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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5331

Chapter 5331 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Endo T.; Kusaka T.; Tan N.; Sakai M., 1982:
Effects of the insecticide cartap hydro chloride on soil enzyme activities respiration and nitrification

Phillips, D.E.; Eroschenko, V.P., 1985:
Effects of the insecticide chlordecone on the ultrastructure of mouse skeletal muscle

Naik P.R.; Delvi M.R., 1984:
Effects of the insecticide permethrin on dietary water utilization in eri silkworm philosamia ricini

Armstrong, D.A.; Millemann, R.E., 1974:
Effects of the insecticide sevin and its 1st hydrolytic product 1 naphthol on some early developmental stages of the bay mussel mytilus edulis

Maciejewska, M.; Witaszek, U.; Chichlowska, J.; Frohlich, A.; Kliber, A., 1976:
Effects of the insulin secreting action of lysine on some metabolic parameters of blood and of tissues in sub diabetic rats

Hassansada M.K.; Naton E., 1982:
Effects of the intensity and period of light on the development of phygadeuon trichops hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Weinberger P.; Measures M., 1979:
Effects of the intensity of audible sound on the growth and development of rideau winter wheat

Hymowitz, N., 1977:
Effects of the intensity of electric shock on response suppression during multiple and mixed schedules of signalled and unsignalled electric shock delivery

Domjan M., 1980:
Effects of the inter trial interval on taste aversion learning in rats

Pereira L.A.G.; Costa N.P.; Almeida A.M.R.; D.S.lva C.M.; Sartori J.F., 1981:
Effects of the interaction between chemical soybean seed treatment and vigor levels

Kleineke Borchers A., 1982:
Effects of the interaction between meloidogyne incognita and fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici on phyto hormones in tomato plants

Marchetti R.; Guerzoni M.E., 1987:
Effects of the interaction between yeast strain must composition on the production of some volatile metabolites during fermentation

Chow L P.; Lin J Y., 1987:
Effects of the interaction of abrin b and a subunits on the protein biosynthesis of 3t3 cells

Wiendl F.M.; Avila V.L.; Sgrillo R.B.; Walder J.M.M.; Tornisielo V.L., 1982:
Effects of the interaction of gamma radiation and acceleration of gravity of the longevity of imagoes of callosobruchus analis coleoptera bruchidae

Yoshida, T.; Koyama, S.; Okuda, T., 1981:
Effects of the interaction of tannins with coexisting substances 1. inhibitory effects of tannins on cupric ion catalyzed auto oxidation of ascorbic acid

Khaemba B.M.; Ogenga Latigo M.W., 1985:
Effects of the interaction of two levels of the black bean aphid aphis fabae homoptera aphididae and four stages of plant growth and development of the performance of the common beans phaseolus vulgaris under greenhouse conditions in kenya

Endo M.; Minami K.; Fukushi S., 1986:
Effects of the interception of near uv radiation on nitrifier activity and nitrification process in a fertilized andosol under field conditions

Robbins, M.S.; Mannering, G.J., 1984:
Effects of the interferon inducing agents tilorone and poly ribo inosinic acid . poly ribo cytidylic acid on the hepatic mono oxygenase systems of the developing neo natal rat

Robbins M.S.; Mannering G.J., 1984:
Effects of the interferon inducing agents tilorone and poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid on the hepatic mono oxygenase systems of pregnant and fetal rats

Larsson L.; Skogsberg C., 1988:
Effects of the interval between removal and freezing of muscle biopsies on muscle fiber size

Miyakubo-Haruhide, 1978:
Effects of the intra cerebral administration of a water soluble contrast media meglumine iothalamate on the cerebro spinal pressure systemic blood pressure and respiration of dogs

Chau T.T.; Dewey W.L., 1981:
Effects of the intra cerebro ventricular injection of anti nociceptive doses of acetyl choline on the stereospecific binding of tritium labeled di hydro morphine

D.C.stanzo J.; Cano N.; Dugue P.; Figarella C.; Bourry J.; Bonneau H.P.; Gautier A.; Escoffier J.M., 1979:
Effects of the intra peritoneal injection of aprotinin in rats with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis

Sato K.; Kimura M., 1981:
Effects of the intra ventricular injection of catecholamines on ovulation in the rat

Cuparencu B.; Safta L.; Sandor V.L.; Arustei V.; Filippelli A.; Fici F.; Marrazzo R.; Marmo E., 1988:
Effects of the intracerebroventricular administration of some calcium antagonists on the cardiac rhythm in anesthetized rats

Cuparencu B.; Safta L.; Sandor V.; Arustei V.; Cenicola M.L.; Susanna V.; Marmo E., 1988:
Effects of the intrahypothalamic and intracerebroventricular administration of some classic antiarrhythmic and local anesthetic drugs on cardiac rhythm in anesthetized rats

Lopez F.; Pinilla L.; Fernandez Galaz C.; Aguilar E., 1985:
Effects of the intraventricular administration of 5 7 dihydroxytryptamine on fsh luteinizing hormone and prolactin secretion in neonatally estrogenized male rats

Moyle, P.B.; Holzhauser, N.J., 1978:
Effects of the introduction of mississippi silverside menidia audens and florida largemouth bass micropterus salmoides floridanus on the feeding habits of young of year largemouth bass in clear lake california

Smart, R.G.; Docherty, D., 1976:
Effects of the introduction of on premise drinking on alcohol related accidents and impaired driving

Newman P.S., 1984:
Effects of the inverse bevel flap procedure on gingival contour and plaque accumulation

Kita, H.; Van-Der-Kloot, W., 1976:
Effects of the ionophore x 537a lasalocid on acetyl choline release at the frog neuro muscular junction

Pasantes Morales H.; Quesada O., 1980:
Effects of the ionophores x 537a and a 23187 on gamma amino butyric acid glycine and taurine release from chick retinal sub cellular fractions

Contreras E.; Tamayo L.; Quijada L., 1979:
Effects of the irreversible inhibition of gamma amino butyric acid trans aminase upon some morphine effects

Rengo, F.; Vigorito, C.; De-Caprio, L.; Ferro, G.; Bonaduce, D.; Scarafile, P.; Critelli, G.; Vitale, D., 1976:
Effects of the isometric exercise on the behavior of the systolic time intervals in normal untrained subjects part 5

Rengo, F.; Vigorito, C.; De-Caprio, L.; Ferro, G.; Bonaduge, D.; Scarafice, P.; Trimarco, B., 1976:
Effects of the isometric exertion on the behavior of systolic time intervals in subjects affected by arterial hypertension part 7

