral monocytes to macrophages in healthy volunteers and cancer patients

Tanaka N., 1988:
Effects of cimetidine on lymphocyte responses to pha in gastric cancer patients

Bohnet, H.G.; Greiwe, M.; Hanker, J.P.; Aragona, C.; Schneider, H.P.G., 1978:
Effects of cimetidine on prolactin luteinizing hormone and sex steroid secretion in male and female volunteers

Shibasaki, S.; Komoriya, K.; Gon, S.; Matsuura, Y.; Nishigaki, R.; Umemura, K., 1987:
Effects of cimetidine on quinidine distribution in rats

Pare, W.P.; Glavin, G.B.; Vincent, G.P., 1978:
Effects of cimetidine on stress ulcer and gastric acid secretion in the rat

Feely, J.; Wood, A.J., 1982:
Effects of cimetidine on the elimination and actions of ethanol

Tatsuta, M.; Iishi, H.; Okuda, S., 1986:
Effects of cimetidine on the healing and recurrence of duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers

Clarke, A.C.; Lee, S.P.; Tasman-Jones, C., 1980:
Effects of cimetidine on the healing of benign gastric ulcers

Scarpignato, C.; Valenti, G.; Ceda, G.P.; Bertaccini, G., 1979:
Effects of cimetidine on the secretion of some pituitary hormones

Lazarte, R.A.; Bigelow, S.W.; Nebert, D.W.; Levitt, R.C., 1984:
Effects of cimetidine on theophylline, acetaminophen, and zoxazolamine toxicity in the intact mouse

Hugues J.N.; Perret G.; Seabaoun J.; Modigliani E., 1982:
Effects of cimetidine on thyroid hormones

Kikuchi, Y.; Oomori, K.; Kizawa, I.; Kato, K., 1985:
Effects of cimetidine on tumor growth and immune function in nude mice bearing human ovarian carcinoma

Hirai N.; Hattori N.; Hill N.O.; Osther K., 1985:
Effects of cimetidine on various biological activities of human leukocyte interferon and on interferon production in lymphocytes

Sullivan, K.M.; Small, R.E.; Rock, W.L.; Cox, S.R.; Willis, H.E., 1986:
Effects of cimetidine or ranitidine on the pharmacokinetics of flurbiprofen

Yeung, C.K.; Wong, K.L.; Ng, M.T.; Lai, C.L., 1984:
Effects of cimetidine, ranitidine, and antacid on renal function

Chee Y.C., 1983:
Effects of cimetidine ranitidine and promethazine on histamine induced dermal weals and pruritus a case study

Mele P.C.; Caplan M.A., 1980:
Effects of cinanserin and p chlorophenyl alanine and their interaction with dextro amphetamine on differential reinforcement of low rate performance in rats

Muramatsu, I.; Sakakibara, Y.; Hong, S.C.; Fujiwara, M., 1984:
Effects of cinepazide on the purinergic responses in the dog cerebral artery

Zhou, Y.H.; Shen, J.J.; Wang, R.G.; Yang, Q.S.; Zhao, S.F.; Jin, Y.Y., 1988:
Effects of cinnarizine on rabbit platelet aggregation and experimental cerebral thrombosis in rats

Bhuiyan A.K.M.J.; Bartlett K.; Sherratt H.S.A.; Agius L., 1988:
Effects of ciprofibrate and 2 5 4 chlorophenylpentyloxirane 2 carboxylate poca on the distribution of carnitine and coenzyme a and their acyl esters and on enzyme activities in rats relation between hepatic carnitine concentration and carnitine acetyltransferase activity

Forsgren A.; Bredberg A.; Pardee A.B.; Schlossman S.F.; Tedder T.F., 1987:
Effects of ciprofloxacin on eukaryotic pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis and cell growth

Ikeda H.; Saito M., 1983:
Effects of circadian eclosion rhythm and temperature on estimating the relative rate of development in drosophila mercatorum

Carrillo M.; Perez J.; Zanuy S., 1986:
Effects of circadian feeding time and type of diet on the growth of sea bass dicentrarchus labrax

Yang X.; Chai M.; Zheng W., 1986:
Effects of circadian rhythms in the electroretinogram of the crab by sectioning the optic nerve

Greenway, C.V.; Dettman, R.; Burczynski, F.; Sitar, D.S., 1986:
Effects of circulating catecholamines on hepatic blood volume in anesthetized cats

Arai K., 1984:
Effects of circulating mononuclear cells from patients with malignant lymphoma on granulocytic progenitor cells

Graham D., 1979:
Effects of circum esophageal lesion on the behavior of the stick insect carausius morosus part 1 cyclic behavior patterns

