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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5336

Chapter 5336 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chandler B.; Lavin P.T., 1988:
Efficacy and tolerability of enalapril and its effect on serum lipids in patients with mild uncomplicated essential hypertension

Salo, O.P.; Gordin, A.; Brandt, H.; Antikainen, R., 1988:
Efficacy and tolerability of erythromycin acistrate and erythromycin stearate in acute skin infections of patients with atopic eczema

Vartiainen E.; Wildholm O., 1986:
Efficacy and tolerability of gyno pevarly depot in a single application of gyno pevarly in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis

Borelli F.A.D.O.; Santos J.O.C.; Nogueira W.P., 1985:
Efficacy and tolerability of indoramin in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension

Goebel P., 1979:
Efficacy and tolerability of oral ketotifen in the long term prophylactic treatment of bronchial asthma in children

Lanaia, F.; Scrofani, A.; Biondi, R.; Rodolico, F., 1985:
Efficacy and tolerability of triazolam vs. flurazepam in patients suffering from insomnia

Chin Kim An; Shcherbakov A.M.; V.T.i Fan; Rabinovich S.A.; Nguyen Thi N.M.i; V.T.i Tuet; L.N.uyen Bin; E.A., 1985:
Efficacy and tolerance of a combination of quinine and fansidar during treatment of tropical malaria in the south of vietnam

Magnati G.; Bertoli C.; Bossi S.; Strata A., 1987:
Efficacy and tolerance of a new substitute meal in the outpatient treatment of obesity

Fry W., 1981:
Efficacy and tolerance of a vaginal anti phlogistic combination of benzydamine and lysozyme

Gibelin P.; Camous J.P.; Profit Degoul I.; Baudouy M.; Morand P., 1986:
Efficacy and tolerance of a vasodilator with prolonged action cadralazine in severe chronic cardiac insufficiency

Blomer R.; Bruch K.; Collmann G., 1983:
Efficacy and tolerance of cefotaxime in elderly patients

Sargent, E.N.; Halls, J.M.; Colletti, P.; Wieler, M., 1980:
Efficacy and tolerance of ceruletide in radiography of the small intestine

Guibert J.; Bamberg P.; Acar J., 1981:
Efficacy and tolerance of co trimazine given once or twice daily in urinary tract infections

Pekkanen P S.; Josefsson K., 1983:
Efficacy and tolerance of enteric coated erythromycin base ery max administered twice or 4 times daily in patients with acute bronchitis

Clerico, R.; Ribuffo, A., 1987:
Efficacy and tolerance of fenticonazole versus miconazole cream

Hartley T.F.; Lieberman P.L.; Meltzer E.O.; Noyes J.N.; Pearlman D.S.; Tinkelman D.G., 1985:
Efficacy and tolerance of fluocortin butyl administered twice daily in adult patients with perennial rhinitis

Baranov A.E.; Shishkova T.V.; Pozdnyakova V.P.; Bodunkova L.E.; Nadezhina N.M.; Danilova N.B.; Selidovkin G.D.; Petrosyan L.N., 1979:
Efficacy and tolerance of gentamicin sulfate in patients with myelo toxic agranulocytosis

Stroobandt, R.; Kesteloot, H., 1985:
Efficacy and tolerance of intravenous lorcainide in patients with normal and impaired intraventricular conduction

Mueller O.; Knobel H.R., 1986:
Efficacy and tolerance of metipranolol results of a multicenter long term study carried out in switzerland

Boussina, I.; Vischer, T.L., 1987:
Efficacy and tolerance of naproxen versus pirprofen in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis

Yu, V.C.; Sadée, W., 1988:
Efficacy and tolerance of narcotic analgesics at the mu opioid receptor in differentiated human neuroblastoma cells

Homeida, M.M.; el Tom, I.A.; Sulaiman, S.M.; Daffalla, A.A.; Bennett, J.L., 1988:
Efficacy and tolerance of praziquantel in patients with Schistosoma mansoni infection and Symmers' fibrosis: a field study in the Sudan

Jeunemaitre X.; Chatellier G.; Kreft Jais C.; Charru A.; Devries C.; Plouin P F.; Corvol P.; Menard J., 1987:
Efficacy and tolerance of spironolactone in essential hypertension

Sonnhag C., 1980:
Efficacy and tolerance of tocainide during acute and long term treatment of chronic ventricular arrhythmias

Arredondo J.L., 1987:
Efficacy and tolerance of topical mupirocin compared with oral dicloxacillin in the treatment of primary skin infections

Mbuyamba, P., 1987:
Efficacy and toleration of a combination of dihydroergocristine and l 5 hydroxytryptophan in the treatment of organic brain syndrome controlled double blind clinical trial v. placebo

Saito K., 1982:
Efficacy and toxicity of digoxin in hypoxia experimental studies

Klemm W.R., 1983:
Efficacy and toxicity of drug combinations in treatment of physostigmine toxicosis

Bonnet J.; Colle J.P.; Lorient Roudaut M.F.; Vergnes C.; Haissaguerre M.; Boisseau M.R.; Bricaud H., 1984:
Efficacy and value of fibrinolytic drugs in proximal chronic venous thrombosis of the lower limbs

Fiedler H., 1983:
Efficacy control of hepatitis b blood donor screening

Wilson, J.T.; Brown, R.D.; Bocchini, J.A.; Kearns, G.L., 1982:
Efficacy, disposition and pharmacodynamics of aspirin, acetaminophen and choline salicylate in young febrile children

Baba, S.; Kinoshita, H.; Mori, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Furuuchi, C.; Baba, K.; Tanigaito, Y.; Nagae, D.; Kawai, T.; Maruo, T., 1986:
Efficacy evaluation of aztreonam for suppurative otitis media

Nakashizuka, T.; Ito, H.; Mizuno, Y., 1978:
Efficacy evaluation of intacellin injection by double blind control method in marginal periodontitis

Lee C., 1984:
Efficacy expectations and outcome expectations as predictors of performance in a snake handling task

Dunne J.A.; Jacobs N.; Morrison A.; Gilbert D.J., 1985:
Efficacy in anterior uveitis of 2 known steroids and topical tolmetin

Tuominen, M.; Valli, H.; Kalso, E.; Rosenberg, P.H., 1988:
Efficacy of 0.3 mg morphine intrathecally in preventing tourniquet pain during spinal anesthesia with hyperbaric bupivacaine

Epperson, E.L., 1984:
Efficacy of 0.9 percent sodium chloride injection with and without heparin for maintaining indwelling intermittent injection sites

Simonovits I.; Borocz I., 1979:
Efficacy of 100 micrograms 250 international units anti blood group d immuno globulin g in the prevention of rh hemolytic disease

Campbell, J.B.; Boxler, D.J.; Berry, I., 1987:
Efficacy of 17 insecticides applied at temperatures of 10 15.5 21 and 27 c for control of overwintering stable fly larvae stomoxys calcitrans l. diptera muscidae

Mesa J.J.; Larramendy R.; Peron E.; Mauri M., 1981:
Efficacy of 2 doses of oxyclozanide in mature bovines naturally infested with fasciola hepatica

Reardon R.C.; Johnson D.R.; Narog M.G.; Banash S.E.; Hubbard H.B.Jr, 1982:
Efficacy of 2 formulations of bacillus thuringiensis on populations of spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae on balsam fir abies balsamea in wisconsin usa

Englander L.; Merlino J.A.; Mcguire J.J., 1980:
Efficacy of 2 new systemic fungicides and ethazole for control of phytophthora root rot of rhododendron and spread of phytophthora cinnamomi in propagation benches

Lewis L.C.; Johnson T.B., 1982:
Efficacy of 2 nuclear polyhedrosis viruses against ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in the laboratory and field

Mikuni I., 1980:
Efficacy of 2 percent di sodium cromoglycate ophthalmic solution for allergic conjunctivitis from japanese cedar pollinosis

Satake, B.; Shimizu, R.; Makino, S.; Matsuura, S., 1987:
Efficacy of 2 r 4' o tetrahydropyranyladriamycin thp in head and neck malignant tumors

Sagiyama K.; Uozumi J.; Aoki K.; Baba T., 1983:
Efficacy of 2 route chemo therapy using intra arterial cisplatin and intra venous sodium thio sulfate its antidote in rat bladder tumor

Johnson J.T.; Y.V.L.; Myers E.N.; Muder R.R.; Thearle P.B.; Diven W.F., 1984:
Efficacy of 2 third generation cephalosporins in prophylaxis for head and neck surgery

Jensen K.I.N.; Ivany J.A.; Kimball E.R., 1983:
Efficacy of 3 di nitro aniline herbicides in processing peas pisum sativum and their residues in soils

Kiran U.; Shriniwas; Kumar R.; Sharma A., 1985:
Efficacy of 3 mycobacterial antigens in the serodiagnosis of tuberculosis

Hartzler R.G.; Foy C.L., 1983:
Efficacy of 3 post emergence grass herbicides for soybeans glycine max

Wagner E.E.; Maloney P.; Walter T., 1980:
Efficacy of 3 projective techniques in differentiating brain damage among subjects with normal iq

Moser R.L.; Cornelius S.G.; Pettigrew J.E.; Hanke H.E., 1985:
Efficacy of 34 percent crude protein sunflower meal for growing pigs

Vihan V.S.; Sahni K.L., 1979:
Efficacy of 4 anti helminthics in growing lambs under semi arid conditions

Chopra G.; Parshad V.R., 1985:
Efficacy of 4 anticoagulants in controlling the house rat rattus rattus

Stoughton, R.B.; Leyden, J.J., 1987:
Efficacy of 4 percent chlorhexidine gluconate skin cleanser in the treatment of acne vulgaris

Roy, R.G.; Chakrapani, K.P.; Dhinagaran, D.; Sitaraman, N.L.; Ghosh, R.B., 1977:
Efficacy of 5 day radical treatment of plasmodium vivax infection in tamil nadu

Luttge, W.G.; Emadian, S.M.; Densmore, C.L.; Slatick, R.S., 1984:
Efficacy of 5 methods for the bound free separation of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids from type i ii and iii receptors found in n 2 hydroxyethylpiperazine n' 2 ethanesulfonic acid buffered and tris buffered mouse brain cytosol

Reefschlaeger J.; Wutzler P.; Thiel K D.; Hermann G., 1987:
Efficacy of 5 vinyl 1 beta d arabinofuranosyluracil varau against herpes simplex virus type 2 strains in cell cultures and against experimental herpes encephalitis in mice comparison with acyclovir and foscarnet

Yamanaka H.; Makino T.; Yajima H.; Saruki K.; Shida K., 1985:
Efficacy of 6 d leucine 10 desglycinamide lhrh ethylamide against prostatic cancer

Ray, D.K.; Bhopale, E.K.; Shrivastava, V.B., 1978:
Efficacy of 7 anti helminthics against ancylostoma ceylanicum in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Oberste-Lehn, H.; Plempel, M., 1977:
Efficacy of 8 methoxy psoralen and black light against microorganisms in vitro and in animal experiments

Maslow M.J.; Levine J.F.; Pollock A.A.; Simberkoff M.S.; Rahal J.J.Jr, 1982:
Efficacy of a 12 hourly ceftriaxone regimen in the treatment of serious bacterial infections

Page R.D.; Schaub L.H., 1979:
Efficacy of a 3 week vs a 5 week alcohol treatment program

Pruthi, A.K.; Gupta, R.K.; Sadana, J.R., 1987:
Efficacy of a bivalent vaccine against Marek's disease

Engibaryan A.A., 1985:
Efficacy of a combination of antioxidants and nucleic acid precursors in experimental myocardial infarction

Engibaryan A.A., 1983:
Efficacy of a combination of sodium selenite and sodium nucleinate in the treatment of experimental myo cardial infarction in rabbits