Rengo, F.; De-Caprio, L.; Vigorito, C.; Ferro, G.; Bonaduce, D.; Trimarco, B.; Critelli, G., 1976:
Effects of the isometric exertion on the behavior of the systolic time intervals in subjects affected by hypoxic heart disease part 4 note

Marcovici, O.A.; Slater, P.E.; Ellencweig, A.Y., 1986:
Effects of the israel doctors' strike on hypertension control in ashdod israel

Lizarraga Partida N.L.; Rodriguez Santiago H.; Romero Jarero J.M., 1982:
Effects of the ixtoc i blow out on heterotrophic bacteria

Saleh, S.M.; El-Helaly, M.S.; Rawash, I.A.; El-Gayar, F.H., 1976:
Effects of the juvenile hormone analogs altosid and altozar on the north american house dust mite dermatophagoides farinae acarina pyroglyphidae

Cooper R.M.; Oetting R.D., 1985:
Effects of the juvenile hormone mimic s 31183 and trifluron on development of tea scale fiorinia thede homoptera diaspididae

Christiansen, M.E.; Costlow, J.D.J. ; Monroe, R.J., 1977:
Effects of the juvenile hormone mimic zr 512 altozar on larval development of the mud crab rhithropanopeus harrisii at various cyclic temperatures

Christiansen, M.E.; Costlow, J.D.J. ; Monroe, R.J., 1977:
Effects of the juvenile hormone mimic zr 515 altosid on larval development of the mud crab rhithropanopeus harrisii in various salinities and cyclic temperatures

Mellini E.; Cesari R., 1982:
Effects of the juvenoid zr 512 4e hydroprene on the host parasite couple galleria mellonella and gonia cinerascens

Verenini M., 1984 :
Effects of the juvenoid zr 515 4e methoprene on the host parasite couple galleria mellonella and gonia cinerascens

Maccolini M., 1985:
Effects of the juvenoid zr 619 5e triprene on chrysoperla carnea neuroptera chrysopidae

Watanabe I., 1986:
Effects of the kind of noise letters and their relation to the response of selective letter identification

Traganos F.; Darzynkiewicz Z.; Melamed M.R., 1981:
Effects of the l isomer dextro 1 2 bis 3 5 di oxopiperazin 1 yl propane on cell survival and cell cycle progression of cultured mammalian cells

Beamish F.W.H.; Jeffrey K.A.; Kolton R.J.; Macmahon P.D.; Kowalchuk K.A., 1987:
Effects of the lampricide 3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol on diatoms in two southern ontario streams canada

Kolton R.J.; Macmahon P.D.; Jeffrey K.A.; Beamish F.W.H., 1986:
Effects of the lampricide 3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol on the macroinvertebrates of a hardwater river

Jeffrey K.A.; Beamish F.W.H.; Ferguson S.C.; Kolton R.J.; Macmahon P.D., 1986:
Effects of the lampricide 3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol on the macroinvertebrates within the hyporheic region of a small stream

Mcintosh L.C.; Pugh Humphreys R.G.P.; Thomson A.W., 1981:
Effects of the landschutz ascites carcinoma and ascitic fluid on macrophage activity in corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes injected mice

Ludolph, E.; Hierholzer, G., 1981:
Effects of the latest jurisdiction on medical information and documentation

Kanahama K.; Saito T., 1985:
Effects of the leaf number fruit number and the shading of plants on the occurrence of fruit curvature in cucumber

Berkowitz, B.A.; Zabko-Potapovich, B.; Valocik, R.; Gleason, J.G., 1984:
Effects of the leukotrienes on the vasculature and blood pressure of different species

Vuori A., 1980:
Effects of the level of continuous positive airway pressure on central hemodynamics and oxygen transport

Lim H.S.; Won H.R.; Kim K.N.; Han I.K., 1985:
Effects of the levels of dietary cholesterol on plasma cholesterol lipoprotein fraction and cholesterol concentration of tissues

Yoshioka A.; Wakitani C.; Kishino Y.; Nozaki Y.; Tabata Y., 1987:
Effects of the levels of different dietary proteins on blood pressure serum cholesterol and pathological feature of main organs

Cassorla F.; Renquist D.; Barnard D.; Munabi A.K.; Cutler G.B.Jr; Loriaux D.L., 1984:
Effects of the lhrh analog 6 d tryptophan 9 proline n ethylamide lhrh on the pituitary gonadal axis of pre pubertal rhesus monkeys

Schumacher T.; Zwirner M.; Unterberg H.; Pohl C.; Keller E.; Schindler A.E., 1984:
Effects of the lhrh analog buserelin given discontinuously as a contraceptive on ovarian cycle and lipometabolism

Merle M.; Trezeguet V.; Gandar J C.; Labouesse B., 1988:
Effects of the ligands of beef tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase on the elementary steps of the tryptophan transfer rna aminoacylation

Weber D.N.; Spieler R.E., 1987:
Effects of the light dark cycle and scheduled feeding on behavioral and reproduction rhythms of the cyprinodont fish medaka oryzias latipes

Nelson D.M.; Conway H.L., 1979:
Effects of the light regime on nutrient assimilation by phyto plankton in the baja california mexico and northwest africa upwelling systems

Rapsch S.; Ascaso C.; Cifuentes B., 1986:
Effects of the lipoxygenase enzyme on morphological changes of the exoplasmic factor face in the plasmalemma of the evernia prunastri phycobiont

Auger M.; Jarrell H.C.; Smith I.C.P.; Siminovitch D.J.; Mantsch H.H.; Wong P.T.T., 1988:
Effects of the local anesthetic tetracaine on the structural and dynamic properties of lipids in model membranes a high pressure fourier transform ir study

Iven, H.; Brasch, H., 1977:
Effects of the local anesthetics brufacaine and lidocaine on trans membrane action potentials refractory period and reactivation of the sodium system in guinea pig heart muscle

Sakaida T.; Akama E.; Enya K.; Chazono A., 1980:
Effects of the long term disinfection by using a rotary spray system on the sanitary environment in windowless floor type poultry houses

Ogasawara K., 1986:
Effects of the loss of occlusal supports on displacements of mandible and masticatory muscle activity

Mihaescu G., 1986:
Effects of the low temperatures of the 1984 1985 winter upon peach and apricot trees in the bucharest area romania

D.V.rnal A.; Richard P.; Jette H., 1983:
Effects of the lueber technique used in pollen analysis to eliminate nondecomposed organic material

Trillmich F.; Mohren W., 1981:
Effects of the lunar cycle on the galapagos fur seal arctocephalus galapagoensis

