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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5305

Chapter 5305 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Butler, J.A.; Whanger, P.D.; Patton, N.M., 1988:
Effects of feeding selenium deficient diets to rhesus monkeys (Macaca Mulatta)

Marian M.P.; Pandian T.J., 1980:
Effects of feeding senescent leaf of calotropis gigantea on food utilization in the monarch butterfly danaus chrysippus

Coffey, M.T.; Yates, J.A.; Combs, G.E., 1987:
Effects of feeding sows fat or fructose during late gestation and lactation

Keith M.O.; Bell J.M., 1986:
Effects of feeding spent bleaching clay from canola oil refining to growing mice and rats

Johnson, M.A.; Sweeney, T.F.; Muller, L.D., 1988:
Effects of feeding synthetic zeolite A and sodium bicarbonate on milk production, nutrient digestion, and rate of digesta passage in dairy cows

Ishii K.; Tsunematsu S.; Mishiro H.; Morita Z., 1981:
Effects of feeding system on the reproductive capacity in beef cattle

Miller, R.W.; Corley, C.; Shufelt, S.R., 1976:
Effects of feeding th 6040 to 2 breeds of chickens

Ose E.E.; Wellenreiter R.H.; Tonkinson L.V., 1979:
Effects of feeding tylosin to layers exposed to mycoplasma gallisepticum

Rogel, A.M.; Vohra, P., 1978:
Effects of feeding various complex carbohydrates and simple sugars at increasing concentrations on growth of tribolium larvae

Kim J.S.; Kim Y.K.; O.D.K.; Chee S.H.; Choi Y.J.; Han I.K., 1985:
Effects of feeding whole corn crop pellet and corn ear with husks pellet for the growing dairy heifers

Todd, K.S-Jr, 1977:
Effects of feedlot runoff on free living aquatic ciliated protozoa

Van Rensburg P.J.J.; Skinner J.D.; V.A.rde R.J., 1987:
Effects of feline panleukopenia on the population characteristics of feral cats on marion island antarctic ocean

Sapanov M.K., 1983:
Effects of fellings on quercus robur growth in plantations of the northern caspian sea region

Alkadhi, K.A.; Sabouni, M.H.; Hogan, Y.H.; Jandhyala, B.S., 1987:
Effects of felodipine and verapamil on transmission in the isolated superior cervical ganglion of the rat

Silver P.J.; Ambrose J.M.; Michalak R.J.; Dachiw J., 1984:
Effects of felodipine nitrendipine and w 7 n 6 aminohexyl 5 chloro 1 naphthalenesulfonamide on arterial myosin phosphorylation actin myosin interactions and contraction

Sheridan J.V.; Thomas P.; Routledge P.A.; Sheridan D.J., 1987:
Effects of felodipine on hemodynamics and exercise capacity in patients with angina pectoris

Emanuelsson H.; Hjalmarson A.; Holmberg S.; Waagstein F., 1984:
Effects of felodipine on systemic and coronary hemodynamics in patients with angina pectoris

Degrugillier M.E.; Grosz S.G., 1981:
Effects of female accessory gland ablation on fertility of screwworms cochliomyia hominivorax stable flies stomoxys calcitrans and face flies musca autumnalis

Munakata, H.; Isemura, M.; Yosizawa, Z., 1985:
Effects of female hormones on the activity of 3' phosphoadenylyl sulfate desulfated heparan sulfate sulfotransferase in the endometrium of rabbit uterus

Hoover, E.L.; Jaffe, B.M.; Webb, H.; England, D.W., 1988:
Effects of female sex hormones and pregnancy on gallbladder prostaglandin synthesis

Cooper J.E.; Bledin K.D.; Brice B.; Mackenzie S., 1985:
Effects of female sterilization 1 year follow up in a prospective controlled study of psychological and psychiatric outcome

Dittami J.; Wozniak J.; Gaenshirt G.; Hall M.; Gwinner E., 1986:
Effects of females and nestboxes on the reproductive condition of male european starlings sturnus vulgaris during the breeding cycle

