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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5328

Chapter 5328 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Foulkes, J.; Chamberlain, G., 1985:
Effects of sterilization on menstruation

Echaubard M.; S., 1981:
Effects of sterilizing agents hempa and x rays on the carbohydrate content in the ovarian and adipose tissues of the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae

Larue J P.; Morfin R.F., 1984:
Effects of steroid androgens on the uptake and distribution of zinc in slices from human prostates

Tojo H.; Huston T.M., 1981:
Effects of steroid blockers on luteinizing hormone induced ovulation in the domestic fowl gallus domesticus

Wakabayashi, Y.; Takaku, F., 1981:
Effects of steroid hormone and mitomycin C on normal human peripheral lymphocyte colony growth in vitro

Imaizumi, K.; Obara, Y.; Miyashita, H.; Sase, Y.; Murata, Y.; Tamada, Y., 1975:
Effects of steroid hormone on the transparency of the rabbit lens

Izbicki J.R.; Schmitz R.; Hoppen H.O.; Izbicki W.; Troidl H., 1984:
Effects of steroid hormone therapy on primarily xenotransplanted human colorectal adenocarcinomas

Jung-Testas, I.; Baulieu, E.E., 1985:
Effects of steroid hormones and antihormones in cultured cells

Holinka, C.F.; Hata, H.; Kuramoto, H.; Gurpide, E., 1986:
Effects of steroid hormones and antisteroids on alkaline phosphatase activity in human endometrial cancer cells (Ishikawa line)

Pfeiffer W.; Walz U.; Wolf R.; Mangold Wernado U., 1985:
Effects of steroid hormones and other substances on alarm substance cells and mucous cells in the epidermis of the european minnow phoxinus phoxinus and other ostariophysi pisces

Watanabe, H.K.; Matsui, M., 1984:
Effects of steroid hormones and xenobiotics on the pubertal development of udp glucuronosyltransferase ec activities toward androsterone and 4 nitrophenol in wistar rats

Colby H.D.; Marquess M.L.; Johnson P.B.; Pope M.R., 1980:
Effects of steroid hormones in vitro on adrenal xenobiotic metabolism in the guinea pig

Khatim M.S.; Mahmood H.A.; Gumaa K.A.; Hellerstrom C., 1984:
Effects of steroid hormones on dna synthesis and insulin production of isolated fetal rat pancreatic islets in tissue culture

Lysko, P.G.; Morse, S.A., 1980:
Effects of steroid hormones on Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Penefsky Z.J.; Scott W.N., 1981:
Effects of steroid hormones on seasonally altered toad bufo marinus myo cardium

Tsujimoto, M.; Adachi, H., 1988:
Effects of steroid hormones on the cytotoxic activity of tumor necrosis factor

Nakamura, M.; Nakanishi, S.; Sueoka, S.; Imura, H.; Numa, S., 1978:
Effects of steroid hormones on the level of acth messenger rna activity in cultured mouse pituitary tumor cells

Yoshikawa, H.; Oguri, M., 1978:
Effects of steroid hormones on the sex differentiation in a cichlid fish tilapia zillii

Chung K.C., 1986:
Effects of steroid instillation on the capsules around miniature breast implants in rabbits

Yoshimoto, J.; Matsumura, Y.; Tanahashi, T.; Ohmori, H.; Tokiwa, T.; Sato, J., 1982:
Effects of steroid sex hormones and adriamycin on human bladder cancer cells in culture

Jordanov, J.; Angelova, P., 1984:
Effects of steroid sex hormones on chick embryo gonads in organ culture, with special reference to hormonal control of gonadal sex differentiation

Scano G.; Molino Lova R.; Stendardi L., 1981:
Effects of steroid therapy on diffuse fibrosing alveolitis

Young, R.S.; Bui, T.; Yagel, S.K.; Towfighi, J., 1984:
Effects of steroidal and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents in neonatal endotoxemia

Jung S J.; Suh M J., 1985:
Effects of steroidal carbamate derivatives on the aflatoxin productivity by aspergillus flavus

Mahler, H.R.; Baylor, M.B., 1967:
Effects of steroidal diamines on dna duplication and mutagenesis phage irehdiamine a mutagen malouetine mutagen

Jones, T.; Roddick, J.G., 1977:
Effects of steroidal estrogens and gibberellic acid on stem elongation in tall and dwarf cultivars of pisum sativum

Young, C.E.; Rogers, L.J., 1978:
Effects of steroidal hormones on sexual, attack, and search behavior in the isolated male chick

Chiras, D.D.; Greenwald, G.S., 1978:
Effects of steroids and gonadotropins on follicular development in the hypophysectomized hamster

Masci G.; Loscalzo G.; Muratori M.; Rizzi N.; Marchioni C.F., 1987:
Effects of steroids and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs on tracheo bronchial hypersecretion

Habibi H.R.; Ince B.W., 1983:
Effects of steroids and sex reversal on intestinal absorption of l carbon 14 labeled leucine in vivo in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Sower S.A.; Schreck C.B.; Evenson M., 1983:
Effects of steroids and steroid antagonists on growth gonadal development and rna dna ratios in juvenile steelhead trout salmo gairdneri

Peclaris G.M., 1980:
Effects of steroids on basal and gonadotropin releasing hormone induced luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone secretion by dispersed pituitary cells of immature female lambs

Khalid B.A.K.; Gyorki S.; Risbridger G.P.; Warne G.L.; Funder J.W., 1983:
Effects of steroids on fibroblasts identification of gluco corticoid regulated proteins by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Sidhu K.S.; Guraya S.S., 1979:
Effects of steroids on fructolysis index of buffalo bubalus bubalis spermatozoa

Powell, W.A.; Mitchell, B.F.; Challis, J.R., 1986:
Effects of steroids on progesterone output by explants of human chorion

Csaba, G.; Lantos, T.; Nagy, S.U.; Arányi, P.; Náray, A., 1978:
Effects of steroids on Tetrahymena

Cheng C.Y.; Boettcher B., 1981:
Effects of steroids on the in vitro forward migration of human spermatozoa

Kirkham M.B., 1981:
Effects of steroids on water relations and ion uptake of wheat triticum aestivum plants

Burden R.S.; Clark T.; Holloway P.J., 1987:
Effects of sterol biosynthesis inhibiting fungicides and plant growth regulators on the sterol composition of barley plants

Umeki S.; Nozawa Y., 1983:
Effects of sterol manipulation on microsomal desaturase activities in tetrahymena pyriformis with regard to thermal acclimation

Ivashkevich, S.P.; Apukhovskaia, L.I.; Vendt, V.P., 1981:
Effects of sterols having different chemical structure and squalene on osmotic resistance of erythrocytes

Bittman R.; Clejan S.; Jain M.K.; Deroo P.W.; Rosenthal A.F., 1981:
Effects of sterols on permeability and phase transitions of bi layers from phosphatidyl cholines lacking acyl groups

Arichi H.; Kimura Y.; Okuda H.; Baba K.; Kozawa M.; Arichi S., 1982:
Effects of stilbene components of the roots of polygonum cuspidatum on lipid metabolism

Kimura Y.; Okuda H.; Arichi S., 1985:
Effects of stilbene derivatives on arachidonate metabolism in leukocytes

Santos G.A.; Rossiello R.O.P.; Fernandes M.S.; O'grady P.C., 1981:
Effects of stillage on soil ph germination rate and potassium accumulation in corn zea mays

Diamond, J.; Blisard, K.S., 1976 :
Effects of stimulant and relaxant drugs on tension and cyclic nucleotide levels in canine femoral artery

Harris, R.A.; Snell, D.; Loh, H.H., 1978:
Effects of stimulants anorectics and related drugs on schedule controlled behavior

Chamberlin M.E.; Phillips J.E., 1988:
Effects of stimulants of electrogenic ion transport on cyclic amp and cyclic gmp levels in locust rectum

Porter P.M.; Banwart W.L.; Hassett J.J.; Finke R.L., 1987:
Effects of stimulated acid rain on yield response of two soybean cultivars

Dvorák, M.; Neumannová, M., 1986:
Effects of stimulated adrenocortical activity on the concentration of thyroxine and triiodothyronine in blood serum of piglets

Seferyan, E.S., 1975:
Effects of stimulating the caudal zones of the mesencephalic reticular formation on the postcruciate cortex in the cat

Cui R.; Chen J.; L.C.; Wang C.; Song C.; Zhu Y., 1987:
Effects of stimulating the central end of vagus on beta endorphin and dynorphin b contents in the central nervous system

