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Chapter 5,329

Effects of temperature on fatty acid composition of sesame sesamum indicum seed

Brar, G.S.

Plant Biochemical Journal 7(2): 133-137


Accession: 005328908

The effects of temperature during seed development on the fatty acid composition of the seeds of 3 sesame (S. indicum L.) genotypes, differing in percentages of oleic and linoleic acids in their seed oil, were studied. Increase in day/night temperature from 21.0.degree./15.5.degree. C to 26.5.degree./21.0.degree. C resulted in a significant increase in the degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids in the high linoleic acid genotypes. A genotype intermediate in linoleic acid was unaffected. Further increase in temperature had no effect on any genotype.

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