Nott C.F.G.; Rollins W.C., 1979:
Effects of the m gene for muscular hypertrophy on birth weight and growth to 1 year of age in beef cattle

Nott C.F.G.; Rollins W.C.; Tanaka M., 1980:
Effects of the m gene for muscular hypertrophy on confirmation at 1 year of age in beef cattle

Lapalus P.; Luyckx J., 1979:
Effects of the magnesium salt of spaglumic acid on experimental anoxia

Bromley P.J.; Smart G., 1981:
Effects of the major food categories on growth composition and food conversion in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Cohen, E.; Podoler, H.; El-Hamlauwi, M., 1987:
Effects of the malathion bait mixture used on citrus to control ceratitis capitata wiedemann diptera tephritidae on the florida red scale chrysomphalus aonidum l. hemiptera diaspididae and its parasitoid aphytis holoxanthus debach hymenoptera aphelinidae

Hihara F., 1981:
Effects of the male accessory gland secretion on oviposition and re mating in females of drosophila melanogaster

Bhagirath, T.; Kundu, S.C., 1985:
Effects of the male contraceptive agent gossypol on meiotic chromosomes of the male rat

Feuerbacher I.; Prinzinger R., 1981:
Effects of the male sex hormone testosterone on body temperature and energy metabolism in male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Pakhotin P.I.; Vinogradova O.S., 1984:
Effects of the mammillo thalamic tract lesion on neuronal activity of the limbic nuclei of the thalamus

Aller R.C.; Yingst J.Y., 1985:
Effects of the marine deposit feeders heteromastus filiformis polychaeta macoma balthica bivalvia and tellina texana bivalvia on averaged sedimentary solute transport reaction rates and microbial distributions

Keller M., 1984:
Effects of the marseilles france sewage outfall on meiobenthic populations

Nishi, M.; Miyake, H.; Takeda, T.; Takasugi, N.; Sato, Y.; Hanai, J., 1988:
Effects of the mass screenings for neuroblastoma in Japan. A study of 68 cases

Yamaji M.; Fukuzumi K.; Hosoyama M.; Matsumoto N.; Takahashi I.; Sasaoka K.; Yamamoto J.; Kawamoto T.; Kinoshita Z., 1985:
Effects of the maxillary protractor on cleft lip and palate patients

Yamabe K., 1983:
Effects of the medial preoptic area stimulation on the mid brain central gray relating to lordosis in female rats

Laws, D.W.; Moon, C.E., 1986:
Effects of the menstrual cycle on the human acoustic reflex threshold

Slob, A.K.; Baum, M.J.; Schenck, P.E., 1978:
Effects of the menstrual cycle social grouping and exogenous progesterone on hetero sexual interaction in laboratory housed stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides

Page, S., 1977:
Effects of the mental illness label in attempts to obtain accommodation

Condon, W.J.; Gordon, R., 1977:
Effects of the mermithid nematode mermis nigrescens on the levels of hemolymph and fecal uric acid in its host the migratory locust locusta migratoria

Akita, M.; Lee, S.H.; Kaneko, K., 1987:
Effects of the metal salts on the staining of elastic fibers with hematein

Ben-Efraim, S.; Halperin, D.; Reuben, C.; Dar, O.; Weiss, D.W., 1984 :
Effects of the methanol extract residue tubercle bacillus fraction on the production of antibodies in vitro 2. effects on macrophage and lymphocyte populations

Ben-Efraim, S.; Sarir, C.; Dar, O.; Barbash, G.; Grover, N.; Weiss, D.W., 1980:
Effects of the methanol extraction residue tubercle bacillus fraction on the production of antibodies in vitro 1. effect on the primary response

Halperin, D.; Reuben, C.; Ben-Efraim, S.; Grover, N.; Weiss, D.W., 1985:
Effects of the methanol extraction residue tubercle bacillus fraction on the production of antibodies in vitro 3. consequence of prior sensitization to methanol extraction residue

Berkowitz A.S.; Lloyd J.A.; Chowdhury M., 1979:
Effects of the method of exsanguination on measurements of developmental changes in serum concentrations of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in pre pubertal and adult male house mice

Kim J.K.; Lee S.Y.; Kim J.H.; Bae S.H.; Choi S.K.; O.Y.B., 1986:
Effects of the method of nitrogen application rice growth for machine transplanting in double cropping area

Lowenstein, P.R.; Aguilar, J.S.; Sabato, U.C., 1985:
Effects of the methylxanthine derivative pentoxifylline on benzodiazepine and muscarinic binding sites in rat cerebral cortex

Sudakov K.; Osipovski S.A.; Aguilar Jimenez E., 1979:
Effects of the micro iontophoretic application of thiamine on the spontaneous activity of neurons of the mesencephalic reticular formation

Hill R.E.; Gary W.J., 1979:
Effects of the micro sporidium nosema pyrausta on field populations of european corn borers in nebraska usa

Hasegawa T.; Ogata M., 1982:
Effects of the microsomal and soluble fractions from livers of rats poisoned with carbon tetra chloride on mitochondrial respiration

Wilson, G.G., 1977:
Effects of the microsporidia nosema disstriae and pleistophora schubergi on the survival of the forest tent caterpillar malacosoma disstria lepidoptera lasiocampidae

Coste, P.; Breton, J.C.; Chaisemartin, C., 1986:
Effects of the microsporidian thelohania contejeani microsporida thelohaniidae on the exploitation of food fatty acids by the host freshwater crayfish austropotamobius pallipes le. 1858

Gunderson C.A.; Samuelian J.H.; Evans C.K.; Brattsten L.B., 1985:
Effects of the mint monoterpene pulegone on spodoptera eridania lepidoptera noctuidae

Lim S.C.; Chung J.H.; Park S.K.; Kim K.Y., 1986:
Effects of the mixing ratio of pot media on the growth of seedlings and yield in hot pepper capsicum annuum

Jones, S.G.; Mitchell, W.M.; Jones, M.M., 1986:
Effects of the mobilization of aged tissue cadmium by chelating agents

Zammit V.A., 1985:
Effects of the mode of addition of acyl coenzyme a on the initial rate of formation of acylcarnitine in the presence of carnitine by intact rat liver mitochondria in vitro

Thieme Creutziger R.; Wobus A.M.; Schoeneich J., 1979:
Effects of the mode of administration of mitomycin c on the production of chromatid structural changes in bone marrow and ascites tumor cells of mice

