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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5332

Chapter 5332 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Carino, M.A.; Smith, J.R.; Weick, B.G.; Horita, A., 1976:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone micro injected into various brain areas of conscious and pento barbital pre treated rabbits

Tache, Y.; Lis, M.; Collu, R., 1977:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on behavioral and hormonal changes induced by beta endorphin

Johke, T., 1978:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on circulating growth hormone prolactin and tri iodo thyronine levels in the bovine

Smith J.R., 1981:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on cyclic amp accumulation in rabbit cerebral cortical tissue in the presence and absence of central nervous system depressants

Maeda, K., 1976:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on growth hormone release in normal subjects and in patients with depression anorexia nervosa and acromegaly

Vogel R.A.; Cooper B.R.; Barlow T.S.; Prange A.J.Jr; Mueller R.; Breese G.R., 1979:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on loco motor activity operant performance and ingestive behavior

Hedlund, L.; Lischko, M.M.; Tollerton, A.J.; Doelger, S.G.; Johnson, H.D.; Eklund, D.L., 1978:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on plasma thyroxine in the calf comparison of intra ventricular and intra venous injection routes

Breese, G.R.; Cott, J.M.; Cooper, B.R.; Prange, A.J.Jr ; Lipton, M.A.; Plotnikoff, N.P., 1975 :
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on the actions of pento barbital and other centrally acting drugs

Bhargava H.N., 1980:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on the central nervous system responses to chronic morphine administration

Furukawa K.; Nomoto T.; Tonoue T., 1980:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on the isolated small intestine and tenia coli of the guinea pig

Lin M.T.; Chandra A.; Chern Y.F.; Tsay B.L., 1980:
Effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone on thermo regulation in the rat

Ahren B.; Gustafson A.; Hedner P., 1982:
Effects of thyrotropin stimulation for 2 hours on mouse thyroid cyclic amp levels in vivo and in vitro

L.G.rfo P.; Colacchio T.A.; Colacchio D.A.; Feind C.R., 1980:
Effects of thyrotropin stimulation on serum thyro globulin in metastatic thyroid cancer

Hurlburt, M.E., 1977:
Effects of thyroxine administration on plasma thyroxine levels in the goldfish carassius auratus

Takuma, T.; Tanemura, T.; Hosoda, S.; Kumegawa, M., 1978:
Effects of thyroxine and 5 alpha di hydro testosterone on the activities of various enzymes in the mouse submandibular gland

Utsumi, M.; Makimura, H.; Tateiwa, M.; Sakoda, M.; Baba, S., 1977:
Effects of thyroxine and cold exposure on hypothalamic thyrotropin releasing hormone levels in rats with various pituitary thyroid states

Davis, S.R.; Collier, R.J.; McNamara, J.P.; Head, H.H.; Croom, W.J.; Wilcox, C.J., 1988:
Effects of thyroxine and growth hormone treatment of dairy cows on mammary uptake of glucose, oxygen and other milk fat precursors

Davis, S.R.; Collier, R.J.; McNamara, J.P.; Head, H.H.; Sussman, W., 1988:
Effects of thyroxine and growth hormone treatment of dairy cows on milk yield, cardiac output and mammary blood flow

Miwa S.; Inui Y., 1983:
Effects of thyroxine and thio urea on the parr smolt transformation of amago salmon oncorhynchus rhodurus

Van-Wynsberghe, D.M.; Bhatia, S.; Klitgaard, H.M., 1978:
Effects of thyroxine and tri iodo thyro acetic acid on cerebral myelin lipids

Bershtein, L.M.; Lindeberg, T.Y. ; Gaber, V.K.; Kostetskaya, T.V.; Kuznetsov, O.K.; Dil'man, V.M., 1977:
Effects of thyroxine insulin and cholesterol on the amount of cyclic amp in normal cells and in cells infected with oncornavirus

Ikeda, Y.; Ozaki, H., 1978:
Effects of thyroxine on growth of scales in goldfish carassius auratus

Di-Giorgio, R.M.; Fodale, V.; Macaione, S.; De-Luca, G.C., 1983:
Effects of thyroxine on methionine adenosyl transferase ec activity in rat cerebral cortex and cerebellum during post natal development

Schjeide O.A.; Smith S.; Prahlad K.V.; Molsen D.; Hanzely L., 1987:
Effects of thyroxine on mitochondrial morphology and uptake of sulfur 35 in embryonic chicken livers

