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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5308

Chapter 5308 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pierce, W.M.; Blank, J.A.; Waite, L.C., 1985:
Effects of heterocyclic sulfonamides on bone metabolism

Niblack, T.L.; Hussey, R.S.; Boerma, H.R., 1986:
Effects of Heterodera glycines and Meloidogyne incognita on Early Growth of Soybean

Di-Vito, M.; Lamberti, F.; Inserra, R.N., 1978:
Effects of heterodera goettingiana on weight of foliage of pea plants in pots

Klocke, F.J.; Koberstein, R.C.; Pittman, D.E.; Bunnell, I.L.; Greene, D.G.osing, D.R., 1968:
Effects of heterogeneous myo cardial perfusion on coronary venous hydrogen desaturation curves and calculations of coronary flow human dog inst gas chromograph inst arteriography

Watabe H.; Tsuji Y.; Saito T., 1981:
Effects of heterologous anti sera to rat alpha feto protein on growth of cultured fetal rat hepatocytes

Stahl, W.; Turek, G.; Gaafar, H.A., 1978:
Effects of heterologous anti thymocyte serum on toxoplasma gondii infections in mice part 1 potentiation of primary nonlethal infection

Stahl, W.; Turek, G.; Gaafar, H.A., 1978:
Effects of heterologous anti thymocyte serum on toxoplasma gondii infections in mice part 2 reactivation of latent infection

Pantaleo T.; Duranti R.; Bellini F., 1988:
Effects of heterotopic ischemic pain on muscular pain threshold and blink reflex in humans

Mendoza, C.E.; Vijay, H.M.; Shields, J.B.; Laver, G.W., 1977:
Effects of hexa bromo benzene on the male rat

Louw, M.; Neethling, A.C.; Percy, V.A.; Carstens, M.; Shanley, B.C., 1977:
Effects of hexa chloro benzene feeding and iron overload on enzymes of heme biosynthesis and cytochrome p 450 in rat liver

Mendoza, C.E.; Collins, B.T.; Shields, J.B.; Laver, G.W., 1978:
Effects of hexa chloro benzene or hexa bromo benzene on body and organ weights of pre weanling rats after a reciprocal transfer between the treated and control dams

Stark, L.G.; Albertson, T.E.; Joy, R.M., 1986:
Effects of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers on the acquisition of kindled seizures

Misawa T.; Chijiiwa Y.; Ibayashi H., 1986:
Effects of hexamethonium and atropine on the basal levels of immunoreactive vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in dogs

Milne R.J.; Bryne J.H., 1981:
Effects of hexamethonium and decamethonium on end plate current parameters

Banister E.W.; Singh A.K., 1980:
Effects of hexamethonium and methyl p tyrosine on normal rats subjected to convulsions induced by oxygen at high pressure

Bill, A.; Stjernschantz, J.; Alm, A., 1976:
Effects of hexamethonium biperiden and phentolamine on the vaso constrictive effects of oculo motor nerve stimulation in rabbits

Coruzzi G.; Adami M.; Bertaccini G., 1985:
Effects of hexaprazole on some digestive system parameters in various animal species in vitro study

Coruzzi G.; Adami M.; Signorini G.; Bertaccini B., 1985:
Effects of hexaprazole on some digestive system parameters in various animal species in vivo study

Oshida P.S.; Word L.S.; Mearns A.J., 1981:
Effects of hexavalent and trivalent chromium on the reproduction of neanthes arenaceodentata polychaeta

Bookhout C.G.; Monroe R.J.; Forward R.B.Jr; Costlow J.D.Jr, 1984:
Effects of hexavalent chromium on development of crabs rhithropanopeus harrisii and callinectes sapidus

Boge G.; Bussiere D.; Peres G., 1988:
Effects of hexavalent chromium on enzymatic activities and transport process of intestinal brush border membrane of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Bianchi V.; Debetto P.; Zantedeschi A.; Levis A.G., 1982:
Effects of hexavalent chromium on the adenylate pool of hamster fibroblasts

Cruz L.S.P.; Gurgel M.N.D.A., 1983:
Effects of hexazinone and diuron and mixtures on crabgrass digitaria sanguinalis control on sugarcane saccharum spp

Himori, N., 1977:
Effects of hexestrol on the contractility of the isolated blood perfused canine papillary muscle and of the guinea pig ileum

Ikegami, K.; Hirano, S.; Imamura, H., 1976:
Effects of hexoprenaline on cyclic amp content and on activities of adenylate cyclase of lung liver and heart in rats

Lipshitz J.; Broyles K.; Hessler J.R.; Whybrew W.D.; Ahokas R.A.; Anderson G.D., 1981:
Effects of hexoprenaline on the lecithin to sphingomyelin ratio and pressure volume relationships in fetal rabbits

Nakashima T.; Morita N.; Inoki M.; Nakanishi Y.; Tazumi T.; Kurogochi Y., 1980:
Effects of hexose infusion with insulin and of additional epinephrine injection on the levels of serum potassium and blood glucose in dogs

Griffin J.A.; Basak S.; Compans R.W., 1983:
Effects of hexose starvation and the role of sialic acid in influenza virus release

Wieth, J.O., 1971:
Effects of hexoses and anions on the erythritol permeability of human red cells

Fletcher, D.J.; Noe, B.D.; Hunt, E.L., 1978:
Effects of hexoses on insulin biosynthesis content and release in channel catfish islets

Obika M.; Negishi S., 1985:
Effects of hexylene glycol and nocodazole on microtubules and melanosome translocation in melanophores of the medaka oryzias latipes

Orfei P.; Bochicchio M.; Pece R.; I.; D.G.ugno G.; Signore L., 1986:
Effects of hfiv on icp and cpb during neurosurgery operations

Kato T.; Terui T.; Tagami H., 1985:
Effects of hg 20 511 ketotifen on chemiluminescence of human neutrophils

Doebler J.A.; Wall T.J.; Martin L.J.; Shih T.M.; Anthony A., 1984:
Effects of hi 6 bis pyridinium oxime on brain neuronal rna and acetylcholinesterase metabolic responses during acute soman intoxication

Wit L.C.; Twente J.W., 1983:
Effects of hibernation stress on the heart rate and metabolic rate of citellus lateralis

Kholkute, S.D.; Udupa, K.N., 1976 :
Effects of Hibiscus rosa sinensis on pregnancy of rats

Kwon P J.; Cho S I.; Uhm D Y.; Rhee S D., 1981:
Effects of higenamine on action potential and contractility of cardiac muscle

Park, C.W.; Chang, K.C.; Lim, J.K., 1984:
Effects of higenamine on isolated heart adrenoceptor of rabbit