Graham D., 1979:
Effects of circumesophageal lesion on the behavior of the stick insect carausius morosus part 2 changes in walking coordination

Young C.J.; Daneshmend T.K.; Roberts C.J.C., 1982:
Effects of cirrhosis and aging on the elimination and bio availability of ranitidine

MacLeod, C.M.; Bartley, E.A.; Payne, J.A.; Hudes, E.; Vernam, K.; Devlin, R.G., 1984:
Effects of cirrhosis on kinetics of aztreonam

Eldridge C.F.; Bunge R.P.; Bunge M.B., 1988:
Effects of cis 4 hydroxy l proline an inhibitor of schwann cell differentiation on the secretion of collagenous and noncollagenous proteins by schwann cells

Siminovitch D.J.; Wong P.T.T.; Mantsch H.H., 1987:
Effects of cis and trans unsaturation on the structure of phospholipid bilayers a high pressure ir spectroscopic study

Heinen, E.; Desaive, C.; Houssier, C.; Gillet, M.C., 1976:
Effects of cis di chlorodiamino platinum ii linked to dna on normal or tumor cells

Albertsson M.; Hakansson C H.; Mercke C., 1987:
Effects of cis dichlorodiammineplatinum alone and in combination with ionizing radiation on the esophageal mucosa a scanning and transmission electron microscopic study

Hall I.H.; Holshouser M.H.; Loeffler L.J., 1980:
Effects of cis malonato di ammine platinum ii on p 388 lymphocytic leukemia cell metabolism

Miller D.; Minahan D.M.A.; Friedman M.E.; Kohl H.H.; Mcauliffe C.A., 1983:
Effects of cis platinum and trans platinum complexes on rna transcription

Fraval, H.N.A.; Roberts, J.J., 1978:
Effects of cis platinum ii di ammine di chloride on survival and the rate of dna synthesis in synchronously growing chinese hamster v 79 379a cells in the absence and presence of caffeine inhibited post replication repair evidence for an inducible repair mechanism

Smout A.J.P.M.; Bogaard J.W.; Grade A.C.; Ten Thije O.J.; Akkermans L.M.A.; Wittebol P., 1985:
Effects of cisapride a new gastrointestinal prokinetic substance on interdigestive and postprandial motor activity of the distal esophagus in man

Horowitz, M.; Maddern, G.J.; Maddox, A.; Wishart, J.; Chatterton, B.E.; Shearman, D.J., 1987:
Effects of cisapride on gastric and esophageal emptying in progressive systemic sclerosis

Stacher, G.; Steinringer, H.; Schneider, C.; Winklehner, S.; Mittelbach, G.; Gaupmann, G., 1986:
Effects of cisapride on jejunal motor activity in fasting healthy humans

Nishioka, T.; Sekiguchi, T.; Machida, M.; Kusano, M.; Kogure, M.; Matsuzaki, T.; Katoh, R.; Horikoshi, T.; Fukagawa, H.; Tajima, H., 1986:
Effects of cisapride on lower esophageal sphincter pressure and gastroduodenal motor activity in man

Nakayama S.; Neya T.; Yamasato T.; Takaki M.; Itano N., 1985:
Effects of cisapride on the motility of digestive tract in dogs and guinea pigs

Funakoshi, A.; Shinozaki, H.; Miyazaki, K.; Nakano, I.; Ibayashi, H., 1986:
Effects of cisapride on the secretion of pancreatic polypeptide in healthy volunteers

Otto W.C.; Brown R.D.; Gage White L.; Kupetz S.; Anniko M.; Penny J.E.; Henley C.M., 1988:
Effects of cisplatin and thiosulfate upon auditory brainstem responses of guinea pigs

Nowrousian M.R.; Schmidt C.G., 1982:
Effects of cisplatin on different hemopoietic progenitor cells in mice

San Antonio J.D.; Aggarwal S.K., 1984:
Effects of cisplatin on gastric smooth muscle contractility in rats an in vitro study

Chae, S.Y.; Suh, B.D., 1986:
Effects of cisplatin on hair cells of corti's organ of the guinea pig

Vawda, A.I.; Davies, A.G., 1986:
Effects of cisplatin on the mouse testis

Kohno, N.; Ohnuma, T.; Biller, H.F.; Holland, J.F., 1988:
Effects of cisplatin plus fluorouracil vs cisplatin plus cytarabine on head and neck squamous multicellular tumor spheroids

Romano R.; D.P.etoro L.; Forti G.; Pinto A.; Coppola M., 1980:
Effects of citicoline in the treatment and prevention of experimentally induced arrhythmias by halothane and adrenaline in the rabbit

