Effects of D-glyceraldehyde and 3-o-methylglucose upon fluorescence of reduced pyridine nucleotides from perifused isolated pancreatic islets

Panten, U.; Ishida, H.; Beckmann, J.

Hormone Research 7(3): 164-171


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-0163
PMID: 12074
DOI: 10.1159/000178725
Accession: 005298173

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In perifused pancreatic islets, the fluorescence of reduced pyridine nucleotides was recorded continuously. D-Glyceraldehyde (5 mM) or 3-O-methylglucose (27.5 mM) never caused a net fluorescence increase. Since stepwise changes of the D-glucose concentration between 0-20 mM always induced a fluorescence increase, glucose and glyceraldehyde or 3-O-methylglucose cause different metabolic states in pancreatic islets.