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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5310

Chapter 5310 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamada M.; Takesue K.; Tsuruta A., 1982:
Effects of industrial effluents containing organic materials such as dyestuff on the growth of several species of marine phyto plankton

Hoffman D.J.; Eastin W.C.Jr, 1981:
Effects of industrial effluents heavy metals and organic solvents on mallard anas platyrhynchos embryo development

Singhal B.B.S.; Mathur R.P.; Singhal D.C.; Mathur B.S.; Minocha V.K.; Seth A.K.; Sinha S.K., 1987:
Effects of industrial effluents on the water quality of river hindon district saharanpur uttar pradesh india

Newman J.R.; Murphy J.J., 1979:
Effects of industrial fluoride on black tailed deer

Korpela M.; Tahti H., 1987:
Effects of industrial organic solvents on human erythrocyte membrane atpase activities in vitro

Hodous, T.K.; Boyles, C.; Hankinson, J., 1986:
Effects of industrial respirator wear during exercise in subjects with restrictive lung disease

Louhevaara V.; Smolander J.; Korhonen O.; Tuomi T., 1986:
Effects of industrial respirators on breathing pattern at different work levels

Harber, P.; SooHoo, K.; Lew, M., 1988:
Effects of industrial respirators on respiratory timing and psychophysiologic load sensitivity

Norlén, L.J.; Ekelund, P.; Hedelin, H.; Johansson, S.L., 1988:
Effects of indwelling catheters on the urethral mucosa (polypoid urethritis)

Jantawat, P.; Dawson, L.E., 1980:
Effects of inert gas and vacuum packagings on storage stability of mechanically de boned poultry meats

Fowler, B.; Hendriks, P.; Porlier, G., 1987:
Effects of inert gas narcosis on rehearsal strategy in a learning task

Hamilton, K.; Porlier, G.; Landolt, J.; Fraser, W.; Fowler, B., 1986:
Effects of inert gas narcosis on the vestibular ocular reflex

Moskowitz S.E., 1981:
Effects of inertia and visco elasticity in late rapid filling of the left ventricle

Lestienne F., 1979:
Effects of inertial load and velocity on the braking process of voluntary limb movements

Anisman H.; Beauchamp C.; Zacharko R.M., 1984:
Effects of inescapable shock and norepinephrine depletion induced by dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine on escape performance

Samuels O.B.; Decola J.P.; Rosellini R.A., 1981:
Effects of inescapable shock on low activity escape avoidance responding in rats

Spangler, E.L.; Ingram, D.K., 1986:
Effects of inescapable shock on maze performance as a function of age in mice

Green J.A.; Gustafson G.E.; West M.J., 1980:
Effects of infant development on mother infant interactions

Bundy R.S., 1979:
Effects of infant head position on sides preference in adult handling

Singh, S.D., 1977:
Effects of infant infant separation of young rhesus monkeys in a free ranging natural environment

Tanaka, T.; Tokuda, K.; Kotera, S., 1970:
Effects of infant loss on the inter birth interval of japanese monkeys

Stevenson, M.B.; Lamb, M.E., 1979:
Effects of infant sociability and the caretaking environment on infant cognitive performance

Ohi S., 1979:
Effects of infantile gustatory stimulation on later aversion to quinine hydro chloride in the rat

Crnic, L.S., 1976:
Effects of infantile under nutrition on adult learning in rats methodological and design problems

Marchlinski, F.E.; Cain, M.E.; Falcone, R.A.; Corky, R.F.; Spear, J.F.; Josephson, M.E., 1985:
Effects of infarction, procainamide, coupling interval, and cycle length on refractoriness of extrastimuli

Fusi, M.B.; Raddi, P., 1978:
Effects of infection by cronartium flaccidum on inorganic solute concentrations in pinus pinaster and pinus pinea seedlings

Armstrong E.; Bass L.K., 1986:
Effects of infection by nosema whitei on the mating frequency and fecundity of tribolium castaneum

Kittle D.R.; Gray L.E., 1980:
Effects of infection by phytophthora megasperma var sojae on the water relations of soybean glycine max

Verreet J.A.; Hoffmann G.M.; Amberger A., 1987:
Effects of infection by septoria nodorum at different development stages of wheat on the level of production

Chant S.R.; Bateman J.G., 1981:
Effects of infection by sunn hemp mosaic virus on the leaf pigments of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar the prince

Savary S., 1985:
Effects of infection level and temperature on development stages of puccinia arachidis

Takimoto H.; Baba E.; Fukata T.; Arakawa A., 1984:
Effects of infection of eimeria tenella eimeria acervulina and eimeria maxima on salmonella typhimurium infection in chickens

Aulick, L.H.; McManus, A.T.; Mason, A.D.; Pruitt, B.A., 1986:
Effects of infection on oxygen consumption and core temperature in experimental thermal injury

Alivizatos A.S.; Townsend R.; Markham P.G., 1982:
Effects of infection with a spiroplasma virus on the symptoms produced by spiroplasma citri

Paretsky, D.; Anthes, M.L., 1978:
Effects of infection with Coxiella burnetii on synthesis of RNA in L cells

Thompson, W.L.; Wannemacher, R.W.Jr, 1973:
Effects of infection with diplococcus pneumoniae on synthesis of rna in rat liver