Panagides, J., 1976:
Effects of fenbufen and other anti inflammatory drugs on rat liver lysosomes

Mazzi, C.; Riva, L.P.; Bernasconi, D., 1976:
Effects of fenfluramine and cyproheptadine on growth hormone secretion

Fuller, R.W.; Snoddy, H.D.; Hemrick, S.K., 1978:
Effects of fenfluramine and norfenfluramine on brain serotonin metabolism in rats

Belin, M.F.; Kouyoumdjian, J.C.; Bardakdjian, J.; Duhault, J.; Gonnard, P., 1976:
Effects of fenfluramine on accumulation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and other neuro transmitters into synaptosomes of rat brain

Raz, N.; Pritchard, W.S.; August, G.J., 1987:
Effects of fenfluramine on EEG and brainstem average evoked response in infantile autism. Preliminary investigation

Tanton, M.T.; Khan, S.M., 1978:
Effects of fenitrothion and aminocarb at doses giving low mortality on surviving eggs and larvae of the eucalypt defoliating chrysomelid beetle paropsis atomaria part 1 methods mortality and relative toxicity

Tanton, M.T.; Khan, S.M., 1978:
Effects of fenitrothion and aminocarb at doses giving low mortality on surviving eggs and larvae of the eucalypt defoliating chrysomelid beetle paropsis atomaria part 2 biology of survivors

Tanton, M.T.; Khan, S.M., 1978:
Effects of fenitrothion and aminocarb at doses giving low mortality on surviving eggs and larvae of the eucalypt defoliating chrysomelid beetle paropsis atomaria part 3 histological changes in treated larvae

Yasuno M.; Okita J.; Saito K.; Nakamura Y.; Hatakeyama S.; Kasuga S., 1981:
Effects of fenitrothion on benthic fauna in small streams of mount tsukuba japan

Tabata K.; Kitahara E., 1980:
Effects of fenitrothion sumithion spraying on the population density and the blood cholin esterase activity of the japanese wood mouse apodemus speciosus

Olivier, P.; Plancke, M.O.; Marzin, D.; Clavey, V.; Sauzieres, J.; Fruchart, J.C., 1988:
Effects of fenofibrate, gemfibrozil and nicotinic acid on plasma lipoprotein levels in normal and hyperlipidemic mice. A proposed model for drug screening

Palmer, R.H., 1985:
Effects of fenofibrate on bile lipid composition

Clark, E.S.; Granger, D.N., 1988:
Effects of fenoldopam on feline intestinal microcirculation

Lappe, R.W.; Todt, J.A.; Wendt, R.L., 1986:
Effects of fenoldopam on regional vascular resistance in conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats

Carlone, S.; Angelici, E.; Palange, P.; Serra, P.; Farber, M.O., 1988:
Effects of fenoterol on oxygen transport in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

Flacke, J.W.; Davis, L.J.; Flacke, W.E.; Bloor, B.C.; Van Etten, A.P., 1985:
Effects of fentanyl and diazepam in dogs deprived of autonomic tone

Freye, E.; Kuschinsky, K., 1976:
Effects of fentanyl and droperidol on the dopamine metabolism of the rat striatum

Thurner F.; Schramm J.; Pasch T., 1987:
Effects of fentanyl and enflurane on human sensory evoked potentials during flunitrazepam nitrous oxide anesthesia

Kumazawa T.; Kashimoto S.; Tanaka Y.; Manabe M.; Saito Y., 1985:
Effects of fentanyl and morphine on hemodynamics and metabolism of rat hearts after ischemia

Gissen, A.J.; Gugino, L.D.; Datta, S.; Miller, J.; Covino, B.G., 1987:
Effects of fentanyl and sufentanil on peripheral mammalian nerves

Dhasmana, K.M.; Prakash, O.; Saxena, P.R., 1982:
Effects of fentanyl, and the antagonism by naloxone, on regional blood flow and biochemical variables in conscious rabbits

Kotrly K.J.; Ebert T.J.; Vucins E.J.; Roerig D.L.; Stadnicka A.; Kampine J.P., 1986:
Effects of fentanyl diazepam nitrous oxide anesthesia on arterial baroreflex control of heart rate in man