Levitt M.A.; Stahl G.; Lefer A.M., 1988:
Efficacy of a combination thromboxane receptor antagonist and lipoxygenase inhibitor in traumatic shock

Corba J.; Hovorka J.; Spaldonova R., 1988:
Efficacy of a combined fenbendazole triclabendazole preparation against helminths in sheep and cattle

Busnach, G.; Dal Col, A.; Brando, B.; Perrino, M.L.; Brunatti, C.; Minetti, L., 1986:
Efficacy of a combined treatment with plasma exchange and cytostatics in macroglobulinemia

Sinha M.; Saha P.K., 1980:
Efficacy of a commercial fish feed for composite fish culture

Mascarenhas C.; Rajanna B.; Maniyappa K.; Desiraju T., 1984:
Efficacy of a commercial rat feed and 3 other constituted diets in sustaining the body growth of rats

Yamamoto K.; Ogura H.; Furutani H.; Kitazoe Y.; Takeda Y.; Hirakawa M., 1986:
Efficacy of a computerized system applied to central operating theater for medical records collection

Kushimoto H.; Soma T.; Masada Y., 1985:
Efficacy of a dexamethasone ointment ex s 1 in patients with various skin diseases

Moller J.F.; Petersen J.K., 1988:
Efficacy of a fibrin sealant on healing of extraction wounds

D.D.nnis S.R.K.; Mitchell B.; Shrago E., 1986:
Efficacy of a general nutritionally adequate low calorie diet for weight reduction

Bigbee H.G.; Chapek M.L., 1986:
Efficacy of a haemophilus pleuropneumoniae bacterin

Henderson J.C.; Hensley D.L., 1986:
Efficacy of a hydrophilic gel as a transplant aid

Taylor, S.M.; Mallon, T.; Carrol, B., 1988:
Efficacy of a levamisole bolus in Ostertagia and Cooperia infections

Steinbach G.; Koch H.; Meyer H.; Hartmann H., 1981:
Efficacy of a live salmonella dublin vaccine administered orally

Maxson, W.S.; Herbert, C.M.; Oldfield, E.L.; Hill, G.A., 1988:
Efficacy of a modified oxidized cellulose fabric in the prevention of adhesion formation

S.Lawrence J.S., 1981:
Efficacy of a money deposit contingency on clinical out patients attendance and participation in assertive training

Jacobson, G.P.; Means, E.D., 1985:
Efficacy of a monothermal warm water caloric screening test

Bradley R.E.; Bliss D.H.; Newby T.J., 1986:
Efficacy of a morantel sustained release bolus for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in florida usa dairy heifers

Botvin G.J.; Eng A., 1982:
Efficacy of a multi component approach to the prevention of cigarette smoking

Zecchi, P.; Bellocci, F.; Santarelli, P.; Iannarelli, M., 1986:
Efficacy of a nadolol bendroflumethiazide combination in the management of arterial hypertension

Thomas E.S.; Williams D.O.; Neiderman A.L.; Douglas J.S.; King S.B.IIi, 1988:
Efficacy of a new angioplasty catheter for severely narrowed coronary lesions

Hotaling, A.J.; Doyle, W.J.; Cantekin, E.I., 1987:
Efficacy of a new cephalosporin for acute otitis media

Robertson C.E.; Ford M.J.; Munro J.F.; Gould J.C.; Langford D.T.; Bernstein L.S., 1983:
Efficacy of a new formulation of trimethoprim and sulfadiazine in acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis

Ochs, H.D.; Lee, M.L.; Fischer, S.H.; Kingdon, H.S.; Wedgwood, R.J., 1987:
Efficacy of a new intravenous immunoglobulin preparation in primary immunodeficient patients

Steen S.N.; Smith R.L., 1979:
Efficacy of a new theophylline solution a pilot study

Cappel R.; D.C.yper F.; Rickaert F., 1980:
Efficacy of a nucleic acid free herpetic subunit vaccine

Upton, S.J.; Tilley, M.E.; Marchin, G.L.; Fina, L.R., 1988:
Efficacy of a pentaiodide resin disinfectant on Cryptosporidium parvum (Apicomplexa: Cryptosporidiidae) oocysts in vitro

Zhang H M.; L.Y.P.; Song L H.; Y.X.L.; Liu N H.; Kong X E.; L.L.; Zhai Y L., 1987 :
Efficacy of a polyvalent protein polysaccharide dysentery oral vaccine

Stewart G.A.; Philpot W.N., 1982:
Efficacy of a quaternary ammonium teat dip for preventing intra mammary infections

Roehrs T.; Zorick F.; Wittig R.; Roth T., 1985:
Efficacy of a reduced triazolam dose in elderly insomniacs

Radice M.; Alberti D.; Alli C.; Avanzini F.; D.T.llio M.; Mariotti G.; Taioli E.; Zussino A., 1984:
Efficacy of a screening for hypertension in an adult population

Matteucci D.J.; Organ C.H.Jr; Dykstra M.; Zalasney B.; Jenkins H., 1985:
Efficacy of a simplified lower gastrointestinal flexible endoscope cleaning method

Balakrishnan, N.; Pillai, P.K.; Kalyanasundaram, M.; Balaraman, K., 1986:
Efficacy of a slow release formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis H. 14 against mosquito larvae

Eisner R.F.; Turnbull T.L.; Howes D.S.; Gold I.W., 1986:
Efficacy of a standard seizure workup in the emergency department

Steinhardt H.J.; Paleos G.A.; Brandl M.; Fekl W.L.; Adibi S.A., 1984:
Efficacy of a synthetic di peptide mixture as the source of amino acids for total parenteral nutrition in a subhuman primate baboon plasma concentration metabolic clearance and urinary excretion of a series of di peptides

Puschmann M.; Meyer Rohn J., 1982:
Efficacy of a topical preparation containing erythromycin in the treatment of acne

Schultz R.A.; Hoffmann J., 1986:
Efficacy of a tylosin ivermectin combination against streptococcus suis ii infection with secondary mange

Itami, T.; Kusuda, R., 1978:
Efficacy of a vaccination by spray administration against vibriosis in cultured ayu

Pfitzner P.; Gerckens U.; Funke H.D.; Mohr F.; Manz M.; Luederitz B., 1988:
Efficacy of a variable antitachycardia pacing mode in supraventricular tachycardia

Wacker, D.P.; Greenebaum, F.T., 1984:
Efficacy of a verbal training sequence on the sorting performance of moderately and severely mentally retarded adolescents

Shea D.J.; Aghababian R.V., 1984:
Efficacy of abdominal and pelvic ultrasound in the emergency department

Paling M.R.; Gouse J.C., 1986:
Efficacy of abdominal computed tomography in evaluation of possible abdominal abscess

Wright C.G.; Hillmann R.C., 1979:
Efficacy of acephate fenitrothion and chlorpyrifos in control of german cockroaches blattella germanica

Butcher J.A.; Drysdale J., 1979:
Efficacy of acidic and alkaline solutions of alkyl ammonium compounds as wood preservatives

Lee S.D.; Oliver L.R., 1982:
Efficacy of acifluorfen on broadleaf weeds times and methods for application

Gaudreault P.; Friedman P.A.; Lovejoy F.H.Jr, 1985:
Efficacy of activated charcoal and magnesium citrate in the treatment of oral paraquat intoxication

Nishimoto, T.; Ishikawa, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Fujioka, A., 1987:
Efficacy of acupuncture treatment in autonomic ataxia

Proto F.; Lucente A.; Taverniti L.; Bonini S.; Fenicia V., 1985:
Efficacy of acycloguanosine val 1281 in herpes simplex keratitis

Wingard, J.R.; Bender, W.J.; Saral, R.; Burns, W.H., 1981:
Efficacy of acyclovir against mouse cytomegalovirus in vivo

Vidan J.R.; Borda F.; Martinez B.; Adrian A.; Fruca A.; Fortun M.T., 1987:
Efficacy of adjuvant monochemotherapy with 5 fluorouracil in patients treated by gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Beuchat L.R., 1981:
Efficacy of agar media for enumerating 2 saccharomyces species in sucrose syrups

Chaton Schaffner M.; Delforge J.L., 1981:
Efficacy of albendazole against fasciola hepatica in the sheep

Theodorides, V.J.; Nawalinski, T.; Chang, J., 1976:
Efficacy of albendazole against haemonchus nematodirus dictyocaulus and moniezia of sheep

Grove D.I.; Lumsden J.; Northern C., 1988:
Efficacy of albendazole against strongyloides ratti and strongyloides stercoralis in vitro in mice and in normal and immunosuppressed dogs

Wescott R.B.; Farrell C.J.; Gallina A.M.; Foreyt W.J., 1979:
Efficacy of albendazole for treatment of naturally acquired nematode infections in washington usa cattle

Amato Neto, V.; Castilho, V.L.; Moreira, A.A.; de Sant'ana, E.J.; Pinto, P.L.; Campos, R.; Padilha, L.A., 1985:
Efficacy of albendazole in the treatment of enterobiasis

Dzakula N.; Rapic D.; Zukovic M.; Blagovic S.; Tadic M.; Stojcevic D.; Rendic Z., 1984:
Efficacy of albendazole monil and closantel hydroxide fascoverm against lancet fluke dicrocoelium lanceatum in sheep

Regupathy A.; Subramaniam T.R., 1980:
Efficacy of aldicarb in relation to the time of its application to control aphids and leafhoppers on mcu 5 cotton

Patel H.R.; Vaishnav M.U.; Dhruj I.U., 1986:
Efficacy of aldicarb sulfone and carbofuran flowable seed treatment on plant growth and against meloidogyne arenaria on groundnut

Tsetsarskii B.M.; Gyusan A.O.; Raikis B.N., 1982:
Efficacy of allergoid therapy for seasonal allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract

Wehr, R.; Krochmal, L.; Whitmore, C.; Yarbrough, C., 1986:
Efficacy of Alpha Keri after showering for treatment of xerosis

Brugger P., 1987:
Efficacy of alpha methyldopa in complex ventricular arrhythmias by inhibition of central sympathoadrenergic activity

Werner J., 1987:
Efficacy of alprazolam a comparative study with bromazepam

Huber, S.J.; Paulson, G.W., 1988:
Efficacy of alprazolam for essential tremor

Manley D.G., 1982:
Efficacy of amdro bait on fire ants in south carolina solenopsis invicta

Bayer, A.S.; Norman, D.; Kim, K.S., 1985:
Efficacy of amikacin and ceftazidime in experimental aortic valve endocarditis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Faden H.S.; Deshpande G.N.; Grossi M.; Surgalla M.; Ettinger L.J.; Freeman A.I., 1981:
Efficacy of amikacin and ticarcillin as empiric therapy in febrile neutropenic children with cancer

Bravo-Sandoval, J.; Cinco-Espinoza, G.; Ramírez-López, D.; Becerra-Muñoz, E.; Galindo-Hernández, E.; Flores-Mercado, F., 1976:
Efficacy of amikacin in septic abortion: serum and urine antibiotic concentrations

Salvati L.; Galli E.; Bonanni A.; Vercillo P.; Cerroni F.; Businco L., 1982:
Efficacy of aminophylline in children with chronic bronchial asthma

Lan, W.H., 1977:
Efficacy of ammoniacal silver nitrate in root canal therapy

Dhall K.; Majumdar S.; Rupinder R.; Narang A., 1985:
Efficacy of amniotic phosphatidylglycerol in predicting fetal lung maturity

Crawford, K.A.; Asch, H.L.; Bruce, J.I.; Bueding, E.; Smith, E.R., 1983:
Efficacy of amoscanate against experimental schistosomal infections in monkeys

Dijkmans B.A.; Vaishnav J.; Mattie H., 1985:
Efficacy of amoxicillin and benzylpenicillin combined with clavulanic acid against bacteroides fragilis in vitro and in experimentally infected mice