Bantli, H.; Bloedel, J.R.; Anderson, G.; McRoberts, R.; Sandberg, E., 1978:
Effects of stimulating the cerebellar surface on the activity in penicillin foci

Bloom, S.R.; Edwards, A.V.; Garrett, J.R., 1987:
Effects of stimulating the sympathetic innervation in bursts on submandibular vascular and secretory function in cats

Zhang R.; E.A., 1987:
Effects of stimulating vpl on the nociceptive discharge of po nucleus evoked by the stimulation of splanchnic nerve in cat

Katerenchuk I.P., 1979:
Effects of stimulation and destruction of the amygdaloid nuclei on folliculogenesis in the ovary of infantile rats

Chen X L., 1987:
Effects of stimulation frequency calcium concentration and temperature on the force velocity relations of bullfrog atrial muscle

Browning, D.J.; Strauss, H.C., 1981:
Effects of stimulation frequency on potassium activity and cell volume in cardiac tissue

Kreshchuk, L.M., 1976:
Effects of stimulation of and injury to the corticomedial area of the amygdala on the testicles of albino rats with an intact hypophysis and after hypophysectomy

Ozaki, T., 1979:
Effects of stimulation of Auerbach's plexus on both longitudinal and circular muscles

Acker H.; O'regan R.G., 1981:
Effects of stimulation of autonomic nerves on carotid body blood flow in the cat

Luo H.; Wang Z A.; H.S.Y., 1987:
Effects of stimulation of carotid baroreceptor chemoreceptor on single unit activity of nucleus tractus solitarius in the cat

Matsunami, K.; Hamada, I., 1984:
Effects of stimulation of corpus callosum on precentral neuron activity in the awake monkey

Itina L.V.; Poznyak V.A., 1986:
Effects of stimulation of gastric afferent fibers of the vagus after vagotomy and brain anemia

Garg S.K.; Chhina G.S.; Singh B., 1983:
Effects of stimulation of hypothalamic feeding areas on endocrines and metabolism in normal and diabetic monkeys macaca mulatta

Chen P P.; Song X P.; Wang L Y.; Chai X S., 1988:
Effects of stimulation of hypothalamic supramammillary and medial preoptic area on plasma renin activity pra in rabbits

L.Z.L.; Jin Y Z.; Jin J G.; Quan F L.; Jin Y W., 1987:
Effects of stimulation of locus coeruleus on the electrical and mechanical activities of the stomach of rats

Wennergren, G.; Henriksson, B.A.; Weiss, L.G.; Oberg, B., 1976:
Effects of stimulation of nonmedullated cardiac afferents on renal water and sodium excretion

Zhu Y.; Chen J.; W.C.; L.C.; Liu Z.; Zhu H.; W.D.; H.G., 1982:
Effects of stimulation of nucleus caudatus putamen on the contents of enkephalins in different brain areas of rats

Wang, D.S.; Chang, H.Y.; Xie, Y.F.; Qiao, J.T., 1987:
Effects of stimulation of parafascicular and centromedian nuclei on nociceptive discharges of cortical somatosensory neurons in cats

Macron J.M.; Marlot D., 1986:
Effects of stimulation of phrenic afferent fibers on medullary respiratory neurons in cat

Tong Z Q.; Chen S C.; Zhang F T., 1985:
Effects of stimulation of rabbit caudate nucleus on units responsive to noxious stimuli in the parafascicular nucleus of thalamus

Quatrini, U.; Abbadessa-Urso, S.; Benigno, A.; Orlando, F., 1978:
Effects of stimulation of somato sensory trunks on the acid base balance glycemia and lact acidemia in the rabbit

Farber, B.L.; Kalishevskaya, T.M.; Ivleva, I.V., 1978:
Effects of stimulation of some hypothalamic nuclei on hemostatic regulation in hypophysectomized rats

Femano P.A.; Edinger H.M.; Siegel A., 1983:
Effects of stimulation of substantia innominata and sensory receiving areas of the fore brain upon the activity of neurons within the amygdala of the anesthetized cat

Mathiot M.J.; Fornaris E.; Chabrillat Y.; Brunet D.; Giacchero G.; Zwirn P., 1980:
Effects of stimulation of the bulbar pyramids on myo cardial contractility in the narcotized dog

Andersson, P.O.; Bloom, S.R.; Edwards, A.V.; Järhult, J., 1982:
Effects of stimulation of the chorda tympani in bursts on submaxillary responses in the cat

Tsumoto T.; Suda K., 1982:
Effects of stimulation of the dorsocaudal claustrum on activities of striate cortex neurons in the cat

West C.H.K.; Benjamin R.M., 1983:
Effects of stimulation of the mediodorsal nucleus and its projection cortex on heart rate in the rabbit

Sasaki, K.; Shimono, T.; Oka, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Matsuda, Y., 1976:
Effects of stimulation of the mid brain reticular formation upon thalamo cortical neurons responsible for cortical recruiting responses

Belmonte C.; Bartels S.P.; Liu J.H.K.; Neufeld A.H., 1987:
Effects of stimulation of the ocular sympathetic nerves on iop on aqueous humor flow

Siegfried, J.; Wieser, H.G., 1978:
Effects of stimulation of the peri aqueductal gray matter in man on spontaneous and evoked activity

Saphier, D.; Feldman, S., 1986:
Effects of stimulation of the preoptic area on hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus unit activity and corticosterone secretion in freely moving rats

Lenkov, D.N.; Seferyan, E.S., 1976:
Effects of stimulation of the rostral parts of the mid brain reticular formation on the sensori motor cortex in cats

Lee, Z.L., 1982:
Effects of stimulation of the satiety and feeding centers on gastric, cecal and rectal motility in the rat

Block C.H.; Siegel A.; Edinger H.M., 1980:
Effects of stimulation of the substantia innominata upon attack behavior elicited from the hypothalamus in the cat

Hinson, J.P.; Vinson, G.P.; Whitehouse, B.J.; Price, G.M., 1986:
Effects of stimulation on steroid output and perfusion medium flow rate in the isolated perfused rat adrenal gland in situ

Vinson G.P.; Whitehouse B.J., 1982:
Effects of stimulation on the steroid profile formed by rat adrenal capsule tissue incubated in vitro

Mcwilliams S.A.; Montgomery I.; Elder H.Y.; Jenkinson D.M.; Wilson S.M., 1988:
Effects of stimulation on the ultrastructure and sodium potassium chloride composition of the fundus of the rat plantar sweat glands

Vodovnik L.; Stefanovska A.; Bajd T., 1987:
Effects of stimulation parameters on modification of spinal spasticity

Hansen J.C.; Hillyard S.A., 1984:
Effects of stimulation rate and attribute cuing on event related potentials during selective auditory attention

Nohara M., 1986:
Effects of stimulation to the hematopoietic organ on the blood picture of the rabbit having the experience of organic chlorinated compound poisoning

Mahmud, I.; Miura, Y., 1981:
Effects of stimulators and inhibitors on arachidonic acid metabolism in hepatoma

Karaki H.; Weiss G.B., 1980:
Effects of stimulatory agents on mobilization of high and low affinity site calcium 45 in rabbit aortic smooth muscle

Opmeer, F.A.; Gumulka, S.W.; Dinnendahl, V.; Schoenhoefer, P.S., 1976:
Effects of stimulatory and depressant drugs on cyclic gmp and cyclic amp levels in mouse brain

Schuberth R.E.; Spoehr K.T.; Lane D.M., 1981:
Effects of stimulus and contextual information on the lexical decision process

Catton W.T., 1982:
Effects of stimulus area and intensity on the on off ratio of some locust schistocerca gregaria visual inter neurons

Perconte S.T.; Benson B.A.; Butler D.L., 1981:
Effects of stimulus change in pre punishment alley segments on self punitive behavior

Cutler, G.H.; Gilgen, A.R.; Gilpin, A.R., 1985:
Effects of stimulus characteristics and sex of subject on perceived emotion

Ingle, D.; Mckinley, D., 1978:
Effects of stimulus configuration on elicited prey catching by the marine toad bufo marinus

Hugdahl K.; Broman J E.; Franzon M., 1983:
Effects of stimulus content and brain lateralization on the habitation of the electro dermal orienting reaction

Siddle D.A.T.; Bond N.W.; Friswell R., 1987:
Effects of stimulus content on second order electrodermal conditioning in humans

Katsumi O.; Oguchi Y.; Kawara T.; Peli E., 1984:
Effects of stimulus contrast on binocular visual evoked response

Powell, R.W., 1973:
Effects of stimulus control and deprivation upon discriminative responding