Knehans A.W.; Romsos D.R., 1984:
Effects of thyroxine on sodium potassium atpase and norepinephrine turnover in brown adipose tissue of obese ob ob mice

Cayrol C.; Deparis P., 1987:
Effects of thyroxine on the ontogeny of the vitellogenic response in pleurodeles waltlii of both sexes

Pasquali, P.; Landi, L.; Bovina, C.; Marchetti, M., 1970:
Effects of thyroxine on the synthesis of folate coenzymes in rat liver

Jones R.E., 1982:
Effects of thyroxine on the transmission of immuno globulin across the small intestine of young rats

Tobin R.B.; Berdanier C.D.; Ecklund R.E., 1979:
Effects of thyroxine treatment on hepatic plasma membrane atpase activity in rats

Miccoli R.; Cerri M.; Giampietro O.; Sanna G.; Pecori N.; Navalesi R., 1987:
Effects of tiadenol in hypercholesterolemic diabetic and non diabetic patients

Abou Khalil W.H.; Lim L.O.; Yunis A.A.; Abou Khalil S., 1984:
Effects of ticlopidine a new platelet antiaggregating agent and its analogs on mitochondrial metabolism oxidative phosphorylation protein synthesis and dna polymerase activity

Yoshikawa T.; Murakami M.; Furukawa Y.; Takemura S.; Kondo M., 1983:
Effects of ticlopidine and aspirin on endo toxin induced disseminated intra vascular coagulation in rats

Fujie K.; Fujie Y., 1981:
Effects of ticlopidine on blood circulation and thrombin induced platelet aggregation in experimental diabetic rats and its efficacy for remedy of diabetic retinopathy

Nunn B.; Lindsay R., 1980:
Effects of ticlopidine on human platelet responsiveness ex vivo comparison with aspirin

Fabra, A.; de Castellarnau, C.; Carretero, F.; Martínez, E.; Sancho, M.J.; Rutllant, M.L., 1987:
Effects of ticlopidine on metastasis production in mice bearing Lewis lung carcinoma

Violi, F.; Alessandri, C.; Frattaroli, S.; Ghiselli, A.; Balsano, F., 1982:
Effects of ticlopidine on platelet function and blood coagulation

Berglund U.; Von Schenck H.; Wallentin L., 1985:
Effects of ticlopidine on platelet function in men with stable angina pectoris

Maeda, K.; Usuda, M.; Kawaguchi, S.; Shinzato, T.; Saito, A.; Ohta, K.; Kobayashi, K.; Ohbayashi, S.; Narita, M., 1980:
Effects of ticlopidine on thrombotic obstruction of atrio ventricular shunts and dialysance of artificial kidneys

Okada H.; Imoto T.; Yamane H.; Konishi K.; Minowa Y.; G.K.; Masutani H.; Harada H.; Takano H.; E.A., 1985:
Effects of ticlopidine panaldine on patients with vertigo and equilibrium dysfunction

D.S.alzi M.; D.L.onardis V.; Anichini P.; Borghi G.; Cinelli P., 1987:
Effects of ticlopidine therapy on platelet function in patients with increased platelet activation

Fleeger J.W.; Chandler G.T.; Fitzhugh G.R.; Phillips F.E., 1984:
Effects of tidal currents on meiofauna densities in vegetated salt marsh sediments

Hand, S.C.; Stickle, W.B., 1977:
Effects of tidal fluctuations of salinity on peri cardial fluid composition of the american oyster crassostrea virginica

Burger, J.; Howe, M.A.; Caldwell, D.; Chase, J., 1977:
Effects of tide cycles on habitat selection and habitat partitioning by migrating shore birds

Demers S.; Legendre L., 1979:
Effects of tides on the circadian variation of the photosynthetic capacity of phyto plankton from the st lawrence estuary canada

Ambrosioni, E.; Tartagni, F.; Lusa, A.M.; Bassein, L.; Magnani, B., 1981:
Effects of tienilic acid used alone and in association with triamterene or amiloride on urinary excretion of electrolytes

Pavone F.; Castellano C., 1985:
Effects of tifluadom on passive avoidance behavior in dba 2 mice

Webster G.R.; Nyborg M., 1986:
Effects of tillage and amendments on yields and selected soil properties of two solonetzic soils