Kim, S.; Fukata, T.; Baba, E.; Arakawa, A., 1985:
Effects of infection with Eimeria tenella upon Salmonella typhimurium infection in the gnotobiotic chicks. Scanning electron microscopic study

Wade, W.F.; Gaafar, S.M.; Morse, E.V., 1987:
Effects of infection with Enterobacteriaceae enteropathogens on subsequent infection with Ascaris suum in the laboratory mouse

Jackson M.A.; Webster R.K., 1981:
Effects of infection with rhynchosporium secalis on some components of growth and yield in 2 barley cultivars

Okaichi, K.; Seki, T.; Ohnishi, T.; Nozu, K., 1977:
Effects of infection with uv irradiated or x ray irradiated t 2 phage ghosts on rna synthesis in escherichia coli

Muneer, M.A.; Halvorson, D.A.; Sivanandan, V.; Newman, J.A.; Coon, C.N., 1986:
Effects of infectious bronchitis virus (Arkansas strain) on laying chickens

Ferguson T.J.; Rule B.G., 1980:
Effects of inferential set outcome severity and basis for responsibility or evaluations of aggressive acts by children

Hsu P.; Bao C.; Liu R.; Chen H., 1982:
Effects of inferior prefrontal area lesions on delayed matching avoidance response in monkeys

Campbell, A.L.; Butter, C.M.; Leiby, C.C., 1984:
Effects of inferior temporal lesions on visual discrimination performance in monkeys with complete and incomplete striate cortex ablations

Sahgal A.; Hutchison R.; Hughes R.P.; Iversen S.D., 1983:
Effects of inferotemporal cortex lesions on konorski delayed pair comparison in monkeys

Natarajan, P.; Nair, N.B., 1976:
Effects of infestation by lernaeenicus hemirhamphi on the biochemical composition of the host fish hemirhamphus xanthopterus

Mueller A.J.; Engroff B.W., 1980:
Effects of infestation levels on heliothis zea on soybean

White N.D.G.; Henderson L.P.; Sinha R.N., 1979:
Effects of infestations by 3 stored product mites on fat acidity seed germination and micro flora of stored wheat

Kim H.K.; Lee H.K., 1982:
Effects of infiltration of oradexon into the tendon sheath

Akaeda, H.; Nagai, K.; Okuda, Y.; Shinoto, M.; Okuda, H., 1981:
Effects of inflammation and stimulant diets on functions of autonomic nervous system

Canonico, P.G.; Rill, W.; Ayala, E., 1977:
Effects of inflammation on peroxisomal enzyme activities, catalase synthesis, and lipid metabolism

Ngwenya, B.Z.; Yamamoto, N., 1986:
Effects of inflammation products on immune systems. Lysophosphatidylcholine stimulates macrophages

Pyke G.H., 1981:
Effects of inflorescence height and number of flowers per inflorescence on fruit set in waratahs telopea speciosissima

Schmid Hempel P.; Speiser B., 1988:
Effects of inflorescence size on pollination in epilobium angustifolium

Howell, J.A., 1976:
Effects of influent substrate concentration on the kinetics of natural microbial populations in continuous culture

Hartshorn, K.L.; Collamer, M.; Auerbach, M.; Myers, J.B.; Pavlotsky, N.; Tauber, A.I., 1988:
Effects of influenza A virus on human neutrophil calcium metabolism

Dull, W.L.; Seria, J.; Bloomfield, J.; Secker-Walker, R.H.; Ayres, S.M., 1980:
Effects of influenza vaccination on pulmonary function

Hafermann, D.R.; Cissik, J.H.; Byrd, R.B.; Solomon, D.A., 1979:
Effects of influenza vaccination on the peripheral airways of healthy human volunteers

Ewasyshyn, M.E.; Sabina, L.R., 1983:
Effects of influenza virus replication on neutral proteolytic activities in embryonated egg fluids

Graziano W.G.; Brody G.H.; Bernstein S., 1980:
Effects of information about future interaction and peers motivation on peer reward allocations

Cooper, J.B.; Cullen, D.J.; Nemeskal, R.; Hoaglin, D.C.; Gevirtz, C.C.; Csete, M.; Venable, C., 1987:
Effects of information feedback and pulse oximetry on the incidence of anesthesia complications

Green L.; Gossop M., 1988:
Effects of information on the opiate withdrawal syndrome

Houts P.S.; Mcdougall V., 1988:
Effects of informing workers of their health risks from exposure to toxic materials

Hofer, M.A.; Fisher, A.; Shair, H., 1981:
Effects of infraorbital nerve section on survival, growth, and suckling behaviors of developing rats

Petounis, A.; Spyrakis, C.; Varonos, D., 1977:
Effects of infrasound on activity levels of rats

Harris, C.S.; Johnson, D.L., 1978:
Effects of infrasound on cognitive performance

Hiraide F.; E.A., 1987:
Effects of infrasound on the ear light microscopic observation

Petounis, A.; Spyrakis, C.; Varonos, D., 1977:
Effects of infrasounds on the conditioned avoidance response

Brosh A.; Shkolnik A.; Choshniak I., 1987:
Effects of infrequent drinking on the nitrogen metabolism of bedouin goats maintained on different diets

Kaliner M.; Shelhamer J.H.; Ottesen E.A., 1982:
Effects of infused histamine correlation of plasma histamine levels and symptoms

Summers R.; Sigler R.; Shelhamer J.H.; Kaliner M., 1981:
Effects of infused histamine on asthmatic and normal subjects comparison of skin test responses