Edwards C.A.; Miller J.S.; Zentall T.R.; Jagielo J.A., 1987:
Effects of stimulus dimension and of trial and intertrial illumination on acquisition of a match mismatch task by pigeons

Cook, P.; Singer, G., 1976:
Effects of stimulus displacement on adjunctive behavior

Feldman, A.S.; Katz, D., 1978:
Effects of stimulus duration and stimulus off time on the auditory and acoustic reflex thresholds

Auge, R.J., 1973:
Effects of stimulus duration on observing behavior maintained by differential reinforcement magnitude

Lewis, J.H.; Matteson, H.H.; Dunlap, W.P., 1977:
Effects of stimulus duration on perceptual latency in the fovea

Hellige J.B.; Jonsson J.E., 1985:
Effects of stimulus duration on processing lateralized faces

Perkins M.S.; Perkins M.N.; Hitt J.C., 1980:
Effects of stimulus female on sexual behavior of male rats given olfactory tubercle and corticomedial amygdaloid lesions

Thornton, A.R.; Mendel, M.I.; Anderson, C.V., 1977:
Effects of stimulus frequency and intensity on the middle components of the averaged auditory electro encephalic response

Parker, R.M.; Kasten, R.N.; McCroskey, R.L.; Hoyer, E.A., 1981:
Effects of stimulus frequency, level, and duration on auditory temporal ordering

Abbas, P.J., 1978:
Effects of stimulus frequency on 2 tone suppression a comparison of physiological and psycho physical results

Boelhouwer A.J.W.; Brunia C.H.M., 1979:
Effects of stimulus frequency on the blink reflex during rest and a task

Watterson, T.; Riccillo, S., 1985:
Effects of stimulus frequency on vocal suppression in neonates

Shackel, D.S.J., 1976:
Effects of stimulus incongruity task demand and induced involvement on amplitude of galvanic skin response

Bunnell, D.E.; Manuck, S.B., 1978:
Effects of stimulus independent oculo motor activity on the occipital electro encephalogram

Tauchi, M.; Tanaka, I., 1987:
Effects of stimulus intensity and duration on photoresponses of single rods in the frog retina

Turpin G.; Siddle D.A.T., 1979:
Effects of stimulus intensity on electro dermal activity

Erber, N.P.; Witt, L.H., 1977:
Effects of stimulus intensity on speech perception by deaf children

Fuhrer, M.J., 1977:
Effects of stimulus intensity on the habituation of flexor withdrawal activity mediated by the functionally transected human spinal cord

Riccillo, S.C.; Topping, G.E.; Watterson, T., 1984:
Effects of stimulus level on vocal suppression in neonates

Wilson J.T.L., 1983:
Effects of stimulus luminance and duration on responses to onset and offset

Speaks, C.; Niccum, N.; Van Tasell, D., 1985:
Effects of stimulus material on the dichotic listening performance of patients with sensorineural hearing loss

Hupp, S.C., 1986:
Effects of stimulus mode on the acquisition, transfer, and generalization of categories by severely mentally retarded children and adolescents

Siddle D.A.T.; Hirschhorn T., 1986:
Effects of stimulus omission and stimulus novelty on dishabituation of the skin conductance response

Cooper, C.L.; Ashe, J.H.; Weinberger, N.M., 1978:
Effects of stimulus omission during habituation of the pupillary dilation reflex

Hirota A.; Hirai H., 1986:
Effects of stimulus or response oriented training on psychophysiological responses and the propositional structure of imagery

Turpin G.; Sartory G., 1980:
Effects of stimulus position in the respiratory cycle on the evoked cardiac response

Siddle D.A.T.; Booth M.L.; Packer J.S., 1987:
Effects of stimulus preexposure on omission responding and omission produced dishabituation of the human electrodermal response

Berch, D.B., 1977:
Effects of stimulus probability and information feedback on response biases in childrens recognition memory

Roth, W.T.; Ford, J.M.; Lewis, S.J.; Kopell, B.S., 1976:
Effects of stimulus probability and task relevance on event related potentials

Irwin, D.E.; Pachella, R.G., 1985:
Effects of stimulus probability and visual similarity on stimulus encoding

Maisto, A.A.; Sipe, S., 1980:
Effects of stimulus probability on encoding by mentally retarded and nonretarded persons

Conner M.T.; Land D.G.; Booth D.A., 1987:
Effects of stimulus range on judgments of sweetness intensity in a lime drink

Fowler C.G.; Noffsinger D., 1983:
Effects of stimulus repetition rate and frequency on the auditory brain stem response in normal cochlear impaired and 8th nerve brain stem impaired subjects

Vivion M.C.; Hirsch J.E.; Frye Osier J.L.; Goldstein R., 1980:
Effects of stimulus rise fall time and equivalent duration on middle components of averaged electro encephalic response

Hansen R.S.; Well A.D., 1984:
Effects of stimulus sequence and probability on perceptual processing

Robbins D.W.; Bourne L.E.Jr, 1983:
Effects of stimulus similarity on perceptual and conceptual comparisons

Essock, S.M.; Blough, D.S., 1977:
Effects of stimulus spacing on steady state gradients of inhibitory stimulus control

Pasternak T.; Merigan W.H., 1984:
Effects of stimulus speed on direction discriminations

Connolly, J.F.; Frith, C.D., 1978:
Effects of stimulus variability on the amplitude and habituation of the electro dermal orienting response

Nelson, S.H., 1987:
Effects of stock plant etiolation on the rooting of saskatoon berry amelanchier alnifolia nutt. cuttings

Mills B.J.; Mccloud P.I., 1983:
Effects of stocking and feeding rates on experimental pond production of the crayfish cherax destructor decapoda parastacidae

Vincent, E.R., 1987:
Effects of stocking catchable size hatchery rainbow trout on two wild trout species in the madison river and o'dell creek montana usa

Kilambi, R.V.; Adams, J.C.; Brown, A.V.; Wickizer, W.A., 1977:
Effects of stocking density and cage size on growth feed conversion and production of rainbow trout and channel catfish

Goddard I.G.H.; Faqih A.M., 1985:
Effects of stocking density and protein level on performance of leghorns in a mediterranean climate

Mollah M.F.A., 1985:
Effects of stocking density and water depth on growth and survival of freshwater catfish clarias macrocephalus larvae

Krueger C.C.; Menzel B.W., 1979:
Effects of stocking on genetics of wild brook trout salvelinus fontinalis populations

Walker B.; Hodge P.B.; O'rourke P.K., 1987 :
Effects of stocking rate and grass species on pasture and cattle productivity of sown pastures on a fertile brigalow soil in central queensland australia

Wijnberg C.; Whiteman P.C., 1985:
Effects of stocking rate of goats and stage of crop growth when grazed on grain yield and goat production from pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Willms W.D.; Smoliak S.; Dormaar J.F., 1985:
Effects of stocking rate on a rough fescue grassland festuca scabrella vegetation

Del Duca L.O.A.; Salomoni E.; Chagas E.C., 1987:
Effects of stocking rate on carcass characteristics of ibage steers

Rika I.K.; Nitis I.M.; Humphreys L.R., 1981:
Effects of stocking rate on cattle growth pasture production and coconut yield in bali indonesia

Grunwaldt, E.G.; Escuder, C.J.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Vasconcelos, A.C., 1981:
Effects of stocking rates and seasonal variations on pastures and cattle diet 1. chemical composition

Grunwaldt, E.G.; Vasconcelos, A.C.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Escuder, C.J., 1981:
Effects of stocking rates and seasonal variations on pastures and cattle diet 2. botanical composition

Widdowson, J.P.; Gibson, E.J.; Healy, W.B., 1982:
Effects of stockpiling top soils associated with opencast mining 1. chemical properties and the growth of rye grass and white clover

Mcqueen, D.J.; Ross, C.W., 1982:
Effects of stockpiling top soils associated with opencast mining 2. physical properties

Rubinstein, B.; Carlsson, G.E., 1987:
Effects of stomatognathic treatment on tinnitus: a retrospective study

Craig, B.W.; Thompson, K.; Holloszy, J.O., 1983:
Effects of stopping training on size and response to insulin of fat cells in female rats

Sasakawa S.; Ishikawa Y.; Watanabe E., 1986:
Effects of storage and 37 celsius incubation with fresh plasma on platelet calcium distribution mobilization influx and aggregability

Black, M.K.; Wedding, R.T., 1968:
Effects of storage and aging on properties of enz phospho fructo kinase from jerusalem artichoke d tubers helianthus tuberosus d

Riemann, B.; Schierup, H.H., 1978:
Effects of storage and conservation on the determination of ammonia in water samples from 4 lake types and a sewage plant

