Effects of decreasing lung compliance with oleic acid on the cardio vascular response to positive end expiratory pressure

Scharf, S.M.; Ingram, R.H.J.

American Journal of Physiology 233(6): NO PAGE


ISSN/ISBN: 0363-6143
Accession: 005298420

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In 12 anesthetized mongrel dogs on a constant volume ventilator the response of the cardiovascular system to increasing positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) was examined before and after inducing acute lung injury with oleic acid. As PEEP was raised to approximately 16 mmHg, lung volume increased by approximately 900 ml before oleic acid and only 350 ml after. Pleural pressure increased by the same amount, indicating that lung and chest wall compliance decreased with oleic acid. Right atrial pressure, the back pressure to venous return, increased by the same amount. Although cardiac output at PEEP = 0 was lower after oleic acid, the relative decrements produed by increasing PEEP were the same as before oleci acid.