Branen, A.L.; Keenan, T.W., 1971:
Effects of citrate on the composition and metabolism of Lactobacillus casei

Smith B.; Caffesse R.; Nasjleti C.; Kon S.; Castelli W., 1987:
Effects of citric acid and fibronectin and laminin application in treating periodontitis

Min D.B.; Wen J., 1983:
Effects of citric acid and iron levels on the flavor quality of oil

Garrett, J.S.; Crigger, M.; Egelberg, J., 1978:
Effects of citric acid on diseased root surfaces

Grassmann E.; Kirchgessner M., 1979:
Effects of citric acid on metabolism

Ibbott, C.G.; Oles, R.D.; Laverty, W.H., 1985:
Effects of citric acid treatment on autogenous free graft coverage of localized recession

Oles, R.D.; Ibbott, C.G.; Laverty, W.H., 1985:
Effects of citric acid treatment on pedicle flap coverage of localized recession

Sadasivudu, B.; Indira, H.R., 1976:
Effects of citrulline administration on enzymes of liver and brain in rats

Rodriguez J L.; Flores F., 1987:
Effects of citrus exocortis viroid infection on the peroxidase iaa oxidase system of gynura aurantiaca and lycopersicon esculentum

Lai F.M.; Tanikella T.K.; Herzlinger H.; Shepherd C.; Cervoni P., 1984:
Effects of cl 115347 racemic 1 5 deoxy 16 hydroxy 16 vinyl prostaglandin e 2 methyl ester on cardio vascular responses and plasma catecholamines in pithed stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats during sympathetic stimulation

Kunimi H.; Okabe S., 1982:
Effects of cl 1700 n acetyl l carnosine aluminum and its constituents on acute or chronic gastric lesions and gastric secretion in rats

Jansen J.W.C.M.; D.P.nt J.J.H.H.M.; Bonting S.L.; Hotz J.; Goebell H., 1981 :
Effects of clanobutin on pancreatic secretion in vitro

Goedel Meinen L.; Hofmann M.; Schmidt G.; Barthel P.; Baedeker W.; Bloemer H., 1988:
Effects of class i antiarrhythmic agents on the signal averaged ecg

Ptito M.; Lassonde M.C., 1981:
Effects of claustral stimulation on the properties of visual cortex neurons in the cat

Salerno M.T.; Cortimiglia R.; Crescimanno G.; Amato G.; Infantellina F., 1984:
Effects of claustrum stimulation on spontaneous bioelectrical activity of motor cortex neurons in the cat

Salerno M.T.; Cortimiglia R.; Crescimanno G., 1984:
Effects of claustrum stimulation on the spontaneous activity of pyramidal neurons of contralateral motor areas 4 and 6 in the cat

Ameyan O., 1988:
Effects of clay and organic fractions on the cation exchange capacity of jos plateau soils nigeria

Frenkel, H.; Goertzen, J.O.; Rhoades, J.D., 1978:
Effects of clay type and content exchangeable sodium percentage and electrolyte concentration on clay dispersion and soil hydraulic conductivity

Witt W.; Mueller W., 1988:
Effects of cleaning and disinfection on body weight gain of fattening pigs

Bocklisch H.; Wetzstein D.; Hoffmann L., 1988:
Effects of cleaning and disinfection on germ flora and animal health example of high concentration sheep herd

Golladay S.W.; Webster J.R., 1988:
Effects of clear cut logging on wood breakdown in appalachian usa mountain streams

Murphy M.L.; Heifetz J.; Johnson S.W.; Koski K.V.; Thedinga J.F., 1986:
Effects of clear cut logging with and without buffer strips on juvenile salmonids in alaskan streams usa

Swindel B.F.; Lassiter C.J.; Riekerk H., 1983:
Effects of clear cutting and site preparation on storm flow volumes of streams in pinus elliottii flatwoods forests

Swindel B.F.; Lassiter C.J.; Riekerk H., 1982:
Effects of clear cutting and site preparation on water yields from slash pine forests

Huhta, V., 1976:
Effects of clear cutting on numbers biomass and community respiration of soil invertebrates

Hart G.E.; Lomas D.A., 1979:
Effects of clear cutting on soil water depletion in an engelmann spruce picea engelmanni stand

Lundkvist H., 1983:
Effects of clear cutting on the enchytraeids in a scotch pine forest soil in central sweden

Coyle F.A., 1981:
Effects of clear cutting on the spider community of a southern appalachian forest usa