Mikhailova M.A.; Ezhkov G.A., 1981:
Efficacy of amphoglucamine in animals with experimental candidiasis treated with sex hormones

Devereux D.F.; Chandler J.J.; Eisenstat T.; Zinkin L., 1988:
Efficacy of an absorbable mesh in keeping the small bowel out of the human pelvis following surgery

Courtney, C.H.; Greiner, E.C.; Whitten, R.D., 1986:
Efficacy of an albendazole feed formulation against bovine gastrointestinal nematodes including arrested larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi

Sakamoto, I.; Umemura, Y.; Nakano, H.; Nihira, H.; Kitano, T., 1985:
Efficacy of an antibiotic coated indwelling catheter: a preliminary report

Mago S.; Gerlach G F.; Petzoldt K., 1988:
Efficacy of an immunomodulating drug in immunodeficient and immunocompetent mice

Gaskell C.J.; Gaskell R.M.; Dennis P.E.; Wooldridge M.J.A., 1982:
Efficacy of an inactivated feline calicivirus vaccine against challenge with uk field strains and its interaction with the feline calicivirus carrier state

Salomonsson P.; Gottberg L.; Heilborn H.; Norrlind K.; Pegelow K O., 1988:
Efficacy of an oral antihistamine astemizole as compared to a nasal steroid spray in hay fever

Barrett J.E.; Bartuska C.A.; Nell T.A., 1987:
Efficacy of ancymidol daminozide flurprimidol paclobutrazol and xe 1019 when followed by irrigation

Ekelund, L.G.; Nilsson, E.; Walldius, G., 1986:
Efficacy of and adverse effects of disopyramide. Comparison of capsules, controlled release tablets and placebo in patients with chronic ventricular arrhythmias

Reizenstein, P.; Delgado, M.; Gastiaburu, J.; Lomme, L.; Ogier, C.; Pals, H.; Schellekens, J.; Whittaker, J.; Mathé, G., 1983:
Efficacy of and errors in randomized multicenter trials. A review of 230 clinical trials

Young, R.S.; Jorgenson, R.J.; Shapiro, S.D., 1986:
Efficacy of and patient preference for three counseling formats

Nakamura K.; Nemoto Y.; Lin M.; Funai K.; Naruyama M.; Maekawa T.; Fukuda H.; Matsuoka T.; Kobayashi N.; E.A., 1986:
Efficacy of angiographic technique for abdominal trauma

Malkin V.B.; Landukhova N.F., 1984:
Efficacy of animal training to hypoxia during sleep

Gananca M.M.; Albernaz P.L.M.; Anand R., 1986:
Efficacy of aniracetam in the treatment of labyrinthine disorders

Ford, E.G.; Jennings, L.M.; Gleason, W.; Andrassy, R.J., 1987:
Efficacy of anomalous pancreatic drainage in choledochal cysts correlates with age of presentation and suggests etiology

Barlattani M.; Mantera G.; Fasani R.; Carosi M., 1982:
Efficacy of anti acid treatment in peptic ulcerative patients therapeutic value of synthetic hydrotalcite talcid

Gutierrez-Gonzalez, J.R.; Mendez-Martin, A.; Ortiz-Gonzalez, A.; Gutierrez-Gonzalez, C., 1986:
Efficacy of anti hepatitis b vaccine low dose short term schedule in a hemodialysis unit

Vadas P., 1982:
Efficacy of anti inflammatory agents with respect to extracellular phospho lipase a 2 activity

Brown J., 1980:
Efficacy of anti microbial drugs against staphylococci in cystic fibrosis

Vasina T.A.; Kutasova I.V.; Lobanova E.D., 1981:
Efficacy of antibiotic therapy in patients with pyelo nephritis after a kidney transplant

Tandon A.; Das C.; Jaikhani B.L.; Talwar G.P., 1981:
Efficacy of antibodies generated by progesterone beta human chorionic gonadotropin tetanus toxoid to terminate pregnancy in baboons its reversibility and rescue by medroxy progesterone acetate

Amery A.; Brixko R.; Clement D.; D.S.haepdryver A.; Fagard R.; Forte J.; Henry J.F.; Leonetti G.; O'malley K.; Strasser T.; E.A., 1986:
Efficacy of antihypertensive drug treatment according to age sex blood pressure and previous cardiovascular disease in patients over the age of 60

Chaudhry M.I.; Gul H., 1985:
Efficacy of antimoltants against poplar defoliator ichthyura anastomosis and shisham defoliator plecoptera reflexa

Gilderhus P.A., 1979:
Efficacy of antimycin for control of larval sea lampreys petromyzon marinus in lentic habitats

Skakun N.P.; Koval'chuk S.F., 1987:
Efficacy of antioxidants in a combined damage of the liver by carbon tetrachloride and ethanol

Skakun, N.P.; Shman'ko, V.V., 1986:
Efficacy of antioxidants in isoniazid induced damage of the liver

Meyer, E.; Kraus, E.; Zonis, S., 1987:
Efficacy of antiprostaglandin therapy in vernal conjunctivitis

Lee, K.; Erturk, E.; Mayer, R.; Cockett, A.T., 1987:
Efficacy of antitumor chemotherapy in C3H mice enhanced by the antiangiogenesis steroid, cortisone acetate

Höffler, U., 1986:
Efficacy of apalcillin alone and in combination with four aminoglycoside antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

O'bannon, J.H.; Tomerlin, A.T., 1976:
Efficacy of application on dispersion of 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane in a florida usa soil

Molina, A.B.Jr ; Exconde, O.R., 1981:
Efficacy of apron 35sd metalaxyl seed dressing fungicide against philippine corn downy mildew peronosclerospora philippinensis 2. amount of water slurry storage duration and temperature

Das P.K.; Tyagi B.K.; Somachari N.; Venkatesan V., 1986:
Efficacy of arosurf a monomolecular surface film in controlling culex quinquefasciatus anopheles stephensi and aedes aegypti

Levy R.; Powell C.M.; Hertlein B.; Miller T.W.Jr, 1984:
Efficacy of arosurf monomolecular surface film base formulations of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against mixed populations of mosquito larvae and pupae bioassay and preliminary field evaluations

Perich, M.J.; Rogers, J.T.; Boobar, L.R., 1987:
Efficacy of Arosurf MSF and formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis against Anopheles albimanus: laboratory bioassay

Kilgore, R.L.; Bramel, R.G.; Brokken, E.S.; Olson, G.; Cox, J.L.; Leaning, W.H.D., 1978:
Efficacy of arprinocid mk 302 against eimeria spp in broilers

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Efficacy of artificial humic acid as a selective nutrient in hv agar used for the isolation of soil actinomycetes

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Efficacy of ascorbic acid and acetic acid as grain protectants against the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae

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Efficacy of aspirin dl lysine in preventing miosis during extracapsular cataract surgery

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Efficacy of associative nitrogen fixation by streptomycin resistant mutants of azospirillum brasilense with genotypes of chick pea cicer arietinum rhizobium strains

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Efficacy of attenuated Anaplasma marginale vaccine under laboratory and field conditions in Colombia

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Efficacy of avermectins for root knot meloidogyne incognita control in tobacco

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Efficacy of avridine as an adjuvant for Newcastle disease virus antigen in chickens

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Efficacy of aztreonam in pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis

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Efficacy of ba for the promotion of lateral bud formation on douglas fir and colorado blue spruce

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Efficacy of Bacillus sphaericus 2362 formulations against floodwater mosquitoes

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Efficacy of bacillus sphaericus neide against larval mosquitoes diptera culicidae and midges diptera chironomidae in the laboratory

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Efficacy of bacillus sphaericus strain 1593 against the 4 instars of laboratory reared and field collected culex pipiens pipiens and laboratory reared culex salinarius

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis and baculovirus heliothis chlordimeform spray mixtures against heliothis spp on cotton

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis for suppressing populations of large aspen tortrix choristoneura conflictana in alaska usa

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis for the control of lepidopterous pests of vegetable crops

Wysoki M.; P.; Izhar Y., 1988:
Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis preparations containing dead and live spores against two avocado pests the giant looper boarmia selenaria lepidoptera geometridae and the honeydew moth cryptoblabes gnidiella lepidoptera phycitidae

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis serotype h 14 against psorophora columbiae and anopheles quadrimaculatus in arkansas usa ricelands

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis ssp kurstaki and baculovirus heliothis foliar applications for suppression of helicoverpa armigera huebner noctuidae and other lepidopterous larvae on tomato in southwestern nigeria

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis for control of black fly larvae in south carolina usa

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Efficacy of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis for mosquito control in a western oregon usa log pond

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Efficacy of baclofen in trigeminal neuralgia and some other painful conditions. A clinical trial

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Efficacy of bactericides and saprophytic bacteria in reducing colonization and infection of pear flowers by erwinia amylovora

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Efficacy of balloon tamponade in treatment of bleeding gastric and esophageal varices. Results in 151 consecutive episodes

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Efficacy of basic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis as evaluated from some clinical and immunological characteristics

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Efficacy of Bay Sir 8514, an insect growth regulator, against Psorophora columbiae and Anopheles quadrimaculatus in small plot and field trials

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Efficacy of bcg methanol extraction residue immuno therapy when added to a regimen of 5 fluoro uracil and 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea following resection for carcinoma of the large bowel a veterans administration surgical oncology group usa report

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Efficacy of bcg vaccination and prevalence of tuberculosis in infants

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Efficacy of beauveria bassiana fungus against the larvae of apriona cinerea lamiidae coleoptera

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Efficacy of beclomethasone nasal solution flunisolide and cromolyn in relieving symptoms of ragweed allergy

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Efficacy of benemycin therapy of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis under dzalilabad anti tuberculosis dispensary ussr conditions

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Efficacy of benomyl for controlling septoria glycines brown spot of soybeans glycine max

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Efficacy of bentazon and msma as affected by a humic acid type polymeric polyhydroxy acid adjuvant

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Efficacy of benzimidazole and related fungicides against rhizoctonia solani and rhizoctonia bataticola

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Efficacy of bestatin for acute non lymphocytic leukemia a cooperative bestatin chemoimmunotherapy group study

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Efficacy of beta blocking and diuretic drugs in fixed combination for therapy of elderly patients

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Efficacy of beta methyl digoxin in latent cardiac failure a cardiodynamic study

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Efficacy of bicozamycin in preventing traveler's diarrhea

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Efficacy of bifocals in the treatment of accommodative esotropia

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Efficacy of biofiltration for intradialytic hypotension

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Efficacy of biogas slurry in carp cyprinus carpio var communis linn. culture effects on survival and growth

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Efficacy of biologically active agents as nontraditional nematicides for meloidogyne javanica

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Efficacy of bmy 28142 7 alpha 2 aminothiazol 4 yl alpha z methoximinoacetamido 3 1 methylpyrrolidino methyl 3 cephem 4 carboxylate in experimental bacteremia and meningitis caused by escherichia coli and group b streptococci

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Efficacy of boar use in artificial insemination based on semen production on the spot

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Efficacy of bone and liver scanning in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy

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Efficacy of booster sessions after training in assertiveness

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Efficacy of Bordetella bronchiseptica bacterin in controlling enzootic atrophic rhinitis in swine

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Efficacy of Brahman characters in reducing weight loss of steers exposed to mosquito attack

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Efficacy of brodifacoum against the house mouse mus musculus

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Efficacy of bromocriptine and chloro tri anisene in preventing post partum lactation

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Efficacy of buccal nitroglycerin in the treatment of effort angina

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Efficacy of bucindolol in systemic hypertension

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Efficacy of bufexamac cream in skin diseases a double blind multi center trial

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Efficacy of buserelin in advanced prostate cancer and comparison with historical controls

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Efficacy of calcitonin in symptomatic control of chronic back pain due to senile osteoporosis