Khilari J.M.; Patil N.D., 1985:
Effects of storage and cropwise application of different phosphatic fertilizers on groundnut yield and phosphorus uptake

Craft, N.E.; Brown, E.D.; Smith, J.C., 1988:
Effects of storage and handling conditions on concentrations of individual carotenoids, retinol, and tocopherol in plasma

Hammer M.C.; Baltch A.L.; Conroy J.V.; Smith R.P., 1986:
Effects of storage and incubation conditions on human granulocyte phagocytic bactericidal and chemotactic functions

Dohoo I.R.; Mcmillan I.; Meek A.H., 1981:
Effects of storage and method of fixation on somatic cell counts in bovine milk

Takagi, H., 1987:
Effects of storage and planting temperatures on rooting and root growth of garlic bulbs after planting

Rao, C.S.; Day, E.J.; Chen, T.C., 1978:
Effects of storage and poly phosphates on the flavor volatiles of canned poultry meat

Hoehn R.C.; Novak J.T.; Cumbie W.E., 1987:
Effects of storage and preoxidation on sludge and water quality

Ukhun, M.E., 1986:
Effects of storage and processing on the nutritive value of certain Nigerian foods

Buescher E.S.; Gallin J.I., 1987:
Effects of storage and radiation on human neutrophil function in vitro

Turner, J.M.; Hall, R.A.; Whittaker, M.; Kricka, L.J., 1984:
Effects of storage and repeated freezing and thawing on plasma cholinesterase ec activity

Whiteman P.C.; Mendra K., 1982:
Effects of storage and seed treatments on germination of brachiaria decumbens

Norman J.C., 1980:
Effects of storage and type of planting material on pineapple ananas comosus cultivar sugarloaf

Leibee, G.L., 1985:
Effects of storage at 1.1 celsius on the mortality of liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae life stages in celery

Olorunda, A.O.; Macklon, A.E.S., 1976:
Effects of storage at chilling temperature on ion absorption salt retention capacity and respiratory pattern in yam tubers

Wade N.L., 1981:
Effects of storage atmosphere temperature and calcium on low temperature injury of peach prunus persica cultivar j h hale fruit

Boakye-Boateng, K.B.; Hume, D.J., 1975:
Effects of storage conditions on germination of soybean glycine max seed

Prodouz, K.N.; Moroff, G., 1985:
Effects of storage conditions on platelet cytoskeletal proteins

Charazka Z.; Karwowska K.; Kostrzewa E., 1981:
Effects of storage conditions on the changes in quality of flavor and aroma extracts obtained from certain spices

Uematsu T.; Ishii K., 1981:
Effects of storage conditions on the quality of peanuts

Hamilton R.M.G.; Thompson B.K., 1981:
Effects of storage duration on nondestructive deformation quasi static compression strength impact fracture strength and specific gravity of eggs from white leghorn hens

Reimers, T.J.; McCann, J.P.; Cowan, R.G.; Concannon, P.W., 1982:
Effects of storage, hemolysis, and freezing and thawing on concentrations of thyroxine, cortisol, and insulin in blood samples

Tokumasu S.; Kamei S.; Kato M., 1981:
Effects of storage humidity and germination temperature on germination percentage of brassica seeds

Kophen G.J.; Potter N.N., 1981:
Effects of storage in recovery media on sublethally heated polioviruses and echoviruses

Rhone, D.P.; White, F.M., 1976:
Effects of storage in the cold on activity of gamma glutamyl transferase ec in serum

Cohle, S.D.; Saleem, A.; Makkaoui, D.E., 1981:
Effects of storage of blood on stability of hematologic parameters

Mccollough J.; Weiblen B.J.; Fine D., 1983:
Effects of storage of granulocytes on their fate in vivo

Sobti V.K.; Singh S.S.; Prasad B., 1985:
Effects of storage on acid base status of buffalo bubalus bubalis blood

Olson, P.N.; Bowen, R.A.; Husted, P.W.; Nett, T.M., 1981:
Effects of storage on concentration of hydrocortisone (cortisol) in canine serum and plasma

Wong R.B.K.; Lelievre J., 1982:
Effects of storage on dynamic rheological properties of wheat starch pastes

Beasley, C.A.; Yermanos, D.M., 1976:
Effects of storage on in vitro germinability of jojoba pollen

Hood M.A.; Ness G.E.; Rodrick G.E.; Blake N.J., 1983:
Effects of storage on microbial loads of 2 commercially important shellfish species crassostrea virginica and mercenaria campechiensis

McGill, M.; Brindley, D.C., 1979:
Effects of storage on platelet reactivity to arterial subendothelium during blood flow

Clemens R.A., 1982:
Effects of storage on the bio availability and chemistry of iron powders in a heat processed liquid milk based product

Ridder T.B.; Buishand T.A.; Reijnders H.F.R.; 't Hart M.J.; Slanina J., 1985:
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Effects of storage temperature and wounding on cyto kinin levels in potato solanum tuberosum tubers

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Effects of storage temperature, light and time on stability of triple sugar iron agar and its productivity for Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium

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Effects of storage time and thermal treatment on the nutritive value of squid (Illex argentinus)

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Effects of storage time sodium chloride and sodium tripolyphosphate on yield and microstructure of comminuted beef

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Effects of storage time sunlight temperature and frying on stability of aflatoxin b 1 in olive oil

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Effects of storm frequency on pollution from urban runoff

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Effects of storm surges on the beaufort sea coast northern alaska usa

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Effects of strabismus and monocular deprivation on the eye preference of neurons in the visual claustrum of the cat

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Effects of strabismus on responsivity, spatial resolution, and contrast sensitivity of cat lateral geniculate neurons

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Effects of strain host time of harvest and virus concentration on double stranded rna analysis of citrus tristeza virus

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Effects of stratigraphic completeness on interpretations of extinction rates across the cretaceous tertiary boundary

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Effects of straw residues on the establishment growth and yield of autumn sown cereals

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Effects of strawberry foliage infected with strawberry mottle and strawberry mild yellow edge viruses on the development and fecundity of the strawberry leaf beetle galerucella vittaticollis baly coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Effects of strawberry latent ringspot virus on the development of seeds and seedlings of chenopodium quinoa and pastinaca sativa parsnip

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Effects of stream crossing by a pipeline on the benthic macro invertebrate communities of a small mountain stream

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Effects of stream flow and upwelling on yield of wild coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch in oregon usa

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Effects of stream habitat improvements on invertebrates trout salvelinus fontinalis populations and mink mustela vison activity

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Effects of Strength Training on Muscle Development in Prepubescent, Pubescent, and Postpubescent Males

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Effects of strenuous activity on intracellular and extracellular acid base status and hydrogen ion exchange with the environment in the inactive benthic starry flounder platichthys stellatus

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Effects of strenuous exercise for 8 months on body composition and physical fitness

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Effects of Streptococcus pneumoniae, Salmonella typhimurium and Francisella tularensis infections on oxidative, glycolytic and lysosomal enzyme activity in red and white skeletal muscle in the rat

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Effects of streptomycin and novobiocin on Staphylococcus aureus gene expression

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Effects of streptomycin on di ploid tobacco callus cultures and the isolation of resistant mutants

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Effects of streptomycin on plastids in dividing Euglena

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Effects of streptomycin on the cortical neurons in the cat

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Effects of streptomycin on the growth and sporulation of saprolegnia spp

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Effects of streptozotocin and glucose loading on activities of lysosomal thiol proteinases in rat pancreatic tissue

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Effects of streptozotocin in the male guinea pig a potential animal model for studying diabetes

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Effects of streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus on the binding and uptake of asialo oroso mucoid by isolated hepatocytes from rats

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Effects of streptozotocin induced diabetes on insulin binding glucose transport and intra cellular glucose metabolism in isolated rat adipocytes

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Effects of streptozotocin on a clonal isolate of rat insulinoma cells

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Effects of streptozotocin on islet cytology and blood glucose levels in 3 avian species

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Effects of stress administered during pregnancy on reproductive capacity and subsequent development of the offspring of rats prolonged effects on the litters of a 2nd pregnancy

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Effects of stress and conflict difficulty on arousal and conflict resolution

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Effects of stress attempt at a terminological exposition from the standpoint of plant physiology

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Effects of stress controllability immunization and therapy on the subsequent defeat of colony intruders

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Effects of stress due to deprivation and transport in different genotypes of house mouse

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Effects of stress from current problems comparison to major life events

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Effects of stress induced by physical effort on platelet aggregability in athero arterio sclerotic and in normal subjects of various ages