Qiao S.; Y.G.; Zheng D.; E.A., 1983:
Effects of higenamine on the action potential in canine purkinje fibers and ventricular muscle

Rhee S D.; Uhm D Y.; Cho S I.; Bang H W.; Yoon B M., 1987:
Effects of higenamine on the electrical properties of the rabbit sinoatrial node

Singh, D.; Kochhar, R.C.; Kacker, S.K., 1976:
Effects of high altitude on inner ear functions

Vander, A.J.; Moore, L.G.; Brewer, G.; Menon, K.M.; England, B.G., 1978:
Effects of high altitude on plasma concentrations of testosterone and pituitary gonadotropins in man

Karacan, I.; Thornby, J.I.; Anch, A.M.; Williams, R.L.; Perkins, H.M., 1978:
Effects of high ambient temperature on sleep in young men

Haskell E.H.; Palca J.W.; Walker J.M.; Berger R.J.; Heller H.C., 1981:
Effects of high and low ambient temperatures on human sleep stages

Winter, M.; Lehmann, E.; Scholz, O.B., 1984:
Effects of high and low dosage of haloperidol on the brain in relation to schizophrenic thought disorder

Ackerman P.T.; Dykman R.A.; Holcomb P.J.; Mccray D.S., 1983:
Effects of high and low dosages of methylphenidate in children with strong and sensitive nervous systems

Duncan K.H.; Bacon J.A.; Weinsier R.L., 1983:
Effects of high and low energy density diets on satiety energy intake and eating time of obese and nonobese subjects

Simensen E.; Olson L.D.; Hahn G.L., 1980:
Effects of high and low environmental temperatures on clinical course of fowl cholera pasteurella multocida in turkeys

Berkemeier J.; Linnert G., 1987:
Effects of high and low temperature on meiotic recombination in normal and oligochiasmatic lines of vicia faba

Salehuzzaman M.; Pasha M.K., 1979:
Effects of high and low temperatures on the germination of the seeds of flax and sesame

Fernandes, T.; Thomas, J., 1978:
Effects of high and low uv fluences on the filamentous blue green alga anabaena l 31

Bresk B.; Stolpe J., 1988:
Effects of high and medium relative humidities on live weight gain of weaned piglets exposed to different ambient temperatures

Lavrova G.A.; Postnikov L.N.; Silina A.G.; Val'ter S.N.; Pushkareva T.V.; Sverdlov A.G., 1983:
Effects of high and super high doses of cobalt 60 gamma quanta and fission neutrons on rats

D.V.ies M.P.C.; Merry R.H., 1980:
Effects of high application rates of a dried sludge to a market garden soil investigations in mini plots

Clough J.M.; Peet M.M.; Kramer P.J., 1981:
Effects of high atmospheric carbon di oxide and sink size on rates of photosynthesis of soybean glycine max cultivar fiskeby v

Mateo P.; Martinez F.; Bonilla I.; Fernandez Valiente E.; Sanchez Maeso E., 1987:
Effects of high boron concentrations on nitrate utilization and photosynthesis in blue green algae anabaena pcc 7119 and anacystis nidulans

Gonella M.; Calabrese G.; Vagelli G.; Pratesi G.; Lamon S.; Talarico S., 1985:
Effects of high calcium carbonate supplements on serum calcium and phosphorus in patients on regular hemodialysis treatment

Stern N.; Lee D.B.N.; Silis V.; Beck F.W.J.; Deftos L.; Manolagas S.C.; Sowers J.R., 1984:
Effects of high calcium intake on blood pressure and calcium metabolism in young spontaneously hypertensive rats

Begum, N.; Tepperman, H.M.; Tepperman, J., 1982:
Effects of high carbohydrate and high fat diets on rat adipose tissue pyruvate dehydrogenase responses to concanavalin A and spermine

Akazawa S., 1979:
Effects of high carbohydrate and high fat diets on serum tri glycerides in patients with primary endogenous type iv hyper tri glyceridemia and in diabetics with hyper tri glyceridemia

Laffray D.; Vavasseur A.; Garrec J P.; Louguet P., 1984:
Effects of high carbon dioxide partial pressure on stomatal movements and related ion fluxes in pelargonium hortorum and vicia faba electron probe studies

Ranhotra, G.S.; Gelroth, J.A., 1986:
Effects of high chromium bakers' yeast on glucose tolerance and blood lipids in rats

Mills S.E.; Jenny B.F., 1979:
Effects of high concentrate feeding and fasting on plasma gluco corticoids in dairy heifers

Sivalingam, P.M., 1978:
Effects of high concentration stress of trace metals on their bio deposition modes in ulva reticulata

Kusakari S.; Tanaka Y., 1986:
Effects of high concentrations of a hydroponic cultural solution on the motility of pythium butleri zoospores and the occurrence of spinach damping off

Higasio, H.; Ogata, K., 1980:
Effects of high concentrations of carbon di oxide on the quality and physiological changes of fruits and vegetables during storage 2. changes in respiratory metabolism of fruits during and after treatment with high concentrations of carbon di oxide

Kawasaki, T.; Akiba, T.; Moritsugu, M., 1983:
Effects of high concentrations of sodium chloride and poly ethylene glycol on the growth and ion absorption in plants 1. water culture experiments in a greenhouse

Kawasaki, T.; Shimizu, G.; Moritsugu, M., 1983:
Effects of high concentrations of sodium chloride and poly ethylene glycol on the growth and ion absorption in plants 2. multi compartment transport box experiment with excised roots of barley hordeum vulgare

Streit B., 1984:
Effects of high copper concentrations on soil invertebrates earthworms and oribatid mites experimental results and a model

Weber G.; Bianciardi G.; Giacchi M.; Toti P.; Vatti R.; Weber E.; Bernini F.; Fumagalli R., 1982:
Effects of high density lipo protein low density lipo protein on bovine aortic endothelial cell in culture preliminary observations on the ultrastructural freeze etching morphology of the plasma membrane

Drueke, T.; Bordier, P.J.; Man, N.K.; Jungers, P.; Marie, P., 1977:
Effects of high dialysate calcium concentration on bone remodeling serum biochemistry and parathyroid hormone in patients with renal osteo dystrophy

Evans D.D.; Batty M.J., 1986:
Effects of high dietary concentrations of glyphosate roundup on a species of bird poephila guttata marsupial sminthopsis macroura and rodent indigenous to australia

Fau, D.; Morris, J.G.; Rogers, Q.R., 1987:
Effects of high dietary methionine on activities of selected enzymes in the liver of kittens (Felis domesticus)

Yamamoto Y.; Suzuki T.; Muramatsu K., 1982:
Effects of high dietary phenyl alanine and p chlorophenyl alanine treatment on phenyl alanine metabolism in the rat