Phillip L.E.; Buchanan Smith J.G.; Grovum W.L., 1981:
Effects of infusing the rumen with acetic acid and nitrogenous constituents in maize silage extracts on food intake ruminal osmolality and blood acid base balance in sheep

Okies, J.E.; Goodnight, S.H.; Litchford, B.; Connell, R.S.; Starr, A., 1977:
Effects of infusion of cardiotomy suction blood during extracorporeal circulation for coronary artery bypass surgery

Shatney, C.H.; Maccarter, D.J.; Lillehei, R.C., 1978:
Effects of infusion of dopamine and nitroprusside on size of experimental myo cardial infarct

Loridan, L.; Senior, B., 1970:
Effects of infusion of ketones in children with ketotic hypo glycemia

Fitzgerald B.F.; Cunningham F.J., 1983:
Effects of infusion of trh and dopamine either alone or in combination on plasma prolactin concentrations in the anestrous ewe

Rusby, A.A.; Forbes, J.M., 1987:
Effects of infusions of lysine, leucine and ammonium chloride into the hepatic portal vein of chickens on voluntary food intake

Allen V.G.; Robinson D.L.; Hembry F.G., 1984:
Effects of ingested aluminum sulfate on serum magnesium and the possible relationship to hypo magnesemic tetany

Peakall D.B.; Hallett D.; Miller D.S.; Butler R.G.; Kinter W.B., 1980:
Effects of ingested crude oil on black guillemots cepphus grylle a combined field and laboratory study

Chawla S.S.; Perron J.M.; Radouco Thomas C., 1981:
Effects of ingested ethanol in different strains of drosophila melanogaster

Chawla S.S.; Perron J M.; Radouco Thomas C., 1981:
Effects of ingested ethanol on adult drosophila melanogaster diptera drosophilidae

Cavanaugh K.P.; Holmes W.N., 1987:
Effects of ingested petroleum on the development of ovarian endocrine function in photostimulated mallard ducks anas platyrhynchos

Kubo I.; Klocke J.A.; Asano S., 1983:
Effects of ingested phyto ecdysteroids on the growth and development of 2 lepidopterous larvae

Ryan P.G., 1988:
Effects of ingested plastic on seabird feeding evidence from chickens

Elia M.; Livesey G., 1983 :
Effects of ingested steak and infused leucine on fore limb metabolism in man and the fate of the carbon skeletons and amino groups of branched chain amino acids

Davis J.M.; Burgess W.A.; Slentz C.A.; Bartoli W.P.; Pate R.R., 1988:
Effects of ingesting 6 percent and 12 percent glucose electrolyte beverages during prolonged intermittent cycling in the heat

Owen, M.D.; Kregel, K.C.; Wall, P.T.; Gisolfi, C.V., 1986:
Effects of ingesting carbohydrate beverages during exercise in the heat

Qamar, M.I.; Read, A.E., 1988:
Effects of ingestion of carbohydrate, fat, protein, and water on the mesenteric blood flow in man

Kobatake, Y., 1976:
Effects of ingestion of excess amounts of phenyl alanine on phenyl alanine metabolism part 4 some problems on the determination of liver phenyl alanine hydroxylase activity in rats dosed excess phenyl alanine

Clarke J.A.; Yermanos D.M., 1981:
Effects of ingestion of jojoba simmondsia chinensis oil on blood cholesterol levels and lipo protein patterns in new zealand white rabbits

Fisher D.J.; Bender M.E.; Roberts M.H.Jr, 1983:
Effects of ingestion of kepone contaminated food by juvenile blue crabs callinectes sapidus

A.H.kkak Z.S.; Zahid Z.R.; Ibrahim D.K.; A.J.maily I.S.; Bazzaz A.A., 1988:
Effects of ingestion of lead monoxide alloy on male mouse reproduction

Degen A.A.; Young B.A., 1984:
Effects of ingestion of warm cold and frozen water on heat balance in cattle

Kadan R.S.; Ziegler G.M.Jr, 1984:
Effects of ingredients on iron distribution in spray dried experimental soy beverage

Mann, D.L.; Morrison, W.R., 1975:
Effects of ingredients on the oxidation of linoleic acid by lip oxygenase in bread doughs

Sandell, J.; Parkki, M.G.; Marniemi, J.; Aitio, A., 1978:
Effects of inhalation and cutaneous exposure to styrene on drug metabolizing enzymes in the rat

Wright J.W.; Healy T.E.J.; Balfour T.W.; Hardcastle J.D., 1982:
Effects of inhalation anesthetic agents on the electrical and mechanical activity of the rat duodenum

Uchida, I.; Mashimo, T.; Yoshiya, I., 1987:
Effects of inhalation anesthetics, enflurane and isoflurane on the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve

Arima, T., 1984:
Effects of inhalation anesthetics on carotid body chemoreceptor activity

Katz J.; Leiman B.C.; Butler B.D., 1988:
Effects of inhalation anesthetics on filtration of venous gas emboli by the pulmonary vasculature

Springer D.L.; Miller R.A.; Weimer W.C.; Ragan H.A.; Buschbom R.L.; Mahlum D.D., 1986:
Effects of inhalation exposure to a high boiling 288 to 454 celsius coal liquid

Anger W.K.; Jordan M.K.; Lynch D.W., 1979:
Effects of inhalation exposures and intra peritoneal injections of methyl n amyl ketone on multiple fixed ratio fixed interval response rates in rats