Rorie, D.K.; Muldoon, S.M.; Tyce, G.M., 1981:
Effects of fentanyl on adrenergic function in canine coronary arteries

Murat, I.; Levron, J.C.; Berg, A.; Saint-Maurice, C., 1988:
Effects of fentanyl on baroreceptor reflex control of heart rate in newborn infants

Sakata, S.; Toriumi, S.; Takata, K.; Saito, T., 1987:
Effects of fentanyl on oxygen balance and ischemia in the canine regional myocardium supplied by a deliberately narrowed coronary artery

Yaster, M.; Koehler, R.C.; Traystman, R.J., 1987:
Effects of fentanyl on peripheral and cerebral hemodynamics in neonatal lambs

Taguchi H.; Mima M.; Imanishi T.; Horiuchi T.; Echikawa M.; Uchida M., 1986:
Effects of fentanyl on pulmonary airway dynamics of the rabbit

Kasama A.; Kaya K.; Asaga Y.; Suzuki H., 1981:
Effects of fentanyl on the cardio vascular system

Weiskopf, R.B.; Reid, I.A.; Fisher, D.M.; Holmes, M.A.; Rosen, J.I.; Keil, L.C., 1987:
Effects of fentanyl on vasopressin secretion in human subjects

Iftner D.C.; Hall F.R., 1983:
Effects of fenvalerate and permethrin on tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae dispersal behavior

Mckenney C.L.Jr; Hamaker D.B., 1984:
Effects of fenvalerate on larval development of palaemonetes pugio and on larval metabolism during osmotic stress

Baron J., 1982:
Effects of feral hogs sus scrofa on the vegetation of horn island mississippi usa

Balatsouras G.; Tsibri A.; Dalles T.; Doutsias G., 1983:
Effects of fermentation and its control on the sensory characteristics of conservolea cultivar green olives

Zabriskie D.W.; Wareheim D.A.; Polansky M.J., 1987:
Effects of fermentation feeding strategies prior to induction of expression of a recombinant malaria antigen in escherichia coli

Centers K.N.; Newman R.K.; Sands D.C., 1985:
Effects of fermentation of faba bean vicia faba on growth of broiler chicks

Alm L., 1982:
Effects of fermentation on curd size and digestibility of milk proteins in vitro of swedish fermented milk products

Reddy N.R.; Salunkhe D.K., 1980:
Effects of fermentation on phytate phosphorus and mineral content in black gram rice and black gram and rice blends

Lee B.Y.; Han P.J.; Kim Y.B.; Fields M.L.; Tongnval P.K., 1980:
Effects of fermentation on the nutritive value of korean rice

Casutt V.; Preston K.R.; Kilborn R.H., 1984:
Effects of fermentation time inherent flour strength and salt level on extensigraph properties of full formula remix to peak processed doughs

Matsuda, Y.; Matsusaka, N.; Kobayashi, H.; Yuyama, A.; Watari, K.; Imai, K., 1978:
Effects of ferro cyanides on the uptake of cesium 137 in the mouse fetus

Krishnamoorthy, S., 1980:
Effects of fertility and mortality on extinction of family and number of living children

Byerastaw I.I., 1980 :
Effects of fertilization and irrigation of soddy podzolic loamy soils on rotation crop yields

Ericsson A., 1979:
Effects of fertilization and irrigation on the seasonal changes of carbohydrate reserves in different age classes of needle on 20 year old scotch pine trees pinus sylvestris

Ledinsky J.; Pasuthova J.; Ryskova L., 1981:
Effects of fertilization and of sulfur di oxide on some provenances of norway spruce picea abies

Vilkamaa P.; Huhta V., 1986:
Effects of fertilization and ph on communities of collembola in pine forest soil

Adamovic D.; Kisgeci J.; Stanacev S.; Mimica Dukic N., 1982:
Effects of fertilization and top dressing upon yield and quality of the mitcham peppermint

Schultz R.C.; Kormanik P.P.; Bryan W.C., 1981:
Effects of fertilization and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation on growth of hardwood seedlings

Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1979:
Effects of fertilization level on the re growth of orchard grass 1. changes of yield and growth with time

Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1979:
Effects of fertilization level on the re growth of orchard grass 2. growth analysis

Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1981:
Effects of fertilization level on the re growth of orchard grass 3. changes of mineral content with time

Watanabe, K.; Sato, Y.; Sakurai, T.; Koyama, Y., 1984:
Effects of fertilization level on the re growth of perennial rye grass 2. growth analysis in process of re growth

Fisher R.F.; Garbett W.S.; Underhill E.M., 1981:
Effects of fertilization on healthy and pitch canker infected slash pines pinus elliottii var elliottii

Teachman G.E.; Frederick D.J.; Perkis W.E.; Jurgensen M.F., 1980:
Effects of fertilization on hypoxylon mammatum canker of trembling aspen populus tremuloides

Takagishi H.; Shirata K.; Kawauchi I.; Watanabe K.; Horie Y., 1986:
Effects of fertilization on leaf quality of mulberry

Peschke H.; Schnieder E., 1986:
Effects of fertilization on nitrogen mineralization in soils of the thyrow soil fertility experiment

Park G.J., 1987:
Effects of fertilization on regeneration of vegetation on skiing eroded plots

Petrie S.E.; Jackson T.L., 1984:
Effects of fertilization on soil solution ph and manganese concentration

Danielson R.M.; Griffiths C.L.; Parkinson D., 1984:
Effects of fertilization on the growth and mycorrhizal development of container grown jack pine seedlings

Gagnon, J.D.; Hunt, K., 1975:
Effects of fertilization on the specific gravity and the yield in kraft pulp of balsam fir

Clarete, C.L.; Mabbayad, B.B., 1978:
Effects of fertilization row spacing and weed control on the yield of upland rice

Chamberland E., 1981:
Effects of fertilization with nitrogen phosphorus and potassium on brown rot disease of rutabaga brassica napobrassica preliminary results

Jeong B.C.; O.S.K.; Park K.Y.; Rho S.P., 1986:
Effects of fertilizer amount planting density and date on growth and tuber root yields in planting sprouted root pieces of sweet potato

Snowdon P., 1985:
Effects of fertilizer and family on the homogeneity of biomass regressions for young pinus radiata

Tibbits W.N.; Bachelard E.P., 1981:
Effects of fertilizer and frequency of watering on the internal water relations of seedlings of angophora costata and banksia serrata

Taylor J.A.; Hedges D.A.; Whalley R.D.B., 1985:
Effects of fertilizer and grazing sheep on pasture heterogeneity in a small scale grazing experiment

Winter, W.H.; Edye, L.A.; Megarrity, R.G.; Williams, W.T., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer and stocking rate on pasture and beef production from sown pastures in northern cape york peninsula part 1 botanical and chemical composition of the pastures

Winter, W.H.; Edye, L.A.; Williams, W.T., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer and stocking rate on pasture and beef production from sown pastures in northern cape york peninsula part 2 beef production and its relation to blood fecal and pasture measurements

Smagula J.M.; Ismail A.A., 1981:
Effects of fertilizer application preceded by terbacil on growth leaf nutrient concentration and yield of the lowbush blueberry vaccinium angustifolium

Papanastasis V.P.; Koukoulakis P.H., 1988:
Effects of fertilizer application to grasslands in greece

Mellors W.K.; Propts S.E., 1983:
Effects of fertilizer level fertility balance and soil moisture on the interaction of two spotted spider mites tetranychus urticae acarina tetranychidae with radish plants rhaphanus sativus cultivar champion

Gately, T.F.; Mcaleese, D.M., 1976:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and number of years in tillage on the protein and nonprotein content of feeding barley grain cultivar nessa and on nitrogen uptake and recovery

Gately, T.F., 1976:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and number of years in tillage on the protein content of feeding barley straw cultivar nessa and on nitrogen uptake and recovery

