Effects of norepinephrine and di butyryl cyclic amp on the ultrastructure of pineal cells in mono layer culture

Steinberg, V.; Rowe, V.; Watanabe, I.; Parr, J.

Cell and Tissue Research 216(1): 181-192


ISSN/ISBN: 0302-766X
Accession: 005316820

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To determine how neural influences control the function of the pineal gland, morphological and biochemical relationships after pharmacological treatment were studied in rat pineal cells in monolayer cultures. Norepinephrine (NE) and dibutyryl cAMP (dBcAMP) treatment of cells that had been in culture for 5 and 21 days produced a stimulation in the enzyme activity of serotonin N-acetyl transferase, an enzyme important in indole synthesis. NE and dBcAMP also produced morphological changes which were dependent on the time of cells in culture. When 5 day cultures were treated with NE and dBcAMP, light and dark cells were noted and endoplasmic reticulum increased and became more organized. Only dBcAMP treatment at 5 days produced an increase in dense granules and an elongation of cytoplasmic processes. Treatment of 21 day cultures with dBcAMP also produced an increase in cytoplasmic processes while treatment with NE produced an increase in the synaptic ribbons and clear vesicles within the processes.