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Efficiencies of energy and protein utilization in fattening korean native cattle and exotic beef cattle

Thak, T.Y.; Kang, T.H.; Kim, H.K.; Kim, K.S.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development 26(LIVEST AND VET): 29-35


Accession: 005336598

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Steers (16) were selected from 4 different breed groups (Korean native cattle, Charolais, Hereford and Holstein) to compare the efficiencies of energy and protein utilization for fattening. Nutrient digestibility was not different among the breeds and N retention rate was significantly different among the breeds. Energy utilizability and daily body weight gain were not different among breeds. But the rate of daily body weight gain of Korean native cattle decreased after 400 kg of body weight, while the other 3 breeds decreased after the 450 kg body weight stage.

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