Campbell, C.A.; Cameron, D.R.; Nicholaichuk, W.; Davidson, H.R., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and soil moisture on growth nitrogen content and moisture use by spring wheat

Campbell, C.A.; Paul, E.A., 1978:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and soil moisture on mineralization nitrogen recovery and a values maximum nitrogen uptake under spring wheat grown in small lysimeters

Campbell, C.A.; Davidson, H.R.; Warder, F.G., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and soil moisture on yield yield components protein content and nitrogen accumulation in the aboveground parts of spring wheat

Blackmon, B.G., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen on tree growth foliar nitrogen and herbage in eastern cottonwood plantations

Wilson R.K.; Flynn A.V., 1979:
Effects of fertilizer nitrogen wilting and delayed sealing on the chemical composition of grass silages made in laboratory silos

Reddy G.D.; Alston A.M.; Tiller K.G., 1981:
Effects of fertilizer on concentrations of copper molybdenum and sulfur in subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum

Kien, L.T.; Ruelke, O.C.; Breland, H.L. , 1976:
Effects of fertilizer on pangola and transvala digit grass and coastcross 1 bermuda grass

Gregory P.J.; Shepherd K.D.; Cooper P.J., 1984:
Effects of fertilizer on root growth and water use of barley in northern syria

Warman P.R., 1986:
Effects of fertilizer pig manure and sewage sludge on timothy phleum pratense and soils

Schultz I.; Turner M.A.; Cooke J.G., 1979:
Effects of fertilizer potassium sodium ratio on yield and concentration of sodium potassium and magnesium in lucerne medicago sativa cultivar wairau and white clover trifolium repens cultivar new zealand certified

Chase A.R.; Poole R.T., 1986:
Effects of fertilizer rate on severity of alternaria leaf spot of three plants in the araliaceae

Chase A.R.; Poole R.T., 1987:
Effects of fertilizer rates on severity of xanthomonas leaf spot of schefflera and dwarf schefflera

Carr W.W.; Ballard T.M., 1979:
Effects of fertilizer salt concentration on viability of seed and rhizobium trifolii used for hydro seeding

Godfrey-Sam-Aggrey, W.; Garber, M.J.; Matturi, A.S., 1977:
Effects of fertilizer timing and placement on grain yield and leaf nutrients of sole crop cowpeas vigna unguiculata in sierra leone

Brown, S.C.; Keatinge, J.D.H.; Gregory, P.J.; Cooper, P.J.M., 1987:
Effects of fertilizer variety and location on barley production under rainfed conditions in northern syria 1. root and shoot growth

Cooper, P.J.M.; Gregory, P.J.; Keatinge, J.D.H.; Brown, S.C., 1987:
Effects of fertilizer variety and location on barley production under rainfed conditions in northern syria 2. soil water dynamics and crop water use

Stoicovici L., 1983:
Effects of fertilizers and of the use of sown swards on yield components in 2 perennial grasses

Okeke J.E.; Kang B.T.; Obigbesan G.O., 1982:
Effects of fertilizers and plant age on distribution of nutrients in nigerian cassava manihot esculenta

Lichtenstein E.P.; Liang T.T.; Koeppe M.K., 1982:
Effects of fertilizers captafol and atrazine on the fate and translocation of carbon 14 labeled fonofos and carbon 14 labeled parathion in a soil plant microcosm

Jelenova I., 1981:
Effects of fertilizers on eggs of taenia saginata under field conditions

Wilcoxson R.D., 1980:
Effects of fertilizers on slow rusting in wheat triticum aestivum u

Goh, K.M.; Vityakon, P., 1983:
Effects of fertilizers on vegetable production 1. yield of spinach spinacia oleracea and beet root beta vulgaris as affected by rates and forms of nitrogenous fertilizers

Goh, K.M.; Vitayakon, P., 1986:
Effects of fertilizers on vegetable production 2. effects of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrogen content and nitrate accumulation of spinach spinacia oleracea and beetroot beta vulgaris

Loganathan P.; Atputharajah P.P., 1986:
Effects of fertilizers on yield and leaf nutrient concentrations in coconut cocos nucifera