Kawagoe I.; Kayama R., 1981:
Effects of high dietary potassium intake in the form of hay on the metabolism of macro minerals by dairy cattle

Peng, Y.M.; Alberts, D.S.; Xu, M.J.; Watson, R.R.; Gensler, H.L.; Bowden, G.T., 1986:
Effects of high dietary retinyl palmitate and selenium on tissue distribution of retinoids in mice exposed to tumor initiation and promotion

Latymer E.A.; Coates M.E., 1981:
Effects of high dietary supplements of copper sulfate on pantothenic acid metabolism in the chick

Namminga, H.E.; Wilhm, J., 1976:
Effects of high discharge and an oil refinery cleanup operation on heavy metals in water and sediments in skeleton creek

Erckenbrecht J.; Kienle U.; Zoellner L.; Wienbeck M., 1982:
Effects of high dose anti acids on bowel motility

Sprung C.L.; Caralis P.V.; Marcial E.H.; Pierce M.; Gelbard M.A.; Long W.M.; Duncan R.C.; Tendler M.D.; Karpf M., 1984:
Effects of high dose corticosteroids in patients with septic shock a prospective controlled study

Exner G.U.; Prader A.; Elsasser U.; Anliker M., 1980:
Effects of high dose estrogen and testosterone treatment in adolescents upon trabecular and compact bone measured by iodine 125 computed tomography a preliminary study

Weinstein I.; Wilcox H.G.; Heimberg M., 1986:
Effects of high dose ethynylestradiol on serum concentrations and hepatic secretion of the very low density lipoprotein triacylglycerol cholesterol and apolipoprotein a i in the rat

Neild G.H.; Ivory K.; Williams D.G., 1982:
Effects of high dose intra venous steroid pulse therapy on acute serum sickness in rabbits

Grossi A.; Vannucchi A.M.; Casprini P.; Morfini M.; Ferrini P.R., 1986:
Effects of high dose intravenous gamma globulin on kinetic parameters of chromium 51 labeled platelets in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

D.C.ster R.; Caers I.; Coene M C.; Amery W.; Beerens D.; Haelterman C., 1986:
Effects of high dose ketoconazole therapy on the main plasma testicular and adrenal steroids in previously untreated prostatic cancer patients

Shen, J.F.; Xi, Y.Q.; Cao, Z.E.; Fu, C.Z., 1985:
Effects of high dose narcotics and controlled hypotensors on the heart conduction system

Wiesel, F.A., 1976:
Effects of high dose propranolol treatment of dopamine and norepinephrine metabolism in regions of rat brain

Stuckey E.; Berry C.L., 1984:
Effects of high dose sporadic binge alcohol intake in mice

Lynch D.H.; Gurish M.F.; Daynes R.A., 1983:
Effects of high dose uv exposure on murine langerhans cell function at exposed and unexposed sites as assessed using in vivo and in vitro assays

Maynard P.V.; Nicholson R.I., 1979:
Effects of high doses of a series of new luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogs in intact female rats

Car M., 1985:
Effects of high doses of beta carotenes fed in carrots upon milk production and reproductive efficiency of high producing dairy cows

Kledzik, G.S.; Bradley, C.J.; Marshall, S.; Campbell, G.A.; Meites, J., 1976:
Effects of high doses of estrogen on prolactin binding activity and growth of carcinogen induced mammary cancers in rats

Reikerås, O.; Gunnes, P., 1986:
Effects of high doses of insulin on regional blood flows during acute left ventricular failure in dogs

Reikeras O.; Gunnes P., 1986:
Effects of high doses of insulin on systemic hemodynamics and regional blood flows in dogs

Santisteban, P.; Hargreaves, A.J.; Cano, J.; Avila, J.; Lamas, L., 1985:
Effects of high doses of iodide on thyroid secretion: evidence for the presence of iodinated membrane tubulin

Baly D.L.; Lonnerdal B.; Keen C.L., 1985:
Effects of high doses of manganese on carbohydrate homeostasis

Bhargava A.S.; Staben P.; Gunzel P., 1979:
Effects of high doses of the estrogens 17 beta estradiol and estradiol valerate on blood components coagulation and fibrinolysis in beagle dogs

Lyutova L.V.; Shimonaeva E.E.; Andreenko G.V., 1983:
Effects of high doses of tissue activator plasminogen on the hemostatic system and fibrinolysis

Kononov E.I., 1981:
Effects of high doses of uv radiation on tissue respiration of rat skin

Pavlovic S., 1985 :
Effects of high doses of vitamin c on the course and result of sensibilization during pregnancy

Penney, D.P.; Philpott, D.E.; Rosenkrans, W.A.; Cooper, R.A., 1987:
Effects of high energy particle (HZE) radiation on the distal lung

Wilson J.G.; Mcmahon R.F., 1981:
Effects of high environmental copper concentration on the oxygen consumption condition and shell morphology of natural populations of mytilus edulis and littorina rudis

Kurosaki Z.; Sonoda T.; Ono S.; Matsuyama H.; Yamanaka M., 1982:
Effects of high environmental temperature on grazing behavior and respiratory rate in cattle

Lecerf, J.; Bodin, J.L., 1984:
Effects of high erucic acid diet on sphingomyelin biosynthesis in rat lung microsomes

Braggins T.J.; Crow K.E., 1981:
Effects of high ethanol doses on rates of ethanol oxidation in rats a reassessment of factors controlling rates of ethanol oxidation in vivo

Tamponnet C.; Rona J P.; Barbotin J N.; Calvayrac R., 1988:
Effects of high external calcium concentrations on etiolated euglena gracilis z cells and evidence of an internal membrane potential

Fanelli, M.T.; Kaplan, M.L., 1978:
Effects of high fat and high carbohydrate diets on the body composition and oxygen consumption of ob ob mice

Fukuda T., 1987:
Effects of high fat diet and physical exercise on glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in rats

Sato, Y.; Furihata, C.; Matsushima, T., 1987:
Effects of high fat diet on fecal contents of bile acids in rats

Bertino M., 1982:
Effects of high fat protein supplemented diets on maternal behavior in rats

Lim J.S.; Lee B.D.; Park C.S.; Jeong H.Y., 1987:
Effects of high fiber grains on the growth performance and various gut sizes of broilers

Andrews, M.J.; Mcclure, J.A., 1978:
Effects of high frequency electric fields on mammalian chromosomes in vitro

Cabric M.; Appell H J., 1987:
Effects of high frequency electrical stimulation on muscle strength and muscle mass

Eriksson I.; Sjostrand U., 1980:
Effects of high frequency positive pressure ventilation and general anesthesia on intra pulmonary gas distribution in patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy

Kodama, I.; Toyama, J.; Yamada, K., 1981:
Effects of high frequency stimulation on the membrane potential of isolated ventricular muscle and Purkinje fibers