Tomita M.; Fukuwatari Y.; Tamura Y.; Mizota T.; Kiyosawa I.; Okonogi S.; Arai K., 1985:
Effects of the mode of the filtration processes on the fractionation of milk constituents by ultrafiltration

Tomita M.; Fukuwatari Y.; Tamura Y.; Mizota T.; Araki K.; Kiyosawa I.; Okonogi S.; Arai K., 1985:
Effects of the mode of the filtration processes on the physicochemical properties of ultrafiltrated milk and permeate

Muneoka Y.; Matsuura M., 1985:
Effects of the molluscan neuropeptide phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalaninamide and the related opioid peptide tyrosylglycylglycylphenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalaninamide on mytilus edulis muscle

Agnelli, G.; Guerciolini, R.; Grasselli, S.; Menichetti, F.; Pauluzzi, S.; Nenci, G.G.; Del Favero, A., 1987:
Effects of the monobactam antibiotic aztreonam on platelet function and blood coagulation

Pillai A.; Pillai S.K., 1980:
Effects of the morphactin chlorflurenol on kalanchoe verticillata

Caro T.M., 1980:
Effects of the mother object play and adult experience of predation in cats

Leonard, M.J.; Fisher, E.L.; Brunelle, M.F.; Dickinson, J.E., 1976:
Effects of the motor vehicle control program on hydro carbon concentrations in the central los angeles california usa atmosphere

Beattie, A.J.; Culver, C.C., 1977:
Effects of the mound nests of the ant formica obscuripes on the surrounding vegetation

Swanson T.H.; Phillis J.W., 1988:
Effects of the muscarinic antagonists pirenzepine and gallamine on spontaneous and evoked responses of rat cerebral cortical neurons

Siraj M.Y.; Phillips T.D.; Hayes A.W., 1981:
Effects of the myco toxins citrinin and ochra toxin a on hepatic mixed function oxidase and atpase in neo natal rats

Legg P.D.; Collins G.B.; Litton C.C., 1979:
Effects of the n mosaic resistance factor on agronomic and chemical traits in burley tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Hammade, H.; Petitjean, M.; Douaire, M.; Mallard, J.; Merat, P., 1987:
Effects of the na naked neck gene in cocks kept in two temperatures i. growth rate feed consumption and physiological traits

Kosecoff, J.; Kanouse, D.E.; Rogers, W.H.; McCloskey, L.; Winslow, C.M.; Brook, R.H., 1987:
Effects of the National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Program on physician practice

Barcelo J.; Torres M.; Baztan J., 1981:
Effects of the near uv radiations on the growth and content in phenolic compounds of petroselinum crispum

Rodriguez-Kabana, R.; Backman, P.A.; Karr, G.W.Jr ; King, P.S., 1976:
Effects of the nematocide fensulfothion on soil borne pathogens

Trudgill D.L.; Holliday J.M.; Mathias P.L.; French N.; Mackintosh G.M.; Tones S.J., 1983:
Effects of the nematocide oxamyl on the multiplication of globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida and on the haulm growth and yield of 6 potato cultivars with different levels of resistance and tolerance

Figueroa A., 1980:
Effects of the nematocides aldicarb aldoxycarb and 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane on nematode control and yield on bananas musa acuminata cultivar giant cavendish

Radeva, V., 1978:
Effects of the nerve growth factor on certain nonneuronal elements

Ondo J.G., 1981:
Effects of the neuro excitatory amino acids aspartate and glutamate on luteinizing hormone secretion

Mello N.K.; Mendelson J.H., 1979:
Effects of the neuro peptide 9 deglycinamide 8 arginine vasopressin on morphine and food self administration by dependent rhesus monkey

Hof R.P.; Hof A.; Scholtysik G.; Menninger K., 1984:
Effects of the new calcium antagonist pn 200 110 iso propyl 4 2 1 3 benzoxadiazol 4 yl 1 4 dihydro 5 methoxycarbonyl 2 6 dimethyl 3 pyridinecarboxylate on the myo cardium and the regional peripheral circulation in anesthetized cats and dogs

Thormann J.; Kramer W.; Kindler M.; Neuss H.; Bahawar H.; Schlepper M., 1984:
Effects of the new cardiotonic agent ta 064 denopamine hydrochloride serial computer assisted analyses of pressure volume relations and on line myocardial oxygen consumption estimations

Imai H.; Matsui K.; Ochi S.; Nakazawa M.; Nakagawa Y.; Imai S., 1987:
Effects of the new dihydropyridine derivative 1 4 dihydro 2 6 dimethyl 4 3 nitrophenyl 3 5 pyridinedicarboxylic acid methyl 6 5 phenyl 3 pyrazolyloxyhexyl ester on the cardiohemodynamics and the energy metabolism of ischemic myocardium

Fujiwara T.; Sakamoto Y.; Fukasawa I.; Horikoshi H.; Sugiyama M.; Fukumi H., 1986:
Effects of the new hypoglycemic agent 2 piperazinyl 4 methylamino 5 methylthieno 2 3 d pyrimidine dihydrochloride hydrate

Holm Nygaard M.E.; Dornish J.M.; Oftebro R.; Undheim K., 1986:
Effects of the new mitotic inhibitor pyrimidine sulfone ny 4137 on human cells in vitro and on colchicine binding to tubulin

Cho K.Y.; Sakurai A.; Kamiya Y.; Tamura A.S., 1979:
Effects of the new plant growth retardants of quaternary ammonium iodides on gibberellin biosynthesis in gibberella fujikuroi

Mouchova H.; Apltauer J., 1983:
Effects of the nitrification inhibitor n serve on the utilization of fall applied urea by wheat

Spotts R.A.; Cervantes L.A., 1987:
Effects of the nonionic surfactant ag 98 on three decay fungi of anjou pear

Meacock S.C.R.; Kitchen E.A., 1979 :
Effects of the nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug benoxaprofen on leukocyte migration

Stancheva, S.L.; Petkov, V.D.; Petkov, V.V., 1988:
Effects of the nootropic agents adafenoxate and meclofenoxate on brain biogenic monoamines in aged rats

Petkov, V.D.; Popova, J.S., 1987:
Effects of the nootropic agents adafenoxate, meclofenoxate and the acetylcholine precursor citicholine on the brain muscarinic receptors (experiments on rats)

Jonsson G.; Hallman H.; Sundstrom E., 1982:
Effects of the noradrenaline neuro toxin dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine on the post natal development of central noradrenaline neurons in the rat

Hallman H.; Sundstrom E.; Jonsson G., 1984:
Effects of the noradrenaline neurotoxin dsp 4 on monoamine neurons and their transmitter turnover in rat central nervous system

