Effects of sulfur di oxide on expansion of lesions caused by corynebacterium nebraskense in maize zea mays and by xanthomonas phaseoli var sojensis in soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson

Laurence, J.A.; Aluisio, A.L.

Phytopathology 71(4): 445-448


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 005327891

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The effects of air pollution on plant disease development were assessed. Maize or soybean plants were exposed to SO2 at 524 .mu.g m-3 or 262 .mu.g m-3 before, after, or before and after inoculation with C. nebraskense or X. phaseoli var. sojensis, respectively. Lesion development was inhibited in both cases, regardless of when the exposures occurred. The time of exposure altered the subsequent effect on lesion size. Dry weight and S content of host tissue were not altered by the joint effects of the pollutant and the pathogens.