Lynch G.; Halpain S.; Baudry M., 1982:
Effects of high frequency synaptic stimulation on glutamate receptor binding studied with a modified in vitro hippocampal slice preparation

Kawasaki H., 1987:
Effects of high frequency ventilation hfv on phrenic nerve activity and the role of afferent vagal activity from pulmonary stretch receptors in spontaneously breathing cats

Van Der Zee H.; Bizios R.; Malik A.B., 1985:
Effects of high frequency ventilation on lung lymph dynamics and prostaglandin generation

Bone, A.J.; Swenne, I.; Hellerström, C., 1981 :
Effects of high glucose concentrations on the insulin biosynthesis of rat pancreatic islets maintained for extended periods in tissue culture

Nakatsukasa H.; Watanabe A.; Kobayashi M.; Hobara N.; Fujiwara M.; Yamauchi Y.; Shiota T.; Higashi T.; Nagashima H., 1985:
Effects of high hepatic acetaldehyde level following simultaneous administration of ethanol and cyanamide on liver function in rats

Sharkey P.J.; Peggie I.D., 1984:
Effects of high humidity storage on quality decay and storage life of cherry prunus avium lemon citrus limon and peach prunus persica fruits

Sebert P.; Y.; Barthelemy L.; Peyraud C., 1984:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on catecholamine contents in tissues of the eel anguilla anguilla acclimatized at 2 temperatures

Wann K.T.; Macdonald A.G.; Harper A.A., 1979:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on electrical characteristics of helix neurons

Dibb W.; Morild E.; Laerum O.D., 1981:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on normal and neoplastic rat cells in culture

Hall A.C.; Ellory J.C., 1986:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on passive monovalent cation transport in human red cells

Ornhagen, H.C.; Sigurdsson, S.B., 1981:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on rat atrial muscle

Pennec J P.; Wardle C.S.; Harper A.A.; Macdonald A.G., 1988:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on the isolated hearts of shallow water and deep sea fish results of challenger cruise 6b 85

Sebert P.; Barthelemy L., 1985:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressure per se 101 atmospheres on eel metabolism

Pequeux, A.; Gilles, R., 1978:
Effects of high hydrostatic pressures on the activity of the membrane atpase of some organs implicated in hydro mineral regulation

Kaduskar M.R.; Netke S.P.; Kolte G.N., 1981:
Effects of high inclusion rates of salseed shorea robusta meal in the diet of chicks

Nandi, B.K.; Majumder, A.K.; Halder, K., 1977:
Effects of high intake of vitamin C by the guinea pigs in pregnancy and lactation on the tissue levels of the vitamin in their offspring

Walker C.F.; Seitelman D.L.; Mcelhaney J.H.; Mullen S.P.; Hagadorn B.; Seto Y.J., 1982:
Effects of high intensity 60 hertz fields on bone growth

Sato, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Nakagawa, Y.; Morotomo, Y.; Hirota, K., 1987:
Effects of high intensity and endurance exercise on protein metabolism in rats

Gaesser G.A.; Rich R.G., 1984:
Effects of high intensity and low intensity exercise training on aerobic capacity and blood lipids

Schaefer C.; Luettge U., 1988:
Effects of high irradiances on photosynthesis growth and crassulacean acid metabolism in the epiphyte kalanchoe uniflora

Miquel, J.; Herman, M.M.; Benton, E.V.; Welch, G., 1976:
Effects of high let particles linear energy transfer on the brain of drosophila melanogaster

Rhind S.M.; Leslie I.D.; Gunn R.G.; Doney J.M., 1986:
Effects of high levels of body condition and food intake on plasma fsh luteinizing hormone prolactin and progesterone profiles around mating in greyface ewes

Smith M.S., 1981:
Effects of high levels of progesterone secretion during lactation on the control of gonadotropin secretion in the rat

Kraft L.M.; Kelly M.A.; Johnson J.E.Jr; Bennton E.V.; Henke R.P.; Cassou R.; Haymaker W.; Philipott D.E.; Stehen F.; Zeman W., 1979:
Effects of high linear energy transfer neon 20 particle radiation on the brain eyes and other head structures of the pocket mouse a histological study

Kajita S.; Matsui C., 1981:
Effects of high molecular weight poly cation and poly anion in the mechanical inoculation of tobacco mosaic virus

Miller, S.; Abeliovich, A.; Belfort, G., 1977:
Effects of high organic loading on mixed photosynthetic waste water treatment

Corallini, A.; Forman, M.; Roane, P.R.Jr ; Terni, M., 1976:
Effects of high osmolarity on the multiplication of herpes simplex virus

Murin A., 1979:
Effects of high osmotic potential of a medium on mitotic cycle in roots of vicia faba

Rokitka, M.A.; Rahn, H., 1977:
Effects of high oxygen and nitrogen oxygen mixture pressures on the physical performance of deer mice preliminary studies

Rossier, B., 1970:
Effects of high oxygen pressure on the nerve conduction and synaptic transmission in the isolated sympathetic ganglion of the rat

Toivonen, H.; Hartiala, J.; Bakhle, Y.S., 1981:
Effects of high oxygen tension on the metabolism of vasoactive hormones in isolated perfused rat lungs

Aniol, V.; Song, S.H. , 1978:
Effects of high potassium and calcium on kinetics of the red cell washout from the coronary vessels of isolated feline hearts

Mavroudis C.; Ebert P.A., 1979:
Effects of high potassium cardioplegia and hypo thermia on myo cardial compliance and distribution of water and potassium part 2 the hypertrophied canine heart

Q.S.B.; Kitamura Y.; Nomura Y., 1988:
Effects of high potassium chloride isoproterenol sodium fluoride and forskolin on noradrenaline release from cerebral cortical slices of adult and senescent rats

Mendoza, S.A.; Nakamoto, K.K., 1977:
Effects of high potassium concentration on theophylline responses of toad bladder

Suarez Kurtz G.; Braga D.C.sta M.J.; Coutinho S., 1980:
Effects of high potassium concentrations and of chloride substitution on the quinine induced contractures of frog rana pipiens skeletal muscle

Uruno T.; Sekiguchi T.; Sunagane N.; Matsuoka Y.; Kubota K., 1983:
Effects of high potassium de polarization carbachol and oxytocin on the lanthanum resistant calcium 45 labeled fraction in rat myometrium

Nishi R.; Berg D.K., 1981:
Effects of high potassium ion concentrations on the growth and development of ciliary ganglion neurons in cell culture

Ishide N.; Watanabe H.; Takishima T., 1984:
Effects of high potassium low sodium diltiazem caffeine and barium on spontaneous fluctuating contractile activities in rat cardiac muscle