Barry, B.E.; Miller, F.J.; Crapo, J.D., 1985:
Effects of inhalation of 0.12 and 0.25 parts per million ozone on the proximal alveolar region of juvenile and adult rats

Barry, B.E.; Mercer, R.R.; Miller, F.J.; Crapo, J.D., 1988:
Effects of inhalation of 0.25 ppm ozone on the terminal bronchioles of juvenile and adult rats

Macnee W.; Douglas N.J.; Sudlow M.F., 1982:
Effects of inhalation of beta sympathomimetic and atropine like drugs on airway caliber in normal subjects

Sherwood R.L.; O'shea W.; Thomas P.T.; Ratajczak H.V.; Aranyi C.; Graham J.A., 1987:
Effects of inhalation of ethylene dichloride on pulmonary defenses of mice and rats

Chelly, J.E.; Hysing, E.S.; Abernethy, D.R.; Doursout, M.F.; Merin, R.G., 1986:
Effects of inhalational anesthetics on verapamil pharmacokinetics in dogs

Mauderly J.L.; Muggenburg B.A.; Hahn F.F.; Boecker B.B., 1980:
Effects of inhaled cerium 144 on cardio pulmonary function and histo pathology of the dog

Potter C.L.; Gandolfi A.J.; Nagle R.; Clayton J.W., 1981:
Effects of inhaled chlorotrifluoro ethylene and hexa fluoro propene on the rat kidney

Pauluhn, J.; Machemer, L.; Kimmerle, G., 1987:
Effects of inhaled cholinesterase inhibitors on bronchial tonus and on plasma and erythrocyte acetylcholine esterase activity in rats

Lee K.P.; Ulrich C.E.; Geil R.G.; Trochimowicz H.J., 1988:
Effects of inhaled chromium dioxide dust on rats exposed for two years

Karagianes, M.T.; Palmer, R.F.; Busch, R.H., 1981:
Effects of inhaled diesel emissions and coal dust in rats

Bice, D.E.; Mauderly, J.L.; Jones, R.K.; McClellan, R.O., 1985:
Effects of inhaled diesel exhaust on immune responses after lung immunization

Carpentiere, G.; Marino, S.; Castello, F., 1983:
Effects of inhaled fenoterol on the circadian rhythm of expiratory flow in allergic bronchial asthma

Dousset J.C.; Rioufol C.; Philibert C.; Bourbon P., 1987:
Effects of inhaled hf on cholesterol carbohydrate and tricarboxylic acid metabolism in guinea pigs

Ophir, D.; Elad, Y.; Dolev, Z.; Geller-Bernstein, C., 1988:
Effects of inhaled humidified warm air on nasal patency and nasal symptoms in allergic rhinitis

Dousset J.C.; Rioufol C.; Feliste R.; Levy P.; Bourbon P., 1984:
Effects of inhaled hydrofluoric acid on lipid metabolism in guinea pigs

Dousset J.C.; Rioufol C.; Bourbon P.; Levy P.; Feliste R., 1986:
Effects of inhaled hydrogen fluoride on cholesterol metabolism in guinea pigs

Fish, J.E.; Peterman, V.I., 1979:
Effects of inhaled lidocaine on airway function in asthmatic subjects

Cuss F.M.; Dixon C.M.S.; Barnes P.J., 1986:
Effects of inhaled platelet activating factor on pulmonary function and bronchial responsiveness in man

Srivastava, R.K.; Vijayaraghavan, R.; Kumar, P.; Pant, S.C.; Sharma, S.K.; Sachan, A.S.; Kaushik, M.P., 1987:
Effects of inhaled sublethal concentration of methyl isocyanate on lung mechanics in rats

Koenig J.Q.; Pierson W.E.; Horike M.; Frank R., 1982:
Effects of inhaled sulfur di oxide on pulmonary function in healthy adolescents exposure to sulfur di oxide alone or sulfur di oxide and sodium chloride droplet aerosol during rest and exercise

Rossing, T.H.; Weiss, J.W.; Breslin, F.J.; Ingram, R.H.; McFadden, E.R., 1982:
Effects of inhaled sympathomimetics on obstructive response to respiratory heat loss

Jeremiah L.E., 1986:
Effects of inherent muscle quality differences upon the palatability and cooking properties of various fresh cured and processed pork products

Waugh, R.E., 1987:
Effects of inherited membrane abnormalities on the viscoelastic properties of erythrocyte membrane

Kotsuji K.; Winters S.J.; Keeping H.S.; Attardi B.; Oshima H.; Troen P., 1988:
Effects of inhibin from primate sertoli cells on fsh and luteinizing hormone release by perifused rat pituitary cells

Scheid P.; Siffert W., 1985:
Effects of inhibiting carbonic anhydrase on isometric contraction of frog rana esculenta skeletal muscle

Flaks, B.; Flaks, A.; Jones, H.; Milsom, A., 1983:
Effects of inhibiting hepato carcinogenesis on the early fine structural changes induced in rat hepatocytes by 3' methyl 4 dimethylamino azo benzene

Terawaki, Y.; Rownd, R.; Nakaya, R., 1974:
Effects of inhibition and restoration of protein synthesis on the replication of the R factor Rts1 in Proteus mirabilis

Nosek T.M., 1980:
Effects of inhibition and stimulation of sodium ion potassium ion active transport on the resting membrane input conductance of the guinea pig ventricle