Hix D.M.; Barnes B.V., 1984:
Effects of clear cutting on the vegetation and soil of an eastern hemlock tsuga canadensis dominated ecosystem western upper michigan usa

Enge K.M.; Marion W.R., 1986:
Effects of clearcutting and site preparation on herpetofauna of a north florida usa flatwoods

Kirmse R.D.; Provenza F.D.; Malechek J.C., 1987:
Effects of clearcutting on litter production and decomposition in semiarid tropics of brazil

Burger J.A.; Pritchett W.L., 1984:
Effects of clearfelling and site preparation on nitrogen mineralization in a usa southern pine stand

Holmes P.M.; Macdonald I.A.W.; Juritz J., 1987:
Effects of clearing treatment on seed banks of the alien invasive shrubs acacia saligna and acacia cyclops in the southern and south western cape south africa

Sutton J.; Alden J.R.; Easterbrook Smith S.B., 1984:
Effects of cleavage of the inter chain di sulfide bonds of rabbit immuno globulin g on its ability to bind complement c 1q

Damerau, B.; Hoellerhage, H.G.; Vogt, W., 1978:
Effects of cleavage peptides complement c 3a and complement c 3a i from hog complement c 3 on leukocyte accumulation and vascular permeability in vivo

Warren, D.W.; Hairfield, W.M.; Dalston, E.T.; Sidman, J.D.; Pillsbury, H.C., 1988:
Effects of cleft lip and palate on the nasal airway in children

O'Donnell, J.M., 1987:
Effects of clenbuterol and prenalterol on performance during differential reinforcement of low response rate in the rat

Marmo, E.; Caputi, A.P.; Nisticò, G.M.; Rossi, F.; Lampa, E., 1979:
Effects of clenbuterol on bronchial, cardiac and hypothalamic adenylate cyclase

S.S.Y.; Zheng S Q.; L.Y.Y., 1984:
Effects of clenbuterol on electro acupuncture analgesia and morphine analgesia in rats

Beattie R.C.; Boyd R., 1984:
Effects of click duration on the latency of the early evoked response

Pijl, S., 1987:
Effects of click polarity on ABR peak latency and morphology in a clinical population

Ananko, T.V.; Sokolov, I.A., 1978:
Effects of climate on the relationship of nonsilicate iron forms in soils

Gangwar P.C., 1982:
Effects of climate on the thermo regulatory responses of male buffalo bubalus bubalis calves supplemented with different levels of testosterone and total digestible nutrients

Eckmann R.; Gaedke U.; Wetzlar H.J., 1988:
Effects of climatic and density dependent factors on year class strength of coregonus lavaretus in lake constance west germany austria switzerland

Robacker D.C.; Flottum P.K.; Sammataro D.; Erickson E.H., 1983:
Effects of climatic and edaphic factors on soybean glycine max flowers and on the subsequent attractiveness of the plants to honey bees apis mellifera

Dow, R.L., 1977:
Effects of climatic cycles on the relative abundance and availability of commercial marine and estuarine species

Guyon J.P., 1986:
Effects of climatic factors on height growth components in austrian black pine pinus nigra ssp nigricans

Skjelvag, A.O., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors on the growth and development of the field bean vicia faba var minor 1. phenology height growth and yield in a phytotron experiment

Skjelvag, A.O., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors on the growth and development of the field bean vicia faba var minor 2. phenological development in outdoor experiments

Skjelvag, A.O., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors on the growth and development of the field bean vicia faba var minor 3. yield and its components

Skjelvag, A.O., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors on the growth and development of the field bean vicia faba var minor 4. chemical composition of the seeds

Skjelvag, A.O., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors on the growth and development of the field bean vicia faba var minor 5. height growth

Chang H Y.; Chang S H.; Lin F J., 1987:
Effects of climatic factors on the heterozygosity of inversion 2l b 1d 5 in drosophila albomicans

Ohno, T.; Kinoshita, K.; Komine, T., 1979:
Effects of climatic factors upon productivity of opium poppy papaver somniferum 2. correlation between productivity of the early maturity strain of opium poppy bred at the station and various climatic factors

Ohno, T.; Kinoshita, K.; Komine, T., 1981:
Effects of climatic factors upon the productivity of opium poppy papaver somniferum 3. prediction of opium and morphine yields in cultivar ikkanshu and the early maturity strain of opium poppy from climatic factors

Ohno, T., 1982:
Effects of climatic factors upon the productivity of opium poppy papaver somniferum 4. multiple and partial correlation between the productivity of cultivar ikkanshu a cultivar of opium poppy and various climatic factors