Giroux M., 1979:
Effects of fertilizing with nitrogen on the yields and total nitrogen content of alfalfa medicago sativa

Blum U.; Dalton B.R.; Shann J.R., 1985:
Effects of ferulic acid and p coumaric acid in nutrient culture of cucumber leaf expansion as influenced by ph

Okamoto R.; Sakamoto S.; Noguchi K.; Kobayashi Y.; Suzuki K.T.; Torii Y., 1976:
Effects of ferulic acid on follicle stimulating hormone luteinizing hormone and prolactin levels in serum and pituitary tissue of male rats

Kochhar M.; Reinert R.A.; Blum U., 1982:
Effects of fescue festuca arundinacea and or clover trifolium repens debris and fescue leaf leachate on clover as modified by ozone and rhizoctonia solani

Ishikawa, H.; Shiino, M.; Rennels, E.G., 1977:
Effects of fetal brain extract on the growth and differentiation of rat pituitary anlage cells

Durand, P.; Cathiard, A.M.; Locatelli, A.; Saez, J.M., 1985:
Effects of fetal hypophysectomy and the in vitro treatment by pituitary extracts on the maturation of cultured ovine fetal adrenal cells

Bloch, C.A.; Banach, W.; Landt, K.; Devaskar, S.; Sperling, M.A., 1986:
Effects of fetal insulin infusion on glucose kinetics in pregnant sheep: a compartmental analysis

Beaulieu M.; Coyle J.T., 1981:
Effects of fetal methylazoxy methanol acetate lesion on the synaptic neurochemistry of the adult rat striatum

Gulyas, B.J.; Hodgen, G.D.; Tullner, W.W.; Ross, G.T., 1977:
Effects of fetal or maternal hypophysectomy on endocrine organs and body weight in infant rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta): with particular emphasis on oogenesis

Wilson L.Jr; Huang L.S., 1983:
Effects of fetal placental unit on uterine prostaglandin levels at term in the pregnant rat

Takahashi, T., 1987:
Effects of fetal thyroid states on RNA, DNA, and tubulin content in neonatal rat brain

Moon, Y.I.; Kim, K.J., 1976:
Effects of fever control by wet gauze application

Bernheim, H.A.; Bodel, P.T.; Askenase, P.W.; Atkins, E., 1978:
Effects of fever on host defense mechanisms after infection in the lizard Dipsosaurus dorsalis

Burrows, C.F.; Kronfeld, D.S.; Banta, C.A.; Merritt, A.M., 1982:
Effects of fiber on digestibility and transit time in dogs

Sandoval R.A.; Nielsen T.K.; Sorensen P.H., 1987:
Effects of fiber on nutrient digestion and time of passage in growing pigs

Takada A.; Takada Y.; Sugawara Y., 1984:
Effects of fibrinogen and fibrin on the activation of glutamyl plasminogen and lysyl plasminogen by uro kinase

Lucas M.A.; Straight D.L.; Fretto L.J.; Mckee P.A., 1983:
Effects of fibrinogen and its cleavage products on the kinetics of plasminogen activation by uro kinase and subsequent plasmin activity

Senior, R.M.; Skogen, W.F.; Griffin, G.L.; Wilner, G.D., 1986:
Effects of fibrinogen derivatives upon the inflammatory response. Studies with human fibrinopeptide B

Yamamoto, M., 1986:
Effects of fibrinogen, globulin, albumin and hematocrit on the kinetics of erythrocyte aggregation in man

Pashley D.H.; Galloway S.E.; Stewart F., 1984:
Effects of fibrinogen in vivo on dentin permeability in the dog

Gospodarowicz, D.; Ill, C.R.; Birdwell, C.R., 1977:
Effects of fibroblast and epidermal growth factors on ovarian cell proliferation in vitro part 1 characterization of the response of granulosa cells to fibroblast growth factor and epidermal growth factor

Chapekar, M.S.; Glazer, R.I., 1983:
Effects of fibroblast and recombinant leukocyte interferons and double stranded rna on 2' 5' oligo adenylate synthesis and cell proliferation in human colon carcinoma cells in vitro