Barton, R.N.; Little, R.A., 1978:
Effects of inhibition of adrenal steroidogenesis on compensation of fluid loss and on survival after limb ischemia in the rat

Furchgott, R.F.; Garcia, P.S., 1968:
Effects of inhibition of enz mono amine oxidase on the actions and interactions of norepinephrine cardio vasc tyramine cardio vasc and other drugs on guinea pig left atrium iproniazid pheniprazine reserpine paredrine amphetamine cocaine dopa alpha methyl norepinephrine alpha methyl dopa cardio vasc

Williams, R.S.; Harlan, W., 1987:
Effects of inhibition of mitochondrial protein synthesis in skeletal muscle

Aniento F.; Garcia Espana A.; Portoles M.; Alonso E.; Cabo J.R., 1988:
Effects of inhibition of ornithine aminotransferase or of general aminotransferases on urea and citrulline synthesis and on the levels of acetylglutamate in isolated rat hepatocytes

Bennett, F.I.; Alleyne, G.A.O., 1978:
Effects of inhibition of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec on ammonia production by the rat kidney

Crandall E.D.; Mathew S.J.; Fleischer R.S.; Winter H.I.; Bidani A., 1981:
Effects of inhibition of red blood cell bi carbonate ion chloride ion exchange on carbon di oxide excretion and downstream ph dis equilibrium in isolated rat lungs

Traganos, F.; Kimmel, M.; Bueti, C.; Darzynkiewicz, Z., 1987:
Effects of inhibition of RNA or protein synthesis on CHO cell cycle progression

Bosher S.K., 1980:
Effects of inhibition of the strial sodium potassium activated atpase by peri lymphatic ouabain in the guinea pig

de Herder, W.W.; Bonthuis, F.; Rutgers, M.; Otten, M.H.; Hazenberg, M.P.; Visser, T.J., 1988:
Effects of inhibition of type I iodothyronine deiodinase and phenol sulfotransferase on the biliary clearance of triiodothyronine in rats

Guenther G.; Baumann B.; Kloss J.; Balfanz J., 1979:
Effects of inhibitors and herbicides on net photosynthesis and photo respiration of sugar beet beta vulgaris and white lambsquarters chenopodium album

Foreman R.A.IIi; Ellington W.R., 1983:
Effects of inhibitors and substrate supplementation on anaerobic energy metabolism in the ventricle of the oyster crassostrea virginica

Dantzler W.H.; Bentley S.K., 1979:
Effects of inhibitors in lumen on p amino hippurate and urate transport by isolated renal tubules

Fujita N., 1986:
Effects of inhibitors of adp ribose transferase on cell proliferation and differentiation of leukemia cell line ml 1

Andersson P., 1982:
Effects of inhibitors of anaphylactic mediators in 2 models of bronchial anaphylaxis in anesthetized guinea pigs

Sasakawa N.; Yamamoto S.; Kato R., 1984:
Effects of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism on calcium uptake and catecholamine release in cultured adrenal chromaffin cells

Wallace J.L.; Whittle B.J.R., 1986:
Effects of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism on platelet activating factor induced gastric mucosal necrosis and hemoconcentration

Crutchley D.J., 1984:
Effects of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism on thromboplastin activity in human monocytes

Drewnowski, A.; Grinker, J.A.; Gruen, R.; Sullivan, A.C., 1985:
Effects of inhibitors of carbohydrate absorption or lipid metabolism on meal patterns of Zucker rats

Allen, J.F.; Whatley, F.R., 1978:
Effects of inhibitors of catalase on photosynthesis and on catalase activity in unwashed preparations of intact chloroplasts

Bluet-Pajot, M.T.; Schaub, C., 1978:
Effects of inhibitors of catecholamine synthesis and catecholamine agonists on morphine induced and hypo glycemia induced release of growth hormone in the rat

Tago K.; Warden D.H.; Schuster V.L.; Stokes J.B., 1986:
Effects of inhibitors of chloride conductance on chloride self exchange in rabbit cortical collecting tubule

Franklin, T.J.; Morris, W.P.; Loveday, B.E., 1982:
Effects of inhibitors of collagen maturation on hypertension in rats

Chataway T.K.; Barritt G.J., 1988:
Effects of inhibitors of diacylgycerol metabolism on protein kinase c mediated responses in hepatocytes

Hiramine, C.; Hojo, K., 1976:
Effects of inhibitors of dna and protein syntheses on mitogenic factor production by purified protein derivative stimulated guinea pig lymphocytes

Lee S.H.; Sartorelli A.C., 1981:
Effects of inhibitors of dna biosynthesis on the cyto toxicity of 6 thio guanine

Griffiths T.D.; Dahle D.B.; Meechan P.J.; Carpenter J.G., 1981:
Effects of inhibitors of dna synthesis and protein synthesis on the rate of dna synthesis after exposure of mammalian cells to uv light

Ishii Y.; Bender M.A., 1980:
Effects of inhibitors of dna synthesis on spontaneous and uv light induced sister chromatid exchanges in chinese hamster cells

Dunlop M.; Christanthou A.; Fletcher A.; Veroni M.; Woodman P.; Larkins R., 1984:
Effects of inhibitors of eicosanoid synthesis on insulin release by neonatal pancreatic islets

