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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5320

Chapter 5320 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamaguchi, T.; Koga, M.; Fujita, Y.; Kimoto, E., 1982: Effects of pH on membrane fluidity of human erythrocytes

O'beirne, D., 1986: Effects of ph on nonenzymic browning during storage in apple juice concentrate prepared from cultivar bramley's seedling apples

Lorkovic H., 1979: Effects of ph on potassium de polarization and contracture in frog muscles

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Philipson K.D.; Bersohn M.M.; Nishimoto A.Y., 1982: Effects of ph on sodium calcium exchange in canine cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles

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Pocker, Y.; Deits, T.L., 1982: Effects of ph on the anionic inhibition of carbonic anhydrase ec activities

Fiance, S.B., 1978: Effects of ph on the biology and distribution of ephemerella funeralis ephemeroptera

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Suorsa K.E.; Fisher S.W., 1986: Effects of ph on the environmental fate of carbon 14 aldicarb in an aquatic microcosm

Iwamatsu T., 1984: Effects of ph on the fertilization response of the medaka oryzias latipes egg

Rao, C.S.; Day, E.J.; Chen, T.C., 1977: Effects of ph on the flavor volatiles of poultry meat during cooking

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Moore, V.G.; Kaiser, I.I., 1977: Effects of ph on the properties of normal and 5 fluoro uracil containing transfer rna

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Fisher S.W., 1985: Effects of ph on the toxicity and uptake of carbon 14 lindane in the midge chironomus riparius

Elwood W.K.; Smith S.D.; Mckean H.E., 1986: Effects of ph on the zeta potentials of bone in vitro

Michnowicz C.J.; Weaks T.E., 1984: Effects of ph on toxicity of arsenic chromium copper nickel and zinc to selenastrum capricornutum

Tevethia, M.J.; Mandel, M., 1971: Effects of ph on transformation of bacillus subtilis with single stranded dna

Conrado L.L.; Shanahan R.; Einsinger W., 1980: Effects of ph osmolarity and oxygen on solution uptake by cut rose flowers rosa hybrida cultivars cara mia and white satin

Toetz D.W., 1981: Effects of ph phosphate and ammonia on the rate of uptake of nitrate and ammonia by fresh water phyto plankton

Vickers, J.C.; Zak, J.M., 1978: Effects of ph phosphorus and aluminum on the growth and chemical composition of crown vetch

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Senesi, N.; Schnitzer, M., 1977: Effects of ph reaction time chemical reduction and irradiation on esr spectra of fulvic acid

Hickey, C.S.; Johnson, M.G., 1981: Effects of pH shifts, bile salts, and glucose on sporulation of Clostridium perfringens NCTC 8798

Lee M.S.; Choi J.D.; Chang D.S., 1983: Effects of ph sodium chloride and potassium sorbate on the germination of bacillus cereus spores in cooked rice homogenate

Rouseff R.L.; Ting S.V., 1985: Effects of ph storage time and temperature on the tin content of single strength canned grapefruit juice

Sims C.A.; Morris J.R., 1984: Effects of ph sulfur di oxide storage time and temperature on the color and stability of red muscadine grape vitis rotundifolia wine

Rodriguez-Del Valle, N.; Rosario, M.; Torres-Blasini, G., 1983: Effects of pH, temperature, aeration and carbon source on the development of the mycelial or yeast forms of Sporothrix schenckii from conidia

Meltzer, S.; Berman, M.C., 1984: Effects of pH, temperature, and calcium concentration on the stoichiometry of the calcium pump of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Permyakov E.A.; Kreimer D.I., 1986: Effects of ph temperature and calcium content on the conformation of alpha lactalbumin in a medium modelling physiological conditions

Jonsson, A.C.; Nilsson, S., 1979: Effects of ph temperature and copper ion on the activity of dopamine beta hydroxylase ec from the chromaffin tissue of the cod gadus morhua