Ohno, T.; Kinoshita, K.; Komine, T., 1977:
Effects of climatic factors upon the productivity of opium poppy papaver somniferum part 1 correlation between the productivity of ikkanshu a variety of opium poppy and various climatic factors

Hammer G.L.; Woodruff D.R.; Robinson J.B., 1987:
Effects of climatic variability and possible climatic change on reliability of wheat cropping a modelling approach

Lamballe, F.; Maniey, D.; Boscher, M.Y.; Fauchet, R.; le Prise, P.Y.; David, J.C., 1988:
Effects of clinical combinations of antileukemic drugs on DNA ligase from human thymocytes and normal, stimulated, or leukemic lymphocytes

Gordon N.G.; Kantor D.R., 1979:
Effects of clinical dosage levels of methylphenidate on 2 flash thresholds and perceptual motor performance in hyperactive children

Brookshire R.; Nicholas L.; Redmond K.; Krueger K., 1979:
Effects of clinician behaviors on acceptability of patients responses in aphasia treatment sessions

Wallace L.L.; Mcnaughton S.J.; Coughenour M.B., 1985:
Effects of clipping and 4 levels of nitrogen on the gas exchange growth and production of 2 east african graminoids

Wallace L.L., 1987:
Effects of clipping and soil compaction on growth morphology and mycorrhizal colonization of schizachyrium scoparium a 4 carbon pathway bunchgrass

Soper D.Z.; Dunn J.H.; Minner D.D.; Sleper D.A., 1988:
Effects of clipping disposal nitrogen and growth retardants on thatch and tiller density in zoysiagrass

Kalmbacher R.S.; Martin F.G.; Terry W.S.; Hunter D.H.; White L.D., 1986:
Effects of clipping on burned and unburned creeping bluestem schizachyrium stoloniferum

Krans J.V.; Beard J.B., 1985:
Effects of clipping on growth and physiology of cultivar merion kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis

Edroma E.L., 1985:
Effects of clipping on themeda triandra and brachiaria platynota in queen elizabeth national park uganda

Willms W.; Bailey A.W.; Mclean A., 1980:
Effects of clipping or burning on some morphological characteristics of agropyron spicatum

Yamaura Y.; Fukuhara M.; Kawamata S.; Satsumabayashi H.; Takabatake E.; Hashimoto T., 1986:
Effects of clitocybe clavipes extract on the components and enzymes related to ethanol metabolism in mice

Ichimaru, Y.; Gomita, Y.; Moriyama, M., 1987:
Effects of clobazam on amygdaloid and hippocampal kindled seizures in rats

van Rensburg, C.E.; Gatner, E.M.; Imkamp, F.M.; Anderson, R., 1982:
Effects of clofazimine alone or combined with dapsone on neutrophil and lymphocyte functions in normal individuals and patients with lepromatous leprosy

Eggens I.; Brunk U.; Dallner G., 1980:
Effects of clofibrate administration to rats on their hepatocytes

Kolde, G.; Roessner, A.; Themann, H., 1976:
Effects of clofibrate alpha p chlorophenoxyisobutyrylethyl ester on male rat liver correlated ultrastructural morphometric and biochemical investigations

Huzor Akbar S.P.; Kokrady S.S.; Witiak D.T.; Newman H.A.I.; Feller D.R., 1981:
Effects of clofibrate and 6 substituted chroman analogs on human platelet function mechanism of inhibitory action

Hoogwerf B.J.; Peters J.R.; Frantz I.D.Jr; Hunninghake D.B., 1985:
Effects of clofibrate and colestipol singly and in combination on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in type iii hyperlipoproteinemia

Steele, P.; Battock, D.; Genton, E., 1975:
Effects of clofibrate and sulfinpyrazone on platelet survival time in coronary artery disease

Cuchet P.; Morrier C.; Cand F.; Keriel C., 1981:
Effects of clofibrate and tiadenol on the elimination of lipids and bile acids in rat bile

Heller F.; Harvengt C., 1983:
Effects of clofibrate bezafibrate fenofibrate and probucol on plasma lipolytic enzymes in normo lipemic subjects

Desole M.S.; Anania V.; Siri R.; Esposito G.; Fighetti M.A.; Miele E., 1985:
Effects of clofibrate on allyl alcohol toxicity in rats

Kudchodkar, B.J.; Sodhi, H.S.; Horlick, D.L.; Mason, D.T., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on cholesterol metabolism

Savolainen, M.J.; Jauhonen, V.P.; Hassinen, I.E., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on ethanol induced modifications in liver and adipose tissue metabolism role of hepatic redox state and hormonal mechanisms