Rothrock C.S.; Hobbs T.W.; Phillips D.V., 1985:
Effects of tillage and cropping system on incidence and severity of southern stem canker of soybean glycine max

Khan S.A.; Chatterjee B.N., 1986:
Effects of tillage and date of harvesting of the preceding rice oryza sativa crop on productivity and moisture utilization of rainfed winter crops

Pidgeon, J.D.; Soane, B.D., 1977:
Effects of tillage and direct drilling on soil properties during the growing season in a long term barley mono culture system

Mitchell W.W.; Loynachan T.E.; Mckendrick J.D., 1979:
Effects of tillage and fertilization on persistence of crude oil contamination in an alaskan usa soil

Frenkel H.; Hadas H., 1981:
Effects of tillage and gypsum incorporation on rain runoff and crust strength in field soils irrigated with saline sodic water

Mueller D.M.; Bowman R.A.; Mcginnies W.J., 1986:
Effects of tillage and manure on emergence and establishment of russian wildrye elymus junceus in a saltgrass distichlis stricta meadow

Castroverde Y.L.; Mabbayad B.B., 1979:
Effects of tillage and pre plant herbicide treatment on the efficiency of weed control and grain yield of transplanted rice

Conn J.S., 1987:
Effects of tillage and straw management on alaskan weed vegetation a study on newly cleared land

Kollmorgen J.F.; Ridge P.E.; R.F., 1987:
Effects of tillage and straw mulches on take all of wheat in the northern wimmera of victoria australia

Ogunremi L.T.; Lal R.; Babalola O., 1986:
Effects of tillage methods and water regimes on soil properties and yield of lowland rice from a sandy loam soil in southwest nigeria

Opara Nadi O.A.; Lal R., 1986:
Effects of tillage methods on physical and hydrological properties of a tropical alfisol

Correa J.C., 1985:
Effects of tillage methods on physical properties of a clayey yellow latosol in the state of amazonas brazil

Mullins C.A.; Tompkins F.D.; Parks W.L., 1980:
Effects of tillage methods on soil nutrient distribution plant nutrient absorption stand and yields of snap beans phaseolus vulgaris and lima beans phaseolus lunatus

Carter M.R.; Rennie D.A., 1987:
Effects of tillage on deposition and utilization of nitrogen 15 residual fertilizer

Banks P.A.; Tripp T.N.; Wells J.W.; Hammel J.E., 1986:
Effects of tillage on sicklepod cassia obtusifolia interference with soybeans glycine max and soil water use

Olanya O.M.; Campbell C.L., 1988 :
Effects of tillage on the spatial pattern of microsclerotia of macrophomina phaseolina

Varfolomeev L.A.; Shamin A.A., 1980:
Effects of tillage on water physical properties and biological activity of peat bog soils in the north taiga russian sfsr ussr

Wright F.S.; Porter D.M., 1980:
Effects of tillage practices on peanut arachis hypogaea production in virginia usa

Aase J.K.; Tanaka D.L., 1984:
Effects of tillage practices on soil and wheat triticum aestivum spectral reflectances

Mostaghimi S.; Shanholtz V.O.; Dillaha T.A.; Kenimer A.L.; Ross B.B.; Younos T.M., 1987:
Effects of tillage system crop residue level and fertilizer application technique on losses of phosphorus and pesticides from agricultural lands

Tiedemann A.R.; Quigley T.M.; Anderson T.D., 1988:
Effects of timber harvest on stream chemistry and dissolved nutrient losses in northeast oregon usa

Soutiere E.C., 1979:
Effects of timber harvesting on marten martes americana americana in maine usa

Iremiren G.O., 1986:
Effects of time and frequencies of weeding on the growth of polybag oil palm elaeis guineensis seedlings

Lockard R.G.; Saqui M.A.; Wounuah D.D., 1985:
Effects of time and frequency of leaf harvest on growth and yield of cassava manihot esculenta in liberia

Schalscha E.B.; Ahumada I.; Pratt P.F., 1981:
Effects of time and leaching on phosphate induced increase in cation exchange capacity in volcanic ash soils

Sabale R.N.; Jadhav S.B., 1983:
Effects of time and method of nitrogen application on yield of sunflower helianthus annuus

Martin D.S.; Huang M S., 1984:
Effects of time and perceptual orientation on actors and observers attributions