Boone, D.R.; Xun, L., 1987: Effects of pH, Temperature, and Nutrients on Propionate Degradation by a Methanogenic Enrichment Culture

Islam N.M.; Motohiro T.; Itakura T., 1985: Effects of ph temperature metal ions and organic matters on the bactericidal action of clupeine sulfate

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Fisher S.W., 1985: Effects of ph upon the environmental fate of carbon 14 fenitrothion in an aquatic microcosm

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Chen C C.; Chen S D.; Chen J J.; W.C.M., 1984: Effects of ph value on the formation of volatiles of shiitake lentinus edodes an edible mushroom

Onodera M.; Tsunoda Y., 1988: Effects of pha and an atmosphere of culture system on the viability of one or two blastomeres from the 8 or 16 cell embryo aggregated with parthenogenone in the mouse

Greer G.G., 1988: Effects of phage concentration bacterial density and temperature on phage control of beef spoilage

Basu I.; Hegeman S.E.; Beck L.V., 1986: Effects of phagocytized substances in insulin secretion in mice

White, R.; Kuhn, C., 1980: Effects of phagocytosis of mineral dusts on elastase secretion by alveolar and peritoneal exudative macrophages

Steinberg, T.H.; Hand, W.L., 1984: Effects of phagocytosis on antibiotic and nucleoside uptake by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Schimassek, H.; Jeckel, D., 1978: Effects of phalloidin in liver cells: binding, morphological changes, and elimination

Cognard C.; Nyambi G.E.; Potreau D.; Raymond G., 1985: Effects of phalloidin on electrical and mechanical activity of frog muscle fibers

Kawarabayashi K.; Hashimoto K.; Tatsumi N., 1986: Effects of phalloidin on platelet release

Babitch J.A.; Gage F.H.; Valdes J.J., 1979: Effects of phalloidin on potassium ion dependent calcium ion independent neuro transmitter efflux and potassium ion facilitated calcium ion dependent neuro transmitter release

Peele, E.R.; Singleton, F.L.; Deming, J.W.; Cavari, B.; Colwell, R.R., 1981: Effects of pharmaceutical wastes on microbial populations in surface waters at the puerto rico dump site in the atlantic ocean

Cusson J.R.; D.S.uich P.; Hamet P.; Schiffrin E.L.; Kuchel O.; Tremblay J.; Cantin M.; Genest J.; Larochelle P., 1988: Effects of pharmacokinetics of bolus injections of atrial natriuretic factor in normal volunteers

Smith, R.M.; Parker, B.M.; Oliver, G.C., 1970: Effects of pharmacologic agents on human and canine pulmonary veins

Boyden, P.A., 1986: Effects of pharmacologic agents on induced atrial flutter in dogs with right atrial enlargement

Ackerman, N.R.; Beebe, J.R., 1975: Effects of pharmacologic agents on release of lysosomal enzymes from alveolar mononuclear cells

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Christensen C.M.; Navazesh M.; Brightman V.J., 1984: Effects of pharmacologic reductions in salivary flow on taste thresholds in man

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Reddel, R.R.; Sutherland, R.L., 1987: Effects of pharmacological concentrations of estrogens on proliferation and cell cycle kinetics of human breast cancer cell lines in vitro

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Diekhoff, G.M., 1977: Effects of phase of respiration on galvanic skin response detection

Uvelius, B.; Hellstrand, P., 1980: Effects of phasic and tonic activation on contraction dynamics in smooth muscle

Seegers A.J.M.; Jager L.P.; Van Noordwijk J., 1979: Effects of phenacetin paracetamol and caffeine on the erosive activity of acetyl salicylic acid in the rat stomach dose response relationships time course of erosion development and effects on acid secretion

Medvedev, O.S.; Stepochkina, N.A., 1975: Effects of phenamine and gutimine on adaptive arterial pressure changes arising during skeletal muscle contraction