Rozet, E.G.; Panchenko, L.F.; Shuppe, N.G., 1975:
Effects of inhibitors of energetic metabolism on rna synthesis in a cell free system

Bulychev A.G.; Veselkina M.N., 1983:
Effects of inhibitors of energy metabolism and protein synthesis on neutral red segregation in frog rana temporaria erythrocytes

Dennis F.G.Jr; Archbold D.D.; Vecino C.O., 1983:
Effects of inhibitors of ethylene synthesis or action ga 4 plus 7 and benzylamino purine on fruit set of apple sour cherry and plum

Hohenegger, M.; Brechtelsbauer, H.; Finsterer, U.; Prucksunand, P., 1974:
Effects of inhibitors of fatty acid oxidation on renal function

Van Der Laan J.W.; Weick G.; Van Bleek G., 1985:
Effects of inhibitors of gamma aminobutyric acid transaminase on hole board exploration and on temperature relation with effects on quasi morphine abstinence behavior induced by sodium dipropylacetate

Bhat, N.R., 1988:
Effects of inhibitors of glycoprotein processing on oligodendroglial differentiation in primary cultures of embryonic rat brain cells

Schmidt, J.A.; Beug, H.; Hayman, M.J., 1985:
Effects of inhibitors of glycoprotein processing on the synthesis and biological activity of the erb B oncogene

Figueroa, H.R.; Hall, T.R.; Olcese, J.M.; De-Vlaming, V.L., 1981:
Effects of inhibitors of mono amine ec activity in goldfish carassius auratus brain in vitro

Sono A.; Sakaguchi K., 1979:
Effects of inhibitors of nucleic acid and protein synthesis on ethyl methanesulfonate induced sister chromatid exchanges in chinese hamster cells

Hirschberg, E.; Ceccarini, C.; Osnos, M.; Carchman, R., 1968:
Effects of inhibitors of nucleic acid and protein synthesis on growth and aggregation of the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Stoscheck C.M.; Erwin B.G.; Florini J.R.; Richman R.A.; Pegg A.E., 1982:
Effects of inhibitors of ornithine decarboxylase and s adenosyl methionine decarboxylase on l 6 myo blast proliferation

Chen, K.Y.; Nau, D.; Liu, A.Y.C., 1983:
Effects of inhibitors of ornithine decarboxylase ec on the differentiation of mouse neuro blastoma cells

Reich, R.; Thompson, E.W.; Iwamoto, Y.; Martin, G.R.; Deason, J.R.; Fuller, G.C.; Miskin, R., 1988:
Effects of inhibitors of plasminogen activator, serine proteinases, and collagenase IV on the invasion of basement membranes by metastatic cells

Leblondel G.; Allain P., 1979:
Effects of inhibitors of platelet aggregation on oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria in vitro

Käpyaho, K.; Sinervirta, R.; Jänne, J., 1985:
Effects of inhibitors of polyamine biosynthesis on the growth and melanogenesis of murine melanoma cells

Altsheler, P.; Klahr, S.; Rosenbaum, R.; Slatopolsky, E., 1978:
Effects of inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis on renal sodium excretion in normal dogs and dogs with decreased renal mass

Indacochea-Redmond, N.; Witschi, H.; Plaa, G.L., 1974:
Effects of inhibitors of protein and rna synthesis on alpha naphthyl iso thio cyanate induced hyper bilirubinemia sulfobromophthalein retention and prolongation of pento barbital hypnosis

Scornik, O.A., 1984:
Effects of inhibitors of protein degradation on the rate of protein synthesis in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Gomez, R.F.; Blais, K.D.; Herrero, A.; Sinskey, A.J., 1976:
Effects of inhibitors of protein rna and dna synthesis on heat injured salmonella typhimurium strain lt 2

Uezu E.; Sano A.; Matsumoto J., 1981:
Effects of inhibitors of protein synthesis on sleep in rats

Johnson, L.B.; Niblett, C.L.; Lee, R.F., 1976:
Effects of inhibitors of rna and protein synthesis on aspartate trans carbamylase ec activity in etiolated plant tissue

Blitzer B.L.; Ratoosh S.L.; Donovan C.B.; Boyer J.L., 1982:
Effects of inhibitors of sodium coupled ion transport on bile acid uptake by isolated rat hepatocytes

Reinach, P.S.; Schoen, H.F.; Candia, O.A., 1977:
Effects of inhibitors of sodium ion and chloride ion transport on oxygen consumption in the bull frog cornea

Brosemer R.W., 1985:
Effects of inhibitors of sodium potassium atpase on the membrane potentials and neurotransmitter efflux in rat brain slices

Berger, T.; Lemmer, B., 1976:
Effects of inhibitors of the catecholamine synthesis on motor activity in the rat during light and darkness

Shimura H.; Umeno Y.; Kimura G., 1987:
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Effects of inhibitors on nitrification in a packed bed biological flow reactor

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Effects of inhibitors on the activity of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase in the mouse oocytes

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Effects of inhibitors on the enzyme system producing 6 carbon aldehydes from 18 carbon unsaturated fatty acids in chloroplasts of japanese silver farfugium japonicum leaves

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Effects of inhibitors on the oxygen kinetics of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

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Effects of inhibitors on the plasma membrane and mitochondrial atpase of neurospora crassa

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Effects of initial and maintenance phosphorus levels on the establishment of 4 legumes over sown into setaria anceps swards

