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Effects of cycocel ccc and fungicide sprays on spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivar opal grown at 3 nitrogen levels

Honston, H.W.; Macleod, J.A.; Clough, K.S.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 59(4): 917-930


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
Accession: 005297957

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Spring wheat (T. aestivum L. 'Opal') was grown at 3 N levels, 80, 120 and 160 kg N/ha, to evaluate effects of Cycocel (CCC) and fungicide sprays in a 2 yr test. CCC decreased yields, in the absence of lodging, by increasing disease severity. Fungicides decreased disease severity while increased levels of N increased the severity of powdery mildew [Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici]. The combination of high N plus fungicides produced the highest yields because the healthier plants gave greater responses to higher levels of N than did diseased plants. Levels of N above the 80 kg/ha rate did not increase yield of 'Opal' wheat in the absence of appropriate fungicide sprays.

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