Willis, C.B.; Thompson, L.S., 1979: Effects of Phenamiphos, Methyl Bromide, and Fallowing on Pratylenchus Penetrans, Yield of Medicago sativa, and Fusarium Infections

Bowyer, J.F.; Spuhler, K.P.; Weiner, N., 1984: Effects of phencyclidine, amphetamine and related compounds on dopamine release from and uptake into striatal synaptosomes

Amir A.; Fuchs P.; Gamliel A.; Reis M.; Shainberg A., 1985: Effects of phencyclidine and analog drugs on acetylcholine receptor of cultured muscle cells

Wenger G.R., 1980: Effects of phencyclidine and ketamine in pigeons on behavior suppressed by brief electrical shocks

Byrd L.D., 1987: Effects of phencyclidine and ketamine on cardiovascular activity and temperature in the squirrel monkey

Chait L.D.; Wenger G.R.; Mcmillan D.E., 1981: Effects of phencyclidine and ketamine on punished and unpunished responding by pigeons

Fessler R.G.; Sturgeon R.D.; Meltzer H.Y., 1980: Effects of phencyclidine and methylphenidate on dextro amphetamine induced behaviors in reserpine pre treated rats

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Nabeshima T.; Hiramatsu M.; Furukawa H.; Kameyama T., 1985: Effects of phencyclidine in combination with morphine on the levels of methionine enkephalin dopamine 3 4 dihydroxyphenylacetic acid and homovanillic acid in discrete brain areas of mice

Johnson K.M.; Snell L.D., 1985: Effects of phencyclidine like drugs on turning behavior tritiated dopamine uptake and tritiated phencyclidine binding

Leander J.D., 1987: Effects of phencyclidine like drugs on urine output of normally hydrated rats

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Tyler C.B.; Miczek K.A., 1982: Effects of phencyclidine on aggressive behavior in mice

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Vickroy T.W.; Johnson K.M., 1983: Effects of phencyclidine on the release and synthesis of newly formed dopamine

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Murooka Y.; Harada T., 1981: Effects of phenethyl alcohol and procaine on the synthesis of cellular aryl sulfatase and tyramine oxidase in klebsiella aerogenes

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Galindo J., 1982: Effects of phenethylamine on spinal cord reflex activity of the frog

Shiohara E.; Tsukada M.; Yamazaki H.; Nishiguchi K.; Saladin R.; Nakanishi S., 1980: Effects of pheno barbital 3 methyl cholanthrene and allyl iso propyl acetamide in vivo treatments on the activity of aldehyde dehydrogenases in the sub mitochondrial fractions of rat liver

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Barone C.; Gentiloni N.; Bartoloni C.; Gambassi G.; Terranova T., 1979: Effects of pheno barbital and 3 methyl cholanthrene treatment on microsomes of morris hepatoma 3924 a tumor bearing and normal rat liver

Arvela P.; Reinila M.; Pelkonen O., 1981: Effects of pheno barbital and beta naphtho flavone on cerium induced biochemical changes in rat serum

Hales B.F.; Jain R., 1980: Effects of pheno barbital and beta naphtho flavone on the activation of cyclo phosphamide to mutagenic metabolites in vitro by liver and kidney from male and female rats

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Nordstrom, C.H.; Rehncrona, S.; Siesjo, B.K., 1978: Effects of pheno barbital in cerebral ischemia part 2 restitution of cerebral energy state as well as of glycolytic metabolites citric acid cycle intermediates and associated amino acids after pronounced incomplete ischemia

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Bradwejn J.; D.M.ntigny C., 1985: Effects of pk 8165 2 phenyl 4 2 piperidinylethylguinoline a partial benzodiazepine receptor agonist on cholecystokinin induced activation of hippocampal pyramidal neurons a microiontophoretic study in the rat

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Gupta, G.S.; Kinsky, R.G.; Voisin, G.A., 1987: Effects of placental glycoproteins on alloantibody formation, graft versus host reactivity and mixed lymphocyte reaction

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