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Effects of stressful conditions on the development and movement of reproductive cells in Schistosoma mansoni

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Effects of stride length alteration on racewalking economy

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Effects of stripping of the outer layers of the eel intestine on salt and water transport

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Effects of stroboscopic rearing on the response properties and laminar distribution of single units in the rabbit superior colliculus

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Effects of stroma free hemo globin solution on the blood clotting system in dogs

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Effects of strong government measures against tobacco in Hong Kong

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Effects of strontium 89 on the production and maturation of small lymphocytes bearing surface immuno globulin fc and complement receptors in mice/

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Effects of strontium administration on rat molar morphology

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Effects of strontium and fluoride uptakes on the solubility of powdered enamel

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Effects of strontium chloride on tritium labeled thymidine uptake into rat lymphocytes

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Effects of structural modifications of antitumor antibiotics luzopeptins on the interactions with dna

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Effects of structural variations in synthetic glyco lipids on mitogenicity for spleen lymphocytes adjuvancy for humoral immune response and anti tumor potential

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Effects of structural variations of nonionic surfactants on micellar properties and solubilization surfactants based on erucyl and behenyl carbon 22 alcohols

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Effects of structure and chemical activity on the ability of nitros ureas to inhibit dna repair

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Effects of structure and strain measurement technique on the material properties of young human tendons and fascia

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Effects of structure improvement of a loess fahlerde soil on crop yield

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Effects of structured preshot behaviors on beginning golf performance

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Effects of structures of tetra hydro pterin cofactors on tyrosine hydroxylase

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Effects of strychnine and bicuculline on the responses of x cells and y cells of the isolated eye cup preparation of the cat

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Effects of strychnine bicuculline and picro toxin on labyrinthine evoked inhibition in neck moto neurons of the cat

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Effects of strychnine morphine and serotonin on the dry mass dynamics in cultured glial cells

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Effects of strychnine on ionic conductances of squid axon membrane

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Effects of strychnine on the potassium conductance of the frog node of Ranvier

Shapiro, B.I., 1977:
Effects of strychnine on the sodium conductance of the frog node of Ranvier

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Effects of stryphnodendron obovatum barbatimao seeds extract on rat embryo meckel cartilage

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Effects of stubble borne fungal inoculum on incidence of leaf diseases and yields of barley in western australia

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Effects of stubble crop green manuring and different tillage on soil fertility parameters degree of weed infestation and yields of a sandy soil under permanent cereal growing

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Effects of studded tires on roadside airborne dust pollution in niigata japan

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Effects of styrene exposure on animal behavior

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Effects of sub cutaneous administration of sisomicin on reproduction in mice part 1 experiments on drug administration before and in the early days of pregnancy

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Effects of sub cutaneous administration of sisomicin on reproduction in mice part 2 experiments on drug administration during the developmental period of fetuses

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Effects of sub cutaneous administration of sisomicin on the reproduction in mice part 4 observations on the internal organs of the fetuses and behavior of the 2nd generation obtained from the mothers treated with sisomicin during the fetal development period

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Effects of sub cutaneous administration of sisomicin on the reproduction in mice part 5 observation on behavior of the 2nd generation obtained from the mothers treated with sisomicin during the peri partum and nursing periods

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Effects of sub cutaneous injection and intra hypothalamic infusion of releasing hormones upon lordotic response to repetitive coital stimulation

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Effects of sub lethal high temperature on the composition of the larval fat body in rhodnius prolixus

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Effects of sub soil acidity and phosphorus placement on growth root development and phosphorus uptake by stylosanthes humilis and desmodium intortum

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Effects of sub soil acidity on the shoot and root growth of some tropical and temperate forage legumes

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Effects of sub soil calcium on the root growth of some lucerne genotypes medicago sativa in acidic soil profiles

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Effects of sub soiling and deep plowing on the physical properties of the soil and the yields of alfalfa and maize on sandy chaloupe loam

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Effects of sub zero temperatures on conduction of action potentials in atrial bundles of the frog heart

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Effects of subacute and chronic lead treatment on glucose homeostasis and renal cyclic amp metabolism in rats

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Effects of subacute cadmium exposure on a hardwater mountain stream microcosm

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Effects of subacute capsaicin treatment on local cerebral glucose utilization in the rat

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Effects of subacute coal fly ash exposure on hematology and blood serum chemistry of golden hamsters

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Effects of subacute doses of psychotropic drugs on the sleep cycle in the cat attempt to use a data processing system

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Effects of subacute feeding of carbaryl on mixed function oxidase and on acute toxicity of parathion and propoxur in rats

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Effects of subacute intoxication by fluorine in rabbits on fluorine and phosphorus calcium metabolism and on the skeleton radiography

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Effects of subacute low level lead exposure on glucose homeostasis

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Effects of subacute treatment with toluene on central mono amine receptors in the rat reduced affinity in tritium labeled hydroxy tryptamine binding sites and in tritium labeled spiperone binding sites linked to dopamine receptors

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Effects of subanesthetic doses of inert gases on behavioral thermoregulation in mice

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Effects of subarachnoid hemorrhage on cerebral blood volume, blood flow, and oxygen utilization in humans

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Effects of subarachnoid hemorrhage on intra cranial prostaglandins

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Effects of subarachnoid hemorrhage on the release of arachidonate metabolites from canine cerebral arteries

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Effects of subarachnoid spinal nerve block and arterial carbon di oxide tension on colon blood flow in the dog

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Effects of subatmospheric pressure storage on ultrastructural changes in the chloroplasts of apple fruit

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Effects of subatmospheric pressures on the growth and patulin production of penicillium expansum and penicillium patulum

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Effects of subchronic administration of psychoactive substances on the circadian rhythm of urinary corticosterone excretion in rats

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Effects of subchronic deferrioxamine infusion on aluminum toxicity in rabbits

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Effects of subchronic haloperidol and sulpiride on regional brain dopamine metabolism in the rat

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Effects of subchronic intermittent exposure to isoflurane in Swiss Webster mice

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Effects of subchronic intermittent exposure to nitrous oxide in Swiss Webster mice

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Effects of subchronic morphine on choline acetyltransferase and muscarinic binding in the rat brain

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Effects of subchronic nitrogen di oxide exposure on arterial blood ph carbon di oxide partial pressure and oxygen partial pressure in rats

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Effects of sucrose concentration ph of media and culture temperature on anther culture of citrus

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Effects of sucrose on interactions of calf lens soluble proteins

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Effects of sucrose or tris substitution for sodium on responses to d 600 papaverine and potassium cyanide in the potassium depolarized taenia coli of guinea pigs

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Effects of sucrose poly ester on cholesterol metabolism in man

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Effects of sucrose solution on the longitudinal tissue resistivity of trabecular muscle from mammalian heart

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Effects of sugarcane chip pretreatments on their conversion to ethanol using the ex ferm process particle size storage drying or ensilage

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Effects of sugarcane trash and pineapple residue manganese titration curves redox potential and extractable and iron in an oxisol

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Effects of sugarcane trash and pineapple residue on soil ph redox potential extractable aluminum iron and manganese

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Effects of sugars and polyols on the sol gel transition of kappa carrageenan calorimetric study

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Effects of sugars in growth media diluents and enumeration media on survival and recovery of saccharomyces cerevisiae heated in peach puree

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Effects of sugars nitrogen amino acids and vitamins on shoot differentiation from single bud in vitro culture of prosopis cineraria

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Effects of sugars on alpha amylase activity in pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska embryonic axes

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Effects of sugars on the physiology of cultured fibroblasts

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Effects of suggestibility on learning by retarded and nonretarded students

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Effects of sulfadimidine on the toxicity of phenobarbital pentetrazole and bemegride in mice of different ages

Park, I.K.; Marquardt, R.R., 1982:
Effects of sulfaguanidine and amino acid imbalances on the induction of niacin deficiency in mature and immature Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Nakamura K.; Morii T.; IIjima T., 1979:
Effects of sulfamonomethoxine on parasitemia serum antigen and antibody production in chickens infected with leucocytozoon caulleryi

Lauritsen K.; Hansen J.; Bytzer P.; Bukhave K.; Rask Madsen J., 1984:
Effects of sulfasalazine and disodium azodisalicylate on colonic prostaglandin e 2 concentrations determined by equilibrium in vivo dialysis of feces in patients with ulcerative colitis and healthy controls

Neumann V.C.; Shinebaum R.; Cooke E.M.; Wright V., 1987:
Effects of sulfasalazine on fecal flora in patients with rheumatoid arthritis a comparison with penicillamine