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Efficacy of calcitonin in the prevention of experimental osteoporosis

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Efficacy of cambendazole against experimental infection of trichinella spiralis in mice

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Efficacy of canola oil pork lard and marine oil singly and in combination as supplemental dietary lipid sources for juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

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Efficacy of captopril in experimental low renin hypertension

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Efficacy of captopril in long term management of medium to moderate degree essential hypertension

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Efficacy of carbofuran 40f seed treatment for the control of maize stem borer chilo partellus swinhoe

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Efficacy of carbofuran acephate and aldicarb for the control of bollworm heliothis armigera on tobacco

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Efficacy of carbofuran against the potato cyst nematode globodera rostochiensis

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Efficacy of carbofuran and aldicarb sulfone seed treatment on plant growth and against meloidogyne incognita on sugar beet

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Efficacy of carboxin and heat treatment for controlling the growth of sclerotium rolfsii during culture of the mushroom pleurotus flabellatus

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Efficacy of cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum activity under normal and pathological conditions

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Efficacy of Caridex in children and adults

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Efficacy of cefmenoxime in experimental Escherichia coli bacteremia and meningitis

Kim K.S., 1986:
Efficacy of cefmenoxime in experimental group b streptococcal bacteremia and meningitis

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Efficacy of cefmetazole and cefoxitin in the treatment of gram negative sepsis

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Efficacy of ceftizoxime administered twice daily in hospitalized patients with respiratory tract infections

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Efficacy of ceftriaxone against infections in the field of obstetrics and gynecology

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Efficacy of ceftriaxone in serious bacterial infections

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Efficacy of cefuroxime in the treatment of bacterial meningitis in infants and children

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Efficacy of centpiperalone in combination with biguanide and sulfonyl urea

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Efficacy of certain anti helminthics against poultry cestodes

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Efficacy of certain biological and synthetic materials used for repair of diaphragmatic defects in bovines

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Efficacy of certain chemicals for the control of root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita on jute

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Efficacy of certain coccidiostatic preparations in rabbit coccidiosis

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Efficacy of certain dose fractionation regimens during intra cavitary gamma therapy of cervical cancer

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Efficacy of certain fungicides in the control of primary seed infection in rice caused by helminthosporium oryzae

Zaman M., 1984:
Efficacy of certain granular systemic insecticides against the green peach aphid myzus persicae

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Efficacy of certain insecticides against rice stemborer in tripura india

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Efficacy of certain nematicides as influenced by soil ph for controlling meloidogyne incognita on tomato and tylenchorhynchus brassicae on cauliflower

E.E.aki S.; Riad F.W.; Moussa F.F., 1983:
Efficacy of certain nematicides on citrus nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans and yield of sultana grape

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Efficacy of certain preparations in swine coccidiosis

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Efficacy of certain systemic nematicides in controlling meloidogyne javanica infecting okra hibiscus esculentus

Shah Q.A.Q.; Hussain Z., 1988:
Efficacy of certain weedicides on weed control in tobacco nursery and field crop

Sadek S.; Cuschieri A., 1987:
Efficacy of ceruletide controlled saline infusion for retained ductal stones after cholecystectomy and exploration of the common bile duct

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Efficacy of cervical cytologic screening in the control of cervical cancer

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Efficacy of cervical spine immobilization methods

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Efficacy of cga 92194 and flurazole in protecting grain sorghum sorghum bicolor from herbicide injury

Martins M.T.; Sanchez P.S.; Marques E., 1986:
Efficacy of chemical and thermic treatment for pathogen destruction in digested sludge

Steinmann J.; Boese A.; Arnold W., 1985:
Efficacy of chemical disinfectants against hepatitis b virus in the dna polymerase test

Solanen J.; Ervio L R., 1988:
Efficacy of chemical weed control in spring cereals in finland

Sobiczewski P.; Millikan D.F., 1985:
Efficacy of chemicals for control of fire blight erwinia amylovora

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Efficacy of chest radiography in a respiratory intensive care unit. A prospective study

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Efficacy of chitin synthesis inhibitors and synthetic pyrethroids against cryptophlebia leucotreta lepidoptera tortricidae on citrus in south africa

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Efficacy of chloramphenicol in the treatment of neo natal and infantile meningitis 70 cases

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Efficacy of chlorhexidine cleansing in reducing contamination of bagged urine specimens

Datnoff L.E.; Kroll T.K.; Lacy G.H., 1987:
Efficacy of chlorine for decontaminating water infested with resting spores of plasmodiophora brassicae

Kallman M.J.; Kaempf G.L., 1984:
Efficacy of choice testing to predict chronic ingestion of drinking solutions adulterated with chemicals

Rutitzky B.; Girotti A.L.; Rosenbaum M.B., 1982:
Efficacy of chronic amiodarone therapy in patients with variant angina pectoris and inhibition of ergonovine coronary constriction

Hannon R., 1987:
Efficacy of cisapride in patients with nonulcer dyspepsia a placebo controlled study

Klima A.; Szepesi S., 1987:
Efficacy of cisplatinum used as radiosensitizer

Broz J.; Schulze J., 1987:
Efficacy of citric acid as a feed additive in early weaned piglets

Brown G.E., 1984:
Efficacy of citrus post harvest fungicides applied in water or resin solution water wax

Del Campo J.B., 1984:
Efficacy of clebopride in reducing dyspeptic symptoms in rheumatic patients undergoing long term treatment with aspirin

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Efficacy of clindamycin in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis in dogs

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Efficacy of clonidine in 24 patients with acute mania

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Efficacy of clonidine in opiate withdrawal a study of 30 patients

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Efficacy of clonidine in treatment of alcohol withdrawal state

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Efficacy of clorsulon against mature, naturally acquired Fasciola hepatica infections in cattle and sheep

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Efficacy of closantel against demodex canis

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Efficacy of clostilbegyt in the treatment of endocrine infertility of various origins

Igarashi K., 1984:
Efficacy of coenzyme q 10 administration in experimentally created aortic stenosis and pacemaker induced tachycardia

Frank E.; Anderson B.; Stewart B.D.; Dancu C.; Hughes C.; West D., 1988:
Efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy and systematic desensitization in the treatment of rape trauma

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Efficacy of cold enrichment techniques for recovery of Yersinia enterocolitica from human stools

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Efficacy of colloidal gold labeled antibody as measured in a barley stripe mosaic virus lectin anti lectin system

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Efficacy of combination chemotherapy including Platidiam in the treatment of malignant testicular tumors

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Efficacy of combinations of polyhedrosis viruses and permethrin against the white cutworm euxoa scandens lepidoptera noctuidae

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Efficacy of combined pre medication with phenazepam thalamonal and seduxen

Perederii V.I.; Bakulin M.P.; Popenko A.F., 1988:
Efficacy of combined rehabilitation of patients with chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases in sanatoria of the south crimean health resort area ukrainian ssr ussr

Bukharovich A.M.; Kuz'menko V.A., 1986:
Efficacy of combined therapy with the use of erycycline in patients with chronic pyoderma by the data of 5 year catamneses

Szelier, A.; Szabo, P.; Turi, T.; Simon, K., 1987:
Efficacy of combined treatment systemic thrombolysis i.v. nitroglycerin and acute beta blockade in acute myocardial ischemia

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Efficacy of combined treatment with oral and topical acyclovir in first episode genital herpes

Borisov A.V., 1988:
Efficacy of combined use of propranolol and sydnopharm in coronary heart disease patients treated in outpatient clinics

Minuk, G.Y.; Bohme, C.E.; Bowen, T.J.; Hoar, D.I.; Cassol, S.; Gill, M.J.; Clarke, H.C., 1987:
Efficacy of commercial condoms in the prevention of hepatitis B virus infection

Matherne, C.M.; Steffen, E.K.; Wagner, J.E., 1987:
Efficacy of commercial vaccines for protecting guinea pigs against Bordetella bronchiseptica pneumonia

Stobbs L.A.; Grimson R.E.; Mowat D.N.; Richards J.E.; Nelson J.R.; Nicholson H.H.; Stilborn R.P., 1988:
Efficacy of compudose as an anabolic implant for growing finishing feedlot heifers

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Efficacy of computed tomography in the management of cancer patients

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Efficacy of computerized tomography in the preoperative staging of pancreatic carcinoma

Gulyamov M.G., 1986:
Efficacy of confidential treatment of alcoholics in a narcological outpatient center

Schutz, R.; Wehman, P.; Renzaglia, A.; Karan, O., 1978:
Efficacy of contingent social disapproval on inappropriate verbalizations of 2 severely retarded males

Covelli, H.D.; Weled, B.J.; Beekman, J.F., 1982:
Efficacy of continuous positive airway pressure administered by face mask

Hennerici M.; Freund H J., 1984:
Efficacy of continuous wave doppler and duplex system examinations for the evaluation of extracranial carotid disease

Schreiber M.M.; White M.D.; Shasha B.S., 1987:
Efficacy of controlled release formulation of trifluralin in no till soybeans glycine max

Parlekar G.Y.; Khandge S.V.; Naik L.M., 1979 :
Efficacy of copidosoma koehleri hymenoptera encyrtidae in controlling potato tuber worm phthorimaea operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae in arni local indian storage method

Whitaker, J.; Barica, J.; Kling, H.; Buckley, M., 1978:
Efficacy of copper sulfate in the suppression of aphanizomenon flos aquae blooms in prairie lakes

Zavoikin, V.D.; Losev, G.I.; Plyushcheva, G.L.; Nikiforova, T.F.; Shurandin, A.S.; Filinyuk, A.A., 1986:
Efficacy of coproovoscopic technique in opisthorchiasis diagnosis 2. sensitivity of different methods and evaluation of their quantitative correlations

Suit, H.D.; Sedlacek, R.; Echteler, S., 1977:
Efficacy of Corynebacterium parvum treatment of mice with sarcoma growing in normal or irradiated tissue

LeaMaster, B.R.; Shen, D.T.; Gorham, J.R.; Leathers, C.W.; Wells, H.D., 1987:
Efficacy of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis bacterin for the immunologic protection of sheep against development of caseous lymphadenitis

Khan, Z.U.; Sandhu, R.S., 1978:
Efficacy of counter immuno electrophoresis in the rapid diagnosis of allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis

Falk, D.; Corruccini, R., 1982:
Efficacy of cranial vs. dental measurements for separating human populations

Caceres J.; Werner P.; Jazayeri M.; Akhtar M.; Tchou P., 1988:
Efficacy of cryosurgery alone for refractory monomorphic sustained ventricular tachycardia due to inferior wall infarction

Silverman, N.A.; Wright, R.; Levitsky, S.; Schmitt, G.; Feinberg, H., 1985:
Efficacy of crystalloid cardioplegic solutions in patients undergoing myocardial revascularization. Effect of infusion route and regional wall motion on preservation of adenine nucleotide stores

Kane, N.M.; Dorfman, G.S.; Cronan, J.J., 1987:
Efficacy of CT following peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma

Collins P.J.; Wilson D., 1987:
Efficacy of current and potential grain protectant insecticides against a fenitrothion resistant strain of the sawtoothed grain beetle oryzaephilus surinamensis l

Bryusov P.G.; Kostyuchenko A.L., 1980:
Efficacy of current blood substitutes in stabilizing circulating blood volume

Sharma G.C.; Gajbhiye V.T.; Agnihotri N.P.; Jain H.K.; Katiyar K.N., 1986:
Efficacy of cypermethrin decamethrin permethrin and fenvalerate against cotton bollworms

Lippman S.M.; Durie B.G.M.; Garewal H.S.; Giordano G.; Greenberg B.R., 1986:
Efficacy of danazol in pure red cell aplasia

Bayer, S.R.; Seibel, M.M.; Saffan, D.S.; Berger, M.J.; Taymor, M.L., 1988:
Efficacy of danazol treatment for minimal endometriosis in infertile women. A prospective, randomized study

