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Effects of in vivo administration of prostaglandins and interferon on natural killer activity in normal and in cyclophosphamide treated mice

Pica, F.; Rasi, G.; Ciotti, A.; Mastino, A.

Igiene Moderna 87(6): 595-603


Accession: 005308648

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The effects of in vivo administration of di-M-PGE2 and IFN on NK activity in normal and in cyclophosphamide(CY)-treated mice, were studied. In normal mice IFN increased the NK activity while di-M-PGE2 alone and in combined treatment with IFN suppressed the NK response. On the contrary in immunosuppressed mice IFN did not lead to the reconstitution of CY-suppressed NK activity; di-M-PGE2 augmented it only a little, while the combined treatment with di-M-PGE-2 and IFN produced a significant increase in NK response.

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