De-Vaney, J.A., 1978:
Effects of the northern fowl mite ornithonyssus sylviarum on fertility and hatchability of eggs from artificially inseminated white leghorn hens

Neale R.; Gerhardt S.; Liebman J.M., 1983:
Effects of the novel anti psychotics rmi 81582 3 2 chloro 11h dibenz b e azepin 11 ylidene n n dimethyl 1 propanamine and clopipazan on predictors of extrapyramidal liability in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Gilbert F.; Dourish C.T., 1987:
Effects of the novel anxiolytics gepirone buspirone and ipsapirone on free feeding and on feeding induced by 8 hydroxy dpat

Montiel C.; Artalejo A.R.; Garcia A.G., 1984:
Effects of the novel di hydro pyridine bay k 8644 methyl 1 4 dihydro 2 6 dimethyl 3 nitro 4 2 trifluoromethylphenyl pyridine 5 carboxylate on adreno medullary catecholamine release evoked by calcium re introduction

Berkowitz B.A.; Arleth A.J.; Sung C.P.; Kruse L.I.; Dewolf W.E.Jr; Ohlstein E.H., 1988:
Effects of the novel dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitor skf 102698 on catecholamines and blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Moawed, S.M.; Shehata, N.F., 1987:
Effects of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis boisd. on the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata wied

Iliakis G.; Bryant P.E., 1983:
Effects of the nucleoside analogs alpha arabinofuranosyl adenine beta arabinofuranosyl adenine and beta arabinofuranosyl cytosine on cell growth and repair of potentially lethal damage and dna double strand breaks in mammalian cells in culture

Schrier D.J.; Phan S.H.; Mcgarry B.M., 1983:
Effects of the nude nu nu mutation on bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis a biochemical evaluation

Blough, D.S., 1979:
Effects of the number and form of stimuli on visual search in the pigeon

Kozai T.; Sekimoto K., 1988:
Effects of the number of air changes per hour of the closed vessel and the photosynthetic photon flux on the carbon dioxide concentration inside the vessel and the growth of strawberry plantlets in vitro

Shimoda M.; Matsui T.; Osajima Y., 1987:
Effects of the number of carbon atoms of flavor compounds on diffusion permeation and sorption with polyethylene films

Mellgren, J., 1975:
Effects of the number of cell divisions and of added isologous nucleic acids on aging of normal human fibroblasts in vitro

Thomson N.J.; Reid P.E.; Williams E.R., 1987:
Effects of the okra leaf nectariless frego bract and glabrous conditions on yield and quality of cotton lines

Lightman S.L.; Langdon N.; Forsling M.L., 1980:
Effects of the opiate antagonist naloxone and the enkephalin analog 2 d alanine 4 methyl phenyl alanine 5 methionine o ol enkephalin on the vasopressin response to a hypertonic stimulus in man

Larsen, A.; Teravainen, H., 1978:
Effects of the optical isomers of propranolol on neuro muscular transmission in the rat

Mizuno T.; Hirano T.; Hasegawa S.; Hikami Y., 1980:
Effects of the oral administration of glucose and amino acids on hepatic lipogenesis in chicks fasted after having been fed a high carbohydrate or a high protein diet

Van-Den-Ende, A.; Lutjens, A.; Van-Wayjen, R.G.A.; Kloosterboer, H.J., 1987:
Effects of the oral contraceptive combination 0.150mg desogestrel plus 0.020mg ethynylestradiol on carbohydrate metabolism in healthy female volunteers

Kloosterboer, H.J.; Van-Wayjen, R.G.A.; Van-Den-Ende, A., 1987:
Effects of the oral contraceptive combination 0.150mg desogestrel plus 0.020mg ethynylestradiol on serum lipids including the hdl subfractions

Tuimala, R.; Korhonen, M.; Kortesluoma, M., 1987:
Effects of the oral contraceptive combination 0.150mg desogestrel plus 0.020mg ethynylestradiol on serum lipids shbg glycosylated proteins and plasma antithrombin iii activity in healthy women

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Effects of the oral converting enzyme inhibitor sq 14225 d 3 mercapto 2 methylpropanoyl l proline on 1 kidney hypertension in the dog

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Effects of the oral converting enzyme inhibitor, SQ 14225, in a model of low cardiac output in dogs

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Effects of the oral converting enzyme inhibitor SQ 14225 in experimental high output failure

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Effects of the oral hypoglycemic agent methyl palmoxirate on exercise capacity of rats

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Effects of the organophosphorus insecticide diazinon on nucleolar organizer activity

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Effects of the organophosphorus insecticide malathion on the marine dinoflagellate prorocentrum micans

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Effects of the ovarian and contraceptive cycles on absolute thresholds auditory fatigue and recovery from temporary threshold shifts at 4 and 6 kilohertz

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Effects of the ovariectomy and the administration of estradiol 17 beta on the blood plasma prolactin concentration in goats

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Effects of the oxygen inhalation on the partial arterial alveolar pressure of carbon di oxide in healthy patients and in patients suffering from chronic bronchitis

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Effects of the oxygen partial pressure on swimming activity and food utilization in ophiocephalus striatus

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Effects of the pallas gene in barley phene analysis over dominance variability

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Effects of the parasitic nematodes on total proteins and total lipids of Ceratitis capitata Wied (Diptera, Trypetidae)

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Effects of the parathyroid hormone antagonist tyrosine 34 bpth 7 34 amide on avian renal phosphate transport

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Effects of the parental host on host selection reproductive potential survival and fecundity of the egg larval parasitoid chelonus curvimaculatus reared on pectinophora gossypiella and phthorimaea operculella

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Effects of the parkinsonism inducing neurotoxin 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine and its metabolite 1 methyl 4 phenylpyridine on sympathetic adrenergic nerves in mouse iris and atrium

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Effects of the partial pressure of oxygen on surfacing activity and food utilization in the air breathing perch anabas scandens

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Effects of the pathogenic action of botulinum toxin on different types of spinal moto neurons

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Effects of the pattern of organization of cells in culture on surface antigen expression and shedding

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Effects of the pattern of ventilation and of an increase in cardiac output on the distribution of blood flow to a hypoxic lung lobe

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Effects of the per cutaneous cervical cordotomy on intractable cancer pain

Maki S.; Maeda H., 1986:
Effects of the periaqueductal gray matter lesions for hypothalamic defensive attack in cats ii lesions around the interaural zero frontal plane

Maki S.; Maeda H., 1987:
Effects of the periaqueductal gray matter lesions on hypothalamic defensive attack in cats lesions of the rostral half