Bakhle Y.S., 1980:
Effects of sulfasalazine on prostaglandin in activation and synthesis in isolated lungs of guinea pig rat and man

Evans A.; Zelazny L.W., 1987:
Effects of sulfate additions on the status of exchangeable aluminum in a cecil soil

Phalen, R.F.; Kenoyer, J.L.; Crocker, T.T.; McClure, T.R., 1980:
Effects of sulfate aerosols in combination with ozone on elimination of tracer particles inhaled by rats

Carter M.R., 1980:
Effects of sulfate and chloride soil salinity on growth and needle composition of siberian larch larix sibirica

Mitchinson C.; Pain R.H., 1985:
Effects of sulfate and urea on the stability and reversible unfolding of beta lactamase from staphylococcus aureus implications for the folding pathway of beta lactamase

Gezelius, G., 1976:
Effects of sulfate deficiency on the rna synthesis of sea urchin larvae

Van Der Berg L.; Lamb K.A.; Murray W.D.; Armstrong D.W., 1980:
Effects of sulfate iron and hydrogen on the microbiological conversion of acetic acid to methane

Poole, R.K.; Haddock, B.A., 1975:
Effects of sulfate limited growth in continuous culture on the electron transport chain and energy conservation in escherichia coli strain k 12, E.H.; Lack, L., 1980:
Effects of sulfation patterns on intestinal transport of bile salt sulfate esters

Nishimura M.; Fujise N.; Yagaski O., 1986:
Effects of sulfhydryl agents on neuromuscular transmission in the presence or absence of cadmium

Garrick R.A.; Patel B.C.; Chinard F.P., 1983:
Effects of sulfhydryl and other reagents on the diffusional permeability of dog erythrocytes to small solutes

Singh V.P., 1987:
Effects of sulfhydryl blocking and sulfhydryl protecting agents on genetic transformation in thermoactinomyces vulgaris

Zanella, A.; Rebulla, P.; Giovanetti, A.M.; Curzio, M.; Pescarmona, G.P.; Sirchia, G., 1976:
Effects of sulfhydryl compounds on abnormal red cell pyruvate kinase

Satoh A.; Tanabe N.; Naganuma A.; Imura N., 1980:
Effects of sulfhydryl compounds on release from erythrocytes and excretion of methyl mercury

Lafleur M.V.M.; Woldhuis J.; Loman H., 1980:
Effects of sulfhydryl compounds on the radiation damage in biologically active dna

Torlinski L.; Karon H.; Torlinska T., 1984:
Effects of sulfhydryl group activators and inhibitors on the activity of purified phosphofructokinase present in hemolysates and in intact erythrocytes

Yamazawa M.; Murase M.; Shiga I., 1981:
Effects of sulfhydryl group blocking agents oxidants and reductants on the production of hydrogen sulfide in retorted kamaboko

Font, B.; Vial, C.; Goldschmidt, D.; Eichenberger, D.; Gautheron, D.C., 1983:
Effects of sulfhydryl group reagents on creatine kinase ec interaction with the mitochondrial membrane

Kan M.; Yamane I., 1982:
Effects of sulfhydryl groups and oxygen tension on the cell proliferating activity of bovine serum albumin in culture

Henry E.C.; Kester J.E.; Gasiewicz T.A., 1988:
Effects of sulfhydryl modifying reagents on the rat hepatic ah receptor inhibition of ligand binding and transformation and disruption of the ligand receptor complex

Dantzler W.H.; Bentley S.K., 1983:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagent p chloromercuri benzoate on p amino hippurate transport by isolated perfused snake thamnophis spp renal tubules

Adunyah S.E.; Dean W.L., 1986:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents and other inhibitors on calcium transport and inositol trisphosphate induced calcium release from human platelet membranes

Hahn, H.J.; Keilacker, H.; Butter, R.; Ziegler, B., 1978:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on pancreatic glucagon secretion in vitro

Elferink J.G.R.; Riemersma J.C., 1980:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on phagocytosis and exocytosis in rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Hazama S., 1983:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on sodium calcium exchange in canine cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles

Orlicky J.; Ruscak M.; Juhasz O.; Zachar J., 1987:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on sodium calcium exchange in rat brain microsomal membranes

Blum, J.J.; Hayes, A., 1978:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on the atpase activity of solubilized 14s and 30s dyneins and on whole ciliary axonemes as a function of ph

Itoh Y.; Yoshinaka R.; Ikeda S., 1979:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on the gel formation of carp acto myosin by heating

Shishiba Y.; Ozawa Y.; Shimizu T.; Ohtsuki N., 1982:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on the neutralization of long acting thyroid stimulator by human thyroid extracts

Jeppesen P.; Morten H., 1985:
Effects of sulfhydryl reagents on the structure of dehistonized metaphase chromosomes

Tam, T.Y.; Knowles, R., 1979:
Effects of sulfide and acetylene on nitrous oxide reduction by soil and by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Field J.I.; Webster J., 1985:
Effects of sulfide on survival of aero aquatic and aquatic hyphomycetes

Dawson, A.; Lavinski, C.; Parsons, V.; Weston, M.J., 1978:
Effects of sulfinpyrazone and aspirin on gastro intestinal blood loss in man

Weston, M.J.; Rubin, M.H.; Langley, P.G.; Westaby, S.; Williams, R., 1977:
Effects of sulfinpyrazone and dipyridamole on capillary bleeding time in man

Guelker H.; Bender F.; Thale J.; Heuer H.; Kristek J.; Dorsel T.; Pierchalla P., 1980:
Effects of sulfinpyrazone on early ventricular fibrillation and 2nd phase arrhythmias in acute myo cardial infarction

Ali, M.; McDonald, J.W., 1977:
Effects of sulfinpyrazone on platelet prostaglandin synthesis and platelet release of serotonin

Rosenkranz, B.; Fejes-Tóth, G.; Diener, U.; Frölich, J.C., 1985:
Effects of sulfinpyrazone on renal function and prostaglandin formation in man

Kondo N.; Maruta I.; Sugahara K., 1980:
Effects of sulfite and ph on abscisic acid dependent transpiration and on stomatal opening

Paul, J.S.; Bassham, J.A., 1978:
Effects of Sulfite on Metabolism in Isolated Mesophyll Cells from Papaver somniferum

Shafter, E.A.; Preshaw, R.M., 1981:
Effects of sulfobromophthalein excretion on biliary lipid secretion in humans and dogs

Ammon, H.V.; Tapper, E.J.; Komorowski, R.A.; Charaf, U.K.; Loeffler, R.F.; Lewand, D.; Walter, L.G., 1985 :
Effects of sulfodeoxycholate on rat and rabbit small intestine

Himes R.H.; Newhouse C.S.; Haskins K.M.; Burton P.R., 1979:
Effects of sulfonate anions on the self assembly of brain tubulin

Rondouin G.; Boudinot E.; Champagnat J.; Denavit Saubie M., 1981:
Effects of sulfonated leucine enkephalin applied iontophoretically to cat respiratory neurons

Kloeppel, G.; Schaefer, H.J., 1976:
Effects of sulfonyl ureas on histochemical and ultra cytochemical calcium distribution in beta cells of mice

Hughes, W.T.; Smith-McCain, B.L., 1986:
Effects of sulfonylurea compounds on Pneumocystis carinii

Zeng, S.F.; Yokono, K.; Baba, S., 1985:
Effects of sulfonylureas and clofibrate on insulin receptors in cultured human lymphocytes

Sturgess N.C.; Kozlowski R.Z.; Carrington C.A.; Hales C.N.; Ashford M.L.J., 1988:
Effects of sulfonylureas and diazoxide on insulin secretion and nucleotide sensitive channels in an insulin secreting cell line

Villar A.; Ivora M.D.; D'ocon M.P.; Anselmi E., 1986:
Effects of sulfonylureas on spontaneous motility and induced contractions in rat isolated uterus

Kuo, B.S.; Korner, G.; Bjornsson, T.D., 1988:
Effects of sulfonylureas on the synthesis and secretion of plasminogen activator from bovine aortic endothelial cells

Zang Y J.; Liu Z S.; Xiao P., 1985:
Effects of sulfur and 6 benzyladenine on the nitrate reductase activity in rice seedlings

Center D.M.; Jones M.B.; Vaughn C.E., 1984:
Effects of sulfur and nitrogen levels and clipping on competitive interference between 2 annual grass species

Mnkeni P.N.S.; Mackenzie A.F., 1981:
Effects of sulfur and phosphorus fertilization on the yield and quality of barley hordeum vulgare in 3 southwestern quebec canada soils