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Efficacy of dantrolene sodium in the treatment of spastic cerebral palsy

Kuhlman, E.G.; Matthews, F.R.; Tillerson, H.P., 1978:
Efficacy of darluca filum for biological control of cronartium fusiforme and cronartium strobilinum

Gottlieb, A.J.; Weinberg, V.; Ellison, R.R.; Henderson, E.S.; Terebelo, H.; Rafla, S.; Cuttner, J.; Silver, R.T.; Carey, R.W.; Levy, R.N., 1984:
Efficacy of daunorubicin in the therapy of adult acute lymphocytic leukemia: a prospective randomized trial by cancer and leukemia group B

Matveikov G.P.; Zhivutskii I.I.; Kaliya E.S.; Dosin Y.M., 1982:
Efficacy of decaris in rheumatoid arthritis

Kubo, T.; Matsunaga, T.; Asai, H.; Kawamoto, K.; Kusakari, J.; Nomura, Y.; Oda, M.; Yanagita, N.; Niwa, H.; Uemura, T., 1988:
Efficacy of defibrinogenation and steroid therapies on sudden deafness

Gagnon, R.M.; Morissette, M.; Laramée, P.; Dumont, G.; Sestier, F.; Leclerc, G.; Goudreau, E., 1988:
Efficacy of delayed percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty after intravenous use of streptokinase in myocardial infarction

Schneider Helmert D., 1986:
Efficacy of delta sleep inducing peptide to normalize sleep in middle aged and elderly chronic insomniacs

Arias Giralda A.; Guerrero Cruz J.M.; Guerrero Rodriguez F.; Nieto Calderon J., 1985:
Efficacy of deltamethrin pyrethroid and etrimfos organophosphorus against polilla del racimo lobesia botrana and side effect on two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae

Till J.A.; Knowlton F.F., 1983:
Efficacy of denning in alleviating coyote canis latrans depredations upon domestic sheep

Stewart J.W.; Quitkin F.; Fyer A.; Rifkin A.; Mcgrath P.; Liebowitz M.; Rosnick L.; Klein D.F., 1980:
Efficacy of desipramine in endogenomorphically depressed patients

Hughes, W.T.; Smith, B.L., 1984:
Efficacy of diaminodiphenylsulfone and other drugs in murine Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis

Gupta R.L.; Roy N.K.; Khazanchi R.; Prasad D., 1986:
Efficacy of diaryl s ethyl phosphorothiolates against root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

Matsui, S.; Murakami, E.; Takekoshi, N.; Emoto, J.; Matoba, M., 1987:
Efficacy of dibutyryl cyclic AMP in heart failure unresponsive to catecholamines

Marchiondo, A.A.; Szanto, J., 1987:
Efficacy of dichlorvos, fenbendazole, and ivermectin in swine with induced intestinal nematode infections

Benahmed M.; Wibault P.; Court B.; Faget P.K.; Ammarguellat H.; Pichard E., 1988:
Efficacy of diclofenac by continuous iv infusion in hyperalgic bone metastases experience at gustave roussy institute france

Tigerstedt, I.; Janhunen, L.; Tammisto, T., 1987:
Efficacy of diclofenac in a single prophylactic dose in postoperative pain

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Efficacy of different antibiotics in the treatment of experimentally induced intra abdominal sepsis

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Efficacy of different antibiotics in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease

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Efficacy of different anticoagulants to harmful rodents

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Efficacy of different contraceptive methods

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Efficacy of different di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid treatment schedules for removal of thorium 234 from simulated wounds in rats

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Efficacy of different dosing schedules of tobramycin for treating a murine Klebsiella pneumoniae bronchopneumonia

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Efficacy of different formulations of carbofuran and isofenphos for the control of sorghum shoot fly atherigona soccata

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Efficacy of different formulations of some insecticides against sorghum shoot fly atherigona soccata

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Efficacy of different fungicides against alternaria tenuis and fusarium oxysporum under in vitro conditions

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Efficacy of different fungicides against fusarium moniliforme and curvularia lunata important fungi associated with sorghum sorghum bicolor seed

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Efficacy of different fungicides against rust of groundnut caused by puccinia arachidis speg

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Efficacy of different fungicides in controlling finger millet blast

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Efficacy of different insecticides against jassid amrasca devastans dist. on okra

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Efficacy of different insecticides and oil in the control of leaf curl virus disease of chilies

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Efficacy of different insecticides cum acaricides in the control of chilli capsicum annuum l. leaf curl

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Efficacy of different insecticides for the control of armyworm mythimna separata walker under field and laboratory conditions

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Efficacy of different insecticides in the control of the redgram bud weevil ceuthorrhynchus asperulus coleoptera curculionidae

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Efficacy of different intravenous immunoglobulin preparations in peritonitis in a rat model

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Efficacy of different malathion formulations applied to different loci in periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattidae

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Efficacy of different methods of application of endrin 20ec for the control of the bark eating caterpillar indarbela quadrinotata

Tripathi S.B., 1981:
Efficacy of different phosphatic fertilizers on yield of wheat k 852

Yadav, T.D., 1977:
Efficacy of different solar absorbance drying beds in raising temperature

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Efficacy of different weedicides in maize and their residual effect on succeeding wheat in maize wheat crop sequence

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Efficacy of diflubenzuron and neem seed kernel suspension against the tobacco caterpillar spodoptera litura in tobacco nurseries

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Efficacy of diflubenzuron diluted in 3 volumes of oils on boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis progeny

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Efficacy of diflunisal versus acetaminophen with codeine in controlling mild to moderate pain after arthroscopy

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Efficacy of diflunisal versus naproxen in osteoarthritis of the knee: an open study

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Efficacy of difluoromethylornithine on a drug resistant trypanosoma congolense strain in mice

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Efficacy of diltiazem for control of ventricular rate in chronic atrial fibrillation

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Efficacy of diltiazem in chronic stable angina

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Efficacy of diltiazem in two experimental feline models of sudden cardiac death

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Efficacy of dimethoate and monocrotophos in controlling mango shoot gall psyllid apsylla cistellata

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Efficacy of dioxidine administered as an aerosol or intra tracheally in the treatment of infectious inflammatory complications of occupational pulmonary diseases

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Efficacy of dipel bacillus thuringiensis and geocoris punctipes hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae and the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae on cotton

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Efficacy of dirian against fasciola gigantica and amphistomes in naturally infected cattle from madagascar

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Efficacy of discontinuous flow centrifugation compared with cascade filtration in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia: a pilot study

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Efficacy of disinfection with 70 percent isopropanol to the aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora on the upper arm and forehead

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Efficacy of distodin in the treatment of amphistomiasis in indian elephants

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Efficacy of diuredosan against intestinal helminths of dogs

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Efficacy of divided doses of fospirate against immature Echinococcus granulosus infections in dogs

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Efficacy of domperidone r 33812 in the treatment of post operative vomiting a double blind study with a placebo

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Efficacy of double gloving as a barrier to microbial contamination during total joint arthro plasty

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Efficacy of doxepin in the treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria

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Efficacy of dpx 3217 mancozeb against some phyto pathogenic fungi

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Efficacy of droncit against Echinococcus granulosus infection in dogs

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Efficacy of dry powders from Bacillus sphaericus: RB 80, a potent reference preparation for biological titration

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Efficacy of durofume rabbing and aldicarb against root knot nematode and weeds in tobacco nurseries

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Efficacy of dursban 2e chlorpyrifos in controlling triatomids

Rajcani J.; Reefschlaeger J., 1987:
Efficacy of e 5 2 bromovinyl and 5 vinyl 1 beta d arabinofuranosyluracil against acute herpes simplex virus keratitis and the establishment of latency comparison with acyclovir and bromovinyldeoxyuridine

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Efficacy of egg parasite trichogramma spp in parasitizing the eggs of the teak skeletonizer pyrausta machaeralis lepidoptera pyralidae

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Efficacy of elective lymph node dissection in 2,347 patients with clinical stage I malignant melanoma

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Efficacy of electro myographic bio feedback pseudotherapy and conventional medical treatment for chronic rheumatic back pain

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Efficacy of electroacupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in the rehabilitation of chronic low back pain patients

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Efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy a meta analysis

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Efficacy of elisa for rapid diagnosis of bordetella pertussis infection

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Efficacy of endomycorrhizal fungus isolates and inoculum quantities required for growth response

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Efficacy of enforcement in an industrial hearing conservation program

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Efficacy of enprofylline, a new bronchodilating xanthine, in acute asthma

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Efficacy of enzyme immunoassay in diagnosis of opisthorchiasis

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Efficacy of eosin dye and carbon 14 sucrose as indicators of physiological maturity in wheat triticum aestivum

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Efficacy of epinephrine concentration in local anesthesia during periodontal surgery

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Efficacy of esmolol in the treatment and transfer of patients with supraventricular tachyarrhythmias to alternate oral antiarrhythmic agents

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Efficacy of essential oil of cinnamomum tamala ness and ederm against aspergillus flavus nrrl 3251 and aspergillus parasiticus nrll 2999 producing mycotoxins in stored seeds of groundnuts

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Efficacy of ethylene as a germination stimulant of striga hermonthica seed

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Efficacy of exchangeable copper extractants in red sandy soils of bundelkhand region uttar pradesh india

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Efficacy of exercise training in patients with coronary artery disease who are taking propranolol

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Efficacy of experimental formulations of acephate boric acid encapsulated diazinon permethrin pirimiphos methyl and propetamphos in control of german cockroaches blattella germanica

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Efficacy of experimental tetanus intoxication treatment in relation to the means of anti toxin administration

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Efficacy of extraction and incubation of estrogen receptor and progestin receptor with different solvent systems from rabbit uterus

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Efficacy of facemask resuscitation at birth

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Efficacy of febantel against naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematodes in calves and recognition of oesophagostomum venulosum in oregon usa cattle

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Efficacy of felodipine in chronic congestive heart failure a placebo controlled hemodynamic study at rest and during exercise and orthostatic stress

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against 5 genera of swine parasites

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against adult Dictyocaulus viviparus in experimentally infected calves

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against inhibited larvae of ostertagia ostertagi

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against inhibited larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi in yearling cattle

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against the swine kidney worm Stephanurus dentatus

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Efficacy of fenbendazole and cambendazole against Muellerius capillaris in dairy goats

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Efficacy of fenbendazole panacur hoechst ag against pure and mixed infection of fowl cestodes raillietina tetragona raillietina cesticillus and raillietina echinobothrida

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Efficacy of fenitrothion and nuclear polyhedrosis virus combinations against the armyworm mythimna separata lepidoptera noctuidae

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Efficacy of fenitrothion propoxur and carbaryl applied by truck mounted cold aerosol generator against riceland mosquitoes

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Efficacy of fenoprofen in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

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Efficacy of fenoxycarb against mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and its persistence in the laboratory and field

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Efficacy of fenoxycarb pictyl against psorophora columbiae in arkansas usa ricefields

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Efficacy of fenpyramine in the treatment of gastroenterologic and urologic algospastic conditions

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Efficacy of fenvalerate in controlling the pod borer heliothis armigera of chick pea cicer arietinum and dissipation of its residues

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Efficacy of feverfew tanacetum parthenium as prophylactic treatment of migraine

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Efficacy of flecainide in the management of ventricular arrhythmias comparative study with amiodarone

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Efficacy of flucythrinate pay off 10 ec against bollworms pectinophora gossypiella earias spp and heliothis armigera infesting cotton

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Efficacy of flufenamic acid in migraine attacks

Hamada E.; Ichikawa R.; Yagi N., 1987:
Efficacy of flunisolide nasal spray in nasal allergy relation to the thread test of nasal secretion

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Efficacy of flurbiprofen in influenza treatment an open study

