Section 6
Chapter 5,308

Effects of histamine and cimetidine on chloride secretion in isolated monkey gastric mucosa

Wang, M.D.

Zhongguo Yao Li Xue Bao 6(3): 175-177


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-9756
PMID: 2943120
Accession: 005307314

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The stripped gastric mucosa of Rhesus monkeys were used to study electrical properties and chloride secretion. A potential difference (PD) across the mucosal membrane was seen with serosa being electropositive. The magnitude of PD and short-circuit current (ISC) were found to be close to that of dog gastric mucosa. At resting state, C1- was secreted from serosal to mucosal side, and this secretion was greatly stimulated by histamine. Cimetidine completely blocked the stimulating effect of histamine on Cl- secretion.

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