Spencer, N.E.; Siegel, S.M., 1978:
Effects of sulfur and selenium oxy anions on mercury toxicity in turnip seed germination

Brown J.R.; Thom W.O.; Wall L.L.Sr, 1981:
Effects of sulfur application on yield and composition of soybeans glycine max cultivar wayne and soil sulfur

Mcardle R.N.; Mcclurg C.A., 1986:
Effects of sulfur coated urea fertilizer regimes on production of processing tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum on a sandy loam

Vaughn C.E.; Jones M.B.; Ruckman J.E., 1979:
Effects of sulfur coated urea on california annual grassland yield and chemical composition

Sugiyama K.; Kushima Y.; Muramatsu K., 1985:
Effects of sulfur containing amino acids and glycine on plasma cholesterol level in rats fed on a high cholesterol diet

Tamura K., 1980:
Effects of sulfur containing amino acids on the alcohol withdrawal syndromes in mice

Tredger J.M.; Smith H.M.; Davis M.; Williams R., 1980:
Effects of sulfur containing compounds on paracetamol activation and covalent binding in a mouse hepatic microsomal system

Rendig, V.V.; Oputa, C.; Mccomb, E.A., 1976 :
Effects of sulfur deficiency on nonprotein nitrogen soluble sugars and nitrogen sulfur ratios in young corn zea mays plants

Henderson, J.R.; Buescher, R.W., 1977:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and controlled atmospheres on broken end dis coloration and processed quality attributes in snap beans

Labeda, D.P.; Alexander, M., 1978:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide on nitrification in soil

Ashenden T.W., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide pollution on transpiration in phaseolus vulgaris

Thompson C.R.; Kats G.; Lennox R.W., 1980:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and or nitrogen di oxide on native plants of the mojave desert california usa and eastern mojave colorado desert

Malhotra, S.S.; Kahn, A.A., 1980:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and other air pollutants on acid phosphatase ec activity in pine pinus banksiana seedlings

Mclaughlin S.B.; Mcconathy R.K., 1983:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone on allocation of carbon 14 labeled photosynthate in phaseolus vulgaris

De-Koning, H.W.; Jegier, Z., 1970:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone on euglena gracilis

Noble R.D.; Jensen K.F., 1980:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone on growth of hybrid poplar leaves

Constantinidou H.A.; Kozlowski T.T., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone on ulmus americana seedlings part 1 visible injury and growth

Constantinidou H.A.; Kozlowski T.T., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone on ulmus americana seedlings part 2 carbohydrates proteins and lipids

Beckerson D.W.; Hofstra G., 1980:
Effects of sulfur di oxide and ozone singly or in combination on membrane permeability

Prasad B.J.; Rao D.N., 1981:
Effects of sulfur di oxide exposure on carbohydrate contents phytomass and caloric values of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar rr 21 plants

Milchunas D.G.; Lauenroth W.K.; Dodd J.L.; Mcnary T.J., 1981:
Effects of sulfur di oxide exposure with nitrogen and sulfur fertilization on the growth of agropyron smithii

Lee E.H.; Heggestad H.E.; Bennett J.H., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide fumigation in open top field chambers on soil acidification and exchangeable aluminum

Beekley P.K.; Hoffman G.R., 1981:
Effects of sulfur di oxide fumigation on photosynthesis respiration and chlorophyll content of selected lichens

Ginevan, M.E.; Lane, D.D., 1978:
Effects of sulfur di oxide in air on the fruit fly drosophila melanogaster

Murray F., 1984:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on 3 eucalyptus species

Malhotra, S.S., 1976:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on biochemical activity and ultrastructural organization of pine needle chloroplasts

Laurence J.A.; Aluisio A.L., 1981:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on expansion of lesions caused by corynebacterium nebraskense in maize zea mays and by xanthomonas phaseoli var sojensis in soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson

Sarkar S.K.; Malhotra S.S., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on organic acid content and malate dehydrogenase activity in jack pine pinus banksiana needles

Hallgren J E.; Gezelius K., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on photosynthesis and ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase in pine tree pinus sylvestris seedlings

Chung H.S., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on pigments protein content and photosystem ii activity of barley hordeum vulgare and corn zea mays leaves

Azoulay Dupuis E.; Bouley G.; Blayo M.C., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on resistance to bacterial infection in mice

Laurence J.A.; Weinstein L.H.; Mccune D.C.; Aluisio A.L., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on southern corn leaf blight of maize zea mays cultivar atc 75 and stem rust of wheat triticum aestivum cultivars thatcher and prelude

Malhotra S.S.; Sarkar S.K., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on sugar and free amino acid content of pine seedlings pinus banksiana

Cowling D.W.; Bristow A.W., 1979:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on sulfur and nitrogen fractions and on free amino acids in perennial rye grass

Knabe, W., 1976:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on terrestrial vegetation

Keller T.; Beda H., 1984:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on the germination of conifer pollen

Taylor R.J.; Bell M.A., 1983:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on the lichen flora in an industrial area northwest whatcom county washington usa

Biggs A.R.; Davis D.D., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide on water relations of hybrid poplar populus cultivar ne 388 foliage and bark

Koenig J.Q.; Pierson W.E.; Horike M.; Frank R., 1981:
Effects of sulfur di oxide plus sodium chloride aerosol combined with moderate exercise on pulmonary function in asthmatic adolescents

Mahendrappa M.K., 1982:
Effects of sulfur di oxide pollution on nitrogen transformation in some organic soils of northeastern new brunswick canada ammonia volatilization

Rabe R.; Kreeb K.H., 1980:
Effects of sulfur di oxide upon enzyme activity in plant leaves

Musselman R.C.; Forsline P.L.; Kender W.J., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and ambient ozone on concord grapevine vitis labruscana cultivar concord growth and productivity

Olszyk D.M.; Bytnerowicz A.; Kats G.; Dawson P.J.; Wolf J.; Thompson C.R., 1986:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and ambient ozone on winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar yecora rojo and lettuce lactuca sativa cultivar empire

Gould R.P.; Mansfield T.A., 1988:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide on growth and translocation in winter wheat

Klarer C.I.; Reinert R.A.; Huang J.S., 1984:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide on vegetative growth of soybeans glycine max cultivar bragg

Kumar N.; Singh V., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution of cicer arietinum

Riding R.T.; Percy K.E., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and other air pollutants on the morphology of epicuticular waxes on needles of pinus strobus and pinus banksiana

Agrawal S.B.; Agrawal M.; Nandi P.K.; Rao D.N., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide and quinalphos singly and in combination on the metabolic functions and growth of oryza sativa l

Reynolds K.L.; Zanelli M.; Laurence J.A., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide exposure on the development of common blight in field grown red kidney beans

Agrawal M.; Nandi P.K.; Rao D.N., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide fumigation on soil system and growth behavior of vicia faba plants

Dueck T.A.; Ernst W.H.O.; Mooi J.; Pasman F.J.M., 1986:
Effects of sulfur dioxide nitrogen oxides and ozone in combination on the yield and reproduction of silene cucubalus populations

Varshney S.R.K.; Varshney C.K., 1984:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on ascorbic acid in crop plants

Singh N.; Rao D.N., 1988:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on injury and foliar concentrations of pigments ascorbic acid and sulfur in vigna radiata l

L'hirondelle S.J.; Addison P.A., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on leaf conductance xylem tension fructose and sulfur levels of jack pine pinus banksiana seedlings

Griffith S.M.; Campbell W.F., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on nitrogen fixation carbon partitioning and yield components in snapbean

Katainen H S.; Karjalainen R.; Makinen E.; Jokinen J.; Kellomaki S., 1984:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on photosynthesis and peroxidase activity in scotch pine needles

Bytnerowicz A.; Olszyk D.M.; Kats G.; Dawson P.J.; Wolf J.; Thompson C.R., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on physiology elemental content and injury development of winter wheat

Man, S.F.; Hulbert, W.C.; Mok, K.; Ryan, T.; Thomson, A.B., 1986:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on pore populations of canine tracheal epithelium

Temple P.J.; F.C.H.; Taylor O.C., 1985:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on stomatal conductance and growth of phaseolus vulgaris

Katainen H S.; Makinen E.; Jokinen J.; Karjalainen R.; Kellomaki S., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide on the photosynthetic and respiration rates in scots pine seedlings

Eversman S.; Sigal L.L., 1987:
Effects of sulfur dioxide ozone and sulfur dioxide and ozone in combination on photosynthesis and ultrastructure of two lichen species