Lithell, H.; Boberg, J.; Hedstrand, H.; Hellsing, K.; Ljunghall, S.; Vessby, B., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on glucose tolerance serum insulin serum lipo proteins and plasma fibrinogen

Nakagawa, M.; Shimokawa, T.; Kojima, S., 1986:
Effects of clofibrate on hyperlipidemia induced by polychlorinated biphenyls and elimination of polychlorinated biphenyls accumulated in rat tissues

d'Costa, M.A.; Smigura, F.C.; Kulhay, K.; Angel, A., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on lipid synthesis, storage, and plasma Intralipid clearance

Calvert G.D.; Blight L.; Franklin J.; Oliver J.; Wise P.; Gallus A.S., 1980:
Effects of clofibrate on plasma glucose lipo proteins fibrinogen and other biochemical and hematological variables in patients with mature onset diabetes mellitus

Huzoor-Akbar ; Ardlie, N.G., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on platelets and evidence of the involvement of platelet lipids in platelet function

Angelin, B.O.; Björkhem, I.; Einarsson, K., 1976:
Effects of clofibrate on some microsomal hydroxylations involved in the formation and metabolism of bile acids in rat liver

Kather, H.; Simon-Crisan, G.; Vogt, B.; Simon, B., 1977:
Effects of clofibrate on the human fat cell adenylate cyclase system

Odonkor, J.M.; Rogers, M.P., 1984:
Effects of clofibrate on tissue lipo protein lipase ec and plasma post heparin lipolytic activity in rats

Tarpey M.M.; Mendoza S.A., 1980:
Effects of clofibrate on water permeability and short circuit current of toad bufo marinus urinary bladder

Wu, S.G.; Shen, Y.A.; Zheng, Z.; Long, K., 1986:
Effects of clofibrate, silybin, safflower oil and lamindran on liver peroxisome proliferation and enzyme activities in rats

Rogers, M.P.; Barnett, D.; Robinson, D.S., 1976:
Effects of clofibrate treatment on plasma tri glyceride concentration plasma post heparin clearing factor lipase lipo protein lipase activity and serum clearing factor lipase activating ability in maturity onset diabetes

Walli A.K.; Seidel D., 1981:
Effects of clofibric acid and bezafibrate administration on activities of alkaline phosphatase and other enzymes in livers of rats

Katoh K.; Kawashima Y.; Watanuki H.; Kozuka H.; Isono H., 1987:
Effects of clofibric acid and tiadenol on cytosolic long chain acyl coenzyme a hydrolase and peroxisomal beta oxidation in liver and extrahepatic tissues of rats

Pardridge, W.M.; Duducgian-Vartavarian, L.; Casanello-Ertl, D.; Jones, M.R.; Kopple, J.D., 1981:
Effects of clofibric acid on amino acid metabolism in cultured rat skeletal muscle

Elsair J.; Drif M.; Merad R.; Denine R.; Khelfat K.; Benouniche N.; Reggabi M.; Alamir B., 1979:
Effects of clofibride in the rabbit or normal man at the beginning or after 15 days of treatment action on plasma lipids in the hours which follow its administration during fasting in the absence or during the clarification reaction by heparin

Elsair, J.; Tabet Aoul, M.; Dahmani, Y.; Dufour, P.; Khelfat, K., 1982:
Effects of clofibride upon lipolysis from normal rat adipocytes in vitro

Gough, W.B.; Hu, D.; El-Sherif, N., 1988:
Effects of clofilium on ischemic subendocardial purkinje fibers 1 day postinfarction

Smith, D.H.; Picker, R.H.; Sinosich, M.J.; Saunders, D.M.; Grudzinskas, J.G., 1983:
Effects of clomiphene administration on ovarian function as measured by estradiol and ultrasound

Brambilla, F.; Rovere, C.; Guastalla, A.; Guerrini, A.; Riggi, F.; Burbati, G., 1977:
Effects of clomiphene citrate administration on the hypothalamo pituitary gonadal axis of male chronic schizophrenics

Kimura, J.; Obata, T.; Okada, H., 1976:
Effects of clomiphene citrate and progesterone on resting and proliferative cell populations in mouse uterine epithelium

Aksel S.; Saracoglu O.F.; Yeoman R.R.; Wiebe R.H., 1986:
Effects of clomiphene citrate on cytosolic estradiol and progesterone receptor concentrations in secretory endometrium

Tsutsumi H.; Terakawa N.; Aono T.; Kurachi K.; Matsumoto K., 1983:
Effects of clomiphene citrate on the pituitary gland in chronically estrogenized rat

