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Effects of raising medium and seedling age on the growth and yield in hot pepper capsicum annuum

Kim, K.Y.; Park, S.K.; Lim, S.C.; Chung, J.H.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development 26(HORTIC): 24-31


Accession: 005322741

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The effect of different raising media on the growth of seedlings and yield in hot pepper was studied. Three kinds of raising media, such as conventional, Bunong No. 5 and Jiffy.sbd.7 were used with 4 different treatment of nursing durations 80, 70, 60 and 50 days, respectively. The best growing of hot pepper seedlings was shown in conventional medium among 3 kinds of media. Nutritional deficiency occurred in Jiffy.sbd.7 in 50 days after sowing. T/R [top/root] ratio, ratio of leaf weight to stem weight, photosynthetic activity and root respiration were higher in younger seedlings than older seedlings, but root density was increased according to the seedling age. The suitable duration for growing seedlings of hot pepper differs due to the raising medium, such as 50-60 days in Bunong No. 5 and Jiffy.sbd.7 and 70-80 days in conventional medium.

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