Campbell, M.H.; Gilmour, A.R.; Vere, D.T., 1979:
Effects of time and rate of application of herbicides on serrated tussock nassella trichotoma and improved pasture species 2. tetrapion

Rosolem C.A.; Brinholi O.; Marcondes D.A.S., 1981:
Effects of time and rate of application of nitrogen on grain sorghum sorghum bicolor production

Maddux L.D.; Barnes P.L., 1985:
Effects of time and rate of applied nitrogen and nitrapyrin on irrigated corn zea mays

Cain, S.M., 1978:
Effects of time and vaso constrictor tone on oxygen extraction during hypoxic hypoxia

Farlinger, S.; Beamish, F.W.H., 1977:
Effects of time and velocity increments on the critical swimming speed of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Dani R.G.; Kohel R.J., 1987:
Effects of time of boll set on seed oil content in upland cotton

Worrall, R.J., 1976:
Effects of time of collection growing conditions of mother plants and growth regulators on rooting of cuttings of telopea speciosissima proteaceae

Abu-Serewa, S., 1977:
Effects of time of commencement and duration of protein restriction on egg type pullets reared in summer and winter

Oakhill, J., 1986:
Effects of time of day and information importance on adults' memory for a short story

Oakhill J., 1986:
Effects of time of day on the integration of information in text

Cgure M.; Harashima N.; Naganuma K.; Matsushima M., 1980:
Effects of time of ethrel treatment on sex expression in mulberry morus alba

Ezueh M.I.; Taylor A.T., 1984:
Effects of time of inter cropping with maize zea mays on cowpea vigna unguiculata susceptibility to 3 major pests

Chalifour F P.; Nelson L.M., 1988:
Effects of time of nitrate application on nitrate reductase activity nitrate uptake and symbiotic dinitrogen fixation in faba bean and pea

Weinbaum S.A.; Klein I.; Broadbent F.E.; Micke W.C.; Muraoka T.T., 1984:
Effects of time of nitrogen application and soil texture on the availability of isotopically labeled fertilizer nitrogen to reproductive and vegetative tissue of mature almond trees prunus dulcis

Fukui Y.; Kobayashi M.; Kojima M.; Ono H., 1985:
Effects of time of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and fixed time gonadotropin releasing hormone injections on estrus incidence and fertility in physiologically different ewes pre treated with progestogen impregnated vaginal response during the nonbreeding season

Clingeleffer P.R., 1984:
Effects of time of season fruit depth and covering at night when ground drying on acceptable moisture content of sultana raisins

Humphreys, E.; Muirhead, W.A.; Melhuish, F.M.; White, R.J.G., 1987:
Effects of time of urea application on combine sown calrose rice in southeast australia i. crop response and nitrogen uptake

Humphreys, E.; Muirhead, W.A.; Melhuish, F.M.; White, R.J.G.; Chalk, P.M.; Douglas, L.A., 1987:
Effects of time of urea application on combine sown calrose rice in southeast australia ii. mineral nitrogen transformations in the soil water system

Smeaton D.C.; Sumner R.M.W.; Knight T.W.; Wadams T.K., 1983:
Effects of time of weaning pasture allowance and shearing time on ewe and lamb live weight wool growth and subsequent ovulation rate of the ewe

Roper, P.; Drewinko, B.; Hasler, D.; Johnston, D.; Hester, J.; Freireich, E.J., 1979:
Effects of time, platelet concentration, and sex on the human platelet aggregation response

Russell, R.P.; Parsons, R.F., 1978:
Effects of time since fire on heath floristics at wilsons promontory southern australia

Fontaine M.; Hamelin N.; Martineau G.P., 1987:
Effects of time storage conditions and mailing on the stability of porcine blood parameters

Yates N.L.; Rogers M.N., 1981:
Effects of time temperature and nitrogen source on the composting of hardwood bark for use as a plant growing medium

Humphreys, E.; Chalk, P.M.; Muirhead, W.A.; Melhuish, F.M.; White, R.J.G., 1987:
Effects of time urea application on combine sown calrose rice in southeast australia iii. fertilizer nitrogen recovery efficiency of fertilization and soil nitrogen supply

Castellana F.S.; Snappin S., 1979:
Effects of time varying flow and volume on cardiac output estimation from isotope dilution and residue detection