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Effects of the periodically intermittent application of a constant magnetic field on the mobility in darkness of worker honey bees apis mellifera

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Effects of the peripheral chemoreceptor denervation and increasing depths of halothane anesthesia on hypoxic respiratory depression

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Effects of the pesticide dieldrin on incubation of the earthworm eisenia foetida oligochaeta

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Effects of the pesticides thiotox dichlorvos and carbofuran on the test fish mystus vittatus

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Effects of the phenethylamine derivatives bl 3912 2 5 di methoxy 4 methyl alpha ethyl phenethylamine fenfluramine and sch 12679 n methyl 1 phenyl 7 8 dimethoxy 2 3 4 5 tetra hydro 3 benzazepine maleate in rats trained with lsd as a discriminative stimulus

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Effects of the phenothiazine analog en 313 10 2 morpholinopropionyl phenothiazine 2 carbamic acid ethyl ester hydro chloride on ventricular arrhythmias in the dog

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Effects of the phenylalanine 22 leucine glutamic acid 49 methionine glycine 234 aspartic acid and glycine 234 lysine mutations on the folding and stability of the alpha subunit of tryptophan synthase from escherichia coli

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Effects of the photoperiod genes ppd 1 and ppd 2 on growth and development of the shoot apex in wheat

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Effects of the photoperiod on growth and development of larvae of the genus rana

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Effects of the physical environment on the growth and yield of field beans vicia faba minor in the canadian prairie

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Effects of the physical properties of 2 tropical cotton soils on their permanent wilting point and relative humidity in relation to survival and distribution of meloidogyne acronea

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Effects of the plant density of corn on the plant growth and optical environment in plant community

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Effects of the plant host on the detergent sensitivity and viability of Rhizobium bacteroids

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Effects of the planting date on sorghum crop in cerrado region sete lagoas brazil

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Effects of the platelet inhibitor ticlopidine on exercise tolerance in stable angina pectoris

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Effects of the pneumatic antishock garment on intracranial pressure in man a prospective study of 12 patients with severe head injury

Poul J.; Fait M., 1982 :
Effects of the pneumatic truss pad on the scoliotic curvature

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Effects of the poly chlorinated bi phenyl arochlor 1254 on the american oyster crassostrea virginica

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Effects of the poly chlorinated bi phenyl aroclor 1254 on growth survival and bone development in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

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Effects of the poly chlorinated bi phenyl aroclor 1254 on the american oyster crassostrea virginica

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Effects of the polyamine spermine on binding of fsh to membrane bound immature bovine testis receptors

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Effects of the polymeric cryoprotectant poly vinyl pyrrolidone on the red alga dilsea carnosa

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Effects of the population density of single celled marine algae on accumulation of radio nuclides

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Effects of the position of the sv 40 enhancer on expression of multiple transcription units in a single plasmids

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Effects of the positively regulating product of gene 28 of the bacillus subtilis phage spo 1 on in vitro transcription

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Effects of the potential neuroleptic peptide 1 destyrosine gamma endorphin and haloperidol on apo morphine induced behavioral syndromes in rats in mice

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Effects of the potentiation of the gamma aminobutyric acid ergic neurotransmission in the olfactory bulbs on mouse killing behavior

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Effects of the pre sowing treatment of seeds with an electric field on the genetic control of barley characters

Naito, R.; Moriyama, S., 1976:
Effects of the prebloom application of gibberellic acid combined with benzyl adenine and urea on the set and growth of seedless berries of delaware grape part 2 influence of urea concentration

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Effects of the predation of tetrahymena pyriformis on the population of aeromonas hydrophila

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Effects of the preemergence herbicide di allate and the post emergence herbicide 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy acetate on the growth of some soil algae

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Effects of the presence of a home chamber target on experimental session attack

Shahi K.P.; Krishna S.S., 1979:
Effects of the presence of male with unmated or mated female and some light regimes on the programming of oviposition in earias fabia lepidoptera noctuidae

Sarma M., 1980:
Effects of the presence of methyl methoxy and hydroxyl groups in chemical compounds on chromosomes

IIda K., 1987:
Effects of the prolongation of survival time on immunotherapy with an extract from human tubercle bacilli ssm for gastric cancer in cases of non curative resection statistical analysis of the results of long term observation

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Effects of the prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor indomethacin on estrogen induced and estrogen plus progesterone induced sexual receptivity in ovariectomized rats

Salminen, A., 1984:
Effects of the protease inhibitor leupeptin on proteolytic activities and regeneration of mouse skeletal muscles after exercise injuries

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Effects of the proto cerebrum cauterization on molting phenomena in orchestia gammarellus crustacea amphipoda

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Effects of the pruning of the poyo banana tree on the development of populations of radopholus similis and helicotylenchus multicinctus

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Effects of the putative 5 hydroxytryptamine 1a receptor agonist 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylaminotetralin on nociceptive sensitivity in mice

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Effects of the putative d 1 antagonist sch 23390 r 8 chloro 2 3 4 5 tetrahydro 3 methyl 5 phenyl 1h 3 benzazepine 7 ol z 2 butenedioate 2 1 on stereotyped behavior induced by the d 2 agonist ru 24213 3 2 2 phenylethylpropylaminoethylphenol hydrochloride

Kelly P.A.T.; Mcculloch J., 1982:
Effects of the putative gamma amino butyric acid ergic agonists muscimol and 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro isoxazolo 4 5 e pyridin 3 ol on local cerebral glucose utilization

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Effects of the pyrethroid deltamethrin on the acquisition and inoculation of viruses by myzus persicae

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Effects of the pyrethroid insecticide wl 85871 and phosalone on adults and progeny of the leaf cutting bee megachile rotundata f pollinator of lucerne

Roche M.; Guillet J.C., 1985:
Effects of the pyrethroids bioallethrin deltamethrin and ru 15525 on the electrical activity of a cuticular mechanoreceptor of the cockroach periplaneta americana

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Effects of the pyrones, maltol and ethyl maltol, on iron absorption from the rat small intestine

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Effects of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids senecionine retrorsine and seneciphylline on aminopyrine n demethylase activity of the rat liver s 10 fraction

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Effects of the quality and type of microorganisms on ethanol production from pawpaw carica papaya

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Effects of the rat renotropic system on carbon 14 labeled uridine incorporation into rna and rna precursors

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Effects of the rate and spatial separation of target behaviors on observer accuracy and interobserver agreement

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Effects of the ration size on the production of white leghorn laying hens under subtropical conditions

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Effects of the rearing at simulated altitude in the albino rat

