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Effects of lasalocid and monensin in combination with roxarsone on lesion reduction and oocyst suppression in chicks infected with Eimeria tenella field isolates

Mitrovic, M.; Schildknecht, E.; Trainor, C.

Poultry Science 56(3): 979-984


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 605069
DOI: 10.3382/ps.0560979
Accession: 005311380

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The anticoccidial activity of lasalocid, monensin, and roxarsone, alone and in combination, was evaluated against eleven Eimeria tenella recent field isolates. Lasalocid was used at 0.0075. 0.01, and 0.0125% activity drug in feed; monensin at 0.0099 and 0.0121%; and roxarsone at 0.005%. Further studies with lasalocid 0.0075%, monensin 0.0099% and roxarsone 0.005 and 0.0025% combinations were carried out against three E. tenella field isolates selected from the aforementioned strains. Lasalocid and monensin each exhibited a high degree of anticoccidial activity at all concentrations tested. Lasalocid and monensin fed in combination with roxarsone showed, in addition to high anticoccidial activity a further reduction in gross lesions and oocysts production, more pronounced at 0.005% level of roxarsone than at 0.0025%, compared to either medication alone or the roxarsone combinations. These positive effects were noted with all strains tested. The practical aspects of these findings are discussed.

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