Kanamatsu T., 1981:
Effects of high potassium medium on glutamine metabolism in rat brain cortex slices with special reference to glutamine synthetase activity

Suzuki R.; Kobayashi S.; Yoshino H., 1985 :
Effects of high potassium on ciliary muscle

Ito M.; Baba K.; Takagi K.; Satake T.; Tomita T., 1985:
Effects of high potassium on relaxation produced by drugs in the guinea pig tracheal muscle

Almaraz L.; Gonzalez C.; Obeso A., 1986:
Effects of high potassium on the release of tritiated dopamine from the cat carotid body in vitro

Sugden A.L.; Bean B.L.; Straw J.A., 1987:
Effects of high potassium or low sodium diet on vascular sodium potassium atpase activity and blood pressure in young spontaneously hypertensive rats

Bichard A.R.; Little H.J., 1985:
Effects of high pressure helium on tritium labeled gamma aminobutyric acid release from the isolated frog spinal cord

Broman D.; Ganning B.; Lindblad C., 1983:
Effects of high pressure hot water shore cleaning after oil spills on shore ecosystems in the northern baltic proper

Price, R.A.; Ogston, D.; Macdonald, A.G., 1986:
Effects of high pressure on platelet aggregation in vitro

Gilman, S.C.; Colton, J.S.; Dutka, A.J.; Boogaard, J.S., 1986:
Effects of high pressure on the release of excitatory amino acids by brain synaptosomes

Macarone-Palmieri, R.; Mirkovitch, V.; Robinson, J.W.; Saegesser, F., 1978:
Effects of high protein diet on adaptational processes following small intestinal by-pass in the rat

Usami, M.; Seino, Y.; Seino, S.; Takemura, J.; Nakahara, H.; Ikeda, M.; Imura, H., 1982:
Effects of high protein diet on insulin and glucagon secretion in normal rats

Fagan, T.C.; Oexmann, M.J., 1987:
Effects of high protein, high carbohydrate, and high fat diets on laboratory parameters

Hoyt, P.B.; Rice, W.A., 1977:
Effects of high rates of chemical fertilizer and barnyard manure on yield and moisture use of 6 successive barley crops grown on 3 gray luvisolic soils

Bushuk, W.; Rodriguez-Bores, F.J.; Dubetz, S., 1978:
Effects of high rates of nitrogen on neepawa wheat grown under irrigation part 3 protein quality for breadmaking as reflected by various tests

Morris J.R.; Cawthon D.L.; Fleming J.W., 1980:
Effects of high rates of potassium fertilization on raw product quality and changes in ph and acidity during storage of concord grape juice

Rathert G., 1983:
Effects of high salinity stress on mineral and carbohydrate metabolism of 2 cotton gossypium barbadense varieties

Gindrat, D., 1977:
Effects of high salt concentrations on growth sporulation and pigmentation of trichoderma spp

Cybulsky, A.V.; Matni, A.; Hollomby, D.J., 1985:
Effects of high sodium dialysate during maintenance hemodialysis

O'neill M.K.; Diaby M., 1987:
Effects of high soil temperature and water stresses on malian pearl millet and sorghum during seedling stage

George, S.G.; Coombs, T.L., 1977:
Effects of high stability iron complexes on the kinetics of iron accumulation and excretion in mytilus edulis

Cope, D.A.; Roach, M.R., 1977 :
Effects of high static pressures on human cerebral arteries in vitro

Morady F.; Dicarlo L.A.Jr; Liem L.B.; Krol R.B.; Baerman J.M., 1985:
Effects of high stimulation current on the induction of ventricular tachycardia

Mastryukova, V.M.; Rudneva, S.V., 1978:
Effects of high strength magnetostatic field on the proliferation of duodenal epithelial cells in mice

Jodon M.H.; Royse D.J.; Schisler L.C., 1981:
Effects of high temperature after casing on mushroom agaricus bisporus production

Nakanishi T.; Nishiyama T., 1982:
Effects of high temperature and silt on cardiac and scaphognathite activity of pink shrimp pandalus borealis coon stripe shrimp pandalus hypsinotus and side striped shrimp pandalopsis japonica

Tao M.; Furusawa K.; Sunagawa K., 1986:
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Effects of high temperature in the nighttime and shading in the daytime on the early drop of apple fruit starking delicious

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Effects of high temperature on rna synthesis during germination of maize zea mays

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Effects of homogenization pressure and stabilizer concentration on the physical stability of long life laban

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Effects of Host Variety, Photoperiod and Chemical Treatments on Hatching of Globodera rostochiensis

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Effects of house type dietary protein level and straw on the performance of concentrate fed friesian bulls

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Effects of Hydrogen Pressure during Growth and Effects of Pregrowth with Hydrogen on Acetate Degradation by Methanosarcina Species

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Effects of hydrogen sulfide fumigation on the photosynthesis respiration and water budget of spinacia oleracea

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Effects of hydroprene methoprene and precocene ii on the development and metamorphosis of diapausing rice stem borer larvae of four pyralid species

French J.R.J.; Robinson P.J.; Creffield J.W.; Howick C.D., 1979:
Effects of hydroprene on the feeding activity of mastotermes darwiniensis isoptera

Mellini E.; Boninsegni G., 1983:
Effects of hydroprene on the parasite gonia cinerascens applied to hosts at the last stages of the pre imaginal development

Paul, K.L.; Morita, R.Y., 1971:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure and temperature on the uptake and respiration of amino acids by a facultatively psychrophilic marine bacterium

Cann Moisan C.P.S.; Caroff J.; Barthelemy L., 1988:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure hp equals 101 ata on nucleotide and pyridine dinucleotide tissue contents in trout

Doubt, T.J.; Hogan, P.M., 1978:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on conduction and excitability in rabbit atria

Heintze, K.; Petersen, K.U.; Busch, L., 1978:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on fluid transfer by the isolated gallbladder

Straight R.C.; Spikes J.D., 1982:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on hill reaction of isolated chloroplast preparations

Benz, R.; Conti, F., 1986:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on lipid bilayer membranes. I. Influence on membrane thickness and activation volumes of lipophilic ion transport

Benz, R.; Conti, F., 1986:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on lipid bilayer membranes. II. Activation and reaction volumes of carrier mediated ion transport

Heinemann, S.H.; Conti, F.; Stühmer, W.; Neher, E., 1987:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on membrane processes. Sodium channels, calcium channels, and exocytosis

Pfeiler, E., 1978:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on sodium ion potassium ion atpase and magnesium ion atpase in gills of marine teleost fish

Roer R.D.; Shelton M.G., 1982:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on sodium transport in the fresh water crayfish procambarus clarkii