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Effects of the rearing temperature upon growth and hormonal balance in schistocerca gregaria during the last 2 larval instars

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Effects of the recipient strain and uv irradiation on transduction kinetics of the penicillinase plasmid of staphylococcus aureus

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Effects of the rectal administration of diazepam diazepam concentrations in children undergoing general anesthesia

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Effects of the relative extrachloroplastic concentrations of inorganic phosphate 3 phospho glycerate and di hydroxy acetone phosphate on the rate of starch synthesis in isolated spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar american hybrid no. 424 chloroplasts

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Effects of the removal of corpuscles of stannius on the transport of calcium across the intestine of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Effects of the removal of neural crest anlage upon endodermal morphogenesis and primordial germ cells migration in toad bufo bufo embryo

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Effects of the removal of olfactory bulbs on the appearance and latency of the mouse killing reaction in the rat of the wistar sm strain

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Effects of the removal of the axial organ on the respiratory activity of asterina gibbosa echinodermata asteroidea

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Effects of the renin inhibitor pepstatin on the blood pressure of intact and nephrectomized rats

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Effects of the replacement of chloride by methyl sulfate on the membrane currents in frog atrial trabeculae

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Effects of the replacement of maize with barley hordeum vulgare hordeum distichon l. in the diets of chicks and layers on their growth production indices and egg quality

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Effects of the resin and smoke condensate of cannabis sativa on the estrous cycle of the rat

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Effects of the respiratory cycle by mechanical ventilation on cardiac output measured using the thermo dilution method

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Effects of the restriction of feeding duration on food utilization emergence and silk production in bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae

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Effects of the rex gene of phage lambda on lysogeny

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Effects of the ribosomal subunit association on the chemical modification of the 16s and 23s rna species from escherichia coli

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Effects of the rise in aortic pressure on coronary flow reserve in dogs. Comparison between constriction of the descending thoracic aorta and injection of methoxamine

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Effects of the root components of angelica gigas on voluntary activity in mice

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Effects of the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita on carica papaya seedlings

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Effects of the roots on the rate of photosynthesis in primary leaves of bean phaseolus vulgaris

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Effects of the salivary glands active principle (parotin) on the bone healing of alloxan diabetic rats

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Effects of the seasons on the egg production of but 7 turkey

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Effects of the selective herbicide fluazifop on fatty acid synthesis in pea (Pisum sativum) and barley (Hordeum vulgare)

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Effects of the selective kappa opioid receptor agonist u 50488 on locomotor activity and passive avoidance behavior in dba 2 and c57bl 6 mice

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Effects of the selective noradrenergic neuro toxin dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine on cerebellar purkinje neuron electro physiology

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Effects of the selective thromboxane synthetase inhibitor dazoxiben on variations in cyclic blood flow in stenosed canine coronary arteries

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Effects of the sequence of measuring nondestructive deformation and specific gravity on the quasi static compression and impact strength of eggs from white leghorn hens

Kunze, H.; Bohn, E., 1983:
Effects of the serine protease inhibitors foy ethyl 4 6 guanidinohexanoyloxy benzoate methanesulfonate and foy 305 n n di methylcarbamoylmethyl 4 4 guanidinobenzoyloxyphenyl acetate methanesulfonate on phospho lipase a 1 ec activity in rat liver

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Effects of the serotonin antagonists, cyproheptadine, ketanserin and mianserin, on cyclic flow reductions in stenosed canine coronary arteries

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Effects of the sesqui terpene lactone helenin on feeding rates and survival of the tundra redback vole clethrionomys rutilus

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Effects of the sex linked dwarf gene dw on chick growth biochemical and anatomical study

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Effects of the sex ratio organism on in vitro differentiation of drosophila melanogaster embryonic cells

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Effects of the sexcombless chromosome in 1 sx on males and females of drosophila melanogaster

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Effects of the shading and rachis branch clipping on the grain filling process of rice oryza sativa cultivars differing in the grain size

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Effects of the shape and of the dimensions of water traps painted yellow on the catches of insects in a carrot culture special case of diptera

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Effects of the shape of stenosis on the resistance to blood flow through and artery

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Effects of the sheep scab mite psoroptes ovis on cumulative weight gains in cattle

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Effects of the shell on the viability and moisture content of peanut seeds in storage under alternating relative humidities

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Effects of the silicone tube on the canaliculus: an animal experiment

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Effects of the simultaneous action of melatonin and adp on megakaryocytes in vitro 4

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Effects of the simultaneous administration of zinc and cadmium on the activity of some enzymes and the accumulation of these metals in tissues of the rat

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Effects of the single or repeated inhalation exposure of syrian hamsters to aerosols of plutonium 239 di oxide

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Effects of the site and timing of atrioventricular nodal input on atrioventricular conduction in the isolated perfused rabbit heart

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Effects of the sites on injection of amino guanidine sulfate on developing eggs

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Effects of the size of lesions of the cardiac neural crest at various embryonic ages on incidence and type of cardiac defects

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Effects of the skin mitogens tumor promoter 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate and divalent cation ionophore a 23187 calcimycin on ion fluxes and membrane potential in a murine epidermal cell line hel 30 and in 3t3 fibroblasts

Greiner J.V.; Glonek T., 1988 :
Effects of the slow calcium channel blocker verapamil on phosphatic metabolic of crystalline lens

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Effects of the slow channel inhibitor nicardipine on electrophysiological alterations and enzyme leakage induced by in vitro ischemia in guinea pig ventricular myocardium

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Effects of the sodium ionophore monensin on the contractile response and the movements of monovalent cations in the vascular smooth muscle of rabbit aorta

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Effects of the somatomedins and insulin on myo blast differentiation in vitro

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Effects of the source and level of protein fed to Syrian hamsters on growth, protein utilization, and selected blood proteins

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Effects of the spacing between laths on lobster homarus americanus pots on the catch in the magdalen islands canada

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Effects of the spawning migration of the alewife alosa pseudoharengus on fresh water ecosystems

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Effects of the specific apple re plant disease on growth and cropping of 3 apple scion cultivars on malling 9 rootstock

Rothermel J.D.; Perillo N.L.; Marks J.S.; Botelho L.H.P., 1984:
Effects of the specific cyclic amp antagonist r p adenosine cyclic phosphorothioate on the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase induced activity of hepatic glycogen phosphorylase and glycogen synthase

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Effects of the specific uptake inhibitor lu 10 171 citalopram on brain indoleamine stores in the maturing mouse

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Effects of the spermine analog canavalmine on proliferation of murine erythroleukemia cells in culture