Gospodarowicz, D.; Ill, C.R.; Birdwell, C.R., 1977:
Effects of fibroblast growth factor and epidermal growth factors on ovarian cell proliferation in vitro part 2 proliferative response of luteal cells to fibroblast growth factor but not epidermal growth factor

Richter W.; Jentzsch K.D.; Buntrock P.; Wellmitz G.; Heder G.; Mill J., 1987:
Effects of fibroblast growth factor preparation on damaged articular cartilage of racing horses

Pawlikowski M.; Stepien H., 1979:
Effects of fibroblasts growth factor and bromocriptine on the mitotic activity of the anterior pituitary gland in organ culture

Ghio, R.; Bianchi, G.; Löwenberg, B.; Dicke, K.A.; Ajmar, F., 1977:
Effects of fibroblasts on the growth of erythroid progenitor cells in vitro

Hasty, D.L.; Simpson, W.A., 1987:
Effects of fibronectin and other salivary macromolecules on the adherence of Escherichia coli to buccal epithelial cells

Schor S.L.; Schor A.M.; Bazill G.W., 1981:
Effects of fibronectin on the migration of human fore skin fibroblasts and syrian hamster melanoma cells into 3 dimensional gels of native collagen fibers

Olson R.V., 1987 :
Effects of field fertilizer practices on labeled ammonium nitrogen transformations and its utilization by winter wheat

Cooper-Driver, G.A.; Balick, M.J., 1978:
Effects of field preservation on the flavonoid content of jessenia bataua

Yoshida, S.; Kuga, T., 1980:
Effects of field stimulation on cholinergic fibers of the pelvic region in the isolated guinea pig ureter

Yoshida, S., 1981:
Effects of field stimulation on submucosal plexus in the isolated guinea pig ureter

Taniguchi G.Y.; Ota A.K.; Chang V.C.S., 1980:
Effects of fiji disease resistant sugarcane saccharum sp on the biology of the sugarcane delphacid perkinsiella saccharicida

Robinson, D.B.; Schell, R.F.; LeFrock, J.L.; Chan, J.K., 1979:
Effects of Fildes enrichment on antibiotic susceptibility testing of Haemophilus influenzae in the Autobac

Hendrix, D.L.; Higinbotham, N., 1973:
Effects of filipin and cholesterol on potassium ion movement in etiolated stem cells of pisum sativum

Bradley M.P.; Rayns D.G.; Forrester I.T., 1980:
Effects of filipin digitonin and polymyxin b on plasma membrane of ram spermatozoa an electron microscopic study

Majuk, Z.; Bittman, R.; Landsberger, F.R.; Compans, R.W., 1977:
Effects of filipin on the structure and biological activity of enveloped viruses

Dadykin, V.P.; Samsonova, L.P., 1977:
Effects of film anti transpirants on woody plants

Anderson, J.E.; Kreith, F., 1978:
Effects of film forming and silicone anti transpirants on 4 herbaceous plant species

Suzuki, H.; Kamichika, M.; Matsuda, A.; Matsumura, S., 1987:
Effects of film mulch on soil temperature in a sand dune field 3. difference between soil temperature effects in the sand dune and in the upland field

Suzuki H.; Kamichika M.; Matsuda A.; Miyamoto K., 1985:
Effects of film mulch on soil temperature in sand dune field

Suzuki, H.; Kamichika, M.; Matsuda, A.; Miyamoto, H.; Matsumura, S., 1986:
Effects of film mulch on the soil temperature in a sand dune field 2. soil temperature effect in a plastic tunnel

Johnson A.W.; Jaworski C.A.; Sumner D.R.; Chalfant R.B., 1979:
Effects of film mulch trickle irrigation and soil pesticides on nematodes and yield of pole bean

Kawada K.; Albrigo L.G., 1979:
Effects of film packaging in carton air filters and storage temperatures on the keeping quality of florida usa grapefruit

Purvis A.C., 1983:
Effects of film thickness and storage temperature on water loss and internal quality of seal packaged grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar marsh

