Effects of d l alpha amino adipic acid on mueller cells in frog and chicken retinae in vivo relation to electro retinogram b wave ganglion cell discharge and tectal evoked potentials

Bonaventure, N.; Roussel, G.; Wioland, N.

Neuroscience Letters 27(1): 81-88


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-3940
Accession: 005298177

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In both frog and chicken, an intravitreal injection of DL-.alpha.-amino-adipic acid, (DL-.alpha.aaa) provoked a progressive depression and eventually the disappearance of the ERG b wave that was concomitant with severe damage to the Mueller cells without any apparent damage to retinal neurons. Ganglion cell discharges and tectal evoked potentials were still recorded, i.e., a visual message was still generated in the retina and transmitted to the optic tectum, when the Mueller cells were damaged so as to provoke an abolition of the ERG b wave. The whole of the drug-induced effects were reversible.