Preston, F.S.; Bateman, S.C.; Meichen, F.W.; Wilkinson, R.; Short, R.V., 1976 :
Effects of time zone changes on performance and physiology of airline personnel

Endo, S.; Tamamoto, T.; Sasaki, M., 1978:
Effects of time zone changes on sleep west east flight and east west flight

Goldman, B.D.; Darrow, J.M.; Yogev, L., 1984:
Effects of timed melatonin infusions on reproductive development in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus)

Kese, A.G.; Donkoh, A.; Siaw, A.E.; Ntim, G., 1986:
Effects of times of collection and different storage methods on the microflora and nitrogen content of poultry waste

Kobayashi M.; Fukui Y.; Tetsuka M.; Ono H., 1986:
Effects of times of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin injection and ram introduction on estrus incidence and lambing rate in ewes treated during the non breeding season

Neal J.C.; Skroch W.A., 1985:
Effects of timing and rate of glyphosate application on toxicity to selected woody ornamentals

Hunter, J.E.; Abawi, G.S.; Croiser, D.C., 1978:
Effects of timing coverage and spray oil on control of white mold of snap bean with benomyl

Meisner J.S.; Mcqueen D.M.; Ishida Y.; Vetter H.O.; Bortolotti U.; Strom J.A.; Frater R.W.M.; Peskin C.S.; Yellin E.L., 1985:
Effects of timing of atrial systole on left ventricle filling and mitral valve closure computer and dog studies

Banks L.W., 1982:
Effects of timing of foliar zinc fertilizer on yield components of soybeans

Topper, J.E.; Brubaker, R.F., 1985:
Effects of timolol, epinephrine, and acetazolamide on aqueous flow during sleep

Grong K.; Stangeland L.; Andersen K.S.; Lekven J., 1982:
Effects of timolol on blood flow distribution in the feline myo cardium with acute regional ischemia during controlled hemodynamic conditions

Staatz, W.D.; Radius, R.L.; Van Horn, D.L.; Schultz, R.O., 1981:
Effects of timolol on bovine corneal endothelial cultures

Liu, J.H.; Bartels, S.P.; Neufeld, A.H., 1984:
Effects of timolol on intraocular pressure following ocular adrenergic denervation

Matsumura, Y.; Miyawaki, N.; Ohno, Y.; Sasaki, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Morimoto, S., 1985:
Effects of tinoridine on lipid peroxidation and renin release in the rat renin granule fraction

Latrille F.; Perraud J.; Stadler J.; Monro A.M.; Sutter B.C.J., 1987:
Effects of tioconazole on parturition and serum levels of 17 beta estradiol progesterone lh and prl in the rat

Vardan, S.; Smulyan, H.; Mookherjee, S.; Eich, R., 1983:
Effects of tiodazosin, a new antihypertensive, hemodynamics and clinical variables

Buyniski J.P.; Pircio A.W.; Schurig J.E.; Campbell J.A., 1980:
Effects of tiodazosin prazosin trimazosin and phentolamine on blood pressure heart rate and on presynaptic and postsynaptic alpha adrenergic receptors in the rat

Kitoh, H.; Toshioka, N., 1978:
Effects of tiopronin on excretion and distribution of mercury 203 labeled mercury compounds in mice

Cryer H.M.; Kaebnick H.; Harris P.D.; Flint L.M., 1985:
Effects of tissue acidosis in skeletal muscle microcirculatory responses to hemorrhagic shock in unanesthetized rats

Auersperg, N.; Erber, H., 1976:
Effects of tissue culture environment on growth patterns and ultrastructure of poorly differentiated human cervical carcinomas

Svane, I.; Havenhand, J.N.; Jorgensen, A.J., 1987:
Effects of tissue extract of adults on metamorphosis in ascidia mentula o. f. mueller and ascidiella scabra o. f. mueller

Hamm, R.N.; Wright, H.A.; Turner, J.E., 1976:
Effects of tissue inhomogeneities on dose patterns in cylinders irradiated by negative pion beams

Roekens E.J.; Van Grieken R.E., 1983:
Effects of titanium di oxide industry waste dumping on sea water chemistry

Keren R., 1980:
Effects of titration rate ph and drying process on cation exchange capacity reduction and aggregate size distribution of montmorillonite hydroxy aluminum complexes

