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Effects of single and combined treatments of gamma rays and ethyl methanesulfonate on 2nd mutant generation quantitative variation in vicia faba

Abdalla, M.M.F.; Hussein, H.A.S.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenzuechtung 78(1): 57-64


Accession: 005325288

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Most of the vegetative and generative characters showed positive or negative shifts in their means. The amount of M2 [2nd mutant generation] variation measured by the coefficient of variation was mostly increased or decreased. Combinations of .gamma.-rays and EMS resulted in an increase in M2 variation surpassing the variation expected from average additivity of effects of both mutagens. An interaction is assumed in their mutagenic effects. Amajor-type mutant had recovered from an equina-type variety. The results are discussed in relation to induced mutations, field bean breeding and evolution.

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