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Effects of the spot and rela mutation on the synthesis and accumulation of guanosine 3 di phosphate 5 di phosphate and rna during glucose starvation

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Effects of the spring flooding of 1981 on the river bank vegetation in the southwestern foothills of the harz mountains west germany with particular consideration of short lived pioneer communities

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Effects of the sr 15 allele for resistance on development of the stem rust fungus and cellular responses in wheat triticum aestivum

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Effects of the starfish patiria miniata on the distribution of the sea urchin lytechinus anamesus in a southern californian usa kelp forest

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Effects of the stellate ganglion block on systolic time intervals

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Effects of the sterilant thiotepa on the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum aphididae homoptera

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Effects of the steroid sex hormone, antheridiol, on the initiation of RNA synthesis in the simple eukaryote, Achlya ambisexualis

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Effects of the steroidal alkaloid tomatine in auxin bioassays and its interaction with iaa

Faelli, A.; Tosco, M.; Orsenigo, M.N.; Esposito, G., 1984:
Effects of the stilbene derivatives 4 acetamido 4' iso thio cyano stilbene 2 2' disulfonic acid and 4 4' di iso thio cyano stilbene 2 2' disulfonic acid on intestinal atpase activities

Hirata K.; Tashiro N.; Nakao H., 1985:
Effects of the stimulation and lesion of the septum on the electrocardiographic changes induced by the stimulation of the anterior hypothalamus

Zhgenti N.A.; Nanobashvili Z.I.; Meged' E.L., 1984:
Effects of the stimulation of the claustrum and caudate nucleus during cat sleep and wakefulness

Wessells M.G., 1979:
Effects of the stimulus reinforcer correlation in a discrete trials procedure where inter response time is greater than 6 seconds

Ramkissoon R.D.; Bhana K., 1982:
Effects of the stimulus variable on matrix classification responses of 12 year old children

Lopes A.L.R.; Giaretta H.; Silva A.V.D.; Fagundes A.C., 1983:
Effects of the storage in chambers with controlled humidity and temperature and in warehouses on the quality of pearl millet pennisetum americanum seeds

Simon Sylvestre G.; Beaumont A., 1982:
Effects of the storage of soil samples on nitrification in the presence or absence of a pesticide

Kharshan, M.A.; Vigestane, R.Y. ; Popovkina, S.V.; Kukhanova, M.K.; Kraevskii, A.A.; Gottikh, B.P., 1977:
Effects of the structure and configuration of amino acid residues on the activity of model peptide donors in ribosomes

Ritter K.S.; Nes W.R., 1981 :
Effects of the structure of sterols on the development of heliothis zea

Mandahl A., 1985:
Effects of the substance p antagonist 1 d arginine 2 d proline 7 d tryptophan 9 d tryptophan 11 leucine substance p on miosis caused by echothiophate iodide or pilocarpine hydrochloride

Mandahl A.; Bill A., 1984:
Effects of the substance p antagonist 1 d arginine 2 d proline 7 d tryptophan 9 d tryptophan 11 leucine substance p on the miotic response to substance p antidromic trigeminal nerve stimulation capsaicin prostaglandin e 1 compound 48 80 4 methoxy n methyl benzeneethanamine formaldehyde product and histamine

Vogel K.P.; Kindler S.D., 1980:
Effects of the subterranean aphid geoica utricularia on forage yield and quality of sand love grass eragrostis trichodes

Hunsperger M.H.; Davis D.W., 1987:
Effects of the sugary 1 locus on plant and ear traits in corn

Jirillo, E.; Monno, R.; Munno, I.; De-Santis, A., 1977:
Effects of the supernatants of lymphocytic culture stimulated by tilorone on the electrophoretic mobility of human leukocytes

Silva P.S.L.E.; Paterniani E.; Cesar M.A.A., 1986:
Effects of the suppression partial and total of the fruitification on stalks traits of maize cultivars

Tanaka, Y., 1976:
Effects of the surfactants on the cleavage and further development of the sea urchin embryos part 1 the inhibition of micromere formation at the 4th cleavage

Anderson, W.P.; Ludbrook, J., 1976:
Effects of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal medullary hormones on dog hind limb blood flow after hemorrhage

Fujii R., 1980:
Effects of the sympathetic nervous system on gastrin release and gastric secretion in dogs

Ruether N.N., 1979:
Effects of the synthetic analog of methionyl enkephalin fk 33 824 on psychotic symptoms

Vainshtein S.G.; Zvershkhanovskii F.A., 1984:
Effects of the synthetic antioxidants ionol and dibunol on hemorrhagic ulcerative lesions in rat stomach

Prandini, M.H.; Wiman, B.; Samama, M.; Collen, D., 1978:
Effects of the synthetic fibrinolytic agents o thymotic acid and s 1623 on the reaction between human plasmin and anti plasmin

Loschiavo, S.R., 1976:
Effects of the synthetic insect growth regulators methoprene and hydroprene on survival development or reproduction of 6 species of stored products insects

Stacher G.; Bauer P.; Steinringer H.; Schreiber E.; Schmierer G., 1979:
Effects of the synthetic methionine enkephalin analog fk 33 824 on pain threshold and pain tolerance in man

Gordienko O.I.; Gordienko E.A., 1986:
Effects of the temperature and ionic strength of the medium of passive permeability of erythrocyte membranes to potassium ions

Miyamoto H.; Ishibashi T., 1981:
Effects of the temperature of ice seeding on survival of frozen and thawed mouse morulae

Longstaff B.C.; Desmarchelier J.M., 1983:
Effects of the temperature toxicity relationships of certain pesticides upon the population growth of sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

Schmidt, R.R.; Chepenik, K.P.; Paynton, B.V., 1977:
Effects of the teratogenic folic acid antagonist 9 methylpteroyl glutamic acid on hydroxy proline levels in fetal rat limbs

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Effects of the tetracyclic antidepressant pirlindole on sensorimotor performance and subjective condition in comparison to imipramine and during interaction of ethanol

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Effects of the Timing of Flashes of Light during the Course of Cellular Rotation on Phototactic Orientation of Individual Cells of Cryptomonas

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Effects of the use of ancillary personnel on professional eye care services

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Effects of the venom of habu trimeresurus flavoviridis on drug metabolizing enzymes in hepatic microsomes of rats 2. purification of drug metabolizing enzymes inhibitor from habu venom

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Effects of the venom of habu trimeresurus flavoviridis on drug metabolizing enzymes in hepatic microsomes of rats 3. mechanism of the inhibitory action of habu venom to drug metabolizing enzymes

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