Azuma K.; Tanaka Y.; Tsunoda H.; Hirata T.; Ishitani T., 1984:
Effects of film variety on the amounts of carboxylic acids from electron beam irradiated polyethylene film

Santelices B.; Martinez E., 1988:
Effects of filter feeders and grazers on algal settlement and growth in mussel beds

Gorse R.A.Jr; Salmeen I.T.; Clark C.R., 1982:
Effects of filter loading and filter type on the mutagenicity and composition of diesel exhaust particulate extracts

Urban T.; Jarstrand C., 1981:
Effects of filtrates from entero toxinogenic escherichia coli on some functions of human granulocytes and monocytes

Schierup H H.; Riemann B., 1979:
Effects of filtration on concentrations of ammonia and ortho phosphate from lake water samples

Herve S.; Kauppi L., 1986:
Effects of filtration on the determination of phosphate phosphorus in runoff waters

Perez Infante F.; Cruz J., 1981:
Effects of final molasses urea supply on milk production and composition in a commercial dairy farm

Stone D.A., 1980:
Effects of fine particle amendments on the hydraulic properties of coarse soils

Crouse M.R.; Callahan C.A.; Malueg K.W.; Dominguez S.E., 1981:
Effects of fine sediments on growth of juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch in laboratory streams

Malanson G.P., 1985:
Effects of fire and habitat on post fire regeneration in mediterranean type ecosystems ceanothus spinosus chaparral and californian coastal sage scrub

Best L.B., 1979:
Effects of fire on a field sparrow population

Vanarman J.; Goodrick R., 1979:
Effects of fire on a kissimmee river marsh florida usa

Almendros G.; Martin F.; Gonzalez Vila F.J., 1988:
Effects of fire on humic and lipid fractions in a dystric xerochrept in spain

Ohr K.M.; Bragg T.B., 1985:
Effects of fire on nutrient and energy concentration of five prairie grass species

Wilbur R.B.; Christensen N.L., 1983:
Effects of fire on nutrient availability in a north carolina usa coastal plain pocosin

Barden, L.S.; Woods, F.W., 1976:
Effects of fire on pine and pine hardwood forests in the southern appalachians

Rashid G.H., 1987:
Effects of fire on soil carbon and nitrogen in a mediterranean oak forest of algeria

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Effects of fluctuating temperature on duration of egg development of chydorus sphaericus cladocera crustacea

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Effects of fluid injection on mechanical properties of inter vertebral discs

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Effects of flurazepam on amino acid evoked responses recorded from the lobster muscle and the frog spinal cord

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Effects of fly ash on microbial carbon di oxide evolution from an agricultural soil

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Effects of foliar application of vipul on yield soluble protein total protein and nitrate reductase activity in spinach

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Effects of foliar applied benzylaminopurine on fascicular bud development in mugo pine pinus mugo var mughus

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Effects of foliar applied nitrogen during winter on growth nitrogen content and production of passion fruit passiflora edulis f edulis x passiflora edulis f flavicarpa

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Effects of foliar applied nitrogen fertilizer on cotton waterlogged in a cracking gray clay

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Effects of foliar fertilization on yield protein oil and elemental composition of 2 soybean glycine max varieties

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Effects of foliar spray of some chemical growth modifiers on the morphology and fruit yield of flavor pepper

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Effects of foliar sprays of boron applied at different stages of growth on incidence of brown heart in rutabagas

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Effects of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone on the incorporation of phosphorus 32 into the testis of the immature japanese quail

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Effects of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone upon cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP levels in rat ovaries in vitro

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Effects of folliculin and estradiol dipropionate on the phagocytic properties of neutrophils in female albino rats

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Effects of follitropin lutropin and luteinizing hormone prostaglandin f 2 alpha on the cell number and steroid secretion by bovine granulosa and luteal cells in vitro

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Effects of following summer cover crops and fenamiphos on nematode populations and yields in a cabbage field corn rotation in florida usa

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Effects of food abundance on growth survival and use of space by nymphs of coenagrion resolutum zygoptera

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Effects of food additives on saccharomyces cerevisiae

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