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Efficacy of flurbiprofen vs. placebo on postoperative course following cataract extraction

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Efficacy of foliar application of micronutrients and harvesting time on foliage and oil quality of ocimum gratissimum linn

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Efficacy of formalin in reducing the levels of peritrichous ciliates on cultured marine shrimp

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Efficacy of formulations of bacillus thuringiensis h 14 against mosquito larvae

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Efficacy of four systemic nematicides against radopholus similis in coconut nursery

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Efficacy of fungicides against anthracnose of dolichos lablab caused by colletotrichum lindemuthianum

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Efficacy of fungicides against persistence of alternaria dauci on carrot seed daucus carota

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Efficacy of fungicides and antibiotics against acidlime citrus aurantifolia christm swingle canker

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Efficacy of fungicides for post harvest treatment of muskmelon cucumis melo fruits

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Efficacy of fungicides in controlling seed borne infection of cephalosporium acremonium and fusarium moniliforme in maize

Singh S.P., 1985:
Efficacy of fungicides in the control of anabe roga foot rot disease of arecanut areca catechu

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Efficacy of fungicides on 2 seed borne fungal infections of wheat

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Efficacy of fungicides on glume blotch septoria nodorum in vitro and in vivo

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Efficacy of fungicides on the control of garlic white rot according to the level of sclerotia of sclerotium cepivorum in the soil

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Efficacy of fungicides on the control of septoria nodorum blotch of wheat

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Efficacy of fungicides xli. relative efficacy of fungicides as post harvest chemical treatment for control of fusarium spp causing spoilage and loss of oil in stored groundnut

Vir, D., 1987:
Efficacy of fungicides xxv. studies on degradation of systemic fungicides in soil

Vaidya, A.; Vir, D., 1986:
Efficacy of fungicides xxxiv. evaluation of antifungal chemicals for the control of post harvest spoilage of groundnut caused by aspergillus niger and aspergillus flavus

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Efficacy of fungitoxicants in controlling damping off of sugar beet seedling caused by pythium ultimum

Nakata Y.; Mori Y.; Ejiri T.; E.A., 1986:
Efficacy of gallium 67 scintigraphy in diagnosis of pulmonary pathological changes in patients with sarcoidosis

Ackart R.S.; Munzel T.L.; Rodriguez J.J.; Donlan C.J.; Klayton R.J.; Foreman D.R., 1982:
Efficacy of gallium 67 scintigraphy in predicting the diagnostic yield of trans bronchial lung biopsy in pulmonary sarcoidosis

Niederle N.; Doberauer C.; Kloke O.; Hoeffken K.; Schmidt C.G., 1987:
Efficacy of gamma and alpha interferon in hairy cell leukemia

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Efficacy of gammaphos in general irradiation under conditions of normal oxygenation and in hypoxia

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Efficacy of ganciclovir in liver and kidney transplant recipients with severe cytomegalovirus infection

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Efficacy of garlic (Allium sativum) treatment against experimental candidiasis in chicks

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Efficacy of gas exchange in the lungs of children

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Efficacy of gastric emptying gastric lavage vs. emesis induced with ipecac

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Efficacy of gentamicin sulfate in treating infectious complications in oncological patients

Sheena, A.; Stiles, M., 1983:
Efficacy of germicidal hand wash agents against transient bacteria inoculated onto hands

Sheena A.Z.; Stiles M.E., 1982:
Efficacy of germicidal hand wash agents in hygienic hand disinfection

Stiles M.E.; Sheena A.Z., 1987:
Efficacy of germicidal hand wash agents in use in a meat processing plant

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Efficacy of glycoprotein inhibitors alone and in combination with trifluridine in the treatment of murine herpetic keratitis

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Efficacy of gnotobiotic patient care in acute leukemia treatment results of a prospectively randomized clinical study

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Efficacy of gossyplure for the control of pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae

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Efficacy of granular and seedling dip treatments against mandibulate pests infesting cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis

Ramaprasad, G.; Joshi, B.G., 1974:
Efficacy of granular systemic insecticides for the control of myzus persicae on lanka tobacco

Roberts R.H., 1982:
Efficacy of ground ultra low volume aerosols of 3 pyrethroids against 2 mosquito species

Black, S.B.; Shinefield, H.R.; Hiatt, R.A.; Fireman, B.H., 1988:
Efficacy of Haemophilus influenzae type b capsular polysaccharide vaccine

Kume, K.; Nakai, T.; Sawata, A., 1985:
Efficacy of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae vaccine in pigs

Belknap, B.S.; Dobson, R.L., 1981:
Efficacy of halcinonide cream, 0.1 percent, in the treatment of moderate and severe dermatoses

Meyer J.A.; Mullens B.A.; Rooney W.F.; Rodriguez J.L., 1985:
Efficacy of halogenated xanthene dyes as house fly musca domestica larvicides on a caged layer facility in southern california usa

Iyer M.R.K.; Balakirshnan V.S., 1985:
Efficacy of hamamelis q and silicea 6x in the treatment of mammary bleeding

Ferguson K.H., 1981:
Efficacy of hand de suckering and side dressing of potassium sulfate for modifying the nitrogen concentration of flue cured tobacco

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Efficacy of heat inactivated hepatitis b vaccine in hemo dialysis patients and staff double blind placebo controlled trial

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Efficacy of hemo dialysis and the effects of certain displacing agents on plasma protein binding of sulfamethoxazole and sulfaphenazole in patients with chronic renal failure

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Efficacy of hepatitis b immunoglobulin and hepatitis b vaccine for the prevention of hepatitis b virus transmission

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Efficacy of hepatitis b immunoglobulin and hepatitis b vaccine in prevention of the hepatitis b surface antigen carrier state in newborn infants of mothers who are chronic carriers of hepatitis b surface antigen and hepatitis b e antigen

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Efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine in chimpanzees given transfusions of highly infective blood

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Efficacy of hepatitis b vaccine in prevention of early hepatitis b surface antigen carrier state in children controlled trial in an endemic area senegal

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Efficacy of hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine in long term prevention of HBV infection

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Efficacy of hepato biliary imaging in acute abdominal pain concise communication

Ali M., 1988:
Efficacy of herbicides for weed control in winter french bean phaseolus vulgaris

McKendall, R.R., 1977:
Efficacy of herpes simplex virus type 1 immunization in protecting against acute and latent infection by herpes simplex virus type 2 in mice

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Efficacy of heteropolyanions against rabies virus infection in mice

Schuemichen C.; Bulczak Schmidt M.; Blattmann H.; Pauli Harnasch C., 1984:
Efficacy of high doses of radioiodine for ablation of thyroid remnants after total thyroidectomy

Dorignac, G.F., 1987:
Efficacy of highly filled composites in the caries prevention of pits and fissures: two and one half years of clinical results

Kim, K.S., 1987:
Efficacy of human immunoglobulin and penicillin G in treatment of experimental group B streptococcal infection

W.C.O.; W.Z.Q.; E.A., 1987:
Efficacy of human leukocyte interferon in chronic hepatitis b

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Efficacy of human lymphoblastoid interferon in the therapy of resistant condyloma acuminata

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Efficacy of hydrogen per oxide as a bactericide in poultry chiller water

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Efficacy of hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems for soft contact lenses contaminated with fungi

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Efficacy of immune plasma in treatment of argentine hemorrhagic fever and association between treatment and a late neurological syndrome

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Efficacy of immune therapy in early experimental Naegleria fowleri meningitis

Ribble, C.S.; Jim, G.K.; Janzen, E.D., 1988:
Efficacy of immunization of feedlot calves with a commercial Haemophilus somnus bacterin

Frolov V.M.; Rychnev V.E.; Peresadin N.A., 1985:
Efficacy of immunocorrective treatment of recurrent erysipelas

Borisenko S.I.; Shmyglya V.A.; Shuster G., 1985:
Efficacy of improving potato by the method of apex culture using virus inhibitors

Krishnan, R.; Jadhav, M.; John, T.J., 1983:
Efficacy of inactivated poliovirus vaccine in India

Fox, J.G.; Donahue, P.R.; Essigmann, J.M., 1980:
Efficacy of inactivation of representative chemical carcinogens utilizing commercial alkaline and acidic cage washing compounds

Reybrouck, G., 1979:
Efficacy of inactivators against 14 disinfectant substances

O'Keefe, J.C.; Maltz, M.B.; Butrous, G.S.; Camm, A.J., 1986:
Efficacy of incremental doses of tiapamil on exercise performance in patients with chronic stable angina pectoris

Apperson C.S.; Powell E.E.; Browne M., 1984:
Efficacy of individual mound treatments of mk 936 and amdro against the red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae

Dela Cruz, F.G.; Kanter, M.Z.; Fischer, J.H.; Leikin, J.B., 1988 :
Efficacy of individualized phenytoin sodium loading doses administered by intravenous infusion

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Efficacy of indobufen in the treatment of intermittent claudication

Andrew M.E.; Coupar B.E.H., 1988:
Efficacy of influenza hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein as protective antigens against influenza virus infection in mice

Anderson, F.L.; Conder, G.A.; Marsland, W.P., 1979:
Efficacy of injectable and tablet formulations of praziquantel against immature Echinococcus granulosus

Anderson, F.L.; Conder, G.A.; Marsland, W.P., 1978:
Efficacy of injectable and tablet formulations of praziquantel against mature Echinococcus granulosus

Garza Flores J.; Rodriguez V.; Del Carmen Cravioto M.; Del Real Mora O.; Anderson J.; Landeros J.; Diaz Sanchez V.; Lichtenberg R.; Perez Palacios G., 1985:
Efficacy of injectable contraceptives in mexican women

Becker, H.N., 1986:
Efficacy of injectable ivermectin against natural infections of Stephanurus dentatus in swine

Mahan, D.C.; Moxon, A.L.; Hubbard, M., 1977:
Efficacy of inorganic selenium supplementation to sow diets on resulting carry over to their progeny

Jackai L.E.N., 1983:
Efficacy of insecticide applications at different times of day against the legume pod borer maruca testulalis lepidoptera pyralidae on cowpea in nigeria

All, J.N.; Jellum, M.D., 1977:
Efficacy of insecticide nematocides on sphenophorus callosus and phytophagous nematodes in field corn

Salim M.; Masih R., 1987:
Efficacy of insecticides against rice borers at narc islamabad pakistan

Isenhour D.J., 1985:
Efficacy of insecticides against spissistilus festinus empoasca fabae and lygus lineolaris in alfalfa in georgia usa

Finlayson D.G.; Wilkinson A.T.S.; Mackenzie J.R., 1979:
Efficacy of insecticides against tuber flea beetles epithrix tuberis wireworms agriotes obscurus and aphids myzus persicae in potatoes

Murugesan S.; Chelliah S., 1981:
Efficacy of insecticides in the control of bemisia tabaci a vector of the yellow mosaic virus disease on green gram vigna radiata

Kovaleva L.G.; Skachilova N.N.; Sedova G.T.; Kalinin N.N.; Krasyukova L.I.; Melikyan A.L.; Karpov A.P., 1983:
Efficacy of intensive erythrocytapheresis in polycythemia vera

Lichtin, A.E.; Schreiber, A.D.; Hurwitz, S.; Willoughby, T.L.; Silberstein, L.E., 1987:
Efficacy of intensive plasmapheresis in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Bagnato S.J.; Neisworth J.T., 1985:
Efficacy of interdisciplinary assessment and treatment for infants and preschoolers with congenital and acquired brain injury

Wright, D.G.; Wolff, S.M.; Fauci, A.S.; Alling, D.W., 1977:
Efficacy of intermittent colchicine therapy in familial Mediterranean fever

Mohanty D.; Sahay P.N.; Khan A.A.; Dass L.L., 1985:
Efficacy of intermittent peritoneal lavage in diffuse peritonitis in buffalo calves

