Effects of cortico steroids on malignant brain tumors experimental studies and clinical application as basket therapy

Hamada, H.

Medical Journal of Kagoshima University 31(3): 475-500


Accession: 005297318

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The effects of corticosteroids on malignant brain tumors in vivo and in vitro were studied. The incidences and latent periods of tumor production in the CNS of offspring through the administration of ethylnitrosourea (ENU) and steroids or other hormones to pregnant rats were as follows: Control ENU (50 mg/kg), 82%, 222 .+-. 39 SD; ENU + methylprednisolone (MPS 0.8 mg/kg), 53%, 207 .+-. 28 SD; ENU + thyroid hormone scan, cerebral angiography and EEG. Basket therapy was easy to do and may be performed in any hospital. This basket therapy shuld be carried out for malignant brain tumors, since the other systemic and intraarterial applications have been restricted in their effects.