Macedo T.M.; Gomez M.V., 1982:
Effects of tityus toxin from scorpion tityus serrulatus venom on the release and synthesis of acetyl choline in brain slices

Savino, E.A.; Catanzaro, O.L., 1985:
Effects of tityustoxin on the rat isolated tail artery

Takeda S.; Kase Y.; Arai I.; Ohkura Y.; Hasegawa M.; Sekiguchi Y.; Tatsugi A.; Funo S.; Aburada M.; Hosoya E., 1987:
Effects of tjn 101 a lignan compound isolated from schisandra fruits on liver fibrosis and on liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats with chronic liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride

Ozawa M., 1988:
Effects of tnf alpha cachectin on thyroid hormone metabolism in mice

Takeda S.; Kase Y.; Arai I.; Hasegawa M.; Sekiguchi Y.; Funo S.; Aburada M.; Hosoya E.; Mizoguchi Y.; Morisawa S., 1986:
Effects of tnj 101 dextro 6s 7s r biar 5 6 7 8 tetrahydro 1 2 3 12 tetramethoxy 6 7 dimethyl 10 11 methylenedioxy 6 dibenzo a c cyclooctenol on liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy and on regional hepatic blood flow and fine structure of the liver in normal rats

Knott, V.J., 1985:
Effects of tobacco and distraction on sensory and slow cortical evoked potentials during task performance

Johnson, A.W., 1978:
Effects of tobacco budworm control at different treatment levels with several insecticides on flue cured tobacco

Choy, J.W.; Becker, C.G.; Siskind, G.W.; Francus, T., 1985:
Effects of tobacco glycoprotein on the immune system 1. tobacco glycoprotein is a t independent b cell mitogen for murine lymphoid cells

Francus, T.; Klein, R.F.; Staiano-Coico, L.; Becker, C.G.; Siskind, G.W., 1988:
Effects of tobacco glycoprotein (TGP) on the immune system. II. TGP stimulates the proliferation of human T cells and the differentiation of human B cells into Ig secreting cells

Dille J.R.; Linder M.K., 1981:
Effects of tobacco on aviation safety

Scarborough, B.A.; Smith, S.H., 1977:
Effects of tobacco ringspot virus and tomato ringspot virus on the reproductive tissues of pelargonium x hortorum

Suggs C.W., 1986:
Effects of tobacco ripeness at harvest on yield value leaf chemistry and curing barn utilization potential

Chamson, A.; Frey, J.; Hivert, M., 1982:
Effects of tobacco smoke extracts on collagen biosynthesis by fibroblast cell cultures

Chamson, A.; Garrone, R.; Auger, C.; Frey, J., 1980:
Effects of tobacco smoke extracts on the ultrastructure of fibroblasts in culture

Roth C.; Arnoux A.; Huchon G.; Lacronique J.; Marsac J.; Chretien J., 1981:
Effects of tobacco smoke on broncho alveolar cells in man

Tong, J.E.; Booker, J.L.; Knott, V.J., 1978:
Effects of tobacco, time on task, and stimulus speed on judgments of velocity and time

Modig J.; Borg T.; Karlstrom G.; Sahlstedt B.; Rikner L., 1981:
Effects of tocainide an oral analog of lidocaine on thrombo embolism after total hip replacement

Uprichard, A.C.; Allen, J.D.; Harron, D.W., 1988:
Effects of tocainide enantiomers on experimental arrhythmias produced by programmed electrical stimulation

Shirai, K.; Matsuoka, N.; Morisaki, N.; Murano, S.; Sasaki, N.; Shinomiya, M.; Saito, Y.; Kumagai, A.; Mizobuchi, M., 1980:
Effects of tocopherol deficiency on lipid metabolism in the arterial wall of rats on normal and high cholesterol diets

Staats, D.A.; Lohr, D.P.; Colby, H.D., 1988:
Effects of tocopherol depletion on the regional differences in adrenal microsomal lipid peroxidation and steroid metabolism

Prasad, K.N.; Edwards-Prasad, J., 1982:
Effects of tocopherol (vitamin E) acid succinate on morphological alterations and growth inhibition in melanoma cells in culture

Ochi T.; Tsuchiya K.; Aoyama M.; Maruyama T.; Niiya I., 1988:
Effects of tocopherols on qualitative stability of cookies and influence of powdered milk and egg