Barbosa, J.; Doe, R.P.; Seal, U.S., 1970:
Effects of clomiphene on estrogen induced changes in plasma proteins in monkeys

Flickinger, C.J., 1977:
Effects of clomiphene on the structure of the testis epididymis and sex accessory glands of the rat

Martikainen H.; Leinonen P.; Vihko R., 1981:
Effects of clomiphene treatment on the human testicular response to a single dose of human chorionic gonadotropin

Klein, E.; Hefez, A.; Lavie, P., 1984:
Effects of clomipramine infusion on sleep in depressed patients

Karban R., 1987:
Effects of clonal variation of the host plant interspecific competition and climate on the population size of a folivorous thrips

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Effects of competition among flammulina velutipes fruitbodies on their growth

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Effects of competition on the development of mycelium mycelial aggregates and sporophores of agaricus bisporus

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Effects of competition upon the productivity of white clover perennial ryegrass mixtures genetic analysis

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Effects of competition upon the productivity of white clover perennial ryegrass mixtures seasonal trends

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Effects of concanavalin A on developing ganglion cells in the retina of chick embryos

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Effects of concomitant drugs on the blood concentration of a histamine h 2 antagonist the 3rd report concomitant or timing lag oral administration of cimetidine and sucralfate

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Effects of conditioning vibratory stimulation on pain threshold of the human tooth

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Effects of condylotomy on dna synthesis in cells of the mandibular condylar cartilage in the rat

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Effects of cone color and seed extraction methods on yield and quality of seeds of pinus merkusii in indonesia

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Effects of conflict and field structure on arousal and motor responses

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Effects of confluent mono layers of density inhibited and density transformed cells on the growth of super inoculated cells

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Effects of congener and noncongener alcoholic beverages on a clinical ataxia test battery

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Effects of congruence between locus of control and task instructions on self efficacy

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Effects of conjugated equine estrogens with and without the addition of cyclical norgestrel on serum and urine electrolytes and the biochemical indices of bone metabolism and liver function

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Effects of conjugated estrogens on ripening of uterine cervix in nonpregnant castrated and pregnant rats

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Effects of conjugated estrogens on the vascular reactivity of the mesenteric vascular bed of the rat

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Effects of connective tissue levels on sensory instron cooking and collagen values of restructured beef steaks

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Effects of consanguineous marriages on morbidity and precocious mortality: genetic counseling

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Effects of consanguineous marriages on offspring mortality in the city of jhelum punjab pakistan

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Effects of consanguinity on the quantitative morphologic characteristics in culex pipiens autogenicus

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Effects of conservation method and stage of maturity upon the feeding value of forage to dairy cows 1. forage intake and effects of concentrate forage ratio

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Effects of conservation method and stage of maturity upon the feeding value of forages to dairy cows 2. milk yield and feed utilization at restricted feeding of forages

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Effects of conservation method and stage of maturity upon the feeding value of forages to dairy cows 3. wilting and cutting time for silage

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Effects of conservation of soil moisture and supplemental irrigation on water use efficiency of mustard brassica juncea ssp juncea chick pea cicer arietinum and barley hordeum vulgare

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Effects of consistent to partial reinforcement or partial reinforcement in the Amsel frustration effect

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Effects of consonantal context on vowel lipreading

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Effects of conspecific odors on the activity and the ultrasonic vocalizations of the woodmouse apodemus sylvaticus in a plus maze during ontogeny

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Effects of constant and cyclic temperatures on the salinity tolerance of the estuarine sandhopper orchestia chiliensis

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Effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures of reproductive performance of a desert pupfish cyprinodon nevadensis nevadensis

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Effects of constant and gradual exposure to sodium chloride stress on dna rna protein and certain protein amino acids in 2 cultivars of barley hordeum vulgare

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Effects of constant and variable temperature extremes on sex ratio and progeny production by aphytis melinus and aphytis lingnanensis hymenoptera aphelinidae

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Effects of constant and variable temperature regimens on the survival and rate of increase of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis

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Effects of constant and varying day temperatures on sunflower growth and development

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Effects of constant and varying temperatures on life span food utilization and fertility of adult crickets gryllus bimaculatus

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Effects of constant illumination on vision in the albino rat

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Effects of constant infusion of gonadotropin releasing hormone in ovariectomized ewes with hypothalamo pituitary disconnection further evidence for differential control of luteinizing hormone and fsh secretion and the lack of a priming effect

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Effects of constant laboratory temperatures on the douglas fir tussock moth orgyia pseudotsugata lepidoptera lymantriidae