Knittel M.D.; Chapman G.A.; Garton R.R., 1980:
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on steelhead salmo gairdneri survival in air super saturated water

Bailey K.M.; Taub F.B., 1980 :
Effects of hydroxamate siderophores strong iron iii chelators on the growth of algae

Queirolo C.B.; Andreo C.S.; Vallejos R.H.; Niemeyer H.M.; Corcuera L.J., 1981:
Effects of hydroxamic acids isolated from gramineae on atp synthesis in chloroplasts

Bohidar K.; Wratten S.D.; Niemeyer H.M., 1986:
Effects of hydroxamic acids on the resistance of wheat to the aphid sitobion avenae

Wada K.; Tsumori Y.; Nitawaki Y.; Egashira K., 1983:
Effects of hydroxy aluminum on flocculation and permeability of silt and clay fractions separated from paddy soils

Wada K.; Tsumori Y.; Nitawaki Y.; Egashira K., 1983:
Effects of hydroxy aluminum on flocculation and permeability of smectite clays

Gawish S.; Wada K.; Egashira K., 1987:
Effects of hydroxy aluminum species coexisting electrolytes and drying on improvement of soil permeability by hydroxy aluminum

Tato F.B., 1981:
Effects of hydroxy progesterone caproate on conjugation cartilage of growing rabbit bones

Tato F.B.; Tiritiello F., 1981:
Effects of hydroxy progesterone caproate on the articular cartilage of growing rabbit bones

Vass M.A.; Green B., 1982:
Effects of hydroxy tamoxifen and tamoxifen on peroxidase activity in the immature rat uterus

Pearson C.M.; Styles J.A., 1984:
Effects of hydroxy urea consistent with the inhibition of repair synthesis in uv irradiated hela cells

Rocha B.; Larsson E L.; Freitas A.A., 1984:
Effects of hydroxy urea on concanavalin a induced t cell proliferation depletion of t cell growth factor reactive and t cell growth factor producing t lymphocytes

Fritz H.; Hess R., 1980:
Effects of hydroxy urea on post natal growth and behavior of rats

Ben-Ishay, Z.; Sharon, S., 1977:
Effects of hydroxy urea pre treatment of donor rats on growth of hematopoietic diffusion chamber colonies in mice

Laychock, S.G., 1985:
Effects of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids on fatty acid esterification in phospholipids and insulin secretion in pancreatic islets

Strauss R.G.; Stump C.D.; Henriksen R.A.; Saunders R., 1985:
Effects of hydroxyethyl starch on fibrinogen fibrin clot formation and fibrinolysis

Lenz G.; Hempel V.; Junger H.; Werle H.; Buckenmaier P., 1986:
Effects of hydroxyethyl starch oxypolygelatin and albumin solution on phagocytic function of the res in healthy volunteers

White K.L.Jr; Krasula R.W.; Munson A.E.; Holsapple M.P., 1986:
Effects of hydroxyethylstarch hespan a plasma expander on the functional activity of the res comparison with human serum albumin and pyran copolymer

Barlow R.B.; Gonzalez J.L., 1986:
Effects of hydroxyl groups on nicotine like activity and on size in solution

Karlsson J.O.G.; Axelsson K.L.; Andersson R.G.G., 1985:
Effects of hydroxyl radical scavengers potassium cyanide and carbon monoxide on uv light induced activation of crude soluble guanylate cyclase

Ito N., 1980:
Effects of hydroxylamine and molybdate on the formation of nitrate reductase in the yeast rhodotorula glutinis var salinaria

Jursinic P.; Govindjee, 1982:
Effects of hydroxylamine and silico molybdate on the decay in delayed light emission in the 6 100 microsecond range after a single 10 nanosecond flash in pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska thylakoids

Kamijo, K.; Watanabe, T., 1976:
Effects of hydroxylamine on mitochondrial mono amine oxidase ec in rat liver

Cheniae, G.M.; Martin, I.F., 1971:
Effects of hydroxylamine on photosystem ii part 1 factors affecting the decay of o 2 evolution

Cheniae, G.M.; Martin, I.F., 1972:
Effects of hydroxylamine on photosystem part 2 photo reversal of the hydroxylamine destruction of oxygen evolution

Karathanasis S.K.; Champney W.S., 1981:
Effects of hydroxymethyltrimethyl psoralen on structure and function of bacterio phage ms 2 rna

Gonda S.; Logvinoff M.M.; Geubelle F., 1979:
Effects of hydroxyphenyl orciprenaline on total and regional lung function in asthmatic children

Cumano, A.; Vieira, P.; Colle, J.H.; Truffa-Bachi, P.; Freitas, A., 1986:
Effects of hydroxyurea in vivo treatment on the antibody response in mice

Doran, P.M.; Bailey, J.E., 1986:
Effects of Hydroxyurea on immobilized and suspended yeast fermentation rates and cell cycle operation

Schubert I.; Rieger R., 1987 :
Effects of hydroxyurea post treatment in g2 on the frequency and distribution of mutagen induced chromatid aberrations in a reconstructed karyotype of vicia faba

Stubblebine, W.H.; Langenheim, J.H., 1977:
Effects of hymenaea courbaril leaf resin on the generalist herbivore spodoptera exigua beet armyworm

L.S.M.; Chen X Y., 1987:
Effects of hyoscine n butyl bromide on electroencephalography and neuromuscular junction

Harris, C.A.; Sutton, R.A.L.; Dirks, J.H., 1977:
Effects of hyper calcemia on calcium and phosphate ultra filterability and tubular re absorption in the rat

Vatsala T.M.; Singh M., 1980:
Effects of hyper cholesterolemia and onions on rheology of blood in rabbits

Senges J.; Weihe E.; Brachmann J.; Pelzer D.; Nimmrich H.; Kuebler W., 1981:
Effects of hyper cholesterolemia without ischemia on some electro physiological and ultrastructural properties of the rabbit heart

Jourdane J., 1983:
Effects of hyper infestations by echinostoma togoensis on growth and survival of biomphalaria pfeifferi snails

Kori Y.; Fujitani K.; Nagai I., 1983:
Effects of hyper kalemia on serum and myo cardial digoxin concentration in dogs

Hariman R.J.; Chen C M., 1983:
Effects of hyper kalemia on sinus nodal function in dogs sino ventricular conduction

Bourdillon, M.C.; Boissel, J.P.; Crouzet, B., 1976:
Effects of hyper lipemic serum on the growth of primary cultures of rat aortic media

Drueke, T.; Chanard, J.; Lacour, B.; Pujade-Lauraine, E.; Funck-Brentano, J.L., 1978:
Effects of hyper oncotic albumin and parathyroid hormone infusion on jejunal electrolyte and water absorption in the rat

