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Efficiency in carbon 14 photosynthesis and translocation in photo sensitive rice varieties

Rai, R.S.V.; Murty, K.S.; Sahu, G.

Journal of Nuclear Agriculture and Biology 4(4): 81-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-5489
Accession: 005336652

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The variation in photosynthetic efficiency per unit leaf area (PE) under different levels of light N rates was studied in 10 photosensitive tall and some semi-dwarf rice varieties. Among the cultivars, 'NC. 1281', a tall indica, consistently showed high PE under water-logged soil. Low light (30% normal) and high N application (80 kg/ha) in some varieties significantly reduced PE. Translocation of 14C assimilates to the ear was more in semi-dwarf than in tall types.

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