Blaser, J.; Stone, B.B.; Zinner, S.H., 1985:
Efficacy of intermittent vs. continuous administration of netilmicin in a 2 compartment in vitro model

Nakamura K.; Rin M.; Tamaoka K.; Nemoto Y.; Maekawa T.; Funai K., 1986:
Efficacy of intra arterial digital subtraction angiography for the patients of chronic renal failure

Vishnevskaya, E.E., 1978:
Efficacy of intra cavitary gamma therapy for cervical cancer according to the afterloading principle and a generally accepted method of irradiation

Lahdensuo, A.; Haahtela, T., 1977:
Efficacy of intra nasal beclomethasone di propionate in patients with perennial rhinitis and asthma

Mathew J.; Madhavan E.; Iyer C.P.N., 1980:
Efficacy of intra uterine administration of dextrose along with antibiotics to improve conception rate in repeat breeding cows

Luoma, P.V.; Kujala, P.A.; Juustila, H.J.; Takkunen, J.T., 1978:
Efficacy of intra venous disopyramide in the termination of supraventricular arrhythmias

Segawa, H.; Saito, I.; Okada, T.; Nagayama, I.; Kitamura, K.; Takakura, K.; Sano, K., 1986:
Efficacy of intracisternal papaverine on symptomatic vasospasm

Cernigliaro, C.; Sansa, M.; Campi, A.; Bongo, A.S.; Carfora, A.; Rossi, P., 1984:
Efficacy of intracoronary and intravenous urokinase in acute myocardial infarction

Rubin J.M.; Dohrmann G.J., 1985:
Efficacy of intraoperative ultrasound for evaluating intracranial masses

Johnston W.E.; Vinten Johansen J.; Mcgivor A.C.; Santamore W.P.; Block S.M.; Moulton K.P., 1988:
Efficacy of intravascular volume resuscitation in dogs with acute cardiac tamponade

Strasberg B.; Arditti A.; Sclarovsky S.; Lewin R.F.; Buimovici B.; Agmon J., 1985:
Efficacy of intravenous amiodarone in the management of paroxysmal of new atrial fibrillation with fast ventricular response

Nakamura, K.; Nakatsuka, H.; Nemoto, Y.; Lin, M.; Matsuoka, T.; Kobayashi, N.; Minakuchi, K.; Onoyama, Y., 1985:
Efficacy of intravenous digital abdominal subtraction angiography with use of dopamine

Sakamoto T.; Nakahara H.; Yokoyama M.; Fujiwara H.; Imazeki T.; Matsunaga H.; Suzuki T.; Yamada T.; Suzuki A.; Onoda T., 1984:
Efficacy of intravenous human serum immune globulin for the prevention of post transfusion hepatitis after open heart surgery

Cunningham-Rundles, C.; Siegal, F.P.; Smithwick, E.M.; Lion-Boulé, A.; Cunningham-Rundles, S.; O'Malley, J.; Barandun, S.; Good, R.A., 1984:
Efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin in primary humoral immunodeficiency disease

Bode C.; Schoenermark S.; Schuler G.; Zimmermann R.; Schwarz F.; Kuebler W., 1988:
Efficacy of intravenous prourokinase and a combination of prourokinase and urokinase in acute myocardial infarction

Curtis R.A.; Barone J.; Giacona N., 1984:
Efficacy of ipecac and activated charcoal cathartic prevention of salicylate absorption in a stimulated over dose

Fochi F.; Ciampini M.; Ceccarelli G., 1985:
Efficacy of iron therapy a comparative evaluation of 4 iron preparations administered to anemic pregnant women

Stone, S.S.; Kemeny, L.J.; Woods, R.D.; Jensen, M.T., 1977:
Efficacy of isolated colostral immuno globulin a immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m a to protect neo natal pigs against the coronavirus of transmissible gastro enteritis

Stewart T.B.; Marti O.G.; Hale O.M., 1981:
Efficacy of ivermectin against 5 genera of swine nematodes and the hog louse haematopinus suis

Bogan, J.A.; McKellar, Q.A.; Mitchell, E.S.; Scott, E.W., 1988:
Efficacy of ivermectin against Cooperia curticei infection in sheep

Roncalli, R.A.; Benitez Usher, C., 1988:
Efficacy of ivermectin against Dermatobia hominis in cattle

Paul, A.J.; Todd, K.S.; Sundberg, J.P.; DiPietro, J.A.; McCall, J.W., 1986:
Efficacy of ivermectin against Dirofilaria immitis larvae in dogs 30 and 45 days after induced infection

Blair L.S.; Campbell W.C., 1980:
Efficacy of ivermectin against dirofilaria immitis larvae in dogs 31 60 and 90 days after infection

Schröder, J.; Swan, G.E.; Soll, M.D.; Hotson, I.K., 1985:
Efficacy of ivermectin against ectoparasites of cattle in South Africa

Swan, G.E.; Schröder, J.; Louw, J.P., 1985:
Efficacy of ivermectin against gastrointestinal nematodes in cattle in South Africa

Ostlind, D.A.; Nartowicz, M.A.; Mickle, W.G., 1985:
Efficacy of ivermectin against Syphacia obvelata (Nematoda) in mice

de Azambuja, P.; Gomes, J.E.; Lopes, F.; Garcia, E.S., 1985:
Efficacy of ivermectin against the bloodsucking insect, Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera, Triatominae)

Soll, M.D.; Smith, C.J., 1987:
Efficacy of ivermectin against the pig mange mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis

Stewart, T.B.; Marti, O.G.; McCormick, W.C., 1981:
Efficacy of ivermectin against the swine kidney worm, Stephanurus dentatus

Koehler M.; Hiepe T., 1986:
Efficacy of ivermectin in combating strongyloides westeri infection of foal

French, D.D.; Klei, T.M.; Foil, C.S.; Miller, R.I.; Foil, L.D.; Chapman, M.R.; McClure, J.J., 1988:
Efficacy of ivermectin in paste and injectable formulations against microfilariae of Onchocerca cervicalis and resolution of associated dermatitis in horses

Dakkak A.; Robin B.; Kachani M., 1986:
Efficacy of ivermectin in the ewe

Van Den Abbeele J.; D'haeseleer F.; Goossens M., 1986:
Efficacy of ivermectin on the reproductive biology of glossina palpalis palpalis glossinidae diptera

Goto, H., 1976:
Efficacy of Japanese encephalitis vaccine in horses

Kusuda R.; Takemaru I., 1987:
Efficacy of josamycin against experimental streptococcal infection in cultured yellowtail

Higashi N., 1984:
Efficacy of ketoconazole in superficial mycosis

Gupta, M., 1987:
Efficacy of ketones on the foraging behavior of apis florea f. in field conditions

Ito, S.; Hiratani, M.; Ueda, S.; Muto, K., 1985:
Efficacy of ketotifen on skin manifestations in children with egg allergy

Mardanov A.A.; Vezirova N.B.; Aliev A.Yu, 1983:
Efficacy of kinetin damage to plant roots

Lerner, L.A., 1988:
Efficacy of laser therapy in bechterew's disease

Wadsworth C.; Wadsworth E., 1984:
Efficacy of latex agglutination and quantification methods for determination of c reactive protein in pediatric sera

Bhandari, A.K.; Scheinman, M.M.; Morady, F.; Svinarich, J.; Mason, J.; Winkle, R., 1984:
Efficacy of left cardiac sympathectomy in the treatment of patients with the long QT syndrome

Mal'tseva, N.M.; Borisova, A.M.; Kuznetsov, V.P., 1987:
Efficacy of leukinferon immunotherapy in patients with chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases

Lyons, E.T.; Tolliver, S.C.; Drudge, J.H.; Hemken, R.W.; Button, F.S., 1981:
Efficacy of levamisole against abomasal nematodes and lungworms in dairy calves: preliminary tests indicating reduced activity for Ostertagia ostertagi

Oakley, G.A., 1981:
Efficacy of levamisole against inhibited Dictyocaulus viviparus infection in cattle

Stewart, T.B.; Fincher, G.T.; Marti, O.G.; McCormick, W.C., 1977:
Efficacy of levamisole against the swine kidneyworm, Stephanurus dentatus

Umar S.; Rabbani A.; Mian M.S.; Afzal M.; Saeed K., 1986:
Efficacy of levamisole mebendazole and pyrantel pamoate against natural infection of toxocara canis in dogs

Dyson, D.H., 1988 :
Efficacy of lidocaine hydrochloride for laryngeal desensitization: a clinical comparison of techniques in the cat

Linhart S.B.; Sterner R.T.; Dasch G.J.; Theade J.W., 1984:
Efficacy of light and sound stimuli for reducing coyote canis latrans predation on pastured sheep

Fidler I.J.; Sone S.; Fogler W.E.; Smith D.; Braun D.G.; Tarcsay L.; Gisler R.H.; Schroit A.J., 1982:
Efficacy of liposomes containing a lipophilic muramyl di peptide derivative for activating the tumoricidal properties of alveolar macrophages in vivo

Maksimovich Y.B.; Kresyun V.I.; Aryaev V.L., 1983:
Efficacy of lithium nicotinate in therapy of experimental alcoholism

Cryz S.J.Jr; Fuerer E.; Levine M.M., 1988:
Efficacy of live oral typhoid vaccine salmonella typhi ty 21a in volunteer studies and field trials

Baljer G.; Hoerstke M.; Dirksen G.; Sailer J.; Mayr A., 1986:
Efficacy of local and or parenteral vaccination against calf salmonellosis with inactivated vaccines

Kirillov V.A.; Preobrazhenskii V.N.; Ermakov E.V.; Kruchinin E.Z., 1986:
Efficacy of local treatment in a relapsing course of duodenal ulcer

Pavlova R.P., 1985:
Efficacy of long term use of traps to control horse flies diptera tabanidae in pastures

Bucher H.U.; Fallenstein F.; Mieth D.; Duc G., 1985:
Efficacy of low and high dose caffeine on idiopathic bradycardia and hypoxemia in premature infants

Pankey, J.W.; Philpot, W.N.; Boddie, R.L., 1983:
Efficacy of low concentration iodophor teat dips against Staphylococcus aureus

Stiles M.E.; Sheena A.Z., 1985:
Efficacy of low concentration iodophores for germicidal hand washing

Monk B.E.; Almeyda J.A.; Caldwell I.W.; Green B.; Pelta D.; Leonard J.; D.V.vier A.; Johnson K.; Tolowinska I., 1987:
Efficacy of low dose cyproterone acetate compared with minocycline in the treatment of acne vulgaris

Lancaster J.L.Jr; Kilgore R.L.; Simco J.S., 1982:
Efficacy of low level daily doses of invermectin in calves against 3 species of ticks

Bishop, M.P.; Simpson, G.M.; Dunnett, C.W.; Kiltie, H., 1977:
Efficacy of loxapine in the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia

Corba, J.; Hovorka, J.; Spaldonova, R.; Stoffa, P.; Legeny, J.; Andrasko, H., 1987:
Efficacy of luxabendazole hoe 216 v susp. 5 percent in sheep naturally infected with the most important helminths

Eidson, C.S.; Villegas, P.; Page, R.K.; Kleven, S.H., 1975:
Efficacy of lyophilized turkey herpesvirus vaccine against Marek's disease in broilers

Otero, M.J.; Barrueco, M.; Mariño, E.; Gomez, F.; Dominguez-Gil, A., 1987:
Efficacy of maintenance of therapeutic serum concentrations of theophylline in chronic asthma

Lobel, H.O.; Roberts, J.M.; Somaini, B.; Steffen, R., 1987:
Efficacy of malaria prophylaxis in American and Swiss travelers to Kenya

Sharmanov T.Sh; Kadyrova R.Kh; Salkhanov B.A., 1981:
Efficacy of managing peptic ulcer patients with diets containing whole mare and camel milk