Chan, P.H.; Fishman, R.A., 1977:
Effects of hyper osmolality on release of neuro transmitter amino acids from rat brain slices

Ganote, C.E.; Iannotti, J.P.; Kaltenbach, J.P., 1978:
Effects of hyper osmolar solutions of poly ethylene glycol dextran or mannitol on enzyme release from perfused rat hearts

Simpson R.G.; Cross J.E.; Best R.L.; Ellsbury M.M.; Coseglia A.F., 1979:
Effects of hyper parasites on population levels of bathyplectes curculionis in colorado usa

Nicoletti, F.; Clementi, G.; Prato, A.; Canonico, P.L.; Rampello, L.; Patti, F.; Di-Giorgio, R.M.; Scapagnini, U., 1983:
Effects of hyper prolactinemia and hypo prolactinemia on glutamate decarboxylase ec activity in medial basal hypothalamus of male rat

Waeber C.; Reymond O.; Reymond M.; Lemarchand Beraud T., 1983:
Effects of hyper prolactinemia and hypo prolactinemia on gonadotropin secretion rat testicular luteinizing hormone human chorionic gonadotropin receptors and testosterone production by isolated leydig cells

Drago F.; Amir S., 1984:
Effects of hyper prolactinemia on core temperature of the rat

Furuhashi N.; Fang V.S., 1981:
Effects of hyper prolactinemia on the sexual organ weights and serum hormone levels of rats

Gay G.; Grosdidier J.; Boissel P., 1981:
Effects of hyper selective vagotomy on gastrinemia

Macphail, E.M., 1976:
Effects of hyper striatal lesions on within day serial reversal performance in pigeons

Henle K.J.; Leeper D.B., 1979:
Effects of hyper thermia 45 celsius on macro molecular synthesis in chinese hamster ovary cells

Davis, J.R.; Horowitz, A.M., 1978:
Effects of hyper thermia and hypo thermia on spontaneous contractions of the adult rabbit testicular capsule

Livingston G.K.; Dethlefsen L.A., 1979:
Effects of hyper thermia and x irradiation on sister chromatid exchange frequency in chinese hamster ovary cho cells

Eguchi K.; Satoh S.; Yaguchi M.; Inada T., 1983:
Effects of hyper thermia at 42 celsius on dna lesion and cell inactivation caused by x ray

Kano E.; Miyakoshi J.; Furukawa M.; Kato H.; Ohsaki S.; Nishida T.; Heki S I., 1982:
Effects of hyper thermia at 50 celsius on v 79 cells in vitro

Natalino, M.R.; Zwillich, C.W.; Weil, J.V., 1977:
Effects of hyper thermia in hypoxic ventilatory response in normal man

Magun B.E.; Fennie C.W., 1981:
Effects of hyper thermia on binding internalization and degradation of epidermal growth factor

Coss R.A.; Dewey W.C.; Bamburg J.R., 1982:
Effects of hyper thermia on dividing chinese hamster ovary cells and micro tubules in vitro

Kim J H.; Johnson J.L., 1982:
Effects of hyper thermia on fast axoplasmic transport in rat sensory fibers

Schrek R.; Stefani S.S., 1980:
Effects of hyper thermia on radio sensitivity of normal and leukemic lymphocytes

Logawney Malik S.; Bhalla S.; Thomas S., 1979:
Effects of hyper thermia on renal functions

Durand, R.E., 1978:
Effects of hyper thermia on the cycling noncycling and hypoxic cells of irradiated and unirradiated multi cell spheroids

Harris, J.W.; Meneses, J.J., 1978:
Effects of hyper thermia on the production and activity of primary and secondary cytolytic thymus derived lymphocytes in vitro

Kaneko I., 1982:
Effects of hyper thermia x ray irradiation and their combination on ascites tumor cells of mice

Bhattacharya N.; Chhina G.S.; Singh B., 1981:
Effects of hyper thermic temperatures on mono synaptic and poly synaptic reflex responses

Barbier R.; Paffoy J.C.; Venard Sassolas A.; Berthezene F., 1980:
Effects of hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism on plasma high density lipo protein cholesterol levels

Jimenez E.; Montiel M.; Narvaez J.A.; Morell M., 1982:
Effects of hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism on the basal levels of angiotensin i and kinetic parameters of renin angiotensin system in male rats

Sugden M.C.; E.S.adi A.; Goode A.W.; Orr J.S., 1983:
Effects of hyper thyroidism on stimulation of 1 carbon 14 labeled oleate oxidation to carbon 14 labeled carbon di oxide in isolated hepatocytes from fed rats by the catecholamines vasopressin and angiotensin ii

Rudenberg, F.H.; Mcgraw, C.P.; Tindall, G.T., 1976:
Effects of hyper ventilation carbon di oxide and cerebro spinal fluid pressure on internal carotid blood flow in the baboon

Akashiba T.; Enomoto S.; Ishida J.; Inazawa T.; Nagao K.; Horie T.; Okayasu M., 1980:
Effects of hyper ventilation in vivo on lung pressure volume curves

Crocker, E.F.; Johnson, R.O.; Korner, P.I.; Uther, J.B.; White, S.W., 1968:
Effects of hyper ventilation on the circulatory response of the rabbit to arterial hypoxia chloralose cent depress urethane cent depress decamethonium iodide autonomic

Santini, R.; Dumas, J.; Peres, G.; Brard, E., 1975:
Effects of hyperbaric and normobaric hyperoxia on the digestive motility of the rabbit part 1 pyloric antrum motility

Ricci B., 1987:
Effects of hyperbaric normobaric and hypobaric oxygen supplementation on retinal vessels in newborn rats a preliminary study

Baeyens, D.A.; Meier, M.J., 1978:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen and glutathione on mammalian liver metabolism

Doubt, T.J.; Evans, D.E., 1983:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen exposure at 31.3 atmospheres absolute on spontaneously beating cat hearts

Simon, A.J.; Torbati, D., 1982:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on heart, brain, and lung functions in rat

Kenward, M.A.; Alcock, S.R.; Brown, M.R., 1980:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the growth and properties of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Brown G.L.; Thomson P.D.; Mader J.T.; Hilton J.G.; Browne M.E.; Wells C.H., 1979:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen upon staphylococcus aureus pseudomonas aeruginosa and candida albicans

Blackburn, J.G.; Ogilvie, R.W.; Balentine, J.D., 1977:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on electrical activity of globus pallidus and neo striatum

Bar-Sagie, D.; Mayevsky, A.; Bartoov, B., 1981:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on spermatozoan motility driven by mitochondrial respiration

Isakov Y.V.; Atroshchenko Z.B.; Byalik I.F., 1981:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on the course of open injuries of the extremities