Sato, M.; Kitagawa, H.; Fujiwara, M., 1982:
Effects of tofisopam on gastric functions in rats

Ohnishi, H.; Ito, C.; Suzuki, K.; Niho, T.; Shimora, M.; Yamaguchi, K., 1981:
Effects of tofisopam on the physiological changes induced by stress loading and hypothalamic stimulation

Bradley Johnson S.; Johnson C.M.; Rickert V.I.; Shanahan R.H.; Tardona D.R., 1984:
Effects of token reinforcement on wechsler intelligence scale for children revised performance of black and white low socioeconomic 2nd graders

Usuki S., 1987:
Effects of tokishakuyakusan and its components on progesterone secretions by corpora lutea

Clozel, M.; Hascoet, J.M.; Monin, P.; Vert, P., 1987:
Effects of tolazoline on regional blood flows in the newborn piglet

Yelich, M.R.; Whitney, J.E., 1980:
Effects of tolbutamide and glyburide on glucose and acetate incorporation into aortic lipids of the dog

Patel, T.B., 1986:
Effects of tolbutamide on gluconeogenesis and glycolysis in isolated perfused rat liver

Smith, S.G.; Werner, T.E.; Davis, W.M., 1976:
Effects of tolerance on intra venous morphine self administration behavior

Tse, K.S.; Kepron, W.; Sehon, A., 1978:
Effects of tolerogenic conjugates in a canine model for reaginic hyper sensitivity part 1 suppression of hapten specific immuno globulin e antibody response

Stacher G.; Bauer P.; Ehn I.; Schreiber E., 1979 :
Effects of tolmetin paracetamol and of 2 combinations of tolmetin and paracetamol as compared to placebo on experimentally induced pain a double blind study

Woldringh, C.L., 1973:
Effects of toluene and phenethyl alcohol on the ultrastructure of Escherichia coli

Bushnell, P.J.; Evans, H.L.; Palmes, E.D., 1985:
Effects of toluene inhalation on carbon dioxide production and locomotor activity in mice

Ghosh T.K.; Pradhan S.N., 1987:
Effects of toluene inhalation on fixed ratio liquid reinforced behavior in rats

Andrews, L.S.; Lee, E.W.; Witmer, C.M.; Kocsis, J.J.; Snyder, R., 1977:
Effects of toluene on the metabolism disposition and hemopoietic toxicity of tritiated benzene

Bakke T.; Skjoldal H.R., 1979:
Effects of toluene on the survival respiration and adenylate system of a murine isopod

McMurry, L.M.; Hendricks, M.; Levy, S.B., 1986:
Effects of toluene permeabilization and cell deenergization on tetracycline resistance in Escherichia coli

Kishi, R.; Harabuchi, I.; Ikeda, T.; Miyake, H., 1986:
Effects of toluene vapors on signaled bar press shock avoidance performance in rats

Takahara T.; Okudai N.; Oiyama I., 1981:
Effects of tongued approach graft on growth of citrus seedlings and shoot tip grafted saplings

Trippenbach, T.; Kelly, G.; Marlot, D., 1985:
Effects of tonic vagal input on breathing pattern in newborn rabbits

Kitazawa, S.; Ito, H.; Iinuma, M., 1975:
Effects of tonicities and solutes of solutions on the lethality and the survival time after intra duodenal administration of ephedrine hydro chloride in mice

N.G.C.; Walker T.W.; Zingg W.; Burke P.S., 1981:
Effects of tooth loading on the periodontal vasculature of the mandibular 4th premolar in dogs

Miyagawa, T.; Ando, R.; Sakurada, S.; Sakurada, T.; Kisara, K., 1986:
Effects of tooth pulp stimulation on single unit activity of the amygdala in cats

Power J.F.; Sandoval F.M.; Ries R.E.; Merrill S.D., 1981:
Effects of top soil and sub soil thickness on soil water content and crop production on a disturbed soil

Gould A.B.; Liberta A.E., 1981:
Effects of top soil storage during surface mining on the viability of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza

White A.W.Jr, 1982:
Effects of top soil sub soil fertilizer and lime amendments on top and root growth of pecan carya illinoensis cultivar stuart seedlings in a simulated norfolk soil profile

Mcginnies W.J.; Nicholas P.J., 1980:
Effects of top soil thickness and nitrogen fertilizer on the re vegetation of coal mine spoils

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