Caldwell R.M.; Menke J.W.; Duncan D.A., 1985:
Effects of sulfur fertilization on productivity and botanical composition of california usa annual grassland

Ferris, B.G.; Speizer, F.E.; Spengler, J.D.; Dockery, D.; Bishop, Y.M.; Wolfson, M.; Humble, C., 1979:
Effects of sulfur oxides and respirable particles on human health. Methodology and demography of populations in study

Ferguson, P.; Lee, J.A.; Bell, J.N.B., 1978:
Effects of sulfur pollutants on the growth of sphagnum spp

Prescott C.E.; Parkinson D., 1985:
Effects of sulfur pollution on rates of litter decomposition in a pine forest

Hilton B.R.; Zubriski J.C., 1985:
Effects of sulfur zinc iron copper manganese and boron applications on sunflower helianthus annuus yield and plant nutrient concentration

Kerr H.D.; Kulle T.J.; Farrell B.P.; Sauder L.R.; Young J.L.; Swift D.L.; Borushok R.M., 1981:
Effects of sulfuric acid aerosol on pulmonary function in human subjects an environmental chamber study

Leikauf G.; Yeates D.B.; Wales K.A.; Spektor D.; Albert R.E.; Lippmann M., 1981:
Effects of sulfuric acid aerosol on respiratory mechanics and muco ciliary particle clearance in healthy nonsmoking adults

Silbaugh, S.A.; Wolff, R.K.; Johnson, W.K.; Mauderly, J.L.; Macken, C.A., 1981:
Effects of sulfuric acid aerosols on pulmonary function of guinea pigs

Orsatti S.D.; Colgan P.W., 1987:
Effects of sulfuric acid exposure on the behavior of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Wolff, R.K.; Henderson, R.F.; Gray, R.H.; Carpenter, R.L.; Hahn, F.F., 1986:
Effects of sulfuric acid mist inhalation on mucous clearance and on airway fluids of rats and guinea pigs

Lee J.J.; Weber D.E., 1982:
Effects of sulfuric acid rain on major cation and sulfate concentrations of water percolating through 2 model hardwood forests

Ciabattoni, G.; Cinotti, G.A.; Pierucci, A.; Simonetti, B.M.; Manzi, M.; Pugliese, F.; Barsotti, P.; Pecci, G.; Taggi, F.; Patrono, C., 1984:
Effects of sulindac and ibuprofen in patients with chronic glomerular disease. Evidence for the dependence of renal function on prostacyclin

Kamper, A.L.; Strandgaard, S.; Christensen, P.; Svendsen, U.G., 1986:
Effects of sulindac and naproxen in patients with chronic glomerular disease

Nakamura T.; Nagasaka T.; Russell I.J., 1982:
Effects of sulindac on in vitro immunologic function and on prostaglandin production by human peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes

Torres A.; Gomez P.; Martinez Sanchez F.; Bayon P.; Manzanares R.; Prieto B., 1984:
Effects of sulindac on myeloid precursor growth in vitro

Mistry, C.D.; Lote, C.J.; Currie, W.J.; Vandenburg, M.; Mallick, N.P., 1986:
Effects of sulindac on renal function and prostaglandin synthesis in patients with moderate chronic renal insufficiency

Horii D.; Ishibashi A.; Sano F., 1983:
Effects of suloctidil my 103 papaverine and cinnarizine on various arterial blood flows in dogs

Col-de Beys, C.; Ferrant, A.; Moriau, M., 1981:
Effects of suloctidil on platelet survival time following cardiac valve replacement

Martorell M.; Llombart Bosch A., 1982:
Effects of sulpiride and castration on mammary carcinogenesis due to 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene in the wistar rat

Alfredsson G.; Harnryd C.; Wiesel F A., 1985:
Effects of sulpiride and chlorpromazine on autistic and positive psychotic symptoms in schizophrenic patients relationship to drug concentrations

Alfredsson G.; Harnryd C.; Wiesel F A., 1984:
Effects of sulpiride and chlorpromazine on depressive symptoms in schizophrenic patients relationship to drug concentrations

Bernini G.P.; Gasperi M.; Franchi F.; Luisi M., 1983:
Effects of sulpiride induced hyper prolactinemia on testosterone secretion and metabolism before and after human chorionic gonadotropin in normal men

Koshikawa N.; Aoki S.; Imai E.; Kobayashi M., 1986:
Effects of sulpiride injected into the dorsal striatum and the nucleus accumbens on dopamine mediated oral stereotypy and hyperlocomotion in rats

Benfenati, F.; Cortelli, P.; de Camillis, M.; Orlandi, F.; Forni, C., 1980:
Effects of sulpiride isomers in the control of blood pressure in man

Ruiz E.; Ortega E.; Mendoza C.; Osorio C., 1984:
Effects of sulpiride on levels of fsh luteinizing hormone and steroid hormones

Sproule R.J.; Shelton H.M.; Jones R.M., 1983:
Effects of summer and winter grazing on growth habit of kenya white clover trifolium semipilosum cultivar safari in a mixed sward

Lord W.J.; Greene D.W., 1982:
Effects of summer pruning on the quality of mcintosh malus domestica apples

Marini, R.P.; Barden, J.A., 1982:
Effects of summer vs. dormant pruning and naphthaleneacetic acid treatment on growth of 1 and 2 year old apple malus domestica cultivar delicious trees

Choi K H.; Chung H K.; Kim C K., 1982:
Effects of sun light and predaceous microorganisms on survival of enteric bacteria in sewage water

Hess, H.H.; Newsome, D.A.; Knapka, J.J.; Bieri, J.G., 1981:
Effects of sunflower seed supplements on reproduction and growth of RCS rats with hereditary retinal dystrophy

Rontani J F.; Bonin P.; Giusti G., 1988:
Effects of sunlight irradiation on the assimilation of hydrocinnamic and trans cinnamic acids by marine bacteria

Cheng, S.P.; Schilling, E.; Elsaesser, F.; Smidt, D., 1982:
Effects of super ovulation and high plasma progesterone on the embryonic development during the pre implantation period in gilts 1. ovulation rate and plasma progesterone concentration in pre pubertal gilts following injection of 1000 iu pregnant mare serum gonadotropin

Schilling, E.; Cheng, S.P.; Smidt, D., 1982:
Effects of super ovulation and high plasma progesterone on the embryonic development during the pre implantation period in gilts 2. egg migration and loss of ova

Das D.K.; Neogi A., 1984:
Effects of super oxide anions on the sodium potassium atpase system in rat lung

Sullivan S.G.; Stern A., 1981:
Effects of super oxide dis mutase and catalase on catalysis of 6 hydroxy dopamine and 6 amino dopamine aut oxidation by iron and ascorbate

Hilton J.G.; Brown G.L.; Proctor P.H., 1980:
Effects of super oxide dis mutase and catalase on central nervous system toxicity of hyperbaric oxygen

Nordenson, I., 1978:
Effects of super oxide dis mutase and catalase on radiation induced chromosome aberrations dose and cell cycle dependence

Gray B., 1981:
Effects of super oxide dis mutase on lipo poly saccharide stressed mice and alteration of lung enzyme levels by endo toxin

Lynch, R.E.; Fridovich, I., 1978:
Effects of super oxide on the erythrocyte membrane

Hexum T.D.; Fried R., 1979:
Effects of super oxide radicals on transport sodium potassium atpase and protection by super oxide dis mutase

Mellini E.; Gironi R., 1982:
Effects of super parasitism in the host parasite couple galleria mellonella gonia cinerascens

Grenier S., 1981:
Effects of super parasitism on the larval development time and weight of the parasitoid lixophaga diatraeae diptera tachinidae reared on galleria mellonella lepidoptera pyralidae

Garden, D.L.; Brooks, D.R.; Bradley, J., 1978:
Effects of super phosphate application and cutting interval on native pastures in the clarence valley new south wales australia

Bircham, J.S.; Crouchley, G., 1976:
Effects of super phosphate lime and stocking rate on pasture and animal production on the wairarapa plains

Bircham, J.S.; Crouchley, G.; Aitken, M.W., 1981:
Effects of super phosphate lime and stocking rate on pasture and animal production on the wairarapa plains new zealand 3. tooth wear and liver trace element content

Bircham, J.S.; Crouchley, G.; Wright, D.F., 1977:
Effects of super phosphate lime and stocking rate on pasture and animal production on the wairarapa plains part 2 animal production

Bentley W.W.; Dawley E.M., 1981:
Effects of super saturated dissolved atmospheric gases on northern squawfish ptychocheilus oregonensis

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