Oshida Y.; Sato Y.; Iguchi A.; Uemura K.; Okada S.; Sakamoto N.; Takahashi H.; Sakakibara K., 1988:
Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on the endocrine function and metabolism in diabetic patients

Britten, J.S.; Myers, R.A., 1985:
Effects of hyperbaric treatment on carbon monoxide elimination in humans

Graham, T.E.; Wilson, B.A., 1983:
Effects of hypercapnia and hyperoxia on metabolism during exercise

Ioffe, S.; Jansen, A.H.; Chernick, V., 1986:
Effects of hypercapnia and hypoxemia on fetal breathing after decortication

Ledlie, J.F.; Pack, A.I.; Fishman, A.P., 1983:
Effects of hypercapnia and hypoxia on abdominal expiratory nerve activity

Ledlie, J.F.; Kelsen, S.G.; Cherniack, N.S.; Fishman, A.P., 1981:
Effects of hypercapnia and hypoxia on phrenic nerve activity and respiratory timing

Mauck, H.P.Jr ; Szumski, A.J.; Forbes, J.E.; Clendenin, M.A.; Newton, R.A., 1976:
Effects of hypercapnia and of hypercapnia in combination with hypoxia on mid brain induced cardiac dys rhythmias

Higashi, K.; Katayama, S., 1985:
Effects of hypercapnia and papaverine on cerebrospinal fluid formation and choroid plexus blood flow

Cameron, J.N., 1978:
Effects of hypercapnia on blood acid base status sodium chloride fluxes and trans gill potential in fresh water blue crabs callinectes sapidus

Nakagawa, Y.; Yamamoto, Y.L.; Meyer, E.; Hodge, C.P.; Feindel, W., 1981:
Effects of hypercapnia on enhancement of decreased perfusion flow in non-infarcted brain tissues

Oliven, A.; Deal, E.C.; Kelsen, S.G.; Cherniack, N.S., 1985:
Effects of hypercapnia on inspiratory and expiratory muscle activity during expiration

Altose, M.D.; Kelsen, S.G.; Stanley, N.N.; Levinson, R.S.; Cherniack, N.S.; Fishman, A.P., 1976:
Effects of hypercapnia on mouth pressure during airway occlusion in conscious man

Mitchell G.S.; Vidruk E.H., 1987:
Effects of hypercapnia on phrenic and stretch receptor responses to lung inflation

Shirahata, M.; Nishino, T.; Honda, Y.; Itoh, K.; Yonezawa, T., 1985:
Effects of hypercapnia on renal nerve activity

Borjeson, H., 1977:
Effects of hypercapnia on the buffer capacity and hematological values in salmo salar

Dawes G.S.; Gardner W.N.; Johnston B.M.; Walker D.W., 1982 :
Effects of hypercapnia on tracheal pressure diaphragm and intercostal electro myograms in unanesthetized fetal lambs

Walker, A.M.; Oakes, G.K.; Ehrenkranz, R.; McLaughlin, M.; Chez, R.A., 1976:
Effects of hypercapnia on uterine and umbilical circulations in conscious pregnant sheep

Szlyk, P.C.; Jennings, D.B., 1987:
Effects of hypercapnia on variability of normal respiratory behavior in awake cats

Gencarelli P.J.; Swen J.; Koot H.W.J.; Miller R.D., 1983:
Effects of hypercarbia and hypocarbia on pancuronium and vecuronium neuro muscular blockades in anesthetized humans

Artru, A.A.; Michenfelder, J.D., 1980:
Effects of hypercarbia on canine cerebral metabolism and blood flow with simultaneous direct and indirect measurement of blood flow

Mokler, C.M.; Abdel-Aziz, M.T.; Heric, E., 1985:
Effects of hypercholesterolemia on beta adrenoceptors in the rabbit heart

Band J.S., 1986:
Effects of hyperfibrinogenemia on postmortem coagulability of rabbit heart blood

Zusman I.; Ornoy A., 1987:
Effects of hyperglycemia and ketone bodies on the in vitro development of early somite rat embryos

Bareford D.; Jennings P.E.; Stone P.C.W.; Baar S.; Barnett A.H.; Stuart J., 1986:
Effects of hyperglycemia and sorbitol accumulation on erythrocyte deformability in diabetes mellitus

Akihisa R.; Omori Y.; Minei S.; Shimizu M.; Hirata Y., 1987:
Effects of hyperglycemia on the occurrence of fetal rat anomalies

Scott A.R.; Bennett T.; Macdonald I.A., 1988:
Effects of hyperinsulinemia on the cardiovascular responses to graded hypovolemia in normal and diabetic subjects

Horton, W.E.; Sadler, T.W.; Hunter, E.S., 1985:
Effects of hyperketonemia on mouse embryonic and fetal glucose metabolism in vitro

Shiomi, M.; Ito, T.; Watanabe, Y., 1987:
Effects of hyperlipidemia on the nursing ability of WHHL rabbits

Oka, J.A.; Weigel, P.H., 1988:
Effects of hyperosmolarity on ligand processing and receptor recycling in the hepatic galactosyl receptor system

Uemura T.; Yoshida M., 1986:
Effects of hyperosmotic solutions on fluid pressure and dc potential in the guinea pig cochlea

Tangney, C.C.; McCloskey, K.M.; Aye, P.L., 1988:
Effects of hyperoxia and diet on murine tissue levels of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids

Eiken, O.; Tesch, P.A., 1984:
Effects of hyperoxia and hypoxia on dynamic and sustained static performance of the human quadriceps muscle

Stuart, M.J.; Setty, Y.; Walenga, R.W.; Graeber, J.E.; Ganley, C., 1984:
Effects of hyperoxia and hypoxia on vascular prostacyclin formation in vitro

Laughlin, M.J.; Wild, L.; Nickerson, P.A.; Matalon, S., 1986:
Effects of hyperoxia on alveolar permeability of neutropenic rabbits

Brown, O.R.; Howitt, H.F.; Stees, J.L.; Platner, W.S., 1971:
Effects of hyperoxia on composition and rate of synthesis of fatty acids in Escherichia coli

Clément, A.; Hübscher, U.; Junod, A.F., 1985:
Effects of hyperoxia on DNA synthesis in cultured porcine aortic endothelial cells

Ray, L.E.; Cherry, J.P., 1977:
Effects of hyperoxia on glutathione reductase activity, membrane proteins, and esterases of rabbit erythrocytes

Margaretten, N.C.; Witschi, H., 1988:
Effects of hyperoxia on growth characteristics of metastatic murine tumors in the lung

Welch, H.G.; Bonde-Petersen, F.; Graham, T.; Klausen, K.; Secher, N., 1977:
Effects of hyperoxia on leg blood flow and metabolism during exercise

Rister M., 1982:
Effects of hyperoxia on phagocytosis

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