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Effects of constant light and constant darkness on daily changes in the morphology of the pineal organ in the goldfish carassius auratus

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Effects of constant magnetic fields on rats and mice: a study of weight

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Effects of constant magnetic fields on the beta cells and insulin target cells in the rat

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Effects of constant rate infusion of low concentration of n methyltyramine on renal blood flow and systemic hemodynamics in anesthetized dogs

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Effects of constant temperatures and diel temperature fluctuations on specific growth and mortality rates and yield of juvenile rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Effects of constant temperatures on population growth of 3 aphid species toxoptera citricidus aphis citricola and aphis gossypii homoptera aphididae on citrus

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Effects of constraint and validity of sentence contexts on lexical decisions

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Effects of constructive and dramatic play on perspective taking in very young children

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Effects of consultation on the ward atmosphere in a state psychiatric hospital

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Effects of contact lens deformation on tear film pressures induced during blinking

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Effects of contact lens on cerebral circulation

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Effects of contact lens on photo palpebral reflex and visual evoked response

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Effects of contact lens on the eyeblink frequency during a visual search task

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Effects of contact lens wear on the corneal nerve

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Effects of contact site and water supply on germination and seedling growth of wheat

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Effects of contact with vacutainer tube stoppers on the estimation of quinidine in serum and plasma

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Effects of contagious distributions of parasitoid eggs per host and of sampling vagaries on nicholsons area of discovery

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Effects of container density and plant water stress on growth and cold hardiness of douglas fir seedlings

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Effects of container dimension and volume on growth of 3 woody ornamentals

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Effects of container media and backfill composition on the establishment of container grown plants in the landscape

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Effects of container size transplant age and plant spacing on chinese cabbage brassica rapa ssp pekinensis cultivar nagaoka 55

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Effects of contaminants in blood collection devices on measurements of the therapeutic drugs

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Effects of contaminants on toxicity of the lampricides 3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol and bayer 73 to 3 species of fish

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Effects of contaminating proteinase activities in chondroitinase and keratanase preparations on the histochemical results obtained by their digestion procedures

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Effects of contamination on ion mobility detection after gas chromatography

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Effects of contamination on the benthos of havana bay cuba

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Effects of context in simple stimulus identification reading related differences

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Effects of context manipulation on memory and reversal learning in rats with hippocampal lesions

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Effects of context on communicatory exchanges in mice a syntactic analysis

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Effects of contextual elaboration on face recognition

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Effects of contextual information on behavior of calidris sandpipers following alarm calls

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Effects of contextual interference and retention intervals on transfer

Del Rey, P., 1982:
Effects of contextual interference on the memory of older females differing in levels of physical activity

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Effects of contextual interference, task difficulty, and levels of processing on pursuit tracking

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Effects of contextual richness on word recognition in pointed and unpointed hebrew

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Effects of contingencies of reinforcement on same sexed and cross sexed interpersonal interactions

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Effects of contingent management of addicts expecting commitment to a community based treatment program

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Effects of contingent payment on compliance with a naltrexone regimen

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Effects of contingent relaxation on epileptic seizures

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Effects of contingent social reinforcement with delusional chronic schizophrenic men

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Effects of continual mechanical agitation prior to cleavage in echinoderm eggs

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Effects of continued acth stimulation on the mineralocorticoid hormone in classical and nonclassical simple virilizing types of 21 hydroxylase deficiency

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Effects of continued short photoperiod at warm temperature and following changes of regimes on gonadal maturation of goldfish

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Effects of continuous administration of bromocriptine on monoamines and turnover of catecholamine metabolism in mouse brain

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Effects of continuous administration of oxytocin by an accurel device on parturition in the rat and on development and diuresis in the offspring

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Effects of continuous and acute administration of small doses of apo morphine alone or in combination with chlorpromazine on the brain mono amines and free amino acid levels in the rat

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Effects of continuous and discontinued exposure to 2 acetylamino fluorene on urinary bladder hyperplasia and neoplasia

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Effects of continuous and intermittent feeding on biliary lipid outputs in man: application for measurements of intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acids

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Effects of continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration on cardiopulmonary abnormalities during anesthesia for orthotopic liver transplantation

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Effects of continuous chlorination on entrained estuarine plankton

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Effects of continuous combined nitrogen supply on symbiotic dinitrogen fixation of faba bean and pea inoculated with different rhizobial isolates

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Effects of continuous converting enzyme blockade on reno vascular hypertension in the rat

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Effects of Continuous Cropping of Resistant and Susceptible Cultivars on Reproduction Potentials of Heterodera glycines and Globodera tabacum solanacearum

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