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Effects of initial clover seeding rate and length of ley on pasture production soil nitrogen and crop yields in a ley farming system

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Effects of initial conditions on monte carlo estimates of bias in estimating functional relationships

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Effects of initial harvest date on dry matter yield in vitro dry matter digestibility and protein in timothy phleum pratense tall fescue festuca arundinacea reed canary grass phalaris arundinacea and kentucky blue grass poa pratensis

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Effects of initial litter accumulation and climate on litter disappearance in a desert ecosystem

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Effects of Initial Nematode Density on Population Dynamics of Globodera rostochiensis on Resistant and Susceptible Potatoes

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Effects of initial oxygen stress treatments in low oxygen modified atmosphere storage of apples malus domestica cultivar granny smith

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Effects of initial ph values of the medium on the growth of streptococcus lactis and nisin biosynthesis

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Effects of initial population densities of heterodera schachtii on yield of cabbage and table beets in new york state usa

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Effects of initial sample temperature pre incubation time product volume and container on a modified methylene blue keeping quality test

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Effects of initial set and carbaryl treatment on final fruit set on cultivar greensleeves apple malus domestica

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Effects of initial soil calcium content on ammonia losses from surface applied urea and calcium urea

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Effects of initial watering on nodulation of lupines lupinus luteus

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Effects of injectable famphur on young Brahman and Angus cattle

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Effects of injected beta ecdysone on the green shore crab carcinus maenas

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Effects of injected iron and siderophores on infections in normal and immune mice

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Effects of injecting brush border antigen on Heymann nephritis

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Effects of injecting exogenous lipid transfer protein into rats

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Effects of injection of calcium and ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n n tetra acetic acid into the outer segments of retinal rods of bufo marinus

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Effects of injection of peroxidized fish oils on activities of liver microsomal enzymes and on membrane fluidity in the rat influence of overloading in tocopherol

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Effects of injection time of pregnant mare's serum and gonadotropin and individual rams on fertility of ewes in a trial of out of season breeding

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Effects of injection volume on the tissue dose dose rate and therapeutic potential of intra peritoneal phosphorus 32

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Effects of injections and or sub cutaneous implants of melatonin on pituitary and plasma levels of luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and prolactin in ovariectomized syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus

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Effects of injections of 17 alpha methyltestosterone on the external features and growth of juvenile sea bass dicentrarchus labrax

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Effects of injections of ecdysterone on limb regeneration in helleria brevicornis terrestrial isopod

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Effects of injury and repair of the pulmonary endothelium on lung metastasis after bleomycin

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Effects of injury on the indoleamines in cerebral cortex

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Effects of inlet conditions when modeling stenoses using sudden expansions

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Effects of innervation by ciliary ganglia on developing muscle in vitro

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Effects of innervation on the distribution of acetylcholine receptors in regenerating skeletal muscles of adult chickens

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Effects of inoculation and fertilizer nitrogen levels on nitrogen fixation and yields of soybeans glycine max in ontario canada

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Effects of inoculation and nitrogen fertilizer on soybean in sierra leone

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Effects of inoculation and pollination on smut development in near isogenic lines of pearl millet

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Effects of inoculation methods on the incidence of earcockle and tundu on wheat under field conditions

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Effects of inoculation nitrogen molybdenum and mulch on soybean in sierra leone

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Effects of inoculation on nodulation growth and nitrogen accumulation by seedling year alfalfa medicago media in three subarctic soils

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Effects of inoculation treatment with fusarium moniliforme var subglutinans on dieback of loblolly and slash pine seedlings

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Effects of inoculation with four strains of azospirillum brasilense on productivity characters of a durum wheat triticum durum desf variety

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Effects of inoculation with septoria nodorum on yield components of spring wheat

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Effects of inoculation with strains of rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli on the yield and nitrogen content of the bean phaseolus vulgaris

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Effects of inoculum burial temperature and soil moisture on survival of cylindrocladium crotalariae micro sclerotia in north carolina usa

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Effects of inoculum concentration and temperature on anthracnose severity in alfalfa medicago sativa

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Effects of inoculum concentration on the apparent resistance of watermelons citrullus lanatus to fusarium oxysporum f sp niveum

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Effects of inoculum densities of fusarium oxysporum f sp apii in organic soil on disease expression in celery

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Effects of inoculum density and placement on fusarium root rot of peas

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Effects of inoculum density and position in inoculation with fusarium oxysporum f sp lagenariae on the sudden wilt of watermelon grafted to bottle gourd

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Effects of inoculum density zeatin and sucrose on anthocyanin accumulation in a carrot daucus carota suspension culture

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Effects of inoculum level of rhizoctonia solani on emergence plant development and yield of dry beans phaseolus vulgaris

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Effects of inoculum level on kinetics of alcoholic fermentation

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Effects of inoculum size on ethanol inhibition modeling and other fermentation parameters

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Effects of inoculum size on the activity of carboxypenicillins and ureidopenicillins and effects of combinations of ureidopenicillins with aminoglycosides against resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Effects of inorganic metal toxicity on biochemical oxygen demand and methods for the estimation of biochemical oxygen demand parameters

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Effects of inorganic nutrients on microbial leaf decomposition and mitigation of chemical perturbation

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Effects of inorganic phosphates and sodium hydroxide on the cooked cured color ph and emulsion stability of reduced sodium and conventional meat emulsions