Mcmillan J.A.; Weiner L.B.; Lamberson H.V.; Hagen J.H.; Aubry R.H.; Adbul Karim R.W.; Sunderji S.G.; Higgins A.P., 1985:
Efficacy of maternal screening and therapy in the prevention of chlamydia infection of the newborn

Rossavik I.K.; Torjusen G.O.; Deter R.L.; Reiter A.A., 1986:
Efficacy of mathematical methods for ultrasound examinations in diabetic pregnancies

Bronshtein A.M.; Ozeretskovskaya N.N.; Gitsu G.A.; Plyushcheva G.L., 1985:
Efficacy of mebendazole and bithionol in opisthorchiasis

Beuchat, L.R., 1985:
Efficacy of media and methods for detecting and enumerating Campylobacter jejuni in refrigerated chicken meat

Conner D.E.; Beuchat L.R., 1987:
Efficacy of media for promoting ascospore formation by neosartorya fischeri and the influence of age and culture temperature on heat resistance of ascospores

Fraser, I.S.; Pearse, C.; Shearman, R.P.; Elliott, P.M.; McIlveen, J.; Markham, R., 1981:
Efficacy of mefenamic acid in patients with a complaint of menorrhagia

Akhtar M.S.; Riffat S., 1984:
Efficacy of melia azedarach and morantel against naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematodes in goats

Lugovoi V.I.; Guseva N.R., 1981:
Efficacy of membranotropic agents in cryo preservation of red cells

Ryan E.D.; Simons J., 1982:
Efficacy of mental imagery in enhancing mental rehearsal of motor skills

Jones R.K.; Dainello F.J., 1983 :
Efficacy of metalaxyl and metalaxyl tank mixes in controlling albugo occidentalis and peronospora effusa on spinach spinacia oleracea

Orlikowski L.B.; Leoni Ebeling M.; Schmidle A., 1986:
Efficacy of metalaxyl and phosethyl aluminum in the control of phytophthora cactorum on apple trees

Anderson T.R.; Buzzell R.I., 1982:
Efficacy of metalaxyl in controlling phytophthora root and stalk rot of soybean glycine max cultivars differing in field tolerance

Gayed S.K.; Patrick Z.A.; Ripley B.D., 1987:
Efficacy of metalaxyl in the planting water against blue mold and its effect on tobacco yield and quality

Sumner D.R.; Phatak S.C., 1988:
Efficacy of metam sodium applied through overhead sprinkler irrigation for control of soilborne fungi and root diseases of vegetables

Elo J.; Tallgren L.G.; Kajanti M., 1981:
Efficacy of methenamine hippurate and low dose nitrofurantoin in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in girls

Kasprzak W.; Majewska A.C., 1987:
Efficacy of methods assessing the viability of giardia cysts

Resende, M.L.V.D.; Zambolim, L., 1986:
Efficacy of methods utilized for quantification of sclerotia population of sclerotium cepivorum berk. in the soil

Paysinger, J.T.; Adkins, T.R.J., 1977:
Efficacy of methoprene altosid insect growth regulator against the horn fly when fed to cattle in mineral supplements

Qureshi, Z.A.; Bughio, A.R.; Siddiqui, Q.H.; Najeebullah, 1976:
Efficacy of methyl eugenol as a male attractant for dacus zonatus diptera tephritidae

Ibrahim A.G.; Hashim A.G., 1981:
Efficacy of methyl eugenol as male attractant for dacus dorsalis diptera tephritidae

Mccoy W.F.; Wireman J.W.; Lashen E.S., 1986:
Efficacy of methylchloromethylisothiazolone biocide against legionella pneumophila in cooling tower water

Chaturvedi S.K., 1985:
Efficacy of metoprolol in anxiety disorders

Mahmood T.Z., 1988:
Efficacy of metribuzin and diuron in controlling sugarcane weeds in pakistan

Sato, K.; Shimada, M.; Noda, S.; Muhoho, N.D.; Katsumata, T.; Sato, A.; Aoki, Y., 1988:
Efficacy of metrifonate in a highly endemic area of urinary schistosomiasis in Kenya

Feldmeier H.; Doehring E.; Daffala A.A.; Omer A.H.S.; Dietrich M., 1982:
Efficacy of metrifonate in urinary schistosomiasis comparison of reduction of schistosoma haematobium and schistosoma mansoni eggs

Sharma, V.P.; Rathore, H.S.; Sharma, M.M., 1979:
Efficacy of metronidazole in dracunculiasis. A clinical trial

Thompson G.R.; Ford J.; Jenkinson M.; Trayner I., 1986:
Efficacy of mevinolin as adjuvant therapy for refractory familial hypercholesterolemia

Gupta S.K., 1986:
Efficacy of miconazole in experimental keratomycosis

Umino T.; Kobayashi K., 1982:
Efficacy of micro encapsulated diazinon against the german cockroach blattella germanica

Pieters, E.P.; Young, S.Y.Iii ; Yearian, W.C.; Sterling, W.L.; Clower, D.F.; Melville, D.R.; Gilliland, F.R.Jr, 1978:
Efficacy of microbial pesticide and chlordimeform mixtures for control of heliothis on cotton

Zimmermann W.J.; Beach P.J., 1982:
Efficacy of microwave cooking for devitalizing trichinae trichinella spiralis in pork roasts and chops

Tagawa M.; Takiyama A.; Ejima H.; Kurokawa K., 1984:
Efficacy of milbemycin d against intestinal helminths of dogs

Johnson, G.; Bond, R.F.; Stack, L.B.; Class, C.A.; Hardebeck, J.R., 1987:
Efficacy of military antishock trousers in compensatory and decompensatory hemorrhagic hypotension

Scaravelli, C.; Bianchi, E.; Biraghi, V.; Mariani, G.; Calligari, G.C.; Lucchesi, P.; D.L.o, G., 1985:
Efficacy of minimal doses of an American hepatitis B vaccine in neonates

Scaravelli, C.; Bianchi, E.; Biraghi, V.; Mariani, G.; Calligari, G.C., 1985:
Efficacy of minimal doses of pasteur hepatitis b vaccine 1.25 microgram hevac b in eight infants and four neonates a one year follow up

Hubbell, C.G.; Hobbs, E.R.; Rist, T.; White, J.W., 1982:
Efficacy of minocycline compared with tetracycline in treatment of acne vulgaris

Mcginty A.S., 1987:
Efficacy of mixed species communal rearing as a method for performance testing of tilapias

Jaques, R.P.; Laing, D.R., 1978:
Efficacy of mixtures of bacillus thuringiensis viruses and chlordimeform against insects on cabbage

Mote U.N., 1985:
Efficacy of mixtures of carbofuran treated and untreated sorghum seed for the control of shootfly atherigona soccata

Scuri P.M.; Gavazzi A.; Falcone C.; Specchia G.; Montemartini C., 1987:
Efficacy of molsidomine in stable exercise induced angina pectoris a randomized double blind study

Yadav G.S.; Kathpal T.S.; Singh H., 1985:
Efficacy of monocrotophos carbaryl and endosulfan against antigastra catalaunalis and their persistence in soil and sesamum sesamum indicum seeds

Moretó, M.; Zaballa, M.; Ibáñez, S.; Setién, F.; Figa, M., 1987:
Efficacy of monopolar electrocoagulation in the treatment of bleeding gastric ulcer: a controlled trial

Syhre, D.R.; Zimmerman, G.L.; Newby, T.J.; Wilkins, C.P.; Clark, C.R.; Cerro, J.E.; Hoffman, C.C.; Swanson, L.V., 1987:
Efficacy of morantel sustained release bolus against gastrointestinal nematodes in first season grazing Holstein calves

Block, E.; Gadbois, P., 1986:
Efficacy of morantel tartrate on milk production of dairy cows: a field study

Kelley, W.D., 1984:
Efficacy of morning vs. afternoon applications of triadimefon for controlling fusiform rust cronostium quercum f sp fusiforme

Axelsson P.; Lindhe J., 1987:
Efficacy of mouthrinses in inhibiting dental plaque and gingivitis in man

Thompson, L.S.; Willis, C.B., 1976:
Efficacy of multiple applications of oxamyl and phenamiphos for control of Pratylenchus penetrans in birdsfoot trefoil

Grigoryan E.G.; Minasyan E.A.; Aristakesyan R.A.; Khemchyan B.G.; Atabekyan M.R., 1983:
Efficacy of multiple modality treatment including dietetics of exogenous constitutional obesity and at health resort in hospitals

Bhan, M.K.; Ghai, O.P.; Khoshoo, V.; Vasudev, A.S.; Bhatnagar, S.; Arora, N.K.; Rashmi; Stintzing, G., 1987:
Efficacy of mung bean (lentil) and pop rice based rehydration solutions in comparison with the standard glucose electrolyte solution

Egan, J.E.; Weber, J.L.; Ballou, W.R.; Hollingdale, M.R.; Majarian, W.R.; Gordon, D.M.; Maloy, W.L.; Hoffman, S.L.; Wirtz, R.A.; Schneider, I., 1987:
Efficacy of murine malaria sporozoite vaccines: implications for human vaccine development

Orme, I.M.; Collins, F.M., 1984:
Efficacy of Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccination in mice undergoing prior pulmonary infection with atypical mycobacteria

Freis E.D., 1983:
Efficacy of nadolol alone and combined with bendroflumethiazide and hydralazine for systemic hypertension

Ucak D.; Ali V.; Halit Z.; Tavsanoglu S., 1982:
Efficacy of nadolol in the management of essential hypertension

Chander H.; Ahmed S.M., 1985:
Efficacy of natural embelin against the red flour beetle tribolium castaneum

Khan, A.M.; Alam, M.M.; Siddiqui, Z.A.; Saxena, S.K., 1976:
Efficacy of nematocides and oil cakes for the control of phyto parasitic nematodes in nurseries of perennial plants

Hamlen, R.A., 1976:
Efficacy of nematocides for control of meloidogyne javanica in groundbed and container production of maranta leuconeura kerchoveana

Jain R.K.; Sehgal S.P., 1982:
Efficacy of nematocides in controlling the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae on wheat in light sandy soils of rajasthan india

Khar R.L.; Shafaq U.N.ssa; Bandey S.D.; Pandit B.A., 1988:
Efficacy of neocidol in the treatment of sarcoptic mange in rabbits

Verzin A.A., 1980:
Efficacy of neomycin in treatment of cornea affections caused by staphylococcus and pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kumashiro B.R.; Lai P.Y.; Funasaki G.Y.; Teramoto K.K., 1983:
Efficacy of nephaspis amnicola and encarsia haitiensis? in controlling aleurodicus dispersus in hawaii usa

Kornienko, G.F., 1978:
Efficacy of nerobol and enteral oxygen therapy in experimental dystrophy of the liver

Quiroz Romero H.; Herrera Rodriguez D.; Torres R.O.; Garcia Neria E.; Flores Hernandez O., 1987:
Efficacy of netobimin against fasciola hepatica and paramphistomids in cattle short communication

Schelkunov, E.L., 1977:
Efficacy of neuroleptics and anti depressants in the test of apo morphine hypo thermia and some data concerning neurochemical mechanisms of the test

Haug, J.; Wood, L.T., 1988:
Efficacy of neuromuscular stimulation of the quadriceps femoris during continuous passive motion following total knee arthroplasty

Geraci J.P., 1981:
Efficacy of neutrons in radio therapy

Chiba M.; Northover J., 1988:
Efficacy of new benzimidazole fungicides against sensitive and benomyl resistant botrytis cinerea

Lentz G.L., 1985:
Efficacy of new insecticides against the bollworm heliothis zea and their effects on cotton yield maturity and fiber properties in west tennessee usa

Shaikhova G.I., 1986:
Efficacy of new sausage products in the treatment of anemia

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