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Effects of inorganic phosphorus and nitrogen on the growth of an estuarine cladophora in culture

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Effects of inorganic salts carbonate bi carbonate anions ammonia and the modifying influence of ph on sclerotial germination of sclerotium rolfsii

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Effects of inorganic salts on tissue permeability

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Effects of inosine on the transmembrane potential and contractility of hypoxic cardiac muscle

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Effects of inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate injections into salamander ambystoma tigrinum rods

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Effects of inositol hexa phosphate on the bohr effect induced by carbon di oxide and fixed acids in chicken hemo globin

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Effects of inotropic agents on arterial resistance and venous compliance in anesthetized dogs

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Effects of inotropic agents on isolated guinea pig heart under conditions that modify calcium pools involved in contractile activation

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Effects of inotropic and chronotropic stimuli on acute myo cardial ischemic injury 3. influence of basal heart rate

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Effects of input order and category cues on serial recall

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Effects of insect defoliation on growth and foliar nutrients of young balsam fir abies balsamea

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Effects of insect growth regulator gnaticide for the control of pests of cultivated mushrooms

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Effects of insect growth regulator on the fecundity and hatchability of eggs of the red cotton bug dysdercus cingulatus heteroptera pyrrhocoridae in 2 generations

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Effects of insect growth regulators on the tobacco cutworm spodoptera litura rectal prolapse

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Effects of insect growth regulators on the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae 1. lethal effects of last instar treatments

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Effects of insect growth regulators on the western spruce budworm choristoneura tortricidae 2. fecundity and fertility reduction following last instar treatments

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Effects of insect growth regulatory benzimidazole derivatives on cultured integument of the rice stem borer and mitochondria from rat liver

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Effects of insect injury of the small pine sawfly gilpinia pallida on scotch pine stands pinus silvestris

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Effects of insecticide resistance on biotic potential of the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae

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Effects of insecticides and gamma aminobutyric acid ergic agents on a house fly sulfur 35 tert butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding site

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Effects of insecticides applied in the field on incidence of aphid borne viruses in cultivated strawberry

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Effects of insecticides applied to potting media on oenonogastra microrhopalae parasitization of liriomyza trifolii

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Effects of insecticides on acetylene reduction by azotobacter vinelandii and soybean nodules

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Effects of insecticides on cultures of insect cells

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Effects of insecticides on emergence survival longevity and fecundity of the parasitoid diaeretiella rapae hymenoptera aphidiidae from mummified myzus persicae homoptera aphididae

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Effects of insecticides on enzyme activities in soil environment

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Effects of insecticides on gamma aminobutyric acid induced chloride influx into rat brain microsacs

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Effects of insecticides on nilaparvata lugens and its predators spiders microvelia atrolineata and cyrtorhinus lividipennis

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Effects of insecticides on pediobius foveolatus hymenoptera eulophidae a parasitoid of the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis coleoptera coccinellidae

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Effects of insecticides on populations of micro flora nitrification and respiration in soil

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Effects of insecticides on populations of the vegetable leaf miner liriomyza sativae and associated parasites on fall pole tomatoes

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Effects of insecticides on populations of the vegetable leaf miner liriomyza sativae and associated parasites on summer pole tomatoes

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Effects of insecticides on the rice gall midge orseolia oryzae and its parasite platygaster oryzae

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Effects of insecticides on thermotropic lipid phase transitions

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Effects of insecticides upon the epigean predatory arthropods in cereal fields especially the ground beetles coleoptera carabidae 2

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Effects of insecticides upon the terrestrial predaceous arthropods in cereal fields especially the ground beetles coleoptera carabidae

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Effects of insects seeding rate and insecticide seed dressing on white clover trifolium repens cultivar grasslands huia and maku lotus lotus pedunculatus cultivar grasslands maku in tussock grassland

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Effects of insemination on the initiation of oviposition in the queen honey bee apis mellifera

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Effects of inserting 8 amino acid residues into the major lipo protein on its assembly in the outer membrane of escherichia coli

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Effects of insolation on juvenile herring gull larus argentatus energetics and behavior

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Effects of insoles in Coast Guard basic training footwear

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Effects of insoluble grit on the productive performance of 10 white leghorn strains

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Effects of insoluble solids added to clarified musts on fermentation rate wine composition and wine quality

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Effects of inspiration, expiration, and apnea upon pacemaking and block in atrial fibrillation

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Effects of inspiratory flow pattern on gas exchange in normal and abnormal lungs

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Effects of inspiratory loading on respiratory muscle activity during expiration

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Effects of inspired oxygen on echo cardiographic assessment of pulmonary vascular resistance and myo cardial contractility in broncho pulmonary dysplasia

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Effects of inst gamma irradiation on soil aggregate stability

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Effects of inst uv irradiation mutagen on the transforming and plaque forming capacities of simian adenovirus sa7 monkey kidney cells hamster embryo cells

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Effects of instability on fracture healing in the rat

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Effects of instant pauchong tea catechin and caffeine on serum cholesterol and serum low density lipoprotein in mice

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Effects of institutional therapy for children with intractable asthma on the course of the disease after discharge

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Effects of institutionalization upon residents of extended care facilities

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Effects of instream structures on salmonid habitat and populations in tobe creek oregon usa

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Effects of instructing subjects to pretend forgetting on disorganized recall

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Effects of instruction on elementary age students' productive thinking

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Effects of instructional set and personality variables on the use of touching

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